The Oxford Handbook of Ecclesiology (Oxford Handbooks) 9780199645831, 0199645833

The Oxford Handbook of Ecclesiology is a unique scholarly resource for the study of the Christian Church as we find it i

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English Pages 672 [673] Year 2018

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The Oxford Handbook of Ecclesiology (Oxford Handbooks)
 9780199645831, 0199645833

Table of contents :
Half title
The Oxford Handbook of Ecclesiology
List of Contributors
1 Introduction to Ecclesiology
Part I Biblical Foundations
2 The Ecclesiology of Israel’s Scriptures
3 The Church in the Synoptic Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles
4 The Johannine Vision of the Church
5 The Shape of the Pauline Churches
6 The Church in the General Epistles
Part II Resources from the Tradition
7 Early Ecclesiology in the West
8 The Eastern Orthodox Tradition
9 Medieval Ecclesiology and the Conciliar Movement
10 The Church in the Magisterial Reformers
11 Anglican Ecclesiology
12 Roman Catholic Ecclesiology from the Council of Trent to Vatican II and Beyond
13 Baptist Concepts of the Church and their Antecedents
14 Methodism and the Church
15 Pentecostal Ecclesiologies
Part III Major Modern Ecclesiologists
16 Karl Barth
17 Yves Congar
18 Henri de Lubac
19 Karl Rahner
20 Joseph Ratzinger
21 John Zizioulas
22 Wolfhart Pannenberg
23 Rowan Williams
Part IV Contemporary Movements in Ecclesiology
24 Feminist Critiques, Visions, and Models of the Church
25 Social Science and Ideological Critiques of Ecclesiology
26 Liberation Ecclesiologies with Special Reference to Latin America
27 Asian Ecclesiologies
28 African Ecclesiologies
Index Of Names
Index Of Subjects

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