The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide

Are You Making Slow Progress Towards Your Fitness Goal? Read on to Discover How to Speed up Your Progress. We all have a

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The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide

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  • The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide

Table of contents :
Health Check
Extra Circuit 1: Medium Impact Circuit Two
Exercise Descriptions
Extra Circuit 2: Higher Impact Circuit
Exercise Descriptions
Extra Circuit 3: Callisthenics HIIT Circuit
Make Your Specific Fitness Program
Make Your Diet Plan (Calorie Tracker Included)
Progress Tracker
How to Use Accelerated Circuit Training Trackers
Extra Motivation
HICT Cheat Sheet
Chapter 1: HICT Intro
Chapter 2: Diet
Chapter 3: Enhance Your Training
Chapter 4: Training Towards HICT
Chapter 5: Warmups + Cooldowns
Chapter 6: High Intensity Circuits
Chapter 7: All the Exercise Descriptions (This cannot be shortened, please refer to the eBook)
Chapter 8: Mindset
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The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide The Short Guide to Quickly Improve Many of Your Fitness Attributes Using Circuit Training

Andrew Hudson Updated: March 23’

© Copyright 2023 Andrew Hudson - All rights reserved. The content contained within this book may not be reproduced, duplicated or transmitted without direct written permission from the author or the publisher. Under no circumstances will any blame or legal responsibility be held against the publisher, or author, for any damages, reparation, or monetary loss due to the information contained within this book. Either directly or indirectly. You are responsible for your own choices, actions, and results. Legal Notice: This book is copyright protected. This book is only for personal use. You cannot amend, distribute, sell, use, quote or paraphrase any part, or the content within this book, without the consent of the author or publisher. Disclaimer Notice: Please note the information contained within this document is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All effort has been executed to present accurate, up-to-date, and reliable, complete information. No warranties of any kind are declared or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaging in the rendering of legal, financial, medical or professional advice. The content within this book has been derived from various sources. Please consult a licensed professional before attempting any techniques outlined in this book. By reading this document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, which are incurred as a result of the use of the information contained within this document, including, but not limited to, — errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

Table of Contents Introduction How to Use the Attached Documents Health Check Extra Circuit 1: Medium Impact Circuit Two Exercise Descriptions Extra Circuit 2: Higher Impact Circuit Exercise Descriptions Extra Circuit 3: Callisthenics HIIT Circuit Make Your Specific Fitness Program Make Your Diet Plan (Calorie Tracker Included) Progress Tracker How to Use Accelerated Circuit Training Trackers Extra Motivation HICT Cheat Sheet Conclusion Support Andrew Hudson Get More from Andrew Hudson

Introduction Quick Note: If you have purchased this book without having read any of my other books - I strongly urge you to read any of my circuit training books so you have a great understanding and also so that this book will be more beneficial to you. If you scroll to the bottom of this book, you can find a link to where you can read/download all of my circuit training books for free. This eBook is a short guide and straight away I want to make it clear that I have no intention to waste your time with long-winded explanations. You already know who I am and because this guide is about improving with efficiency, this will be a very straightforward and concise read that shall benefit you significantly. I ask for 3 things from you before you begin to read this: 1. Do not read this until you have finished reading the book you have signed up for this offer from. The exercise books I have on amazon are of high value and it is very important you have an understanding of how you can get into great shape and improve your fitness attributes before you do it at a quick pace. 2. Save this eBook on your computer/device in a location that is easily accessible so you. This will mean you can access all of this info in one place without an issue. I recommend that you write notes in this document from my other books to help you learn certain techniques or moves.

3. Enjoy it. I want you to enjoy circuit training/exercise. Having a real passion for it will make your time working out much better for everybody, you will be shocked at how fast you improve. Take it at your own pace and I know you’ve got this! I do not know which book you have read before coming here, but I know that you want to use circuit training in your exercise routine to improve yourself quickly. Fantastic, in this short guide you will discover: ● ●

● ● ● ● ● ●

3 Extra Circuits - all being at different difficulties to give you extra variety and inspiration on how you can make your own. How to make your own fitness program - my advice and a template on how you can make a program specifically for you and your fitness goal. How to make your own diet plan - my advice and a template for creating a routine of eating and drinking you can follow to benefit you. Calorie Tracker (attached to diet plan) - discover how many calories you each day to hit your goal and how to track them. Progress Tracker - A place you can physically track your progress toward your goals. Extra Motivation - How to adapt your mindset to keep you on track toward your goal. A HICT Cheat Sheet - All the important information regarding HighIntensity Circuit Training in one place. Bonus: A link to receive all my Circuit Training eBooks for Free.

This eBook has been created to help you reach your fitness goal in a quicker period of time. That means you are going to have to make some real

changes to your current lifestyle, this is where you can find the information to make the changes and use the attached documents to put you in the best position possible. It is very important that you know what your goal is. Using SMART goal setting from my books, you should have a clear goal set. For example, it may be to cut down from 10% body fat to 5% body fat in 3 months, this a great goal to have as that will make you look ripped. I am not claiming for this book to be able to make it possible to achieve that same goal in 30 days, but by following the advice you certainly will be able to reach that goal before your deadline. With that being said, most of the documents attached have been set up for the goal of cutting down body fat percentage and maintaining muscle mass - quite a common goal. If this doesn't apply to your goal, all you have to do is edit the document so that it matches your goal. You will see examples later on of how to do this.

How to Use the Attached Documents This book contains many links to many documents, I apologize for this as I understand it is annoying to have many documents all in different places, but there is no way that I can merge excel files with word files. The documents that I have linked in this eBook all require you to edit them because most of them allow you to track your progress, diet, workouts and much more. I strongly suggest that you try and use all the documents provided. When you open each document, you will be asked to make your own copy. Once you do that you can save it to your google drive or your personal folders. I would suggest saving them all in a fitness folder, so you have easy access to them. Once you have your own copy of all the documents that you require, you can start filling them in to make them specific to you. I would also like to add that once you create your own copy nobody else will be able to view or edit your document unless you share the link with them. This means you will remain private, although feel free to share anything you like on the Facebook group that is later linked.

Health Check Before you start this fitness routine - please consult with your doctor. ● Do not attempt to exercise while unwell. ● Do not carry-on exercising if you feel pain - if the pain doesn’t calm, please tell your doctor. ● Avoid exercising after consuming alcohol or a large meal within the last couple of hours. ● If you take prescribed medication, check with your doctor to make sure it is okay to exercise. ● If you are in any doubt, go check with a doctor. It may be helpful to show the doctor the training routines you will partake in, if the doctor suggests for you not to partake in certain exercises there are always alternatives that will suit you. Think before you train. If you are under 16 years old, then I advise you to stay away from lifting weights as your body hasn’t fully developed. I ‘Andrew Hudson’ will not take any responsibility for any physical injuries caused by exercises I have stated in this book – injuries are a part of fitness and can always be avoided so please train responsibly. Read through the entire book before performing any of the circuits/warmups/cooldowns.

Extra Circuit 1: Medium Impact Circuit Two This circuit is slightly harder than the first Medium Impact Circuit that's in the book: Circuit Training for Beginners. Please make sure you have read the entire book before trying these circuits. Complete three sets. Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise and rest for 3 minutes between sets. Train at moderate intensity (Around 70% of Max HR). This circuit will take roughly 30 minutes to complete excluding warmup and cooldown.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Warmup 2 Jog on the spot - 30 seconds. Uppercuts - 30 seconds. Half Squat Jump - 30 seconds. Open the gates - 30 seconds. Side Left - 30 seconds. Side Right - 30 seconds. Cooldown

Exercise Descriptions Jog on the spot - Just a very light jog but stay in one position instead of jogging forwards. Uppercuts – Start by placing your weak foot in front of your strong foot, for example, I would place my left foot in front of my right foot. Stand side on and have your weak arm in front of your strong arm and hold them both up in a boxer’s stance. Punch up to the sky with both arms in the order of left-right-left-right, you will need to lower your arm after every punch so you can punch up again. Form is not important, but you will get a sweat on.

Squat Jumps – Firstly stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and facing outwards. Then squat down by sitting back and shifting your weight into your heels while bending your knees, once you get as low down as you can, push up through your heels to jump up explosively. Use your arms to help create momentum for your jump. Once you land the squat jump you should carry on going until your time is up. Great for building strength mainly in quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes as well as lower back muscles and abdominals. Requires many different muscles to perform a jump meaning you will burn calories and improve explosive power.

Open the Gates - Start in the casual standing position. Lead with your left leg, imagine you are drawing the letter ‘n’ to your left. Do that by raising your left knee up in front of you, then twist your hip to rotate your leg 90 degrees to the left, and then lower your leg. This will stretch your groin. Repeat this on the right side and carry it out for 30 seconds. Look at photos for help if needed.

Side Left - Think of this like a crunch but on your side. Start on the floor laying on your left side with your right knee bent and your right foot planted on the floor (photo 1) with your left leg bent across the floor. Then you will want to use your core to lift your torso and head towards your right knee as you would with a crunch. Lift as far toward your knee as possible and then release slowly to go back to starting position. It is very difficult to get your body that far off the ground, but it still works your muscles.

Side Right - The exact same as side left but on your right side. Use the photos for help and think of it as a sideways crunch. You can also keep your hands on your head if it helps.

The previous two exercises are great for strengthening your obliques.

Extra Circuit 2: Higher Impact Circuit The exercises are required to be completed at a high heart rate - this can be done by completing the reps quicker in the 30-second period. Overall, I suggest that the beginners train the other circuits for a couple of weeks to prepare for this circuit and once you feel comfortable completing this circuit then give it a go. Complete this circuit twice. Work at the hard training zone (Around 80% of Max HR). Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise and rest for 3 minutes after completing a set. This circuit will take roughly 25 minutes to complete excluding the warmup and cooldown. Warmup 2 1. High Knees on Spot - 30 seconds 2. Crunches - 30 seconds 3. Burpees - 30 seconds 4. Tuck Jumps - 30 seconds 5. Squats - 30 seconds 6. Wide Stance Push Ups - 30 seconds 7. Toe Taps - 30 seconds 8. Snake Pushups - 30 seconds 9. Heel flick Taps - 30 seconds 10.Side Bends - 30 seconds Cooldown

Exercise Descriptions High Knees on Spot - This is just a faster version of marching. From the usual starting position bend your left knee and lift your knee upwards, then instantly lower your left leg and lift your right leg in the same manner. Keep switching legs at a fast pace and swing your arms as the photos show below.

Crunches – Start by laying on the floor facing the sky with your arms crossed over your chest. Bring your knees up and make sure your feet are together while planted on the floor. From this starting position use your core and lower back to bring your chest about halfway to your knees, once you reach this point slowly release and lower yourself back to the ground. Complete as many as you can in the time, this will let you build up abs and burn belly fat.

Burpee - Start in the usual starting position. Then drop to the ground into a crouch position shown in the 1st photo with your hands planted on the ground. From the crouch position stretch your legs out to a high plank position shown in the 2nd photo. Then you will want to jump your legs back into the first crouch position followed by a jump upwards by pushing through your tiptoes and holding your arms up to land like the 3rd photo shows. You will then repeat all the above without resting for 30 seconds, remember to complete each step quickly so practice before fully going for it. Burpees are a whole-body workout meaning they build muscular strength and endurance in the upper and lower body.

Tuck Jumps – From the usual standing position bend your knees slightly and push through your heels to jump up into the air, once your feet have left the ground tuck your knees into your chest by bending them. Be careful as you need to prepare for the impact of your fall so don’t spend too long in the tuck position. This exercise will build up power in your leg muscles, helping you burn fat, and will allow you to get worn out quickly. Don’t worry about trying to jump as high as dec here!

Squats – Start with feet shoulder-width apart and slightly turned outwards. Put your body weight into your heels, sit your bum back and bend your knees to lower yourself until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. After that push back up through your heels to complete a squat. Keep your arms out in front of you while doing this to improve balance and avoid this exercise if you have knee problems. This exercise is brilliant for building stronger legs.

Wide Stance Pushups - Start in the wide push-up stance (shown in the left picture), do this by lying face down on the floor with legs together and extended while keeping your hands planted on the floor on either side of your shoulder, simply push up and stay on your tiptoes to get into the stance shown on the left. To complete a wide stance pushup simply just lower your chest to the floor and push back up using your arms. This particular push-up targets your pectoral muscles along with your triceps and shoulders.

Toe Taps - Start by laying on your back with your legs raised and crossed at your ankles. Have your hands by your sides and then reach out to touch your toes, use your core to gain momentum to reach your toes and after you tap them bring your hands back down. Repeat this for 30 seconds, this exercise is great for strengthening the core.

Snake Pushups - These are brutal! Start in a high push-up position (photo 1), tiptoes on the floor with legs slightly bent, bum sticking up and your hands planted on the floor shoulder width apart. To complete a Snake Push-up: use your arms to lower your chest to the ground while simultaneously moving your body slightly forward to get to the position of photo 2. Then from that position push up through your arms to get to the final position where you should be ready to go again. This exercise is great for triceps, deltoids and pectorals, the angle at which you push up causes your muscles to exert more.

Heel Flick Taps - Start in the usual standing position. Keep your hands down by your sides, kick back your left leg towards your right hand like a heel flick across your body. Tap your left foot with your right hand then tap your right foot with your left hand, repeat this quickly to get a good sweat on. This is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Side Bends - Start by standing straight with your hands down by your sides. Start on your left side by lowering your left hand, twisting your hip and raising your right hand to a point where you can't reach any further. Once you get to the point reverse your actions so that your right arm goes as far down as possible. It is important you keep your back and legs straight, so you feel it on your obliques.

Extra Circuit 3: Callisthenics HIIT Circuit You can never get enough of HIIT Circuits, this HIIT Circuit is linked to Calisthenics which means that this circuit will be made up of exercises to build lean muscle mass. You may find this very demanding for your upper body muscles. Anyway, let’s get into it! Repeat the circuit 3 times, and work at the Hard Training Zone (Around 80% of your Max Heart Rate). Rest for 20 seconds between each exercise and rest for 2 minutes between sets. This circuit takes just under 20 minutes to complete, including the warmup and cooldown. Warmup 4 1. Snake Push-ups – 20 seconds 2. Half Squat Jumps – 20 seconds 3. Shoulder Push-ups – 20 seconds 4. Boxer Squat – 20 seconds 5. Burpee + Push-up – 20 seconds 6. Wall sit – 40 seconds Cooldown 3 They are the 3 extra circuits, remember that there are many more across the 3 Circuit Training books to try out all at different difficulties. I suggest you make your own circuits for the fitness goal you are trying to reach -

Make Your Specific Fitness Program The document linked here is a spreadsheet that I have created in order to aid you to create a solid fitness program you can follow. As it stands, the documents have example workouts in there just to give you an idea of how you can use them but please delete the example boxes and replace them with workouts in there that suit you. I have highlighted all of the boxes you can edit in yellow, please feel free to remove the highlight and make edits where necessary. There is a section in the top left to record your daily fitness program - you can add rows and days to this if required. On the right-hand side you can write down all the workouts you use and what is included in the workouts. Below the daily fitness program, is the weekly program if you prefer to work that way. There are 2 types of fitness programs you can use - weekly and daily. Weekly is best if you train the same things on each day of the week and daily is for a more versatile program. You can of course edit it to make it a fortnightly workout and so on. If you have any issues with the spreadsheet, email [email protected]


Make Your Diet Plan (Calorie Tracker Included) Here is the spreadsheet for making your very own diet plan. I have used the day, Monday, as an example to give you an idea of how to use it. Essentially I suggest that you fill this in at the start of every week so you know what to eat, how many calories you will have each day and so on. You can edit it to have 4 meals, 6 meals or whatever works for you. This is just the template with an example, having this should make dieting much easier. If you are the kind of person who has the same meal over and over, go for it! Below the diet plan, there is a calorie tracker that will link up to the diet plan. Simply put the calories of each meal in there and it will calculate how many you have a day. P.s near the top right corner, edit the example “2400” recommended calories for what your recommended intake is. Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate your way to the ‘Diet Plan + Calorie Tracker’ tab.

Link: Below you can find a link to MyFitnessPal, this is a site or app that allows you to search the food you consume and track your daily calories. The app is free to use and very simple for you to use. I do not benefit from sending you to this app, but I believe it is the best free app out there to help you keep on top of your diet. Instructions on how to track calories are clear on the app.

Link to MyFitnessPal Website:

Progress Tracker It’s always good fun to track your progress and is also hugely motivating to see how far you have come. I am aware that many of you may have all kinds of different goals, which is why I have tried to make this as broad as possible. Below is a link to a spreadsheet that will allow you to track your progress. Whether that is to do with weight loss, lowering body fat percentage, gaining weight or even how many pushups you can do in a minute. Like the others, should be daily simple to follow, just make sure you clear the examples. Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate your way to the ‘Progress Tracker’ tab.


How to Use Accelerated Circuit Training Trackers The link matched with the previous 3 titles that take you to the Accelerated Circuit Training Trackers will all take you to the same document. You will be asked to make a copy of a spreadsheet, so make a copy and save the sheet in a place you can access easily. I want you to understand that you can switch between the tabs at the bottom, the tabs are labeled “Fitness Program”, “Progress Tracker” and “Diet Plan + Calorie Tracker” which link up with the previous sub-titles. Use the sub-titles to understand how to use each tab. The document will save automatically after you have made a copy.

Extra Motivation You can never get enough motivation, that’s why I am going to present you with a motivation boost in 5 different ways. Before I get into it, I want you to know the difference between motivation and discipline. Motivation is the short-term emotion to have the want to get something done whereas discipline is the mental toughness you constantly have to get stuff done. You want to be disciplined in order to reach success with anything because if you don't want to do anything, discipline is the only thing that will allow you to push yourself. Surround Yourself with Positive People - Find a person or a group of people that have goals. Find people who want to better themselves because it will help you get into that mindset also. Set up friendly competitions, push and support each other to improve. If you stick around lazy or negative people, that will rub off on you massively and make it much more difficult to stick to your plan. If you can't find positive people, push the negative people away and believe me you will eventually find the positive people that will benefit your life. Working by yourself may be a great change in your life you never knew you needed. Working alone can make you learn so much about yourself, although it will be extremely tough at times - use self-discipline to push through and really get to where you want to in life. Have a Routine with Variety - Having a routine is very important,

but once you start to do the same thing over and over again for weeks on end life can become quite boring. Getting bored is a huge demotivating factor that you need to avoid, so that is why you need to switch it up every now and then. There are several ways in which you can do this: ● ● ● ● ●

Change the time you workout each day. Change your designated rest day. Randomly begin waking up earlier than usual. Have a day in which you do a fun activity you enjoy. To be honest, the possibilities are endless, I am sure you can have as much fun with this as possible.

Motivational Quote - “Only you can master your mind, which is what it takes to live a bold life filled with accomplishments most people consider beyond their capability.” - David Goggins. Follow Inspirational People - You can look around all the internet and find successful people that came from nothing. A few people I have in mind are: ● ● ● ●

David Goggins. Muhammad Ali. Kevin Hart. Nelson Mandela.

These people all became successful from a previous difficult life. I recommend searching for inspiring people, and listening to their life stories because you will understand how you can literally do anything you please

just with hard work. That could be your name on a list one day, and you could be the one inspiring millions of people on a daily - now that would be something to be proud of. Limit Your Time on Social Media - This may come as a surprise but social media is one of the most addictive platforms out there and can be quite detrimental to mental health. Personally, I do not know what you use social media for and whether you rely on it. This is why I say limit your time on there instead of getting off social media because it is an extremely handy tool to stay in contact with friends and family. The way in which you can limit your time on there is by stopping scrolling through irreverent posts for hours each day. If you see how quickly just 5 or 10 minutes of scrolling throughout the day added up, you’d be shocked at how long you have wasted on your phone. Instead, use that time to be active, search up fitness tips, or anything that will make you use your brain. Catch up with the world news and just get into the habit of staying away from Instagram/Twitter and so on. I use social media only for the purpose of creating, it is a great help with getting my content out there. But when I find myself scrolling through Instagram, seeing what people have I start to become aware of what I am missing out on which can depress me slightly at times. I haven't used social media as a consumer for around 6 months now and I must say I feel much more appreciative of my life and certainly more active.

HICT Cheat Sheet This cheat sheet will contain many facts about High Intensity Circuits all in one place that will be able to refresh your energy - saving you time as you won't have to re-read parts of my book. So, let's get into it! Chapter 1: HICT Intro ● High Intensity Circuit Training is a mixture of HIIT and Circuit Training ● With HICT, you have control over (recommended in brackets): No. of sets (3), what exercises are included (mix of cardio and bodyweight exercises), time spent on each exercise (20-30 seconds), time spent resting (30-40 seconds), intensity (80% plus), and how many sessions you have a week (5 plus). ● HICT is very time efficient, requires no equipment, can be done by anybody, can be used to train towards most fitness goals and is fun. ● Hard Training Zone is 80-90% intensity, Maximum is 90-100% intensity. Intensity is the percentage of your max heart rate. ● HICT is beneficial for those looking to improve metabolic rate, maintain/build muscle mass while cutting body fat for great body composition, reduce blood sugar and improve oxygen consumption. ● Equipment that may be required (optional): jump rope, fitness watch, stopwatch, fitness mat and fitness clothing.

Chapter 2: Diet ● 6 essential nutrients: water, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs and protein. ● Use Myfitnesspal to work out your recommended calorie intake for your goal. ● Try to maintain a high protein diet (40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbs), this will allow you to recover from workouts well, build muscle mass, have sufficient energy from complex carbs and unsaturated fats and have a great balance of nutrients. ● Avoid unhealthy snacking, drinking alcohol, and make sure you drink 3 liters of water a day. ● High Protein Diet will lower your blood pressure, boost your metabolic rate, protect your bones, reduce your appetite and make you stronger. ● Foods good for your brain - Oily fish, berries, leafy vegetables and tea. (have in consideration) ● Have 5 smaller meals a day and snack less often.

Chapter 3: Enhance Your Training ● Recovery - Rest and sleep well, cool down after workouts, stay hydrated, have lots of protein, top up on electrolytes and try myofascial release. ● Ensure you implement progressive overload into your training plan so that you improve. (increase intensity overtime) ● Avoid Injury - Warmup, cooldown, don't train through persistent pain, don't work at high intensity for too long, use proper form and wear the correct clothing. ● Training Tips - Glucose before exercise for energy, extra salt intake, stretching and try the Wim Hof Breathing Technique. ● Finding Time to Exercise - Get rid of distractions so you waste less time during the day and try meal prep to save time cooking. ● Goal Setting - SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

Chapter 4: Training Towards HICT ● If you are at a low fitness level, use the High Intensity Circuits from this book to make your own easier circuits and use progressive overload to improve your fitness ability and work towards completing a HIIT Circuit. ● Record your progress and remember: Record, Take-Action and Improve.

Chapter 5: Warmups + Cooldowns Warmup 3 (5 Minutes) – ● Light Jog on Spot – 1 minute ●

Walking Knee Hugs – 30 seconds

Sexy Circles – 30 seconds

Arm Extension Hold – 30 seconds

Ankle Rolls – 30 seconds

Lateral Split Squat Stretch – 30 seconds

High Kick Outs – 30 seconds

Heel Flicks – 1 minute

Warmup 4 (5 Minutes) ● Light Jog – 1 minute ●

Child's Pose – 30 seconds

Calves Stretch – 30 seconds

Hamstring Stretch – 30 seconds

Chest Stretch – 30 seconds

Side Lunge – 30 seconds

Backpedalling – 30 seconds

5 Burpees (Do this in your own time)

Cooldown 3 (5 minutes) ● Light Jog on Spot – 60 seconds ●

Lunges – 30 seconds

Close the Gates – 30 seconds

Seated Spinal Twists – 30 seconds

Neck Rolls – 30 seconds

Calf Raises – 30 seconds

Bicep Stretch – 30 seconds

Shake off Arms and Legs – 60 seconds

Chapter 6: High Intensity Circuits Circuit 1 Warmup 3 1. Burpees – 20 seconds 2. Bicycle Crunch – 20 seconds 3. Tuck Ups – 20 seconds 4. Shoulder Pushups – 20 seconds 5. Forward Kick Outs – 20 seconds 6. Open and Close Gates – 20 seconds Cooldown 3 Circuit 2 Warmup 3 1. Lying Superman Hold – 30 seconds 2. Fast Feet – 15 seconds 3. Wall sit – 30 seconds 4. Twist and Point – 15 seconds 5. Skipping – 30 seconds 6. Flutter Kicks – 15 seconds 7. Plank to Pushups – 30 seconds 8. Side Plank – 15 seconds a side Cooldown 3 Circuit 3 Warmup 4 1. Twist and Point – 20 seconds 2. Snake Pushups – 20 seconds 3. Mountain Climbers – 20 seconds 4. Squat Jumps – 20 seconds

5. Standing Side Crunches – 20 seconds 6. Ali Shuffle – 20 seconds 7. Straight Punches – 20 seconds 8. Lunges and Twist – 20 seconds 9. Wall Sit – Hold 20 seconds 10. Twist Jumps – 20 seconds Cooldown 3 Circuit 4 Warmup 4 1. Half Squat Jumps – 20 seconds 2. Power star – 20 seconds 3. Bicycle Crunches – 20 seconds 4. Mountain Climber – 20 seconds 5. Boxer Squats – 20 seconds 6. Fast High Knees – 30 seconds Cooldown 3 Circuit 5 Warmup 4 1. Fast Feet - 20 seconds 2. Burpees with Pushup – 20 seconds 3. Diamond Pushups - 20 seconds 4. Side Plank – 20 seconds 5. Reverse Crunches - 20 seconds 6. Squat Thrust – 20 seconds 7. Snake Pushups – As many as possible Cooldown 3

Chapter 7: All the Exercise Descriptions (This cannot be shortened, please refer to the eBook)

Chapter 8: Mindset ● Improve, Adapt and Overcome - Please refer to the book as it is a lengthy but important section on how you can train your mind to reach your goal. Chapter 9: Keeping Fit for Life ● Use the information and the exercise provided to stay in a healthy fitness routine for the rest of your life! ● When you reach a goal, set a more challenging on and strive for success!

Conclusion Thank you for reading this book, I hope it has provided you with value and that the documents provided help you. I suggest that you save this book in a place that is easily accessible to you. If you feel as if this book is missing anything that would be helpful, please let me know by emailing ([email protected]) or posting on the Facebook Community. To finish off, I will quickly go through what each part of the book covered from start to finish. Starting off with the 3 extra circuits included, they range from moderate to high difficulty of completion yet offer great variety with your workouts. Following on are the 3 spreadsheets “Fitness Program”, “Diet Plan” and “Progress Tracker”, these are linked to this eBook for your use and to aid you with your fitness journey. Next is a section on how to find extra motivation for the times when you don't feel like working out, surrounding yourself with active people is what helped me the most! Then the HICT Cheat Sheet - a few pages that summarise the key points from my eBook - High Intensity Circuit Training. Finally, there is an opportunity for you to join The Workout Hub.

Support Andrew Hudson This is something I love doing, putting the knowledge I have built up over the years into one place for you to take so that you can improve quickly. I wish I had a guide like this at the start of my boxing and fitness journey, but I do not regret failing over and over again because it taught me so much about myself over the years. Sometimes it is good to start a project without help, but believe me, there are guides out there for a reason - so use them! I am thankful to be able to do what I love, but there are many days when I cannot get as much done as I want to because I still have to dedicate time to work to pay the bills. Don't see this as a sob story but it is the truth, I would love to be able to do this full-time and get much more content out for everybody. I have many plans to expand on what I do and be a familiar face in the world of either boxing, fitness or inspiration. This is why I kindly ask for your support. The best way to support me and my mission is to simply leave an honest review of my work on Amazon and share my name on social media platforms. Below you can find a link to my Amazon Profile and my Facebook page. By reviewing my books or sharing my page you are doing me a huge favor and I thank you so much for that. Amazon Profile Hudson/e/B08F3K8BWN


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