Creative Women of Korea: the Fifteenth Through the Twentieth Centuries : The Fifteenth Through the Twentieth Centuries 9781317473664, 9780765611895

This book introduces important contributions in the humanities by a select group of traditional and modern Korean women,

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Creative Women of Korea: the Fifteenth Through the Twentieth Centuries : The Fifteenth Through the Twentieth Centuries
 9781317473664, 9780765611895

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The editor and publisher of this volume gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Korea Foundation. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Korea Foundation.

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The Fifteenth Through TIrrough the Twentieth Centuries

y f)UJ~!/\!X.ffj 1U(5-!!;j ~ 5:!. ~ 6'-)} =b")] (Precious Mirror for Illuminating the Mind); Confucian morals primer believed to have been compiled in 14th century. ~ Of (Jftf;ft) (~!lt) (Buddhist) Selflessness. mua ff.




Myonggam ~ b'" (a)j~) [Ch. Mingxin]. Myongsim pogam ~ ~ .tr b'" (a)jll,\.~) [Ch. Mingxin baojian]. Naebang kasa LH ~]f Af (pg!JHfXOOf) Kasa of the Inner Rooms. Naegan LH l.f (pg flii) Private letter. Naehun LH ~ (pgWil) (Instructions for Women); morals handbook compiled by Queen Sohye. See Chapter 2. naejo LH ~ (pg£l}]) Help women provide their husbands. namjon yobi 'c,'- e Oi tJl (~. ~ ElF-) Lit. "elevation of man and subjection of woman." Namyang Hong 'c,'- 'Y ~ Cf¥j~#I;) Prominent aristocratic descent group of late Koryo and early Choson. Neixun pg~)il Instructions for Women; morals handbook compiled by Ming empress Wen. Neize pg~lj [K. Naech'ik (LH ~)] Chapter from the Liji. norigae po ~ 2.1 JH .tr (norigae = ornament) pojagi for ornaments. nubi po !r tJl .tr (nubi = quilt) Quilted pojagi. Niijiao ~~'X. [K. Yogyo (Oi J:i2)] Teachings for Women; Chinese moral handbook. Onmun ~ ~ (~ff)() "Vernacular Script"; Anothername for the Korean alphabet. Onmun samgang haengsil to yollyOdo ~ ~ g b'" ~ ~ s=. ~ L~ s=. (~ff)(-=-#~1T.IiI?!~~IiI) Vernacular Illustrations of Faithful W omen from Illustrated Exemplars of the Three Bonds; published in 1481. Onyang g 'Y (~~~) Hot springs in west central Korea. ot po (ot = clothing) [pronounced oppo] pojagi for clothing. Ou yadam 01 Sf- O~ 51" (~r .ti~fR) Ou's Unofficial Accounts (1621) by Yu Mong'in ~ § ~ (fPD ~~) 1559-1623. P'aegwan chapki .lIH 2f ~)I (~'§~gc) The Storyteller'S Miscellany by 0 Sukkwon 01 ~ ~ c~u~tl) 1525-1554. Paekche ~ A11 (B~1f) Korean kingdom (?-660). pagae !if OH (t~~) Benevolence! philanthrophy. P'alsondae 1M ~ CH ()\ 1WIl) Eight Fairies Rock. P'apy'ong Yun TIf ~ ~ (3&: fjl") Prominent aristocratic descent group of the late Koryo and early Choson. p'iri TIl 2.1 Korean flute.



pojagi !I::Af]1 Korean wrapping cloths. Pokson hwaum ka ~ ~ :2J;:; ]f (1MfH~]¥¥flJ}:) "Song of Blessing, Virtue, Calamity, and Indecency." pona ~ Of CLts:.Jlt) True Self. Pop' 0 rok !I: ~ ~ (.;fjJ ~) The records of the words of Buddhism. p'ungryu (Ch. Fengliu) ~ ~ (}ltJ1t) Carefree, aesthetic style of life, transcending the stock emotional response. Almost always associated with poetry, music, wine and female (kisaeng) company. p'yongae ~ OH (f~) Equal love. P'yongyang ~ ~ (fit) Ancient capital of Koguryo and the current capital of North Korea. Quli aBf! [K. Kongnye (~2;11)] Chapter from the Liji. Samgang haengsil to ~ b' ~ ~ ~ (~ #./M]1T'RII) Illustrated Exemplars of the Three Bonds; morals handbook published in 1431. samjong ~ § (~ i):l) "Three Obediences (for a woman)." sang po ~ !I: (sang = food table) pojagi for the food table. sarim At ~ (±if*) (Confucian scholars in seclusion) A group of morally high-minded scholars in late fifteenth and sixteenth century Choson. seja pin All:Af \::.! (ttt-=f~) Crown prince's consort. sijo AI ~ (fRt~) Traditional Korean short-form poetry. Sillok ~ ~ (.~) See Choson wangjo sillok Veritable Records of the Choson dynasty. tJ AISinsidae CH OfJTfRt1~) SinsidaeSinsidae tJ AI tJCH AI CH(New Age; 1941-1944) A monthly magazine of general cultural interest published in Seoul. Sirhak ~ 2,'- (.~) Practical Learning. soa l: Of (lj\.Jlt) Lesser/small self. Sohak [Ch. Xiaoxue] l: 2,'- (lj\~) Lesser/Minor Learning. Sok samgang haengsilto ~ ~ b' ~ ~ ~ (#J-=~1T.IliI) Continued Illustrated Examplars of the Three Bonds; morals handbook published in 1514. Sokpyol ka 6j 'i§1 ] f 51IJ mJ.:) "Song of Painful Parting." som po '5 !I: (som = cotton) pojagi padded with cotton. Son (Skt. Dhyana, Ch. Chan, Ja. Zen) ~ (r~) Buddhist sect.





Song [K. Song (;;)] (~») Chinese dynasty (960-1279). Sangho sasal -2l ~ 2. .2. M A~ ~ (Jfl:;'iVl~~) (J:fj'IiJj~~) Collected Essays of Sangho (Yi Ik), 1579-1624. (J:iHI) County and city in Kyongsang Province. Songju {g ~(J:iHI) (J'iU'I'I) A~ (fljI!irfl) (;f"wBrfJ) Son (Buddhist) master. sonsa i't!::! M sosol .1: .:1: ~ eJ\gQ) (!J'~) Narrative/noveL Narrative/novel. sowon A-l-§! C,fj3iG) Private academy. sow on "--I § (iFlliG)

Ssangbyak ka @ ~ t::!l ~ J~ Jr CIfJ?iUfiO (~m.l:IK) "Song of a Pair of Jade Discs." Ssangbyok su po ,*,!J::l. !I!. (Mf~) (#,I~) (su = = embroidery) Embroidered pojagi. Sungjongwon ;g ~ ;g §-§! (ilzll&:lliG) (7¥zi!&~) Royal Secretariat. STlngjongwon iLgi ;; ~ §-§! \§J (iJk.i£j(1)j£ 8 Sii.ngjongwon ilgi ~;g ~ JI (ilzll&:rJ'G El 8 Diary of the Royal Secretariat: 3047 books covering the years of 1624-1894 are extant. summ \5 Honorable monk. sunim A.A EJ Of (Aft) taea [] Or C*:ft) Greater Self. T'aep'yong hwajan hwajon ka EH:g,j"§J?::! EH ~ :2J ~ Jr Jt (*.sr::{.tnu~) (~if:tEmtl:fK) "Song of Enjoying Flowers in a Time of Great Peace." tJl (AJ:.X~c) (A£A~C) Grand queen dowager; primary taewang taebi [] tJl [] tll consort of deceased king. (ALm) Great Wish. taewon [] §-§! (XLm) T'aeyang sinmun EH l~.Q) g (*~~jfrJfJ) (;;t~WrM) (Sun Times) A newspaper .?J Q! @ published in Seoul in 1949; later taken over by Han'guk Han' guk ilbo on June 8, 1954. xH!J::l. (m~m) tangch'ae po g ~ XH!I!. (Jlf~~) [Tangch'ae = =Tang colors] Painted pojagi. toksong ~ ~ -2l [Ch. Dexing (1i'i1)] (1.~tt)] Moral nature. anna iT z -:> -:> A Woman Holding a Lantern. Tomoshibi 0 motsu onna ~ t,j t¥i'"'J First novel by Hahn Moo-Sook. Moo-Soak. Tonga ilbo § Or Of \§J ~ !I!. !J::l. C~s::;. O~.~ 8 El~) Tonga Daily Newspaper (1920-1940; 1945 to the present). Tongguk sinsok samgang haengsilto §;;.Q) ;::; Q! ~ g!J G4 g!J G4 ~ 5: s:: C~~~#l=#./ New Continued Exemplars of the C*~~jf*J.~j:lill]lJ.1iil Three Bonds in Korea; morals handbook published in 1614. Tongnip ka iEJ i~ EJ Jr Jf (~il.~JX) (~.ll:~) "Song of Independence" by Tosan s:: 0 ([5fi;J (~1iJJ Ill). LiJ).




Tosan ~ s:: Qf B (l\1i9 (\l1ilJ Un LiJ) Village near Andong, Kyongsang Province. ~ Of 2.1 Scroll. turumari £F. 9 i1nsa ~ At N (}61,OiJi) unsa (}61,OiJi) Ot:!-iJili) Mentor. ~ tll til (1:Jc) (lJc) Royal consort. wangbi %f wanghu ~.$. ~ ~ (Im) (IJ§) Deceased queen.

tlrij Chinese state of Spring and Autumn period. Wei f4ii won sang ~ {:t (j)ftfti) (l1Jf.,f'U) High officials advising Queen Chonghili during her regency Xiaoxue [K. Sohak (± (.1:: Q{)] ~)] (+,f}~) (+J~~) Lesser Minor Learning; basic Learning; Learning; Confucian morals primer complied by Zhu Xi in 1189. /Hfi Chapter from the Uji. Liji. Xiaoyi "Hlff yadam 01 ot g Et (Pf~) (:Ilf~) Unofficial version of historical tale. yangban g; ~ \=:f (l'Hl;II) (~f,ll) Socia-political elite status group. \=:f Jf N At (m (ijj f}HfUr'f). .fJI~fX~$). Yangban kasa (Nobleman's kasa) g; ~ Yean Ojl Oil £! (jy.~:i() (~; y,:) Now Tosan, a district in Kyongsang Province. yedan po 011 Oll 8 !r ~ (m; (~I f.iI'X~) ~~) (yedan (yedall = ceremonial silk) pojagi for gifts from the bride's family. 011 ~!r ~ ~ (~I ~iJJ-M*) ti1~) (yemul lvemul = ceremonial objects)-pojagi for yemul po Oll yernul gifts from the bridegroom's family. OJ ~ (:~J!IJ) Y6ch'ik 01 (~~I1) (Rules of Conduct for Women). Y6gyo 01 Yogyo OJ.1i! ill (y~!{) (:'y:~y.) See Niijiao. ~ [] Jf (JH (1!l1\~fX) Y6ktae ka