The Last Book You Desire To Read

Why you should not read this book? Because this book will not help you gain knowledge about ways of living life better.

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The Last Book You Desire To Read

Table of contents :
Content :
Opening Pages …………….. .. 1
Chapter : Life …………….. .. 5
Chapter : Love …………….. .. 29
Chapter : Goal …………….. .. 50
Chapter : God …………….. .. 69
Chapter : Death …………….. .. 82
Closing Statement …………….. .. 91
Opening Pages
Chapter 1 : Life
Chapter 2 : Love
Chapter 3 : Goal
Chapter 4: God
Chapter 5 : Death
Closing Statements

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The Last Book You Desire To Read by mihir patel

Content : Opening Pages Chapter: Life Chapter: Love Chapter: Goal Chapter: God Chapter: Death Closing Statement

…………….... 1 …………….... 5 …………….... 29 …………….... 50 …………….... 69 …………….... 82 …………….... 91

Opening Pages From the beginning I’ll be honest - this is the book that I thought of writing when I was around 10 years old, and I did write but this is not that book. I’m going to be naked with my thoughts that keeps running in my head. People who know me will be surprised with it, everyone will definitely hate it but at the end you will have to accept the fact that this is the truth. And similar to what everyone would write in this section, I dedicate this book to my dear family, friends and cinema. In this book I will focus on, one the finest creatures made by God, Human. But, is it so? Are they finest? Have we done justice to the soul we have been granted by the so called God? I don’t know. Let’s find out together. The major disclaimer before reading this book is that I WILL NOT tell you how to behave? How to become the best creature? What is life? What is love? 1

And blah blah…. All the questions that you have is already within you. That’s why I call this book “The Last Book You Desire To Read”. And surely after reading this you will not pick a single book on human psychology or in general about life lessons. There is a wide difference between those people who push ways of living life happily and the one who just follows what others say. We, the people (including me), have been listening from past several centuries that to live happily we have to connect with people, keep learning new things, take a positive approach, do things for others and goals to look forward to. But some people cannot do this and I know that feeling, trust me. Even the people who know all these stuff aren’t happy, so please cut the crap out and read this one book. But remember that, I don’t intend to put my thoughts in your mind. And I know that I’m right, that’s why I am writing this book. But my whole motive is to clear you mind, and I guarantee that you will not remember a shit from this book after reading. But you will know 2

what to do, and that is what you need right now. I’m confident about my words, so lets say that after reading this book you will definitely find yourself one way or another. It may take time, but surely you will. And if you don’t, then as I have always said “Everything that happens in life is meant to keep the balance”, so just keep moving. Also one last thing you need to know is, believe it or not but as I always say that “Everything is interconnected”. Even the ant that is on your floor, person who you just saw passing through, this WORD you just read, I mean everything, EVERYTHING is interconnected and is there to serve purpose to your life. So be kind and love everyone. LOVE EVERYONE. Everything that is mentioned in this book, is something you already know. And book will be short, as my whole motive is to get you off the seat and work. It’s solely up-to you to read. Because in book I’ll mention somewhere that do not provide advices to other person, and I’m the one making fool of myself by writing this book. So let’s 3

begin the journey to explore what’s inside you, and how to dive and reach beyond the sky. Also I’ll ask you this one thing - if you get bored while reading it, as I said you can leave it. Because it’s tough to mention everything at once and that too in short. You’ll get what you want somewhere in the book, if you don’t mail me. And I know after reading this book no one will even try to become better version of theirselves, because their, ego will thrive in between. Last but not least, I know that some of the frequent readers will be in search of some promise that a book makes. But you should not forget that this maybe last book that you desire to read.


Chapter 1: Life What is life? How the hell do I know? Just kidding. But seriously, I don’t know. It’s your life and you know your life better than anyone else. The first step to understanding life is to spend time with yourself, and believe that everyone around you is just there to keep the balance. I’m not here to guide you to change your life towards a better future. No. No. No. No. You have to be your own mentor. Let’s do this one exercise Put the book aside. If you are in a room alone, great. If not, go sit somewhere alone for ONE HOUR. Doing absolutely nothing. I mean nothing, just sit alone. No music, book, TV, mobile, people, work…. Everything that you normally do. Stop it. Done. Okay, I know that some of you know all this crap. But I’m going to 5

write this whole book and will not ask you for anything rather than a few bucks. I’ll ask you these two things to do daily / weekly, and as the time will pass you will know that you found all the meanings that you were in search of. Life. Love. Goal. God. Death. So, the second thing I will request you to do is to meditate. Just for just 20 minutes. Anywhere you want and however you want. Just do it. Of course, you will hate all this because all the people in the world are saying to read books, change attitude, watch inspirational videos, take a walk with a mentor, but the truth is everything you desire is within you, but we are dumb creatures created by God. We don’t want growth rather what we want is to follow some leader and his life. All the books that you read nowadays are the ones that are either based on someone's thoughts, success or life. In one way or another, after so-called God gave you soul in this human form, you begin to understand the world around you and adapt it as per your conscious mind allowed you to do so. 6

Ru Paul, American drag queen says that “you’re born naked and everything else is drag”. Meaning - you are what you have constructed around yourself, which doesn’t matter. It's all what is inside you, and you have to bring it out and then and only then you have lived your life. I just told you that you shouldn’t follow someone, but in contrast, I just quote a person. Sorry about that. Or am I? No, I am not. Because I do accept that you should not follow them, but rather you should just listen to them. Everyone should be confused by what other’s say, everyone should raise the question, and everyone should be whoever they want to be. I’m not saying to you to read my book, you bought it. Complete it as soon as possible, because you want to do something else or maybe you want to begin the next book - but the real reason is that you want to feel that you spend your money on some good thing. So after reading up-to this paragraph, you are free to go. Live your life as you were living, or you can complete the book and 7

understand all the falsified statements on which your life is stuck. Enough said. Now let me get back to what you need to understand is that life is what you create and not the things adapted from surroundings. People make noise, and your soul needs quietude to make the sound of its own which you will only hear if you want. Only if you want to experience it. I have heard that the thing you understand evolves knowledge once you start dictating it to others. So what I am sharing is knowledge, because once I understood it. But if you share all this crap to someone else, that becomes knowledge to you too. So either keep it to yourself or spread it and be free of all the constraints that death bounds you from. Meaning - you don’t need to tell others how to live life, let them figure out the meaning by themselves. Sure, I believe that you can save someone from suiciding, by just giving a small talk. But we all know that talks is just something that stays just for a while. Only the thing that our inner 8

self accepts is what we see, how we see it and understand it. And what lasts is the inspiration we take. Communication is one of the important aspect of human existence. We need to do it right. Yes I cannot, that’s why this book is boring. But please keep up with me as this is my first book and it will get better. And some kind person once said that if you are right with your perspective than the communication doesn’t matter, but the effectiveness behind it matters. How good are you in the communicating process? Ask this to yourself, and if you are not good than there are various books and courses to get better at it. And my each paragraph of this book may be about different topics as book will be short. Let me tell you this one quick story of myself Okay. I’ll not. Because it will create some other sense of understanding in your mind. As I said its all confusion that leads your mind to a complete state of awareness of everything 9

around you. Thinking about all the perspectives, being in love with everyone and inviting death at any time. So you will not believe any of my words, because from the beginning itself you have trained your mind in whatsoever form it is right now. And the trees whose roots are rotten, cannot grow. But what if I tell a secret about the human mind. You don’t have to fall for it, either take it or leave it. Just like all the changes that life hits on us, and we have to decide the way. Roy Bennet’s famous quote is “Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular”. Meaning - you have to listen to your inner self or so-called your instincts rather than instinctive actions or copying the popular. To summarize everything that I wrote in a few lines, I will just say that Life is what you create and how you see it. From ages, there is no general definition of life, death or love. And it will never be defined. Because it is something that is within every individual that has been gifted with this beautiful soul. 10

There are many books that show you the way of living life better, well you should read it. Everyone who already read knows that the books are mostly true and you can connect to it. You know why? Because it’s all vague what is written. Either people are in some serious problem or they are stuck in life. So they read it. But I don’t want to repeat it. Whatever I wrote or I’ll write further is just something that no one will remember. Only because it is all confusing. It is all just to mess around with your mind. I’m not some public speaker who barks or saint who meditated in the mountain for ages and then returned to the modern world for changing lives. No way. I’m here to convey that you know life, don’t ask someone else how to live it? Let me tell you this secret at the beginning of the book itself. Pick up any great personality you know. Let’s go a little further. You can even pick a God you believe in. Now that you have picked someone, just go over his/her life. You will either find that they have to spend a lot of time being alone if you 11

don’t then people tore it down. Seriously, that is the only key to all the mysteries that life is holding onto. Definitely, they spent a lot of time meditating. Didn’t they? This is really simple, for the time being, round about 8-12 years you need to spend time with yourself. If you don’t then life will be fucked, but no worries, one way or another you will find the way. I did my job telling you the secret. Spend time with yourself, then when you are done finding the answers you can easily make into the world. Socializing, caring, sex, money, all the materialistic things you desire will unfold within you, like tide of the ocean. So you can leave this book on the floor, table or maybe if you are using e-book - just close it. Go ahead and find yourself. Now let’s dive further, let me ask you “Do you love your life?”, I think you will say Yes. But on what basis. How do you know it? I know. Because you can spend time alone, rather than with people. If you answered as No, then 12

start spending time with yourself rather than being in state of heartbreak. Dōgen, a Japanese Buddhist priest, wrote in his book that "Meditation is not a way to enlightenment, Nor is it a method of achieving anything at all. It is peace itself. It is the actualization of wisdom, The ultimate truth of the oneness of all things." So to truly explore the hidden truth about life, about everything that you seek is within you. I have found it, many people on earth have, so can you. Some religions just want you to mediate while murmuring God’s name, and I am not against it. As it’s just for the sake of focusing. But you know what really distracts is the fact that even when you have meditated before, we couldn’t really believe that what is inside us.  For me truth is objective. But we made it subjective by repeating things, whether its politics, culture, society or religion. Truth constantly changes and that’s the fact. People have to pay attention. They have to be aware. But the most factual thing is that they have 13

to empty their mind from the knowledge that is already written. Well science is powerful nowadays, and you know what you can believe in it. Because there are thousands of hours spent on each concept. But the assumptions they make are not always true. Though the facts are objective truth. They can prove it, and we cannot argue. If we do, then we have to prove it. This is an excerpt from the book Art of Dying - “Acid and drugs have always lured man. It is nothing new. It is as old as man himself. In the  Vedas, they used to have  soma. In India they have continued to use drugs down the centuries: charas, bidi, ganja and opium; they have tried everything. Now the madness is spreading all over the world. Now people are trying to find a shortcut - a very easy and cheap thing - that you can possess, that you can just swallow. Samadhi cannot be swallowed. And godliness is not a chemical phenomenon; you have to earn it, only then can you have it.” Meaning - This thing is not addicted to you, you are 14

addicted to it. You think this all will help you focus! All this will help you to find yourself and be cool! Ha. No way. There are millions of articles that will prove you wrong. Even though if you want to continue, who am I to stop? Go ahead. Die sooner or later, as everything that is happening is meant to keep the balance. Little biology lesson for you, again its take it or leave it. If you sleep only four hours out of twenty-four hours gifted to you, you can stay more focused than ever before. There are many facts about this, which you can find out by yourself. Okay, I am not a doctor nor some kind of medical researcher, so this is all that is either deducted by the anatomy of the human body. On a similar note, I want you to remind you that - all the humans, animals, trees,.... every living thing on this earth has 24 hours per day. Okay that was fact, right? If you agree, then why can’t you become Newton, Einstein, Galileo, Aristotle, Darwin, Jobs, Gates, Shakespeare, Edison, Graham Bell, Kennedy, Ford, Euler, Stalin, Plank, 15

Calvin, Rutherford, Heisenberg, and all the great legends that lived. They too had the same hours per day, didn’t they? So explore the life, you will get all the answers you need. Getting back to biology, your body is your own. Right? You don’t owe it to someone. Mother. Yes. I know. So, why not to take care of your physical body first that has been gifted to you. Only and only then you will be able to maintain the authenticity of the soul. Meaning - if you don’t live healthy, nothing matters. Next, there is this one rumour around the world that there are certain things that must be consumed to focus, but we all know that we get addicted to it. And addiction to anything or maybe possessiveness to anything leads to nothing good. So if you are, it’s now better time to stop it. I mean, it is your life. Do whatever the hell you want. Everything around me that I see is all just to keep the balance in the world and my life, so who am I to ask you to change. People have been keeping you in darkness for several years, but I don’t want to do the same 16

thing. I don’t want you to be different. I don’t want you to be special. Be ordinary. Because everyone in this modern world wants to be extraordinary, everyone wants to be successful. But you know what, life is uncertain. And if everything starts happening as you expect, as you think then there’s no need to live such life. So, surprises are what is everyone should be ready for. Huh. Next big thing is that people find a lesson from social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram pages. You know what it's all forwarded. Meaning - If you try to follow such quotes or even take a glance at them, you will know that it is related to your life. Its fact, I have been through it and you are still going through it. Its simple, an Individual follows another individual, who follows some other individual. This makes no sense. But, makes a chain whose root cannot be found. I’m just saying that why not to forget what others say about life. It 17

doesn’t matter what they have previously experienced. You know why, because God has given a soul to you who already know how to take action. So let it be. Experience everything. Don’t believe. Keep trust. Care and share. You will understand life deeply. Another point that I wanna touch was, about caring and sharing. People have always been telling that caring makes you weak. I do agree with that. But not completely. Again I’m confusing you. I know. Please read to the contradictory statement. You must care for those, who love you and the ones you love. And again I’ll talk about this thing in the next chapter, that you should not love the way as all theories in modern time suggests. All the books, articles, people you admire, you see, everyone is wrong. Because your love is not based on socalled defined terms by those unknown. There’s only one way to make the world a better place, LOVE. Loving your life, the first and foremost step. Then comes your parents and friends. I’ll not dive deeper now, but the through-line that I 18

want you to feel is that - Care about everyone, share all the feelings - do not repress. People who know me will hate this, only because I never shared. And when I did, everything went wrong. So again it’s confusing. But whatever happens with me, will not be the same for you. Maybe you have better people around you, then I had. To be alone is really tough. I know the exact feeling. You want to cry like hell, and for once you do. Life hits you hard. Now it’s time to feel the reality that is passing through. So what you think of is - suicide. That’s a great option. Or is it? See everything in this world happens for a reason, and is meant to keep the balance. Listen to me you young or old, whosoever is reading this - Life is a leaf. If you cut it off, it will dry. If you feed water, it will grow. And I know you don’t see any path right now, where the growth is possible. So let me give you this better option. What you can do is change the soil in which the roots are currently growing. This is the one and the only path I see, God suggests and you should 19

trust. Death is an option, but let it come naturally. You cannot take it willingly. Thomas Monson, an American religious leader said that “Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the tree”. I’ll not explain since you get it. Now that I’m quoting other people, let me tell you this - I really got inspired by all the leaders in the world. So, now obviously why will you listen to me. Because on one side, I say that I don’t follow others while on the other side I just confessed that I did follow others. Read it again. I did follow. I did. Did. So it was past. And with time, I felt that it is an absolute waste of your ability. So I am asking you to not repeat it, just go with your instincts. Live life. Feel it. Enjoy every moment. Don’t rely on some other person’s thoughts. Take your actions by yourself. Do not involve some third person in your timeline. Now that you have reached this page, you will find a distinction between other authors and me. Well, that’s great if you did. I don’t tend to 20

write scenarios and explain the moral of it. No. You know why? No, you don’t and the funny thing is I even don’t. So let's dive furthermore. Life, as I said has no definition. It will never have one. So better not to find it. Just feel it, as I always say. Theories are all wrong. Its what is beyond it. If you try to understand the origin of a beautiful sunflower. You will never able to make it. Even if science does it. One will miss the opportunity to see what is beyond it until one can feel it. Just to simplify things between us, let me tell you that I don’t trust science. But the good thing about science is that its true, whether you believe in it or not. And, I believe in it. There’s a vast difference. People believe in each other, rather they should trust. But they don’t. Because trusting is really hard in the modern era. That’s why this must be the last book you should read, and begin the chain of trust by trusting me first. Start living your life. Again and again, I’ll remind you that it’s your life, I’m just here to tell you that dive in and find it by 21

yourself. All the meanings that you seek outside in this world are in fact inside you, if you actually find it - then consider yourself lucky. Because very few can, and if I’m that lucky and everyone in the world reads this book and succeeds in finding the meaning of life - then I’ve done my job. I actually want to tell you more about what I observed around the world, but again this is just a book and I’ll tell you more in my upcoming books. There is a deeper meaning to life, and I really suggest you find it. Because it will not only help you to live life happily, rather it will provide you motive to move on. If you are stuck at something, sometimes you repeat the same thing. It’s natural. But not good. So simple solution to that is to ask yourself, whether it matters or its just a better option to remain dumb. Huh. There I said it. Everyone is making fool of themselves nowadays. Even me. Let's take this one scenario, consider Gary is someone who sees the world with a 22

different view. Well everyone does. So what he believes is that Freddy is dumb. And in contrast, Freddy feels the same way about him. Still, they have to be with each other. This doesn’t make any sense, right? Nor does life. So my suggestion is that, please don’t make fool of yourself, by considering other people fool. Even if they are, I challenge you to look at yourself. Life as we see it is not how it is. Meaning - do not make a label for anything. If you do, there is no way that you will able to feel it. You get me. But understanding doesn’t last, the feeling does. If you feel a flower in the way God intended, you can see limitless possibilities to this universe in it. And everything that is around you, living or non-living - you have to love it. You have to be kind to it. Without love, there is no life, even though we don’t know the definitions. Whosoever gave the name “Life” to this beautiful life, must be a great person. Let’s say, Adam. He didn’t know what flower he is holding, Lily? Sunflower? Rose? Because at the moment naming wasn’t 23

done. So just imagine - how intense would it be? Adam holding a woman. He didn’t know that there may be someone else with such different characteristics and one can be attracted to others in a sexual manner. This might have been such a beautiful moment. It's about constantly searching the inner self. Everything will make sense once you do that. If you hate someone, then it is worse. Because love is on what this world depends, and dark truth is that - love is the reason for war. But again the world is like that, the input we can provide is that we can be the best version of ourselves. But you know what stops us? Yes everyone has this little enemy inside them. Some people don’t consider it an enemy. They feed it, which then takes over all the conscious part. Yes, it is called “Ego”. And it’s not like the only man has it, woman does too but in less proportion. They mostly lose it after pregnancy. The fight we need to win is against this so-called powerful Ego. Its what makes us think that two entities are separate from each-other, Meaning - you are 24

below me and I am superior. Well just remember the world is one, everyone on this planet is one in-separable existence. So fight against your ego every moment, just let go of everything and you will win. Try it. I forgot to take your perspective on this scenario, let me introduce “Machnamh Effect”, this is the name given by me which means a reflection of your own. Let's understand it. Consider Adam who is realistic, friendly, flexible and on the other end is Jeff who is unpredictable, loyal, sensitive. Both of them can be together but how long, as long as they want to be. But if someone with some qualities of Jeff shows up, let's call him Richard. Then Adam and Richard cannot bare each other for long. This is the world that we live in. In simple words - two people who want to be together cannot be. The reasons are many, but the solution is only one Love. Adam loves Richard but Jeff is jealous. Richard wants to be with Jeff but his love for Adam doesn’t let him pursue that. This goes on with all the relations we see and it will 25

remain so till the Sun blasts off out and Earth vanishes. Let me tell you this one anecdote quickly, it's just made up thing by me. So when I say no one is going to wake you up, I mean it. Just consider a real-life example. The more you depend on someone to wake you up in the morning, you stick to it. What if he/she goes? Your sleep or daily routine may ruin. But if you help yourself, if you train your mind to wake up on time, then there are none excuses. So when I say this to you and I mean it, this is all dirty philosophy which doesn’t matter so you have to be brave enough to conquer your mind and step up to become your inner true self. Time is most important thing in life. Just put the wallpaper wherever you want - TIME IS MOST IMPORTANT. There is nothing above it, not even nature. So be careful towards it. Use it properly. As science mentions, you don’t know but the time is saying that it is getting off the track. Meaning every second the earth is getting slower. Meaning - you 26

don’t have to think about it. I just want to let you know that you have to take care of yourself and change the way you are spending you time on unnecessary aspects of life. Life is beautiful, you must love it. Don’t give up on it. Enjoy every moment. Don’t try to copy others. Never follow someone else’s life. You are gifted with life, take care of your soul. Stay away from sadness, by being joyful. Be kind. Find yourself. Meditate. Love everyone and everything. Keep distance from people. An empty mind is beautiful. Understanding kills feelings. Knowledge is powerful, but the universe is beyond that. Just messing around, you don’t want to follow any listed part. Just meditate for 20 minutes every day and spend one hour with yourself, once a week. My chapter based on each worth discussing topic will be very short, as this may be the last book you read. Just bragging, go ahead and read another’s work. Reading other’s work will not only inspire you to find the goal for 27

your life, but it will help you to dive within and find yourself. So keep reading the book, watching films and socializing. Just remember that you are no one after you are introduced to the world after coming out of your mother’s womb. Now turn the page.


Chapter 2: Love If you would have asked me 50 years ago, what is love? I would not be able to answer, because as I said everything in life is not defined. And I wasn’t even born. If you listen to others, if you read articles about love, life, death or in this case any topic - it's all just what your mind assumes thorough-out your life. You know why, because you didn’t really have any experience, you are just getting along with the ideas and concept of others. I am not saying that all that is wrong, everything that someone shares is their experience. And, that’s extremely great. But, you cannot stick to that. Love cannot be defined, because if we do then nothing would make sense. Everything is just absurd. Consider this, you watch a romantic film where there is this representation of love as obsession for a girl. So your mind starts thinking about all the women you met, or current girlfriend 29

you have. How is your relation with her comparing to this film? If you say that your mind doesn’t compare, then either the filmmaker didn’t work hard to connect with an audience or maybe you are really great. Great in the sense, you know that just comparing your life to another person’s vision is vague. Though cinema is in higher demand today, because people connect to their own shit and they agree to whatever is shown. People love what they don’t understand, at the end. World says that it’s hard to accept the things you don’t like. But once you do that, you accept it, you love it, you embrace that in your life - you will be happy. I’m just saying this because sooner or later you will experience it. Love is nothing without sex? No. For me, personally, Friendship is a relation which represents the authentic love that god intended. Other than that, all the relations that you observe around is fake. Marriage, parents, relatives, son or daughter, I mean pick up anyone you love - if you are not friends with him/her, then you 30

are just person hanging around. Friendship is relations beyond limit, expectations, hate, love, gratitude, ego, emotions, everything that you feel. You know why? Because two people are such deeply connected, people will call it love. Well, it is. But for me, it’s probably more than that. Theories and knowledge are what stops people from gaining onmost states of mind. All the rubbish thoughts, overthinking, cunning concepts are just lies. People should trust inner self. If one believes all the truths that world injects into his mind, then one loses a life. In search of truth you should dive in. A world that we know is just part of your life, so if you find it outside then go for it. But book an appointment with yourself first. I have friends. Best friends. Close ones. Everyone should have, because there is this quote from Frank Capra’s film from 19th century called It’s a Wonderful Life - “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends”. And it’s true. But again, this is the real world. And I’m 31

talking about something that people are bound with - expectations. Ego and Selfishness are the center of all the problems in this world. Hate is simply an output all of this. War is the end. But, friendship is the beginning. Sex is love. I wrote before that everything you see is to be treated with love. Simply, because it’s beautiful. Even a cow dung is beautiful. People who say that life isn’t beautiful, just get away from them. No. Love them. They are unhappy with their life, because they are not being loved as they want. The world is full of mysterious aspects, so LOVE EVERYTHING. Don’t try to understand it. Feel everything that you desire. You will fall in love with all being and that’s life. Falling in love with yourself is the initial step you should take. Let me get back to sex. I’ll talk about it in less detail in Chapter 4. Sex is beautiful. The intercourse between two human entities is God’s most beautiful creation ever, I would say. Even animals have sex, all the living things are into reproduction. But 32

humans are gifted with sex in such a beautiful way. It is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words, if done right. But we humans have always dealt with it in cunning ways. It’s just for fun, pleasure, and what not. People have been talking about it like it is just for enjoyment. 30 minutes or maybe one hour of pleasure that you will get from intercourse is not what God intended. Though there is nothing wrong. Continue. But you know what, we can have real Superman or Superhuman who is maybe God himself. But for that there must be sex between two souls that lurks in the depth for specific hours at a designated time with pure love. Do not misinterpret between attraction to girls with love, or sex with love; maybe it’s just sort of sexual chemicals fighting to get in bed. Love isn’t that. Sex isn’t that. People have always mistaken it, suppressed it somewhere. There are still few countries that don’t want their kids to know about this beautiful phenomenon. But at the end, that kid becomes obsessed with it. Cannot think of 33

anything else, other than that. People don’t want to feel it, they do research on all this gifted phenomena by God. I can write a whole book on it, but I will not. Let me get back to the core, Love. If you love someone, let them go. Not today, then tomorrow - you’ll lose them. If the person you fall in love with, doesn’t love you back. Let them go. If he/she is meant for you, then they will come back. If they don’t, what do you have to lose? Love Everyone, you’ll never lose anything. Try it, and let me know by mail. If you are obsessed with someone, then be ready to disappoint. Even if you are obsessed with God, you will be disappointed. First of all, find the meaning of love by yourself. Don’t look anywhere in the history. Because the love history taught us, cause all the wars. So beware of it. And if we talk about Modern love, then well I’ll stop writing my book here. Everyone in the modern world is just pretending. Just being someone else at every other moment, doesn’t allow 34

you to mislead others life. Meaning people as we observe are not what they are. People think that they are smart enough to fool others, but they are fooling themselves. They pretend to be A to Z, while they become B around you. Everyone is misleading their own character. I am no one to judge it. Though I will not let you feel sorry about it. So let's do this one exercise, Meditate. As I said, I will not ask you to do anything other than meditating and spending time with yourself. So, to feel love, understand life go ahead and meditate. Not in the mountains. That’s what fools do. I’m not pointing at Shiva. Considering after Shiva, all the humans who followed lord and meditated in the mountains or chanted mantra’s for who knows how many hours has never asked for good. Because they were never pure, and they will never be. Stories we hear, and the heroes we know worshipped to God. Other than that, all the ways of prayers are fake. I’ll talk about God in Chapter 4. Remember what Jesus said “In my kingdom of God, only those who are 35

like small children will be welcomed.” Meaning - In the heaven, only those are welcome who remains pure till the death. Love helps to remain clean. Jesus said, “Like small children”, it means after all the struggle in your life and facing this cruel world - whosoever fights it and at the end remains like a child, is the one who will be allowed to enter God’s kingdom. People want to be mature, but they don’t have to define it for others. Because in reality, maturity is a poison. Remember, all the desires of this world are materialistic and will not last forever. But your work will, your love towards someone will, your life would be remembered, anything that is not outside can and shall be remembered. All the stuff that I wrote is just one big illusion till you experience it by yourself. To be even more controversial, I will say that all the books and everything that you read about life is just related to yours? You know why? Because people around you adapts to it immediately. Because that 36

is the easiest way to live. No one wants to go the right way, the hard way. Have you asked this question, Why does the world has most of songs based on love or heartbreaks? Because it’s really on what the world is fictionally based on. On one side, people want to grow. But they don’t want to live up-to it. So entertainment industry brings them down by producing more and more such stuff that affects your conscious mind negatively. Everyone loves music, even I do. It’s amazing. Without symphony nothing would exist. Initially, when I thought of writing this book, my idea was to provide you anecdotes by mentioning films that I really rely on and you should too. But as I told you, people get stuck to that one thing mentioned in the book, and I DON’T WANT THAT. Please don’t do that. Make your own mark. Love has been simply defined by many people as - it is the art of giving. And I totally support the fact. If you cannot give, you are nobody. People madly fall in love 37

and I support that too, but till what extent? Ask yourself? I’m not going to provide any solution. Just meditate, spend time with yourself. You will get all the answers. You will find truth. And the truth is that, whatever you’re doing or have done is wrong. You could do it better. But we cannot go in the past, so change the present. The future will be taken care of. Again and again, You and only you know all the meaning about this mysterious life of your’s. Though we call all of this as knowledge. But it isn’t. Knowledge is limited. Feelings and Understanding are deeper and vast. Labeling something doesn’t make it cool. We call beautiful part of nature that possesses whorls of often colourful petals or sepals as a Flower. But why? Because we can categorize it. Okay. But to dive deeper, it’s better to feel it. Even understanding nature has never been an option. God has created such a beautiful world. Love and feel everything, even negative aspects of it. Because God is not a fool. Why would he create charming lion who eats beautiful rabbits? Because it is meant 38

to keep the balance. So not now, but in future, even if the aliens come; I’m just saying. Consider it as some sign. This book was written while I was facing pandemic. Though the world is under global threat, people are scared, government is stunning, but the truth is this hard time will pass too. God’s message is to stay home for a while, because the earth is under renovation. Some people will understand it, and now onwards live differently. While some people will remain the same, and I’m fine with it. You know why, so I’m not going to repeat it. Loving that superpower, or so called God is the most important thing you can do. Trusting the true power will never let your life put under crisis. Even if something goes wrong, consider it as a message. A sign. Positive note that has potential to change your life. Because after everything passes, you have to learn to love everything. Call it Faith. But it's what keeps the positive vibe alive. Keep trusting everyone, even if they break you. The world needs more people like Gandhi, not Hitler. 39

Though Hitler was a great man, as everyone is; it’s just they need to work on themselves. This was all just in general, now let me tell you this - Marriage is a made-up relation which just abides connection and stops two soul form exploring love. It’s necessary to live in the society so everyone from past years are following this so called celebration. And I’m not against it. Do it. But why to bind love with legal system. Though it is required for your data, blah blah to track... I can understand, but again - the system has rotten the minds of people and it will be so. Love builds relation that is beyond everything, but the narrow minded people just don’t get it. They want premature sex, babies, someone to share feelings too, someone to be with them forever... And so on. I’m repeating it again that everything that is already built, I’m not against it. Let it be. Just don’t sell love. I’m not going to give you lecture on Love, because it’s an immense experience that you should be experiencing by yourself. Just don’t 40

listen to others that love is blah, blah, listen to your heart. Even I thought that when two people who complete each other, are perfect for love. Maybe that’s true of some Soulmates or should I call couple? Let's call it a couple. Couples don’t need a specific reason to be with each other. They just feel something that is out of this world, no one can understand it. Remember the feeling cannot be understood, so please cut the crap and leave people to experience it by themselves. Okay, let me say this, all the things I mentioned, please do not take it into consideration. It is just all random thoughts. You have to find your own path, your true self. If you want to follow someone, just parents and friends are enough. Look around and study them, you will get what a life looks like. But don’t be that. Meditate and spend time with yourself, and there you go. And if you think that someone doesn’t love you than just give one more shot, you will find out that you don’t love yourself. So the moral is to 41

love yourself first, then look for some other love partner. There are ways to be attractive man, but that doesn’t matter if you love yourself. If you think that people don’t like you, you are alone; then be ready to be ugly. The more needy you become the uglier you will be, people should not run like hell behind each other. Love is beautiful but a people’s perspective on it converted it to this narcissistic way of living at the end. Okay, let me omit this one more thing, you will never get the woman/man you want, and if you get it you will never be satisfied by it. You know why? Not because you are not good, you are. Its just that you need more from her/him, you will never be non-needy. Because you want him/her to love you, to like you. But it won’t happen in this reality, so cut the crap. Again Love yourself and Love everyone, this is the only way the world will become a joyful place. Else world may remain as it is, or will get worse. Other harsh words from my side will be about women. They are avatar of God. 42

They are the ones who go through pain that no man can ever imagine. That’s why they seem happy. But man takes it wrongly and consider themselves better. Well, I’m male, but I’ll say this openly that I’m not above the integrity of any female. Man has been using women in many negative ways from the past several years, and to prove that wrong there is no other way than the women rising by themselves. Women are the true creative creation of God, I’m not saying that men are not. Well, I know that if someone is under the impression that why not to gain the knowledge, as it helps in improving behaviour. And again, I don’t disagree. Because this book is not about me, it’s about you. And how to be better. So if you have never been with a pregnant woman and how to interact with her, you don’t need someone who tells you how to do it before you meet her. Just tell her the truth, it will be better understanding. Rather than gaining that knowledge which maybe is based on someone else’s understanding or experience. And love deals with the 43

same thing. It will be worse if you listen to others, just feel it by yourself. Don’t try to gain knowledge about such things. Life, Love, Death, God is something that cannot be explained. So the religions, people who are talking about it, just get over it. It’s all what they have experienced from their life. And you feel that it is exactly same as yours? No. It’s not. Your relationship can get any other output, your business can be on top, you can reach millions of people with your age - but you know what? The world has bound you with limits. And look at the people who doesn’t believe in such bullshit. Again, I’m not saying that you should read and follow my words. Please don’t. Remain as you are. It will help God to balance the world. Love everyone and everything that is what I’m suggesting. And again heartbreaks are what you will bump into, because it is life. Pain will be there. You cannot get rid of it. It is what make us humans, we don’t want to be rocks. 44

Caring is what we can do. Even animals do. People are losing this fact. They just want to see each other suffering, and this act of humans will kill the so called humanity. You’ll say that I’m attacking the people’s work which took years to build. And I am, what are you gonna do? Put me behind the bars? Do it. Enlightenment is what every religious people want at the end of their meditation. This happened a lot of time with lots of people, mostly in India. But what about now? I bet no one can do it. Because it’s a world that is dealing with problems that cannot be solved by god himself. It’s simple. You have to do it. He is not going to help you out in any ways. If you go to a holy place and ask him to help you, just forget. Trust yourself, your inner self - and that is what works. Your inner consciousness reminds you that there is a solution which you cannot see, but will act it out by itself. You know why? Because everything is interconnected, and everything somehow works out in the end of the day. And even if it doesn’t, what are you going to lose. Nothing. 45

Jealousy. Another important behaviour of life. I forgot to tell you that, all the behaviour that comes out of you is just part of the energy that wants to reach out. Your body has abundant energy inside, it’s just that you need to use it in the proper direction. You are the universe, if you don’t know that. You are the part of this bigger picture and remember that there is more to life than just ignorance. In loving someone, no doubt, jealousy is the reason where mostly the heartbreak happens, fight occurs. And I just want to convey that if your partner loves someone else, then you should not feel jealous. And you have no right to control someone’s feeling. Yes, even after marriage. You just cannot do that. In normal world the jealousy is found under other material things too, well that’s not my concern. Just ask yourself, look at your current situation and you will get the answer. Hate. The definition simply says that it’s opposite of love. Well, I defer my perspective on it. Because without deeply hating someone, you cannot love that someone. Kindly remember 46

these words, I know it may be the only thing that you will not agree in this book. And I will be happy to hear that, because I am not injecting this all concepts into your mind. Your love might be different, and it is. But some basic will remain the same, and hate is the basis of love. Hating someone is not good, and you shouldn’t. But if you love someone you have to hate them too, but as the time goes you will accept the fact that they are going to be with you and as I said you cannot control someone’s feeling or emotions; so you might consider leaving them instead. Explore and you will feel that true relation lies here. For instance, let me confess that the concept of friendship is something that I never understood. And when I met real friends that stood with me, I gotta say that friendship is the love that everyone wants from any relation you desire. Just bare with me, consider that you are not friends with your parents. How deep that relation might be? Not deep enough and you will never be happy with that person, though they 47

are god. So my request to you is only to keep your parents close enough, that’s it. And for any other relations that you seek, either your siblings, friends, relatives or maybe some stranger the friendship is what you need to keep the bond tight. And you know why I never understood friendship? Because I feel it, understanding is primitive and doesn’t last long. Emotions. Another internal feeling that pops out anywhere. To channelize emotions is the toughest part of your life, especially when you are young. And the world will always laugh at it, ignore it, no matter what you do. Just breathe. Emotions can’t be controlled sometimes, and that’s alright. For you there may be some other definition of love, and that doesn’t give you the right to stop someone else from loving you. And in this modern world, you have to accept that fact and perform the marriage ceremony. So love is very simple, but people make it complex. And people 48

prefer to move on, which is upon you. Because it solely depends on your measurement of love. And as we all know that we will always choose the road that we are comfortable with, as we want safe result. But we don’t get it. Do we? Love is beautiful. Just respect it.


Chapter 3: Goal Goals. Aims. Dreams. Whatever the world injects into you, is not what you want. People having been running for money most of the times, because the world depends on it. Without money nothing would be stable. Wait, this are all just made up things. God never intended this, but as usual people did it anyway. The world can still go on while currency is eliminated, it seems tough right? It is. But as time passes you will know that half of the problems that the world is facing would vanish with currency gone. I’m talking rubbish. So this chapter is about the middle act of life, finding means to live. Someone lives for family, someone for love, someone for art, someone for money, some just wants to fulfil their dreams, and so on. All this is worth it only and only if you are internally happy about it. And by happy I mean 100% joyous after entering into that world of your dreams 50

or goal. It's simple to find it, just Meditate and spend time with yourself. I know that I’m asking you to do the same thing all along, and believe me it's hard to find another way. I’m a writer and I never thought I would be when I was kid. And remember this one thing, you have to let go of some people while moving forward. This is against my own words, as I said you to trust everyone and love everyone. So just trust. Keep faith in what you love. Nothing can go wrong, and even if something goes wrong, then just remember that it is meant to keep the balance. Because we know that the art of life is about change. And I’m not saying that I’ve understood the meaning of life completely. No. I’m not some human with superpowers. No one is born with it. People develop all of it. Buddha is a great example of it. Remember what you need is apart from what you want. Okay, truth to be told, I learned this when I went to films. If you want to get rich, then so be it. But at what cost? All? Okay. So let 51

me tell you this. If you lose everything that you have to get what you want, that is foolishness. In simple words, you will get something at the cost of losing everything. So keep what you love, and as I told you to love everything, so be kind and then run like a turtle behind your goals. Another concept to be getting straight is about the dreams. It is just an illusion. But it does help to reach the goal. Because illusion is what helps people to attain little steps. For example, if you wanna get up early in the morning, then you will keep alarm but that’s not it. You need a made up thing that should be remembered in order to get up, else there must be a real thing that wakes you up. So dreams work similarly. People dream to become so and so, but they want something else entirely from that achievement. So people say to make dreams come true, you should not sleep more. I say that is a natural phenomenon while sleeping, plus as it helps you to pursue the goal. I trust in God, don’t you? And there are many so called books written by God 52

himself, which says that you were born with nothing, and you aren’t going to take anything with you to the grave. So some people will say than what is there between life and death. Everything doesn’t need to be answered and I seriously don’t believe in all philosophy. So why don’t you just meditate and find out what is before death. Till now it’s people job to help each other in by far any manner. So working hard is the only way to a peaceful death. If you want that people should remember you for ages, then just work. It is the only way. No one will remember your name, it’s your work that would be in talk for ages. Maybe that vanishes, but it could motivate someone. And that is what maybe God wants. Not to inspire someone, not to throw out advices, just motivation is enough. Primitive people don’t last long, that’s the reason that people are fighting over little things. Ego kills. But Love saves. Though love begins the war, it stops it too. Love towards work is a must. And remember the things you have, should 53

stay till the end, and what you get that is not by your own work is not your’s. There is no shortcut, always remember this. Cheating will not let you reach far. Even if you think that acid, drugs or maybe some cheap chemicals will help you to focus on your work just think about it. Because it will kill you from inside, even if for a moment you feel happy and focused. This will hurt your senses for the longer run, but again if you don’t wanna listen that’s totally fine I can understand. Just go ahead and live the life as you want, not as your soul needs. People also believe in past life and after life. Well, I’ll say this one statement to them - first believe in this life or should I say trust this life that is given to you. Even if you are kind, you may face ups and downs, that’s challenges given by God. But some may say that it is results of past life. And I agree, I’ll mention all this in the Chapter 4. Maybe you are losing interest in reading this book, and why wouldn’t you? This is all what either you already 54

knew or maybe it’s against what you initially thought. And I will still talk about what I want to, as this may be your last chance to understand the thing that the world is making a fool of you. It's you who need to work on yourself and make an effort to find the best self. The least that someone needs is advice but the most that people provide is advice. You have never read a book like this before, because every book you read was properly structured and written in a manner that can be understood clearly with examples and stories. But as this is mid chapter, I’m gonna repeat it again that this is just random thoughts put together and it is confusing I know. And if you don’t like unexpected, beware of life. Goals aren’t the end of life, because there is something that people believes in called destiny. But I don’t. Maybe it’s just perspective. Because no doubt there is whole life to figure out and work on your goals, but what if it doesn’t work out. Well, just consider it as a sign that you were never really 55

meant for it, or maybe you went on wrong path. Okay, some would say that just never give up. But it was about the dreams. Even I would say that never give up. But on life. Not on so called goals. I never thought that I would be writing this book, but I am. So is this my destiny? Yes, only if I die after writing this then people will consider this as my destiny. So it’s just some made up shit. Let’s consider that what if Newton wasn’t under that tree? I don’t know what would happen. You were expecting the alternative, weren’t you? Well, I’m no god. And this is how human mind works and other writers write. So to be frank, just please let go some of the things in life, if it was meant for you then it will come back right at you. But if it wasn’t that, what will you lose, if you have something to lose than either you didn’t read my book or you didn’t find yourself. Art is in everything. Even an ant walking, is an art. C’mon, I mean you cannot do exactly like that in a stage56

play. Let’s talk about “Art of loving”. One person should have these five qualities to attract another person: see you are reading closely. Why? Don’t trust any of that. You can believe, if you want. There are billions of quotes on business strategies, well you can trust on it as all that is based on the outside real world that depends upon the economy. I’m begging you not to rely on every quote you see, because I did. And the only outcome that you can wait for being a worse life you never expected. And seriously, I don’t want anymore sad lives, please find yourself if you haven’t. And listen to me, whoever you are right now - you can be better. No one perfect and never will be. Even our Indian lords weren’t perfect, nor was Jesus, it's just that we pray them because they stood up against something that no one would even try (apart from their superpowers). Also, you cannot have all of it, whatever your life gives you. So just learn to adjust. And again this is all 57

what I’m just writing because it’s basic. If you run towards all of the thing that is in your life, you will not be at peace. And the ultimate goal for every individual is peace, isn’t it? Even if you are in desire of something, I am not saying throw it out of life. We live because we desire. But the only thing is that we should desire good. And I’m not even saying that go and meditate in the mountains, it will not help you to become a Buddha. This is just great, I’m against all the words there are out there. Adding to the chapter, I will mention that there is the connection between spirituality and goals. Well, there is. It’s called faith. You must trust in some upper power, or you can call it Karma in your business world. Questions must raise, but should be answered quickly else misery takes over. So just trust. Again believing is so primitive. Trusting is power. The assumption is worse you can do. Feel is the best you can do. Knowledge is below understanding. All these little things will help you to dive in and find yourself in the best way. 58

Just do what you love, or maybe love what you do temporarily. Meaning - if you really want to be a scientist, well, don’t change your mind. But for now if it’s necessary to do any other job, which you have to fall in love with. And also keep this in mind that, what you do must be relevant to the real world. And I am again and again reminding you that the best way to pull out the creative self out of your real self is emptying the mind. I don’t know how you do it, but it is the only way. You wanna find another way, my best wishes for it. Now another point I wanna touch is the Wishes. Just behold. Be specific and thoughtful about your all the wishes because it does come true one way or another. Just think around millions of times before you wish for something that is not yet in your life. Either it will be there soon, or maybe it wasn’t for you in the first place. This is what my professor in college told me, at that time didn’t believe any of it. But as the time goes, life teaches you the 59

lessons that is already being experienced by someone older. People ask me more often about personal and professional life, well, I know you should separately deal with it. And this is the whole fundamental principle. The people who became legend couldn’t do that. There mind didn’t comprehend the relation between both of it. There are legends, and I will not stop you from exploring their lives. Because that is what will bring you closer to knowing the life. Simply because they did. But just keep a close eye on whom you are following, was he really a legend? Read it again - I said “was”. If there is a living legend, let them live their entire life and leave them for further generations to follow. At the time when Jesus, Buddha or any mystic person was here on earth - they didn’t get any good from their mentor. Just read it out. So why are you in search of a guru. You should have an icon, a figure whose life itself teaches you the lesson you need to know. But the teachings of your guru, mentor or 60

maybe god himself is just a falsified concept. Similarly, while pursuing your goals, do not depend on any mentor. Well, they can give you inspiration, but for how long? They die, you fall into grief - and then what about the art of living? So just built yourself with such perfection that even if you are not perfect the life remains peaceful. To fulfil your goals, there are some handful of notes that you may need to follow. They are mentioned in the next paragraph, I’m bluffing. There is nothing, no steps for legends. To build an empire from the ground up, do not follow. But if you want a startup, go ahead the world is waiting for you to enter the industry in the same way most of people do. No one is born brilliant, not even god. This world is full of information, you can fill your brain. But is it worth it? People say knowledge is power, I ask you that till what extent? People are putting there hours in exploring the universe. No. You cannot, it is expanding every second. Again, it's 61

important and I know. This can help to shift living beings from one place to another, if found. Well, I totally agree, this is the vast vast universe. But what about the mind. No one till date, till this word even, have even tried to explain all the mysteries of our beautifully knotted mind. Well, no one can. I think I should have talked about this in the next chapter, any-woo as I always say everything is interconnected. So even if I write something in chapter one, that could help you while you are in search of your goal. Maybe. Respecting every individual is what makes us human. Respecting their experience is what gives you joy at the end. But people don’t do that. They just become self-centered at the end. As a writer, words matter a lot. In a real world, action is what is judged. And so if you truly are respecting someone, say that to them in words. Just acknowledge. Think of it like, you are in a desert who needs lots of water. There is a person with water bottle passes by without giving a damn. What will you do? Kill him and drink the water he has 62

for your own survival. No. That’s my whole effort. Either that person acknowledges you and provide you water, or you ask him respectfully, which allows you to have half of the bottle. Now, let me turn the table Consider that you are the person with a bottle. What now? You will be killed, if you don’t acknowledge. So this is the story of you guys, even me in this real cruel world. So respect everyone, even someone who is doing wrong. Oh, yeah. You read it right. People are disrespectful every-time, and it is not only me who experienced it. Everyone at some point deals with it. And I don’t have any solution other than being kind, as everyone knows it. There are lots and lots of materials out there that will teach you how to reach your goal, I strongly recommend you to go through it. Because no doubt you will learn a lot. But do not marry to all that life lesson. You are not Steve Jobs, and you will never be. Yeah, you can reach his 63

status, but not by his life lessons. My best friends are perfect for me, because they show me who I can become or what’s wrong with me. So just observe your close ones, or maybe people whom you meet. Remembering your past should make you laugh, how dumb you were. That is life. The change you pursue maybe be in either direction, but past self must be always dumber than present self. Anger. Everyone right from the birth has this behaviour. It’s just that in what environment you were born in, raise in and how you think about it that matters a lot. People have been saying that I am in depression or stress, let me get over it with aggressiveness. Well, that's not the formula. And it will definitely increase it somehow. There is no way other than meditation. Every solution that you need is there in the meditation itself. And remember, as I said that it's not a way to reach god, it’s a way to peace itself. Anger will not only kill your creative self, but will affect your relations which will result in your own destruction at the end. And 64

this is everlasting phenomenon, unless you hold on to yourself. We all have to fight against all of the negative phenomena of life every moment, as it spreads quickly. People cannot do that. And I’m not saying that it is hard. Only one thing can save you, and that’s meditation. You were born to become a writer, that’s a just saying. I myself didn’t know that I can write. So it’s what you build and work like hell until you succeed. Because life as people say is nothing without goals. And I am no one saying that it is the same for you, maybe you want to be like Mother Teresa - she too need a goal to serve people. So you better find that goal, obviously before you die. Process is the most important part of goals. If you just want things and you are not ready to accept the fact that the road leading to it will have a lots of obstacle - then drop the dream. You have to be in love with the process, and you have to preserve it. This is all what you already knew, all of 65

it, my complete book is waste - but I love writing it. Failure is just a fruit. It will grow, may fall or will rot. So as a leaf, you should just beware that it can pull you down for less amount of time. Just keep up, and it will pass. But you have to love that too, as it is the part of process. If someone rejects you, then love that too. Respect it. Be kind to that person. For some people failure is not an option, well not everyone wins. So be ready for failures. Investing all you have for what you love will never disappoint you. Just go for it. This life is uncertain, so ups and downs are certain. Life is all about sacrifices. Some people do reach far without sacrificing anything, well you don’t know what’s going on inside their mind. They aren’t in peace, just analyze it if you go some time. Not rich nor poor, no one is in state of peace. Because they want to run, run away from the truth. Investing everything to feel the air, to dive in and see stars in universe should be one’s inner goal. 66

Practice. Without practicing your work, you cannot reach the depth of anything that you desire. It makes a man perfect. No. It doesn’t make anyone perfect, it takes away all the effort of not being self-centered. Once you become legend, the love you get is just upper shell. Beneath that, there is no one who likes you. That’s because you took away the practice that was built on their so called standards. But world now has a brighter side to look forward to. So if someone wants to change the world in better way, then you will be surrounded by bitter person. Well that’s just what you think. And as I always say, you have to still love them. Fight for what you love the final thought that pops up in my mind. I have always fought for what I love, and that is cinema. But I’m talking about only work here, not your love life. Got you. So if you love cutting woods and want to be a carpenter - but family stops you from doing it, well fight for it. But yes, that love must be unconditional. You read it right. Even loving work must be unconditional, there should not be any 67

demands. Pure love, millions of hours without thinking of its output. That’s goal.


Chapter 4: God God is Existence. Whatever you see is holy. Everything you see is beautiful because of God’s presence in it. That’s why the legends sore their throat while explaining us how to be kind to everyone, since it is the first step to change the world. But it won’t happen, because we cannot be kind to everyone we meet. And it’s my challenge. Mail me if you are, or if you even find one - I’ll visit you personally. But to be kind, I’ll tell you that I cannot put you on my list. Because I will not be there forever. Figure out the meaning of my statement by yourself, or mail me. So before talking about so called God, let me tell you that previous chapter were actually about them. In our heart, God is. In a plant, God is. In a stone, God is. In single drop of water, God is. Oh yes, all the natural creations has so called god in it. And yes, almost everything that you see is made from natural aesthetics. Just we cannot judge 69

it, that’s it. Because we are busy judging people out there. God’s most beautiful creation was humans. Was. And I’m pretty sure God is not happy with the world that we have created. Well there is god in everyone of us. In India there are gurus who consider themselves god. Well just to remind them WE ARE ALL GOD. It’s just that we cannot perform miracle. Let me simply put miracle in this manner - If Television by means of time travel is sent to 100 B.C., then that is miracle for people in past. So no one other than true god himself can show us the path to future. And, that are humans. Just keeping trust in everyone is what we can do at-least to keep the god happy. But again as humans we made-up such blind beliefs about god and started Religion. Well I’m not against it, as living in a community is the way to survival. But following false paths, that’s completely dumb. To live in the society you have to follow the aspects that have been created from the beginning, well 70

because of that I cannot mention some of my perspective. But surely I’ll tell you about the world that was peaceful in the past. And now you will say, it’s past so forget it. No, this is the only past I keep my hands onto. Nothing stays the same. I know. Still you should not change the way we see god, by creating huge barriers in between. That’s Religion in modern era. And it was not like this from the beginning, reading the bible is awesome. Following it in real life is good. Suggesting someone to read is worse. If you read all my past chapters, you will get what I’m saying. Religion is something that is not relevant in modern world. Just rather someone will prefer to stay nonreligious. Why don’t you see young people in holy places? And if you see one, then maybe he/she is forcefully brought there. You know what, this is the hardest chapter to write. I don’t know why. Just being truthful to reader. Also being truthful is an art. I wrote this book within 10 days, vomiting all my thoughts on my keypad. But typing about God, it’s really fascinating that 71

how the mind is forced to think. As this is my first book that is going to be online worldwide, and no doubt it is the last talking about humans. I have talked almost all the things that is required to improve your current self. God is everywhere, what does that mean? Should I stoping eating? Should I stop peeing? Should I stop moving? Well if all that questions arise in your mind than you are already enlightened. Because thinking about the the deepest is the purest. Meaning - In science it is said that everything is made of matter. And we know that the smallest element in every thing that we see is quarks. But what about human mind. If we meditate we find peace, if and only if we do it correctly. So when the mind enters into pure consciousness, we transcend to unbound intelligence which opens the door for creativity, happiness, love and energy. But at the end there is peace. And again all this as I mentioned before, it cannot be attained by chemicals, alcohol, weed or anything 72

that might be temporary for the mind. That ruins the way cables have been joined together in your mind. In laymen’s term - DON’T DO IT. Well if you want to, go ahead. Maybe its meant to keep the balance. So meditating as people say doesn’t let you meet god at the end, it’s just your inner peace which will open your doors to so called god or heaven. Concept of heaven and hell is all over the history. But have you seen it? Then why do you trust that? You can see the earth, it’s below you. You can see sun, moon, your body, because it’s there... right there. Some will say that, I haven’t been to America, so it doesn’t exist. Well that’s foolishness all over again. This is childish talk. Mantras have been on earth as long as the concept of god existed and will exist. And again it’s sound or lines that is peaceful to hear or speak. But that doesn’t mean it is something that helps you to reach god. No. Of course it is highest level of deception that humans faced from past several years. 73

Okay, I’m from India and my family is going to kill me on my such statements. But do I have to be cautious about it? Well, yes. But should I stop writing because of it? No. Science took over the concept of god, maybe existence itself - people are now trusting it more. But I have heard that the scientists themselves confess that, we are hanging between the existence and what’s beyond. And they cannot go further. Yes they can find the next earth, but finding a way to live happier is just hoax. No one can teach that. It’s all within you. Civilizations will still be at war, even if we live in a society that is bounded with high end technologies or rules that may keep system together. God is within you. Universe is within you. Everything that we want to know is within ourselves. We are the stars, just we don’t know how to shine. If we figure that out, then it’s worth living. Okay after writing so much, I ask myself that - Will people even try to understand life after reading this book? 74

Well the similar question is asked by God - Will my creation ever live life? And the answer for both is a question. How do I know? The art of living has this greatness in it. Saying “I don’t know” is the wisest thing you can do, rather than bragging or keeping ego in between. God doesn’t want it, and by god I mean people. There are so many gods, I obviously don’t know all of them. But I know one. The one that’s within me. Your’s is within you. Just don’t find it somewhere in stones, cross or in general I’m talking about holy places. God’s final avatar as Kalki will born when the world is at the edge by crossing all the limits, and I see it very soon. I mean China is going to make another moon, we are even trying to make a bridge to moon, finding another earth, creating bombs that can kill humanity, they are making dinosaurs in laboratory - and again I respect science from all aspects. But man cannot be god. Women can. Maybe. Humans somehow doesn’t want to explore the 75

inner truths, they just want to reach whats beyond in outer world. God as we know is the ultimate truth. No one knows how big bang happened, it’s all just a guess. No one knows how dinosaurs looked like. Its all just what we think. So just imagine a world that lives in present, nothing to know. No knowledge, just feeling the air. Breathing. Inventions can be done, but it’s usage will be reduced as time goes. Just think about it. WE CANNOT EVOLVE ANYMORE. INTERNALLY. And that’s the fact. Accept it. We were the same, some people woke up, but others went through reproduction and remained same as we are now. I believe in science because they show us the uncertain truth, and it enables us to know what may happen by researching about what has happened. Well I don’t know about you, but truth is what you think it is. Question everything you see or believe in, or else world will inject false things in your mind. If science provide you the evidence behind the theory or fact that 76

has been introduced then yes trust it. And it is the same with human mind, if someone comes to me and tell me that I cannot love anymore - I simple ask them, What is the reason? And they all say different things which are all injected by the world. Astrology is another thing I want to put my hands on. It is proved that it may be true. Well till what extent, I don’t know. If you believe in something, and than wish for it. Then maybe someday you may get it. So it’s all again what you think of it. So everything comes down to this one key concept - thinking and feeling. If you feel that god is right beside you, than he is. But if you think that there is nothing prior and above you, just dive in and you will find it. God is there. My first quote was “Believe in yourself for lifetime, till someone shows you science behind god”, and I don’t want you to stick your mind onto it. Just trust yourself, and you’ll get all the answers you want. I have been saying this throughout the 77

book and I know you are tired of hearing it, but its the only certain truth after existence. And I know after reading this book no one will even try to become better self, because ego will thrive in between. As expected. This generation is gifted with such beautiful inventions which only stops you from reaching beyond. Yes, I’m talking about mobiles, tv, laptops, books, movies, daily tools, everything that’s technology. Well I’m not saying that it’s bad. It’s really helpful. But if you only watch movies, read books or articles and maybe meeting a person who agrees with the way of your thinking - then beware, you are not evolving. If you watch a film that is relatable and I know every film is, that’s why its a film - but the point is that you should just see it as a film or book. Just stay away from the external thoughts or writings that are exactly same as your’s. Because it will create a wall around you, which is way harder to break as compared to ego. So this simply means that, don’t be with someone who agrees with all what you 78

know. It will make you special, and it is the last thing you want to be. God didn’t wanted bias between humans, so they created two separate entities - man and woman. But we never understood it. We all want to be special, one way or another. And this thinking is what doesn’t let you step up. Being in god’s nature is itself special. There’s no way that you can challenge the nature. If you do, just be ready for calamity. You have to understand that if you die, the world will remain the same. I’m saying die, and not suicide. Just god requires this one thing from you before you die, search the truth. And truth is not believing everything, it’s exploring the deep aspects and being better as the day passes along. But the child in you should not lose the grip of life, because that’s the only way to reach the so called heaven. Priorities. Last thing in this chapter that I wanna touch. So people want to prioritize, huh? Well if they 79

keep things on list, then its fine. But they have no rights keeping people on their so called priority list. That doesn’t make sense after reading all this crap written in book. You should equally treat people, and it will be tough. You know why? Because the response will not be the same from them. But just think about it, what if everyone does this. I mean, just think of it. You cannot imagine how happiness will take over the world. Thank You, Lord! You should always say this. God will listen. You should be thankful to nature, life that has been given to you, everything that you are surrounded with is because of god himself. Not the one that is in temple, but everyone that we see. Be kind. And this is the thing, that being good is hard - you will face lots of thing. Your life will become a mess. Because people will not treat you with same respect, they will not love you as you do, they will pretend, they will try to knock you down, they will do all the 80

things that you did earlier to someone else. But you should consider that it was past, and in present you have to be brave. You have to do what it takes to be a better self, but don’t consider that you are special after doing all this new thing. Because it does happen, and that is the final challenge after-all. God is watching us all and counting on us. And by God, I mean everything that you see.


Chapter 5: Death Are you afraid of living? It is because you are afraid to die. Wait, what? Yes. So you’ll ask me what do I do? How would I know, just ask yourself. People in this world should stop giving advice, as it kills other individual. They should rather feel the pain and understand the situation, because this will definitely help them calm. So death is the final concept that you need to understand here, not feel it. Because if you feel it, you are dead already. So we don’t have any other option than to follow the things said in past. Okay, don’t listen to what people say. I will only mention the part that is either said by god himself or someone who woke up (enlighten). And I know all the things I wrote is literally something we all know somehow, but it’s really hard to bring everything upfront. It’s really really hard to be a good human. Even I am not. There are many great living legends who are, just 82

go ahead and try to understand their life. Death is simply when you sleep forever. Death is a part of life, it is not a separate concept. Living is dying. And dying is living for me. Dying without living is worthless. Life is a gift that was meant to be lived for others. And again it can only be done after finding yourself. And there are periods in life - I mean specific time zone where you are able to find yourself. But people miss it. And I’ll say this, there is no such thing. Even at the age of 50, you can find yourself and begin the journey. The only thing is you will have less time to live, because you already lost the glorious 438000 hours. I’m just helping you, if you wanna be still happy. Considering that you are going to die soon is a typical way of living, in contrast what I suggest is that you can live better by loving your life. Well people say, that’s the same thing and I agree. So whatever you feel is what you should do, but don’t perform actions based on your understanding. I have 83

heard that if one of your foot is in past and other is in future than you are pissing in present. Also you cannot be in state of anxiety every time, it will kill you alive. So to be in present use the best tool provided by God - Just Breathe in. Chain of life and death is unbreakable. Death is inevitable. No one can be immortal. You have to die, and it’s the only fact. From the beginning I’m trying to convey that don’t believe in what people say. But you can trust the facts, right? Like the Sun is hot. It is, right? So exactly like that - Death is at your door, what are you gonna do in final moments? You are going to do all the things that I mentioned in this book. If you don’t believe me, tell your doctor that you want a poison that kills you in about 30 days. And after doing that mail me on 29th day, the things you did in past 28 days. In India their is a belief that the afterlife is what we life for now. Their is a past life which is cause of mostly all the pain that exists in this life. Okay. 84

Too much to take in. But in simple words, just trust your life. It will be better as the time goes on. If it doesn’t, than improve yourself. Don’t blame it on life or so called God. And dying is not an option, if you are living an hard life. Remember my words, you will get through the hard times. It’s just that nature is trying to provide you sign that change in your life is necessary. Plus, didn’t I mention that always accept the unexpected and you’ll be as happy as god. Death as we know is soul transformation to another life form. Soul remains the same. Bigger picture is that don’t think about all this as a normal human being won’t try to. Just be kind, and death will be kind to you. As we all know that world is cruel. So what about it? People constantly talk about it with each other. But what are you going to do about it? Nothing. You cannot do anything. Because you don’t have that power. No. NO. NO. You have the power, you are the god. You can change the world but just diving in. People from past many years have been 85

researching about the human mind, and they wrote god knows how many articles on it. But they still say that the thing inside skull is so amazing, yet we cannot figure out. Well god isn’t fool, that’s why god put that thing inside. People have been spoon feeding you the whole life about how to live. Well that’s the reason you are unhappy. To be in peaceful state the mind needs calmness and you will only get that by spending time with yourself. Meditating for hours. Death doesn’t knock on your door, you are not given option to accept it or not. So if death comes and sees that human is happy, death is shocked. How can this be possible? I thought a joke would be great at this time. Having sense of humour is something that you might consider to add in your life. Because as the great Charles Chaplin, and I am mentioning this last legend here. He said that “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make fool of yourself.” Meaning - we all know it. So just to wrap this section I’m gonna give you a short task - make 86

fool of yourself in whatever manner you think. Death should be ultimate truth that everyone somehow has to face. And let me tell you this about the truth, as I say its already within you. It’s not what you know or how you know - its how you think about it. And this is the thing. Death is not something that can’t be known, it is what we can just think of. Also maybe nothing in this world is worth knowing, its about feeling it or experiencing it. Just bare with me little more, the book is about to finish. Without finding the truth about life, if you die then it’s the worse thing that god can imagine. And it is happening from past several years. People just care of family, but instead they cannot digest the truth that they were meant to keep the world unite. And sacrifice has to be made to move forward. Pain consolidates the death. Superiority. Nothing is more powerful than it, that is what kids think of it. But 87

the one who thinks of everyone, who loves everyone, who wants joy in the world, doesn’t bias the culture or religion. There are religions who think we are greater than this, well just look at each other we all poop the same and it stinks. So just cut the crap out, feeling superior is the worse act that one can do. Everything in world will be in balance when everyone loses their hold on this thought of being prior to other. Decisions. We make the decisions that we are comfortable with. Is it okay? Yes. I’ll not lecture you on this. Because you have to then decide that do I follow it or not, so it’s you and your life. And as I say, you know what to do, just look inside. And don’t be fearful while trying new things, because it will only hold you back in life. If you decide not to buy a car because someone gave their opinion that its not good then you are dumb. It’s you who have researched on that car, if it’s good for you - buy it. But yes, the research should be powerful enough and your 88

decision should be based on that results. Now you’ll say that this is chapter about death, why are you mentioning about superiority and decisions over here? Well, I don’t know. And if you didn’t asked that question, you are reading like you’re dumb. Whatever you do and the life returns a reward that is not what you wanted, just take it. Because what if death bed is ready, and you’re going to die tomorrow early morning. Okay, to increase the stakes - what if you never wake up in early morning? So this means that - you should live in the moment. Which means you have to be good with whomsoever you know. This means do all the things that was in my priority list. Well its not going happen, and you’re not going to die like that. Only and only if you take care of your health, nothing will go wrong. And again after reading all the things that I mentioned, I know you’re still not comfortable. Because I didn’t mention any precise answer to your 89

question, I am just writing stuff that is confusing. And answers that are provided by the authors are just perfect for you because you are happy with it. That’s the whole point of writing this book, it should be the last one on your deck regarding books about changing lives. Similar note as mentioned before, I’m not stopping you from watching films, reading books or articles, looking at history, thinking about future and blah blah. You can do all this things, while you try to become a better person than before. It’s hard, you will find ways to give up on early stage. But that’s the fun about it. Uncertainty. You cannot stick to your ways and live life, you have to evolve with time. I’ve been writing too much, and I know you cannot take so much in one read maybe. And as I am conveying from the beginning that nothing in life is constant. So if some robot in 2050 is scanning this book, please throw it out as nothing changed. 90

Closing Statements After everything that I just wrote and you finished reading or maybe you are directly reading this section, I don’t know - just remember that you are what you don’t know. Pick any moment in the history of time, each and everything is constantly either changing or evolving. But the question remains the same, “Are we stepping further in the correct direction?” And answer also changes or evolves for it. So to be or not to be is the question, but answer again evolves as the era changes. Therefore do not depend on any of the saying, just dive inside and find everything that you desire by yourself. This was maybe the last book you desire to read, but was it a desire? No. It’s just that your life is full of pain, and it will be. After reading this book or in general any book, the pain will not vanish. It may be reduced for a while, but it will hit you back and at that moment none of your readings will be 91

in action. It will be you who have to take the decision and act. Your inner self is the true friend of yours - not your parents nor besties not even god. Just trust the existence. Life, Love, Goals, God and Death - all of this are just concepts that cannot be explained and researched. It’s already within you, just dive in. As I always say Meditation / Spending time with yourself is the only way to do that, there is no other way. NO OTHER WAY. If you find one, mail me. Trust me its all just one big lie, so live. Nothing will fade away if you find good goal. Everything will make sense when you embrace the death. Keep your faith in power above you, God. And of course Love Everyone. And I know, you knew this all along. As I am saying from the beginning, do not read this book. But you didn’t trust me. Live and Love. Always.

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THE LAST BOOK YOU DESIRE TO BOOK Why You Should Not Read This Book ? Because this book will not help you gaining knowledge about ways of living life better. But maybe if you understand it, you will stop forwarding unnecessary posts of quotes on social media. Just kidding! This book will close your eyes to find yourself and bring that better version to change the way of your living. Simple, right? But it is not. Life is hard, and I mean it. If someone is living the dream, beware. I’m am confident about my words, so lets say that after reading this book you will definitely find yourself one way or another. It may take time, but surely you will.

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