The Routledge Companion to Theatre of the Oppressed 9781138291027, 1138291021

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The Routledge Companion to Theatre of the Oppressed
 9781138291027, 1138291021

Table of contents :
Introduction. Theatre of the Oppressed and its time(s) / Kelly Howe, Julian Boal, and José Soeiro
Part I. Roots. Genealogies. New York and after: Gassner, realism, and the "method" / Frances Babbage
Teatro de Arena, Brazil, Boal: between farces and allegories / Priscila Matsunaga
Augusto Boal and the Nuestra América (our America) theatre / Douglas Estevam
Agitprop and Theatre of the Oppressed / Iná Camargo Costa
Epic theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed: Brecht and, modestly, [Boal] / Jorge Louraço Figueira
Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal: praxis, poetry, and utopia / Paolo Vittoria
Critical Frames. Theatre of the Oppressed as a dialectical game? / José Soeiro and Julian Boal
Constraints and possibilities in the flesh: the body in Theatre of the Oppressed / Kelly Howe
Contradictions of Theatre of the Oppressed / Sergio de Carvalho
Identities, otherness, and emancipation in Theatre of the Oppressed / Julian Boal and José Soeiro
Oppression. Three examples of tangled systems of oppression. Capitalism and environmental destruction / Michael Löwy
Racism, colonialism, imperialism / James McMaster
Patriarchy and Heteronormativity / Kelly Howe
From roots to branches. Games: demechanization and serious fun / An interview with Cora Fairstein, Birgit Fritz, and Roberto Mazzini
Newspaper theatre: the oldest branch of TO in the post-print present / Sabrina Speranza
Image theatre: a liberatory practice for "making thought visible" / Alexander Santiago-Jirau and S. Leigh Thompson
Invisible theatre: from origins to current uses / Rafael Villas Bôas
Forum theatre: a dramaturgy of collective questioning / an interview with Inês Barbosa, Vanesa Camarda, and Paul Dwyer
The rainbow of desire: Boal and doubt / Adrian Jackson --
Legislative theatre: can theatre reinvent politics? / José Soeiro
Aesthetics of the oppressed: self-criticism and re-foundation of Theatre of the Oppressed / Bárbara Santos
Part II. Ground shifts. Changing landscapes in late capitalism
Neoliberalism and the alternative of the common / Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval
Indignant democracy: problems of legitimization in neoliberal capitalism / Juan Carlos Monedero
Art and the wreckage / Marildo Menegat
Critical Reflections on the Early Multiplication of Theatre of the Oppressed
The difficult exile in Argentina, or the "sabbatical year" of Boal / An interview with Cecilia Thumim Boal
Dialectics of Theatre of the Oppressed During Augusto Boal’s Portuguese exile / Paulo Bio Toledo
The beginnings of Theatre of the Oppressed in France / Jean-François Martel
Theatre of the Oppressed, not theatre for the oppressed: Origins of Jana Sanskriti and evolutions of TO in India / An interview with Sanjoy Ganguly
Early conferences in the US: PTO and its roots in the academy / Douglas Paterson
Theatre of the Oppressed in Senegal: TO "proposed that we dare ourselves to dream" / An interview with Mamadou Diol
Part III. Contemporary practice
Theatre of the Oppressed in neoliberal times: From Che Guevara to the Uber driver / Julian Boal
Workshops: the modularization of TO pedagogy / An interview with Sruti Bala
Gatherings: between market pressure and "critical generosity" / An interview with Aleksandar Bančić, Ezequiel Basualdo, and Amarílis Felizes
Political organizations: La Dignidad--theatre and oolitics in movement / Escuela de Teatro Político / Schools: Theatre of the Oppressed with youth / Charles N. Adams, Jr.
NGOs (non-governmental organizations): challenges and limitations / Geo Britto
Therapy: Theatre of the Oppressed and/as therapeutic praxis
An interview with Brent Blair, Iwan Brioc, and Mady Schutzman
Community: notion and feeling, goal and strategy / A dialogue with Chen Alon, Sonja Arsham Kuftinec, and Jan Cohen-Cruz
Academia: Theatre of the Oppressed in colleges and universities / An interview with Charles N. Adams, Jr., Dani Snyder-Young, and Alessandro Tolomelli
Practices in Context
Jana Sanskriti: continuous presence, aesthetical rigor, and political and social movement / Sanjoy Ganguly
Féminisme-Enjeux: challenges and paradoxes of a feminist Theatre of the Oppressed company / Gwenaelle Ferré
Peles Negras, Máscaras Negras (Black Skins, Black Masks): Maria 28, racism, and domestic work / chullage and raquel
MSTB (Roofless Movement of Bahia): an experience of theatre and struggle / Fernanda Moscoso de Jesus Sousa, Leila Kissia D’Andreamatteo, Nivaldo Souza Ferreira, and Theo da Rocha Barreto
Forn de teatre Pa'tothom: a space for projects, training, and social struggle / Jordi Forcadas
GTO Montevideo: a theatre within a campaign / Sabrina Speranza
National Egyptian project for Theatre of the Oppressed and the Arab Network of Theatre of the Oppressed / Nora Amin
Theatre of the Oppressed NYC: radical partnerships on the ground in New York City / Katy Rubin

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