The Lord 9781596983007, 1596983000

The only true and unedited telling of the life of Christ—his life and times, in historical context, but not lacking the

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The Lord
 9781596983007, 1596983000

Table of contents :
Part 1. The beginnings --
Origin and ancestry
The Mother
The Incarnation
The forerunner
Baptism and temptation
Scandal in Nazareth
The sick
"What was lost"
Disciples and apostles
The Beatitudes --
Part 2. Message and promise --
The fullness of justice
Sincerity in virtue
Possibility and impossibility
Seed and earth
The "Kindness of God"
The will of the Father
The enemy
The mission
Forgiveness of sins
Eternal Consciousness
Rebirth in water and in the Holy Spirit --
Part 3. The decision --
The blind and the seeing
The Son of man
The law
Jesus and the pagans
Attachment and detachment
Not peace but the sword
Those whom He loved
Bread of life
Destiny and decision --
Part 4. On the road to Jerusalem --
The Messiah
The road to Jerusalem
The transfiguration
The Church
Moses and Elias
Mystery and revelation
Justice and that which surpasses it
Unless you become as little children
Christian marriage and virginity
Possession and poverty in Christ
Belief in Christ, imitation of Christ
Christ the beginning --
Part 5. The last days --
Entry into Jerusalem
God's humility
The destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world
Behold, I come ... To do Thy will, O God
The final reunion
The footwashing
"Mysterium Fidei"
The sacerdotal prayer
The trial
Jesus' death --
Part 6. Resurrection and transfiguration --
The Resurrection
The transfigured body
Between time and eternity
God's coming and going
"I go away and I am coming to you"
In the Holy Spirit and faith and the paraclete
Lord of history
The new man
Ecclesia and the firstborn of all creatures
The eternal high priest
The Lord's return --
Part 7. Time and eternity --
The Book of Revelation
He who reigns
Throne and throning one
The Lamb
The Seven seals
The Christian sense of history
The great sign in Heaven
Victor, judge, perfecter
The Spirit and the bride --

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