Jewish State or Israeli Nation? 0253319633, 9780253319630

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Jewish State or Israeli Nation?
 0253319633, 9780253319630

Table of contents :
Prologue: The Victory of the Rabbinical Establishment and the Decline of the Nation
Part One: The Emergence of the New Jewish Nationalism
One. Zionist Theory and Its Problems
Two. Zionism: The Product of a Unique Historical Situation
Three. Anti-Semitism: The European Background
Four. The Transition to Continental Systems and the Decline of Zionism
Part Two: A New Homeland
Five. Creating a New People
Six. Holy Land versus Homeland
Seven. The Hebrew People versus the Palestinian People
Eight. Zionism without Mercy
Nine. The Maturation of Power and the Emergence of a Nation
Ten. The National Aim Blurred
Eleven. Canaanism: Solutions and Problems
Twelve. The Messianic Farce
Thirteen. Conclusion: Israel and the Jewish People

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