Beefy Calisthenics: Step-by-Step Guide to Building Muscle with Bodyweight Training 9781777324353

Think it takes months to build muscle with bodyweight training? Think again. What can you get done in 21 days? You cou

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Beefy Calisthenics: Step-by-Step Guide to Building Muscle with Bodyweight Training

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  • Beefy Calisthenics Step-by-Step Guide , Building Muscle with Bodyweight Training

Table of contents :
Chapter 1: The Science of Muscle Building
Is the Gym Really Necessary?
The Natural Calisthenics Body
The Importance of Muscles
Hypertrophy: How Muscles Grow
The Role of Hormones in Muscle Growth
What to Expect to Learn
Chapter 2: Nutrition
Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats
Ideal Sources of Protein
Calories In, Calories Out, and Building Muscle
Your Basal Metabolic Rate
Ideal Sources of Nutrition: The Mediterranean Diet
Risks of Bad Diets
Chapter 3: Rest, Recovery, and Consistency
The Importance of Rest and Recovery
Maximize Muscle Growth With Rest Days
The Role of Protein in Recovery
The Underestimated Importance of Sleep
Chapter 4: Proper Exercise Selection
Compound vs. Static Exercises
Compound ExercisesStatic Exercises
Whole Body Workout
Pull Exercises for Upper Body
Push Exercises for Upper Body and Core
Exercises for the Core
Leg Raises
Side Planks
Lower Body Exercises
Calf Raises
Chapter 5: Nine Fundamental Movements to Master
Leg Raises
Side Planks
Calf RaisesChapter 6: Your 21-Day Workout Plans
The Importance of Planning
Cardio Exercise and Diet Plan
A Note of Caution
Lower Back
Positivity and Motivation
Pre-Planning Principles
Beginning with the Basics
21-Day Plan: Four or Five Exercises Per Session
21-Day Plan: Nine Exercises Per Session
Your Initial Progress
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Chapter 7: Progression
Mastering the Basic Levels
Basic Level 1
Basic Level 2
Basic Level 3
Transitioning to Intermediate Level 1
Intermediate Level 2
Transitioning to Advanced Level 1
Transitioning to Advanced Level 2 and More Advanced Calisthenics
Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups with Leg Raises
Horizontal RowsReverse Grip Horizontal Row
Diamond Push-Up
Handstand Push-Up
One-Arm Push-Up/Archer Push-Up
Straight Bar Dip and Parallel Bars Dip
Tucked Planche Progressions
Lateral Lunge
Chapter 8: Troubleshooting
First, Do No Harm
You Are Unique
Give Your Muscles Time to Build
Bodyweight Calisthenics Q&As
Things You Might Be Doing Wrong
Chapter 9: Myths and Misconceptions
Reference List
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