The Oxford Handbook of Roman Britain 0191002526, 9780191002526

This book provides a twenty-first century perspective on Roman Britain, combining current approaches with the wealth of

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The Oxford Handbook of Roman Britain
 0191002526, 9780191002526

Table of contents :
The Oxford Handbook of Roman Britain
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Contributors
PART I Nature of the Evidence
1. Early Studies in Roman Britain: 1610 to 1906
2. Roman Britain since Haverfield
3. Romano-​British Archaeology in the Early Twenty-First Century
4. The Development of Artefact Studies
5. The Textual and Archaeological Evidence
6. The Early Roman Horizon
7. Britain at the End of Empire
8. Britain before the Romans
9. Beyond Hadrian’s Wall
10. Mobility, Migration, and Diasporas in Roman Britain
11. Multiculturalism on Hadrian’s Wall
12. Britons on the Move: Mobility of British-​Born Emigrants in the Roman Empire
13. Britain, Gaul, and Germany: Cultural Interactions
PART II Society and the Individual
14. Inscriptions and Identity
15. Ideas of Childhood in Roman Britain: The Bioarchaeological and Material Evidence
16. The Life Course
17. Status and Burial
18. Gender in Roman Britain
19. Deviancy in Late Romano-British Burial
20. Clothing and Identity
21. Cemeteries and Funerary Practice
22. Identity and the Military Community in Roman Britain
23. Roman Military Culture
PART III Forms of Knowledge
24. Changing Materialities
25. Forms of Knowledge: Changing Technologies of Romano-​British Pottery
26. Metals and Metalworking
27. Medicine
28. Sociolinguistics
29. Art in Roman Britain
30. Names of Gods
31. Ritual Deposition
32. Christianity in Roman Britain
33. Memories of the Past in Roman Britain
PART IV Landscape and Economy
34. ‘By Small Things Revealed’: Rural Settlement and Society
35. Rural Transformation in the Urbanized Landscape
36. The Development of Towns
37. Urban Monumentality in Roman Britain
38. The Exploitation of Animals in Roman Britain
39. Arable Farming, Horticulture, and Food: Expansion, Innovation, and Diversity
40. Coinage and the Economy
41. Economy and Power in Late Roman Britain

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