Psycho 6-Week 6-Pack

***THIS IS A GYM WORKOUT BOOK***This ebook is for the psycho who wants a six-pack fast.It will require at least one hour

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Psycho 6-Week 6-Pack

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  • 6-Week 6-Pack workout , at least one hour, 6 days a week, for just 6 weeks of pure abs.

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IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS (list of exercises)

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DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any exercise program. The content in this ebook is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. If you choose to attempt any of the methods mentioned in this ebook, the author advises you to take full responsibility for your safety and know your limits. The author specifically disclaim any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, that is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this ebook. TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER The testimonials above are the personal experience of those individuals who have expressed their personal opinions and those opinions and experiences may not be representative of what every consumer of my products may personally experience. All product reviews and testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of customers and not those of mine. I did not compensate in any way for testimonials or reviews. These testimonials do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of my products. I have no competent or reliable scientific evidence to suggest that the testimonial provider’s experience is due to the use of my products. I make no medical claims or guarantees as to the benefits of my products.



In 2015, I won $80,000 in the Bodybuilding. com 12-week Transformation Challenge. In 2018, I released a memoir about how I won. This ebook is an extension of that story, but this is just the technical side of building a six-pack fast. I was able to do it in 6 weeks while eating at a deficit, in order to lean out.

I worried that my self-created ab workout plan was too extreme. I thought there must be a better saner way to get a six-pack… but the more I thought about it, there is NOTHING healthy about a quick transformation! And there is no sensible “normal” exercise routine that will guarantee a six-pack in 6 weeks. If there is, they’re lying. I am excited to share this truth with you, as insane as it is. And I pray it encourages you to go above and beyond.

“How do I know my capacity if I never challenge it.” -Rasheed Louis This ebook is specifically for the psychos who want a 6-pack in 6 weeks. I cannot guarantee that you will see your six pack, but there is no way your abs will not grow. Your abs will transform. If you worry that you need to lose more body fat to reveal your abs, you may still be able to see that they are there. And at the very least, they will be strong AF and ready to show when you are ready. This content is not something you’ll ever see in Jillian Michael’s 6 week 6 pack, or’s ab workout program, or in a friendly workout program sold by a fitness model with 4 million followers. No, this is like some dark secret that isn’t encouraged. This is the shit only the likes of Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger mention somewhere buried in their workout notes or books or in hard-to-find interviews.

I used to be a trainer and group fitness instructor at Equinox and a group fitness instructor at 24 hour fitness. But aint nobody there gonna tell you to workout your abs like this. In fact, I searched on Youtube what everyone is saying about abs: Mike Chang the famous guy who created Six Pack Shortcuts, said he does 5 min of abs every other day. That’s great if you already have abs like Chang. In fact, a lot of fitness models claim that all you need is a few minutes, but we on a deadline and some of us eating at a deficit trying to get lean, making it even harder to get gains! Cassey Ho creator of Blogilates, known for her strong core, recently completed 100 reps/day for 4 weeks. Sorry Ho, your abs looked at best...20% stronger. Andreia Brazier, 4-time WBFF Champ with the perfect 6-pack, recommends 200 reps/day for 8 weeks and it “will for sure make you feel so much better in your tummy.” I don’t want 20% noticeably stronger abs or just feel better in my tummy! Who wants so-so results? Not me. I recommend 750 reps/day for 6 weeks, for the best ab transformation of your life. Before you faint, just remember that even kids are doing hundreds of ab workouts for their varsity team sports. My friend was on a high school wrestling team, where 500 ab crunches were just a part of the warm up. If you take average actions, you will get at best, average results.

“Most people underestimate the amount of effort, energy and resources that are required to ever succeed.” -Grant Cardone We are not gonna do a wide variety of instagram-worthy cute ab moves like Blogilates. We are not gonna do a few minutes of abs every other day like Mike Chang. We are gonna do a handful of the same effective exercises REPEATEDLY, RELENTLESSLY. Just like Mike Tyson said in this interview “Around a month before the fight, only thing I think about is just training, constantly training...It gets sometimes boring because it’s just constantly repetitious, over and over, same thing, over and over.” @1:15

To get EXTREME results within a limited time (especially with limited food), you must put in EXTREME efforts. More than everyone else wants to do, more than you want to do. There’s just no fuggin way around it.


Half-way into the 12 week Transformation Challenge, I was super disappointed that despite how lean I was, I did not see any visible six-pack. I thought abs were made in the kitchen?! Well I guess no one said, “Six pack abs are made in the kitchen.” I quickly emailed my trainer to remind her of my goal of getting a six-pack, so that I could impress the judges. She brushed me off saying you shouldn’t worry so much, and you shouldn’t workout your abs more than 3 times a week. Just continue doing the 5-10 min of ab workout I gave you, and here’s one additional ab exercise to try. I knew it would take a lot more than this. Never leave it all up to someone else, even if they have more credentials than you. It’s up to YOU to go get what you want. Don’t even trust me with this plan. Take what works and toss the rest. Thank God I was listening to a lot of audiobooks during the contest, to keep myself encouraged. At around this time, I was reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memoir, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.” The gold was in the story of his calves. They were his “lagging” weakest muscle. Despite training them three times a week, like the rest of his body, they were not developing as well as his impressive upper body. He always assumed he was doing his best, no one could beat his 300lbs of calf raises! Until he saw his idol Reggie Park doing 1,000 lb calf raises DAILY, with his massive heart-shaped calves! As Schwarzenegger wrote in his book: Stunned, “This is what I need to do. I have to train my calves totally different and not give them even a chance of not growing.”. . . I made a point of cutting off all my sweatpants at the knees… I made sure that my calves were exposed so everyone could see. I was relentless and did fifteen sets, sometimes twenty sets, of calf raises every single day.” (p. 94) I shared this same story in my memoir “Transformation Champ: The Story of My $80,000 Six-Pack” because without having read Arnold’s story, I don’t think I would’ve won. I wouldn’t have worked as hard as I did. I scoured the internet for any advice I could get from fitness models and trainers who had chunky thick six-packs. This workout plan is an accumulation of exercises that were the most effective for me, and I believe they will give you extraordinary results, too. It took me 6 weeks, 6 days a week, for about 1 hour. When I lost steam, I would sip on my protein shake and keep going. Maybe it won’t take you as long as it did for me. Heck, I was a weenie! My heaviest squat during the contest was 70 lbs, heaviest deadlift 110 lbs. If a weenie like me could beef up my abs, so can you. I did 90% of these exact exercises I put in here, repeatedly. The other 10% is what I wish I would’ve added to make it superior to what I did almost 4 years ago.

Over Training is Subjective Your abs will grow on this plan. But it is up to YOU to get lean enough to reveal your abs, to the best of your ability. It is up to YOU to maintain excellent form. It is up to YOU to maintain intensity.

Only YOU know what is going too far. Be very aware. Don’t get hurt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did 15-20 sets of 1,000 lb calf raises every day. Mike Tyson did 2,500 situps with a 20lb plate everyday.

Here’s proof on his interview @0:57

Bruce Lee did THOUSANDS of ab reps EVERYDAY. Even in his early workout logs, he was doing over 900 reps everyday. These guys were not working out the same muscles 3 times a week. They didn’t want average results, so they didn’t take AVERAGE actions. FYI abs recover faster than other muscles. Other muscles may need several minutes to fully recover after a set, but abs only need seconds. I was usually always a little sore, but I was never afraid to work out my abs 6 consecutive days. I don’t care if you do 5 reps, take a few seconds to rest, eek out 5 more perfect reps, take a few seconds to rest until you are DONE with the set. You will grow strong quickly. Just finish the darn set and do not do anything else, like take a selfie or answer a call. The only way to force them to grow is by hitting them over and over again, relentless. Abs respond well to continuous movement. It may feel impossible the first week, but YOU WILL GROW STRONG QUICKLY. I’ve done all these exercises. You will get equally as strong or STRONGER abs than I did.

Here’s my friend Mayla, who tried my ab exercises, and worked hard as hell to transform herself. She always challenged herself to use heavier weights. Honestly, her pack be poppin better than the author’s!

“During the Bodybuilding 250k Challenge I looked for Nina for a lot of my to-do’s and what not to’s, so when she said half way through her journey she did abs 6x per week I thought “What!?” But I was all in! Having her share exactly what she did and what helped her felt like I knew a secret no one else did, it was so amazing and gave me a starting point to build on! Needless to say the ab workouts were brutal, they hurt SO GOOD! The workouts were divided into lower and upper abs split so it never felt repetitive. Once I started seeing results it was addictive and Nina’s abs workouts were a must in every gym session I had! Every abs workout is not created equal! I definitely recommend her workouts, give it all you’ve got and it will yield results just as it did for me!” @mbodyfitt I fear not the woman who has practiced 10,000 crunches once, but I fear the woman who has practice one crunch 10,000 times.

To get amazing results, these are my 6 suggestions: There is no way your abs won’t get stronger from my plan. But it is up to YOU to get lean enough to reveal your abs, to the best of your ability.


Burn You must FEEL the burn much of the time, constant INTENSITY. Contract over and over, relentless repetition. If you don’t feel a burn, you might have bad form. Avoid using momentum, try to consciously squeeze. Re-watch the videos I linked. Beautiful muscles require EXCELLENT form. If you don’t feel a burn, you might be using the wrong muscles. Most people are hip flexor dominant. That means, instead of fully engaging their abs, they will automatically engage their hip flexors, which is not part of your six pack! Please watch this possibly life-changing explanation @0:50 and watch how to deactivate hip flexors (prior to your ab routines to maximize your six pack gains) @2:24 If you still don’t feel a burn, you might just need to go heavier in weights or resistance. I want you to sometimes physically place your hand on your abs during contractions, and tell yourself, “There they are, that’s them growing with every rep.” Feel it, visualize it, squeeze it.


BREATH Breathe out when you contract/squeeze the abs, breathe in when you recover/relax. I strongly encourage you to breathe out audibly, a firm sound, on every contraction. It’ll help give you rhythm and maintain FOCUS. It will help you quickly get in the zone and stay in the zone that Arnold calls “machine mode.” And it’ll squeeze just a bit more out of the muscles. Example of my breathing @12:57 How does fat leave the body? I bet you think it’s through sweat! According to the British Medical Journal, more than 80% of body fat leaves the body through breathing out! Your LUNGS! The rest is released in sweat, urine, feces, and other bodily fluids. That alone should make you want to breathe out forcefully! Scientists don’t recommend that you force yourself to hyperventilate but they say it works best in conjunction with exercise. And here’s a bonus! About a third of your total body fat is expelled during sleep. https:// By the way, if you hold your breath while performing a crunch, you may NOT have a full muscle contraction. We want full contractions.

Most trainers and fitness articles are gonna tell you not to train the same muscle more than 3 times a week, because that’s what they’re taught.


CINCH CINCH: Remember, you have an internal tight corset of muscles called the transverse abdominis. If you practice contracting this muscle, you can literally reduce your waist by several inches. It will make any six pack and overall physique look even better, on women and men. During all exercises, try to imagine your belly button going in towards your spine. Even when you are exhaling during an ab crunch, and it feels natural to push out your belly, try to keep it in. This is the best video I’ve seen explaining superior form. Listen to Lyzabeth Lopez, who not only has a sixpack armor and shrank her own waist by 2 or 3 inches, she’s a WBFF pro and competition judge, and she transformed many of her clients online & offline at her gym. She even collaborated with Khloe Kardashian on a fitness app. Must watch at least 0:00-5:40 In addition, old school bodybuilders like Arnold would practice the stomach vacuum religiously. I never did these during the contest, but I wish I did. Here’s images of legends performing the vacuum https://bit. ly/2SUziNv Arnold and Bruce Lee performed waist twists often too. Here’s Arnold showing how he kept his abs and waist tight


PROBIOTICS: Difficulty having regular bowel movements can widen your waist, create unnecessary bloat making you look and feel heavier than you really are, and reduce your energy. World-renowned nutritionist and bestselling author Kimberly Snyder said, “Your body takes a lot of energy trying to digest and cleanse your body, that if it is not working properly, it can be very taxing on your body and deplete your energy.” Without maximum energy, how will you have maximum gains? Dr. Josh Axe, running the number one natural health website today, has been a resource for nutritional advice to professional athletes to improve their performance. He says, “The digestive system is...the foundation of health.” Even Tom Brady, the greatest and oldest quarterback in history, attributes his longevity and success to his strict diet which gives him optimal digestion. A diet that has been ridiculed by many ignorant critics. But I digress.

Try drinking a cup of warm or hot water with freshly squeezed ½ or 1 whole organic lemon with your probiotics upon awakening. Please use a glass straw to prevent the acid from eroding your teeth, which happens after frequent exposure. I started this ritual during the contest ever since I heard Kimberly Snyder say that hot water helps eliminate toxins and “lemon supports your liver, which is your main fat-burning organ and your main detoxifying organ.” FYI, I heard from various sources that it’s not necessary and maybe not recommended that you drink lemon everyday for the rest of your life. Kimberly Snyder’s probiotics is the only brand I trust and use daily since the beginning of that contest: I’ve tried many probiotics that claim to have billions of bacteria. I agree with the reviews, that this is the only one that debloated and slimmed my waist by allowing me to have the best poops ever (my mom’s too)! I’m not paid for recommending this product.


FASCIA Basically, fascia is a thin “sheet” that encases muscles. This video demonstrates fascia on a raw chicken breast: Maybe your fascia is perfectly fine and you don’t need to “release” it. But for me, after halfway into the competition, I was religious about releasing my fascia every day. For those of us who have tight fascia, if it were loosened up a bit, it could allow our muscles to expand fuller, creating that 3-D effect, appearing to pop out more. I met a masseuse who specializes in massaging bodybuilders months in advance from their show time, to release their fascia in order to help their muscles pop on stage. All she did was dig her elbows into my abs and thighs, and slowly painfully scraped along the muscle lines. $200 for an hour. I just bought some plastic guashua tools and hurt myself for free! This technique is brutal, and almost always causes bruising, redness and cursing. I dug very deeply into every line, literally carving my abs and thighs. Early on, I had to guess where I thought the delineation of the muscles were...but as I continued to workout very hard, I could see more of the lines and dug into them with more accuracy. Ashley Black, the creator of the Fascia Blaster explains how to use her tool to shape your abs (I did not use this tool but I used the concept of digging forcefully while tightening abs) I used whichever tool felt easiest to control. I used a lubricant like coconut oil and a few different cellulite reducing serum (but couldn’t tell if they actually worked). Unlike the guashua professional in this video using the flattened side of her tool to slide across the skin, I pointed my tool more directly INTO the muscle lines: There are many people who significantly reduced cellulite and literally toned up (the results look so good they look photoshopped!) by using fascia blasters, gua sha, cupping and other tools that involve digging and scraping motions.

The guashua tools I used looked like this:

“I remember the day I reached out to you and asked you for tips on how to help me win. You recommended the buffalo bone and told me to use it as often as I can. As soon as my buffalo bone came in I used it every day for about 20 min a day on my abs and quads. I used it to push the fascia away from the muscle to create the defined look. It worked so well that I decided to use it when prepping for my first figure competition. I used it about every other day for 6 weeks. You can see in my pictures how the fascia moved away from my muscle giving me the look I desired. I can’t thank you enough for recommending this life changing tool. I will never go through another prep without it.”


SIZZLE I used a variety of ways to burn more calories and lean out fast, including: A. FAR infrared beds once a week or more, at Shape House. Make sure EMF levels are low. B. Neoprene corsets aka waist trainers. Neoprene beanies. I wore Kutting Weight at every workout. C. Sweet sweat or Vaseline with saran wrap. I applied globs on my abs, thighs and arms. Then double-wrapped these areas with saran wrap. To be honest, I am not sure if I would encourage this method. People will say these things only lose water weight. But FAR infrared is known for actually burning calories. And according to an ACE-sponsored research, sauna suits caused people to lose real body fat and improve physical fitness (Nowadays, instead of those trash-bag-like sweat suits, people be wearing neoprene hoodies, shorts, and onesies!) Interestingly... “[Bruce] Lee’s student, Herb Jackson, remembers another, more unorthodox method Lee used to increase his muscle definition. According to Jackson, Lee would wear a type of sauna belt when riding his stationary bicycle because he believed the belt focused heat on his abdominal muscles and helped reduce fat.” This was during the 1960’s!

“ Sweet sweat with saran wrap, and neoprene corsets/hats at every workout.”

It’s all in the


Each exercise is color coded so that you can swap exercises of the same color. However I strongly urge you to only swap if you cannot feel your abs engage or if it is too difficult to perform all the sets. You are the sculptor of your abs. As the weeks pass, keep an eye on how your abs are developing. Let’s say for example, your upper abs look more developed than your lower abs. You can swap out a “Both upper + lower abs” (yellow) for a “primarily lower abs” (pink) instead, just for a week and see if it balances out. Or maybe all you need to do is pay more attention to squeezing the living hell out of your lower abs on every contraction. Do more of what you need, less of what you don’t. You will need 5 or 10 lb ankle weights, dumbbells, weighted plates, swiss ball, cable machine, ab bench and a mat. You do not need to use insanely heavy weights or position the bench at the steepest incline to get awesome results. If you can do it with good form, go for it. But even with low weights or incline, as long as you are feeling the burn most of the time, it’s working.

“Ordinary things consistently done produce extraordinary results.” Keith Cunningham COLOR CODE: Yellow= Both upper + lower abs

Pink= primarily lower abs

Blue= primarily upper abs

Green=primarily obliques

Ball Crunch on Swiss Ball (0-35lb plate, I used 25-35lb plate) @7:55 I found it more comfortable to hold the plate up like this (while on a swiss ball): Ball Pass (swiss ball you can comfortably fit between feet) If you gotta rest your feet/ball on the ground, pause for a few secs and keep going) @5:08 Bicycle (0-10lb ankle weights, I used 5 lbs) @11:53

Cable crunch (5x30... or 10x15 if u can go heavy with good form) Do not pull with the arms, think of ur arms as hooks. @0:52 Decline Crunch (on bench, any incline) @1:44 (a must listen on form) (what it looks like if you’re on the bench) Hanging Leg Lift (ankle weights or dumbbell between feet) (Try to start with the heaviest moves: weighted or straight legs - slow and controlled until you give out, then modify to bent knees until you finish the set. But if that’s too hard, start with them bent! And if that’s too hard, get on the vertical chair with straight legs at first! And if that’s too hard, vertical chair with bent knees! To be honest, I usually eeked out a few reps hanging because of my arms, then quickly went to the vertical chair.) Hip Raises (keep legs crossed) @10:05 Iron Butterfly @2:55 Leg Raises on Decline Bench with hip raise (5-10lb ankle weights, any incline) @3:34 At my best, I was at very low incline (like 2 notches above the flat bench). But if a flat bench is still challenging for you, your abs will grow! Reverse Crunch (if it’s too straining on neck, lightly support head with hands, as long as you still feel the burn, it’s not cheating!) try to wear 5-10lb ankle weights @7:29 Russian Twists (Options: medicine ball, dumbbell, plate, feet up or down, 5-10lb ankle weights) Beginner: @10:36 longer explanation @7:55 quick demonstration Intermediate/Advanced: @12:10 Side Dips @8:36 Side Plank Butt Taps @5:10 Toe tap Crunch,alternating dumbbell (8-10lb dumbbell in hand) @6:58 Vertical Chair (ankle weights or dumbbell between feet) (if this is too easy, straight legs. I start out with straight legs, slow and controlled, until I give out, then I modify to bent knees until I finish the set) V-Up (0-10lb ankle weights) longer explanation @6:10 quick demonstration

SIX PACK The Workout The visible six-pack is the rectus abdominis. I split the workouts into upper and lower regions. Plus some obliques to emphasize the outer six-pack (not to thicken your waist).

3 days Upper Abs focus every week (ex. MON,WED,FRI) 3 days Lower Abs focus every week (ex. TUES,THURS,SAT) Try to do the exercises in order. I placed the more strenuous exercises in the beginning when you have the most energy. But if you think you’ll end up waiting too long for someone to get off a bench or cable machine, jump to the next exercise and return to it later. Do your best not to rest more than 2 minutes between exercises or setst. You gotta give your abs no choice but to grow. Have urgency. You earn a real break after one set aka 30 reps (real break= 30 seconds to 2 minutes). If you need a mini break every 5 reps, that’s OK but keep it mini (a few seconds). Keep knocking them out, this is the only way to force them to grow in a limited time with/without limited food. Don’t split up the workout! For example, half the workout in the morning then half the workout at night. That’s like expecting your muscles to respond the same to 20 non-stop squats, as they would to 10 squats in the morning and 10 squats at night. No way man, you cheated yo’self. Remember, aim to rest between 30 seconds to 2 min between each set and each exercise. Some tips to stay in the zone and to keep your mind on the muscle: play music, breathe out-loud, place your hands on your abs to feel them contract, have a pen to mark off a tally after each set, mark what weight you used. Counting out-loud always helped me, even if it was just counting quietly, under my breath. It’s like being your own drill sergeant that keeps you on tempo, keeps you in machine mode. If you feel exhausted and you keep wondering if this will ever end, I have two games: 1. Count backwards 2. Count in chunks. For example if I were trying to finish my last set of 30 grueling reps: “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 OK two more like that 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 OK one more like that, come on! almost done 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 DONE!!”

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ Muhammad Ali




5x30 Ball Pass

5x30 Iron Butterfly

5x30 V-Up

5x30 Ball Crunch

5x30 Hanging Leg Lift OR Vertical Chair

5x30 Ball Crunch

5x30each side Toe tap Crunch

5x30 Cable crunch

5x30 Decline Crunch

5x30 Leg Raises on Decline Bench with hip raise

5x30each side Russian Twists

5x30each side Russian Twists

5x30 Reverse Crunch

5x30each side Side Dips

5x30each side Bicycle




5x30 Ball Pass

5x30 Cable crunch

5x30 Ball Pass

5x30 Hanging Leg Lift OR Vertical Chair

5x30each side Toe tap Crunch

5x30 Hanging Leg Lift OR Vertical Chair

5x30 Ball Crunch 5x30 Hip Raises 5x30 Decline Crunch

5x30 Leg Raises on Decline Bench with hip raise

5x30each side Russian Twists

5x30 Reverse Crunch

5x30each side Bicycle 5x30 each side Side Plank Butt Taps

STRETCH YOUR ABS An even better stretch is laying on top of a swiss ball. This video explains how to stretch effectively on a swiss ball, try all 3 angles @1:38

5x30each side Side Dips

Quickest ab stretch is the cobra stretch.

“The pain that you have been feeling will not compare to the joy that is coming.” Romans 8:18


These four cardio workouts were designed to minimize muscle loss and scorch a lot of calories.

The first two treadmill workouts are very similar to the cardio I did for most of my “12 week” transformation. I tweaked them just a little based on how I would’ve done them differently now. The last treadmill and stairmaster workouts are still intense, but easier on the knees. The suggested speeds are intermediate to advanced levels. You can always slow down the speed and work your way up when you can. Here’s a recommended list of target heart rate zones from the American Heart Association but the best indicator will always During my transformation, I always began with a simple 5 minute warm up on a treadmill, at 1.0 incline 3.5-5.0 speed depending on how I was feeling. Then foam roll the back, hip flexors, legs. By adding dynamic stretches, you will fully warm up and charge up the right muscles that you are challenging that day. After the workout, I’d do a 5 min cool down, walking slowly on the treadmill at around 0 incline 2.0 speed. Foam roll again. Static deep stretching for minimum 30-45 second holds, especially in tight spots. Practice excellent running form to breathe efficiently and prevent injuries:


Treadmill Torture #1 Note for Side Leap: @1:43 easy version I preferred to place both hands in front of me on rails for balance and jump up everytime I clicked my heels together to strengthen quads and spike up the cardio. Note for Squats: let the treadmill keep going, step your feet on the sides of the machine and lightly place hands on rails in front of you for balance. Wide squats: feet point straight forward, squeeze your butt hard while thrusting pelvis forward at the top of every rep. Plié squats: feet point off to side 45 degrees, squeeze thighs hard at the top of every rep. Note for Incline 15: aim for speed of 3.5-4.5, you may hold rails but try to engage abs, butt and push off with legs.

Do 2 rounds – takes 50 mins Incline 2 and speed of 6.0 run for 1 minute Incline 2 and speed of 4.0 side leap to right 30 times Incline 2 and speed of 2.0 walking lunge for 2 minutes Incline 2 and speed of 4.0 side leap to left 30 times 30 Wide Squats Incline 15 and speed of 4.0 walk for 5 minutes Incline 4 and speed of 6.0 run for 1 minute Incline 4 and speed of 4.0 side leap to right 30 times Incline 4 and speed of 2.0 walking lunge for 2 minutes Incline 4 and speed of 4.0 side leap to left 30 times 30 Plié Squats Incline 15 and speed of 4.0 walk for 5 minutes Incline 6 and speed of 6.0 run for 1 minute Incline 6 and speed of 4.0 side leap to right 30 times Incline 6 and speed of 2.0 walking lunge for 2 minutes Incline 6 and speed of 4.0 side leap to left 30 times 50 high knees (get it done in 1 min) Catch your breath for few min before the next round


Treadmill Torture #2 If you can run 6.0 speed 1.0 incline for 20 minutes straight, this one’s for you sucka! Note for Squats: place a rubber booty band right above the knees. Do 3 Rounds - takes 40 mins Incline 1 and speed of 4.5 for 2 minutes Incline 2 and speed of 6.5 for 2 minutes Incline 3 and speed of 4.5 for 2 minutes Incline 4 and speed of 6.5 run for 2 minutes Incline 5 and speed of 7.0 run for 2 minutes Catch your breath After 3 rounds, 100 wide squats+100 plié squats


Treadmill Torture #3

Incline 15 and speed of 3.5-4.5 for 45 minutes

My favorite non-running treadmill workout, created by Super Psycho John Chu @getchufit! Check out his phenomenal before and after pics. I learn a lot from him and he’s always happy to help anyone.


Torture #4 STAIRMASTER DO 2 ROUNDS -40 min 2min Level 5 WIDE STEP 1min Level 5 on TOES (On the balls of your feet. Pick up knees to waist level) 1min Level 5 SKIP STEP (Right foot only leads) 1min Level 5 RIGHT SIDEWAYS (like a curtsy) 1min Level 5 SKIP STEP (Left foot only leads) 1min Level 5 LEFT SIDEWAYS 2min Level 5 WIDE STEP 1min Level 5 on TOES 1min Level 5 SKIP STEP-ALTERNATE FOOT + GLUTE KICKBACK 1min Level 5 RIGHT SIDEWAYS 1min Level 5 SKIP STEP-ALTERNATE FOOT + GLUTE KICKBACK 1min Level 5 LEFT SIDEWAYS 1min Level 5 SKIP STEP-ALTERNATE FOOT + GLUTE KICKBACK AFTER 2 ROUNDS, 10 min jog treadmill Incline 1.0 Speed 6.5