Declutter and Organize Home Handbook: 3 Manuscripts- Over 100 Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track to Enjoy Beautiful and Inspiring Spaces 3639910373, 1724047272

Are you Depressed Over messy, cluttered and ugly house? Then keep reading Manuscript 1 Minimalism: The Practical Minima

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Declutter and Organize Home Handbook: 3 Manuscripts- Over 100 Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track to Enjoy Beautiful and Inspiring Spaces
 3639910373, 1724047272

  • Commentary
  • Over 100 Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track to Enjoy Beautiful and Inspiring Spaces

Table of contents :

Manuscript 1



Chapter 1:  An overview of minimalism

History of Minimalism
What is Minimalism?
Why Choose Minimalism?
Why simple living is important
Chapter 2:  The Minimalist Mindset

The Why of Minimalism
What exactly is Minimalism?
Minimalism is a trade
Minimalism is living with intention
Minimalism is awareness
Minimalism is freedom
The soaring cost of excess stuff
Chapter 3:  Importance of Minimalism

1. Less stress and anxiety
2. Stronger relationships
3. Healthy boundaries
4. More time
5. Less stress about finances
6. A streamlined home
7. Environmentally friendly
8. Deeper spiritual life
9. Freedom
Chapter 4:  How to Live a Simple Minimalist Life

Get Focused
Decluttering methods
The 12-12-12 Method
The Four Boxes or Baskets Method
The Mapping and Rating Method
Acquire Financial Freedom.
A word about financial worries
Adopt a Unique Spiritual Outlook
Minimalism by lowering your expectations
The case for lowering your expectations
Again, does this sound familiar?
Look within yourself
Relax more, judge yourself less
Change your thoughts
Minimizing Your Home
Chapter 5:  Minimalism and happiness

1. Lessen Your Dependencies
2. Listen to Some Post-Rock
3. Meditate
Chapter 6:  Minimizing your life for peace of mind

Compulsion to Clutter
Nothing More than Feelings
Chapter 7:  Possession and minimalism

Chapter 8:  30 Days to Simplify Your Life

Chapter 9:  Tips and tricks to minimalism

1. Write down your Reasons
2. Reclaim Your Time
3. What Do You Value?
4. Saying “No”
5. Minimalism is a Journey
6. Store Things Out of Sight
7. Reduce Cooking Time
8. Delegate
9. Take Breaks
10. Clean Up Social Media
11. Morning Routines
12. Other Routines
13. Forget About Perfection
14. Do What You Love
15. Evaluate Your Schedule
16. Explore the World
17. Do Something New
18. Release Ties
19. Fall in Love with Yourself
20. Evaluate Your In-Home Entertainment
Chapter 10:  How to Maintain Your Minimalist Life

1. Take a Shopping Hiatus
2. Quality over Quantity
3. Ditch Sales
4. Focus on Your Mindset
5. Continue Practicing
6. Find Inspiration
7. Make Minimalist Friends
8. Live Life to the Fullest

Manuscript 2

Declutter Your Home


Chapter 1:  Congratulations!

Chapter 2: Debunking the Clutter Myths

Your Personal Revelation
Shedding the Old Myths
Myth 1: Self-Esteem Can Be Attained through Possessions
Myth 2: The Esteem of Others Can Be Secured through Ownership
Myth 3: Life Is More Convenient and Easier If You Conform to Societal Expectations
Myth 4: Security in Oneself can be Reinforced through Materialism.
Myth 5: Sentimental Attachments Give One a Sense of Emotional Wellness
Chapter 3:  How to Start Decluttering

Initial exercise #1: Clutter Patrol!
Initial Exercise #2: A Family Affair
Schedule and Organize
Designate a Purpose for Each Room
Decide Where to Start
Chapter 4: Adopt a Technique

The Four-Box Technique
The Time Segment Technique
The Trash Bag Approach
The 12-12-12 Challenge
The “Konmari” Method
Chapter 5: Zen and the Art of Decluttering

The Purpose and Function of Zen
Mindfulness and the Zen Technique
The Art of Decluttering and Its Beneficial Effects upon the Brain

Manuscript 3

How to Clean Your House


Why declutter?

Guideline 1 - Visualize

Guideline 2 - Money

Guideline 3 - Take action

Guideline 4 - Organize

Guideline 5 - Digitalize

Let’s get started!!

General Game Plan – Tips 1-19

Feng Shui Basics - Tips 20-22

Decluttering Basics – Tips 23-26

Good reasons to get rid of stuff - Tips 27-42

Organizing Basics – Tips 43-51

The Parking Garage – Tips 52-57

The Mailroom – Tips 58-67

Home Office Strategies – Tips 68-73

The Kitchen – Tips 74-80

The Bedroom – Tips 81-87

The Lounge –a.k.a., the Bathroom – Tips 88-92

Maintenance – Tips 93-99

Game Plan Part II – Tip 100

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Watch Out For These!!

In the end



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