Who Is That Man?

For almost half a century, Bob Dylan has been a primary catalyst in rock's shifting sensibilities. Few American art

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Who Is That Man?

Table of contents :
Foreword: Letter to Bob --
Prologue: Something was happening but I didn't know what it was: that afternoon with Bob --
Introduction --
Creation myths --
The Hall of Early Folk Memories --
Woody Junior --
Li'l Abner on Bleecker Street --
Folk Messiah --
The Zimmerman letter --
From a Buick 6 --
The hallucinated alphabet --
Bob gets wired --
How does it feel? Self portrait at 24 frames per second --
Ballad of a thin man --
Godzilla vs. Mothra: two icons of the '60s meet under false pretenses --
That wild Mercury sound: what are Shakespeare, Memphis Minnie, Jackie DeShannon, John Lennon, Achilles, Napoleon XIV, Lesley Gore, and Johann Sebastian Bach doing on this album? --
After the ambulances go --
Somebody got lucky but it was an accident --
Fifty-four minutes inside Bob's brain --
Who is Tiny Montgomery? --
The cowboy angel rides: John Wesley Harding --
The invisible man goes to Nashville --
The amnesia --
How Dylan became Dylan, sort of --
Under the rings of Saturn --
The second coming of Bob --
Bob's wild west (village) show --
Epiphany in room 702 --
Down the road --
When I paint my masterpiece --
The enigma variations.

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