The history of the Franks 9781101490754, 1101490756

This colorful narrative of French history in the sixth century is a dramatic and detailed portrait of a period of politi

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English Pages 710 pages: genealogical tables, map Year 2010;1974

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The history of the Franks
 9781101490754, 1101490756

Table of contents :
I. Gregory of Tours. Genealogical table: the family of Gregory of Tours --
II. The times in which Gregory lived. Genealogical table: the Merovingians, down to Dagobert --
III. Gregory's writings --
IV. The history of the Franks. Intention and shape
Historical and literary debts
Personal knowledge
Other historians of the period
Humour and irony
Nature notes
The manuscripts
Earlier translations
This translation --
V. Gregory down the centuries.

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