The Occult and the Third Reich: The Mystical Origins of Nazism and the Search for the Holy Grail 0025021508

First French language edition 1971, Editions Robert Laffont, S.A. Translated into English by Lewis A.M. SUMBERG. Reconst

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English Pages [338] Year 1975

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The Occult and the Third Reich: The Mystical Origins of Nazism and the Search for the Holy Grail

  • Commentary
  • Jewish Supremacist propaganda; loxism.

Table of contents :
The Occult and the Third Reich - Dustwrapper: Front
Flyleaf: Front
Flyleaf: Rear
Title Page
Printer's Imprint
Translator's Preface
PART ONE: Otto Rahn and the Crusade against the Grail
1. The Grail: Christian Relic, Pagan Relic
The Satanic Quest
The Seeker
The Grail: Myth or Reality?
The Cathar Phenomenon
2. The Grail: Neo-Pagan Relic
The Book of the Key
The Mysterious Mission
PART TWO: The Great Tradition
3. The Myth of the Beginnings
Atlantis and Hyperborea
The Theories Concerning the Creation of the World
4. The Gnosis, or Supreme Knowledge
The Questioning
Zoroaster and the Religion of Light
Manes and His School
Christianity and Gnosis
5. The Centers of Initiation
Sanctuaries of Antiquity
Asgard (“Center of the World”) and the King of the World
The Templars and the Rose-Cross
The Order of the Rose-Cross
The Signs of the Times
6. Nietsche and Superman
Nietzsche and Wagner
Man-God and Religious Freedom
Creation of the Superman
7. Wagner the Troubadour
The Master of Bayreuth and the Principal Wagnerian Themes
Wagner’s Work as a Philosophy
Hitler’s Interpretation of Wagner
8. The Secret Origins of Nazism
The Esoteric Societies: German Freemasonry and Theosophy
The Racist Groups
Birth of the National Socialist Party
9. The Hitlerian Cosmogony
False Interpretations
Materialism and Spiritualism
Man and the Universe
The Means for Moving Forward
The Final Goal
10. The Myth Realized
Symbols and Emblems
The Three Degrees of Initiation
The Orders
Rosenberg and the Myth of the Twentieth Century
The Events
11. Catharism and Hitlerism
Hitler’s Personality
The Concordances
The Metaphysical Affinities
12. Apocalypse: The Twilight of the Gods
Apocalypse and Johannite Tradition
Neo-Albigensianism or Counterfeit?
The New Tablets of the Law
Dustwrapper: Rear

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