The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai 9780231529457, 0231122683, 0231529457

Foreword :: David Der-wei Wang; Translator's Note :: Eileen Chang; Cast of Major Characters :: Compiled by Eva Hung

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English Pages 593 pages Year 2012;2007

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The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai
 9780231529457, 0231122683, 0231529457

Table of contents :
Foreword :: David Der-wei Wang
Translator's Note :: Eileen Chang
Cast of Major Characters :: Compiled by Eva Hung
The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai
Chapter 1 :: Simplicity Zhao visits his uncle on Salt Melon Street, and Benevolence Hong makes a match at the Hall of Beauties
Chapter 2 :: A callow youth trying a pipe is just good for a laugh, and a virgin courtesan attending a party is unscathed by a gibe
Chapter 3 :: A professional name links the new girl to the belles of the family, and etiquette places a young man in the seat of honor. Chapter 4 :: Benevolence acts as comprador to help a friend, and Pearlie signals to her girl to curb her jealousyChapter 5 :: An empty slot is speedily filled by a new love, and a new arrangement is kept from an old flame
Chapter 6 :: A playful belle calls her client her son, and a phenomenal girl dominates her madam
Chapter 7 :: One girl casts a spell and lays a vicious trap, and another meets a good mate but can't escape her fate
Chapter 8 :: Second Sister retains a treasure box with dark designs, and Green Phoenix refuses a carriage ride with ready wit. Chapter 9 :: Little Rouge fells Constance with her fist, and Green Phoenix engages Prosperity in a battle of wordsChapter 10 :: A new girl is given strict instructions at her toilet, and old debts are lightly dismissed by a hanger-on
Chapter 11 :: The fire bell ringing at night causes a false alarm, and abrother-in-law on a family visit gets a warm welcome
Chapter 12 :: A peacemaker is dispatched behind the beloved's back, and trickery provides cover for an adulterous woman. Chapter 13 :: At the deflowering of Jewel, someone waits in the wings, and on the mah-jongg table, a trap is set for Crane LiChapter 14 :: A lone whoremonger meets rough company, and a gang of conspirators runs a crooked game
Chapter 15 :: Bright Pearl attends a party at Civic Peace Alley, and Pragmatic Li smokes opium at the House of Floral Rain
Chapter 16 :: A bargain for a rich patron carries hidden consequences, and a game of dominoes serves as a pastime
Chapter 17 :: Twin Pearl secretly criticizes her mother, and Benevolence Hong severely reprimands his nephew. Chapter 18 :: A lined jacket conveys Jade Tao's deep love, and an expensive banquet allays White Fragrance's wrathChapter 19 :: Deceived by love, Modesty Zhu misreads a hidden motive
plagued by illness, Water Blossom puts on a brave face
Chapter 20 :: Water Blossom, aggrieved, rages at the mirror, and JadeTao, deeply in love, shares her nightmare
Chapter 21 :: A prostitute lies about consulting the gods to find a missing article, and a henpecked husband throws a party behind his wife's back.

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