To Live Without Pain: The Way to Reduce, Prevent and Suppress Back & Spinal Pain

pain affect your daily life! Do you suffer from neck, back and spinal pain that impairs the way you function day to day?

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To Live Without Pain: The Way to Reduce, Prevent and Suppress Back & Spinal Pain

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  • The Way to Reduce, Prevent and Suppress Back & Spinal Pain

Table of contents :
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About the Author
How to Maximize Your Benefit From This Book?
Why Did I Write This Book?
Chapter One
Life Without Pain
“First and Foremost …….Health”!
Health, Luck or Money - What is More Important?
Have You Heard of Spinal Transplants?
Does a Lack of Back Pain Necessarily Mean That You Are Healthy?
Chapter Two
The Spine - Basic Concepts
Structure of the Spine
Curves are Not Always a Negative Thing About Spinal Curves
The Functions of the Spine
The Importance of the Pelvis
Chapter Three
The Importance of the Nervous System
Nerves - The Most Important Wiring System You Will Ever Know!
Chapter Four
Should Problems Start, Consult your Physician
Getting to the Root of the Problem: Reasons and Problems that Cause Neck, Back and Spinal Pain
What is My Spine Trying to Tell Me? Symptoms that May Occur Due to Spinal Problems
Doctor, Do I Have a Back Problem?
I Have a Back Problem, What Should I Do?
When to Seek Urgent Medical Help?
Chapter Five
Solutions Revealed
Correct Posture
The Importance of Learning Correct Posture to Prevent Spinal Impairments
Six Ways to Detect Spinal Impairments with a Posture Test
Potential Damage Due to the Incorrect Position of the Head and Neck
Possible Damages Caused by Prolonged Bending of the Middle Back
My Grandfather’s Posture at the Age of 100!
The Natural Curves of My Spine are Almost Unnoticeable. Is that Good?
Learn How to Overcome an Exaggerated Lumbar Curve
Learn How to Reduce and Even Prevent Back Pain While Standing
Learn to Work with your Body Close to Objects
Introducing – The ‘Sumo Stance’
Learn to Work with Your Body Facing Objects
Push or Pull – Which is Best?
Knee Bending as a Method to Prevent and Reduce the Risk of Back Pain
Learn to Minimize Forward Inclination of the Torso or Bending Your Torso While Standing
Learn How to Prevent or Reduce Back Pain in the Gym
Lifting and Putting Down Objects
The Correct Order of Movement to Prevent Back Damage
My Grandparents’ Pulley
Which Object Should be Picked Up First?
How to Reduce or Prevent Back Pain While Placing Your Infant in a Car?
Symmetry: Use Both Sides of the Body
Preventing Back Problems with Symmetrical Effort
Recommended Places to Sit in a Banquet Hall
The Common Mistake of Amateur Swimmers, Swimming the Front Crawl Stroke
The Negative Effects Prolonged Sitting Has on the Body
The Negative Effects Prolonged Sitting has on the Back
Learn to Reduce Your Sitting Time
Try to Sit Straight and Not Slouch
The Effect Electric Bicycles have on Backs
Use Lower Back Support to Reduce and Prevent Pain
Learn to Use Your Hands While Sitting to Avoid Back Pain
Learn How to Reduce Back Pain While Sitting on a Sofa
In Which Pocket Should you Keep your Wallet?
Learn to Minimize Lifting Objects While Sitting
How to Get Up from a Chair Without Damaging your Back?
Correct Bathroom Posture is Important
How to Behave with a Disc Problem?
Learn About One of the Main Reasons of Various Disc Problems
How to Put Shoes on and Tie Laces, Even When Suffering from a Protruding or Herniated Disc?
Recommended Seats During a Flight for Those Suffering from a Protruding or Herniated Disc
How to Get Into Bed Without Pain?
Traction or Compression? Methods for Treating Problematic Discs
Lying Down
How to Reduce and Prevent Back Pain While Lying Down?
Secrets from the Bedroom
The Effect of Obesity on Back Pain
The Effect Coughing or Sneezing Has on Pain Levels
Sporting Activities
How to Maintain Strong Back Vertebrae?
Optimal Spinal Motion Range
Learn the Importance of Abdominal Muscles
Know How to Strengthen Your Back Muscles
The Connection between Cellular Phones and Back Weakness in Children
Learn How to Strengthen Your Leg Muscles to Avoid Back Pain

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