Rules of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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(Ad opt ed by the Nin ete ent h Par ty Congress)


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'fHE PARTY. PARTY :rtIEMBERS, THEIR DUTIES AND RlGHTS 1. 'Dhe Communist Party of the Soviet Union is a volunta ry militan t u11ion of like-minded people, Communists, consisting of members of ·the workin g class, working i~easants ana workin g intellectuals. Tl1e Co~111mu11ist Party of the Soviet Union, having .. organiz ed. an alliance of the w.orking class a.nd the' labouri ng peasantry, a hieved, as a result of the Great· October Sociali st Revo ~ution of 1917, the overthr ow of the power .of the capital ists and landlords, the estab-; lishmen t of the dictato rship of the 'proleta riat, the eliminat"ion of capitai'ism and the abol~tio~. of the e~­ IJloitation ~of ··man 'by m~n, and ensured the buildin·g of a socialis t -societ\' .. . qf Party nist The principal objects of the Commu , . the ..Soviet Union today are to builq a .corµmur1ist so.: ciety through gradua l transiti.on from so~ialism ' to commu nism, c·ontinuous]y to raise the living and ~µi-) tural standar ds o'f society, to educate the members o\f: society in ihe spirit of interna tionalis m and fraterna i · •



ties with the wo rking· people of all countr.ies, an d to str en gth en to the utm os t the active defence of the Soviet Mo the rla nd ag ain st aggressive actions on the pa rt of its enemies. 2. Membership of the Communist Pa rty of the ·Soviet Union is open to any wo rki ng citizen of the Soviet Union who do·es not explo,i t tl1e labo·u r of others, accepts the Pa rty 's Pr og ram and Rules, actively helps to ca rry them int o effect, works in one of the org an iza tio ns of the Pa rty an d fulfils all Pa rty decisions. Pa rty members shall pay the est a·blished membership dues. 3. It is the duty of a Pa rty member: a) To protect the un ity of the Pa rty might and main, as the chief req uis ite [email protected] its power .an d &trength; b) To be an active fighter for the implementation of Pa rty decisions. It is no t enough for a Pa rty memb·er merely to ag r·ee with· Pa rty decisions; .it is incumbent upon him to st1. ive actively to have the m put into effe.ct. A pa ssi ve an d formal att itu de on the pa rt of Communis ts tow ard s Pa rty decisions undermi.n es the Party~s efficiency an d is therefore incompatible with continuance in its ran ks ; c) To set an example in work, to ma ste r the technique of his jo·b, co nst an tly to imprqve his tra de or professional sl(ill, an d assiduously to prq tec t and fortify socialist social property as the sacred and inviolable foundatio·n of the Soviet s:v..stem; d) Co ns tan tly to str en gth en t.he ties . with the ffi{l~S­ e~s, promptly to res po nd to the µe ed s an d requir~m~nts of the w·o rki ng people, and to~ ~xplain to t~e _non-p~Jt){ ma sse s the policy and decisions of the Pa rty , alw.~~.: 1



remembering tha t the str en gth and invincibility of our Pa rty lies in its vital and unbreakable bond with the •

people; · , e) To rai se his level of political understandi~g an d to broaden his knowledge of the principles of MarxismLe nin ism ; , •

f) To observe Pa rty an d sta te discipline, whi·ch is

equally bin din g o·n all Pa rty members. Th ere cannot be twt> dis cip lin es in th-e · Pa rty one for lea de rs, the other for rank-and-file· members. The Pa rty ha s on e • dis cip lin e, one law for all Co mm un ist s, irr esp ect ive of their ·pa st ser vic es or the 'po sit ion s they occupy. Vi ola tion of Pa rty or sta te discipline is a serious evil, which is de tri me nta l to the' Pa rty and ther·e·f.ore incompatible wi th continuance in its i·anks; g) T6 develop self-criticis.m and cri tic ism from below, to bri ng to lig ht shortcomings in wo rk and to strive~ to efin1inate them, to combat every tendency to make a pretence of all being well and to indulge in raptures ov er a chievemehts in work. Suppression of criticism is a gra ve €Vil. 'He wh o stifles cri tic ism , who substitutes ostentatious pa rad e and ad ula tio n for it, can have n,o place in the ran ks of the Pa rty ; h) To inform leading Ja rty bodies, up to and including the Central Committee, of sho rtc om ing s in work, irrespective of' person. A Pa rty member has no right to conceal an abnormal sta te o-f affairs, to close --h is -eyes to rep reh en sib le a·ctions which inj ure the n~



ter est s of the Pa rty or the sta te. He wh o hihllets: a Pa ty member in the performance of this du ty should be sternly punished as a violator of the will of

the Pa rty ;



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i) To be truthful and honest with the Pa rty and not conceal or di sto rt the tru th . Un tru th fu ln es s or deceptio n pr ac tis ed by a Communist to wa rd s th e Pa rty is a gr av e ev il ·an d is incompatible wi th continuance in the

Pa rty 's ra-nl