Truth vs. Falsehood How to Tell the Difference 9781401945480, 1401945066

Truth Vs. Falsehood a breakthrough in documenting a new era of human knowledge. Only in the last decade has a science of

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Truth vs. Falsehood How to Tell the Difference
 9781401945480, 1401945066

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Table of contents :
Author’s Statement

Caveat: A Note to the Reader





Section I What is Truth?

Chapter 1   Historical Perspective

Chapter 2   The Science of Truth

Chapter 3   Truth as Enigma: The Challenge and the Struggle

Chapter 4   The Evolution of Consciousness

Chapter 5   The Essential Structure of Truth

Chapter 6   Manifestation versus Causality: Creation Versus Evolution

Chapter 7   The Physiology of Truth

Chapter 8   Fact versus Fiction: Reality and Illusion

Section II Practical Applications

Chapter 9   Social Structure and Functional Truth

Chapter 10 America

Chapter 11 The Downside of Society

Chapter 12 Problematic Issues

Section III Truth and the World

Chapter 13 Truth: The Pathway to Freedom

Chapter 14 Countries and Politics

Chapter 15 Truth and War

Section IV Higher Consciousness and Truth

Chapter 16 Religion and Truth

Chapter 17 Spiritual Truth

Chapter 18 Summary and Resolution


Appendix A  Calibration of the Truth of the Chapters

Appendix B  Map of the Scale of Consciousness

Appendix C  How to Calibrate the Levels of Consciousness

Appendix D  Movies

Appendix E  Index of Calibration Tables and Illustrations

Appendix F  References

About the Author, Biographical and Autobiographical Notes

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