No code required : giving users tools to transform the web 9780123815415, 012381541X, 9780123815422, 0123815428

Revolutionary tools are emerging from research labs that enable all computer users to customize and automate their use o

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No code required : giving users tools to transform the web
 9780123815415, 012381541X, 9780123815422, 0123815428

Table of contents :
Content: End User Programming on the Web / Allen Cypher (IBM) --
Why We Customize the Web / Robert Miller (MIT) --
I. End User Programming Languages for the Web --
Sloppy Programming / Greg Little (MIT) --
Mixing the reactive with the personal: Opportunities for end user programming in Personal information management (system) / Max Van Kleek (MIT) --
Going beyond PBD: A Play-by-Play and Mixed-initiative Approach (system) / Hyuckchul Jung (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition) --
Rewriting the Web with Chickenfoot (system) / Robert Miller (MIT) --
A Goal-Oriented Web Browser (system) / Alexander Faaborg (Mozilla) --
II. Systems and Applications --
Clip, Connect, Clone: Combining Application Elements to Build Custom Interfaces for Information Access (system) / Jun Fujima (Hokkaido) --
Mash Maker (system) / Robert Ennals (Intel) --
Collaborative scripting on the web (system) / Tessa Lau (IBM) --
Programming by a Sample: Rapidly Creating Web Applications with d.mix (system)/ Bjorn Hartmann (Stanford) --
Highlight: End User Mobilization of Existing Web Sites (system) / Jeffrey Nichols (IBM) --
Subjunctive Interfaces for the Web / Aran Lunzer (University of Copenhagen) --
From Web Summaries to Search Templates: Automation for Personal Web Content (system) / Mira Dontcheva (Adobe Systems) --
Access to the Temporal Web Through Zoetrope (system) / Eytan Adar (University of Washington) --
Enabling End Users to Independently Build Accessibility into the Web / Jeffrey Bigham (University of Washington) --
Social Accessibility: A Collaborative Approach For Improving Web Accessibility (system) / Yevgen Borodin (Stony Brook) --
III. Data Management and Interoperability --
A World Wider than the Web: End User Programming Across Multiple Domains (system) / Will Haines (SRI) --
Knowing What You're Talking About: Natural Language Programming of a Multi-Player Online Game (system) / Henry Lieberman (MIT) --
IV. User Studies --
Mashups for Web-Active End Users / Nan Zang (Penn State) --
Mashed layers and muddled models: debugging mashup applications / M. Cameron Jones (Yahoo!) --
Reuse in the world of end-user programmers / Christopher Scaffidi (CMU) --
Using Web Search to Write Programs / Joel Brandt (Stanford).

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