The Ultimate Home Workout Plan: How To Get Ripped With Minimal Equipment At Home

Whenever you aren’t ready to do something, you’ll look for a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t do it. However, whenever

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The Ultimate Home Workout Plan: How To Get Ripped With Minimal Equipment At Home

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  • The Ultimate Home Workout Plan, How To Get Ripped With Minimal Equipment At Home

Table of contents :
Chapter 1: Keeping Fit: A Route to Sanity
What is a Home Workout Plan?
Vital Features of an Effective Home Workout Plan
Link Between Physical Health and Mental Health
Chapter 2: Doing It For Yourself
Avoiding Unnecessary Attention
Keeping Fit With the Right Motive
Staying Clear of Media Pressure
Signs You’re Working out for the Wrong Reasons
Chapter 3: Benefits of Staying Fit
Prevents Muscle Loss
Improves Digestion
Enhances Appearance
Improves Mental Performance and Work Productivity
Have A New Circle of Productive Friends
Viable Alternative to Social Media Activities
Chapter 4: The Science Behind Physical Fitness
Boosts the Immune System
Reduces Cancer Risk
Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
Decreases Chances of Diabetes
Improves Bone Health
Chapter 5: Physical Fitness and Your Sex Life
Attracting the Opposite Sex
Self-Confidence When Asking or Going For A Date
Keeping Fit and Libido
Fatigue, Mental Exhaustion, and Sex
Sex-boosting Exercises
Chapter 6: Tips on Creating a Feasible Workout Plan
Crescendo all the way: Starting with the Easiest Tasks
Typical Home Workout Plan
Chapter 7: How To Create A Diet Plan
The Link Between Physical Fitness and Feeding Habits
Typical Diet Plan
Nutrition Guidelines
Tips for Dieting Success
Chapter 8: How To Maintain Your Plan and Momentum
Be Consistent with Time and Location
Always Remind Yourself About the Benefits
Surround Yourself with the Right People
Keep A Journal of Your Progress
Share Your Results with People of Like Minds

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