Working Memory: The State of the Science 0198842287, 9780198842286

Working memory refers to how we keep track of what we are doing moment to moment throughout our waking lives. It allows

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English Pages 464 [465] Year 2020

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Working Memory: The State of the Science
 0198842287, 9780198842286

Table of contents :
1 The State of the Science of Working Memory - An Introduction
2 A Multicomponent Model of Working Memory
3 An Embedded- Processes Approach to Working Memory - How Is It Distinct From Other Approaches, and to What Ends?
4 The Time- Based Resource- Sharing Model of Working Memory
5 Towards a Theory of Working Memory - From Metaphors to Mechanisms
6 Multicomponent Working Memory System with Distributed Executive Control
7 Individual Differences in Attention Control - Implications for the Relationship Between Working Memory Capacity and Fluid Inte
8 Working Memory and Expertise - An Ecological Perspective
9 Domain- Specific Working Memory - Perspectives from Cognitive Neuropsychology
10 Remembering Over the Short and Long Term - Empirical Continuities and Theoretical Implications
11 Manifold Visual Working Memory
12 Cognitive Neuroscience of Visual Working Memory
13 A Dynamic Field Theory of Visual Working Memory
14 Integrating Theories of Working Memory

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