The Surprising Science of Meetings

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The Surprising Science of Meetings

Table of contents :

Section I: Setting the Meeting Stage

Chapter 1 So Many Meetings and So Much Frustration
Chapter 2 Get Rid of Meetings? No, Solve Meetings through Science
Section II: Evidence-Based Strategies for Leaders

Chapter 3 The Image in the Mirror Is Likely Wrong
Chapter 4 Meet for Forty-Eight Minutes
Chapter 5 Agendas Are a Hollow Crutch
Chapter 6 The Bigger, the Badder
Chapter 7 Don’t Get Too Comfortable in That Chair
Chapter 8 Deflate Negative Energy from the Start
Chapter 9 No More Talking!
Chapter 10 The Folly of the Remote Call-in Meeting
Chapter 11 Putting It All Together
Epilogue Trying to Get Ahead of the Science—Using Science

Meeting Quality Assessment—Calculation of a Wasted Meeting Time Index
Sample Engagement Survey and 360-Degree Feedback Questions on Meetings
Good Meeting Facilitation Checklist
Huddle Implementation Checklist
Agenda Template
Guide to Taking Good Meeting Minutes and Notes
Meeting Expectations Quick Survey

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