The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide

Are You Making Slow Progress Towards Your Fitness Goal? Read on to Discover How to Speed up Your Progress. We all have a

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The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide

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  • The Accelerated Circuit Training Guide

Table of contents :
Health Check
Extra Circuit 1: Medium Impact Circuit Two
Exercise Descriptions
Extra Circuit 2: Higher Impact Circuit
Exercise Descriptions
Extra Circuit 3: Callisthenics HIIT Circuit
Make Your Specific Fitness Program
Make Your Diet Plan (Calorie Tracker Included)
Progress Tracker
How to Use Accelerated Circuit Training Trackers
Extra Motivation
HICT Cheat Sheet
Chapter 1: HICT Intro
Chapter 2: Diet
Chapter 3: Enhance Your Training
Chapter 4: Training Towards HICT
Chapter 5: Warmups + Cooldowns
Chapter 6: High Intensity Circuits
Chapter 7: All the Exercise Descriptions (This cannot be shortened, please refer to the eBook)
Chapter 8: Mindset
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