The Lootbox Guide: How to make 100$ to 1k$ daily

This is a short tutorial on how to earn money easily. Had you interested in building something that earns you money regu

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The Lootbox Guide: How to make 100$ to 1k$ daily

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Hi guys! This manual or tutorial will allow you to earn good money if followed carefully (100$ to 1000$ per day). Or you can skip some steps, it will still give you money, but a little bit less. I found a website that pays much more than any crypto-faucet, and it's also showing much less advertisements. Let's start!

The Guide: Long version (short version below) Step 1. Firstly, sign up here: Yes, this is a referral link but it's totally worth registering with it (you'll get more gems!). So, the lootbits website pays you in bitcoins randomly for opening lootboxes. One gem always allow you to open one box. Here's a list of what can be inside a so-called lootbox: + Bitcoin 1,000 ~ 9,999 satoshis randomly (0,00006515 BTC for example) + Website badges (allows you to get more boxes from completing the surveys) + XP points (they are needed to "levelup" in lootbits and get more lootboxes) + Nothing (empty box)

Referral system

If anyone registers with your reflink you get around 28-38 gems depending on the country.


The website also provide you a lot of gems if you complete their surveys (10..800 gems each). Some of the surveys are hard, tho. If you got a lot of badges, the bonus for completing surveys will be even more. The link above is my referral link, which will give you 50 gems Instead of the original starting amount of 35 Gems. IMPORTANT: a) Please check that link shows "INVITED BY SXIII" and also tells that you will get 50 gems. b) After registration, you have to press "activate email" and "send email" button (totally twice!) to get email delivered to your email box. Then you need to go to email and press on the activation link. This is super important because your referrals will have to do it also! Don't forget to ask/explain! Just registration is not enough.

Step 2. Automate opening of loot boxes. It's super easy with the following script: The above script is a tampermonkey script (tampermonkey is a browser extension used to automate simple user activity). Install tampermonkey to web browser and then the script. Step 3. Spread tutorial as PDF. Great way to spread your referral link is through distributing this tuto for free. Do not worry you’re not being compelled to manually send this to anyone (but if you want you can). Have you ever heard of Scribd? Basically is a website that allows people to share and download e-books for free. Go to, create a PDF, copy paste this tutorial, edit the referral link and share it. Make sure that you don't forget to change the reflink to yours. You can gain around 30-100 downloads daily. Step 4. Spread tutorial as presentation. Slideshare allows you to upload presentations. Open up any presentation software and paste all of the PDF info onto slides. Save presentation and upload it to You'll get additional 30-100 downloads daily. Step 5. Spread more. A list of websites where you can share your eBook: Upload the eBook to the maximum amount as sites as you'll be able to. Also share your referral link to online marketing forums. Few of these are:

BONUS - Payment Proofs:

Doing so you'll obtain like 3000-5000 or maybe more daily downloads to your eBook, and somewhere around 1000-4000 of the downloaders will join your reflink. If everything goes well, this will make you 1-2 BTC in a week. You can make more money by automating parts of this tutorial. Step 6. Sit back and watch your cash rolling In. Step 7. Optional: post your payment proof at the thread from wherever you got this eBook.

The Guide: Short Version Step 1. Firstly, sign up here: Step 2. Automate opening of loot boxes with tampermonkey script. Step 3. Spread tutorial as PDF with Step 4. Spread tutorial as presentation with Step 5. Spread even more, on a special websites and everywhere you can. Step 6. Sit back and watch your cash rolling In. Step 7. Optional: post your payment proof at the thread from where you got this book. P.S. If you're thinking like, "where's the catch?!" I can answer: the minimum withdraw amount is 0.049 BTC. But it's doable if you follow the steps.

BONUS 2 (For careful readers) Countries, referrals from which gives your more gems: + United States + Great Britain + Australia + Germany + Netherlands + France + Canada + Finland + Sweden + New Zealand + Spain + Portugal + South Africa + Italy + Greece

Links and credits Downloadable PDF: * * * Presentation: *


Author: securityxiii [at] gmail [dot] com Licence: Public Domain