Maximum Pain Relief with Your TENS Unit 9781612439587, 1612439373

Tips, Techniques, and Step-by-Step Color Photos to Get the Most Out of Your TENS Unit Pain can hinder every aspect of y

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Maximum Pain Relief with Your TENS Unit
 9781612439587, 1612439373

  • Commentary
  • Easy, Drug-Free Techniques for Treating Chronic Pain, Muscle Injuries

Table of contents :

Who Am I?

What to Expect

General Anatomy Terms

Chapter 1: Different Kinds of Pain

What Is Pain?

Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain

Chapter 2: What Are TENS and EMS?

What Is TENS?

What Is EMS?

How Does ES Help with Healing?

Will a TENS/EMS Unit Work for Me?

Do I Need a Prescription?

Chapter 3: Safety

Side Effects

Precautions and Contraindications

Cleaning Pads and Prepping Skin

Chapter 4: Units, Electrodes, and Channels

Units—What Features Should I Get?

Electrode Types


Chapter 5: Settings

Intensity: How Strong Should It Be?

Duration: How Long Should It Be On?

Frequency: How Often Should I Use It?

Traditional Settings

Chapter 6: Electrode Placements for TENS

The Knee

General Knee Pain

Medial Knee Pain

Lateral Knee Pain

Hamstring Strain

Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee)

The Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot

Quadriceps Strain

Lower Leg Pain

General Ankle Pain

Medial Ankle Pain

Lateral Ankle Pain

Foot Pain

Heel Pain

The Hip/Pelvis

General Hip Pain

Lateral Hip Pain

Medial Hip (Inner Thigh) Pain

Anterior Hip Pain

Posterior Hip Pain

The Back

General Low Back (Lumbar) Pain

Low Back (Lumbar) Pain—One Side

General Mid to Upper Back (Thoracic) Pain (Two Channels)

General Mid to Upper Back (Thoracic) Pain (One Channel)

General Neck (Cervical) Pain

General Neck (Cervical) Pain (One Side)

The Shoulder

General Shoulder Pain

Biceps Tendonitis

AC Joint Sprain

Rotator Cuff Tear/Repair (or Shoulder Impingement)

The Elbow/Wrist/Hand

General Elbow Pain

Posterior Elbow Pain

Anterior Elbow Pain

Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis Elbow

General Wrist Pain (Two Channels)

General Wrist Pain (One Channel)

General Hand Pain

Chapter 7: Electrode Placements for EMS

The Knee—Quadriceps (Quad) Muscle

The Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot—Anterior Tibialis Muscle

The Hip/Pelvis—Gluteus Medius

The Shoulder—Deltoid Muscles

The Elbow/Wrist—Wrist Extensors

Chapter 8: Electrode Placements for Wireless Units

Chapter 9: Stretches and Exercises with TENS and EMS

For Neck Pain

Isometric Side Bend

Isometric Rotation

Isometric Flexion

Isometric Extension

Upper Trapezius Stretch

Levator Scapulae Stretch

Anterior Scalene Stretch

For Shoulder Pain

Pendulum Circle

Table Slides Flexion


Isometric Internal Rotation

Isometric External Rotation

Isometric Flexion

Isometric Extension

Resistance Band External Rotation

Resistance Band Shoulder Flexion

Resistance Band Shoulder Extension

For Elbow Pain

Isometric Elbow Flexion (Biceps Curl)

Isometric Elbow Extension (Triceps Extension)

Wrist Supination and Pronation

Biceps Stretch

Resistance Band Biceps Curl

Triceps Stretch

Resistance Band Triceps Curl

For Mid to Upper Back (Thoracic) Pain

Thoracic Side Bend Stretch

Thoracic Rotation Stretch

Rhomboid Stretch

Thoracic Prone Y

Thoracic Prone T

Thoracic Prone W

For Low Back (Lumbar) Pain

Prayer Stretch/Child’s Pose Stretch

Cat/Dog (Cat/Cow) Stretch

Supine Trunk Rotation Stretch

Pelvic Tilt


For Hip and Knee Pain

Hip Flexor Stretch

Seated Hip Flexion

Hamstring Stretch

Iliotibial (IT) Band Stretch

Calf Stretch (Runner’s Stretch)

Heel Raise

Straight Leg Raise (SLR)

Quad Set

Seated Knee Extension/Long Arc Quad (LAQ)


For Foot/Ankle Pain

Ankle Pump

Plantar flexion with Resistance Band

Dorsiflexion with Resistance Band

Eversion with Resistance Band

Inversion with Resistance Band

Ball/Foam Roll/Frozen Bottle Roll



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