The Vatican in World Politics [full]

The importance of this book cannot be exaggerated. Properly understood, it offers both a clue and a key to the painfully

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The Vatican in World Politics [full]

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Table of contents :
Foreword by Guy Emery Shipler
1 The Vatican in the Modem World
2 The Vatican State
3 The Vatican Power
4 Spiritual Totalitarianism of the Vatican
5 Religious Orders
6 The Vatican on World Unrest
7 Vatican Policy between the Two World Wars
8 Spain, the Catholic Church and the Civil War
9 Italy, the Vatican and Fascism
10 Germany, the Vatican and Hitler
11 The Vatican and World War II
12 Austria and the Vatican
13 Czechoslovakia and the Vatican
14 Poland and the Vatican
15 Belgium and the Vatican
16 France and the Vatican
17 Russia and the Vatican
18 The Vatican and the United States
19 The Vatican, Latin America, Japan, and China
20 Conclusion
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