The life and legacy of the Roman Empire

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The life and legacy of the Roman Empire

Table of contents :
Content: Part 1: Lecture l. The legacy of Hellenism
Lecture 2. The dawn of the Res Romana --
Lecture 3. The rise of a republic
Lecture 4. The conquest of Italy --
Lecture 5. Overwhelming the West: Rome and Carthage
Lecture 6. Swallowing the East: culture, conquest, crisis --
Lecture 7. History and destiny
Lecture 8. From republic to empire. Part 2: Lecture 9. Conquest and crisis
Lecture 10. Reality and Roman space --
Lecture 11. The inner spaces of empire and satire
Lecture 12. Identity and succession --
Lecture 13. Gold to silver
Lecture 14. Roman women and innovation --
Lecture 15. Spirit and survival
Lecture 16. The legacy of Rome.

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