Y is for Yak

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is for yak

Yaks are hairy animals with long horns. They live on cold mountains.

Yaks belong to the cow family.

is for

yak milk ...

wild yaks

farm yaks

because yaks are kept as farm animals. There is also a type of yak that is a wild yak.


is for yum! Chomp! Chomp!

Yaks love to graze. They mainly eat grasses and herbs. Yum! Yum!

is for yarn

A yak’s long, thick hair keeps it warm.

because a farm yak’s hair can be made into yarn.

Yarn is thread that’s used for clothes and blankets.


is for years

Yaks can live up to 25 years.

and for young yaks

Young yaks are called calves.

is for

yak attack!

Yaks are mostly friendly... snow leopard

but they will fight to keep their calves safe.



Let’s say yippee and yay for...

give us food and yarn

even their yucky poop is useful!

the mighty yak!