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The state in Indian tradition

Table of contents :
I. Introduction
1. The question of the Indian state
2. The geopolitical setting
3. Our sources
II. The king and his court
1. The royal family
2. The king’s charisma
3. The king’s potency
4. The world ruler as ideal
5. Legitimacy and succession
6. Deposition
7. Security
8. Royal titles
9. The consecration of a king
10. The divinity of kings
11. Priests, ascetics, temples
12. The purohita
13. The queen
III. State administration
1. The Vedic period
2. The pre-classical period
3. The classical period
4. State bureaucracy
5. The secret services
6. The cities
IV. The armed forces
1. Heroism as duty
2. The field army
a) elephants
b) chariots
c) cavalry
d) infantry
3. Forts
V. Policy
1. Foreign affairs
2. The goals of statesmanship
a) Brahminical and Buddhists positions
b) The king as upholder of dharma
VI. A synthetic view of the development of the state in India
Select bibliography
Primary Sources
Vedic Texts
Texts on dharma and artha
Classical Sanskrit Literature
Text of Various Indian sastras
Buddhist and Jaina Texts
Epics and Purânas
Texts in Dravidian Languages
Indo-Persian Texts
Other Primary Sources
Secondary Literature
Indices Authors
Indian Terms
Topical Index

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