The God Secret (The God Series Book 7)

Everyone has an ultimate secret, even God. Since the dawn of time, humanity has sought to discover this most precious of

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The God Secret (The God Series Book 7)

Table of contents :
The God Secret
Table of Contents
The Illuminati
The Broken God
Near-Death Experience
A Damnable Doctrine
The Deathless
The Existential Singularity
Divine Mirrors
Medieval Quantum Physics
The Magic God
The “Crazy” Test
The Holographic Universe
The Pythagoreans
The Dream World
The Ladder of Creation
The River of Life
The Supraordinate Personality
The Tao of Nothing
The Master Dreamer
The Infinity Multiplier
What is Life?
The Mirror Net
The Shadow
Soul Science
The Dimming of the Light
Anti-Information: the Abrahamic God
The Friction of War
The Turtle World
Do Atoms Have Minds?
The Hermetically Sealed Universe
Dogs and Gods
Autistic Mathematicians
Holographic Morality
The Emerald City
The Divine Secret
The Matrix
Holographic Writing
The Cosmic Soul

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Quotations “That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.” – Einstein “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson “All men of action are dreamers.” – James Huneker “I teach you the Superman. Man is something that is to be surpassed. … Now is the great noontide, when man is in the middle of his course between animal and Superman.” – Nietzsche “Which is it: is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s?” – Nietzsche “The destiny of the higher man is to be a creator.” – Nietzsche

Table of Contents The God Secret Quotations Table of Contents The Illuminati Dreams The Broken God Near-Death Experience A Damnable Doctrine The Deathless The Existential Singularity Divine Mirrors Medieval Quantum Physics The Magic God The “Crazy” Test The Holographic Universe The Pythagoreans Gnosis The Dream World The Ladder of Creation The River of Life Superforce

The Supraordinate Personality The Tao of Nothing Immortality Regeneration The Master Dreamer The Infinity Multiplier What is Life? The Mirror Net The Shadow Soul Science The Dimming of the Light Anti-Information: the Abrahamic God The Friction of War The Turtle World Do Atoms Have Minds? The Hermetically Sealed Universe Dogs and Gods Autistic Mathematicians Woodhenge? Kabbalah Holons Parasites

Holographic Morality The Emerald City Horror The Divine Secret The Matrix Holographic Writing The Cosmic Soul

The Illuminati THIS IS ONE OF A SERIES OF BOOKS outlining the cosmology, philosophy, politics and religion of the ancient and controversial secret society known as the Illuminati, of which the Greek polymath Pythagoras was the first official Grand Master. The society exists to this day.

Introduction Everyone has an ultimate secret, even God. Since the dawn of time, humanity has sought to discover this most precious of all things. Our finest minds, noblest souls and most adventurous spirits have quested for the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone and the mystical Blue Flower of transcendent perfection. Prometheus stole the fire of the gods to give to humanity, and suffered a terrible punishment for his beneficence and audacity. Faust obsessively pursued the infinite and unreachable, and was willing to pay any price, even if it cost him his soul. Lowest humanity gets on its knees and belly to “God”. Highest humanity will never rest until it knows the Mind of God, and takes possession of the key to the innermost secrets of existence. This book provides the astonishing answer to the supreme question that has haunted humanity for so long – what is the meaning of life? The answer is as wondrous and beautiful as it ought to be. Despite appearances, we

really do live in the best of all possible worlds, one that is gradually turning us into exactly what we want to be – the Gods themselves.

Which Pill? Red Pill: “See how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, The Matrix Blue Pill: “The story ends, you wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe.” – Morpheus “The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red). The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, derive from the 1999 film The Matrix. In the movie, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the Matrix, a fictional computer-generated world. The red pill would lead to his escape out of the Matrix and into the ‘real world.’” – Wikipedia Well, what’s it to be? – blue or red? Faith, mysticism and science are all blue pills. Mathematics is the only red pill. Are you brave enough for it? Are you strong enough? Are you smart enough?

***** All quests have obstacles. The search for final truth reaches, for most people, an impossible, uncrossable chasm straight away. The problem is as bad as it could possibly be: you simply might not be constituted to know the truth. Who ever said that truth should be universally available? Those who said that anyone could know the truth lied. Is the truth accessible to animals? Well, nor is it available to human beings of a distinctly animalistic kind. So, do you have the right kind of brain for intellectually making the great leap of truth?

The Four Jungian Leaps Jung spoke of four mental functions, coming in two binary pairs: Thinking versus Feeling and Sensing versus Intuition. People can therefore take four basic leaps:

1) The Leap of Faith. This is based on feelings and scrupulously avoids reason and facts (thinking). People develop an emotional relationship with a prophet, a Saviour, a Messiah, a God, a holy text or simply with fellow believers. Once in, it’s too much of an emotional wrench to leave the community of faith and feeling. Such people understand everything through the prism of faith and feelings and they can’t think their way beyond it. The Leap of Faith is always a stupid leap. It’s not about real answers and truth; it’s about feeling good and emotional connectedness. It’s highly personalised. People LOVE their prophets and gods. This leap is strongly associated with emotional narrative – Mythos. The Bible is just a series of stories. It has no rational truth content at all. Reason is explicitly rejected (“Reason is the Devil’s whore”, to quote Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism). This leap offers a “truth” available to all: anything believed by anyone is true for that person. That, of course, doesn’t make it actually true. Subjective and objective truths are radically different. In fact, they have nothing in common. 2) The Leap of Reason. This is a leap based on reason and logic: thinking. This is a cold, clinical, calculating, analytic, machinelike, computerised, algorithmic understanding of life. Feeling is discounted. Idealist metaphysics is the classic example; Kant is a key exemplar. 3) The leap of the Senses. This is a leap based on physicalism, on the evidence of the senses. Seeing is believing. There is absolute hostility towards anything not apparent to the senses. Feelings and rationalism are downplayed or discounted. Empiricist materialist science is the archetypal example. Science brands reason as “metaphysics” as soon as it goes beyond the domain of the sensory. Reason is the strict servant of empiricism in this view, and is never allowed to contradict empiricism. This places such a constraint on reason as to render it irrational. Reason is being forced to deliver outcomes in accordance with empiricism, just as in religious faith, reason is accepted only when it agrees with revelation and never when it contradicts revelation. As soon as reason is treated as a

tool of something else, it is no longer reason – as scientific materialism and religious faith have demonstrated. 4) The Leap of Intuition. This is a leap based on an all-embracing intuitive understanding of what lies “beyond”. It’s often highly mystical. Eastern religion is the archetypal example. Here we see our whole familiar world laid bare: Abrahamism versus metaphysics versus science versus Eastern mysticism. Virtually everyone on earth has signed up to one of these camps. Isn’t it remarkable? – the world’s beliefs originate in the psychological types of human beings. By pairing compatible Jungian mental functions, a further four leaps can be listed: 1) Feelings and sensing – which tend to support Abrahamism (feelings take the lead). 2) Feelings and intuition – which tend to support Eastern mysticism (intuition takes the lead). 3) Thinking and sensing – which tend to support empiricist materialist science (sensing takes the lead). 4) Thinking and intuition – which tend to support idealist metaphysics (thinking takes the lead). This last leap is the one associated with ILLUMINISM. It’s the Logos leap, the leap of reason, of hyperreason that rejects faith and the senses. It’s a combination of reason and intuition and it revolves around mathematics, the supreme rationalist subject which involves no faith and has no need of sensory data. Of course, only one of all the leaps we have described is valid and an authentic route to the truth. The others are self-deluded and false. That’s a fact. Some optimists think that all roads lead to the truth in the end. That’s completely wrong. Faith can never reach the truth; nor can the senses; intuition can reach the truth but will be pure mysticism unless allied with reason, which it rarely is. In the final analysis, only the Illuminist leap is about ABSOLUTE TRUTH. It combines the power of thinking and intuition.

Animal Self versus God Self

You can’t sense or feel your way to the truth. You can only reason or intuit your way there. Animals don’t and can’t know the truth of existence, and nor can sensing and feeling humans. Feelings and senses are our most primitive aspects, the aspects we have in common with the animals. It’s our reason and intuition that make us human and these evolved long after the others. They are our godlike (Platonic) rather than bestial qualities. Those locked into sensing and feeling have only recently reincarnated from the animal domain: they are “young” souls, far from enlightenment, still consumed by animal lusts and preoccupations. Science is a curious subject because it lays claim to reason yet is fundamentally about the animal senses (empiricism and materialism) rather than rationalism, hence is also far from enlightenment.

Dreams One of the most mysterious aspects of human existence is that when we go to sleep we enter a dreamworld. What is this extraordinary world and how does it relate to the waking world? Normal consciousness interacts with the objective world, so we might alternatively designate this as “objective consciousness”. But what about the kind of consciousness we have in dreams? This is “subjective consciousness” and it’s marked by a lack of formal causality and an absence of a fixed and objective time and space framework. Another of its key features is that we have to invent our interactions with others who appear in our dreamworld. We put words in their mouths; we control their movements and behaviour – as if we were Gods, or at any rate storytellers constructing a novel in our mind. Just as a novelist is the dictator of his story world, deciding everything that happens, so each of us is the dictator and creative director of our dreamworld. Novels are nothing but dreams on paper. Movies are dreams on celluloid or digital media. They are all about Mythos. Dreams have almost no Logos content. They are mostly about the emotions and heightened senses, and now and again powerful intuitions come to us. Yet reason, the youngest and most immature feature of the human condition, barely features. Dreams evolved long before reason did and they take us back to a more primitive time. In our dreams, we return to what humans were like at the dawn of human time. It’s a world of magic rather than science; where anything can happen and there’s no tyranny of objective laws. We can do anything we want in our dreams. We can resurrect the dead and have vivid encounters with them, we can have fantastic sex with dream lovers, we can be plunged into the worst nightmares conceivable, and so on. Dreams are perhaps the most incredible phenomenon of human existence. Humanity’s religious thinking derived from dreams because they pointed to the existence of another domain beyond this one where the dead still lived. Dreams do indeed give us a glimpse of a radically different reality, one not dependent on objectivity. Dreams foreshadow the possibility of death admitting us to a purely subjective mental experience where we survive indefinitely but we have to make up all of the events that happen to us,

because nothing objective can ever enter this subjective fantasy. Dreams show how we could, mentally, survive objective, physical death. Reincarnation is the post-mortem process that releases us from this subjective fantasy world and places us back in a body in the objective world. Gnosis is the final process that allows us to escape the cycle of reincarnation and gives us an objective, not subjective, “God consciousness” whereby we remain without a physical body but possess an objective rather than subjective consciousness. We can know all things and interact with all things – objectively rather than in a fantasy of our own creation. So, humans have different types of consciousness: a) objective consciousness (awareness of the objective world; this consciousness dies when the objective body dies). b) subjective consciousness (awareness of a dream space disconnected from objective reality; this consciousness does not perish with the body but the price it pays is that it engages with a wholly fabricated reality). c) the possibility of a God consciousness that remains objective even without a physical body. Mental illness is where subjective consciousness (the fantasy space) spills into objective consciousness and creates a catastrophic mixture of fact and fantasy. In a way, most ordinary Mythos human beings are seriously mentally ill because they allow their Mythos fantasies to determine their attitudes to life. Jews, Christians and Muslims bring to bear on “reality” a ludicrous, disproved set of unbelievable stories which then, paradoxically, help to shape reality. All non-Abrahamists are forced, whether they like it or not, to engage with the fantasy world the Abrahamists have dragged with them and intruded into objective reality via their crazy behaviour. Only Logos thinkers have a rational, objective consciousness. “Logos” consciousness is true objective consciousness while “Mythos” consciousness – the type possessed by most human beings – is a bizarre hybrid of objective and subjective consciousness, of reality and fantasy. Since Mythos people can’t truly distinguish fact from fantasy, they have a “hyperreal” consciousness rather than a real consciousness. They do not recognise a “reality principle” but rather a “hyperreality” principle where

absurd fantasy elements are treated as objective reality (e.g. God spoke to an illiterate Arab in a cave via the Angel Gabriel). Humanity might be said to have a “Hollywood” consciousness where most people go through life as if they were watching and participating in a big Hollywood blockbuster. They have suspended their disbelief (suspended the reality principle) and treated the Mythos as reality. Jews, Christians and Muslims believe things that are objectively insane and yet are regarded as the firmest reality by billions of people. Mad propositions are treated with the utmost seriousness, and no one blinks an eye. What a world! This is a planetary mental asylum and always will be while Mythos rules and Logos is subservient. The roles must be reversed. Logos thinkers must seize power from the Mythos rulers of the world. We must make this world sane – at long last.

***** Julian Jaynes proposed that the “bicameral mind” preceded consciousness. Bicameralism is about the left hemisphere of the brain being the agent of the right hemisphere, and robotically obeying its orders. According to Jaynes, the right hemisphere generated authoritative “voices” (like those of the “gods”) which gave commands to be followed by the left hemisphere, in which dwelled the entity that would eventually evolve into the self, the ego, the “I”. At this early bicameral stage, “I” was just a mindless slave being bossed around by its right hemisphere master. The master-slave model was literally hardwired into the brains of our ancestors, and much of the same architecture is present in modern humans, overlaid by a thin veneer of consciousness that can be easily bypassed, most obviously in the cases of hypnosis and mass hysteria (the mob mentality). Mythos expresses the quintessential character of the old bicameral mind. It’s about a narrative, a running commentary, life as a story driven by emotion and desire. The Mythos mind is not really conscious at all. It ought to be described as exhibiting “narratised sentience”. Jews, Christians and Muslims are not authentically conscious. Their minds are directed by the “voice of God”, to whom they personally pray. The direct voice of God can be replaced by that of priests, rabbis, imams, preachers, prophets, vicars, pastors, reverends, popes and, above all, by “holy” texts, revealing the commands of “God”. Billions of human beings allow their lives to be dictated by absurd, disproven stories in ancient books. Hence, they are not

conscious; they are bicameral, being guided by voices and narratives of the “gods”. Modern consciousness – Logos consciousness – was born in ancient Greece and its colonies. This was when the left hemisphere began to dominate, and the right hemisphere faded into the unconscious. Logos thinkers are rational, logical individuals who study mathematics, philosophy, science, psychology, political, social theory, and so on, and who reject Mythos-based accounts of existence, which they regard as arrant nonsense and fantasy. To Logos thinkers, bicameral Abrahamists are deranged and deluded about the nature of reality. The Logos left hemisphere is where our objective consciousness resides, and the Mythos right hemisphere is where our subjective consciousness dwells. When we dream, left hemisphere processing is largely replaced by right-hemisphere processing, which is much more emotional. The left hemisphere is where our concepts of time, space and causality are applied to consciousness. These concepts are not absent from the right hemisphere, but they are not properly integrated with the right hemisphere, which is essentially under emotional or intuitive control. That’s why dreams are never exercises in reason and logic, but always vivid, emotional or mystical experiences. Mythos is all about trying to recreate the dream world in the objective world, and Hollywood does it better than anything else. The key struggles in human evolution are: 1) Mythos (emotional majority) versus Logos (rational minority). 2) Right hemisphere (otherworldly; religious and spiritual) versus Left hemisphere (this worldly; rational and scientific). 3) Bicameralism versus Consciousness. 4) Subjective mind versus Objective mind. The aim is not to eliminate Mythos and the right hemisphere, but to properly subordinate them to Logos and the left hemisphere, and then to dialectically integrate them at a much higher level where they can be invaluable in our pursuit of “God consciousness”. Mythos and the right brain have incredible value. They are immensely seductive and potent, but if they are allowed to dominate then they create a

fantasy world, a hyperreality where nonsense and madness rule (as in the preposterous and evil Abrahamic religions). Look at Orthodox Jews, Fundamentalist Christians and virtually all Muslims – aren’t these people dangerously mad? Think of suicide bombers and witch burnings, jihads and crusades, inquisitions and persecutions, intolerance and fanaticism, lethal hatred of infidels, apostates and heretics. These people think this is all “healthy” and acceptable. In fact, it’s sick, evil, disgusting and unacceptable in every way. The Abrahamists are people who worship a God who orders fathers to commit human sacrifice on their own sons, and they see nothing odd or strange in this. Is that not the definition of psychopathy?

***** Bicameralism is the source of our strong sense of divinity, of gods and spirits. Our left brain (home of our ordinary self) is yoked to our mysterious right brain, the seat of the unconscious, of strangeness, otherness, of the great unknown, of intuition and transcendence. Scientific materialists are those who over-identify with the left brain (Logos) and reject all otherworldly notions. Religious believers are those who over-indentify with the right brain (Mythos) and scoff at reason and logic in favour of faith, superstition, ignorance and “divine revelation”. Optimised humans are Logos thinkers with a healthy respect for the right brain and effective links to the right brain world, and who accept that it is the door to a profound, immaterial unknown. We need a synthesis of Logos and Mythos, not an unconditional victory of Logos. Reason must not kill emotion. We need to be human thinkers not machine thinkers. No computer could ever invent a good story. Mythos goes to the heart of our humanity. What is needed is to readjust the balance between Logos and Mythos, and make Logos the dominant partner. We want to live in the real, rational world, not a fantasy world. But we want to have a fantasy space to explore for inspiration, recreation and entertainment. Mythos gives us far better access to spiritual experiences than Logos. Logos gives us far better access to the reality principle than Mythos.


The subjective mental space outside space, time and causality is often called inner space, hyperspace or dream space. This dream world is telling us incredible things about the nature of consciousness. It’s about time we started investigating dreams properly, painstakingly revealing all the differences between objective and subjective consciousness. Never forget, in dreams there is no objective reality whatsoever. It is a world that each of us constructs in its entirety. We are all the Gods, the Creators, of our dream world. Every time we dream, we say, “Let there be Light” and we create a world from nothing. We summon it into existence and direct everything that happens there. Is that not astounding? We can bring back the dead, restore the living and make them do our bidding (or not as the case may be). We can even invent new people and beings. We can create a dialogue between beings of the imagination and produce incredible narratives that would put Hollywood to shame. We can open locked doors of the mind and release terrible nightmares. Everything is much more acute and vivid than in objective reality. The Dream World shows the astonishing creative power of our minds – and it must also surely warn us about how easily these subjective fantasies might be able to leak into objective reality where they have no right to be. Mainstream religion is a dream inserted into objective reality, with disastrous results. When the objective and subjective minds become too closely entwined, madness is the inevitable result. The majority of human beings are on the insanity spectrum. All Mythos-people are deemed sane only because billions of other lunatics accept their mad ideas. Our world is a place where certain types of insanity are institutionalised and normalised. For instance, a man who says he is Napoleon is called mad but a man who believes that the Creator of the Universe was born in a stable to a 14-year-old Jewish virgin 2,000 years ago is called “Mr President”. That’s how mad our world is. It’s frighteningly mad. The “God” that rules over a planetary mental asylum is of course not God. He’s SATAN (aka Jehovah, Allah, Christ, the Demiurge). When will humanity become sane? We have no psychiatrist to consult. We must cure ourselves, and Logos is the only answer. Objective consciousness is “dimensional” (recognises strict causality within space and time). Subjective consciousness (dream consciousness) is “dimensionless” (disregards strict causality, space and time). Dream consciousness demonstrates that we do not need objective dimensional

input in order to be alive and consciousness. Therefore, when we die, there is no a priori reason to imagine that the death of subjective consciousness necessarily follows.

***** In dreams, we do something remarkable. We simulate the behaviour and dialogue of other characters – people we know, colleagues, friends, lovers, enemies, dead people, celebrities, teachers, and even invented people. In fact, even when we are awake, we continue to run these simulations of others. We use empathy and theory of mind – our idea of the emotional and mental states of others – to estimate how they will behave, and to try to get them to do what we want. What is psychosis? It’s when subjective dream content and simulations are allowed to spill into objective consciousness, so that the two states become muddled rather than distinct. When you can no longer tell dream from reality you are in deep trouble.

***** Autistics are known to have poor empathy and grasp of theory of mind (awareness that other people have different thoughts from their own, i.e. we do not all share the same thoughts). Do they have radically different dreams from normal people? Do they have autistic dreams? Are they able to invent other characters in their dreams and give them different mental and emotional states? If not, how bizarre must their dreams be?

***** People who have objectively gone blind subjectively regain their sight in the dream world. Is that not incredible? Those who lost limbs can regain them. Those who have lost loved ones can resurrect them. In fact, the dream state is reminiscent of the Abrahamic vision of resurrection where everyone’s bodies become perfect and imperishable, where the dead reappear, and so on. The big problem is that dreams are subjective, not objective. But imagine if you COULD make the dream state objective, and a place where only good things happen. Would that not be heaven?


No one has ever noticed that dreams formally disprove Kant’s philosophy. Kant claimed that our minds create reality and impose space, time and causality on a noumenal reality and thus render it intelligible to our minds (which it otherwise wouldn’t be). But, of course, if our own minds have created time and space – which are thus subjective rather than objective – then why do we have a second mind-created reality – the dream space – where formal causality is absent and time and space are infinitely fluid and might be said not to exist at all? It’s one thing for the mind to create one reality, but for it to create TWO realities is surely asking too much. Why would the mind create one reality based on space, time and causality, and another reality (the dream reality) without any of those ingredients, and then switch between the two every day? It makes no sense.

Leibnizian Neoplatonism All mainstream religions are ambiguous, speculative, irrational, muddled and, frankly, preposterous. If Illuminism were a religion like all the others, it would be cranky nonsense too – unworthy of anyone taking it seriously. Illuminism has a radical appeal for atheists, agnostics and skeptics because it shows that true religion is simply ontological mathematics, and what could be more impressive to the rational mind than mathematics? Mathematics removes all of the obfuscation (bullshit!) from religion. It removes any need for “faith”. It makes concepts precise. Any errors are visible and can’t be explained away. A mathematical statement is either right or wrong. There’s no grey area where charlatans who “talk the talk” can befuddle people. The purity and clinical precision of mathematics are breathtaking. What else can “truth” mean other than something devoid of error or ambiguity? What is true about the Bible? Nothing at all. Illuminism, thanks to Pythagoras, always had mathematics at its core, but the Illuminati couldn’t find a way to give it the precise and unarguable mathematical form they desired. In the ancient world, the Neoplatonic view was as close as they got, but it was unsatisfying because it lacked mathematical rigour. It was only when the philosophical, scientific and mathematical genius Gottfried Leibniz became the Grand Master of the Illuminati that Illuminism was given the shape of which Pythagoras had dreamt: that of infallible ontological mathematics. Leibniz took all of the key concepts of Neoplatonism and set about translating them into mathematics. Now, for the first time, his wondrous

system can be revealed to the world.

The “One” – the Key to Existence in Neoplatonism Leibniz began with the simplest unit of all – the indivisible, indestructible, immortal dimensionless point (which he called the “monad”: the unit/unity). What could a dimensionless point possibly contain? The principle of sufficient reason revealed that if one point can exist then an infinite number of points can also exist since there’s no sufficient reason why the conditions that permitted one to exist should not permit endless copies. To say that there was some limit would be to appeal to some ad hoc, logically unjustifiable principle. Unless a sufficient reason for a constraint can be identified then there are no constraints. Which leads us automatically into the domain of infinity and infinite repetition. Thus, one existential point is inevitably accompanied by an infinity of points just like itself. Being dimensionless, these points all occupy no physical space at all. Using the Cartesian definition that non-extension corresponds to mind, and extension to matter, Leibniz concluded that each point is an individual, unique mind and the “space” the infinite points occupy is mental rather than physical. Descartes demonstrated that the only thing of which we can be certain is that thinking is taking place. While “I think therefore I am” has been philosophically challenged, what no one has ever disputed is that a statement such as, “There is thinking”, is the most fundamental and irrefutable statement of all. In fact, Descartes’ position, as originally stated, can be robustly defended against its critics. If there is thinking, something must be doing the thinking. What might it be? Is there one thinking entity, or many? There is no sufficient reason why if one thinking entity exists, an infinite number should not exist, since the conditions that allowed one to exist must be equally valid for infinite others. There can be no arbitrary, ad hoc prohibitions against this. (A key argument against the supposed Abrahamic Creator God is that if one such God can logically exist, an infinite number can exist, hence he is neither a monotheistic God, nor the Creator.) Logically, there must be infinite thinking entities. We are literally in an infinite ocean of thought. Instead of Descartes’ formulation, we might prefer to say, “It thinks therefore it is.” This allows us to avoid the complexities of the subject “I”.

If we refer to “it” thinking, we are referring to UNCONSCIOUS thought. This is the default mode of thinking in the universe. When Descartes declared, “I think therefore I am”, he was claiming that thinking is an inherently conscious activity. Leibniz championed the primacy of unconscious thinking (such thinking was an obvious corollary of Spinoza’s pantheistic system where mind and matter are always found together: there is no body without mind and no mind without body – that is true of everything, including rocks and air). Consciousness is a late phase of unconscious thinking, an evolutionary development of it, and is extremely closely linked to language. Arguably, consciousness is simply the ability to say “I” and state an endless sequence of things that “I” does, thus establishing a continuous narrative. If we link this narrative to an effective memory then a person takes on an enduring, unique identity, and is thus transformed into a consciousness rather than something such as an animal that simply exists but has no idea of what it is, where it is, why it is, or anything else. Animals are the ultimate existentialists (“existence precedes essence”). They exist and do things, but at no stage do they ever ponder their own essence and therefore they have no essence. An animal’s soul is not an “accountable” soul. An animal has zero morality. Arguably, many human beings are distinctly bestial and they too have no moral dimension. (They’re usually called Republicans, anarcho-capitalist libertarians and Abrahamists!) The existence of matter can legitimately and logically be denied, but not the existence of thinking. This is a crucial issue because although mental activity is the most fundamental entity of all – providing a prima facie case for idealism – materialists claim that unprovable matter is the most fundamental entity of all, and that thinking is something that is somehow caused by matter, and can’t exist without matter. If we apply Occam’s razor of not multiplying entities unnecessarily, there is no reason to accept the materialist contention. We would be appealing to something of which we have no sure knowledge (the existence of matter) to explain something of which we have sure knowledge (the existence of mental activity). Occam’s razor inherently supports the idealist view of reality. Since matter – by unanimous agreement – is defined as possessing extension then dimensionless points cannot be material, hence they are mental. Since each point is not dependent on any others for its existence

(hence, technically, is a separate, unique substance) then it is a selfsustaining life force. Since it is a dimensionless point, it has no parts and cannot be broken down. It cannot perish. It cannot cease to exist. It logically must have eternal energy because otherwise it would have expended all of its energy by now and ceased to function. Moreover, according to the principle of sufficient reason, if a point has energy at one instant, there is no sufficient reason why it should not have exactly the same energy as any other instant since what could possibly cause its energy to change or be depleted in any way if it is an autonomous, unique substance with no intrinsic dependency on anything else? We would have to appeal to some unstated, ad hoc principle. Consider the first law of motion which states that a body moves in a straight line at constant speed forever unless acted upon by some force. This is entirely consistent with Leibniz’s view. All things continue forever at a constant rate unless there is a sufficient reason why they should not. In the case of autonomous monads, there is never any sufficient reason why they should ever “stop”. Leibniz’s position amounts to a logical statement that all monads have eternal energy = eternal life. Philosopher Anthony Quinton wrote, “[Leibniz] took the position that motion or energy or activity, which is perhaps the most suitable general term, is intrinsic to the ultimate constituents of the world.” That’s exactly so. We are all used to the idea of things running out of useful energy (but of course no energy is actually lost thanks to the first law of thermodynamics which states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed). In Leibniz’s system, energy is always conserved, life is always conserved, and energy and life are synonymous at the ultimate level. Life is precisely that which is “moving” forever as a Cartesian thinking subject. (It is not physically moving; it is mentally moving, i.e. thinking.) So, these infinite dimensionless mathematical points (monads) are also life forces (souls). A monad certainly doesn’t have any independent internal parts or components because in that case it wouldn’t be the most basic unit of existence. It would be possible to divide it into more basic units. Yet it must contain something or it would be a total “nothingness”, incapable of doing anything. A monad in fact consists of infinite numbers: infinite positive real numbers; infinite negative real numbers; infinite positive imaginary numbers; infinite negative imaginary numbers, all of which cancel to

ZERO. It is precisely because all of a monad’s “parts” (they are dependent rather than independent parts) necessarily and inescapably sum to zero that it is simultaneously “nothing” and “something”. You cannot remove any of its parts because you would then destroy its overall nothingness (it would no longer equal zero). In terms of sufficient reason, if a monad contains ONE number, there is no sufficient reason why it shouldn’t contain infinite numbers, but there IS a sufficient reason why all of those numbers must cancel to zero. If they didn’t, the monad wouldn’t be a “zero” – a dimensionless entity. It would be divisible rather than indivisible, hence wouldn’t be the most basic unit of existence. Numbers can ontologically be defined in terms of amplitudes and frequencies, i.e. numbers are inherently linked to waves. Numbers in fact are cosine and sine energy waves (defined by Euler’s Formula: eix = cos x + i sin x). They are not abstract symbols on pieces of paper. Such marks obscure what numbers are in their real, ontological sense: ENERGY, specifically wave energy (which is the only type of energy). A monad is therefore a dimensionless mathematical point with infinite mathematical wave energy of four distinct types (positive real, negative real, positive imaginary and negative imaginary), that all mathematically cancel to zero (real energy is based on cosine waves and imaginary energy on sine waves). Hence, it’s a point with infinite energy capacity and yet zero net energy! The mystery of existence – of how there is “something” rather than “nothing” – is contained in that mathematical paradox. This is the most certain and fundamental truth of existence. Yet it is a truth accessible only to reason. It can NEVER be subjected to a scientific experiment. In any case, science explicitly rejects the existence of anything dimensionless and unobservable (thus science will never be a means of understanding rational reality.) Science cannot explain why there is something rather than nothing. It simply talks about randomness and “quantum fluctuations”. Where are the laws that control randomness and quantum fluctuations? A deadly silence. In science, the Leibnizian concept of the “sufficient reason” – the bedrock of logic and causality – is rejected. For Leibniz, the world is not a place where randomness reigns. It’s a place of absolute logic and reason. For science, the world is based on “magic” (or “randomness” as they call it), where things happen at the

quantum level for no sufficient reason at all. It’s outrageous that scientists lay claim to rationality when they are in fact a priesthood of magicians who think that the material universe can be summoned from absolute nothingness thanks to “fluctuations” undergoing “inflation”. Fluctuations in what? Inflation of what? And what is “it” (whatever it may be!) inflating into?

***** An infinity of dimensionless points comprises … a dimensionless point! But this “collective” dimensionless point is different from all the individual dimensionless points. In set theory, a set doesn’t need to include itself as a member: the set of all penguins is not a penguin. A point that contains all points need not be the same as the points. The point that contains all monads is not itself a monad in the strict sense. Leibniz called this point “Alpha”. It’s the only point that’s not a monad; instead, it’s made of monads. Alpha is the point that contains all points, and is different from all the points. It’s equivalent to a Gestalt: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The Alpha is made of monads but is greater than the monads. Sometimes it is referred to as the Monad (with a capital “M” to distinguish it from ordinary monads); it is therefore the Monad of monads, the God of gods. Where each monad is an individual mind, the Monad is the Mind of minds. Where monads are composed of the stuff of minds, so to speak, the Monad is composed of minds themselves and reflects all of the thinking in the universe. It is the ultimate and unique God. It is the Monadic Whole. It is the level above minds. It is the Mind Collective. We can think of the collective Monad as being in a feedback relationship with the individual monads. As each monad evolves, its more advanced state is reflected in the Monad, and this is true of all the monads. But the Monad can then reflect itself back to the monads, and reveal to each monad the development of ALL monads, leading to accelerated evolution of the whole monadic ensemble. The Leibnizian Alpha is the Kabbalistic Aleph, which, in turn is the Neoplatonic “One”. It is the origin, the source of all. It contains all. It is everything. Although Leibniz originally defined monads as formally unique, in his final, unpublished (and complete) version of his Monadology, he considered

that in practice there would be two types: indistinguishable and distinguishable. Monads would all begin as perfectly blank (pure potential), all occupying the same “location” (the cosmic dimensionless point), and hence it would be impossible to differentiate between them. Something would be required to allow them to express unique qualities and make them distinguishable. This situation neatly corresponds to the concept in modern physics of two fundamental types of particles: “fermions” (matter particles) and “bosons” (force particles). Any number of bosons can occupy the same state while fermions are subject to an “exclusion principle” which means that nothing else can occupy any fermion’s state, making it unique (more exactly, the state itself rather than the fermion is unique). “Bosonic” monads are defined as being indistinguishable from each other and sharing the same coordinates. “Fermionic” monads are those that have unique coordinates, which no other monads are allowed to copy (just as no fermionic matter particle can have the same quantum numbers as any other fermionic matter particle, meaning that every fermionic state is unique). The mathematical function of the Alpha Point (the Neoplatonic “One”) is simply to convert bosonic monads into fermionic monads by assigning them unique coordinates (which it alone can do because it has an overview of all monads). In Neoplatonism, the “One” is the pleroma, the plenum, the fullness, the completeness, the Whole. It is the region of the divine light. It is the existential source of life itself. The One is alive and is composed of infinite life forms – souls. It is the Soul domain, yet its resident souls are not fully-fledged, conscious souls. Rather, they are elementary minds full of potential, and the processes of existence are such as to convert this potential into actualisation. The “One” is the spiritual source of everything that emanates from the pleroma. It is the ultimate source of cosmic illumination, and it can be contrasted with the spiritual darkness of all those who don’t understand the “One”. The Neoplatonic “One” is known by various other names: 1) the Monad

2) the Alpha 3) the Aleph 4) the Singularity 5) the Genesis Singularity 6) the God Singularity 7) the Origin 8) the Source

***** The second element of Neoplatonism – the first emanation of the “One” – is the Mind/Spirit known as Nous. This is the divine mind that contains all of the perfect Platonic Forms. It thinks at infinite speed since it understands all things perfectly – except the One itself, which it endlessly contemplates. It can’t grasp the One because the One is quintessentially infinite to the uttermost degree (“bad” infinity rather than “good” infinity”) and such an infinity defies comprehension. Minds, in order to understand things, are necessarily in the business of individuating things, limiting things, finitizing them, drawing boundaries around things, separating them. How could any mind hope to say anything meaningful about infinite infinity? You can give it a label, but you can’t seem to do anything else with it. Yet you can know something about it. The infinite is nothing but the limitless repetition of the finite. A mind, by grasping the finite, rationally understands the infinite (as above, so below; as finite, so infinite), but it can never truly confront infinite infinity directly. It’s unfathomable. That’s why the Nous is engaged forever in contemplating the eternal enigma of the “One”. Where the “One” is infinite infinity (bad infinity), the Nous is finite infinity (good infinity). The Nous is the prerequisite for a demarcated, comprehensible universe. Otherwise, incomprehensible infinity overwhelms everything. The Nous is the mathematical mind of God. It is the whole of mathematics presented as one, instantaneously and forever. It is

unconscious. It might be conceived in terms of the ultimate supercomputer working at infinite speed across infinity. Mathematically, the Nous is simply a perfect arrangement of mathematical points (monads) in a perfect Cartesian arena. In Illuminism, the Cartesian arena is defined as six-dimensional (three real number axes and three imaginary number axes) since this is the optimal number in which physical reality can be played out. However, although the first six coordinates are the critical ones in terms of materialism, there’s no reason why a monad can’t have infinite coordinates and belong to an infinitely dimensional mathematical space (“Hilbert space”). Unless a sufficient reason can be given why a limited number of coordinates should be applied to a monad, then an infinite number must be assigned (even if in practice most are superfluous).

The Magic of Six Six has numerous fascinating properties, a few of which are listed below: 1) Six equals the sum of its three proper divisors (1, 2 and 3), hence is a so-called “perfect” number, of which it is the smallest. 2) It is the first number which is neither a square number nor a prime number. 3) Six is the first “biprime” (created by multiplying two primes; in this case, 2 and 3). 4) It’s the only number that is both the sum and the product of three consecutive positive numbers (1, 2 and 3). 5) In physics, there are 6 types of “quark” and 6 types of “lepton” (quarks and leptons are the two kinds of fermions (matter particles)). 6) 6 is the atomic number of carbon, the basic atom of human life. 7) Arguably, there are six forces: electricity, magnetism, weak force, strong force, gravity and mind (culminating in consciousness and free will). 8) 6 is the number of Patrick McGoohan’s legendary character in The Prisoner.

9) Six is the number of faces of the cube. So, Nous – the Divine Mind – is none other than the Cartesian Coordinate Grid, so familiar from school. It is an ONTOLOGICAL grid, i.e. it actually exists, and on a cosmic scale (indeed it defines the cosmos). The whole of physical reality plays out within this perfect mathematical arena, in which all of the laws of mathematics are inbuilt. It is of course an immaterial arena; it is purely mental because it is made of a perfect array of monads (minds). Moreover, it is alive! It is a living mathematical six-dimensional grid, containing all of the laws of mathematics that, in turn, define the laws of physics (of Nature, the material world). Thus, the physical world is actually a mental construct, and all physical things take place within a perfectly constructed mental grid. The Nous is like the “God” of Bishop Berkeley that observes everything at all times, thus ensuring objective reality. Where does energy come from? From monads – from minds. All energy is fundamentally mental. So why do we think of energy as being nonmental? The answer is “objective mathematics”. When mental energy from any monad finds itself travelling through the Cartesian arena, it is no longer subjective, unextended and mental; it is objective, extended and “physical”. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a physical world. The word “objective” is far more accurate and suitable, i.e. there is a subjective world of zero and infinity (mind), and an objective world of all the numbers in between (which is wrongly called physical or material; in truth, it’s just a special type of mental existence). The Cartesian arena itself is what is responsible for space and time, for individuation, for “materialism”, for an objective world. The Cartesian arena imposes “extension” on things – it creates Pythagorean distances between different entities. It thus establishes ALL of the ingredients necessary for an objective, “physical” world.

The Power of Zero Kant said that minds create phenomenal reality by imposing structures on an unknowable, noumenal (“true”) reality. We say that the CartesianLeibnizian mind-manifold, of its essence, creates the “phenomenal”, scientific, material world. We have thus rendered the noumenal domain

entirely knowable and shown how the phenomenal domain is its logically inevitable consequence. The phenomenal world is a mathematical product of the noumenal word, hence is formulated according to the laws of mathematics. Naturally, a conscious mind in the phenomenal world will find mathematics everywhere – what is nature if not a mathematical wonderland? Space and time are not Kantian “intuitions” given to minds as prerequisites for understanding the phenomenal world. Rather, space and time are actual, objective properties of the Nous, the cosmic mathematical mind. Individual minds don’t invent space and time. It’s objectively out there, created by the collective mind of the knowable, but unobservable, noumenal world. As soon as you have two entities with unique coordinates, you have an objective mathematical distance between them, which, in a flat topology, can be directly measured via Pythagoras’s theorem. Things separated by distance have “extension”, i.e. belong to the Cartesian extended, material world. It really is as simple as that. Non-extension corresponds to zero separation between things – because they all share the same coordinates (or their coordinates are so perfectly balanced in terms of real and imaginary numbers that they cancel each other out), and extension corresponds to distances between things arising from their different coordinates. Thus, you have a staggeringly simple and irrefutable mathematical description of the Cartesian mind-body problem, of a mental domain versus a physical domain (more accurately, a subjective domain versus objective domain – because zero and infinity are the numbers of subjective mathematics, and all other numbers belong to objective mathematics). Existence is predicated on ZERO, the most important number of all. Without zero literally nothing is possible (which is the supreme irony given that zero IS nothing!). The key feature of zero in relation to physical reality is that each zero in a Cartesian arena can be assigned a unique set of coordinates, and can be INFINITESIMALLY close to another point. This provides the essential framework in which calculus is possible. Any proposed theory in which infinitesimals are not present is ipso facto false. In particular, M-theory – the great hope of materialist science for creating a unified final theory, is false from the outset because its whole purpose is to abolish zero! Why? Purely because science can’t tolerate division by zero.

The whole of modern physics now revolves a fanatical ideological belief that division by zero is ontologically impossible. This is a faith-based position. You can’t abandon reality simply to make your calculations easier! Einstein was certain that black holes – a prediction of his own gravitational theory – couldn’t exist. He was wrong. In exactly the same way, division by zero – which in fact is the essence of black holes – is true despite the unanimous hostility of the physics community (as blind to reality as Einstein was). Not only did Einstein deny black holes, he also denied the expanding universe (the biggest blunder of his life, so he said), and, even more seriously, quantum mechanics. If such a brilliant and innovative scientist as Einstein can be so badly mistaken, why should we place any confidence in radically inferior scientists? Einstein at least tried his hand philosophically (though not particularly successfully); most contemporary scientists dismiss philosophy out of hand. When will physicists face facts and leave behind their blind, irrational, faith-based position? It’s time to recognise the supreme power of ZERO! Why are scientists so horrified by division by zero? – because this calculation is the most incredible and far-reaching of all. It’s the mindmatter interface, the place where subjective and objective mathematics collide. As soon as any calculation delivers a result of infinity (division by zero) or of zero (division by infinity), it signals that mind has been invoked.

The Psyche The third key element in Neoplatonism is the Psyche (Soul). This is split into two: a unitary higher soul (the World Soul) and a fragmentary lower soul comprising the souls of all individual things. Neoplatonism asserts that just as the Nous is an emanation of the “One” (and contemplates the “One”), so the Psyche is an emanation of the Nous (and contemplates the Nous). The key difference between Nous and Psyche is that the Nous uses all Platonic Forms (the whole of mathematics) at once, whereas the higher Psyche, being one level removed from the Nous, is alienated from the Nous and has to consider each Form in turn (i.e. has to methodically work its way through the laws of mathematics, without grasping the entirety of mathematics via super intuition). The higher level of the Psyche is the discursive mathematical mind to which our higher selves all have contact. Mathematicians, scientists and philosophers are those who most accurately reflect the higher Psyche, and

sometimes they can even gain an intuitive glimpse of the distant Nous and make wondrous intellectual breakthroughs. All geniuses are those who have been able to penetrate beyond the Psyche to the Nous itself. They achieve an instant answer to some problem, but it often overwhelms them, and many great thinkers become mentally disturbed. No one can remain in contact with the Nous for more than a moment, and they can process only a tiny amount of the information contained within the Nous. Remember, the WHOLE of mathematics is present in the Nous, the mathematical and scientific solutions to EVERYTHING. The uttermost secrets of existence are contained in the Nous, and we have access to them via the higher Psyche. Only members of the Logos species have meaningful access to the higher Psyche; Mythos people are completely separated from it and might be said to actively fear and loathe it. In Jungian terms, the Nous is about intuition while the higher Psyche is about reason (thinking). So where are the feelings and senses? – the fragmentary lower soul. This is the seat of Will, of desires, feelings and the sensory experience. It is the domain of emotional narrative – Mythos. It is superstitious, ignorant, faith-based, irrational and animalistic, i.e. perfect for mainstream religion. The lower soul is literally dragging us down into spiritual darkness, animalism, stupidity and unreason. The higher soul, on the other hand, is rationally raising us up. Therefore, Logos thinkers are enlightened higher humanity, and Mythos thinkers are lower humanity, closer to animals than angels. The future progress of humanity – if we are to have any future of progress, that is – will be about the increasing power and dominance of the Logos thinkers, and the fading away into oblivion of ludicrous, superstitious belief systems such as Abrahamism (religion for stupid people). Whom does Satan find it easier to manipulate: those of higher or lower soul? Logos thinkers are almost immune to Satan while lower-souled Mythos people actively worship him (Abrahamism = Devil worship).

***** The Nous is composed of all fermionic monads, all acting in concert. It is a united mind with infinite power. Yet all of the monads can operate individually as well as collectively. The higher Psyche consists of all monads engaged in the common activity of contemplating the Nous. To that

extent, they form a collective, yet they do not directly cooperate, hence are much less effective than the Nous. Psyche, the Higher Soul, knows what is required of it, but doesn’t know how to go about it most effectively. It is discursive reason rather than turbo-charged intuition. Intuition is the highest possible mode of thinking. It is “God thinking”. With intuition, the mind can roam across all information at once, at infinite speed.

Nature The Psyche also has an emanation: Nature, the material world. Energy contained within the monads floods out into the Cartesian arena, creating extended, material objects. Material objects are the focus of the fragmented souls of the lower Psyche. These souls do not have any collective purpose. They are all individualists. They all look “down” rather than “up”, and are concerned with the things of the world. They want to experience the world via a body. According to ancient Gnosticism, they are consumed with lust and desire for material things. It’s the constant attempts by lower Psyche souls to take meaningful control of bodies that constitutes the process of evolution and the development of biological life. Eventually, the most powerful souls have living bodies that they can use as vehicles of their will and to explore their desires. Weaker souls are left to inhabit plants, rocks, dirt – whatever else exists. There, they are unconscious and can be effectively discounted. Normally, the task of an emanation is to gaze upwards to contemplate the higher source that gave birth to it. In the case of Nature, it does NOT look up to the higher Psyche. Rather, most individual souls have no interest in higher contemplation (which is always a rational activity). Most souls in Nature are irrational. In terms of Jungian psychology, we can offer a simple classification of souls: 1) Intuitive souls are the highest and have a link to the Nous level. (Dominant brain element = right hemisphere of cerebral cortex.) 2) Thinking souls are the second highest and have a link to the Higher Psyche level. (Dominant brain element = left hemisphere of cerebral cortex.)

3) Feeling souls are the third level and have potential to evolve into thinking souls. (Dominant brain element = limbic system, responsible for emotion.) 4) Sensing souls are the bottom level of human soul and are very close to the animal soul. (Dominant brain element = brain stem; Reptilian brain.) The greatest geniuses have the highest souls. All Logos thinkers belong to the top two soul categories. All Mythos people belong to the two bottom soul categories. Badly educated, aggressive young men are the classic Soul 4) representatives (excessive testosterone). Teenage girls, New Agers, hippies, “love and light” people, “unconditional love” people, are the classic Soul 3) representatives (excessive oestrogen and oxytocin). Scientists and academics are the classic Soul 2) representatives. Mathematicians, philosophers, composers, the highest poets and artists, are the archetypal Soul 1) representatives. In Gnosticism, Satan is called the ruler of the material world because this is the domain of the least Godly souls. It’s the place of irrational Will, desire, sensing and feeling rather than divine reason and intuition. Reason is toxic to Satan, which is why no Abrahamic “holy” texts contain any reason at all. Satan could easily be called the God of Unreason, or the Lord of Irrationality. He is the God of Will, Sensing, Feelings, of the Master-Slave dialectic. It’s no contradiction for Satan to speak of “unconditional love” because this is a phrase that has no rational content whatever, but it has tremendous emotional appeal for the irrational hordes. Satanic religions often talk of “love” while being ferociously unloving in their demonstrable conduct.

***** The “One” = the highest cosmic Soul level (God of Gods). The Nous = the second highest cosmic Soul level (Divine intuitive Mind). The Higher Psyche = the third highest cosmic Soul level (Rational Mind). The Lower Psyche = the fourth, the lowest, cosmic Soul level (Irrational mind of Will, Sensing and Feeling).

Satan rules the lowest Soul level, and Abraxas the highest. A Mythos world is always a Satanic world. A Logos world is directed towards Abraxas. In terms of monads (souls), existence has the following character: 1) All monads ultimately belong to the “One” (everything). 2) “Bosonic” monads – the proto monads – are assigned unique coordinates and become “fermionic” monads. Fermionic monads constitute a perfect Cartesian grid that is equivalent to the Neoplatonic Nous – the Divine Mind. The whole of physical reality unfolds within this flawless mathematical arena, which, by its very nature, encapsulates the entire laws of mathematics. 3) The energy contained within monads pours into the Cartesian arena and creates the material world of objects with which we are all familiar. 4) Monads and physical bodies are intimately linked (since physical bodies are composed of the energy content of monads), and exist in a feedback loop (mediated by mathematical Fourier transforms). Monads are able to control bodies. Monads, being dimensionless, are never actually in the physical world but, via Fourier transforms, they can be fully linked to the physical world. Anyone who understands Fourier transforms has no difficulty grasping the mind-body relationship. A monad can be considered to have several levels within it: 1) A “bosonic” level that it shares with all monads (the “One” level). This is the ultimate spiritual level (nirvana for Buddhists). 2) A “fermionic” level that it shares with all other fermionic monads (the Nous level). This is the intuitive level. 3) A rational level that it shares with all other monads on the Higher Psyche level. This is the basic Logos level. 4) An irrational level that it shares with all other monads on the Lower Psyche level. This is the basic Mythos level. 5) An unconscious, irrational animal level. 6) An unconscious, irrational plant level.

7) An unconscious, irrational, inorganic level. 8) The level of deep unconsciousness – the level at which monads operate as deterministic, scientific mechanisms. This is the default monadic mode of “thinking”. From these observations, it’s straightforward to see how humanity can develop a rigorous, integrated understanding of mathematics, science, philosophy, religion and psychology. As soon as the existence of “invisible”, experimentally undetectable monads is rationally and mathematically accepted, everything falls into its allotted place.

Hidden Mathematics The whole of mathematics, all the numbers and laws of mathematics, are locked inside unobservable monads, whose existence materialist science denies. In terms of the Monadology, existence comprises of nothing but monads and since each monad is encoded with the full laws of mathematics then the laws that control the “physical” universe are everywhere, embedded in everything. Mathematical laws are ontological. They can’t be escaped. Science cannot probe mathematics ontologically. It can’t reach that level given that it does not believe that such a level – beyond materialism – actually exists. Mathematics is 100% mental. Mathematics is nothing less than the natural language and structure of mind. Mathematics IS the mind. Humanity has long been baffled by the mind, but there is nothing baffling about it at all: it’s mathematics, and nothing else. Mathematics is to the mental arena what the Periodic Table is to chemistry. When science denies rational unobservables, when it denies the existence of mind independent of matter, what it is actually doing is denying the ontological existence of mathematics! Science is wholly dependent on mathematics and yet has ZERO understanding of what mathematics is and where it is. Science also has zero understanding of its own laws. It can’t point to where they are, and especially where they were prior to the Big Bang. It can’t explain why they are not material if only immaterial things exist. It can’t explain why they are eternal if only mortal material things exist. It can’t explain why scientific laws are ad hoc, arbitrary and have no necessary connections with each

other. Scientists have invented a “Multiverse” and claimed that there are infinite universes, each randomly containing its own set of arbitrary scientific laws. That is what happens when you revere randomness over sufficient reason. There is no sufficient reason for a Multiverse or for infinite different sets of scientific laws. Nothing could be in greater breach of Occam’s razor than randomness and Multiverses. In fact, they are the inverse of Occam’s razor: they multiply complications unnecessarily. Randomness and Multiverses are acts of sheer intellectual desperation. If you can’t explain something then say it is one instance of an infinite ensemble of all possible outcomes. That, in fact, is an anti-explanation. It’s the equivalent of giving the answer “God” to everything. It simply begs the question. Just as any reference to God as the explanation of everything evades the logical need to explain God himself, so any reference to ALL possibilities being realized evades any explanation of why that should be the case. But science has nowhere else to turn since it has denied God, mathematics, logic and sufficient reason! Illuminism, on the other hand, gives a sufficient reason for everything and states the precise logic involved. We have hidden nothing from view. In the God Series of books, we have shown how existence is logically inevitable. There is NOTHING random about it.

***** Physicists often say that the laws of physics break down at singularities. Of course, this is wholly false. What breaks down is not physics but the empiricist, materialist Meta Paradigm of physics. If this were simply replaced by a rationalist, idealist Meta Paradigm based on ontological mathematics, there would be no break down. Physicists are victims of their faith-based religious position of anti-mind. They simply need to replace their faith with reason. The Big Bang was a 100% mathematical event. By definition, empiricist materialist science cannot exist at a dimensionless point. It cannot exist at Time Zero, Space Zero … Ground Zero of the appearance of the physical universe. So, as things stand, science is inherently unable to explain the origin of our universe. No matter what success science has had, if it cannot explain where our universe comes from then it has no explanatory power at

all when it comes to the big issues of life. It is a small, limited, technical subject, incapable of addressing the central issues of our existence. Science has NOTHING to say about an event outside the parameters of science. Rather than face up to what this means, scientists have turned to their final folly – M-theory – which seeks to abolish zero, infinity and singularities (and thereby mind, life, consciousness and free will which are explicable only within a rationalist, idealist Meta Paradigm). M-theory is more or less insane. It is incompatible with mathematics (since it gets rid of most of mathematics, leaving only real numbers) and it tries to assert that a potentially infinite universe came from a very small, material (hence finite) primordial “atom”. To any philosopher who is scientifically literate, Mtheory is staggeringly stupid. It shows the lengths to which absolute faith in materialism drives people. Decades have been wasted on this silly theory. Many of the world’s finest minds have been worn out looking into this patent nonsense. If only these people were given a philosophical as well as scientific training, we could have been spared this farcical undertaking, which is 100% guaranteed to fail. Science, in rational terms, is nothing other than the mathematics of “extension”. Given that all of the most important issues are metaphysical (a word simply meaning “what come after physics”), science is a busted flush for anyone who seeks to know the final secrets of God. If existence cannot be explained mathematically, it cannot be explained at all. Mathematics alone has the necessary attributes to account for everything. What lies beyond science? Mathematics! Mathematics, it transpires, is what metaphysics is all about. Physics is merely a subset of metaphysics; it is the subset that deals with “extension”. That’s all it can ever be. It can never beat metaphysics. Science is the servant of mathematics, not its master. Are we clear? Science = physics (and chemistry). Mathematics = metaphysics. Biology = the interaction of physical chemistry and metaphysics (though no materialist biologists has understood this, hence why biology – the study of life – has manifestly failed to explain life, mind, consciousness and free will). When you grasp that mathematics is metaphysics, philosophy becomes critical. That’s why Illuminism can be called the philosophy (and religion) of ontological mathematics.

Science created a false alliance with mathematics. The subject that most naturally accompanies mathematics is in fact rationalist, idealist metaphysics. And who was the supreme champion of that approach? – LEIBNIZ! All roads lead back to Leibniz, the greatest genius of them all. What lies beyond mathematics? NOTHING. It is impossible for anything to be outside mathematics. It forms a perfect existential plenum. There are no gaps. There is nowhere left for any Abrahamic God to hide. If you want to understand existence, just consider the Big Bang Singularity itself. Leave aside all other considerations. The Big Bang Singularity is beyond the scope of science. It can never be explained within the materialist, empiricist Meta Paradigm of mainstream science. The Big Bang Singularity is a wholly mathematical object completely defined by just two numbers: zero and infinity. In those two numbers (which are the flip side of each other) lies the only conceivable explanation of everything. As philosophers have always known, the ultimate questions are the province of metaphysics. What they did not realise is that the quintessential metaphysical subject is not philosophy itself but mathematics. Science became successful as soon as it embraced mathematics, and now philosophy must do the same. When you study the philosophy of Kant, you see a metaphysical genius wrestling heroically with the fundamental issues of existence, but without the single tool he needed to succeed: mathematics. As soon as you apply mathematics to Kant’s philosophy, all of its errors and contradictions vanish. Of course, Leibniz had already provided the answers Kant was seeking. Leibniz was the genius who realised that the fundamental unit of mathematics (the point) was also the fundamental unit of metaphysics (the soul). As soon as the soul and mathematics become one and the same thing (ontological mathematics), everything also follows. Isn’t it simple? All the puzzles vanish by taking this one decisive step. It’s a step of hyperreason, not of faith, senses, feelings, materialism or empiricism. Humanity has failed to answer the big questions because it has failed to be sufficiently rational. It allowed idiotic, irrational Meta Paradigms to dictate to reason. Faith (religion) had open contempt for reason, and so did empiricism (science). Thanks to the unholy alliance of

religion and science, humanity has scrupulously evaded getting anywhere near God’s secret! So many Grail Questers failed because they were the victims of the Meta Paradigms to which they subscribed. All they had to do to find the Grail was use their reason. And that, seemingly, is the hardest thing of all for most human beings. M-theorists are extremely bright people and yet all of them are fundamentally irrational. To use that old cliché, none of them knows how to “think outside the box.” The box is any false Meta Paradigm. You can NEVER discover the truth until you adopt the right Meta Paradigm. That is RATIONALIST IDEALISM, based on mathematical metaphysics. Illuminism is the fullest and final expression of that Meta Paradigm. So, what’s it to be? – religion, science, or mathematical metaphysics. Those are your three choices. It’s time to make up your mind. It’s time to commit. It’s time to leap.

Surrogates In the film Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis, human beings live at home, lying on beds or in luxury chairs. They are wirelessly connected to a “surrogate” (extremely realistic android), which they operate by remote control, experiencing everything the surrogate experiences as if they were actually inside that body. This surrogate is a perfect version of themselves, or an avatar of someone else they would like to be (imagine if all the users of Second Life could bring their avatars to life). Life has become an immense fantasy lived at one level removed from the people themselves. The people are of course all atrophying. Most of them are terrified of going outside. If a surrogate dies, it can easily be replaced, but the original person cannot be replaced. This concept is not in fact too different from reality. Our soul is immortal in a dimensionless mental universe outside space and time. It uses surrogates (biological bodies) through which to live in the material world of space and time. As each surrogate dies, the soul simply acquires a new one (through reincarnation). Our minds remotely control our bodies (by Fourier transforms). They are not IN our bodies, but it seems as if they are. “Consciousness” is the wireless means by which our body is fooled into thinking that the mind is in the body rather than in a dimensionless mental domain.

Never forget. We are all IMMORTAL. Nothing can kill us. We are NOT our bodies. Bodies are simply disposable vehicles for our minds. We can keep replacing bodies until we have no further need of them. DNA is the biological information system that allows us to remotely control a body. A “Mind Master” is someone with such a powerful mind that he can literally take over someone else’s body. In some cases, he can even revive a dead body (some might suggest that the “resurrection” of Lazarus belongs to this category). “Angels” – phosters and archons – have that kind of power. Everyone in the world is very familiar with at least one archon … JESUS CHRIST! Phosters and archons are always taken to be godlike beings.

Evolution Cosmogenesis – birth of matter. Biogenesis – birth of life. Psychogenesis – birth of mind (consciousness). Noogenesis – birth of spirit (higher consciousness). The Omega Point (the Absolute) – Gnosis; God consciousness.

The Science Mythos The universe randomly appeared out of an inexplicable nothingness and, in due course, randomly generated life and consciousness (inexplicably from dead, mindless matter) as it meaninglessly heads towards inexorable, pointless heat death. Are you buying that? Once upon a time, humans believed that “spirits” controlled everything; now there are humans who believe that mind does not exist, consciousness does not exist and free will does not exist. From one extreme to the other! The science Mythos is almost as dumb as the religious Mythos. It’s the product of minds lacking imagination and intuition, and in thrall to their senses. It’s irrational to believe that human senses reveal all that exists. The senses are not “organs of truth”. They evolved to enhance human survival prospects, not to help us probe the rational basis of existence. That’s what our reason is for!

Henads Strictly speaking, when we say that everyone can become God, we mean that they can attain the level of what the Neoplatonists called Henads (this is the level of the ancient Greek Gods, the Abrahamist “God”, the Hindu Gods, the first Abraxas and so on). They cannot attain the status of God of Gods: the Supreme Abraxas. The First Abraxas is the first monad to attain Henad status and thus becomes the greatest influence on the evolving God of Gods, which is thus called Abraxas too, but then given the epithet Supreme Abraxas to distinguish it from the First Abraxas. Abraxas is the first and last God, the alpha and omega. The Neoplatonist philosopher Proclus referred to the First Henad as the “One” itself, and made observations that are more or less equivalent to what we have stated above: “Every particular intelligence participates in the first Henad (i.e. the One, or Absolute) both through the universal (Monadic) Intelligence and through the particular Henad it corresponds to; every particular soul participates in the universal (Monadic) Intelligence both through the Universal Soul and its own particular intelligence; and every corporeal nature participates in the universal Soul both through Universal Nature and through a particular soul.” – Proclus A fascinating element of what Proclus says here is that Henads are intermediates between the “One” and us. We can think of Henads as monads that have reached an optimal condition in terms of some quality of the personality (they are akin to personified Platonic Forms). For example, Satan is the limit of the “master” process: it would be impossible to imagine a more powerful “master” persona than that of the Abrahamic God who orders his followers to murder their children, and expects them to obey without question to prove their obedience to his will. Lucifer, conversely, is the quality of altruism taken to its extreme. If the hippies and New Agers worship anyone, it ought to be Lucifer since she (Lucifer, in truth, is quintessentially female) stands for “love and light”, “unconditional love”, “togetherness” , “bonding”, “empathy”, “sympathy”, “oceanic feelings”, “do as you would be done by”.

Apollo is the Henad of Reason, Dionysus is the Henad of Intoxication, Aphrodite is the Henad of Sexual Love, Ares is the Henad of War, and so on. Although all of these Henads are actual monads that have achieved a certain optimised condition (whether for good or ill since Henads are as “evil” as they are “good”), they also function as Jungian-style universal archetypes that influence all of us via the collective unconscious (which operates at the level of the lower Psyche’s unconscious stratum). In Julian Jaynes’s theory of bicameralism, the right hemisphere of the brain was said to dominate the left hemisphere and issue commands (via voices produced by auditory hallucinations) to the left, which then obeyed them slavishly, just as Abraham slavishly obeyed the voice of “God” that spoke to him inside his head. Abrahamism is the perfect model of bicameralism: Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammed were all prophets who heard “divine voices”; many Pentecostalists speak in “tongues” of supposedly external origin. Most mental illness involves “voices” of some kind. Bicameralism offers a fascinating vision of an evolving humanity in which inexperienced souls (monads) were guided and controlled by experienced souls (Henads), and consciousness arose when monads had become sufficiently experienced, at which point hemispheric dominance switched from right to left, and the voices fell largely silent (except in conditions such as schizophrenia, and phenomena such as hypnosis, where a powerful voice sends a conscious mind into a submissive, subconscious state).

The Zero Channel In a six-dimensional Cartesian domain of real and imaginary numbers, an extraordinary mathematical property manifests itself. The square of an imaginary number is a negative number, and in the calculation of the distance between two points, Pythagoras’s Theorem (involving squares) applies. Because the negative numbers produced by the squares of imaginary numbers can cancel out the positive numbers produced by the squares of real numbers, it can be mathematically shown that any two points at all can be connected by ZERO distance (either directly or via an appropriately chosen third point). In fact, there is a “zero channel” by which any point in the universe can be connected to any other point by no distance

at all, i.e. everything is mathematically connected, and all points exist, in one aspect of their mathematical existence, absolutely together, unseparated. This bosonic channel mathematically permits ALL of the phenomena associated with the paranormal. For sure, there is endless charlatanry involved in paranormal claims, but there is no question that a robust and rational mathematical mechanism exists for any two apparently separate things to communicate instantaneously. We see precisely this outcome in the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. EVERYTHING is entangled in these terms. Whether we can make any conscious, reliable use of such a channel is an entirely different matter, but nevertheless the possibility is assuredly there on a respectable scientific and mathematical basis. Nothing is more powerful than mathematics. The properties of real numbers, imaginary numbers, positive and negative numbers, zero and infinity are simply staggering. The direct symmetry of positive and negative numbers ensures that everything always cancels to zero. The symmetry of the SQUARES of real numbers and imaginary numbers offers another astounding route to zero. In essence, all mathematical roads lead to zero, and the reverse side of zero is infinity. Illuminism is the religion of zero and infinity. A universe based entirely on numbers – and nothing else – offers infinitely more mystery, majesty and astounding phenomena than anything else ever could. The inevitable association of zero and infinity with SUBJECTIVITY (the domain of mind) while all other numbers are associated with OBJECTIVITY (the domain of matter), offers a complete mathematical explanation of the mind-body problem, especially when we grasp that mathematical functions OUTSIDE space and time can be related to corresponding signals INSIDE space and time via the Fourier transform. The concept of the TRANSFORM is one of the most important of all, yet is almost entirely ignored because people are so mathematically ignorant. People are permanently befuddled by the concept of the soul and how it can possibly relate to the material world. Atheists dismiss the soul as superstitious, unverifiable, anti-scientific nonsense and the mainstream religions proclaim that the soul is purely a matter of irrational faith. Both are wrong. The soul – the monad, the mathematical point – is the most basic thing of all. It is the basis of mathematics and of existence itself (which is simply ontological mathematics).

The soul is mysterious only insofar as the mathematical properties of zero and infinity are mysterious. Yet that’s the entire beauty of mathematics. That’s why we have a wondrous, living world rather than a dead machine world. Without zero and infinity, without negative and imaginary numbers, the world could simply not exist. The world of real numbers alone, envisaged by scientific materialists, is mathematically impossible and hence existentially impossible. M-theory can never work or make any sense at all because of its mathematical incompleteness. Above all, mathematics cannot exist without zero and infinity. You have grasped everything when you have understood that existence is nothing other than LIVING MATHEMATICS, that zero/infinity is the principle of life itself, that all other numbers are energy (waves) and are contained within monads but can interact with numbers inside other monads via the creation of a flawless Cartesian arena where everything in the physical world unfolds. All of life and existence is mathematical. The culmination of evolution is when: 1) individual monads comprehend that they are mathematical souls and 2) the whole universe recognises consciously that it is mathematical: when mathematics knows itself as mathematics. “The goal … is Absolute Knowledge or Spirit knowing itself as Spirit...” – Hegel Absolute Knowledge is mathematics itself, and Absolute Spirit is mathematics in its living, conscious aspect. “This chalice of God’s plenitude Yields foaming His Infinitude” – Schiller Mathematics is God: God as potential that evolves into God actualised. That is the divine journey. Nothing can match the power of mathematics. All other systems are mere pretenders and false claimants. Mainstream religions are absurd. Unless a religion can be expressed mathematically, it must be dismissed as dangerous, irrational, superstitious, ignorant Mythos. Science – which regards itself as factual and truthful – is yet another pretender. All of science’s power derives from mathematics, so why not face the reality that science is but the puppet and mathematics the puppet master. Why bother with the phenomenal monkey show when you can go straight to the noumenal organ grinder?

Mathematics, and nothing else, defines existence. Mathematics is the language of existence. Mathematics IS existence. Mathematics is alive and has a Super Mind, made of countless other minds. That is the answer to EVERYTHING. Theoretical physicist Max Tegmark made a statement completely compatible with Illumination when he said, “For me, math is the window on our universe. It’s the master key to understanding what’s out there. … Why are we discovering more and more mathematical regularities out there? What’s it telling us? I think our universe isn’t just described by math, I think it is math. I think our entire universe is a giant mathematical structure that we’re part of and that’s the reason why the more we study physics the more mathematical regularities we keep discovering. I think the universe is a mathematical object. It’s just out there existing in a sort of Platonic sense. It’s not that it’s existing inside of space and time but space and time exist inside of it. But that really changes our perspective. That really means that reality is very different from how it seems. If I’m wrong, it means that fundamental physics is eventually going to reach a roadblock beyond which we just can’t understand reality any better. If I’m right then there is no roadblock and everything is in principle understandable to us, and I think that will be wonderful because then we will only be limited by our own imagination.” Tegmark is absolutely right, and Illuminism is his vision brought to life. Mathematics is eternal, immutable, flawless and true by necessity. It has no need of “faith”, the most anti-mathematical thing there is. It has no need of experiments, empiricism, scientific provisionalism and contingency. It has no need of the fallible, flawed, deceptive human senses. Reason alone is all we need to embrace the domain of absolute, imperishable mathematical truth and perfection. Existence has the perfect black sense of humour. It chose to hide the truth of reality in plain view of everyone. It put the truth where virtually no one could see it, not because it was invisible but because people regarded it as some monstrous Medusa, something upon which they dared not gaze, from which they turned away in revulsion. The perfect hiding place for anything is mathematics – because it is the most hated subject on earth. Stupid people will cling forever to faith, Mythos and emotional slush rather than venture through the forbidden gates of the temple of mathematics. If Moses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed had said that mathematics was the

truth of existence, they wouldn’t have had a single follower. Yet Pythagoras dared to say exactly that, hence is the first great human being. Mathematics is perfection. Its static laws are eternally perfect and its living aspect is evolving towards perfection. What could be more perfect than a self-solving cosmic equation? What else can give an infallible, perfect answer except mathematics? Perfection is the essence of mathematics. If mathematics is not God, what is? What could be more inherently perfect than mathematics? What God could beat mathematics? Mathematics would chew up the Abrahamic God in a second and spit him out. Nothing can beat mathematics. It is the supreme power. Nothing is more apparent than that the perfection that humanity seeks is contained in mathematics. Mathematics goes from zero to infinity in all directions. There’s no room for anything else. Mathematics covers everything. Mathematics is everything. There are no gaps into which anything else can slide. There are no spaces at all in the adamantine mathematical edifice. Quite simply, mathematics has no rivals. Nothing else can compete with it. Nothing else can match its power and its extraordinary qualities, the endless paradoxes it throws up as an essential aspect of its nature. For some bizarre reason, science has displaced mathematics as the subject we look to for “facts”, and yet the only facts science has to offer are those of mathematics. Mathematics exists perfectly happily without science; science doesn’t exist at all without mathematics (except as alchemy). So which is the real deal? The scientific community has inverted the truth. It is mathematics’ apprentice, not the other way around. Mathematics is the grand sorcerer. We must escape from the Newtonian version of empirical science and embrace Leibnizian rational science. Leibniz must be recognised as the greatest genius of all. Leibniz built his entire philosophy, religion and mathematics around the monad – zero/infinity – and thus he was able to discover the greatest mathematical tool of all: calculus. Calculus is an inherently monadic instrument. Only when Leibniz displaces Newton and Einstein, only when mathematics displaces science, only when mathematics becomes the essence of philosophy, religion and psychology, will the world be able to

rally around the true Theory of Everything: Leibnizian Illuminism. Which is to say, living, ontological mathematics. Mathematics is the only subject which offers absolute, eternal certainty. Why haven’t people woken up to that? Why do they remain glued to irrational faith on the one hand and contingent empiricism on the other?

***** Any religion that cannot be recast in mathematical form is inherently false. Abrahamism has zero mathematical content hence must be 100% rejected. The Eastern religions can be recast mathematically, but then they would be identical to Illuminism. So, the time has come for Illuminism to become the World religion, the religion of absolute, unarguable truth and certainty, the religion of perfect rationalism, the world’s only Logos religion. It’s time to be ILLUMINATED. It’s time to bathe in the divine, eternal light of mathematics, to let the cosmic ocean of numbers wash over you. “All things are numbers.” – Pythagoras. This was the first truly divine statement ever uttered by a human being.

***** Mathematics is the most beautiful thing of all. As Proclus said, “Wherever there is number, there is beauty.” It is staggeringly economical, elegant, efficient, seamless and perfect. Leibniz required of the best possible world that it should be, “the simplest in hypotheses and richest in phenomena.” Mathematics is unquestionably that. It is peerless. One of the great enigmas is how mathematics fits in with the mindmatter dualistic picture. The answer is that mathematics is the tertium quid – “the third thing” – the ground of both mind and matter, and which accounts for both. Mind is subjective mathematics (zero and infinity); matter is objective mathematics. (At another level, we can equate the whole of mathematics directly with mind, and matter then becomes a purely mental construct.) Why is mathematics so deeply ingrained the world? Because the world is quintessentially mathematical. How else can the endless mathematical patterns all around us be explained unless everything is mathematical, obeying mathematical laws? How can reason unlock the mysteries of the

universe if the universe is not itself absolutely rational? And if it is absolutely rational then everything about it can ipso facto be known by a sufficiently powerful rational mind. How did mathematics ever come into being if the universe is not mathematical? What could possibly create it? How, in principle, can mathematics be created? Its truths are eternal and necessary, not temporal and contingent. Nothing can create that which is eternal. Nothing can precede eternity. Anything eternal cannot be “begotten”. The world went disastrously wrong by treating mathematics as dead rather than alive, as an abstraction rather than an ontological reality, as a construction rather than existential. It was as though the writing down of numbers and the drawing of graphs externalised mathematics and made it seem something separate from the world, rather than what the world is actually made of.

The Six Answers There are only six possible answers to Life, the Universe and Everything. 1) 42 (!) 2) The Abrahamists claim that an irrational, wilful being demanding universal worship is the answer. The existence of this being makes no rational sense and cannot be rationally explained, but no Abrahamist cares. Abrahamists have contempt for reason and promote irrational “faith”. It’s impossible to imagine a more grotesque “answer” than this. 3) Eastern religions do not seek to know the answer. Rather, they seek to be the answer. They want to enter into mystical union with the ultimate source of existence, and they seek to achieve this through meditation, asceticism and self-denial. They don’t study mathematics, science and philosophy, and, to that extent, they are irrationalists. 4) Fantasists, conspiracy theorists, researchers into “the mysteries”, psychics, clairvoyants, scientologists and so forth have assorted idiosyncratic and ad hoc answers, none of which is rationally tenable.

5) Scientific materialists, atheists, agnostics and skeptics do not believe in a definitive answer. They subscribe to an evolving “best answer”, which can never arrive at a final destination of absolute certainty. Science is proud to say that any answer it gives is “refutable” (falsifiable), meaning that, at any time, any experimental evidence that contradicts the established theory can overturn it. There is no such thing as definitive truth in science. “Truth” is always provisional. You could never die certain in the truths of science since there aren’t any. The best you can do, as you close your eyes for the last time, is say, “Well, science is probably right … but who knows?” Do you find that appealing? 6) Mathematics is the only answer that is 100% definitive. It furnishes certainty. The truths of mathematics are analytic, not synthetic. They do not rely on senses, experiments, faith or anything else. They are necessarily true. They are true by definition. No possible doubt, debate or disagreement is possible. They are eternally true. They are immutable. They belong to the perfect Platonic domain of Truth. Mathematics is flawless and all embracing. Nothing is more comprehensive than mathematics. In truth, humanity has barely scratched the surface of what mathematics has to offer. Mathematics allows a mind to achieve absolute control over matter, and a being with such control becomes God. God has absolute knowledge because he knows mathematics absolutely. Unlike science, mathematics is not falsifiable. It is certain. It is eternally certain. Mathematics is indisputable. Critics of mathematics have complained that it offers only certainty regarding mathematics itself, hence is “empty” knowledge, unrelated to the world we actually inhabit. But, of course, the whole point of the religion and philosophy of mathematics is that mathematics is the arche – the fundamental substance of existence. Since mathematics is existence itself, there is no such thing as a world outside mathematics, a world to which the absolute certainties of mathematics do not apply. Mathematics does indeed offer certainty only regarding itself, but that is EVERYTHING given that everything is mathematical. Illuminist Gnosticism revolves entirely around mathematics. Mathematics, as the sole ontological reality, constitutes a self-contained, complete,

fully comprehensive, absolutely certain and eternally true Grand Unified Theory of Everything. Those are your choices for how you live your life. Will you be an Abrahamist, an Eastern mystic, a conspiracy theorist/fantasist, a scientist/atheist or a mathematician/Gnostic? Apart from “42”, there really are no other alternatives. You have your five options. Make your selection and live your life according to it. What you choose will depend on how rational you are. The least rational will be Abrahamists, followed by conspiracy theorists, followed by Eastern mystics, followed by scientists. The most rational will be the mathematicians. That’s a fact. Mathematicians are closer to becoming God than anyone else. Unfortunately, that’s why many go mad. They are overwhelmed by a glimpse of the dazzling light of the pleroma. Musicians can achieve an auditory mathematical connection with the pleroma – and many of them go mad too! The patron saint of mad mathematicians and musicians is Icarus who flew too close to the sun. Illuminism is the religion of mathematics, the fruition of the original vision of Pythagoras, the discoverer of the awesome, existential significance of mathematics. Embrace the light of reason. Become an Illuminist. We are the Enlightenment. We are the Enlightened. What could be more sane, humane, rational, progressive, powerful and creative than a mathematically literate humanity? It’s time to abandon the ignorance, superstition, faith, unreason and empiricism of the past. It’s time for rational certainty. It’s time to become God. Never forget – you are immortal. You cannot die. Why? Because you are a fundamental, mathematical life force, a Leibnizian monad. The numbers ZERO and INFINITY, the divine numbers of the soul, define you. You do not exist in the physical world, so you cannot perish. You are not dependent on anything else for your existence. Nothing created you and nothing can annihilate you. You have the potential to become God if you actualise all of your abilities. Illuminism requires you to worship NO ONE, to pray to NO ONE, to beg NO ONE for favours and divine help. You are never required to bow, kneel or prostrate yourself. There are no prophets you must listen to, no “holy” texts you must revere, no priest, popes and preachers to boss you around. There is a Grand Master of Merit, but he is your expert guide not your master. Illuminism is a religion of absolute freedom and self-

actualisation. The texts you read are those of mathematics, science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history – and whatever else interests you. Although Illuminism is all about Logos, it appreciates the need for Mythos, and it seeks to create greater and more wondrous stories than ever before. To find the truth of existence, it’s necessary to go to extremes. The Abrahamists go to the extreme of investing all power, knowledge and goodness in one allegedly perfect, eternal being. This is “Personal Being” extremism. The Eastern mystics go to the extreme of promoting an eternal Oneness that underlies everything and to which everything returns, and to which everyone can enter into a transcendent union. This is “Perfect Oneness” extremism. Conspiracy theorists go to the extreme of conceiving of some perfect conspiracy, behind which is some super secret and all-powerful cabal (probably alien) which has all the answers. This is “Perfect Cabal” extremism. Scientists go to the extreme of denying that there is any final, definitive answer. Every answer is provisional and capable of being falsified. This is “Perfect Provisionalism” extremism. The Illuminati take mathematics to its extreme and declare everything to be mathematical. Absolute knowledge is available in Illuminism because absolute knowledge is absolute knowledge of mathematics. This is “Perfect Mathematics” extremism. This approach simply cannot be pushed any further. So, these are the five extremes, and none can go any further. They have all reached their limit. There are no other extreme possibilities. You have to opt for one of these. Who are in their right mind would challenge the mathematicians in their fortress on the heights, with their artillery trained in every direction? No one can defeat mathematics. No rational person could ever believe that there is something more rational than mathematics. How can anyone outreason reason itself? Mathematics IS reason. The Illuminati are 100% confident in mathematics. We have no doubts at all. Mathematics has no viable competition. Science is merely halfhearted mathematics, lacking rational rigour. Science succeeds only because

of mathematics and yet, like an ungrateful child, it refuses to honour its parent. Science envisages a scientific world that is extraordinarily mathematical and yet NOT mathematical. How can that be? What else is there other than mathematics? Where is this “science” that isn’t mathematical and points to some non-mathematical reality? What, is it alchemy? How can any credible scientific entity not be based on mathematics? So why not take the logical step and declare everything – the whole of science – to be mathematical? It’s a fanatical, faith-based ideological commitment to empiricism and materialism that prevents scientists from embracing Illuminism. They have no rational reason for rejecting mathematics; it’s just dogmatism on their part, devoid of logical grounds and sufficient reason. Scientists are woefully philosophically illiterate. What a tragedy it is for the world that scientists turned their back on reason and became a peculiar species of irrationalists whose only saving grace is that they rely on mathematical formulae. Scientists deny free will (because everything must happen according to materialist scientific laws that contain no scope for caprice). Scientists say that mind comes from non-mind (material atoms). Scientists say that life comes from death (lifeless material atoms). Scientists say that existence comes from non-existence. Whole universes can inflate out of some inexplicable quantum fluctuation that takes place outside space and time (because space and time are said not to come into existence until the Big Bang begins). The Big Bang is said to be controlled by physical laws, but where were these laws prior to the Big Bang in order to be able to control it? Since space, time and material didn’t exist before the Big Bang and everything is said to be material then how could any laws of physics exist at all? These scientific positions are rationally preposterous. Scientists never address them. These so-called questers for the truth refuse to engage with philosophical truth and peddle a scientific Mythos, a paradigm almost as pernicious as that of Abrahamism. Scientific empiricist materialism created atheism. Almost no one was an atheist until the rise of scientific empiricist materialism. Atheists base their whole defence on science, yet science isn’t a rational defence of anything at all. Anyone could drive a bus through the “logic” of science. Science is really just a linked narrative of ad hoc hypotheses linked by provisional experimental data. There is no certainty in the exercise. There are no absolute truths, no coherence, no necessary

connections between any parts of the paradigm, which is why the “laws” of science keep being overturned by new ad hoc hypotheses. This process can never deliver certainty.

Dark Energy Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy said to permeate all of space. It has a strong “negative pressure” (i.e. it acts repulsively rather than attractively – it’s “anti-gravity”), and its effect is to cause galaxies in the expanding universe to accelerate apart. Dark energy is a natural feature of a Neoplatonic view of the world. The “One” converts bosonic monads into fermionic monads at a constant rate, creating a “cosmological constant”. (Another way to think about the cosmological constant is that the Big Bang has never actually stopped.) As more and more spacetime is created, it has the effect of reducing gravity (simply by increasing the distance between objects), hence acts as a negative pressure, and whole galaxies start to accelerate apart. As time goes by, solar systems will start to feel the same effects, and then molecules, atoms and finally subatomic particles. The final effect of expanding spacetime is to destroy matter completely. Eventually, there’s just too much negative pressure for gravity to overcome. Nothing can cohere. Matter can’t clump together. Without their interaction with matter to individuate and define them, fermionic monads, in the end, become indistinguishable, i.e. they return to the same condition as bosonic monads, at which point the universe has returned to its beginning, and it will cycle on in the same way forever.

The Surprise Illuminism has an incredible surprise to reveal, perhaps the most astonishing of all. The universe consists of nothing but ONE POINT. The whole of existence unfolds within this one point – the Alpha, the Aleph, the “One”. All of mental existence, all of physical existence: it all takes place within just one point. That’s all that existence is – a single point. Of course, it’s a mathematical single point and that means that it can contain infinite other mathematical points. Although there’s an infinite array of points, they’re all still contained within a point. All of these points contain infinite numbers, which all cancel to zero because of positive/negative balance.

Although the infinite array of points creates a Cartesian arena in which the events of the physical world take place, this, if understood properly, is all still taking place within a single point – the Existential Singularity. When monads are assigned unique coordinates, they do not physically move to occupy that location. There’s no need. The mere possession of the coordinates is enough. Existence is about mathematical relations, and nothing besides. In the sense that nothing ever leaves the Singularity (the “One”), nothing actually moves at all. Parmenides was right all along that movement in any physical sense is impossible. Movement is a perfect mathematical illusion. In this sense, existence is eternal being. Yet, within the illusion, Heraclitus is right. The universe is nothing but eternal energy, eternal activity, eternal becoming. Yet this becoming is all mental, taking place within a static Singularity. There is no physical universe at all, no infinite expanse of space, no physical movement of any kind. Existence is wholly mental. Movement is mental. The infinite universe is solely mental. All movement takes place mentally – as thinking. The whole “physical” world is just a fantastic mental illusion, but one that is entirely objective. Reality all unfolds within a Singularity. Nothing ever escapes the Singularity. Existence is one point and one point alone, but it is a point that contains infinity in numerous different ways. The Singularity, at other level, is perpetually ZERO. It never deviates from zero. Zero is always conserved no matter what. The universe is literally composed of nothing at all. It has zero energy. The whole of existence – thanks to perfect symmetry – is both everything and nothing. As long as positive infinity cancels negative infinity, it’s possible for existence to be eternally nothing. In the Singularity, something and nothing come together perfectly – mathematically. That’s the only way something and nothing can coexist. That’s the only way everything and nothing can coexist. Leibniz asked why there was something rather than nothing and his final astounding answer was that there was neither something nor nothing, but both. They were inextricably linked by the properties of mathematics. They always coexist. They are indissoluble, just as zero and infinity cannot be found apart. In fact, zero and infinity stand for nothing and everything. We are all zeros living in a universe of zero, a zero Singularity, a zeroenergy universe that requires no work to be done to it in order to operate it. It’s the ultimate perpetual motion machine because a) it uses zero energy b) it isn’t physically moving at all and c) its mental movement cancels to zero.

The universe requires no energy, no effort to make it happen, no act of Creation. It exists because it requires nothing. It has the lowest possible energy state – zero. It can’t perish because it’s a single dimensionless point with no physical existence. Since it uses zero overall energy, it endures forever. It is self-powering, self-propelling, eternal. It is pure mental activity. It is both subjective and objective. It’s the objective aspect that constitutes what we experience as physical existence, and the subjective aspect is what we experience as mental experience. It is noumenon and phenomenon. It is inside space and time and outside space and time … all thanks to mathematics. Mathematics explains absolutely everything about existence. There are no mysteries at all to a mind that understands the whole of mathematics. Mathematics allows all of the paradoxes that have befuddled the human mind for millennia to be explained – because all of these paradoxes are contained in the properties of numbers. They are integral to the laws of mathematics. Leibniz died before he could fully grasp the significance of the new form of logic that was coming into view whereby two apparently opposite states could coexist. It was Hegel, with his dialectical logic – based on the reconciliation of opposites at higher and higher levels in a dialectical loop of thesis, antithesis and synthesis (which then becomes a new thesis) – who more or less completed the Illuminati’s project to know everything. If you read and understand Hegel’s philosophy from the perspective of the Leibnizian Neoplatonist mathematics that we have described, it will change your life. We are all part of an inevitable dialectical journey to perfection, to the Omega Point, the Absolute, the best of all possible worlds. The Alpha Point is also the Omega Point, but at an infinitely higher level of development. The Alpha Point is pure potential, and the Omega Point is pure actualisation. Alpha becomes Omega dialectically. Your soul is zero, and you are surrounded at this precise instant by infinite other zero-souls. You and the whole of “physical” existence are present in a single point. That’s why you can never die. Nothing ever truly dies in this universe. Death is simply transformation from one life to another. It’s never the end of life. The tunnel of light that people describe in Near Death Experiences is about the return to the pleroma, the fullness, the divine light.

We don’t deny for an instant that grasping that existence is just a single point of zero energy, comprised of infinite monads (life forces) is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to fathom. But if you approach the problem methodically, from the mathematical standpoint, and you study Eastern religion, Leibniz’s Monadology, Schopenhauer’s Will, Nietzsche’s Will to Power, Hegel’s Geist and quantum mechanics, you will begin to see that they are all saying exactly the same thing in different vocabularies. It’s all about the VOID. The Void contains everything and yet remains Void. The Void is the perfect plenum. Humanity has always intuited the truth of existence but it has never had sophisticated enough mathematics to express it. Leibniz, in his secret writings made available only to the Illuminati, was the genius who cracked it. Leibniz was the last universal genius. He understood perfectly ancient and medieval philosophy, and the modern philosophy of Descartes, Locke and Spinoza. He was a mathematical genius of the very highest order, and he understood the new Newtonian physics and its conceptual flaws perfectly. He was the best placed person to crack the problem of the Grand Unified Theory of Everything and he achieved it. The whole of humanity owes him the most enormous debt. Hegel, not a mathematical specialist, recast Leibniz’s system in a new vocabulary of dialectical evolution. His philosophy is awesome, but frequently he was wrestling with such difficult concepts that he couldn’t express them in an easily comprehensible way, and his philosophy is notorious for its opacity and difficulty. The present series of books (the God Series) is intended to express Leibniz’s and Hegel’s Illuminist ideas with sufficient clarity to bring Illuminism right into the 21st century… and bring about an intellectual revolution! If there’s one thing you have to bear in mind, it is this: mathematics is not abstract, it’s ontological. Once you realise that all the weird things such as zero, infinity, negative numbers and imaginary numbers are ontologically real, and all the mathematical oddities they reflect, on their own and in combination with other numbers, are all ontologically real too, you have seen the true face of reality. When, on pieces of paper, you write equations, draw graphs, plot charts, divide by zero, and whatever else you do mathematically, you must grasp that these same operations can all be done (and are being done) ontologically too.

Above all, you must understand that zero is REAL. It’s a real thing that’s really out there. In fact, there are infinite numbers of zeros, and they are all alive. They are eternal mathematical life forces, seeking to convert all of their potential into actualisation. They are SOULS. They are not weird, unfathomable, indefinable things: they are zeros, with infinite energy capacity. They are the key to mathematics. They are the arche, the ultimate substance of existence. Objectively, they are just mathematical points. Subjectively they are the most miraculous things of all: immortal souls. Mathematically, your soul is the most certain thing about you, not the least. The Illuminist view of reality is the most beautiful there could be possibly be, and it’s all thanks to mathematics, zero and infinity.

The Singularity The Singularity is the secret of the countless black holes dotted throughout the universe. Most especially, it’s the secret of the Big Bang itself. The Singularity is the most mysterious object of all. As we mentioned, it’s where scientists say that the laws of physics break down, but it is not where the laws of mathematics break down. The laws of mathematics never break down. In fact, scientists are wrong in their assertion about the breakdown of physics. As ever, they are demonstrating their philosophical illiteracy. What they actually mean is that the laws of scientific empiricist materialism collapse at the Singularity – because a Singularity, which is all about zero and infinity, is devoid of meaning in an ideology that explicitly rejects the existence of zero and infinity. The whole point of M-theory is to construct a scientific materialist theory which makes zero and infinity impossible. In other words, M-theory is about a last-ditch, desperate defence of materialism and empiricism. Scientific rationalist idealism embraces zero and infinity – indeed is based on them – so M-theory from that scientific perspective is absurd from the outset. Remember, science does not have to be defined as materialist and empiricist. It is more logically rationalist and idealist because then it can embrace the totality of mathematics. Scientific empiricist materialism explicitly rejects much of mathematics – any part of mathematics that contradicts materialism or empiricism. Ideology is assigned more importance than mathematics, hence this is a profoundly anti-mathematical and irrationalist approach.

The Singularity is the quintessential mathematical object. It is the object of Life itself, of all existence. The Singularity IS existence. It encapsulates existence in every way. It defines existence and contains existence. The Singularity is Everything. It is the “One”. It is the “All”. The universe never leaves the Singularity. The “Big Bang” is simply how zero expresses infinity. A black hole is the precise reverse and is how infinity expresses zero. Zero and infinity are continually expressing each other because ultimately they are the same thing. They are one coin with two sides. The Riemann Sphere is the perfect representation of both the individual soul and the collective Soul Singularity. With the Riemann Sphere, everything originates from a single projection point (the “point at infinity”). Here we see how zero, infinity and everything in between are expressed in one mathematical object. It is the greatest of all wonders. The living Riemann Sphere is none other than the Singularity fully expressed. The astounding thing is that all of the mathematical information of the Riemann Sphere is contained within one point with infinite capacity. Thus we see how a Big Bang universe of “physicality” can spring – instantly, by projection – from a single point. In fact, it is already implicit within the single point. What’s more, nothing physical actually happens at all. All of mathematics is about mathematical relations. These relations do not have to be physically manifested (and indeed they definitely aren’t), yet they will give every appearance of physicality, objectivity, solidness and enduringness. In fact, nothing need move, nothing need occupy any distant location: everything can happen as a set of mathematical relations unfolding on a purely mental basis. Materialism and physicality are the uttermost illusion – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an objective, mathematical reality that provides everything we expect of material existence. Relations between numbers is what existence is all about, yet because those numbers all emanate from souls, reality is nothing but the relations of souls, of eternal life forms trying to attain perfection individually and collectively. The whole of existence is about the unfolding of objective and subjective mathematical relations within one infinitely complex Singularity. The Singularity is the ultimate INFORMATION system – and we are all part of that cosmic information.

Only thinkers and intuitives will understand the true nature of existence. Sensing and feeling types literally don’t have a prayer of comprehending the truth. Too bad! They will remain forever stuck in their irrational, ignorant, superstitious world of faith and Mythos. They are permanently alienated from the truth. Their brains are wired wrongly. They have the brains of animals and not those of would-be gods. Your rationality is the key determinant of how much you can grasp the truth. Irrational people can’t grasp the truth at all, hence believe in fantastical nonsense such as conspiracy theories and Abrahamism. FAITH CANNOT HELP YOU. FAITH IS WHAT IRRATIONAL PEOPLE CLEAVE TO. IF YOU ARE NOT A PERSON OF REASON, YOU ARE ONE OF THE DAMNED. IF YOU ARE NOT A PERSON OF REASON, YOU ARE INHERENTLY SATANIC, FOR SATAN IS THE LORD OF THE STUPID. STUPID PEOPLE PROSTRATE THEMSELVES BEFORE A STUPID GOD: JEHOVAH/CHRIST/ALLAH … THE DEVIL!

***** When we refer to the Riemann Sphere, we are regarding it as much more than the conventional Riemann Sphere you will read about in a mathematics book, although this basic Riemann Sphere contains all of the features that are required to understand the power of the Riemann Sphere. However, the Riemann Sphere in Illuminism should be regarded as technically infinitely dimensional: a projection point radiating outwards in every conceivable direction. Yet it seems, in the world of our direct experience, that only a limited subset of the infinite Riemann sphere is actually expressed; enough to create a six dimensional universe of three orthogonal complex planes. The Riemann Sphere is both the Neoplatonic fragmentary individual souls and the collective World Soul. The Riemann Sphere ought to be the most studied object in the world – because it contains the answers to everything. It is the mathematical Holy Grail. What it does is relentlessly express the God Equation – Euler’s Formula. Every monad is an individual Riemann Sphere. The Alpha Point is the ultimate Riemann Sphere. All individual monadic Riemann Spheres become nodes of this master Riemann Sphere. An infinite SUPERPOSITION of Riemann Spheres is created, centred on the master Riemann Sphere.

Each monad is assigned a unique coordinate in the master Riemann Sphere, and that’s how the “physical” universe is created. The Projection Point of the Master Riemann Sphere is the “One”, the Alpha Point. Objectively, the universe is an equation (with infinite variables), which always equals zero. The universe is permanently zero (nothing) in all of its objective properties. Every property is conserved at zero: this is the most fundamental law of the universe. The universe is eternally a single dimensionless point, with a zero value for every possible objective property. If we define 0 as complete potential, and 1 as complete actualisation then subjectively the universe is an equation with infinite variables, each of which is always less than or equal to one (≤ 1). All monads begin, subjectively, with a value of zero (complete potential), and the subjective total value of existence is therefore zero. Through evolution, each monad can increase its value up to a maximum of one (totality, wholeness), at which stage it becomes God. If all monads become God, the total value of subjective existence is infinity, and the whole universe is divine. This is the Omega Point of existence, the end of a Cosmic Age. The whole of existence is constrained by these two equations, one objective and one subjective. The objective equation is all about zero, and the subjective equation is all about attaining infinity. Illuminism is the religion of mathematics, of zero and infinity. It removes all of the obfuscation, mystification and superstition of mainstream religion. It renders faith obsolete. Of course, the faithful will rage against us, just as they rage against everything they fear and cannot comprehend. Illuminism will leave behind the stupid. It is inevitable that the idiots will become extinct. There is no further need for religion to be about stupidity, ignorance and superstition. Now it can be the highest branch of mathematics. The Illuminati always dreamt of a Grand Unified Theory of Everything, uniting mathematics, science, philosophy, religion, science, psychology and sociology. Pythagoras was the first to intuit that this ultimate theory was none other than mathematics itself, but it wasn’t until Leibniz that it was proved. Illuminism – the religion of mathematics – has no need of faith. Illuminism doesn’t involve itself in empiricism, or sensory data, or provisionalism or falsification or verification. It has no need for any of these scientific approaches because Illuminism is about absolute certainty. It has no room for any doubt at all. That’s because mathematics itself is

about immutable certainty and truth. Mathematics is perfection, the only kind of perfection there can ever be. Mathematics is the perfect Platonic system. The age of the old religions is over. The age of Mythos dominance is over. This is the New Age for New Humanity, a higher Humanity, Logos Humanity, united by Illuminism, the religion of reason, the religion of mathematics.

The Euler Conjecture Our “Euler Conjecture” (enough to give mathematicians a heart attack): The WHOLE of mathematics can be constructed from Euler’s Formula (eix = cos x + i sin x). Euler’s Formula is the God Equation that controls all of reality. In turn, the Euler Formula is an inevitable outcome of eternal ontological numbers. A number, ontologically, is not a mark on a piece of paper. It is an indestructible, immutable, perfect, eternal, Platonic perpetual motion entity. Given that the whole of existence is constrained to be zero in all of its objective properties, the definition of numbers that we have provided leads inevitably to Euler’s formula since Euler’s formula yields the perfect balance between positive and negative real numbers, and positive and negative imaginary numbers. Euler’s Formula is precisely what emerges from two considerations: a universe of numbers (which is a universe in eternal motion by our definition of a number) and a universe that must be zero in all of its objective properties. So, ontological numbers give rise to Euler’s Formula and Euler’s Formula gives rise to the whole of mathematics, and existence is WHOLLY mathematical. If you provide the correct rational definition of a number, ontological mathematics follows automatically. Moreover, just one mathematical formula is needed to define reality. All of the laws of mathematics are encoded in numbers themselves and they give rise to one master law: Euler’s Formula, the God Equation. When Pythagoras declared that all things are numbers and number controls all, he was 100% correct. And that was 2,500 years ago!


In the published version of Leibniz’s Monadology, no monads ever interact (they are “windowless” – nothing goes in and nothing comes out). This version of the Monadology was designed to reflect a “Christian” Creator God who had complete foreknowledge of everything that happened in the universe. God programmed the whole universe. In Leibniz’s true Monadology, there is no Creator, no one has any foreknowledge, all monads interact (they all have windows) and the future is undetermined. This isn’t a programmed universe; this is an uncreated, eternal, living universe, evolving towards Absolute Consciousness. It is an organism, not a mechanism. It is not any old organism. It is an organism that can become God!

***** Go outside and look around you at the vast world. It is the perfect illusion. This is not an illusion regarding which you can close your eyes and wish it away. It will always be there. It is an objective illusion that everyone can see. It is an illusion because the universe is NOT a vast PHYSICAL expanse. The universe is in fact never anything other than a dimensionless point, a mental Singularity that contains infinity. The whole of existence takes place within this single point. You are within it right now, and you are in an infinite ocean of souls – the souls of everyone who has ever existed. Even now, you are with all your nearest and dearest, all of your dear departed, all your loved ones. They are right beside you. The spectacular cosmic illusion is created entirely mathematically, which is what makes the illusion objective. It’s a tribute to the incredible power of mathematics that the whole of existence takes place within a Singularity and yet seems to be taking place on an inconceivably large physical scale. Existence is all about infinity, yet occurring within zero (“nothing”). This pairing of zero and infinity is the key to the paradox of existence. Every mystery revolves around these two numbers. If we were to be asked what the answer is to life the universe and everything, our ultimate answer would be “zero and infinity” – Void and Plenum. The mystery of life is the mystery of Void and Plenum. The Void and Plenum are inherently alive. What is life? It is mental activity, and mental activity is, as Descartes said, unextended. So, the Void is nothing but living mind, and Plenum is

living mind infinitely expressed. The central part of that infinite expression is the creation of an apparently objective, material world of bodies. These bodies become the vehicles for minds to be fully individuated. But bodies are themselves ultimately derived from minds – they are the supreme illusion of mind. There are no physical “things” at all; only mental things that seem physical thanks to the magic of mathematics. To gain additional insight into what’s happening, consider the power of the best possible games console. Think of how realistic these game simulations are. Imagine being inside a perfect hologram providing a perfect virtual reality (such as the Holodeck on Star Trek: The Next Generation). How is that perfect illusion created? By nothing but computer code, which is ultimately binary code, which is ultimately pure mathematics. If a program can create a perfect mathematical illusion, think about what a living mathematical organism will create? It will create the universe you’re living in right now! The universe is a living computer, hence is unlike any machine computer. It is self-programming, self-optimising, self-evolving, striving with every fibre of its being to become GOD. No one can switch it off or unplug it. In its true aspect, the universe is nothing like how it appears to our senses. The scientists who revere the senses have no sufficient reason for concluding that sensory data provides the best way to make sense of the world. Clearly, our reason – hence rationalism – is the only instrument we have that we can confidently use to unlock the mysteries of life. Faith – a ridiculous belief in some much-hoped-for outcome – is absurd. Common sense – the evidence of our senses and the consensus opinion – is almost as bad as faith. Our subjective experience of mathematics is similar to being inside a brilliant simulation that is no more “real” than the brilliant video simulation produced by a microchip inside a games console. How would you best approach the task of understanding the mysteries of computer games? – by analysing the games from the way they are experienced by the players (the “surface” experience), or by analysing the programs written by the game designers (the “beneath-the-surface” view). In the film The Matrix, scientists probing that world would have been probing the secrets not of reality but of a computer program. They would have devised all sorts of

theories, duly supported by “evidence”, yet none of them would have revealed the horrifying true reality. Scientists in our world are those who try to understand “the game” from its appearance, and ridicule anyone who tries to see beyond mere appearance. Followers of mainstream religions are those who go beyond mere appearance, but then create an even bigger fantasy, and persecute anyone who disagrees with their fantasy. Rationalists are those who conclude that the universe must obey rational laws that may be in no way evident to our irrational senses. Our senses evolved in the animal world, a non-rational world, and hence have no connection with reason. They evolved for reasons entirely removed from “understanding true reality” and which were instead all about basic survival. Human intelligence is the newest, least mature and most disposable quality human beings have. It is disposable because it played no part whatever in the make-up of the proto-ape from whom humanity (“the fifth ape”) is descended (along with the other four ape species that have minimal intelligence). Rational intelligence, as far as evolution goes, is staggeringly peculiar – it’s almost wholly unnecessary. The vast majority of human beings get by with only the most rudimentary exercise of intelligence. Highly intelligent human beings are regarded as weird and frequently ignored, dismissed or ridiculed. Only a few are taken seriously – normally if their discoveries lead to commercial or military exploitation. Philosophers are more or less held in contempt. The world of subjective mathematics is what dominates our world. Subjective mathematics is all about the senses, common sense, Mythos, faith, feelings, desire, the will. Ironically, subjective mathematics is almost useless for comprehending objective mathematics. The subjective mind has only ONE connection to the objective world, and that is reason – which is why the battle of rationalism versus empiricism is the most significant of all. It is ridiculous to rely on senses and experience to make sense of the “hidden reality”. Only reason can deliver the truth since the hidden truth is wholly rational. The hidden truth comprises the rational foundations – the sufficient reasons – on which existence is predicated. Reason, however, has a significant problem. Given that it is unavoidably harnessed to irrational forces such as feelings, desires, will, Mythos, the senses and common sense, it often goes wrong, and often very badly. Under the potent sway of irrationality, it is easily led astray and deceived.

“Reason”, for most people, is a perversion of the real thing. It is the servant of irrationality, trying to provide a cloak of rationality for bizarre beliefs and blatant self-interest, rather than the master of irrationality (exposing the irrational and self-serving basis of most people’s decision-making processes). “Irrational reason” draws false conclusions. It can’t help itself. It decides what it wants the outcome to be and then looks for arguments to defend the position it has reached for irrational reasons. Reason works only when it disconnected from all the irrational forces surrounding it. There is only one domain where reason works without any ifs or buts: the immutable, perfect, eternal Platonic domain of pure mathematics (where feelings hold no sway at all in terms of the rightness or wrongness of any mathematical position). Mathematics is the answer to everything. It’s the only thing that can be the answer if existence is based on rational and comprehensible principles, which it most certainly is. Mathematics is the authentic Grand Unified Theory of Everything. Existence is entirely mathematical. There is nothing but mathematics. Mathematics is absolute. It is immutable, eternal, perfect. It is the flawless domain that Plato described so long ago, and Plato took his inspiration from Pythagoras, the first genius to see the mathematical truth of existence. Mathematics is perfect beauty. Mathematics is eternal. Mathematics is, in a very real sense, God. That is the greatest secret of the universe, the secret that delivers unquestionable certainty and perfection. Only God can deliver that, and the only God is mathematics. All other Gods are false. In mathematics, we attain our divinity. It is our guarantor, our map to our very own eternal star, such as Plato spoke of.

The Anchor What prevents the cosmos from being a madhouse? Isn’t conscious life all about Mythos, and isn’t Mythos pure fantasy? Humans have proved countless times that they can invent any fantasy conceivable and believe in it fanatically, even to the point of slaughtering everyone who disagrees with them. Belief – not reason – has caused the endless horror and violence the world has been forced to witness. People are superb at suspending their DISBELIEF. They constantly engage their absurd beliefs and inflict them

on everyone else. Belief = faith= insanity. That’s the equation of the butcher’s bench of history. The Abrahamic “believers” make their God the anchor of the universe, the guarantor of meaning, of morality, of justice, of good and evil. God keeps the Abrahamists’ world sane, from their own perspective! From everyone else’s, they have rendered the universe a hateful, evil lunatic asylum of greed, violence, selfishness and intolerance. Eastern religions see union with divine nature as their guarantor of a sane universe. Many of them subscribe to the belief that a cosmic moral force (karma) is in operation. (How would they react if they discovered that no such force existed? Would they go mad?) If not karma, then they believe in a cosmic balance of some kind that keeps everything on a level keel (thus sane). Atheist scientists believe that scientific laws are the only anchor of the universe, but these are heedless of whether or not the universe is insane, so they’re not much of an anchor. All of the above are absurd. There is only one genuine anchor – mathematics. Mathematics is immutable, perfect, analytic, necessary, eternal, flawless, infallible, deductive, a priori and Platonic. It is everything the Abrahamic God aspires to be, but isn’t. Above all, mathematics is rational. It guarantees that we live in a rational world of laws, order, organisation. It also guarantees that reason will win in the end – as Hegel predicted. Humanity, for all its flaws, has much more access to reason now than it did ten thousand years ago (even though most people – especially Muslims and right-wing Americans – refuse to partake!).

***** The Abrahamists made a person (“God”) the guarantor of sanity, and they believed they had a personal relationship with him. This is all about feelings. The Easterners made universal Oneness the guarantor of sanity, and they believe that they will, in due course (after being karmically perfected) enter into union with this sacred, perfect Oneness). This is all about intuition. It is not about a personal deity. Atheistic scientists think their senses reveal the rational, scientific laws of nature. They think these laws are the sole anchor. This is all about sensory experience. Again, no personal deity is involved.

Illuminists accept mathematics – a rational system of perfect, infallible connections and laws – as the supreme and only valid anchor. Once again, it is a system rather than a person that provides the anchor. This system, unlike that of science, is a priori and eternal. With science, theories are continually altering. Nothing is certain. Mathematics alone provides cast iron certainty. What the system of living mathematics provides is the scope for any subjective mind to become rational enough to understand the whole of objective reality, just as Plato’s Demiurge acquired a perfect understanding of the domain of perfect Forms. We can all become Gods in that sense. Mathematics is all about thinking AND intuition. Science, by contrast, is about thinking and sensing. Since empiricism (the worship of the senses) is fundamentally irrational, so is science. Science is truly rational only when it employs mathematics! The Cosmic Anchor = Mathematics. Mathematics guarantees a sane universe that will evolve to a perfect, rational climax where reason triumphs over all and the universe achieves complete actualisation. Be in no doubt. Mathematics replaces a personal God as the true anchor of existence. There is no such thing as a perfect, eternal, Creator God. There IS such a thing as perfect, eternal Mathematics, and mathematical souls that are evolving to match the perfection of the eternal and infallible laws of mathematics.

***** Forget personal Gods. Don’t rely on personal Gods. Don’t believe in them. Don’t try to have a relationship with them. Don’t make them your emotional crutch. Don’t look to them to save you. Don’t pray to them. Don’t get on your knees to them. The only God with whom you have to concern yourself is yourself!

Psychological Type How you understand reality is literally a product of your Myers-Briggs personality type. The two types best equipped to grasp mathematical reality are INTJ and INTP (followed by ENTJ and ENTP). Our world is under the sway of extravert sensing and feeling types and promotes the values and beliefs of extravert sensing and feeling types – which is why it is a mad, irrational planet of hysteria, fanaticism,

intolerance, greed, selfishness, vanity, celebrity culture and trivia, with the master-slave system embedded in everything. It’s no surprise that mathematics, science and philosophy are on the periphery of life, wholly ignored by the mainstream. This is a Mythos World. It needs to be Logos world. We need the world to be controlled by completely different personality types than those who have hitherto ruled it. We have to get real. We Logos thinkers must, with our superior intelligence and understanding, get ready to do whatever it takes to overthrow the Mythos powers. Logos humanity is the next step in humanity’s evolution. The irrational Mythos mobs belong to the dead, dinosaur past. They will become extinct if they don’t adopt Logos values and rules. Look at Islamic Afghanistan, slipping back into the Stone Age. That will be the fate of all those who remain wedded to the Mythos past while the rest of us forge a Logos future and bring STAR TREK to life. Wouldn’t you want to travel on a Star Ship rather than ride in a gasguzzler on your way to the shopping mall for yet another soulless consumer experience? Humanity has already perished in terms of Mythos values. The world has eaten itself. If we want to create a divine humanity, we MUST embrace Logos. When we do, we will be able to accomplish ANYTHING.

The Broken God Christianity is an extraordinary religion because it worships, simultaneously, the brutal dictator God of the Old Testament and the broken man-god of the New Testament. But do you see how powerful that Mythos is? The narrative can switch at will between strength and weakness, completeness and brokenness, hate and love. The most powerful religion is the most powerful Mythos. That’s why Christianity is No. 1. It sure is a great story. Pity that it’s deranged and has zero truth content. Well, you can’t have everything! There would be nothing wrong with the Bible, Torah and Koran if they were regarded purely as interesting and instructive stories about the human condition, like Aesop’s fables. It’s the fact that they claim to be divine truth, and people live their lives according to the bizarre, offensive and dangerous values they express, that make them so repugnant. These works of ancient fiction – because that’s exactly what they are – should be put on the same shelf as the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid and treated in exactly the same way: as windows onto past times. No one thinks Achilles, if he existed at all, was invulnerable apart from his heel. This is a blatant invention, as are ALL of the main episodes in the Bible, Torah and Koran. Just as the Iliad may be based on actual events and then enormously exaggerated, so with the Abrahamic holy texts – except their exaggerations are on a wholly different scale and are infinitely madder, taking them into the realm of psychosis. Whereas a psychologist is needed to interpret the Iliad and the Odyssey, a psychiatrist specialising in sado-masochism and serial killers is required for the Abrahamic texts.

As Above, So Below When you understand that all of existence is contained in a single point – yes, just ONE dimensionless point – you realise that statements such as the macrocosm = microcosm and as above, so below, are entirely obvious. We are all part of an extraordinary single point of PURE LIFE, which is eternally transforming itself, trying to optimize itself. We are subject to an incredible illusion of physicality, but there is no material world at all. Mathematics – applied to all of us collectively – creates this remarkable objective illusion of material existence. But there’s nothing solid out there.

We never die. All that ever happens to us is that we continually change our state of consciousness via reincarnation, until we finally grasp the true nature of the illusion to which we are all subject. Once we do – i.e. when we achieve gnosis – we have attained the status of God and we then have total control over how we incarnate, or if we want to incarnate at all. Like the Nous, we can simply contemplate the incredible mystery of the “One”: the origin, the Source of All. It’s something akin to the Beatific Vision of Roman Catholicism – where the faithful contemplate their perfect God eternally.

Near-Death Experience The common near-death experience of seeing a long black tunnel with a bright, welcoming light at the far end, and finding oneself in the comforting, familiar presence of lost loved ones is EXACTLY what you would expect to happen as your consciousness abandons this world and is drawn back into the centre of the dimensionless Singularity of Souls.

Transubstantiation Catholicism preaches the extraordinary doctrine of the bread and wine of the Catholic Mass being literally (!) and miraculously changed into the body and blood of Jesus Christ (what an utterly bizarre idea! – who thought of THAT?). Of course, there’s no such phenomenon. However, we ourselves are transubstantiated. Through reincarnation and evolution, we are progressively changed from ordinary men and women into gods and goddesses. Our substance literally becomes divine.

Centre and Circumference We are all the centre and circumference of our own circle. We are composed of infinite concentric circles of energy (Euler circles), or spheres, we might say – beautiful crystal spheres of “ether”.

The True Atomic Theory Monads = Mathematical atoms = Soul atoms = Information atoms. For many, the ultimate religious question is whether humans possess an element capable of survival outside the body. The answer is that the monad – the soul – was never inside the body in the first place!

Choices Given that mainstream religions are absurd and unbelievable, you have two realistic choices: 1) Scientific empiricist materialism. This is based on the senses, common sense, experiments, observations, synthetic judgements, contingency, truths of “fact”. All “truths” it delivers are inherently

provisional, hence they are not true at all but merely a “best guess”, our best current interpretation of the available facts. This approach is all about ad hoc hypotheses, constantly being revised or rejected, based on new experimental data. Doubt is inherent in this approach. Its very nature precludes it from ever offering any final truth. This will never give you “the answer.” 2) Scientific rationalist idealism. This is based on reason, logic, necessary truths of reason, analytic judgments and yields absolute, immutable, eternal Platonic truths. This approach provides absolute, incontestable certainty. Its whole purpose is to deliver the Final Solution. It doesn’t rely on any provisionalism, experiments, sensory data or anything else. It is all about mathematics. The world chose to follow path 1) (the Newtonian path) rather than path 2) (the Illuminist Leibnizian path). It’s time to return to Leibniz. Newton has had a good run for his money. The essential difference between paths 1) and 2) is in their respective approaches to mathematics. Both revere and rely on mathematics, but path 1) asserts that only real numbers between 0 and infinity have any relationship with “reality”. Path 1) explicitly denies that zero, infinity, negative numbers and imaginary numbers have any ontological reality, hence this is a radically incomplete and curtailed version of mathematics. No scientist ever accounts for why the mathematics of “reality” should exclude so much of mathematics and focus exclusively on real numbers. Although imaginary numbers feature heavily in physics, these are regarded as mere instruments for getting the right answers, but no one in the scientific establishment has offered any explanation at all as to why such “fairy” numbers should be everywhere in physics; they don’t even seem remotely curious or alarmed about this extraordinary puzzle. Path 2) has no such difficulties. It embraces mathematics and numbers in their entirety. It assigns ontological reality to ALL numbers. Real numbers are the essence of space, and imaginary numbers of time. Negative real and negative imaginary numbers correspond to a mirror image of our reality. Above all, zero and infinity are assigned a position of supreme importance. Zero, the monad, is the arche – the fundamental substance of existence. Zero contains infinity: zero and infinity are two sides of one coin. Zero is dimensionless and can have no dimensional interpretation. It cannot be in

any way “material.” It is therefore mental. To use an alternative vocabulary, zero is all about SUBJECTIVITY, the “within”, the inner experience – while all numbers greater than zero are about objectivity, the “without”, the outer experience. The subjective experience can only be a mental one. So, those are the two paths you can follow: incomplete or complete mathematics, doubt or certainty. Only an idiot would choose doubt over certainty, but the scientific world has nevertheless eagerly endorsed that position. It refuses to engage with the issue of the missing numbers, of why mathematics should be so important but only up to a point, and the rest should then be dismissed as “unreal”. The reason, of course, is that the scientific establishment subscribes to a faith-based position which asserts that empiricism, materialism and positivism are right and can never be questioned. There are ZERO philosophical and rational grounds for this stance. The hard fact is this: if one part of mathematics is ontological then ALL of it is because there is no sufficient reason why a subset of numbers should describe reality while the rest are entirely fictitious. Frankly, scientific empiricist materialist positivists are rather stupid people, lacking imagination, intuition and rationality. They are slaves of “common sense” and the “evidence” of their senses. They have taken it as gospel that “absence of evidence” is “evidence of absence”: if it can’t be observed, it can’t be there. This is not a rational position. This is a belief system as pernicious as Abrahamism. The scientific establishment is a disgrace. They are an insult to science. They carry the flame of an old, dead, pointless paradigm. Many of the best scientists will waste their lives on M-theory; the final and grandest folly of materialism. Several decades and countless hours have already been devoted to this idiotic theory – the most complex in history – to no avail. Hundreds of physics departments and thousands of physicists have been consumed by this exercise in futility. It has devoured them as Moloch devours its children. Ask yourself a very simple question. Since M-theory is an entirely mathematical theory, how can it be better than mathematics itself? In other words, what sufficient reason is there for some subset of mathematics to be truer than mathematics itself? It’s INSANE. It defies all reason. Why should a subset of mathematics, based on the rejection of all the numbers we listed earlier, be likely to be a better account of reality than the entirety of mathematics? Don’t M-theorists find it odd that some numbers are “real”

and “useful” while most are “unreal” and “useless”? Why should that be? – complete silence from the M-theorists. These physicists have no philosophical idea of what they’re doing. They’re just trying many different ideas and hoping they strike lucky with one. That isn’t “science”. That’s guesswork. That’s panning for the right answer, like Californian speculators. The lack of philosophical literacy amongst scientists is a catastrophe for science. That would never have happened if science had followed Pythagoras, Plato, Descartes and Leibniz rather than Aristotle, Locke, Hume and Newton. Now it’s time for scientists to rewind the clock and return to the Leibnizian approach. It’s time for science to become Illumination.

The Quest The long search for the Truth with a capital “T” is over. The truth is mathematics. It’s the only thing that can be the truth. It’s the source of reason. It’s the source of immutable, eternal, absolute, perfect laws. Nothing can contradict these laws. They are analytic and a priori. As soon as you embrace the realisation that mathematics is ontological, you have grasped everything. Scientists and philosophers have long been aware of the Platonic verities of mathematics, but they have always regarded mathematics as an abstraction. They have struggled with how those verities relate to “reality”, and some have claimed that mathematics is purely a mental construct that has no necessary connection with the real world. However, once reality is defined to be ontologically mathematical then the link between reality and mathematics is absolute and unbreakable, and we automatically know that we can attain Absolute Truth – because mathematics, as an objective system, is all about genuinely infallible truths. Reality MUST be grounded in absolute truth. After all, what’s the alternative – for reality to be grounded in lies, fantasies, delusion, illusion, chaos and irrationality? Such a “reality” would be unreal. Mathematics alone is absolute truth. Truth cannot be located in a person, a cosmic being – unless that being does nothing but reflect mathematics; in which case he is merely personalised mathematics. It’s astounding that only Pythagoras, the Illuminati and a few mathematical and philosophical geniuses such as Descartes have ever recognised the blindingly obvious truth that truth, reason, logic, infallibility,

immutability, eternity and perfection all come together in mathematics – and ONLY mathematics.

Eternity Anything that is eternal cannot have been created. All of the truths of mathematics are analytic. They are immutable, perfect Platonic truths that are true now, will be true tomorrow and true an infinite numbers of years from now, just as they were a true an infinite number of years ago. It is therefore impossible that any “Creator” created mathematics. It is equally impossible that anything at all gave rise to mathematics. Mathematics can have no predecessor or precursor. Mathematics is the ONLY system that is composed of necessarily eternal truths. The “Big Bang” that gave rise to the physical universe is obviously not an event that belongs to eternity. All entities of this physical universe are equally uneternal, by definition. What and where were the laws of physics before the physical universe came into being? What laws were controlling the Big Bang as it happened? What laws caused it in the first place? Whatever controlled the Big Bang must, of necessity, have preceded the Big Bang, yet scientists openly say that space, time and matter did not exist prior to the Big Bang. In which case, there’s nothing left within the empiricist, materialist paradigm to account for how the Big Bang happened. This is a total logical contradiction. Scientists don’t appear to care. They just make it up as they go along. Existence itself can be controlled only by laws that are eternal, and that means that those laws are in some sense existence itself. They must be indissolubly encoded in the arche – the ultimate “stuff” of existence. We cannot separate the eternal laws of existence from the eternal constituents of existence. They are somehow the same thing. So, what fundamental, eternal things can have the eternal truths of mathematics encoded in them? Pythagoras, the first Grand Master of the Illuminati as a formal society, was the first human being to intuit the greatest idea in human history – one that can never be surpassed – when he announced, “All things are numbers.” Numbers ARE mathematics. A universe of eternal numbers comes inbuilt with the eternal laws of mathematics. The constituents of existence and the laws of existence are one and the same thing. How else

can everything in the universe “know” what to do in any situation, i.e. how can “particles” know what behaviour to manifest whatever we do to them unless the full laws of existence that dictate every situation are already hard-wired into them? Once you grasp that the universe of numbers is one and the same thing as the universe of eternal, indestructible energy, Pythagoras’s insight becomes a fundamentally scientific statement that no one would find controversial.

Rejection Mainstream society ALWAYS rejects any new idea. That is a fundamental feature of human existence. Society is profoundly conservative, clinging to old, familiar things. The status quo is all-powerful because people are so terrified of change. For new ideas to succeed, there must be some kind of war or long process of conflict proceeding by some means or other. Once the new ideas become established, they themselves become the new barrier to new ideas: that’s the great irony of life. Think of the enormity of the effort involved in overthrowing Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Karmism, free-market capitalism, democracy, privilege and inheritance. The whole planet has been brainwashed with these ideas. They are part of people’s core identity. There is only ONE THING that might change all of this: the absolute, incontestable truth. Sadly, all truths, no matter how true, are always contestable. Ignorant, superstitious, faith-inclined, irrational people of feelings and desires, of selfish will, are not wired for recognising truth. Nietzsche, the man who “called it” – who pronounced God dead – knew that the fact of God’s death was neither here nor there. People would go on believing anyway. What Jew could possibly believe in an all-powerful Jewish God after the Babylonian Captivity, the Roman destruction of the second Temple and expulsion of the Jews from the land “promised” to them by their Jewish God, and finally the Nazi Holocaust when they were herded like cattle for the slaughter into gas chambers? Yet the Jews go on believing that they are the Chosen People and that their Jewish God is still there, cherishing them – despite infinite evidence to the contrary. In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche went beyond God’s death, and pronounced Truth dead too. He wrote, “The falseness of a judgment is to us not necessarily an objection to a judgment: it is here that our new language

perhaps sounds strangest. The question is to what extent it is life-advancing, life-preserving, species-preserving, perhaps even species-breeding; and our fundamental tendency is to assert that the falsest judgments are the most indispensable to us … that to renounce false judgments would be to renounce life, would be to deny life. To recognise untruth as a condition of life: that, to be sure, means to resist customary value-sentiments in a dangerous fashion; and a philosophy which ventures to do so places itself, by that act alone, beyond good and evil.” This is one of the most extraordinary and provocative statements ever made. Yet there’s something absurd about it. Even if society claims to value the truth, there is no evidence at all that it actually does. Nietzsche seeks to advance a “new” philosophy that is willing to support life-enhancing lies over “truth”. Yet that’s what the world already has! Abrahamism is considered highly life enhancing for those who believe in it. Studies of committed Christians show that they are often much happier and optimistic than their secular, agnostic counterparts. Abrahamism uses the rhetoric of truth, but it has no allegiance to truth whatsoever. Nietzsche seems to want to produce a philosophy that boldly dispenses with the rhetoric of truth and that “honestly” looks for the “best” lies, i.e. those that most enhance life. Yet this would never work. The rhetoric of truth is the greatest tool the “life-enhancing” liars have. If Christianity proclaimed itself utterly false but immensely life enhancing, it would have no followers at all, and it wouldn’t be life enhancing! It’s the illusion of truth, the delusion of truth, the “game” of truth, the truth rhetoric, that’s important – not truth itself. If people had any love of truth, they would all be fanatical students of mathematics, philosophy and science. Yet these are the most despised subjects in the world. Bar a small group of Logos thinkers, no one wants anything to do with these “hard” subjects. They want to live forever in their easy, facile, simplistic, emotional Mythos bubble where reality never intrudes. Mythos religion already provides what Nietzsche was advocating. It is life enhancing while being contemptuous of truth even as it proclaims its unswerving devotion to truth.

The Patricians Mathematicians are the patricians of the mind. Scientists are the plebeians. Where scientists are stuck in their primitive sensuality and can’t imagine

anything beyond what is immediately apparent to the senses, mathematicians can soar beyond the limits – the prison – of mere appearance and probe the hidden worlds where the final, glittering truths resides. These truths of mathematical reason are forever prohibited to those locked into the sensory world.

A Damnable Doctrine “Disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but it was at last complete. I indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity can be true for if so the plain language seems to show that men who do not believe will be everlastingly punished, and this is a damnable doctrine.” – Charles Darwin Indeed. Any “believer” who imagines that infidels are being eternally tortured in hell is mentally sick to a staggering degree. Yet that is the whole point of belief. Belief has no force at all if non-believers are not horrifically punished for their “crime”. So, belief is simply a wish that those who subscribe to other beliefs and ideas should suffer for their dissent. Belief is perverted and evil. It always has a target – the UNBELIEVER. It is not a generous, joyous thing that welcomes others whether they believe or not. No, it is 100% preoccupied with the persecution (and often extermination) of those who reject the orthodox beliefs. God is made the Torturer-in-Chief, continuing the persecution, punishment and cruelty towards the infidels not just for a few years but until the end of time. In other words, the loving, compassionate, forgiving, merciful God of the believers seems to spend all of his time consumed with hatred and detestation of everyone who refuses to worship him, and to lust after infinite revenge against them. That is NOT God – that is SATAN. All believers have only one “God” – the Devil. Who but the Devil would have psychotic anger towards the unbelievers? Would the True God care at all whether people believe or not? What’s it to him? Surely nothing to upset him and make him swear eternal vengeance.

Teeming Life This world of ours is teeming with life. Think of the endless multitudes of insects. And the life we can see is almost nothing compared with the life we can’t see. Invisible life is everywhere. We ourselves are colonised by trillions of living things that we can’t see except under a microscope. Now imagine life that not even a microscope can detect – that is what monads are all about.

The Deathless A monad, an eternal life force, a soul, can never die. It has no extended, dimensional parts that can break down, decompose, disintegrate, come apart or perish. A universe made of nothing but monads is equally immune to death. In fact, it is just a monad writ large. A universe composed solely of monads is an eternal, imperishable life force. Neither the individual soul nor the collective “World Soul” can ever die. Life, of its nature, is eternal. Life can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. Our endless reincarnations are our transformations and transmutations, and the universe too endlessly reincarnates because the World Soul is just the individual soul on a cosmic scale: as above, so below. The fact that an individual soul is a monad and the World Soul is simply an infinite collection of monads shows – with exact mathematical precision – why each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. All of the laws of the universe are encoded in each and every monad. Monads are the “DNA” cells of the World Soul. Just as each cell in a human body contains the full DNA instructions for the organism (which is simply the macroscopic, biophysical expression of the DNA), so each monad in the World Soul contains the full instructions for the expression of the World Soul biophysically. As above, so below. All “big things” are really just a vast collection of “small things”. We are made of countless atoms. The universe is made of countless monads.

Evolution – Alchemy? Evolution is the supreme alchemy; the means of transmuting species, of transmuting blank monads into full monads – of creating GODS.

The Existential Singularity What is existence? A Singularity. What is this Singularity? It is an infinitely alive mathematical organism, composed of infinite living cells (souls). The Singularity occupies no physical space but it commands infinite mental space. Into this mental space – through the magic of mathematics – it inserts the stupendous phantasm of a real, physical, phenomenal world. This is the product of objective mathematics, and it is observed by subjective mathematical entities (souls), and finally controlled by them through “physical” bodies. The Singularity is God. We are all part of the Singularity, so we are all part of God. Moreover, we have the opportunity to reach full understanding of the Singularity (to know the Mind of God), and thus become Gods ourselves. The Singularity is life itself. It is a self-solving, self-transforming, selftransmuting, self-optimising life force, striving forever to make itself perfect. It is outside space and time. It is full of infinite life, seething, bubbling and frothing eternally. The Singularity is eternal energy. It can never stop. It can never slow down. It can never die. It is the perfect perpetual motion machine. The Singularity is a mind – a mind desperately trying to achieve consciousness, so that it knows what it is. The Singularity wishes to become self-aware. The illusion of physical reality is the mirror via which the eternal mind (composed of infinite individual minds) eventually recognises itself. God sees himself for what he is – eternal, living mathematics. The culmination of an Age of existence is when the Singularity finally knows what it is, and knows there is nothing more to be known. At that point, logic demands that it resets itself to zero (pure potential) and it commits “divine suicide”. By doing so, it immediately gives birth to a new cosmic Age. We, the Illuminati, know that the end of this cosmic Age cannot be too far distant (maybe only a few centuries away) because Illuminism itself is the proof that the Singularity is becoming self-aware. Humanity will travel to the stars, and when it commands the firmament, it will become divine. We will all be Gods. And it is WE who shall say Fiat Lux – LET THERE BE LIGHT!

***** Life = eternal energy = mind = subjective mathematics. Objective mathematics = the material world, the physical world, the solid world, the extended world, the alienated world. It’s the creation of the subjective minds of the universe – all agreeing to an objective set of rules governed by a perfect Cartesian arena of mathematics. None of us can change any of the rules of the objective world – which is why we are subject to its decree of life and death, of natural selection, of evolution. We keep reincarnating into this objective world, until we have learned so much about its rules that we can achieve Godlike control over it. Neo, in The Matrix, shows exactly what is happening. Once, like Neo, you have mastered the rules of the objective world (the real Matrix), you can achieve exactly the same control over the material world as Neo possessed. Like Neo, you will become the God of your world. You yourself will be the Saviour. Don’t wait for the Messiah – become the Messiah.

The Hall of Mirrors Each monad is a reflecting mirror of existence. The universe is an infinite collection of mirrors, forming the ultimate, cosmic hall of mirrors. We are all reflecting each other. When the universe attains a “critical mass” of Gods, their bright light illuminates the entire hall of mirrors and makes everyone divine. Even the dumb believers are brought into the light of the True God. They would condemn us to hell, but we shall welcome them to heaven. That’s how good we are and how evil they are. Why should we be petty towards them? Let our good fortune be theirs too. And is that not the action of the true Gods?

The Middle Ages To the medieval mind, the world was an uncanny place, full of both divine and malign forces. It was an unpredictable, enchanted, magical world where there were no atheists, rationalists or skeptics to ruin the Mythos party. Boundaries between the living and dead were permeable. The dead could stalk the lands, rise from graves and terrorise the living. Equally, the living could stumble into the dread land of the dead. Hades was a cave any of us could unwittingly stumble into.

If we look at the world of today, we can construct a scale of the extent to which various nations and continents reflect the pre-Enlightenment Mythos mind of medieval times. 1) Africa – the education system in many parts of Africa is rudimentary or non-existent. Many Africans believe in witch doctors, magic, spirits, demonic possession, exorcism and so on. They are amongst the most fundamental, literal, fanatical, and lethal, Christians and Muslims in the world. Educated Africans are the same as educated people anywhere else, but they are confronted by enormous numbers of uncivilised people who hold back all conceivable progress. Africa is in desperate need of an educational transformation. 2) South-East Asia – full of poorly educated, fanatical Muslims and karmists. 3) South America, Central America, Asia and Middle East – plagued by superstition, faith, ignorance, desperation, and brain washing. 4) America and Japan – America is packed with Christian Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Pentecostalists, WASPs, cults, sects, Rapturists, Apocalyptic movements, conspiracy theorists, believers in UFOs and alien visitation, and so on. Japan is infused with a religious sensibility, “spirit” awareness and ancestor worship. 5) Southern and Eastern Europe – these, historically, are the most religious and superstitious parts of Europe. (Yet, ironically, Greece was the birthplace of Logos rationality.) 6) Northern and Western Europe, Canada, Australia – these are now the most secular, religiously disinterested, agnostic, skeptical and atheist regions of the world, with the highest proportions of Logos thinkers. (In the past, the Northern and Western Europeans were amongst the most terrible religious maniacs in the world. They got rid of many of the worst nutters – to AMERICA! That explains a lot, doesn’t it?! After the exodus of the crazies, sanity began to break out. Northern and Western Europe effectively sent

their lunatic fringe to the New World – where they still rule! – and in the process became rational (well, to a degree). This is a lesson to all of those seeking the magic formula for creating a rational society. Step one – expel the intolerant lunatics. Strange though it may seem, as you travel from Sweden to Nigeria, you are effectively going hundreds of years back in time from the modern world to the medieval world. You are leaving a Logos nation and arriving at a Mythos nation. When you’re planning your trips abroad, you are much more likely to die if you venture from a Logos nation to a Mythos nation: from modernity to medievalism. The American film Deliverance shows how easy it is to leave one world and enter another where the rules and mentality are wholly different, and belong to a more primitive time. We do not live in a rational, Logos world. The world is overwhelmingly Mythos-oriented, with occasional patches of Logos territory. Within the Mythos regions of the world, there are huge discrepancies. Some are on the verge of Logos Enlightenment while others are staggeringly primitive, obeying stories, beliefs and customs that are hundreds and even thousands of years behind the times.

Hell The medieval mind was consumed with notions of hell, purgatory and heaven. Hell: a pit where the unforgivably sinful are punished forever. Purgatory: a harsh mountain (a penal colony) where the forgivably sinful serve their time before joining God in the crystal spheres of heaven. Purgatory is the waiting room of heaven where your sins are purged. The more you have sinned, the more you must suffer and the longer you will be imprisoned. Heaven: where the sinless and the redeemed dwell. The Ascent to Heaven takes place from the Mount of Glory, the summit of Purgatory, the old Garden of Eden. From there, you journey through the wondrous Crystal Spheres to the Empyrean, the highest heaven, where God resides.

The War

The medieval mind conceived of existence as an Apocalyptic struggle between nine orders of devils and demons, led by Satan, fighting nine orders of angels led by Michael the Archangel (on behalf of God). Earth was the battleground and the souls of men the invaluable prize. The Catholic Church was the great defender of men’s souls, with their cathedrals and monasteries acting as huge fortresses for the forces of good, which the demons could not storm. Medieval scholars calculated that humanity was living in its sixth and final age. This meant that the people of the medieval world imagined that they were living at the End of Time. The Apocalypse was imminent. They did not conceive of a future humanity living hundreds of years after them. The Abrahamic religions are inherently Apocalyptic, always thinking the end is just round the corner. Have you ever heard of a single religious person discussing the humanity of a million years from now and what the future people will think of religious texts a million years old, i.e. ancient fossils from what would seem to them like another world? Religious people never contemplate this question for a simple reason: the idea of a non-Apocalyptic future is absurd in religious terms. What would be the point of a human race a billion years from now? Why haven’t they have been JUDGED by then? The whole point of Abrahamism is that Judgment Day must take place. If it doesn’t then Abrahamism is refuted. America in the present day is full of Christian Fundamentalists expecting the Rapture at any moment. They are as Apocalyptic as their medieval ancestors, and think these are the End Times. They scour prophetic works and the Book of Revelation for “signs” of approaching Armageddon. They are devoted to the Jewish State and they want to build a Third Temple – because this will presage the final battle between good and evil. Tens of millions of modern Americans believe this kind of stuff. Tens of millions more believe in alien visitation and anal probes! (Apparently, aliens think humans are assholes – well, they got that right.) To the medieval mind, the supernatural world was all around them. Invisible forces were everywhere. A great struggle was hurtling towards its climax. In England, the Catholic Church owned one fifth of the country’s wealth. It took one tenth of the income of all Christians (the tithe). The Church was integral to society and dominated the minds of the people. The idea of anyone pronouncing God dead (as Nietzsche did) was unthinkable.

The idea of Enlightenment rationalism scoffing at the Church was equally unimaginable. The medieval Churches guarded our souls with the same zeal as if they were holy castles full of holy warriors at the battlements – monks, priests and holy knights. Yet the enemy had their battalions too, and their high siege towers and trebuchets.

The Holy Crusader “A new kind of knighthood has arisen. The knight of Christ, I say, kills with an untroubled mind. A Christian may glory in the death of a pagan since Christ is glorified.” – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux There you have it – it “glorifies” Christ to kill infidels. Today, Muslim jihadists are just as convinced that it glorifies Allah to slaughter the nonbelievers. Speaking of jihadists, the revulsion and loathing which the term “suicide bomber” inspires in the West is the same as “crusader” does in the Muslim East. Catholic Crusaders were offered plenary indulgences – full pardons for all sins – if they died on holy Crusade. If you gave your life in a holy war, all your sins were automatically washed away. We see exactly the same concept in modern Islamic jihad where “martyrdom” in a suicide bombing operations leads to instant transportation to the highest company of God (and seventy-two Cheerleader virgins, if that’s not an oxymoron). “You are on your way to everlasting paradise.” – Mohammed Atta, 9/11 leader to his team of terrorists. There is no more horrific concept than paradise being promised in exchange for mass murder. Imagine a “good” religion that incentivises murder. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

The Sacraments Sacrament: “a sign of the sacred”, from the Latin sacramentum. The Catholic Church offers seven Sacraments. Each involves a ceremony: a religious ritual to mark a significant episode in the journey of life.

1) Baptism. 2) Eucharist (Holy Communion). 3) Penance (Confession, Atonement, Reconciliation). 4) Confirmation (True Initiation). 5) Marriage (Holy Matrimony). 6) Holy Orders – for those being ordained. 7) Anointing of the Sick (Last Rites, Extreme Unction). The Sacraments thus mark the key stages from birth to death. Baptism, the first sacrament, can be regarded as a branding device, initiating a newborn into the cult. It has also been described as a form of exorcism where the Devil and Original Sin are cast out.

***** After the Last Rites and death, the Church presided over the burial of the dead. This ritual, taking place three days after death, in commemoration of Christ’s resurrection after three days, was the final and arguably most dramatic rite of passage of all, when the soul of the departed was “officially” and publicly released into God’s care, with everything that implied, i.e. divine judgment.

Relics Relic – literally, “what is left behind”. Holy relics were objects of supernatural power; tangible objects that retained some of the power of the person with whom they had once been in contact. People were awestruck by them. Enormous numbers went on long pilgrimages of hundreds of miles to see the most important ones. The Church made a fortune from the desire to be in the presence of sacred objects, especially those connected with Jesus Christ himself. The industry in clever fakes was of course immense. Nothing changes!

The New Church The medieval world was a lot more cohesive and communitarian than it is now. Everyone in Catholic Europe was united in a single belief system.

There’s a lot to be said for rites of passage and rituals that bring the community together, that make sense of life for people and give it a natural beat and order. Perhaps a new “Catholic Church” is required, except now it would be the “Church of Illumination”. All the Abrahamic nonsense would be abandoned. Logos would at last take its rightful place at the centre of rational religion, but Mythos rituals could be constructed to give people the emotional rather than intellectual fix they require from religion.

Causes “I find indeed that many of the effects of nature can be accounted for in a twofold way, that is to say by a consideration of efficient causes, and again independently by a consideration of final causes.” – Leibniz Leibniz asserted that there are two types of causes in the world: scientific (efficient causes) and teleological causes (final causes). These causes work in the opposite way. Scientific causes always precede events (i.e. the cause is in front of the effect); teleological causes always follow events (i.e. the cause is after the effect). To illustrate: if someone pushes a boulder up a hill, he causes that to happen scientifically by putting his shoulders or hands to the boulder and exerting a force. The boulder won’t move unless a scientific cause is applied. But why does the man want to push a boulder up the hill in the first place? Maybe he’s being punished like Sisyphus. Maybe he wants to build a church on the hill and needs the rock. If the latter is true then that is the teleological cause of his efforts. The church may take years to build, yet it stands behind all of the scientific causes that will be used to make it happen. The effects – all that work – take place before the cause (the vision of a completed church on the hill). Life forces obey teleological causes, i.e. they do things for a purpose, not randomly. One of the key questions of existence is whether Nature operates teleologically or not. Scientific materialists utterly dismiss teleological explanations applied at the level of atoms (yet we ourselves are made of atoms and are entirely teleological beings). Anything with a mind is inherently purposeful. Obviously, the less powerful the mind, the less teleology will be evident, and conscious minds are much more teleological than unconscious minds. At the level of the primitive, lowly, unconscious

mind of an atom, not much teleology is expected – but there will be enough across countless atoms to make a difference, the critical difference between random evolution and purposeful evolution. Because of the gulf between processes and their ultimate aims (that may take geological time scales to accomplish), it may seem that no teleology is at work at all, yet look at what evolution on earth has accomplished across billion of years – us! Was that what it was always aiming for, or were we something that happened by pure accident via natural selection? It’s more or less impossible to study teleological processes using science, hence science concludes that teleology does not exist. In the popular American TV show Homeland about a domestic terrorist plot, there are many “causes and effects” but the whole show revolves around the unseen teleological cause, i.e. what is the grand aim of the plot? All the “scientific” causes and effects are clues to the teleological cause, but if viewed in isolation they offer no clues at all, and the plot will never be detected. The teleological cause is the aim of a process, the meaning, the point of the exercise, while the scientific causes are those that pertain to the process as it unfolds. Scientific causes and effects are like tactical manoeuvres while the teleological cause is the strategic objective, towards which all the tactics are directed. The dialectical process has an objective: the Omega Point, the Absolute, the culminating apex of a dialectical spiral. The teleological cause draws things towards it. The scientific causes push things along. The scientific causes are prior to the effects and the teleological cause is posterior to them. The teleological cause is the culmination of all the preceding processes, what they were all for. Scientific materialism, by denying teleological causes, denies that scientific processes are for anything at all. Existence is meaningless, pointless, aimless, purposeless, seeking to achieve absolutely nothing. Isn’t it rather odd than human beings – the highest outcome on earth of these meaningless scientific processes – are obsessed with meaning, purpose and intentionality? Yet again, we see a baffling phenomenon that science cannot account for. Science cannot explain how life comes from lifelessness or mind from mindlessness, or purpose from purposelessness. In other words, science can’t explain ANY of the most important questions, yet it smugly regards

itself as the pinnacle of rational thought. It is nothing of the kind. It’s a faith-based, irrational ideology of zealous materialism and empiricism – which it is incapable of rationally defending. As we have shown, science contradicts mathematics, the most rational edifice of all. Science, whose worth is entirely a function of mathematics, irrationally attacks its supreme benefactor (mathematics). LIFE is inextricably linked with teleology. DEATH (lifeless science) rejects teleology and embraces only meaningless scientific causality. As soon as you grasp that the universe is grounded in life rather than death, you realise that teleology (hence religion and metaphysics) is the most important thing there is. The biggest question of all is of course, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? Scientific materialism – the gospel of death – says it has no meaning. Scientific idealism says that the meaning of life is the attainment of perfection: of BECOMING GOD.

***** “The content of the subject must always include that of the predicate in such a way that if one understands perfectly the concept of the subject, he will know that the predicate pertains to it also.” – Leibniz If the subject is objective mathematics, everything that can be said about mathematics (all of its predicates) is already contained in the definition of mathematics: all of its truths are analytic, necessary and eternal. This is the only system of which this can be said, hence mathematics is the essence of existence.

Divine Mirrors “Every individual substance expresses the whole universe in its own manner.” – Leibniz “Every substance is like an entire world and a mirror of God.” – Leibniz We are all unique, wondrous, eternal beings. We are all microcosms of the whole of existence. What is true of us is true of existence. What is true of existence is true of us. We need only know ourselves to know the whole universe. When we look in the mirror, if we look hard enough, we can see God. The God essence is inside all of us. It’s tragic that so few people are looking and even fewer seeing.

The Mathematical God “God alone constitutes the relation or communication between substances.” – Leibniz Leibniz often spoke of God as a cosmic mathematician. In his secret writings, he used “God” to refer to mathematics itself. Hence, mathematics alone constitutes the relation or communication between substances, and all substances are mathematical points (monads) and comprise all of the numbers of mathematics (as energy).

The Power of Music Music is the soundtrack of mathematics. Music is auditory mathematics. One of the most astounding phenomena of all is the power of music over our emotions. Why should mathematics presented in a certain form (as an arrangement of notes) be so bewitching if we ourselves are not fundamentally mathematical entities? The feelings music stirs in us reveal to us the “inside experience” of mathematics. All objective mathematical events have a subjective aspect – what that event “feels like”. When we talk of a monad, an eternal life force, a soul having “will”, “desire”, “feelings”, what we really mean by this is that every soul has its own unique signature tune, its own soundtrack to life. This music is internal to the soul. Only it hears it and experiences it. This inner music of the soul

is responsible for all the irrational aspects of the self, all those aspects not driven by reason. Some of us have huge, grandiose symphonies playing inside our souls; others have tumultuous Sturm und Drang concertos; others have simple harmonies, or complex melodies. Some have operatic intensity. Most have mere muzak constantly playing. Our behaviour reflects our inner will, our inner desires, our inner feelings: these are all carried and encoded by our inner signature theme. We have composed a particular symphony over eons of existence and now it defines us. When we hear music, we find that we love any tune, any composition, that resembles our inner signature tune, that makes us experience that feeling that defines us, that desire that torments us, that will that drives us irresistibly forward. Only objective mathematics is more powerful than music, the standardbearer of subjective mathematics. Our personal existence consists of just two things: reason (objective mathematics) and unreason (willing/feelings/desire = subjective mathematics). That’s it. There’s nothing else. Our rational minds crave objective mathematics. Our irrational minds crave music, or anything else that has a “beat” and generates emotion. If you think about it, stories, poetry, movies, theatre shows and so on are really just music delivered in slightly different ways. The evolution of ancient Greek tragedy reveals the truth. “Tragedy” means “a goat song”. Tragedies were all about the adventures of Dionysus and the Satyrs who accompanied him. These were lustful, bestial, intoxicated males who loved to party. They revelled in wine, women and song. They played panpipes. Apollonian reason never “afflicted” them. They were the Wild Ones, the Wild Things, Wildness itself. By donning goatskins, actors became Satyrs. Tragedies involved masked choruses that sang songs. The story was mostly delivered “operatically”. The central actors were masked too. In Latin, the mask was called “persona”, from which we get the word personality. As drama evolved, the chorus was reduced and more emphasis was given to the actors. Eventually, the chorus was omitted entirely, and the actors took centre stage, literally. Yet all stories have, implicitly, the unseen

chorus still in the background. All stories remain a form of music. They use words rather than notes to strike emotional chords. Words are just a different type of musical note. When we speak to each other, we are actually singing, just like songbirds. All non-mathematical language is ultimately musical. There is nothing but mathematics (objective) and music (subjective). All Logos thinkers are attuned to objective mathematics (logic, mathematics, science, philosophy). All Mythos people are attuned to song in its various manifestations – everything that generates EMOTION. The war between the rational and the emotional is the war between Logos and Mythos, mathematics and music. Of course, there need be no war. Logos people are more than happy to embrace Mythos, but not to the exclusion of Logos. Mythos people, however, are delighted to exclude Logos entirely from their lives. Which group has the problem? We need a proper balance between Logos and Mythos, with Logos dominant. The world we have at the moment is imbalanced to an incredible degree in favour of Mythos. Logos is always on the periphery; never part of the central cultural discourse. This is a catastrophe for humanity. Mythos brings us closer to the animals, and Logos to the Gods. Isn’t it time Logos was given its due? Music is a truly wondrous thing. It goes to the very core of our being. Yet it can never be allowed to outshine mathematics itself, of which it is just a particular manifestation and expression. If we want to understand existence, we have to get mathematical, not wallow in a soppy ocean of music and Mythos forever.

***** One day, there will be a mathematics of emotion/will/desire. We will be able to assign “notes” to distinct desires and specific feelings. We will be able to measure the amplitude of the will (the will to power). We will be able to compose the perfect music for each and every person – one that reflects their innermost nature perfectly. We will be able to establish what musical notes are associated with all the different Myers-Briggs personality types. We will know what type of music is associated with every profession, and with expertise in mathematics, science and philosophy. We will be able to transmit “rational”

music to irrational mobs to calm them down and make them think more rationally. We will be able to cure diseases and mental illnesses using music. We will be able to change people’s behaviour musically. We will end criminality through music. We will be able to elevate people’s consciousness and spirituality through music. Like Orpheus playing his lyre, we will even soothe wild animals. The science of music will become the hottest science of all.

Philosophy For Dummies Literary fiction provides the equivalent function for feeling and sensing types that philosophy, mathematics and science do for thinking and intuitive types. In other words, literary fiction furnishes lessons in life for those unable to think and intuit, who must have an emotional or sensory vehicle to take them on a journey of understanding. To thinkers and intuitives, fans of literary fiction are comical. It’s like watching chimpanzees trying to imitate people. Of course, these literary types see themselves as very clever and self-important, and that makes them even more amusing. Most of them are so dumb they wouldn’t be able to name the components of an atom. And that’s INCREDIBLY dumb.

How We Changed Everything By identifying zero and its eternal partner infinity as the two numbers of the soul/mind/life/subjectivity, we brought into the ultra-respectable, hyperrational domain of mathematics, a concept (the soul) that had otherwise been stuck in the twilight zone. It was a “spooky” thing of faith, openly scoffed at by atheists. But which atheist would so easily deride the concept of “ontological zero/infinity” – the cornerstone of ontological mathematics? To ridicule religion is one thing, but to ridicule mathematics is something that no rational person would ever dare to do. By bringing the soul into the heart of mathematics, we have given scientists the biggest possible headache. They can no longer dismiss the soul as cranky and ridiculous, with no rational basis. Now it has the most rational basis of all. The reason scientific materialism can’t detect the soul is exactly the same reason it can’t do division by zero: zero simply isn’t part of the faithbased position of scientific materialism which asserts that only non-zero real numbers are relevant to “reality”. Mathematically, this is a

PREPOSTEROUS position. It’s a joke. Scientific materialism is therefore a joke. The soul – zero, a dimensionless point – doesn’t belong to the dimensional world of matter, so the inability of materialists to detect it is: a) the least surprising thing of all time since it is IMPOSSIBLE for dimensional science to detect a dimensionless entity, and b) it trains the spotlight on why scientific materialism refuses to countenance the most important number of mathematics. Scientific materialism is continuing the hostility towards zero that the ancient Greeks had (they had no formal symbol for zero and, outside Pythagorean circles, “nothing” was regarded with something approaching dread). The Indians became the masters of zero because they had absolutely no fear of it: indeed, it was central to their religious and philosophical beliefs. It’s thanks to the Eastern attitude to zero that Eastern religion is enormously superior to Abrahamism. Easterners were able to establish, at the deepest level of their religious view, a mystical, non-personal, abstract conception of VOID that somehow encapsulated everything, and could be equated with God in his innermost nature. Abrahamism has no mathematical content. Ultimately, it’s just the story of Jews wandering around believing themselves “Chosen”. It’s pure Mythos.

***** The West has had four mathematical catastrophes: 1) It rejected zero. 2) It rejected infinity. 3) It rejected negative numbers. 4) It rejected imaginary numbers. Western Mathematics was eventually forced to accept all of these, and now uses them competently (it still isn’t fluent in their use). But guess what? – the scientific materialists have learned NOTHING from the mathematicians and they continue to reject zero, infinity, negative numbers and imaginary numbers as ontological. M-theory is an explicit attempt to avoid zero and infinity. It’s as if we have gone back in time two and half thousand years to

ancient Greece where zero and infinity were unacceptable concepts for most thinkers. It is STAGGERING that scientists haven’t grasped that they’re simply repeating ancient errors for ideological, dogmatic reasons. Science can make no further progress until it fully embraces the ontological reality of mathematics and ALL numbers. Here we are in the 21st century having to point out to scientists that Western mathematics fell radically behind Eastern mathematics because it refused to accept some key numbers. For exactly the same reasons – indeed exactly the same numbers! – science has ground to a standstill in terms of coming up with a “final”, comprehensive theory. Science will never get anywhere until it accepts the ontological reality of the numbers we listed above. So, Illuminism alone represents the highest wisdom of humanity. The Illuminati have no rivals. We are peerless. We are way ahead of the curve, astonishingly far in front of the rest of humanity. Why? Simply because we were guided by reason and not faith, by intellect and not the senses. We had no difficulty with the concept of “unseen” things. Why should everything be seen? There is no sufficient reason why everything should be physical and detectable. We have done a simply astounding thing. We have dragged soul/mind/life/subjectivity from the land of woo woo, wacky religious and New Age theories and made it the beating heart of mathematics, hence entirely amenable to mathematical analysis. All mystical nonsense about the soul can now be dispensed with. The whole Logos world can start treating the mysteries of life, mind, consciousness, soul, self and subjectivity from the mathematical perspective. Metaphysics can be redefined as “dimensionless” mathematics, while physics is “dimensional” mathematics. The two together describe reality. The age of the religious domination of the “soul” is over. Now it belongs to the domain of mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, metaphysicians and psychologists. We have wrenched it from the poisonous grasp of the priests and popes, the imams and rabbis, the ancient false prophets and inveterate liars. Soul no longer has anything to do with faith. It’s all about rationality and logic. Smart people become the “saved” and stupid people the “damned”.

Remember this: the soul is the principle of LIFE. It is also the quintessence of mind. Soul, life, mind and subjectivity are all synonymous. They all relate to the number ZERO (and zero’s flip side, infinity). What could be more important than saving the soul from the Mythos religious fanatics? Now the Logos rationalists can lay absolute claim to it. The division between religion and science is OVER. Both are united in adamantine mathematics. The priest caste can now be overthrown. Their pernicious rule over humanity is at an end. All holy texts can be incinerated. All “prophets” can be condemned for the liars, charlatans and madmen they were and are. Whoever has control of the concept of the soul, controls humanity. Science left the field by rejecting the soul and allowed the madmen to control the religious discourse. Now, it’s time to reclaim the soul for the rationalists. We will talk RATIONALLY about the soul and dismiss all the Mythos madness. People will, from now on, be able to have absolute rational confidence in an afterlife. Faith has nothing to do with it. The more that people understand mathematics, science, philosophy and psychology, the more they will understand the real and wondrous nature of the soul. There’s no room left for religious bullshit, for all the faith healers, preachers, religious “scholars”, Bible thumpers and evangelists. The Age of the Charlatan is over. Mathematics now reigns and all those who are mathematically illiterate can be ignored. We will have a new world where, in the name of understanding the soul, people will want to be as mathematically skilled as possible. Endless fascinating new theories will pour forth as a result of our work. The whole world will be Illuminated.

***** AD: “Imagine that you are a character in The Sims. Every day you watch the sun rise and set, and you begin to wonder, ‘Why anything rather than nothing?’ The question quickly leaves, but in time you notice that it keeps drawing your attention more and more. Eventually, you want to know the answer so badly that you go out in search of some form of objectively valid reasoning that will help you understand. Through intuitive searching and rational synthesis, you come to the realization that you are just a unique character within a mathematically orchestrated simulation. … Now take a step back and look at yourself.”

Genesis The Singularity – the Monad of monads – is, like any individual monad, indivisible. It is a dimensionless point made of infinite dimensionless points. It is the fullness, the pleroma, the plenum, the light. The Monad is single living point of infinite life, light, energy and thought. It is the most wondrous thing there can possibly be – a self-transforming point seeking to become perfect. It is performing the ultimate alchemy on itself. It is changing, evolving, transmuting, becoming more and more perfect. Life is simply that – the process of turning potential into actuality and thus becoming increasingly perfect. Aren’t we all trying to become more perfect? As above, so below. The drive for perfection is ingrained in everything. It is the quintessence of the Singularity. What is the Singularity? – the Will to Actualisation, the Will to Perfection, the Will to Power. Existence is an eternal Will outside space and time. Schopenhauer characterised it as an irrational, blind, implacable, ceaseless striving to exist, to survive. Nietzsche’s Will to Power was more accurate. Survival wasn’t enough. The quality of life matters, and people will risk their survival to achieve more power and thus more quality. Hegel characterised it as Geist (Mind/Spirit), rationally and dialectically evolving towards a perfect end-point (omega point) where it achieved the Absolute (total rational self-awareness). Schopenhauer emphasised the Singularity’s wilful, irrational aspect and Hegel its rational aspect. (Schopenhauer, like Kierkegaard, loathed Hegel and his supremely rational and optimistic philosophy of inevitable future perfection.) Eduard von Hartmann combined the two approaches and thus paved the way for the Freudian id and superego. Hartmann translated Schopenhauer’s word “will” into “the unconscious” and thus ushered in a whole new way of thinking, for which Freud has taken virtually all of the credit. For Hartmann, the unconscious was actually will and intellect combined, with will the dominant partner. Intellect was in some sense the prisoner of will and the whole point of the evolution of consciousness was to effect, through reason and knowledge, the emancipation of intellect from the will. This amounts in Illuminist terms to Logos liberating itself from Mythos. Mythos has gone as far as it can. What else can Abrahamism deliver? What has it delivered thus far other than horror? Did Abrahamism land men

on the moon or discover penicillin? Abrahamism has no achievements to its credit. If humanity had been resolutely Abrahamic, we would still be living like the Jewish tribes of 3,000 years ago. Look at Islam – it’s rapidly heading back there! Only Logos is associated with evolution. If we want to have a better world, we MUST ditch the old anti-evolutionary religions of will, unreason, feelings, superstition and ignorance. Religion, free-market capitalism and privilege are the three great sins of humanity that must be rationally overcome if humanity is to become divine and fulfil its potential. Nietzsche emphasized the Singularity’s relentless preoccupation with power and it is of course the struggle for power that powers the Hegelian dialectic. Ultimately, reason is the greatest power of all. Life has an inner drive – for perfection. Yet to get there it must endure an immense cosmic dialectical struggle for power. We are all engaged in that struggle. Mythos delivers the fantasy of power where billions of people kneel to their own irrational personalisation of what they imagine an all-powerful being must be like. Logos delivers actual power. It’s time for the Logos Age.

Meritocracy Marx, with his “dialectical materialism”, believed that Communism was the inevitable dialectical culmination of human politics and economics. We assert that it is Meritocracy, and the enshrinement in law of equal opportunities (meaning the end of all systems of privilege, inheritance, nepotism and cronyism). What is ultimate human freedom? It is the opportunity to go as far as your talents will take you. No one can place restrictions on you. No one can rig the game against you. No one can privilege others over you. No one can put you down. No one can hold you back. No one can dominate you. You don’t have to join any political party or religion. Only meritocracy, based on equal opportunities, makes people truly free. In capitalism, only the rich are free. In communism, only the party elite are free. Meritocracy makes everyone free.

Medieval Quantum Physics Although it might sound absurd, the medieval question, “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” is remarkably profound. If we reframed it as, “How many photons can be fitted into the Big Bang singularity?” it would seem a highly challenging and valid question, i.e. by simply changing the vocabulary, we change the seriousness with which the question is treated. Equally, the question, “Can several angels be in the same place?” wouldn’t sound odd if we replaced “angels” with “bosons” or “fermions”. Then it would become a physics exam question. “Can an angel be in several places at once?” would be a valid question if it were reformulated as: “Can a quantum particle be in several places at once?” “Angels” is just a way of referring to “infinitesimals”, to “dimensionless particles”, to particles outside space and time, and how they might relate to space and time. Many ancient debates are modern debates in old-fashioned, picturesque language. Saint Thomas Aquinas, the greatest philosopher of the Catholic Church, wrote in Summa Theologica a fascinating section about Angels (beings of pure spirit). He posed a number of intriguing questions: Question 50. The substance of the angels absolutely considered. Is there any entirely spiritual creature, altogether incorporeal? Supposing that an angel is such, is it composed of matter and form? How many are there? Their difference from each other. Their immortality or incorruptibility. Question 51. The angels in comparison with bodies. Do angels have bodies naturally united to them? Do they assume bodies? Do they exercise functions of life in the bodies assumed? Question 52. The angels in relation to place. Is the angel in a place? Can he be in several places at once? Can several angels be in the same place? Question 53. The local movement of the angels. Can an angel be moved locally? In passing from place to place, does he pass through intervening space? Is the angel’s movement in time or instantaneous?

Question 54. The knowledge of the angels. Is the angel’s understanding his substance? Is his being his understanding? Is his substance his power of intelligence? Is there in the angels an active and a passive intellect? Is there in them any other power of knowledge besides the intellect? Question 55. The medium of the angelic knowledge. Do the angels know everything by their substance, or by some species? If by species, is it by connatural species, or is it by such as they have derived from things? Do the higher angels know by more universal species than the lower angels? Question 56. The angel’s knowledge of immaterial things. Does an angel know himself? Does one angel know another? Does the angel know God by his own natural principle? Question 57. The angel’s knowledge of material things. Do the angels know the natures of material things? Do they know single things? Do they know the future? Do they know secret thoughts? Do they know all mysteries of grace? Question 58. The mode of angelic knowledge. Is the angel’s intellect sometimes in potentiality, and sometimes in act? Can the angel understand many things at the same time? Is the angel’s knowledge discursive? Does he understand by composing and dividing? Can there be error in the angel’s intellect? Can his knowledge be styled as morning and evening? Are the morning and evening knowledge the same, or do they differ? Question 59. The will of the angels. Is there will in the angels? Is the will of the angel his nature, or his intellect? Is there free-will in the angels? Is there an irascible and a concupiscible appetite in them? Question 60. The love or dilection of the angels. Is there natural love in the angels? Is there in them love of choice? Does the angel love himself with natural love or with love of choice? Does one angel love another with natural love as he loves himself? Does the angel love God more than self with natural love? Question 61. The production of the angels in the order of natural being. Does the angel have a cause of his existence? Has he existed from eternity? Was he created before corporeal creatures? Were the angels created in the empyrean heaven?

Question 62. The perfection of the angels in the order of grace and of glory. Were the angels created in beatitude? Did they need grace in order to turn to God? Were they created in grace? Did they merit their beatitude? Did they at once enter into beatitude after merit? Did they receive grace and glory according to their natural capacities? After entering glory, did their natural love and knowledge remain? Could they have sinned afterwards? After entering into glory, could they advance farther? Question 64. The punishment of the demons. Their darkness of intellect. Their obstinacy of will. Their grief. Their place of punishment.

Returning to Yourself “Everything which takes place in heaven and on earth, the life of God and all that is done in time, strives only to this end, that the Spirit may know itself, may become an object to itself, may arise from self-involved to distinct and separate being: it is self-diremption [a tearing apart; violent separation] or duplication, in order to be able to find itself and to come to itself.” – Hegel And thus mathematics becomes self-conscious. Mathematics is the Spirit. The key to existence is unity (initially unconscious and sterile) giving way to multiplicity (conscious and fruitful) and then returning to itself (divine, conscious unity). The phase of multiplicity constitutes painful separation [alienation and angst] and engenders immense, cosmic, dialectical wars of power. In the end, we rationally understand that we’re all in it together, that we’re all part of living, rational mathematics. We began together as unconscious beings indistinguishable from each other. We end together as conscious Gods, completely distinguishable from each other yet wholly united in reason: “All for one and one for all.” The two dialectics of “master-slave” and “one-many” culminate in a Community of Gods where there are no masters and no slaves and where we are one AND many (i.e. we are neither one nor many but both).

The Master-Slave Dialectic “Hegel’s discussion of the dialectic of the Master and Slave is an attempt to show that asymmetric recognitive relations are metaphysically defective, that the norms they institute aren’t the right kind to help us think and act

with – to make it possible for us to think and act. Asymmetric recognition in this way is authority without responsibility, on the side of the Master, and responsibility without authority, on the side of the Slave. And Hegel’s argument is that unless authority and responsibility are commensurate and reciprocal, no actual normative statuses are instituted. This is one of his most important and certainly one of his deepest ideas, though it’s not so easy to see just how the argument works.” – Robert Brandom “For Kojeve, people are born and history began with the first struggle, which ended with the first masters and slaves. A person is always either master or slave; and there are no real humans where there are no masters and slaves. History comes to an end when the difference between master and slave ends, when the master ceases to be master because there are no more slaves and the slave ceases to be a slave because there are no more masters. A synthesis takes place between master and slave: the integral citizen of the universal and homogenous state created by Napoleon.” – Wikipedia It has been claimed that the master-slave dialectic ends when the slave gains more power than the master and supplants him. This reflects a serious misunderstanding of dialectical processes. If slaves became masters and masters their slaves then the dialectic has no end and is not dialectical at all. It’s a simple seesaw process: history endlessly repeating itself. In fact, dialectics are about convergence on a final state, an omega point, an Absolute. Rational dialectics are about progress and culmination. The central contradiction of the master-slave dialectic is resolved by equality. The difference between slave and master is dissolved and both recognise their equal status. The slave doesn’t supplant the master since that would simply make him the new master. Rather, the slave’s efforts elevate him to the same level as the master and the dialectic ends with the complete abolition of the master-slave distinction. There are no more masters and no more slaves.

***** The notion that a person is always either master or slave and there are no real humans where there are no masters and slaves is a fascinating one. It’s certainly true of Old Humanity (existing humanity!). Everything about our present world is dictated by the master-slave dialectic. It’s enshrined in all

the religious, economic, political and academic systems of the world. It’s even enshrined in the family unit. When we reach the abolition of the master-slave dialectic via the establishment of the Meritocratic State then history does indeed end: the history of Old Humanity. However, a new history then begins – of New Humanity – and that dialectic concludes with the attainment of divinity and the Community of the Gods.

Not God God isn’t God simply because he says so (as in Jehovah to Abraham). It’s your responsibility to question and test any putative God’s claims. Clearly, if “God” orders you to murder your child (as in Jehovah to Abraham), he has fallen at the FIRST hurdle. Only Satan would give such an order. That’s a FACT. Only a Devil worshipper would then choose to worship such a monster. All Abrahamists are evil Devil-worshippers and enemies of decency and morality. That’s a fact. God isn’t God simply because your parents say so. Don’t become a Christian, Muslim or Jew just because your parents are. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Stand up straight. Look “God” in the eye. Are his claims rational or not? If not, reject him. Of course, if you’re an irrational, ignorant, superstitious animal then you will go on being a Jew, Muslim or Christian. There’s no way out for you. You can’t help yourself. You’re not human – you’re a dumb beast of the field. Why is belief in God enormously stronger amongst the non-educated than the well educated? The question speaks for itself. Belief in God = STUPIDITY. The endeavour to become God yourself, through reason and knowledge = the true meaning of life.

The Question How can scientific materialists shoot down the Illuminist position? Are they going to attack mathematics given that mathematics is what they themselves rely on? They will have to assert that their arbitrarily truncated version of mathematics is superior to our comprehensive, complete version of mathematics. What possible justification can they give for using a

version of mathematics lacking its most important numbers? They can hardly make an appeal to empiricism given how flawed the human senses are known to be. They can’t cite the irrefutably of science given that science is inherently refutable even within its own terms. They can’t use superior logic or reason since we’ve cornered that market. (We rely on the greatest logician and rationalist of them all – Leibniz.) They can’t appeal to metaphysics since they reject metaphysics. Science isn’t a logical stance. Science is simply a method for proposing ad hoc hypotheses and matching them to experimental data. The hypotheses are continually refined as new data becomes available. If a hypothesis survives many tests it is promoted to the status of “theory”, but it still remains provisional, contingent and ad hoc. That’s as good as it ever gets for science. Science is not competing with Illuminism. It’s not in the same game. It’s not concerned with “truth”. Illuminism is the incontestable, absolute truth because it’s grounded in the eternal, immutable truths of mathematics. It has no interest in ad hoc hypotheses, experiments, contingency, ifs and buts, or provisional, everchanging data. Illuminism is about truths that NEVER change. Therefore, experiments are redundant. If they have any function at all in Illuminism, it’s simply to act as corroboration. In Illuminism, the horse leads the cart: reason always leads the way. In science, it’s the other way around. Experiments are held to be more important than reason. Reason must conform to experimental data, the scientists say. Yet how many times have experiments corroborated false theories? Experiments don’t prove ANYTHING! It’s true that reason proved fallible in the past, hence why scientists embraced experimental contingency. But there was a simple reason why reason proved flawed: it wasn’t based purely on mathematics. It was the servant of irrational belief systems and Meta Paradigms. When we refer to reason, we are talking about it strictly in the context of the necessary, analytic truths of mathematics. Reason went wrong in the past because it was applied to subjects such as Abrahamism where truth doesn’t feature at all. You can’t validly apply reason to Bible stories, or to Mythos in general. If you apply reason to absurdity, you get absurdity. GIGO: Garbage in, Garbage out. To be fair to science, it plays a useful dialectical role. What it does, slowly but surely, is reveal that reality is based on nothing but mathematics.

However, now that any rational person can see the mathematical foundations of existence, it’s surely time to stop treating experimental data with such reverence and to start matching the results of “paper and pencil” mathematics to the ontological mathematics of existence itself, guaranteeing us access to absolute, analytic, eternal truths. Scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider have spent endless billions of dollars probing the subatomic world, yet the results of all of their experiments still haven’t offered us any certainty about anything at all. All these experiments do is give us more confidence in theories that already exist, and which predicted the experimental phenomena in the first place. They are adding not truth to our knowledge but confidence. We could save a fortune if we simply issued paper and pencils to our brightest minds and invited them to produce every conceivable, irrefutable truth of mathematics. Then we would have incontestable certainty about everything. The answers to everything already exist. They are ALL contained in mathematics. They are not ad hoc, provisional or contingent. They are true for all time.

Bergsonian Vitality “Science only analyses. It doesn’t get to the dynamic vital essence… it dissects and separates the organic, living reality.” – Henri Bergson Philosopher Henri Bergson contrasted dead, scientific matter with a vast, vital impulse called élan vital. The latter is always trying to manage the former. This is really just a return to the worldview of Plato and Aristotle where “form” was more or less alive and “matter” was more or less dead, and form’s job was to shape and animate matter, but matter kept wanting to slide back to its former dead self. For Bergson, this tension between life and death generated “creative evolution” whereby life was continually discovering new ways to control matter, but matter was continually seeking to thwart it. The more complex things became, the more vulnerable they were to collapse, leading to a kind of life-death arms race. Bergson described the universe as having two opposed tendencies: “making” and “unmaking” (order versus disorder, information and

organisation versus entropy and disorganisation). “Making” is life and “unmaking” is death. Bergson claimed that intuition is the quintessence of the mind’s expression of the life force, while scientific analysis is inherently associated with death (matter). A major figure in his day, Bergson’s eclipse has been extraordinary. He dared to stand up to the scientific juggernaut and was duly crushed by it. It’s time his philosophy was radically reappraised. He was arguably the last philosopher of the “grand tradition”, i.e. the one going back to ancient Greece. After him, it was all existentialism, absurdism, postmodernism and narrow analytic philosophy. Philosophy itself “died”. Bergson’s élan vital supports teleological causality, while matter is all about scientific, anti-teleological causality. The two types of causality are in a kind of war with each other, one trying to produce order and the other disorder. When vitality is in the ascendant, increasing order is apparent and scientific causality is harnessed teleologically. When matter is dominant, scientific causality is entropic, generating increasing disintegration. Yet, ultimately, matter is simply “jellied” mind; alienated mind. Matter originates in minds: it is what pours out of minds and enters an objective Cartesian spacetime arena. When it is in space and time, it takes on a different aspect from “proper” mind. Mind is always dimensionless, and matter always dimensional. It is that difference that leads to the apparent mind-matter Cartesian dualism. It’s really a dimensionless mind/dimensional mind (i.e. matter) dichotomy. Dimensional mind acts as non-life (it doesn’t and cannot recognise itself as life), hence gives rise to the machine-like universe of scientific causality, yet is it everywhere imbued with dimensionless mind (true life). The trouble for living mind is that it struggles to control dead mind (matter) because it has to overcome the dimensional barrier; it is operating outwith its natural territory of dimensionlessness. Matter comes to life only rarely when mind achieves sufficient control of matter through a biological information system such as DNA. Life is about subjectivity, and death about objectivity. The two are separated by dimensionality. Life/subjectivity is always dimensionless, and death/objectivity always dimensional. Only a special mathematical negotiation between mind and matter (via the Fourier transform) allows life to appear in the dead physical

world. Life remains in its natural dimensionless domain but is able to communicate controlling signals to a “dead” body (its host in the material world). In truth, all bodies are dead (they’re mostly just digested food, after all). Those that are animated are those that have a mind meaningfully controlling them. When deterioration sets in, and the channels of communication between the mind and body start to degrade, life ebbs away. Death occurs when mind loses its ability to control the body and the link between the two is finally severed. The mind/soul does not “leave” the body; it was never in it in the first place. Instead, the mind-body link is permanently broken. A near-death experience occurs when it seems as if the link is about to break down, but is then abruptly re-established (via medical intervention that repairs the damaged links between mind and body). Hegel envisaged the “Absolute Mind” as one that overcame the dimensionlessness/dimensional barrier and recognised everything as mind. All barriers between subject and object dissolve and everything becomes one: pure mind. Mind recognises itself as mind and nothing besides.

Whence Mathematics? Where did mathematics come from? How is mathematics possible? It’s practically insane to assert that human beings invented mathematics. How could they? Even now, the power of mathematics has barely been explored. It is EVERYWHERE, embedded in everything. Long before there were human beings, mathematical patterns were ubiquitous. If mathematics preceded humanity, humanity definitely couldn’t have created it. The human mind has merely uncovered it. If humans didn’t invent mathematics, did anyone else? Only a God would have the capability, but how could a non-mathematical God create mathematics? Think of all the perfect analytic definitions, the endless patterns, order and organisation, all seamlessly fitting together. How could anyone possibly construct such a thing and then apply it to a world of some non-mathematical substance that then behaves according to mathematical laws? Plato envisaged a transcendent domain of perfect, immutable, eternal Forms, which a being called the Demiurge (or Public Worker) then applied to a universal clay (matter) to create a sculpted universe bearing the imprint of the Forms: an inferior copy of Paradise.

The brilliant aspect of this scheme is that it divorces the Forms from a Creator God. If we call the Platonic domain mathematics itself then it is something that has always existed, and cannot be explained with reference to anything else. Plato’s scheme reveals some of the major problems that must be tackled if we assume a domain of perfect and eternal mathematics. How can it be applied to the world we actually experience? Plato invoked the Demiurge, but this was a mere stratagem. How could the existence of such a being possibly be accounted for? Why would he have any relationship with the Platonic domain? Then we must have another thing called “matter” to which the Platonic Forms are applied. Plato created three quite baffling entities: eternal Platonic mathematics, an eternal being capable of understanding and using mathematics, and an eternal substance (matter) to which mathematics can be applied. This is even worse than Cartesian dualism. Now we have a trinity of incompatible substances to explain. How can they all interact with each other? In the Abrahamic vision, the mind of God contains mathematics, i.e. it’s inbuilt, part of his eternal perfection. So, even here, mathematics is not created. In Platonic terms, the Abrahamic God is the union of the Demiurge and the domain of Platonic Forms, so at least that’s one complication taken care of, leaving just a dualism of God and matter. Yet, we don’t actually have matter at all. After all, Abrahamism is a monism. “God” summons creation out of nothing and stamps mathematical patterns on it. This now generates the immense problem of explaining how something can come from nothing. As for Eastern religion, it combines the Demiurge, the Platonic domain of Forms, and matter into one monistic, evolving system, imbued with karma to provide moral agency. Scientific materialism, like Abrahamism, posits that matter is created from nothing, and somehow mathematics is applied to matter to create scientific substances (i.e. that obey scientific laws). Scientific materialism has no Demiurge figure, of course, and nor does it accept any eternal Platonic domain – which poses incredible logical difficulties for how it explains the nature of reality. The implication of scientific materialism is that matter and mathematics are both created out of nothing (how?; by what?; from where?), and somehow work perfectly together, and mathematics is perfectly imprinted into matter. This, of course, is nonsense.

It’s astonishing that the scientific Mythos has survived for so long when it’s patently irrational and illogical. It can’t explain anything in any coherent way. It simply creates an ad hoc alliance of matter and mathematics without offering any conceivable explanation of how it comes about. Are matter and mathematics two different substances? If so, how do they interact? (It’s Cartesian dualism all over again). How can mathematics be a substance? If it’s not a substance then what is it? Is it material? But it can’t be because then it would be the same as matter itself. If mathematics is NOT a material substance then how can it be explained in an exclusively materialist system? Scientific materialism is highly similar to Aristotle’s conception of reality (even though modern science sneers at Aristotle). For Aristotle, matter and Form were separate things always found together. In modern science, Form (mathematics) is separate from matter, yet always found with it, thus making matter obey scientific, mathematical laws. Isn’t it an irony that modern scientific materialism, for all its bluster, is actually no advance on Aristotle and can be criticised on exactly the same logical grounds? Illuminism is the only possible answer to the conundrum. Illuminism is a monism, i.e. it involves only a single substance. That substance is “living mathematics”. It is Plato’s domain of Forms, Plato’s Demiurge and Plato’s matter as one, eternal, living thing. The fundamental “stuff” of existence is energy – LIVING energy. But energy turns out to be the ontological manifestation of numbers, and numbers comprise mathematics, and all of the Platonic laws of mathematics thereby come inbuilt in this system (i.e. nothing created them). The precise relationship between numbers and energy is that energy is composed of mathematical waves, every wave has a frequency and amplitude, and infinite frequencies and amplitudes are possible. Therefore, all possible numbers exist because all possible wave frequencies and amplitudes exist. Ontologically, if you refer to a number, you are referring to a sinusoidal wave of a specific frequency corresponding to that number, or to the wave’s amplitude. (The context will decide which version of “number” is relevant: frequency or amplitude.) The most special number of all is zero because it is a zero energy wave, hence is not a wave at all, or rather it is a unique wave that reduces to a perfect dimensionless point. Leibniz called this point a monad, soul or entelechy.

Strictly speaking, a point is not anything at all – because it has zero energy. But it acts as a perfect mathematical container for an infinite number of energy waves, of which it is the origin. All of the “experiences” of all of those energy waves, all of the information connected with them, mathematically flows back to the “point at infinity”, which is none other than the zero-energy point. So, even though there is nothing there per se, all information and experience end up there, thus making it into a thing – a SELF – an agent that experiences… an eternal soul. Isn’t that the most astounding thing of all? Our Self doesn’t exist at all. It’s a dimensionless, zero-energy point defined by the number zero. It’s quite literally “nothing” – yet because of its mathematical relationship with an infinite number of energy waves of which it is the centre (the source, the origin), it is conjured into being as the centre and focus of experience of all of its associated energy waves. We are all, truly, “nothings”, yet we are also “everythings”. The scientific materialists are right that the soul does not exist in the purest sense, yet it does not NEED to exist in the terms they conceive. It is better to think of the soul as a projection point (the vanishing point; the point at infinity): it is the central point onto which experiences and information are projected and from which they seem to be projected outwards to the world. It is a kind of mathematical mirror or focus. All of its content is projected (focused) onto it and it then projects (radiates) all of that content back. It is the ultimate feedback system. Imagine an infinity of cinema projectors all pointed at a single cinema screen. The screen is “nothing” – it’s just a blank canvas. All of the information is actually contained in the projectors, but all of their information ends up at one place and creates an incredible, transcendental, holographic interference pattern representing the WHOLE, and all of the information it contains seems, mathematically, to originate from there and radiate outwards like rays from the sun. Each part is in the whole and the whole is in each part. WE ARE ALL HOLOGRAMS!!!! Our souls are mathematical, ontological holograms. That is the final, wondrous secret of existence. Our soul both does and does not exist, depending on your perspective. Technically, there’s nothing there, yet in another sense EVERYTHING is there, because it is the point to which all

information is mathematically directed and from which all information seems to come. This point acts as an information and experience processor, i.e. it is a mind. All minds are alive by definition (but not conscious: consciousness is the highest quality of mind which an unconscious mind has to evolve via a long and complex process). We now realise something extraordinary about mind and life. As with the soul, they don’t exist in anything like the manner we think they do. Like the soul, they are the product of a mathematical process that concentrates an infinite amount of information and experience at a single, central, zeroenergy, dimensionless point. Life, mind and soul are the EFFECT of that projection of infinite information and experience at one point. That is what subjectivity is all about. The “subject” is the entity onto which all objective information is projected, and which it then experiences. It is thus the whole, and it holographically radiates its contents outwards to every part so that each part partakes of the whole. Life, mind and soul are all synonymous. They are all holographic projections: they are summoned into existence by infallible, eternal mathematical processes. Life is all about processing information and experience. The universe is an information processing system, and so is the soul: as above, so below. God, the World Soul, Abraxas, is the cosmic information point, the focus of an infinite number of monads. The God of Gods is the projection point of the infinite array of monads.

***** We have now revealed the ultimate mathematical secret of the soul. The soul is the most fascinating mathematical object (and subject) in the universe. It the greatest wonder of existence – and it is purely thanks to mathematics that it exists at all. Its existence is necessarily virtual for the simple reason that if energy is frequency and souls have zero frequency (hence zero energy) then there is nothing there. What is a wave with zero frequency and zero amplitude? It literally can’t be anything at all in the “concrete” sense. However, what it CAN be is the necessary, inescapable, indispensible origin of an infinitely complex set of mathematical relations centred on it. What is the centre of ANY circle or sphere? It is always a non-existent point – but the circle or sphere cannot be defined without it.

We often say that the universe is composed of static points (monads) and dynamic points (the energetic contents of monads). That’s all there is. The dynamic points are points of energy (hence exist), but the static points have no energy at all, hence do not formally exist. Yet they DO exist because nothing else is possible without them. The dynamic points are all necessarily related to the zero static point. It is the true ORIGIN, the source, the point that defines all other points. Our soul defines everything we are – it is our personal origin – and yet it is in some sense not there. Yet is a hologram really there? Where? It plainly exists – because we can see it – but can we actually say where it is? Where is a thought? We might loosely say that it is inside our head – but where exactly? We can’t pinpoint it at all, and eventually we realise that we can’t even be sure it’s inside our head. Holograms are all about wave interference patterns. These patterns can be mathematically defined, but where are they? Where is an infinitely complex interference pattern, where each part is in the whole and the whole is in each part? Isn’t that the supreme paradox? The whole is EVERYWHERE. We normally think of the whole as relating to the total “thing”, i.e. being composed of all of its parts. We don’t think of the whole as being composed of infinite wholes, i.e. each part is itself the whole (with each part differing only in the sense that it provides a unique perspective of the whole: it is the whole from a unique angle in each case, just as Leibniz always said about the nature of monads and how they reflect the world). Can you wrap your head around that? In that paradox is contained the mystery of the soul. The holographic soul is present as a whole even though, in some ways of thinking about, it’s not there at all. The same is true of the whole universe. In some sense, it’s not there at all. It’s just a dimensionless point with zero energy overall (it’s truly NOTHING), and yet it’s everything: all thanks to the holographic interference pattern. It is this interference pattern that defines what it means to exist. Ultimately, it is an absolutely mental phenomenon. There is no physical component at all!

***** We have said that the universe is nothing but an eternal Singularity, with infinite content. All of that content is mathematically projected onto the Singularity, meaning that the universe is fundamentally alive, with a mind, and a soul – the World Soul. We are all part of a living information system.

The Riemann Sphere shows exactly how infinite information can be projected onto a single point (and by the same token can seem to originate from that projection point). That “point at infinity” is the Riemann Sphere’s soul. There could be no such thing as life, mind and soul without mathematics. Mathematics IS life, mind and soul. Mathematics is GOD, and mathematicians are his true priests and prophets.

***** The Soul = the Absent Presence!

Illusion or Not? Buddhists often say that the world is an illusion. We have said so too, though not in the same terms. So, is it? Well, the world certainly isn’t a mirage, a hallucination, a fantasy, a dream or anything like that (which Buddhism often implies it is). You can’t close your eyes, open them a few seconds later, and find that objective reality has vanished. The material world is an absolutely objective place. You can’t escape from it through any simple means. You really are in a kind of prison. The “illusion”, such as it is, is a very specific one. Although we all think we live in vast, material universe of solid things, none of that is true. The universe has only ever consisted of ONE POINT. It is wholly dimensionless and mental. The material illusion stems from the properties of objective mathematics. The whole thing is a mental construct – but it’s fully objective and you can’t escape from it except by achieving gnosis. As far as our practical, day-to-day experiences go, it is not any kind of illusion. It is only through the exercise of reason that we can grasp that what we see is not what’s really there. Material reality is the perfect illusion because it’s so objectively real that you can assert that’s it’s not an illusion at all. Only a higher truth and higher perception reveals its hidden nature.

Leibniz – the First Holographer Leibniz was the greatest genius in history, and the first to understand the holographic nature of reality (even though holography didn’t exist until

centuries later). In his published Monadology, Leibniz characterized reality as consisting of infinite dimensionless monads created by God. Each of these contained the whole universe (“each part contains the whole”), but perceived it strictly from its own perspective. All of the monads were “windowless”, meaning that they were wholly self-contained and could not exchange information with any other monads. They were all perfectly synchronised (via the divine “pre-established harmony”) so that they APPEARED to exist in a world of absolute causality and scientific law. In fact, nothing interacted with anything else at all. In this scheme, the Creator had absolute foreknowledge of everything that was going to happen, because he had personally programmed it into everything. Logically, this is the best ever defence of a Creator with complete knowledge of existence. Since the Creator, being infinitely good and perfect, would not have created an inferior world if a better one were possible then this world of ours must be THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS. In his unpublished Monadology – his true Monadology – Leibniz dispensed with the Creator and with windowless, determined monads. Monads were now uncreated and eternal, and had “windows” (they could readily exchange information with each other). There was no Creator with deterministic foreknowledge; so the universe was completely free. Any preestablished harmony related to the fact that all monads contained the full laws of mathematics, hence knew exactly how to mathematically interact with each other in any possible situation. This monadic system was still the best of all possible worlds, but for a different reason. It was best because it was guaranteed to evolve to a perfect state – a state of absolute mathematical optimization. Hegel took up this theme and presented it in terms of the dialectic. The system devised by Leibniz and Hegel remains the core of Illuminism to this day, though we mathematically and scientifically enhanced it using the most up to date knowledge. We will keep perfecting the system as any vital new knowledge becomes available, but we never expect the core vision to alter. So, Leibniz got there centuries ago to the holographic truth of reality. He knew that the whole must be contained in each part, and each part in the whole – the essence of holography. That can happen only via the interplay

of zero and infinity in the context of a supremely complex and ontological wave interference pattern.

The Mind Problem Consider the difficulties of sensers (i.e. those who belong to the sensing type) and feelers (feeling types) trying to think rationally. It’s utterly alien to them. How can feelers feel reason? How can sensers sense reason? Scientists – as thinking sensers – can think rationally, but are then driven to try to think in terms of an exclusively sensory reality because they can’t intuitively grasp any domain beyond that. They are literally hard-wired to dismiss non-sensory considerations, hence none of their conclusions about ultimate reality are to be trusted. After all, how can sensers conceive of something that CANNOT by definition be sensed? It is outside the scope of how they think about reality. Only thinking intuitives – a category that includes virtually every mathematical genius – can escape from the sensory prison, and the equal prison of emotional narrative (Mythos). If humanity wants the truth, it has to place its absolute trust in the hands of INTJs and INTPs, assisted by ENTJs and ENTPs (for the extravert perspective). Introverts will ALWAYS be closer to the truth than extraverts precisely because they look inside themselves to reality rather than to outside themselves (to the materialist illusion). INTJs and INTPs are the closest human beings to Gods!

***** All religious, philosophical, political, economic, artistic, scientific and mathematical thinking has never been anything other than a battle of ideas between feelers, thinkers, intuitives and sensers. Isn’t that astounding? But only the intuitive thinkers are equipped to grasp what’s really going on beyond the veil of Maya.

The Ontological Argument St Anselm, a medieval Archbishop of Canterbury, is renowned for his “ontological argument” for the existence of God: “We say God is the greatest object of thought. Now if we say something doesn’t exist, something exactly like it, if it did exist, just by virtue of

existing would be greater. So, if God doesn’t exist, we could imagine something greater, namely a God that does exist. Since we can conceive of this greater God, God himself must exist for otherwise an even greater one would. So God exists.” Although this is ingenious, it has been attacked by several philosophers, and most successfully by Kant with his argument that “existence is not a predicate.” A non-existent unicorn has exactly the same set of predicates as an existent unicorn. The difference is that if unicorns exist then a real instance of one can be physically encountered, but a non-existent unicorn can never be encountered objectively; only in the subjective imagination. We might say that “existence” is about the objective versus the subjective. A subjective existent is not required to be an objective existent. Subjective and objective existents have exactly the same predicates, but only objective existents can be encountered by more than one person (the subject).

***** Is there any revised version of the ontological argument that might prove more successful? Perhaps we can use a variation of the mantra of particle physicists: anything not forbidden is compulsory. Can we say something such as, “If God’s existence isn’t forbidden, it’s compulsory”? But what if we say the same thing about a unicorn? “If a unicorn’s existence isn’t forbidden, it’s compulsory.” Yet no unicorns exist even though there is nothing forbidden about a horse having a long horn on its head. Leibniz had an ingenious way around this problem with his concept of “compossibles”, via which a thing’s potential existence becomes dependent on how compatible it is with the potential existence of other things. In this view, many things that could exist (i.e. that are not forbidden) will not exist unless they are “compossible” with the largest number of other potential existents. As Leibniz said, “The existent may be defined as that which is compatible with more things than is anything incompatible with itself. The existent is the being which is compatible with the most things.” This is a fantastic concept. All manner of things, such as unicorns, might have evolved on earth, but didn’t. They didn’t because they were less compatible with natural selection than their rivals. A horse was more compossible with all the other creatures produced by natural selection than

a unicorn, hence horses exist and unicorns don’t. On another planet, unicorns might be more compossible than horses. As for God, as the subject of all perfections, he is automatically compossible with everything else. His perfection grows as everything else becomes more perfect. If nothing forbids the evolution of perfection of every individual monad then nothing forbids the existence of God, as the culmination of their perfection. He is not a perfecting being, he is a perfect becoming; that which will become perfect. Although Anselm’s argument doesn’t work for things that might exist, including God, something like it would work for things that already exist and are in the process of perfecting themselves. If there is no sufficient reason for why things shouldn’t become more perfect then their perfection will keep increasing, and if God is the aggregate of their respective perfections, his perfection will keep increasing too. If there is nothing to forbid a final perfection (and what would prevent it?) then God, as the greatest possible object of thought, must come into being.

The Magic God What, in effect, do Abrahamists say about reality? It goes something like this… In the Beginning was Magic, and Magic magically created everything, and all things were done by magical processes. Magic is not subject to any rules. Magic can do anything it likes whenever it likes. Therefore, there is no point in asking any questions because the same answer will always be given to everything: it happened by magic. Except they substitute “God” for “magic”.

Fact or Fiction? Some people continue to doubt the reality of the Illuminati. Well, you will not find the material in the God Series of books anywhere else. It’s unique. So, either we are who we say we are, or one person has miraculously created all of this on his own without any help from any other soul – and that would make him the greatest genius of all time. Which is it? Illuminism explains EVERYTHING. Does any other system come anywhere near answering the issues we have addressed?

***** No First Mover. Movement is eternal. No Creator. Existence is eternal. Zero/Infinity: intertwined eternally. Thus something = nothing. The problem of evil: there is no such problem if an allegedly perfect being does not create the universe. The Hegelian dialectic automatically contains an eternal struggle between good and evil, culminating with a rational state beyond good and evil. The meaning of life: life is about a self-solving, self-optimizing mathematical Will to Power. The attainment of perfection is the meaning of life. Abrahamists think the meaning of life is about entering the company of the “perfect” being (God) that they worship. Illuminists know that the

meaning of life is about BECOMING GOD. Abrahamists are passive slaves, defined by their God. Illuminists are active dominants, defining themselves. Desire, pleasure, pain, feelings: where do they come from? They are the subjective experience of existence, the inner drive. How, ontologically, do you go from being imperfect to perfect unless you have a) a desire for perfection, b) a simple means of establishing whether power is increasing (pleasure) or decreasing (pain) – this pleasure/pain axis is the essence of feelings. Desire and feelings revolve around WILL, and it’s will that drives us forward inexorably. Living things are different from machines because living things are autonomous (they can’t be switched off) and they have will. If artificial intelligence experts wanted to create something that had any resemblance to a human, they would have to program it with will, desire and feelings. To be alive means to pursue the growth of power and perfection. Shouldn’t our whole society be pursuing the growth of power and perfection? Only then will we all be happy and fulfilled. God is NOT personal (no supernatural being has our back and is obsessed with our personal welfare), except in the sense that each of us is God-in-the-making. What could be more personal than that? God will never intervene. Abraxas has no great interest in most people, just as we ourselves don’t. He doesn’t think of us any more than we think of individual ants (we’re not even aware of them). It’s pointless to worship him or pray to him. In fact, in many ways it’s best to regard him as not actually there at all (which is why we have no problem with atheism, especially the atheism of Nietzsche with his glorious concept of the Superman). The only real God is yourself. God does not grieve over the world. He does not want to destroy Satan. He is preoccupied with altogether more lofty concerns. The divine experience of infinite reality is nothing like our restricted human experience of finite reality. Abraxas understands existence and its dialectical nature, and therefore the absolute necessity of Satan’s existence. Abraxas is NOT perfect – he is becoming perfect (as we all are).

Space and Time

We are active with regard to space and passive with regard to time. Time is done to us, while we do things to space. We can increase our speed through space but we can never increase our speed through time. We are fundamentally temporal rather than spatial beings.

The Universe The universe doesn’t require anything. It’s permanently in its ground state of zero. Something = nothing (mathematically). Only mathematics can make that so. Only mathematics can combine “somethings” and achieve a resultant of zero. That, by itself, is the supreme rational proof that existence is ENTIRELY mathematical, and that ontological zero – the origin – is at the heart of mathematics. No “God” can accomplish what mathematics does. Gods can emerge from mathematics via the evolution of mathematical functions, but no God can give rise to mathematics. Mathematics creates Gods. Gods do not create mathematics. That is the answer to the supreme religious question. Only mathematics is eternal, not God. Mathematics has no first cause, and no prime mover. In fact, ontological mathematics is itself eternal causality and movement. Mathematics is the True God. Abraxas, when he becomes perfect, perfectly reflects mathematics. Abraxas is LIVING, SELF-AWARE MATHEMATICS.

The Three Domains We can describe reality in terms of three seemingly separate domains: 1) The realm of matter: the scientific realm. 2) The realm of mind: the psychological/phenomenological realm. 3) The realm of spirituality: the religious realm. The scientific realm is objective and involves no experience, no subjectivity, no qualia and no consciousness. In this realm, the question WHY? is never asked. This is a dead realm of mechanistic process. The mental and spiritual realms are both subjective and experiential, and both are wholly concerned with “why?” The mental domain is about the rational laws of mind. The spiritual realm is about our relationship with

God/Gods/Divinity/Transcendence and has typically revolved around pure Mythos. The scientific realm is Logos-oriented and is studied using Logos techniques. The spiritual realm is Mythos-oriented and is traditionally explored through the words of prophets, holy men, holy books, gurus, saints, divine revelations and mystical intuitions and experiences. The mental realm sits between the other two: part Logos and part Mythos. It’s the bridge between matter and spirituality. Thinkers such as Jung and Freud wrote in a manner that was part Logos and part Mythos. “Spirituality”, as pure Mythos, should be killed off entirely, or turned into entertainment – like fairytales – with no truth content. The next stage is to make psychology much more mathematical and metaphysical and much less subjective and anecdotal. Science has done a reasonable job of rationally unlocking the mysteries of matter but it has proved hopeless at exploring the mind. The mind – as inherently subjective – will always be more difficult to study than matter, but if a new generation of thinkers can crack the mind-matter interface mathematically in all of its details then humanity can start to transform its worldview. Jungian and Freudian concepts such as archetypes, the id, the ego, the superego, the persona, the shadow, the anima/animus, the mana personalities and the Self all have to be brought into much more objective and mathematical relief. We need a “Periodic Table” of the “atomic” elements of the mind as powerful, comprehensive and explanatory as that which applies to chemistry. When we have such a table, we will stand perched on the threshold of divinity. Just as the Periodic Table of chemistry revolutionised our control of matter, so the Periodic Table of psychology will revolution our mastery of the mind.

The Stranger In terms of materialism, the mind is a stranger in a strange land. In fact, according to materialism, it can’t be in that domain at all, except as a product of material things and interactions. In truth, it is matter that is a stranger in a strange land. Matter is entirely constructed by the mind.

Carnivores and Herbivores

The American Republican Party is full of human “carnivores” and the Democratic Party is populated by herbivores. The carnivores are aggressive, unpleasant, selfish, greedy, predatory and opposed to government, State and community, and even to society itself. The herbivores are peaceful, gentle, thoughtful, altruistic, cooperative and communitarian.

The American Dream “The life of nations no less than that of men is largely lived in the imagination.” – Enoch Powell No country lives more in its imagination – in a fantasy world, in fact – than America. When every America politician declares America to be “exceptional”, “God’s own country”, “the greatest nation on earth and concludes every speech with “God bless you and God bless America”, the rest of the world bursts out laughing. They attribute such absurd talk to the fact that America is a very young nation. It hasn’t yet grown up. It’s like a child, hence why it’s so imaginative and yet so infantile. America has no class. It’s a bright, energetic kid that has got ahead of itself and needs to learn the lessons of life – as all the “old” nations have. To Chinese eyes, America must seem almost incomprehensibly immature and naive. What are the Americans so afraid of? Why are they always boasting, blustering, bragging and bigging themselves up? It’s as if they have a crippling insecurity complex. American political conventions are the least subtle things you could ever imagine. They are offensively stupid, gross, vulgar and emotional. Not a single rational word is ever heard. There is never anything about philosophy, science and mathematics, history, geography, psychology and sociology. It’s all about sentimental, nostalgic hyper-emotionalism, revolving around faith, family and flag. It’s pure Mythos from beginning to end. America will be mature only when its President not once calls it exceptional and the greatest nation in the history of the world, and doesn’t conclude every statement with, “God bless America.” Anyway, wasn’t God supporting the Vietnamese communists?


We look forward to the day when Americans regularly criticize their country, are “unpatriotic” and “don’t do God”. Only then will America have joined the adult nations of the world.

The Prayer Question How many prayers has “God” ever answered compared with those he definitely hasn’t answered? Not much of a return for your prayer investment!

Christianity A new book by Francis Spufford is called Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense. Well, the only sense that Christianity makes is emotional. Whoever said otherwise? It’s the rationality of Christianity that’s at issue. “Christianity was the religion of my childhood. It’s the ancient religion ... of the place I come from. ... Christianity is right: it’s something I came back to, freely [after 20 years of atheism], because it answers my need, and corresponds to emotional reality for me.” – Francis Spufford Indeed! That just about sums it up. Spufford was rational for around twenty years and then gave up on reason and returned to comforting emotionalism and sentimentality, based on familiar and reassuring childhood habits and experiences. This is a classic Christian tale. It’s all about feelings and has no connection with reason.

Jesus Yehoshua ben Yosef (aka Jesus Christ) belonged to the tradition of charismatic Judaism. Holy men were ten-a-penny in Judea in that time. No one would ever have heard of Jesus Christ (he’s wholly absent from historical records) had it not been for St Paul and his missionary zeal, and the Emperor Constantine who gave Christianity his personal sanction. How many times must it be said? Jesus Christ was a JEWISH prophet. You cannot be a follower of Christ if you’re not a JEW! Christianity is a wholly invented religion. It’s almost the opposite of what Jesus Christ

actually preached. But who cares? It’s not as if Christianity has any connection with the truth.

Anti-Meritocracy Why do the privileged elite hate and fear merit so much? It’s because they are the beneficiaries of the Peter Principle. That is, they have all been promoted beyond their level of competence. They are now making vast amounts of money commensurate with their status and position in the hierarchy, but massively exceeding what their talents deserve. Do you seriously imagine that these people will open the doors to the meritorious? If they did, they would all instantly be out of their lucrative jobs. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas! No, privilege is what keeps them secure: nepotism, cronyism, special doors being opened for them because they went to the right schools and colleges, have the right accents and wear the right ties, go to the right country clubs, know the right handshakes, and so on. This system of signs is much more important than merit. Merit would destroy this insidious, rigged game. Nothing is more threatening to the elite than merit. It undoes all their “work”, i.e. their intricate fixing of the game. Why did disaster overcome the world economy in 2008? Not because all the people in power were the brightest and best, deserving of the highest rewards, as they always claim, but because they were all incompetent and had been over-promoted to important jobs where their ineptitude was fully exposed. The collapse happened not because of “brilliance” (too many geniuses in the room) but because of gross stupidity (too many over-privileged, overpromoted clowns in the room who had no idea what they were doing and what was going on). It’s time for these dullards to be removed from power. We can all see through them now. They aren’t the masters of the universe but rather the morons! Merit is the kryptonite that destroys them, that they can’t bear. So, let’s flood their world with people who are much smarter and more talented than they are. They are all frauds, fakes and charlatans. They have sold their snake oil long enough. They are countless Wizards of Oz cowering behind the curtain waiting to be exposed.

Well, it’s time to draw back the curtain.

Back Story At the 2012 London Olympics, it was remarkable how every athlete was assigned a “back story”. It wasn’t enough that they should be elite athletes. No, they all had to tell their story of heroic struggle against all the odds (strange, given that many of the athletes from rich nations such as Britain come from super privileged backgrounds). Yes, every time anyone won anything, we all had to wipe away a tear, so moved were we by their backstory. You see, the sport itself is not enough. What the audience craves is NARRATIVE, so this has to be imposed on sport at all times. Sport is now just a new kind of fiction – “the continuation of fiction by other means”. Ditto politics. We live in Story World. Narrative controls all – because it’s what feeling types crave.

Run for Your Life If you hear someone being described as “conservative and traditional”, get the hell out of there! Conservative + traditional = dangerous religious fantastic = dinosaur.

Same As It Ever Was Poor people at the convention of the American Democratic Party had to sit in the cheap plastic seats high up in “the Gods” (far from the real Gods on the stage).However, you’ll be glad to hear that Wall Street companies were able to hire luxury suites and corporate boxes for the best possible view and treatment. Good to see that the Democratic Party still prefers moneymaking and glad-handing to politics and equal opportunities. Get rid of freedumb and dumbocracy. Get rid of the Dumbocratic Party. It’s time for Meritocracy.

The New Gods “Are we living in a land where sex and horror are the new gods?” – Frankie Goes To Hollywood Yes.

The Quantum of Action “Planck discovered that physical action could not take on any indiscriminate value. Instead, the action must be some multiple of a very small quantity (later to be named the ‘quantum of action’ and now called Planck’s constant). This inherent granularity is counterintuitive in the everyday world, where it is possible to ‘make things a little bit hotter’ or ‘move things a little bit faster’.” – Wikipedia What, ontologically, is the “quantum of action”? Mathematically, it’s the Fourier constant that defines the uncertainty that must be present between Fourier functions IN space and time and their Fourier transforms OUTSIDE space and time. However, it’s more instructive to see it as the basic FINITIZATION FACTOR of existence. You cannot have infinite energy washing around in a finite environment. Infinite energy trying to enter the finite domain of space and time must be “tamed”, i.e. rendered finite. The quantum of action is what “chops” up infinite energy into finite energy parcels (packets, grains) that can safely and controllably function finitely. Therefore, the significance of the quantum of action is off the scale. There could be no material world of space and time without it.

Holography: the Basics With normal photography, you point your camera at something and take a picture. With holography, you photographically record the pattern formed by two interfering sets of light waves. One set of waves is provided by a simple reference wave, with the other set coming from the scene you’re photographically recording (which will be complex). So, you mix a simple wave set and a complex wave set and get a holographic interference pattern.

***** The first mainstream scientist to propose that the universe was some sort of giant hologram was David Bohm, one of the figures most resistant to the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics. There can be little doubt that Bohm will one day be regarded as one of the scientific greats. He paid the penalty of being a “heretic”, opposing the view of the scientific establishment. No one helped him develop his ideas; no funding was provided and his ideas were generally mocked. He didn’t help his own

cause by becoming increasingly mystical and religious – anathema to the atheistic scientific mainstream. Yet his holographic conception of reality has incredible explanatory power, and meets the scientific “crazy test”…

The “Crazy” Test “In order to understand this we need some crazy idea. Has anyone a crazy idea?” – Niels Bohr “We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct. My own feeling is that it is not crazy enough.” – Niels Bohr “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.” – Niels Bohr Holography IS crazy enough but a holistic system such as a hologram goes against the whole grain of reductive science with its obsession with reducing reality to a set of machine parts. Holography introduces the “horror” of non-locality and hints at the even greater horror of mind and matter being holographically linked, thus overthrowing the central materialist Meta Paradigm of science. The conventional scientific mind is extremely resistant to holographic thinking because it’s an entirely different type of thinking and, at first sight, seems completely unmanageable and unproductive. Bohm himself was unable to formulate any persuasive and powerful way into the labyrinth of holographic cosmology. He had the basic idea, but he lacked the execution. The same was true of Pythagoras. He had the stunning intuition that existence was mathematical and he made a clever attempt to justify his position by linking numbers to solid geometrical shapes (to form “numerical physical atoms”, so to speak), but it wasn’t clever enough to be generally convincing. It was Leibniz who put Pythagoras’s ideas on the most unshakeable grounds of logic, but he himself was overshadowed by Newton (just as Bohr, Heisenberg and Born overshadowed Bohm). Mainstream science ALWAYS favours any interpretation of reality consistent with its empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm, and always rejects any rationalist and idealist interpretations. The history of modern science has been the history of excluding any rationalists and idealists and embracing only empiricists and materialists. It can’t be stressed enough that this is the current that runs right through science to this day. The scientific establishment simply won’t countenance rationalist and idealist thinking. That’s why it rejects mathematics as

ontological, and why it rejects holographic thinking, which is ultra mathematical and also completely consistent with idealism. Science, like the Catholic Church, has promoted an ideological, faithbased position of sheer dogmatism that crushes all “heretics” and “infidels”. A huge problem with science is that not one scientist would see himself as the equivalent of a Catholic fanatic subjecting Galileo to the inquisition, and yet they’re all in the same game of thought suppression. Einstein himself became a joke figure in science because he resisted the Copenhagen Interpretation. That would be the equivalent of Catholics mocking the Pope. (Bohm supported Einstein, hence was also regarded as a “dinosaur” thinker, desperately trying to resurrect discredited classical ways of thinking.) John Bell spoke of the disgraceful treatment meted out to the De Broglie-Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics. It was more or less buried because it didn’t agree with the establishment view, even though, as Bell demonstrated, it was in perfect agreement with the mathematics of quantum mechanics. Why does science refuse to teach anything but the establishment view of science? Why is it so scared of other interpretations? What would science have to lose by becoming a “broad Church” and encouraging and funding rationalist and idealist views of science rather than just empiricist materialist views? Here’s another simple fact. Rationalist idealist science is infinitely SEXIER than empiricist materialist science. School kids would be far more enthusiastic about science and mathematics if they were taught in exactly the way we teach them. Compare our God Series of books with the mainstream texts of science and mathematics you were given at a school. Ask yourself which fired your imagination more. There’s simply no contest. Our approach is all about rationalism and idealism. That’s exactly what allows mathematics to be the basis of existence itself, and to furnish the world’s only rational religion. Isn’t it time for science to offer courses on rationalism and idealism as well as empiricism and materialism? If it wants to be popular and engage the interest of school kids, it frankly has no choice. The prevailing ways of teaching science and mathematics have turned off children in countless legions. Mathematics is the most hated subject in the world and science isn’t far behind – all because of the utterly dogmatic way in which these subjects are taught. Both subjects enshrine the

empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm. That’s a catastrophe given that the universe is unquestionably rationalist and idealist. Rationalism and idealism combine in one place in particular: HOLOGRAPHY! Holography ought to become the central platform for teaching mathematics and science. Do you know anyone who isn’t fascinated and inspired by holograms?

Existence Existence is a vast wave pattern, an enormous interference effect, a limitless ocean of energy, all trapped within a Singularity that is, mathematically, both nothing and everything, both dimensionless and dimensional. All of the universe’s objective properties sum to zero except one – INFORMATION, which is striving to reach infinity. Existence is about the evolution of minimal information patterns to maximal information patterns, from simple basis functions to the most complex functions possible, from maximum potential to maximum actualisation. Existence is a hologram, yet this is a hologram that needs no photographic film, no laser beam illuminating the object and no reference laser beam to provide the interference pattern. It is a self-generating hologram (i.e. it gives rise to itself by virtue of its own mathematical properties: it does not require anything external to itself). All of existence is contained in an ever-changing dynamic interference pattern as it evolves towards perfection. The Whole is contained in each part, and each part in the whole. Is it not wondrous? Is it not DIVINE? Mathematics alone can make this happen. We live in a mental universe of pure information and the greatest creation and illusion of this information system is the objective, “physical” universe. This is entirely a mathematical construct, a beautiful dreamworld just like The Matrix, except there’s no red pill offering an escape route. Never forget, nothing but mathematics can account for our universe. Existence is 100% mathematical. Whether you like it or not is neither here nor there. You may be a feeling person who craves a personal relationship with an all-powerful supernatural being – too bad. You may be a sensing person in desperate need of sensory evidence for everything – too bad. Thinking and intuition are as close as you can get to mathematical truth, and thus the truth of existence.

The Illuminati can think of nothing better than a mathematical universe, and no more desirable outcome. Mathematics offers us total certainty and it guarantees that we shall all become GODS. Scientific materialism will NEVER be able to account for life, consciousness, the experiences of consciousness (qualia), and free will – all of which can be defined with regard to the single concept of subjectivity. Quite simply, scientific materialism is about objectivity and has no mechanisms for accounting for subjectivity. Subjectivity is the hard case for scientific materialism. The scientific materialist paradigm lacks any vocabulary for subjectivity. It has no technique for approaching the task. It prefers to deny subjectivity entirely. Ever since science catastrophically abandoned Descartes’ unextended domain of thinking, it has been incapable of grasping mind, consciousness and life. That’s why EVERYTHING depends on the number zero. Zero is a mathematical number yet its ontological reality is formally denied by scientific materialism. Zero is the number of subjectivity, hence is the most important number of all. To combine objectivity and subjectivity in a single complete, coherent, rational, logical and consistent system means to accept zero as ontological, and as the key to ontological mathematics. Why do materialists hate zero so much? It’s irrational and antimathematical to do so. To deny ontological zero is to subscribe to a materialist faith as dogmatic, illogical and obnoxious as the Abrahamic faith.

***** Materialism is unable to get inside anything, to have an inner experience. It cannot, by its very nature, provide a subjective account of anything. It cannot account for qualia. There is only one way to be inside and that is via the number ZERO. Zero is pure subjectivity and it is clad in a carapace of externality (materialism). That is the simple secret of the world. Descartes intuited the right answer but he failed to understand what was linking rather than separating the two related domains of extension (matter) versus nonextension (mind). They are in fact indissolubly connected through mathematics and, above all, by the concept of the Fourier transform that allows two different domains to be treated as one system: exactly what is required for the two different domains of mind and body.

Schopenhauer One of the quickest ways to grasp the essentials of Illuminism is via Schopenhauer’s philosophy. Schopenhauer wasn’t an Illuminatus and in fact he loathed Hegel (one of the greatest figures of Illuminism), yet his ideas come close to being a wonderful, non-mathematical approximation of Illuminism. Schopenhauer was also a huge influence on Nietzsche, Wagner, Freud and Jung, so his ideas are worth investigating for that fact alone. The basic ingredient of Schopenhauer’s position is that there is a noumenal domain of pure WILL, outside space and time. We can equate this to the Cartesian mental domain. The Will gives rise to a phenomenal domain inside space and time which obeys causality and resembles the world preached by scientific materialists. The noumenal domain is formally unknowable (just as Kant insisted), but we can get some kind of grasp of it through our experience of our own will. Note that our will isn’t pure will itself because our will is mediated through the filters of space, time and causality – which are absent from the noumenal domain. That is, our personal will is phenomenal rather than noumenal, but, crucially, our will is subjective rather than of the objective nature of scientific materialism. So, we have: 1) Noumenal Domain of Will (equivalent to the Cartesian domain of non-extension). 2) Phenomenal Domain of space, time and causality (equivalent to the Cartesian domain of extension.) Sandwiched between these two domains is the Cartesian “I” – the link between noumenal will and the phenomenal universe. We are subjects in the objective phenomenal world. We are neither pure noumena nor pure phenomena. “I” is a construct, a compromise between the noumenal and phenomenal domains, with a foot in both. Yet “I” will die when the body dies because it is so closely identified with the body and mortal life. For Schopenhauer, underneath the level of “I” we are in fact all ONE. There is only one cosmic will, in which EVERYTHING is united. Schopenhauer’s system is a brilliant reflection of Westernised Buddhist thinking. There is no eternal self per se, only a hidden unity of all things. We endure countless lives (“I” constructs; mortal existence) until we learn

that we are all one, at which point we escape from the wheel of reincarnation and are dissolved in the cosmic unity (nirvana). The big difference between Schopenhauer and Buddhism was that he conceived of the Will – fundamental reality – as irredeemably EVIL and the cause of perpetual suffering. He regarded nirvana not as union with the underlying Will, but as extinction, i.e. when we become enlightened we cease to will, which logically means, as far as Schopenhauer’s formal system goes, that we cease to have any existence at all. However, he sometimes hinted at a kind of intellectual contemplative life, separate from pure will, which might offer a nirvana closer to the Buddhist conception. Consciousness, for Schopenhauer, was a kind of complex illusion. In no system other than atheism does our conscious self represent our true self. In Illuminism, consciousness is the means by which our true self – outside space and time – negotiates the world of space and time. This consciousness MUST perish with our bodies, but our soul outside space and time is of course immune from mortal concerns. With Schopenhauer, there is an extraordinarily close link between will and body: “My body and my will are one.” That is, my body is the phenomenal form of my will, and my will is the noumenal form of my body. My body is “appearance” (phenomenon) and my will is “thing in itself” (noumenon). The one complicating factor is that my will is itself forced into some form of phenomenal configuration, hence is no longer pure will/noumenon. The idea of a blind, eternally striving Will underlying all things is Schopenhauer’s wondrous contribution to philosophy. Nietzsche’s Will to Power is even better. To bring Schopenhauer’s Will and Nietzsche’s Will to Power closer to Illuminism, all that’s needed is to add the rational Hegelian dialectic. Finally, the whole system must be translated into terms of the Leibnizian Monadology and be defined purely in terms of the underlying mathematics. That, then, is Illuminism in a nutshell. The key ingredients offered by Schopenhauer are the two linked domains of noumenon and phenomenon, the existence of an eternal living WILL that drives everything forever, and the concept that our body is a physicalisation of our will. In Illuminism, the concept of eternal living Will is replaced, in mathematical terms, by the concept of the “self-solving mathematical equation”. That is, each of us starts as a non-optimal solution of our

personal mathematical equation. Our “will” is the will to optimise that solution rather than just let it stay the same forever. It therefore amounts to a Will to Power. The more optimal our solution to our personal equation becomes, the more powerful we are. When we fully optimise our solution, we have literally become GOD.

The Holographic Universe Each monad is a hologram –a dynamic, evolving, wave interference pattern. In other words, the soul is a hologram. There are infinite such holographic souls. Existence as a totality is a Super Hologram. Or, since nothing could exceed it, a Hyper Hologram. It is the Hologram of Holograms, the Cosmic Hologram, composed of infinite soul holograms. Existence is a holographic World Soul comprised of countless individual holographic souls. What could be more wondrous?

The God Particle The scientists at CERN announced the experimental verification of the existence of the Higgs boson (the “God particle”). Of course, this is gratifying but changes nothing since the standard model of physics has assumed the existence of the Higgs boson for some five decades (since Peter Higgs first proposed it). What the Large Hadron Collider will never do is throw any light on the only particle that really counts – the Leibnizian monad, the true God particle, the soul itself. This is of course entirely dimensionless, hence beyond any experiment devised within the dimensional domain of science. Science could probe the monad in only one way – by recreating the Big Bang Singularity, which was composed of nothing but monads. In other words, we could have scientific mastery over the monad only at the point at which we could say, just as God did in the Book of Genesis, “Let there be light!”

Mathematics Our minds never invented mathematics. They reflect mathematics since that’s all there is. Mathematics CANNOT be invented. It cannot be added to or subtracted from. It comes as one full, analytic, necessary, immutable, a priori, eternal package. Although subject and object are unified in mathematics, it’s true that we subjectively interpret mathematics in various, eccentric ways. For example, Mythos is a bizarre subjective interpretation of a mathematical universe. A clear distinction must be drawn between objective and subjective mathematics. The distinction is akin to music. Music can be objectively

analysed in terms of mathematical waves, but our ears, auditory cortex, feelings, desires and will, etc. subjectively interpret it. A subjective mind in effect strips out the objective mathematical components and turns them into something else – the subjective experience of mathematical information, which is very different from mathematical information itself. Subjective mathematical minds can, and usually do, perceive the world entirely unmathematically. Music is pure mathematics, but is experienced wholly differently. Insofar as we don’t “see” objective reality, we are deluded, but if we did see objective reality we would be machines with computer minds, cut off from qualia. The key notion to grasp is that mathematics, via its component monads, is ALIVE. Life is a mathematical phenomenon but that does not mean that it has to be experienced that way. Again, we give the example of music. The objective nature of something and how it is subjectively experienced are two radically different things. Subjective mathematics is precisely how Mythos, qualia, irrationality, feelings, desires, will and free will enter the cosmic equation. Subjective mathematics has a unique feature that can be defined mathematically but cannot be objectively captured, precisely because it is subjective. That feature is LIFE. Subjectivity is the means by which rational mathematics delivers irrational beings such as humans. Ultimately, it can all be traced back to Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem and the fundamental issue of “self-reference”, which is just another way of talking about subjectivity. What we are aiming for is to specify objective mathematics precisely through pure mathematical rationalism and logic. The final game is then to master the interface between objective and subjective mathematics, between object and subject – to acquire, literally, the kind of “mind over matter” powers possessed by Neo in The Matrix – at which point humans have truly become Gods.

Mathematical Functions There’s a difference between mathematics per se and mathematical functions, which are the ontological manifestation of mathematics. The laws of mathematics are fixed eternally, but dynamic mathematical functions are continually interacting with one another (according to the

laws of mathematics) and creating an infinite variety of functions, each with different properties and qualities. The laws of mathematics generate infinite mathematical variety. Objective mathematics is about understanding the Platonic, eternal nature and laws of mathematics. Subjective mathematics is about experiencing the myriad of novel mathematical functions generated by existence. Every time we take a decision, we are generating a new mathematical function, adding to the mathematical complexity of the universe. We are not inventing new laws of mathematics, but we are certainly “inventing” new and unique mathematical functions, which will of course be fully consistent with the requirements of the laws of mathematics.

The Pythagoreans “The Pythagoreans, as they were called, devoted themselves to mathematics; they were the first to take up this study, and having been brought up in it they thought that its principles were the principles of all things. Since, of these principles, numbers are by nature the first, and in numbers they seemed to see many resemblances to things that exist; more than just air, earth, fire and water, but such things as justice, soul, reason and opportunity.” – Aristotle The Pythagoreans = the Hyperboreans = Illuminati = those who subscribe to the religion of mathematics as that which explains everything infallibly, absolutely and eternally.

The Inner Secret “Unity is the principle of all things and the most dominant of all that is: all things emanate from it and it emanates from nothing. It is indivisible and it is everything in power. It is immutable and never departs from its own nature through multiplication (1 x 1 = 1). Everything that is intelligible and not yet created exists in it; the nature of ideas, God himself, the soul, the beautiful and the good, and every intelligible essence, such as beauty itself, justice itself, equality itself, for we conceive each of these as being one and as existing in itself.” – Theon of Smyrna, student of Pythagoras The Monad – unity; the unit, one – has always been at the core of Illuminism. The Monad was held to be a point and to be the source of all numbers. It was defined as good, desirable, stable, indefatigable, indivisible and essential. Yet the phrase, “It emanates from nothing” hid a secret. For the higher initiates, zero replaced one as the key number of Illuminism. One itself emanated from nothing (zero) and just as 1 x 1 = 1, so does 0 x 0 = 0. Is zero or one the true point? One is something, part of dimensional existence, while zero is nothing and dimensionless. In terms of dimensionality, a point is dimensionless and a line is one dimensional. In the original Pythagorean way of thinking, a point was one and a line could be drawn between two points (two ones), so a line was two.

So, is the monad one or zero? The outer circle of the Illuminati – those not deemed ready for higher truths – were taught that one was the monad. This provided the basis of the materialist outlook on life because it denied the existence of “nothing”. The inner circle was taught that zero is the monad, hence “nothing” is the origin of all. This is the basis of the school of idealism. It was Leibniz who brought the Illuminist understanding of zero to its perfect state. The monad was indeed zero. Zero is a point, a unity, a “one”. Zero is the “one” (the monad) of the mental world, and ordinary “one” is the monad of the material world. The two monads come together in the binary system of zero and one.

The Cosmos Cosmogony – the study of the origin (the birth) of the universe. Cosmology – the study of the structure and evolution of the universe.

Zero There is only one way in which existence is possible and that is when “something” = “nothing”, i.e. there is no “cost” to having something. There is only one way in which something can be nothing and that is mathematically. Literally, positive infinity combined with its precise negative counterpart equals zero. That is, everything can be contained by nothing. Mathematics alone allows there to be no contradiction between something and nothing. They can co-exist. Everything can exist in the lowest possible energy state – the ground state – zero energy. The Abrahamic Creator God is not “nothing”, so how can he exist at all? Taking this argument to its logical conclusion, the whole of existence is contained within a Singularity – absolute dimensionlessness, absolute nothing overall. There is no mathematical reason why this should not be so. It is therefore the case that there is no actual physical world: simply a mathematical mental world that has all the attributes of apparent physicality. Again, this is facile from the mathematical viewpoint, no matter how much it might infuriate materialists. Quite simply, nothing is as extraordinary, miraculous, mysterious, surprising and powerful as mathematics. Mathematics itself contains every feature that you could possibly associate with an authentic God.

The Prime Mover Ever since Aristotle, religious people have had the idea that there must be a first cause, a prime mover, and they associate this concept with an intelligent consciousness, with a Creator, with God. God somehow imparts motion to the universe. (Of course, the question inevitably arises of what caused the first cause. There is no sufficient reason for any cause not to be preceded by an earlier one, so causality forms an infinite regress.) There’s no need for a God or a first cause, or any initial source of motion. The plain fact is that mathematics is alive. Moreover, it is an eternal energy source. It has neither beginning nor ending. It cannot be created or destroyed. It is a self-solving mathematical object. It is dialectically driven to evolve and become more and more complex. There is nothing external to it. It is not conscious but it can become conscious. The universe must have no overall energy cost. Can “God” accommodate that requirement? Is he a zero-energy being? In fact, only mathematics can deliver something that is both infinite in extent and also zero. No miracle is greater than that one. It’s the fundamental basis of existence, and accounts for why there is no such thing as non-existence. Non-existence is a mathematical impossibility because mathematics guarantees that “nothing” will always be “something” and can never not be “something”. Nothing (i.e. perfect non-existence) that excludes something cannot happen. This, by itself, is an incontestable logic proof that existence is wholly mathematical. When understood properly, the concept of “non-existence” is a false claim that zero can exist with no content, i.e. that zero can be separated from everything (infinity). No such separation can ever be effected mathematically and this is the unarguable answer to the riddle of existence.

Pascal “For, after all, what is man in nature? A nothing in comparison with the infinite, an absolute in comparison with nothing, a central point between nothing and all. Infinitely far from understanding these extremes, the end of things and their beginning are hopelessly hidden from him in an impenetrable secret. He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he came, and the infinite in which he is engulfed. What else then will he perceive but some appearance of the middle of things, in an eternal

despair of knowing either their principle or their purpose. All things emerge from nothing and are borne onwards to infinity. Who can follow this marvellous process? The Author of these wonders understands them. None but he can.” Blaise Pascal Pascal was an extremist Catholic (a Jansenist), so extreme as to be perched on the edge of heresy and excommunication. Mainstream Catholicism wasn’t nearly extreme enough for Pascal. Yet as a skilled scientist, philosopher and mathematician, Pascal was ideally positioned to see the truth that mathematics was the Author of everything of which he spoke. That being the case, if we become good enough at mathematics, we will understand everything the Author knows and we will join the Author. However, even geniuses can have their minds addled by faith, fear and madness and prefer Mythos to Logos. Pascal was a particularly instructive and tragic case. Arguably, Pascal is Abrahamism’s most conspicuous victim because he had the intelligence to be a genius of the highest order, yet succumbed to an almost insane religiosity that destroyed his intellect.

Gnosis Gnosticism is all about the attainment of gnosis – supreme enlightenment – thus bringing to an end the cycle of mortal reincarnation, and transforming an ordinary soul into a divine soul, i.e. creating a God. Gnosis is the critical threshold separating normal souls subject to reincarnation from divine souls free from reincarnation. One of the reasons why we emphasize introverted intuition so much is that gnosis is the ultimate expression of introverted intuitive knowledge. When a soul achieves gnosis, its intuition becomes INFINITE, i.e. it knows everything. It has become God. The people in the world closest to gnosis and enlightenment are introverted intuitives – which is exactly why we need a Logos world guided by INTJ and INTPs. These two groups will help the whole world to become enlightened.

Empiricism versus Deduction/Rationalism It has been said that empiricism is for practical people who like experiments and observations, while deduction is for theoreticians who disdain “manual labour”. Empiricism is plebeian and rationalism patrician. We might say also say that empiricism is associated with extraversion and rationalism with introversion. Science is for empiricists, and mathematics and philosophy are for rationalists. Scientists are the plebs and mathematicians are the patricians. It’s incomprehensible to a rationalist how anyone can imagine that the universe is not built on 100% rational principles. After all, what’s the alternative – that the universe is fundamentally irrational? In which case, how could it make any sense at all? It’s either one or the other – 100% rational or 100% irrational – because there’s no conceivable reason why it would be some weird, unfathomable mixture of rationality and irrationality. It plainly isn’t irrational, so it must be 100% rational. There is only one system of 100% rationality – mathematics.


Minds consciously LEARN knowledge. No mind comes inbuilt with full consciousness of all knowledge. That is an impossibility. The Abrahamist God is an impossibility. According to Abrahamism, ultimate knowledge is the knowledge belonging to an eternal, conscious being called God. So, anyone who tries to pursue ultimate knowledge is really trying to understand the Mind of God. This view is, of course, the supreme anthropomorphism of knowledge. Knowledge, as Plato realised so brilliantly with his dazzling Theory of Forms, is eternally separate from any particular mind (or, rather, is available to ALL minds, but not consciously). What Plato did not realise was that the Forms are solely mathematical. The Theory of Forms is really the theory of eternal ontological mathematics. The laws of mathematics are the eternal, perfect, immutable absolute truths Plato was seeking. All minds come inbuilt with the laws of mathematics but, crucially, as we have said, they are not conscious of these laws. If you are not conscious of them then you have a passive rather than active relationship with them. They use you rather than vice versa. At best, you can have intuitive use of the laws, as sportsmen do when they carry out elaborate mathematical calculations unconsciously in order to hit balls, kick balls, catch balls, throw balls, and so on. Only when you are conscious of the laws of absolute knowledge (mathematics) can you become a God with complete mind control over matter. Abrahamic monotheism was all about relocating Platonic Forms from their own domain into the mind of a being (God), without that being having to learn them. They were simply given to him, and he was fully conscious of them at all times. This is infantile anthropomorphism of the same kind that made the ancients think that trees, lakes, mountains and so on, all had a particular spirit-being controlling them. The Abrahamists claimed in effect that absolute knowledge had its own spirit-being, and it was “God”. Absolute morality also had its own spirit-being, and it was again God. So did absolute power and absolute all-seeingness. “God” was therefore the spirit-being of perfect knowledge, perfect morality, perfect power and perfect awareness of all things happening in the universe. Jews think monotheism is the greatest idea of all time and are delighted to call themselves the “Chosen People”. In fact, monotheism is both the worst and stupidest idea of all time and the Jews have been damned because of it.

There is no such thing as an eternal consciousness. Consciousness is a product of evolution. Knowledge has to be consciously learned. We must return to the Platonic view of the world and separate perfect knowledge from imperfect minds. Minds can become perfect, but only after a long quest of learning. No mind is simply consciously given absolute knowledge. It must be earned. The Abrahamic fantasy of the anthropomorphism of knowledge must be destroyed. The Jews were the supreme advocates of anthropomorphism and they suckered the Christians and Muslims into buying their infantile and ridiculous idea. Anthropomorphism is of course the essence of MYTHOS. The Jews were the fantastical storytellers par excellence. No wonder so many of them have become novelists. No wonder the Jews control Hollywood. The Jews are pure fantasists. The ancient Greeks were, historically, the Jews’ nemesis (well, apart from the Egyptians, Babylonians and Romans). The Greeks were the Logos rationalists and the Jews were (and are) the Mythos irrationalists. The Jews are the world’s most stupid people, which is somewhat ironic given their reputation for producing geniuses. However, as Nietzsche realised, certain types of stupidity can have the most life-enhancing effects. Jewish stupidity produced astonishing creativity amongst the smartest Jews whereas Islamic stupidity has destroyed the smartest Muslims. Judaism itself is the supreme Mythos. The Jews, a group of insignificant, pathetic, desert tribesman, inserted themselves into history by telling the biggest whoppers of all time, by making the most deranged claims, by being the most self-important, grandiose, narcissistic, egomaniacal, megalomaniacal race in history who claimed nothing less than that they were the Chosen People of the Creator of the Whole Universe! Never has there been a more insane claim. The Jews are the maddest race there has ever been, and it was their madness that allowed the Devil to make this world into a mental asylum and cosmic penal colony. Then the Christians got in on the act. A 14-year-old fornicator, terrified of being stoned to death, claimed that she was in fact a virgin who had been impregnated by GOD, the Creator of the Universe, and this – the biggest single lie in history – is believed to this day by two billion insane people called Catholics and Protestants. Next to join the lunatic asylum was Mohammed who claimed that the Angel Gabriel came to him in a cave and dictated the perfect Word of God

to him, and the Creator of the Universe was of course an Arab speaker (natch). Over one and half billion human beings still subscribe to that lie, the second biggest single lie in history. But the Jews remain the race of Absolute Lies. The Jews don’t believe one single true thing about existence. And that’s a fact.

The Dream World “Why would mother Nature highly activate your brain, paralyse your body, sexually activate you, and force you to watch these things called dreams?” – Professor Patrick McNamara, Boston University Dreams are manifestations of subjective consciousness. Our minds insert into the dreams whatever is preoccupying them. Dreams are never fake. No one lies in dreams. They are where we are at our most honest because lying serves no purpose in dreams – you’d only be lying to yourself. The danger of mixing dream states with reality is prevented by the paralysis of our bodies during dreaming. But sometimes sleep disorders overcome the paralysis, and dream states leak into reality. People can sleepwalk. They can even commit murder in their sleep. During dreams (in REM sleep), our bodies are suppressed (paralysed). During waking consciousness, our dreams are suppressed. Psychotics are those who don’t suppress their dreams properly, and the contents of their dreams leak into reality with catastrophic effects. Without body paralysis, we literally act out the content of our dreams. But, in these cases, we are not controlling our body through objective consciousness but through subjective dream consciousness – which is radically different and much more dangerous since almost anything can happen. Our secret dream world becomes all too visible if our body paralysis is turned off during our dreams. It shows what a thin dividing line there is between objective and subjective consciousness. With lucid dreaming, the attempt is made to try to control dreams with something approaching our objective consciousness. Some people are very skilled at it and thus have the supreme fantasy world at their disposal where they can act like Gods, overcoming all of the physical limitations of the objective world.

***** Dreaming can take place in non-REM as well as REM sleep, but the two different phases produce radically different types of dream. In non-REM sleep, studies have shown that people have much higher self-regard and are highly positive. In REM sleep, the opposite is true.

Excess REM sleep seems to produce depression. Since REM sleep is where our bodies become paralysed, the power of the emotions released must be so great that they have to be stopped from being physically acted out. We might guess that hate, rage and terror are the particular emotions that are being expressed in REM sleep, because they can lead to violence or hysterical screaming, hence would be disastrous if they were acted out. REM dreams are where we wrestle with our deepest emotional problems, where we face our demons, where nightmares afflict us. Our ultimate sexual desires may also be expressed here, hence must be prevented from being enacted physically (although men can of course actually ejaculate in dreams – “wet” dreams, meaning that body paralysis is selective). Dreams are a kind of release valve for our concerns and desires. We might conjecture that mentally ill people do not dream well, hence they don’t experience dream catharsis, and their problems spill over into the ordinary world. Good dreaming leads to psychological well-being. Poor dreaming leads to depression and perhaps even madness. An excess of dreaming might also lead to madness. People suffering from bipolar disorder perhaps have phases of unbalanced dreams: too many good ones (leading to mania) then too many poor ones, leading to depression.

***** Dreams sometimes provide a rocket boost to intuition, hence great discoveries can be made in the dream state. Dreams are an arena where we can engage in profound problem solving. They can also be used for learning, practising, and visualising desired outcomes (thus making these outcomes more likely to happen). In dreams, different strategies are simulated. In dreams, new links are formed between different parts of the brain, i.e. creative suggestions are being made as to how to improve our performance. It has been suggested that the dream world is much like a flight simulator, or indeed simulator for anything at all. It provides a superb environment for rehearsing the sorts of things likely to happen to us in the real world. Nightmares provide a rehearsal for terrifying or even lifethreatening events.

In the dream simulator, there are no consequences, even though the very worst things can happen.

***** It must be possible to provide therapy through dreams, optimisation techniques through dreams, positive thinking and well-being through dreams. By mastering dream science, we might transform the world. The dream arena provides us with the perfect simulator for … becoming Gods! Let’s start practising.

***** What kinds of dreams do children have in comparison with adults? Are they much more intense and vivid? Could we learn techniques to re-enter our youth via dreams – and experience the excitement of Christmas, birthdays and vacations once again? Could we program children via dreams to have much better and more productive lives? Could we come up with something like Jung’s individuation scheme? Could we summon archetypes in their right order to ensure healthy psychic development? Could we reverse, through dreams, childhood traumas such as child abuse? Could we prepare people for death through dreams – make them masters of the process of reincarnation? The possibilities are endless. Everything is possible in dreams. Why not make maximum use of them? There should be whole academies devoted to dream research, involving the finest minds in the world. With dreams, we can explore the ultimate parallel universe, exactly like our own world but with all of the laws and constraints of physics removed. Is that not wondrous? Transpersonal psychology is often described as the fourth wave of psychology, going beyond the physical, mental and psychological to the spiritual. Where better to explore transpersonal psychology than through dreams, the supreme door to transcendence.

***** Experiments have proved that animals dream too. Cats have cat dreams, and dogs dog dreams. Could we make cats have dog dreams? Could we make ourselves have cat dreams and thus enter the alien world of animals?

Could stupid people learn to have the dreams of geniuses and become smarter? Could we cure mental illness through dreams, and eliminate psychopathy?

Motion One of the most mysterious things of all is motion. Is it conserved? Does it run down, or is it simply transformed from one type of motion into another? There are four types of motion: 1) Mental motion through mental space. 2) Mental motion through mental time (mental imaginary space). 3) Physical motion through physical space. 4) Physical motion through physical time (physical imaginary space). In the physical universe, the default is motion through time. Even if all physical motion through space ended, all objects would be moving at maximum speed through time. Motion and speed through physical spacetime AND mental spacetime are ALWAYS conserved overall. Motion, like energy, can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. In fact, motion IS energy.

Rationality The world is grounded in rational principles. It has no irrational, whimsical, capricious, unnecessary, illogical, superfluous, random, fantastical, inexplicable features. Any rational mind can work out the rational laws of the universe. That’s a fact. As soon as you comprehend that everything is ultimately mathematical, you have found the answer to everything. Mathematics is all there is, and in its objective aspect, it is 100% rational, logical and certain.

Energy Energy: the ability to do work.

Is anything as mysterious as energy? Energy is ultimately life itself, and it’s inexhaustible.

The Ladder of Creation In the Aristotelian view, taken up by Christianity, there is a great ladder or chain of being stretching from the lowest to the highest. Everything has its proper place in a fixed, immutable order. There is no evolution here, no progression, no ascent. We might wistfully say that everything yearns to rise up the chain all the way to the very top, to join God, but this is impossible in practice. However, we could equally well declare that there is an evolutionary chain or ladder of being in which everything is actually evolving towards the highest rung – divinity. There is nothing to preclude such a possibility. Everything is ascending. Nothing is fixed in place. The Christian Ladder of Being is perfectly Creationist: everything is perfectly designed and created by God. So, any evidence whatever of evolution refutes the concept of the Creationist God. Well, what do you think – is there any evidence of evolution?!!!!

The River of Life “Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from The Throne of God and of The Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of The Lamb will be in the city, and His servants will serve Him. They will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads. There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for The Lord God will give them light. And they will reign forever and ever.” (Revelation 22:1-5) The “One” is the true River or Fountain of Life, Gnosticism is the true Tree of Knowledge, and the monad – our soul – is the true Tree of Life.

Neoplatonism Neoplatonism is based on a Holy Trinity: The “One”, Spirit/(Intuitive Mind – Nous) and Soul/(Rational Mind – Psyche). They are not equal. The “One” is the most important, the Spirit next and the Soul last. “The One” is ineffable, indefinable, transcendent and infinitely mysterious. In Illuminism, it is linked to the Monadic Origin, the source of monadic bosons. The One – the Origin – is the eternal creative source of the universe, the Fount of Life, Energy, and Mind. In Hegelian terms, it is the Absolute Idea (God in himself). “Mathematics, the world of ideas, and all thought about what is not sensible, have, for Pythagoras, Plato and Plotinus, something divine; they constitute the activity of nous. … It was this intellectual element in Plato’s religion that led Christians – notably the author of St John’s Gospel – to identify Christ with the Logos.” – Bertrand Russell The Spirit is the “Nous” – the higher, intuitive mind. It is the primary emanation of The One. Insofar as an image of The One can be captured, the Spirit is it. When The One looks into the cosmic mirror it “sees” the Nous (its own direct essence is so transcendent that it can never be properly apprehended). The Nous eternally contemplates The One, with its endless mystery.

The Nous is the Hegelian Geist. It is the Absolute Idea (The One) as it manifests in nature. The Geist then dialectically evolves to become Absolute Geist. It is the light by which The One sees itself and the universe. The Spirit is the Absolute Idea (noumenon) as appearance, phenomenon, externality. At first, the Absolute Idea is alienated in this domain and it is only as the culmination of dialectical evolution that the Absolute Spirit comes into being. Absolute Spirit possesses Absolute Knowledge and knows itself for exactly what it is. Above all, it understands the Absolute Idea. God knows himself as God. God in himself has become God knowing himself. He became self-conscious only thanks to alienating himself and then finding himself once more. Discussing the Christian Trinity, Hegel wrote, “The first moment – the Father – is the idea in its simple universality for itself, self-enclosed, having not yet progressed to the primal division, to otherness. The second – the Son – is the particular, the idea in appearance. It is the idea in its externality, such that the external appearance is converted back to the first [moment] and is known as the divine idea, the identity of the divine in the human. The third element, then, is this consciousness – God as the Spirit. The Spirit as existing and realizing itself in the community.” If the Absolute Idea is the Father, the embodied Idea is the Son (the Idea Incarnate), and the Spirit is the self-conscious Idea, the mind that now understands the whole of reality. The third component of the Neoplatonic Trinity was the Soul (the Psyche). Just as the Nous was an emanation of The One, the Psyche was an emanation of the Nous. Everything is an emanation of the level above it. The Psyche is split in two: the upper part is united and looks upwards in contemplation of the Nous. The lower half of the Psyche is fragmented into many pieces – all of the individual souls of things. These souls ought to look up, but they mostly look down into the pool of matter and sensory experience, into the world of desire. They are made bestial by their lusts. The Psyche is the “double soul”, the Janus Soul, looking two ways at once. The higher part looks up; the lower part down. The task is to make the lower part look upwards too, to contemplate higher rather than lower things. The Soul should contemplate the Nous, and, through the Nous, The One, the source of all. It might be said that we have an inner and outer soul. Our inner soul is that of our Higher Self. The outer soul is our consciousness.

We identify far too much with this outer soul – the ego – rather than the inner soul, the true Self.

Emanation “Emanation” is a critical concept in Neoplatonism. Each level emanates the level below it. Nature is the lowest emanation, the world of sense, of matter, of empiricism rather than rationalism. Each lower level ought to look up to (contemplate) the level above it if it wishes to ascend to that level, and ultimately to the highest level of all – union with the divine. Scientific materialists, by being so bound to the senses and empiricism, forget to look up to the higher level of psyche and nous (rationalism). Ancient Gnosticism characterised the visible, phenomenal, material world of the senses as downright evil and controlled by the false God – the Demiurge. We must escape and transcend this world if we wish to ascend to the divine domain. The Higher Soul operates using Logos = divine reason (masculine) and Sophia = divine wisdom (feminine). Nous, the level of mind higher than the Soul, uses pure intuition. Everything is known at once. The whole picture is understood instantly. There is no need for inefficient, linear, sequential thinking.

The History of Thought The history of thought is actually the history of the way in which different psychological types think. The Illuminati began as a wandering group of mystics and questers of the kind of people who would now be identified as intuitive thinkers. They were preoccupied with the “beyond” (specifically, existence beyond what could be observed), and fascinated by astronomy, astrology, magic, dreams and mysticism. But they hated conventional mass religion based on sacrifices to the gods, prayers to the gods and begging the gods for favours. Above all, the Illuminati were proto-mathematicians, trying to find a means to tie all rational knowledge together in a single flawless system of thought. Pythagoras, who had travelled to every country in the known world to find Illuminists and discover their secrets, was admired, respected and revered by all those he met. He became the first official Grand Master of

the Illuminati and turned it into a formal organisation – the world’s first secret society. The ideas of the secretive Pythagoreans first reached a wide audience via the writings of Plato [who was expelled from the Order precisely for his reluctance to preserve the Order’s secrets and discipline]. Plato’s work is all about introverted intuitive thinking. However, his star pupil, Aristotle, belonged to the sensing rather than intuitive psychological type, and he was deeply troubled by Plato’s transcendent domain of perfect Forms. Aristotle challenged Pythagorean-Platonic rationalism and replaced it with empiricism. If Pythagoras was the world’s first true mathematician (with Plato becoming Pythagoras’s great successor), Aristotle was its first true scientist. And thus began the strange, unspoken war of mathematics versus science. No one noticed this war because a much greater war was going on: mathematics and science (Logos) versus mainstream religion based on emotional narrative (Mythos). Yet attention must return to the Logos civil war because it’s imperative that science be subordinated to its true master, mathematics. Science has usurped mathematics’ position in the intellectual order and caused the disastrous breach between Logos and religion. Materialism (science) and religion don’t mix. Idealism (mathematics) and religion do. The Pythagorean-Platonic-Aristotelian scientific-mathematical-mysticalastronomical-astrological system mutated into several schools of thought: Skepticism, Cynicism, Stoicism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Neoplatonism. Skepticism, Cynicism and Stoicism gradually evolved into modern atheistic, empiricist, materialist science. Illuminism accepted some of the Stoic vision but was mostly a blend of Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Neoplatonism. Hermeticism was about magic, mystery, mysticism and the idea of transmutation of humans into more divine forms, giving them the ability to transmute the material world and gain complete control of it. It evolved into medieval alchemy, which was later swept up by science. Gnosticism was “moral” Illuminism. It sought to explain why the world was such an evil place and it concluded that the notion that a perfect being created the world was self-evidently false. The world was blatantly imperfect and wicked. So, it was concluded that the “Creator” must be selfdeluded to consider himself the True God. He was either a God of Error

who had botched and bungled his creation, or an outright malevolent being who had deliberately created Hell. The Jewish God Jehovah was identified as an absolutely evil being, as revealed in immense detail in his own “sacred” text – the Torah – one of the most nauseating and malignant books in history. Gnosticism called the Creator of the world the Demiurge. Plato had presented a benevolent Demiurge but the Gnostics said he couldn’t be because the world was such an appalling place. The Demiurge was either stupid, wicked or both. Illuminism to this day maintains the view that the earth is under the control of evil and stupid forces. Neoplatonism, an ingenious synthesis of Platonic and Aristotelian thinking but with Plato taking pride of place, revolved around a sacred Trinity. The “One” was the transcendent source of everything (what the Illuminati now call the Genesis Singularity). The Nous (Mind/Spirit) was the cosmic intuitive mind. The Psyche (Soul) was split in two. At its higher, united level it was rational. At its lower, fragmentary level, it was irrational, wilful, desiring and feeling. In essence, Neoplatonism requires “fallen” souls to become more rational if they are to be saved; for Mythos to give way to Logos. This remains a core Illuminist position. Neoplatonism and Hermeticism became popular in the Renaissance thanks to the rediscovery of ancient texts thought lost and provided the impetus for new, modern thinking. Descartes arguably formally ushered in the modern world by creating his mind-matter dualistic system and allowing science (materialism) to detach itself entirely from religion. Idealism (metaphysics) explored the mental angle of Descartes’ system. Religion remained based on dogmatism and irrational “divine revelation”. Whereas, in the time of Dante, religion, science and philosophy had all worked together, now, after Descartes, they were entirely separate. This was the most radical change in the history of thought. Science has gone from strength to strength and become the foundation of the atheist view of existence. Idealist metaphysics has been unable to compete and, since Hegel, has been effectively dead. Marx turned Hegel’s system into a dialectical materialist political system (communism) and philosophy became existentialist, then postmodern and absurdist. Modern philosophy, like science, is highly atheistic.

Religion, stripped of all scientific and philosophical content, has simply become deranged. Modern Islam, Jewish Fundamentalism and Christian Fundamentalism are purely about faith and dogmatism, and have zero intellectual content. No thinking person could be an Abrahamist. Eastern religion is based on mysticism, which prevents it from being intellectual, but saves it from the being as absurd as Abrahamism. Illuminism – the religion and philosophy of mathematics – is the only way back if the world once again wants to return to a union of religion, science, philosophy and mathematics. There is simply no alternative. It’s Illuminism or nothing. The split between science, religion and philosophy is what underlies much of the division, mayhem and irrationality in the modern world. Look at America. Science is a marginal aspect of American life, yet scientific technology drives the American economy; philosophy is almost nonexistent and has been replaced by a great deal of self-help and New Age thinking; and religion has become demented and fanatical. Conspiracy theories represent a crazy attempt by many Americans to recombine religion, science and philosophy; people now “believe” in alien visitation, government plots against the people, and have thus taken a fierce interest in the “philosophy” of libertarianism. Humanity won’t escape from this phase unless it turns to Illuminism. Illuminism is FOR rational religion, FOR mathematics, FOR philosophy (based on idealist rationalism), FOR science (based on mathematics, including rational unobservables), FOR politics (meritocracy), FOR psychology and FOR sociology. We have the intellectual means to solve all of the world’s problems rationally.

Nous versus Psyche Nous = Intuition = multiple parallel processing = hyper-fast thinking. Psyche = Reason = linear, sequential = slow, methodical thinking. Nous = parallel processing; Psyche = serial processing. Gnosis (suddenly knowing everything) is the abrupt transition from Psyche thinking to Nous thinking. Nous thinking is how God thinks. Higher Psyche thinking is how rational humans think. Lower Psyche “thinking”

characterises most human beings (and animals); it’s based on irrationalism, will, desire, feelings, and instincts.

Higher Psyche versus Lower Psyche In Neoplatonism, the Soul is bifurcated. The upper half is collective, a unity (One), the lower half is fragmented (Many). We might compare the upper half to the Jungian Collective Unconscious. It unites us all, and beyond it lies the divine Nous (the Collective Consciousness, potentially). The “soul sequence” is: individual consciousness (fragment of lower Soul), collective unconscious (united higher Soul), then collective consciousness (united higher Mind/Spirit/Geist). Individual consciousness is an extraordinary emanation of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is an emanation of the Higher Mind (collective consciousness). Those who attain gnosis advance to the level of collective consciousness, while retaining their own individual consciousness.

***** In Neoplatonism, our soul is one part individual and one part collective. We are all “apart and together”.

***** The bifurcated Soul is extraordinary because it encapsulates the dialectic of the One and Many. We are all individuals, yet we are also all united. The perfect society is the one in which the perfect balance is reached between the individual and collective. The creed of ultra individualism (as promoted by many extreme right wing American anarcho-capitalist libertarians) is a catastrophe because it has contempt for community and society. An oppressive State is equally repellent. The perfect State is the one which optimises individual freedom within a rational system of laws designed to be fair to all. Stupid people – such as the right-wing Americans – always fail to grasp that no one can be allowed to be completely free because, if they were, we would be living in the jungle, and the free-for-all of jungle rules would apply. Only the strongest are free in the jungle: everything else lives in

terror. When the strong lose their strength, they too live in terror. What kind of life is that? Laws allow people not to live in terror, and you can be free ONLY if you’re not terrified. We give up some of our superficial freedom in order to gain far more profound freedom. Anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand anything at all. We are always involved in a trade-off – because we live with others who want different things. For us to get most of what we want, we need to recognise we can’t get ALL of what we want. We must reach a compromise with those who want different things. That is what the rule of law is all about. Anarcho-capitalist libertarians are deranged. They don’t think society has any right to impose any laws on them – and thus they prove that they are unfit to take their place in society. They are enemies of the people. They are fit only to be dropped in the jungle to live as the animals – where no one is subject to any law other than that of basic struggle and survival. That seems to be what they crave.

The One We can imagine the One as the origin of a six dimensional Cartesian domain consisting of three real number axes and three imaginary number axes. This Cartesian domain can be thought of as the external mind of the One (the Nous), with every point being an individual mind (monad), with its own unique position and contribution to make. The expanding universe corresponds to more and more monads being released from the One (the Origin) and assuming a unique coordinate position in the Cartesian arena. The Divine Mind is an always-expanding mind. The Origin, the source of creativity and limitless existence, is always pouring out new minds. It is the ceaseless Fount of Life. Monadic life is arranged in a perfect mathematical Cartesian grid. How else would a divine mind be able to arrange perfect order and organisation except through such a grid? This is the perfect plenum, the only possible plenum. The whole universe unfolds within the perfect mind of God. God’s mind is a perfect array of evolving minds, each with its own unique coordinates. It’s a perfect mental “crystal”, or Indra’s Net, infinite in extent.


Bishop Berkeley said we all exist inside the mind of God. He was right, except the God isn’t the Christian God, but the God of Mathematics. We are all individual souls inside that mind, and we can become Gods ourselves within that mind. It can become our mind. The universe exists because God can never stop observing it. To be is to be perceived. Everything is always perceived. Objective reality is always perceived. God’s mind is a perfect mathematical arena, a flawless Cartesian grid. It’s the magical aether of the ancient Greeks, the quintessence. It has an origin from which existence wells unceasingly. What could be more inspiring than an infinite mathematical well from which infinite numbers ceaselessly pour? The Number Fountain = the Fountain of Life.

***** There are two parts of God: God the Mind and God the Body. Zero and infinity mathematically represent God the Mind. The God Mind consists of infinite legions of zero with infinite content. Anyone can create “something” from zero. Put a dot on a piece of blank paper. What’s the significance of that dot? It’s nothing more than a geometrical point in an invisible Cartesian coordinate system. It’s a monad, a zero. That geometrical point – that monad – represents non-dimensionality. As soon as you draw a line, you create a ONE-dimensional entity. Everything always begins with zero, and comes from zero. The God Body is what is created every time the God Mind is extended: every time a line is drawn. Everything originates from the origin: the One. Everything comes from zero dimensions, and goes on to be onedimensional, two, three, four, and so on. We live in a mental, informational universe, not a universe of “matter”. Matter is just a certain type of information; mind existing in a certain way. The Binary System is 0 and 1. A monad is a dimensionless point, an ontological zero, but it’s also an existential unit, a “1”, so it is both zero and one, as in the binary system. All you need, for the whole of existence, are 0 and 1.

***** All souls mirror the universe. Human souls, the higher ones, mirror God. Each monad seeks to maximise its own glory and power.

***** A “particle” is nothing but a continually localising point (in spacetime), tracing out a Fourier function, with all of the uncertainty that implies (in conjunction with its coupled Fourier transform).

***** Amazingly, Fourier mathematics is the PROOF of idealism and the refutation of materialism. The reason for that is simple. Fourier mathematics depends on a frequency domain of perfect, immutable, eternal signals OUTSIDE SPACE AND TIME. Fourier mathematics is the basis of quantum mechanics, which is the basis of the world, and yet NO scientific materialist ever grasps that Fourier mathematics fundamentally relies on the frequencies of pure sinusoidal waves that are not in the material world, have nothing to do with the material world and are not impacted by anything taking place in the material world. Numbers (energy) have both an eternal character – contained in the Cartesian arena itself (the arena of monads), and a “mortal” character (when they are flowing through the Cartesian arena).

***** Two forces drive the whole of existence: the “fermionic” and “bosonic” forces. The fermionic force is all about order, organisation, individuation, uniqueness. The Periodic Table of chemistry – the basis of our world – is a fermionic entity. The way in which electrons arrange themselves in shells around nuclei is entirely attributable to the Pauli Exclusion Principle – the essence of the fermionic force – and is all about antisymmetric wave functions; symmetry breaking. The bosonic force is all about entropy, disorder, disorganisation, randomness, statistics, non-individuation, non-uniqueness, identicalness, indistinguishability. Its essence is a non-Exclusion Principle and symmetric wave functions; symmetry creation rather than breaking. The ultimate symmetry is when everything is identical and indistinguishable. The

astonishing paradox is that although this is the highest possible state of entropy (infinite entropy), it is also on the verge of flipping over and becoming its opposite state of zero entropy (perfect order). All that is required is the application of an Exclusion Principle (the fermionic force), and thereby the instant breaking of the perfect bosonic symmetry to create perfect fermionic antisymmetry.

***** If R is a “reflection operator” then if Rψ = +ψ, ψ is said to be symmetric, or even, for reflection. If Rψ = -ψ, ψ is said to be antisymmetric or odd. A function that is neither symmetric nor antisymmetric is said to be unsymmetric or asymmetric. “Asymmetric” should not be confused with “antisymmetric”. The product of two symmetric or of two antisymmetric functions is symmetric; an antisymmetric function times a symmetric function gives an antisymmetric product. Integration over an antisymmetric function must give zero as the result since an antisymmetric function has equal amounts of positive and negative areas. All symmetric-antisymmetric pairs of wavefunctions are orthogonal – their product gives zero when integrated over the entire range of coordinates. Sines are antisymmetric about a mid-point. Antisymmetric mirroring via the y-axis gives the same shape but upside down. While sines are antisymmetric, cosines are symmetric. Cosine is a symmetric (or even) function around the origin and sine is anti-symmetric (or odd), so cos(-ωt) = cos(ωt) and sin(-ωt) = -sin(ωt).

Superforce “Physicists have discovered that forces can be understood in a curious way: they are simply nature’s attempt to maintain various abstract symmetries in the world. … The world, it seems, can be built more or less out of structured nothingness. Force and matter are manifestations of space and time. If true, it is a connection of the deepest significance.” – Paul Davies, Superforce “In the beginning the universe was a featureless ferment of quantum energy, a state of exceptionally high symmetry. Indeed, the initial state of the universe could well have been the simplest possible.” – Paul Davies, Superforce “The universe erupted into physical existence spontaneously, out of nothing. Even space and time came into being at this moment.” – Paul Davies, Superforce The universe can be thought of as a mathematical object that, objectively, does nothing but explore its own potential symmetries. Subjectively, this corresponds to the acquisition of enough information for the mathematical minds (monads) that comprise the universe to become God. The universe is a perpetual motion machine. It is also a symmetry exploration machine. The cosmic equation it is attempting to solve is the maximum objective symmetry of the universe consistent with the maximum subjective information, knowledge and power. “Scientists divide into two camps. There are those who believe that, in principle, science can explain the universe in its entirety. The others insist that there is an irreducible supernatural or metaphysical element to existence that cannot be tackled by rational enquiry. The scientific optimists, if we may call them that, are not so bold as to claim that we will achieve a complete working knowledge of every detail of the cosmos, but they do maintain that every process and every event conforms strictly to the rule of natural law. Their opponents deny this.” – Paul Davies, Superforce Science cannot explain the universe; only mathematics can. Science, as an ad hoc collection of contingent hypotheses, is not equipped for the task.

“Energy is an imaginary, abstract concept which nevertheless has become so much a part of our everyday vocabulary that we imbue it with concrete existence. … Energy is one of the physicist’s more enduring abstract concepts. It is of enormous assistance in describing a wide range of physical processes.” – Paul Davies, Superforce There is nothing imaginary or abstract about “energy”. It is entirely mathematical, and based on precise sine and cosine waves. “Gravity is nature’s odd man out. The three forces of nature can all be represented by fields of forces extending through space and time, but gravity is space and time. Einstein’s general theory of relativity describes gravity as a warp field, a field of curvature in the geometry of spacetime. It is nothing but distorted emptiness.” – Paul Davies, Superforce “In contrast to the isolationist behaviour of fermions, bosons positively love to get together. There is no objection to any number of them sharing the same bed, as it were. No exclusion principle operates here, and so the behaviour of massed bosons is completely different from their fermion cousins. They can be squashed together and squeezed into the same state and the same space without protest. Because of this cooperative behaviour, individual bosons can work together as a team, reinforcing rather than frustrating each other’s activities. In this way, vast numbers of bosons can act in orchestration and produce macroscopic effects that we can perceive directly. For example, armies of photons can merge coherently to build up a well-defined electromagnetic motion such as a radio wave. Fermions could never do this because they would get in each other’s way. That is why, in spite of the fact that electrons also have an associated wave, we never see macroscopic electron waves. … All the messenger particles are bosons, whereas quarks and leptons are all fermions. This means they tend to be associated with force, whereas fermions are associated with matter.” – Paul Davies, Superforce

The Supraordinate Personality The Supraordinate personality is an aspect of the psyche superior to, and transcending, the ego. “The ‘supraordinate personality’ is the total man, i.e. man as he really is, not as he appears to himself. . . . I usually describe the supraordinate personality as the ‘self,’ thus making a sharp distinction between the ego, which, as is well known, extends only as far as the conscious mind, and the whole of the personality, which includes the unconscious as well as the conscious component. The ego is thus related to the self as part to whole. To that extent, the self is supraordinate. – Jung, The Psychological Aspects of the Kore The Supraordinate personality is superior to the ego; it is of greater rank and quality. It transcends the ego. It’s the Self.

Death We laugh when we hear about the ambitions of “transhumanists” to become immortal. All of us are ALREADY IMMORTAL. Death is a superb natural means of regenerating our stale selves. We can return at a much higher level, and one day we can become actual Gods. You will NEVER be God if you use science and technology to extend your life indefinitely. Regular death (and consequent rebirth) is essential to our divine journey. Suicide is not “taking your own life”; it’s changing your life. You are eternally alive, whether you like it or not. Death is all about change and beginnings, not about endings.

Energy We are all used to the concept of things “running down”, running out of energy, tiring, ageing, dying. This is one of the most dangerous illusions of all. If you truly understand Illuminism and mathematics you will realise that energy = ETERNAL MOVEMENT. Ontological mathematical entities are infinite in energy and infinite in lifetime. Their energy can never be depleted or destroyed. Think of a perfect circle and of a point on it rotating around it at the same constant

rate FOREVER. This is the true First Law of Motion. This mathematical process can never run out of puff. Energy = LIFE. Eternal energy = eternal life.

The Expansion of Space Is there anything more comical than scientists trying to explain what the expanding universe is expanding into? Listening to their feeble, extraordinary, disingenuous, specious, evasive and illogical sophistry is as amusing as listening to Abrahamists explaining how their perfect, infallible, omnipotent God created this imperfect, error-ridden, evil world and why this morally perfect being then ordered a father to murder his son. The philosophical incoherence of science is fully exposed by the concept of expanding space. The question of what is “outside” space cannot be answered within the scientific empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm, so they try to talk their way out of it and “explain it away” rather than explain it.

The Domain of Forms One of the greatest ideas in history is Plato’s domain of perfect Forms. Yet Plato went too far. He said that the domain of perfect Forms contained such things as the perfect horse (or rather perfect horseness), perfect justice, perfect truth, perfect beauty, perfect goodness, perfect love, and so on. He envisaged that there was a perfect version of everything and humans became more perfect to the extent that they reflected the perfect Forms. The more they strayed from the perfect Forms, the more that people were in error, expressing mere opinion. They became sophists rather than philosophers. In truth, only the laws of mathematics are eternal, immutable and belong to the domain of perfect Forms. Plato’s system was singularly lacking in EVOLUTION. He thought everything was fixed forever in the domain of Forms. No evolution occurred at all. In fact, only the laws of mathematics don’t evolve. All mathematical FUNCTIONS, on the other hand, DO evolve. Mathematical laws are things such as 1 + 1 = 2. Mathematical functions are mutable Fourier functions, composed of ever-changing wave combinations (via their linked Fourier transforms). These functions obey permanent laws of mathematical being (the laws of Parmenides, so to speak) while the functions themselves are ever-changing (hence reflect

Heraclitus’s dictum that there is nothing permanent except change – this is the law of BECOMING). Mathematical laws are being; mathematical functions are becoming. Mathematics combines the philosophies of Parmenides and Heraclitus: being and becoming. For Plato, the domain of perfect Forms was the domain of Parmenides and the imperfect sensory domain (the material world) was the changing world of Heraclitus. In fact, mathematical laws are static and mathematical functions are dynamic. Life, of course, is contained in the mathematical functions, but is always constrained by the eternal mathematical laws. That’s how existence works: the interaction of being and becoming. Being is about the laws and becoming is about the functions that dynamically evolve while obeying those laws. There is no such thing as perfect “beauty”, “love” or “justice”. These are all matters of opinion and taste, all of which are subject to change. They are transient and mutable. This aspect of Plato’s thinking was simply wrong. He tried to extend objective mathematics (the eternal laws of mathematics) beyond its rightful domain, into the domain of subjective mathematics (reflecting the inner experience of ever-changing mathematical functions). True, absolute knowledge is wholly restricted to the eternal laws of mathematics. Nothing else counts as true knowledge. There is no such thing as a “perfect” God, or perfect morality or perfect justice. Imagine being in the position of President Truman in 1945. In order to bring the terrible Pacific war to an end, would you have ordered the dropping of the atomic bomb, or the full-scale invasion of Japan by the American war machine (which would have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of American soldiers, sailors and airmen, and countless Japanese civilians)? You’re a fool if you think there’s a “right” answer. That’s the nature of “subjective” knowledge. There’s no Platonic “correct solution”. The laws of mathematics are Platonic. Everything else obeys Hegelian dialectics. Illuminism is, in many ways, just a clarified version of Plato’s philosophy (which was in turn just Plato’s individual and brilliant take on Pythagorean Illuminism). In particular, it has been clarified mathematically. Neoplatonism was also a clarification of Plato’s philosophy, and Illuminism and Neoplatonism are intertwined.

Intuitives Intuitives are humanity’s “bright sparks”. Although many intuitives have been turned off by science and mathematics after being bored to death by them at schools, we are confident that all intuitives can grasp mathematics to a high level when their interest is engaged.

Mathematicians Good mathematicians = thinking intuitives. Bad mathematicians = scientists = thinking sensers. Bad mathematicians are amongst the most tedious people on earth! Many of them are firmly on the autistic spectrum disorder. (It is extremely unusual for autistics to have intuitive abilities; autism is almost exclusively a condition that afflicts thinking sensing types. Thinking intuitives are much more likely to suffer from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.)

The Tao of Nothing The Tao begot one. One begot two. Two begot three. And three begot the ten thousand things. The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang. They achieve harmony by combining these forces. (Tao Te Ching – chapter 42: Lao Tzu) Thus, the Tao PRECEDES the One (the material universe). That means the Tao is dimensionless; it’s NOTHING. It’s the monadic domain, exactly as in Illuminism. The One gives rise to Yin and Yang (the Two) – which then provide a dialectical engine but one which is lacking the vital synthesis phase (which is fatal to Taoism, rendering it a system that never moves forwards and upwards but maintains a kind of stasis). The interaction of Yin and Yang creates Energy = Chi (the Three). Chi is like the “force” of Star Wars – balanced between the light and dark sides, the good and evil, and all other binary opposites. Taoism and Star Wars are both about cosmic BALANCE – the status quo – whereas dialectics concern progression, evolution and culmination. Taoism and Star Wars are both about being on the lookout for imbalances that are disturbing the “equilibrium” and rectifying them. This is a pointless, static, steady-state system. A dialectical universe is about deliberately creating imbalances in order to drive forwards and upwards to a better future. From Chi (the Three) comes Everything (the Ten Thousand Things). The “Ten Thousand Things” simply refers to any extremely large number and can just as easily refer to infinity. In other words, energy – imbued with Yin and Yang – gives rise to all material things in the universe. This is a precursor of Einstein’s statement of the ultimate equivalence of energy and mass.

Taoism resembles Illuminism but lacks its vital evolutionary capability. Taoism goes nowhere. Illuminism evolves to perfection.

Taoist “Karma” “A violent man will die a violent death! This will be the essence of my teaching.” (Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 42) It’s hardly surprising that a violent man is likely to die a violent death since he’s probably a soldier or at any rate someone who fights a lot. The more you fight, the more likely you are to die in a fight!

Tai-Chi The continual interaction of Yin and Yang is called Tai-Chi. Tai-Chi is said to come from Wu-Chi (the Void/Emptiness/the “Ultimate Nothingness”). Taoists describe Wu-Chi as “Pre-Heaven”, the state of Emptiness that existed before the creation of the universe and normally represented as an empty circle. Wu-Chi is the origin of the dynamic and static, and mother of Yin and Yang. In motion, Yin and Yang separate. Static, they combine. Wu-Chi seems bears a strong resemblance to the Buddhist nirvana. How does Wu-Chi relate to Tao? Tao means “the way” or “pathway” and Taoism is the eternal cyclical path of Wu-Chi to Tai-Chi, then from Tai-Chi back to Wu-Chi, i.e. it resembles the Big Bang, Big Crunch oscillating model favoured by many cosmologists. Wu-Chi is the state of nothingness that precedes Creation. It is said to be form, yet be unformed, to have shape, yet be unshaped, to have substance, yet be empty. It is described as substance in the form of chaos. Since this is meaningless form, it is said to be “empty”. “Movement” causes Tai-Chi to be born from Wu-Chi. The “movement” involves spinning (like a centrifuge) and through this motion of Wu-Chi, the chaotic substance begins to separate into distinct parts. Above all Yin and Yang separate, light and dark, and substance and non-substance. These ideas are remarkably similar to those of some of the pre-Socratic philosophers of ancient Greece (Anaximander and Anaxagoras in particular), suggesting a common origin, or that one culture influenced the

other. They bear no resemblance to Abrahamic Creationism involving a cosmic super being.

Chi Chi is a kind of living energy and bears a strong resemblance to ancient Greek terms such as the aether and pneuma. It is similarly translated as “air”, “breath”, “energy”. It cannot be easily detected, but is felt everywhere. It carries the cosmic life force. Without it, there would be only death; only the inanimate. We ourselves are animated by chi, and we must keep it in careful balance if we are to remain healthy. Chi performs much the same role as karma. Whereas karmism is about moral balance – trying to pay off all karmic “debts” in order to escape samsara (the endless cycle of death and rebirth) – chi is about maintaining balance of yin and yang (positive and negative energetic balance, so to speak), which also accommodates moral balance. It’s interesting that the Eastern mind – preoccupied with balance of one sort or another – does not seem to be future-oriented and progressive. It’s more about avoiding things getting worse. The Western mind, on the other hand, was either dialectical and progressive, or Abrahamic (believing in paradise to come), so the Western mentality was more optimistic. (Americans are probably the most optimistic Westerners.) If the Westerners say, “Tomorrow will be better,” the Easterners seems to say, “Let tomorrow not be worse.” From these two attitudes, it’s easy to understand how and why the West became much more successful than the East. The East is now copying Western attitudes, hence is achieving more success. The Muslims are rejecting Western attitudes and going backwards into primitivism. Chi animates us and all other life forms. It determines our health. It must not be blocked, or made to flow sluggishly, or with an excess of either yin or yang. Without chi you will die. With badly imbalanced chi you will fall ill and may die. Chi can literally be translated as “the breath of life”. The Sanskrit version of chi is prana. The closest ancient Greek equivalent is pneuma. For the Jews, it is ruach. The Polynesians call it mana, and Muslims barraka.

Immortality Taoism invokes two approaches to immortality: Outer Alchemy and Inner Alchemy. Outer alchemy works from the outside in and inner alchemy does the opposite and works from the inside out. Outer alchemy strengthens the physical body first with martial arts, “moving” meditation and herbal remedies. Inner alchemy strengthens the energetic body (inner spiritual body) with “still” meditation and careful cultivation of chi. The two approaches are complementary and can be used in tandem. The number “3” is potent for Taoists because the “principle of immortality” is connected to the “Three Treasure of the Universe”, these being Heaven, Earth, and Mankind. Each “treasure” contains its own three treasures (hence all those who see “333” everywhere are secret Taoists!). Heaven’s three treasures are the sun, moon, and stars. Those of Earth are fire, water, and air and those of mankind are chi, jing, and shen. (Chi is the life force energy; Jing is Essence, the Original Chi given to us by our parents – sexual energy; Shen is our spiritual self and is measured by the brightness of our eyes – showing our vitality). To become immortal, we must work on our three treasures and raise and refine our spiritual energy until it resonates at the same frequency as the Tao itself – at which we are masters of the Tao and thus immortals with imperishable diamond bodies. Our time in this physical world is be devoted to learning and to nourishing ourselves to achieve Realization (equivalent to gnosis and enlightenment).

Death If we die before we achieve Realization, our energy leaves our body. As in Buddhism, this energy does not carry our self with it (it is similar to the Will of Schopenhauer which does not eternally belong to particular, enduring selves). The energy is recycled and enters a new body (which might be called reincarnation, but it does not equate to a specific self acquiring a new body as in conventional reincarnation). So, a Taoist seeks to build a spiritual body which will endure forever, even after our physical bodies have failed us. It will bear our personality

into eternity. The spiritual body of course transcends the limits of a physical body. It can go where the physical body can’t, including into the Fourth Dimension of time. The Taoists formula for immortality is to use the chi to nourish our jing and transform the jing into refined chi and then to use the refined chi to enhance and perfect the shen. Finally, the shen can be reunited with the Tao. Men are encouraged to stop their ejaculations to conserve their Essence (jing). In fact conserving your Essence is crucial to constructing your spiritual body. Some Taoists, like medieval alchemists, searched for a Philosopher’s Stone of total transformative power. Their specific aim was to discover the “Elixir of Return” (huandan), also called the Golden Elixir. Taoists – in complete agreement with the Hermetic principle of as above, below – see the body as a duplicate of the universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm. If you can understand the mystery of yourself, you have understood the mystery of existence itself.

***** There are many parallels between Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and pre-Socratic Greek philosophy. They are all enormously superior to Abrahamism, but they all lack mathematical rigour. Illuminism rectifies all of their errors and mystical pronouncements. Illuminism makes all of these other systems redundant. It’s time they all united under the Illuminist banner.

Regeneration A soul is an eternally regenerating, autonomous information system. The BBC sci-fi series Dr Who is about a mysterious Time Lord from a planet that was in charge of Time, but the Time Lords all died in a cataclysmic war and the Doctor is the last of the species. Whenever a new actor is brought into play the part, the old doctor must undergo a “regeneration” and take on a new human form. Regeneration is of course rather like reincarnation. In a sense, we are all Doctor Who’s; we are all Time Lords. We are regenerating across eternity. No one need ever fear death. There is no annihilation. There is no extinction. There is just an ever-changing system of information, permanently engaged in the task of perfecting itself. As the saying goes, when you die it’s like opening a door and walking out of one room into another. You go from waking consciousness to dream consciousness and you remain in a dreamlike state until you reincarnate and again resume waking consciousness but now in a brand new body and brand new mortal life. Of course, you’re just a baby now, and your past memories of mortal existence are all wiped out. A baby doesn’t even know itself, never mind any former selves. The Greeks spoke of drinking from the river of Lethe – the river of forgetfulness – prior to reincarnation. All of your old memories were wiped clean. A baby’s brain fulfils the same function! But your memories are not erased; they are simply suppressed. They are inaccessible, not gone. Yet as you grow more mature and spiritually aware, some memories of former selves can break on through, particularly in dreams. Hypnosis may allow previous lives to be recalled though this is a controversial area because it turns out that people are so staggeringly good at Mythos that they can simply invent quite convincing and consistent stories (as if they were novelists creating characters for their books).

The Reducing Valve In The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley wrote, “‘Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has happened to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe. The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being

overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment, and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful.’ According to such a theory, each one of us is potentially Mind at Large. But in so far as we are animals, our business is at all costs to survive. To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us to stay alive on the surface of this particular planet… Most people, most of the time, know only what comes through the reducing valve and is consecrated as genuinely real by the local language. Certain persons, however, seem to be born with a kind of by-pass that circumvents the reducing valve.” Most of us are locked into a single mode of perceiving reality, and science encourages this blinkered approach. It has the effect of tightening the “reducing valve”. Science, for all its tremendous successes, has had a deadly effect on human spirituality. It has given us an incomplete view of reality that has shut us off from our higher selves. We have become shadows of what we ought to be. To become Gods, we steadily have to overcome the reducing valve and expand our consciousness. We will do so through intuition, rationality and introspection (introversion), not through sensing, feeling and extraversion. Illuminism is about mastering the full capacity of the human brain, particularly by using the left and right brain hemispheres in equal partnership. But the brain is still limited. The true source of infinite knowledge and power is the soul itself. The real game is to harness the Jungian archetypes that allow us to access our Higher Self, our Soul Self.

Cosmology The latest scientific findings in cosmology reveal that the universe is flat like Euclidean space, not curved like the earth. A Euclidean universe is an INFINITE universe, exactly in agreement with Illuminism! In Illuminism, the universe was infinitely large from the first instant after the Big Bang. It literally went from a dimensionless point (the Genesis Singularity) to infinitely big, and it did so mathematically (not physically).

It continues to expand via the mathematics of David Hilbert’s “Hotel Infinity”

***** Considered properly, the universe is a Singularity from beginning to end. What could be more beautiful, elegant, compelling and wondrous than that? The illusion of an infinitely large material universe is the result of immense changes in mathematical symmetry and symmetry breaking. Ultimately, the whole operation is mental, not physical. There is no such thing as physical movement, only mental movement, yet there is no experimental means to distinguish between the two. Only rational considerations demonstrate that there is no need whatever for materialism.

The Dreamscape “Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” – Joseph Campbell “Those who have compared our life to a dream were right... we were sleeping wake, and waking sleep.” – Michel de Montaigne In our dreams, we can build universes of our own devising that seem completely materialistic, yet nothing material is involved at all. What’s the difference between waking and dreaming? There’s only one. Our dream world is subjective and the waking world is objective. In our subjective dream world, one monad (our own soul) controls what is happening. In the waking world, we are participating in an “objective dream” devised by the entire, infinite collection of monads. Because we are just one monad out of an infinite number, we have no means of altering this collective dream (unless we achieve gnosis and acquire godlike powers). Our sleeping dreams are singular; our waking dreams are collective. We are ALWAYS dreaming. At night, we dream alone, during the day we dream together. At no stage is there any physical world. It’s all just an immense dream. You can leave the collective dream by going to sleep and entering your subjective dream, and you can wake up from your subjective dream and reenter the collective dream. Every night your subjective dreams are different but the collective dream remains the same. The only way to leave the collective dream properly is not with a red pill but via death. However, you will simply re-enter it at a different point in space and time via

reincarnation. You can only leave the collective dream for good by achieving gnosis and becoming God. You will the then become one of the DREAM CONTROLLERS, the dream moderators, those who can enter and leave the dream at will. The stage prior to that belongs to the phosters and archons. On our world, there are thirty-six phosters and one hundred and forty four archons. They are the most important people on earth. They are associated with the most powerful myths and legends. They are the Watchers, the Nephilim, Vampires, Werewolves, the Immortals, the Demons, the Devils, the Angels. Never forget, it’s ALL a dream and dream rules apply. For the most powerful minds – like that of Neo in The Matrix – the dream has a very different character. They can walk through walls, bend space and time, teleport, fly – anything they like. Don’t you want to become one of those who walk through dreams? Only the Illuminati with their ontological mathematics can make it happen. Praying to Jehovah, Christ or Allah won’t help you. One day, we shall control all dreams!

***** All of existence is JUST ONE MENTAL POINT, one Dream Point. The Singularity, the Aleph, contains all other points, and all dreams, singular and collective. The Singularity cannot die. It has no material parts that can decompose. It’s eternal. It’s a hologram. The whole is in each part and each part in the whole. Everything is interconnected. The Singularity is eternal energy, perpetual motion, eternal life, and eternal dreaming. The Genesis Point (Birth) and the Thanatos Point (Death) are one and the same. Alpha become Omega, and back to Alpha again. It’s the perfect perpetual motion machine, but it’s not a machine. It’s alive. Therefore, it’s the perfect perpetual life organism, perpetually dreaming, singly and collectively. Life is a perfection generator.

***** Zero, ontologically, is the container of infinity. Nothing is everything. A soul is not a zero-entity: it is an infinite information system. It’s a potential God.

The search for the truth is over – Illuminism is here! If humanity embraces Illuminism, the whole of humanity can become a Society of the Divine, a Community of Gods. Is that not the supreme human dream? “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” – Archimedes “Give us a place to stand and we will move the universe.” – Illuminati

The Master Dreamer There are two normal dream states: 1) Asleep; subjective dreaming (fantasy). 2) Awake; objective dreaming (“reality”). There are therefore two abnormal dream states: 1) Asleep; objective dreaming (“reality”). 2) Awake; subjective dreaming (fantasy). So, if you go to sleep but, instead of your subjective circuitry kicking in, your objective circuitry remains active (rather than being switched off), the extraordinary phenomenon known as an “out-of-body experience” (OBE) occurs. Even though you are asleep, you are objectively awake. This condition is characterised by a separation of your active consciousness from your sleeping body and your consciousness is, remarkably, free to venture ANYWHERE in the universe. In REM sleep, your body is paralysed and your consciousness is deactivated with regard to objective reality, allowing your consciousness to explore your subjective space. With an OBE, your consciousness instead explores objective space, but without the body. OBE’s typically occur in medical emergencies, in states of extreme trauma, in drugs trips, and in conditions such as bipolar disorder. OBEs are of critical importance because they are about active, objective consciousness, freed from the need for a body. They are an anticipation of nothing less than GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. However, the other abnormality is much more disturbing. This is where your consciousness of your subjective fantasy space enters your waking state and thus mingles with objective reality. This has the catastrophic effect of making it impossible for you to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This, in other words, is the condition of madness. Schizophrenics are examples of people whose subjective consciousness intrudes into their objective consciousness. Everyone who hears “voices” is experiencing subjective consciousness leaking into objective consciousness, causing the voices to be mistaken for reality.

A schizophrenic episode is in some sense the opposite of an OBE. With the latter, objective consciousness is freed from the sleeping body. With the former, subjective consciousness is released into the waking body. A person unable to control their subjective consciousness and keep it hermetically sealed from their objective consciousness is in danger of being insane. A person who can free their objective consciousness from their body is, on the other hand, capable of experiencing a taste of divinity. With a near-death experience (NDE), objective consciousness is again freed from the body (because of a medical emergency). Of course, scientific materialists deny any such phenomena as OBEs and NDEs because these contradict the scientific Meta Paradigm that mind and consciousness are brain states and therefore can never escape from the brain and be outside the brain. Only the existence of mind independent of matter can explain true OBE and NDEs.

Genes and Memes Genes are biological (material) units of reproduction, and memes are cultural (mental) units of reproduction.

How to Create the Universe Ex Tenebris Lux: From the Darkness comes the Light. The Light of Mathematics. The universe is an infinitely complex symmetry operation, forever altering its symmetry as it tries to optimise itself. It wants to dream the perfect dream. Creation begins and ends with a dream.

***** “The infinities between the stars frighten me.” – Pascal But they fill us with wonder. “Force is nothing other than the principle of change.” – Leibniz Exactly so. And change never has to be physical.

God: Limited or Unlimited?

The good Infinite, for Hegel, is not the unlimited, but the self-limited, the self-determined Absolute. The unlimited is the bad (schlecht) infinite. God is not unlimited; that is the childish understanding of God. Rather, God continually limits himself. Our own minds are potentially unlimited, but we would be destroyed if we allowed infinite information into our minds. We would be unable to think. Our conscious mind is the most incredible filtering mechanism – a reducing valve, as Huxley described it – which is all about limiting the unlimited. A human being, however, is someone who has reduced the capacity of the mind far too much. The mind needs to be expanded. The mind of a God also has a reducing valve, but the mental capacity of Gods is trillions of times more powerful than our own. Imagine having a mind with capacity for one trillion trillion times more conscious thinking than you can manage at the present. Imagine your consciousness splitting into trillions of cooperating consciousnesses working in parallel. The journey towards divinity is about developing a more and more powerful mind and consciousness. God’s mind is the master of good infinity, but bad infinity cannot be grasped by any mind. Mind is a necessarily limiting instrument. No mind can contemplate bad infinity, not even God’s. The good infinite is beyond the finite yet returns to the finite. The bad infinite, on the other hand, never returns. The good infinite is like a convergent infinite series while the bad infinite is a divergent infinite series.

***** There are 100,000,000,000,000 atoms – 100 trillion – in an ordinary human cell. By a remarkable coincidence, or perhaps reflecting a deep mathematical relation, there are also 100 trillion cells in the human body, i.e. 100 trillion atoms in a cell and 100 trillion cells in a body. By another remarkable coincidence, the brain has a 100 billion brain cells with 1,000 synapses, creating 100 trillion interconnections. Is it all mere coincidence? As above, so below.

***** The ultimate mind-matter system is of course the human brain, with its potential 100 trillion interconnections. That’s what it takes to bring a dimensionless mind into the material world where it can control a material

entity – the human body. That’s what it takes to put a “ghost in the machine”.

Thinking Intellect thinks about everything at once – all the Forms. The soul thinks discursively, one Form at a time.

Two Worlds To which world do you belong? – the intelligible world of Platonic Forms (rationalism and mathematics) or the sensible, material world (empiricism and science). The “One” – the Origin – is above and beyond the intelligible world of Forms. It is the Source – the DREAM SOURCE, the fount of infinite fantasy. Only mathematics gives the dreams an objective character.

***** The ineffable Idea = The One. The Origin, the One, the Monad, the Zero, continually emanates. Creation overflows from it. It’s the very Fount of Life. The Nous = the Absolute Idea. The Soul = Spirit, which evolves to perfection and the Absolute. The Platonic Form of the Good = The Form of Mathematics (complete rationalism). At the level of the soul, we have discursive, rational, critical thinking within space and time. At the level of intellect, we move outside space and time to the domain of contemplation. Ultimate contemplation = Enlightenment = Gnosis. In Neoplatonism, the World Soul brings the physical world (nature) into being. Nature is the World Soul’s emanation, the SOUL CONSTRUCT, the SOUL DREAM.

The Infinity Multiplier Every monad (static point) can contain infinite dynamic points. Zero = zero energy = static = a stationary point. A static point contains infinite dynamic points.

Proof Imagine that someone “proved” the existence of “God”. Would he really be any further forward? The intrepid quester would then have to ask himself, “And then what? What does God expect of me? What do I have to do?” In a sense, proof of God’s existence changes nothing if it’s not linked to knowledge of what God seeks from humanity. We all know what the Torture Books of Abrahamism say: “Be my slave and worship me.” No thanks. We’ll take our chances with mathematics.

What is Life? In the end, life is subjectivity. To be more exact, it’s mathematical subjectivity. Life is about being the “centre of experience” of a vast array of mathematical signals. To put it another way, life is about being an information interpreter. More than that, life is about experiencing information. We can respond to information in three ways: positively, negatively or indifferently (neutrally). That is, we assess information emotionally. It has significance for us. A robot could be considered “alive” only if it didn’t just process information and produce a programmed response, but actually “cared” about the information. It must place a value on information. A life is something that evaluates. In order to evaluate it must feel. If it feels good about something, it evaluates it positively. If it feels bad about it, it evaluates it negatively. If it is indifferent, it evaluates it neutrally. It desires everything it feels positive about and wishes to avoid all those things about which it is negative. It is not interested in “neutral” things. It uses its will to seek out those things it desires, i.e. those things it evaluates highly because they do or will make it feel good and more powerful. So, life is all about will, evaluation, desire, and feeling. Without those, life cannot be said to be meaningfully present. Of course, life may be present in very subtle ways that are not detectable to us. A rock clearly doesn’t have much of a will, yet it may be more than just an inert mass of material. At some level, everything is alive, but there is vast continuum in which life is made manifest, from the negligible to the divine. We are at the high end of life expression, and rocks at the low end. Life treats all mathematical signals as information, and it evaluates all information. Every monad is in the business of evaluating the signals and information to which it is exposed. All monads evaluate differently (uniquely) because they are all living subjects, and they all have a different perspective. Of course, the differences between monads are often not pronounced. All human beings are unique and yet they behave in similar, though not identical, ways. Even identical twins behave slightly differently. You can have one twin gay and the other straight! Every monad is in constant touch with all of the energy that has flowed from it, and is aware of the changes that come about in those energy signals in response to interaction with energy signals from other monads. This all

happens at an unconscious level, yet it’s happening relentlessly. Over a vast period – hundreds of millions and even billions of years – many small unconscious responses to mathematical signals can lead to… US! Evolution isn’t a sterile, mechanistic, Darwinian process. It’s a living process. It involves will, desire, evaluation, feeling… albeit all at an imperceptible level from our point of view. Yet these imperceptible processes are what make evolution teleological rather than random and mechanistic. Evolution is evaluation. Adaptation is evaluation. But it should always be borne in mind that evaluation is not truth. Most living things are indifferent to the truth. Truth is something with which reason concerns itself. Most living beings do not manifest reason. Only conscious beings are capable of using reason, and even in conscious beings, such as humans, reason is in extremely short supply. Therefore, truth is in very short supply too. Truth grows in direct proportion to reason, which, in turn, is directly related to the increasing consciousness of mathematics. Mathematics, in its objective rather than subjective form, is the quintessence of truth. It’s the only authentic, objective truth. The truths of mathematics are the ultimate truths.

The Only Truth There is only one way in which a definitive answer can be given to the nature and workings of existence. That way is mathematics. If existence is not mathematical then it has no solution. Only a single, coherent, consistent, complete system (one that even addresses its own self-referential inconsistencies, inadequacies and incompleteness) can constitute Truth with a capital “T”. In the absence of such a system, there’s just a jigsaw that has missing pieces and no complete image anyway. Science may be quite impressive but it’s an ad hoc system. Many ideas have been thrown together and tied together using – yes, you’ve guessed it – mathematics. Scientific concepts have no necessary and absolute connections with each other. You can’t work your way from a few simple scientific concepts to the whole of science, but you can with mathematics. Everything follows on logically and inexorably in mathematics; that’s not true in science. Mathematics, unlike science, is a totality. There are no gaps and, like a hologram, the whole can be constructed from any part. No matter where

you start from in mathematics, you will eventually arrive at the whole of mathematics. This is certainly not the case in science. Look at the gulf between relativity theory and quantum mechanics. They describe two entirely different models of reality. Science can never escape its provisional nature. It can never offer certainty. It can never provide a complete answer that everyone can recognise as definitive. Mathematics can. If existence is mathematical, it can be fully understood. If existence is not mathematical, it can never be fully understood. There is no sufficient reason why existence shouldn’t be fully understandable. Why would existence be partially rational and partially not? It’s either completely rational or it’s not rational at all. We can see plenty of rationality in the cosmos ergo existence is mathematical. It really is that simple. We challenge anyone anywhere to show in what way mathematics does not provide a full account of absolutely everything. We also challenge them to explain why existence is so mathematical if it is not in fact based on mathematics. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. If it looks mathematical and it acts mathematical, it’s mathematical. And what else could possibly be so apparently mathematical without actually being mathematical? How can anything impersonate mathematics? It’s impossible. Science is credible only because it’s mathematics in action. Science, to the extent that it’s true, is simply mathematics that hasn’t yet grasped that it’s mathematics.

The Importance of Nothing Imagine a Cartesian coordinate grid without zero, its origin. The grid would be meaningless and absurd. The mathematical difference between the philosophies of mathematical idealism and mathematical materialism is captured by whether zero is included or excluded from the Cartesian grid. Idealism, the domain of non-extension, is defined by zero and infinity. Materialism, the domain of extension, is defined by everything that’s not zero or infinity. Scientific materialism declares that the universe emerges from a Big Bang Singularity (zero) and then promptly forbids zero and removes the origin from the Cartesian grid. That’s both mathematically silly and ontologically deranged. But that’s scientists for you. They proclaim that the

laws of science break down at Singularities, including that of the Big Bang. In other words, they say the universe came from a Big Bang and then, with the next breath, they deny it because physics is not defined at a Singularity. Can there be such a thing as mathematics without zero? Scientists say yes. They also get rid of infinity, and negative and imaginary numbers. They do so BECAUSE they are empiricists and materialists, and only “real” numbers greater than zero and less than infinity make sense to the ways their brains are wired. They make mathematics suit their preconceptions rather than the other way around. Illuminism makes mathematics primary and then proceeds from there, rational step by rational step. A Cartesian grid is in fact just a way of organising nothing. ALL points on the grid are zeros, not just the origin. Each zero (dimensionless point) is given a unique numerical label (i.e. coordinates) that distinguishes it from all other points.

Dimensionlessness Although zero is dimensionless (it’s “nothing” in relation to the physical world), it is in fact everything – infinity – in its own dimensionless domain. It’s a plenum. It occupies the WHOLE of metal space. Schopenhauer concluded that Kant’s philosophy of the noumenal universe outside space and time meant that everything at the ultimate level must be one and indivisible, i.e. everything is connected and indeed the same in the noumenal universe: identical and indistinguishable. (Scientifically, we would call it a bosonic universe, lacking any fermions.) The same conclusion was already present in Descartes’ revolutionary division of the world into extended (matter) and unextended (mind). If all minds are unextended and are outside the material world then they must all belong to the SAME unextended world. Descartes never considered the question of how they could be distinguished. He simply assumed they were all unique souls created by “God”. But how does God distinguish one soul from another? Can he distinguish bosons from each other? When properly understood, the Cartesian grid is how you distinguish souls from each other (by giving them all unique coordinates). The Cartesian grid is how you “structure” a Singularity, but, in structuring it, you also allow the illusion of a “physical” space to come into being. That is the key to understanding existence.

An infinity of monads (dimensionless points) gives rise to the physical world. Dimensionality is thus grounded in dimensionlessness and is actually just a particular perspective of dimensionlessness (“ordered dimensionless”, we might say). A large proportion of the energy of each monad is incapable of leaving it (it’s far too energetic and “collapses back on itself”). In fact, almost all of a monad’s energy is permanently locked within it. However, a finite proportion of a monad’s energy CAN be shared with other monads and it’s this “communal” energy that constitutes the observable energy of the material world. A monad is nothing physically, yet it contains sufficient informational capacity (infinite, in fact) to reflect the whole of material existence, i.e. each monad can informationally encode the whole physical universe. A dimensionless point cannot be characterised in terms of “bigness” or “smallness” – such terms do not apply. Nor can it be said to be “within” or “without”. It is inherently both immanent and transcendent. A monad, above all, is an “infinity container”. It is eternal and indestructible. It is our indissoluble soul, the universe’s greatest miracle, an eternal living force. An infinite number of souls are the basis of existence itself. Nothing is more remarkable than the soul because it is both “nothing” and “everything”, zero and infinity. In that paradox – the supreme paradox of mathematics – lies the key to the mystery of existence. Mathematics alone can define the soul. All non-mathematical definitions of the soul are preposterous.

Euler’s Theorem eiπ + 1 = 0 Here we have a clear proof that “0” is not “nothing”. It most certainly equals “something”. Imagine we simply substituted eiπ + 1for every occurrence of zero. We would no longer say that the Big Bang came from “nothing”, but from eiπ + 1. When dividing by zero (the thing most dreaded by physicists), we would in fact be dividing by eiπ + 1. How would science respond to nothing not being nothing at all, but a heavily disguised “something”? Nothing is Deus Absconditus – the hidden God. The material world is Deus Manifestus – the revealed God.

When physicists say zero has no ontological reality they’re failing to realise that a precise mathematical definition can be provided for what zero is. Zero, and Euler’s Formula (in its general form and specific case when x = π), are at the core of existence. Euler’s Formula is truly the God Equation.

***** “If, in some cataclysm, all of scientific knowledge were to be destroyed, and only one sentence passed on to the next generation of creatures, what statement would contain the most information in the fewest words? I believe it is the atomic hypothesis that all things are made of atoms-little particles that that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another. In that one sentence, you will see, there is an enormous amount of information about the world, if just a little imagination and thinking are applied.” – Richard Feynman What would the Illuminati pass on? – that the ultimate “atom” is in fact the monad, and it has infinite content, and that from zero, infinity and Euler’s Formula, the whole of material existence can be described. “The soul is an immortal thing, and is transformed into other living things – whatever comes into existence is born again in the revolutions of a certain cycle – nothing being absolutely new.” – Pythagoras

VALIS VALIS is a 1981 science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick. VALIS is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. That, in many ways, is how we would describe the living, mathematical Singularity that constitutes existence. Dick, a dazzling writer, was very much Gnostic in his thinking and had a gnosis experience, which unfortunately seemed to overwhelm him and make him rather crazy.

The Mirror Net Imagine existence as an infinite collection of mirrors continually changing size and position, forming an immense dynamic net of mirrors, reflections and light. When the light reaches its optimal condition, it is the Light of God, bathing the whole universe in divine light and illuminating every dark corner where Satan once reigned.

Nietzsche’s “Materialism” “[Metaphysics is] the science … which deals with the fundamental errors of mankind – but as if they were fundamental truths.” – Nietzsche Well, much the same could now be said of science itself. Nietzsche is broadly seen as a materialist because of his strong opposition to idealism and Cartesian dualism. He railed against those who rejected the physical world in favour of some world “beyond”. Therefore, he is a materialist by default. However, Nietzsche’s key ontological statement is: “Do you want a name for this world? A solution for all its riddles? A light for you, too, you best-concealed, strongest, most intrepid, most midnightly men?—This world is the will to power—and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power—and nothing besides!” If Nietzsche had said that we were all “energy” and nothing besides, this would be a classic materialist position, but to talk of “will” makes an enormous difference. Whereas energy is considered neutral, purposeless, mindless and lifeless, will is striving, teleological, minded and alive. No scientific materialist would accept such a view. In fact, Nietzsche’s will to power is remarkably close to Hegel’s Geist (mind/spirit), and philosopher Walter Kaufmann drew many plausible parallels between the views of the two intellectual giants. Hegel was an “Absolute Idealist” and saw materialism as illusory in the truest sense – it was purely a product of mind. As for Nietzsche, he too was an idealist, although he didn’t realise it and would have rejected any such label. Normally, idealists are religious but Nietzsche was such an extreme atheist that he refused to countenance any conception of a “better, hidden,

religious” dimension of reality. Thus, he seemed like a materialist rather than an idealist, but the truth is much more nuanced. Schopenhauer was the first philosopher to fire Nietzsche’s imagination and although Nietzsche later rejected Schopenhauer’s excessive pessimism, Nietzsche’s “will to power” is just an upgrade of Schopenhauer’s “will”. Schopenhauer accepted Kantian transcendental idealism; Nietzsche did not. Schopenhauer accepted the Kantian dualism of noumenon and phenomenon; Nietzsche did not. Yet Schopenhauer and Nietzsche were united in their fierce atheism and their depiction of existence as being based on will and not heading towards any benevolent conclusion. Will, for both thinkers, was an eternal striving with no final purpose. If you added a dialectical process to either man’s philosophy you would arrive at Hegel’s perfectionist philosophy – of existence becoming rationally complete. Schopenhauer despised Hegel, and Nietzsche was no fan of Hegel either, yet the main point of disagreement between the three was that Hegel was advocating a benevolent and inspiring conclusion of existential processes whereas the other two saw no such happy ending. Since science offers a similarly gloomy prognosis, and posits no point at all to the unfolding of the laws of physics, it’s easy to link Nietzsche in particular (because of his hostility to metaphysics) to a scientific materialist world view, but it should always be borne in mind that Nietzsche’s emphasis on “minded” energy – will to power – brings him, whether he likes it or not, into the metaphysical and idealist orbit. In fact, Nietzsche, unlike atheistic science, didn’t absolutely deny metaphysical reality. He assumed it was unknowable (as in the Kantian noumenal universe), and concluded that it was therefore pointless to speculate about it: “It is true, there could be a metaphysical world; the absolute possibility of it can hardly be disputed. We behold all things through the human head and cannot cut off this head; while the question nonetheless remains what of the world would still be there if one had cut it off. … but one can do absolutely nothing with it [the metaphysical world]. … For one could assert nothing whatever about it except that it was a being-other, an inaccessible, incomprehensible being-other; it would be a thing with negative quantities. Even if the existence of such a world were never so well proved, it would be certain that knowledge of it would be the most useless of all forms of knowledge: even more useless than knowledge

of the chemical composition of water is to a sailor in danger of a shipwreck.” So, Nietzsche seems like a materialist purely because he was such a peculiar and skeptical idealist. However, his Will to Power can’t be anything other than a metaphysical, idealist position. It’s definitely not scientific in the conventional sense. Although he admired science, Nietzsche was also a searing critic of it: “We call it ‘explanation’, but it is ‘description’ which distinguishes us from earlier stages of knowledge and science. We describe better – we explain just as little as any who came before us. We have revealed a plural succession where the naïve man and investigator of earlier cultures saw only two things, ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ as they were called; we have perfected an image of how things become, but we have not got past an image or behind it. In every case the row of ‘causes’ stands before us more much more completely; we conclude: this must first happen if that is to follow – but we have therefore understood nothing. Quality, in any chemical change for example, appears as it has always done as ‘miracle’; likewise all locomotion; no one has ‘explained’ thrust. … An intellect which saw cause and effect as a continuum and not, as we do, as a capricious division and fragmentation, which saw the flux of events – would reject the concept of cause and effect and deny all conditionality.” This difference between explanation and description is critical. Science’s “Big Bang” theory is not an explanation. It has zero ability to explain how the Big Bang came about and what was there immediately prior to the Big Bang event. The scientific Big Bang theory is simply an elaborate Mythos, a description of a succession of isolated causes and effects which has no meaningful originating cause, and therefore formally has no meaning at all. What has been EXPLAINED if we have no idea what particles really are and where they came from? Scientists say that particles came from the cooling of the Big Bang “explosion” or “fireball”, yet how does that actually explain anything? It’s a DESCRIPTION, a story, not an explanation. Illuminism, on the other hand, states exactly what exists – monads, each containing infinite energy ordered according to the Euler Formula. Energy is nothing but sine waves and cosine waves, and particles are derived from sine and cosine waves after they enter the domain of space and time, which is a purely mathematical domain. We can trace everything back to Ground

Zero, and we can cast it in terms of the immutable, eternal, a priori, necessary, analytic laws of Platonic mathematics. This is the only conceivable explanation. Science can never be an explanation of anything because it is never anything other than a collection of ad hoc concepts with no necessary and analytic connections. You can get rid of any part of science at any time without destroying science (indeed, endless scientific theories have fallen by the wayside). You cannot do the same with mathematics. The WHOLE of mathematics is false if 2 + 2 does not equal 4. Mathematics is about necessary truths; science is not. Science is just a sophisticated Mythos with many impressive descriptions and descriptive sequences of “cause and effect”. Yet if science cannot explain the cause of the Big Bang how can any subsequent “causes and effects” be taken seriously? Illuminism has shown that if the Big Bang is defined as a purely mathematical event then key elements of science – such as Einsteinian relativity – instantly collapse. So, all the “causes and effects” based on relativity are false. They provide a seductive descriptive Mythos but have no connection with “reality”.

***** Ludwig Büchner asserted that the brain produces thoughts in the way kidneys produce urine. Does that mean that most people are taking the piss? Or that most people are talking piss? Büchner famously declared, “Man is what he eats.” That means if you eat a lot of junk food, your thoughts are junk!

The Shadow The shadow is the primary source of motivation and energy. The shadow is irrational will, instinct, desire, and drive. Anon: “Years ago, a person who once mentored me always said that the first job of any alchemist or magician isn’t to attain power; rather it’s to attain moral perfection.” This is the wrong way around – it’s the acquisition of power that finally leads to morality. Only the powerful have a real choice about morality. The weak have to endure whatever the strong impose on them. The strong are those who decide what happens in the world. You cannot exercise morality in any significant way unless you are powerful. Most people who are powerful prefer to be immoral – hence why our world is as it is. How many powerful people seek to help others? The alchemist’s aim was always to achieve power – so as to be in control of his own destiny. His journey of trials towards that goal was intended to build his character so that by the time he became powerful, he was a moral exemplar – a true God – who would not abuse his power. Anon: “I asked why and he told me that only the most discerning survive contact with forces greater than themselves and retain their integrity, and that one day I’ll know fully what he means.” This is the classic Faustian pact – will you sell your soul to the Devil to gain power instantly (i.e. by cheating) rather than working your way laboriously but honestly through all the necessary steps and trials? It is the PROCESS – the dialectic – that perfects you. If you seek to jump ahead of the line – via inheritance, joining the Masons, signing up to Skull and Bones, going to Bohemian Grove, or whatever – you have acquired power without rational understanding and due merit. Such people – unprepared – are exactly those who will be possessed by Mana personalities rather than harnessing them productively. The process itself prepares you, but the process demands sacrifice and suffering, and most people aren’t up to that. “Cheating” is very seductive to some people, but it’s the worst thing you can do because, finally, the only person you are cheating is yourself.

Anon: “This leads me to another conclusion: the soul is an amoral entity, or at least mine is.” Yes, the soul is fundamentally amoral – that’s the great unspoken, harsh truth of the soul. It is the dialectic – above all the acquisition of reason – that makes people authentically “moral”, and if they never become rational, they will be immoral, amoral or “moral” simply through habit, personal weakness or childhood indoctrination and upbringing. Anon: “Because the further I go down into myself and see what I am comprised of and the more of this ‘shadow framework’ I uncover, I begin to notice that it is ruled by some forces whose innate drives are completely immoral.” At the core of everyone is the raw Nietzschean Will to Power that will do ANYTHING for power. It is amoral (entirely heedless of morals, hence non-moral) rather than immoral (being aware of morality yet actively seeking to harm others), but amorality and immorality can often look exactly the same. When lions kill, they do so amorally – but a human “lion” would definitely be considered immoral for exactly the same kind of behaviour. Anon: “The truly disturbing thing is that some particular forces are perfectly convincing once they flow through you, it feels ‘right’, it feels perfectly okay (in all its expression and implications!!!) and it can lead to my rationalizing that force as being okay in its raw form.” And that’s how we get the world we have today. The people in power think it’s ‘right’ and ‘good’. They don’t understand criticism of their behaviour. But those who ask these questions show that they are capable of transcending these primitive forces. Anon: “Because of this, I conclude that the since the ego has to be strengthened through reason, the only way to overcome this is to extend that very reason into the depths of the unconscious by drawing out those forces and refining them.” Indeed. That’s what Jungian individuation is all about – the alchemical transformation of the self from base metal (shadow) into gold (Highest Self).

Anon: “Nevertheless, I am still keen on using the shadow’s personalities as a source of power because until I can refine them further, they are better off working in my own interest.” Confronting the shadow is one of the things all of us MUST do. That’s the whole point of our “Sin for Salvation” doctrine.

The Defect Science has no Principle of Sufficient Reason. In general, it eschews logic and reason. These are not disregarded (as in faith), but they are relegated to a subordinate status. When scientists consider the Big Bang singularity, they view it exclusively in terms of the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm employed by the science establishment, and, of course, singularities make no sense within that paradigm since singularities are neither empirical nor material. However, they can be easily analysed in terms of logic, reason and mathematics, in exactly the manner we have described in the God Series. Singularities hold no fears for Illuminists. Indeed, they are the PROOF that Illuminism is correct. They are entirely consistent with the rationalist idealist Meta Paradigm of Illuminism. Here we observe the most profound of lessons. Thinking is not a “neutral” activity. All humans don’t think in the same way. Thinking, by each person, is always done in a particular way, according to their Jungian personality type and the associated Meta Paradigm to which they subscribe. For rational people, it’s impossible to argue with Abrahamists because these people adopt a Meta Paradigm of faith based on the revelations of “holy” texts, which are automatically dismissed by rationalists since they are contrary to reason. Yet much the same is true when rationalists argue with empiricists. Scientists do not come to a problem rationally and logically. They come to it wearing rigid empiricist materialist spectacles, and everything MUST be contemplated exclusively in those terms. Scientists are Jungian thinking sensing types, and their senses dictate how they view problems. Since the senses can’t detect anything immaterial and dimensionless, any such “unobservables” are dismissed. But what if that’s precisely where TRUTH resides? Too bad for science … it has dogmatically skipped right past the answer.

Big Bang theorists subscribe to a logically absurd theory called “inflation” which describes how a primordial, vanishingly small material atom can rapidly “inflate” to something consistent with the size of today’s observed universe (of course, no logical explanation is ever furnished of what the primordial atom is expanding into, and this question is always evaded or illogically explained away within the false parameters of the scientific Meta Paradigm). Even many scientists find inflation theory distasteful and ad hoc, but it fits with the Meta Paradigm of science, it involves comprehensible mathematics, it can be deemed compatible with various experimental observations and it has therefore become the de facto standard. Legions of scientists use it to write scientific papers and thereby advance their careers. The logic of this approach is never studied … because logical analysis is not actually part of science. That kind of thing is left to philosophers (who are held in contempt!). Yet this means that nothing “logical” ever emerges from science. What in fact emerges is a set of “suck it and see” arbitrary hypotheses which are experimentally tested and then either sink or swim. If they sink, they are dismissed. However, if they swim then they have passed the credibility test and become active “players” in the scientific game, and other scientists set about refining them. But none of this process is taking place with regard to logic and reason. It takes place almost randomly and by a kind of Darwinian natural selection. Just as human beings, and all living creatures, have endless design flaws, so does science. Scientist is a Frankenstein patchwork being, with no logical necessity. When Leibniz pondered science, he always looked first to principles of logic and reason, and everything had to be consistent with those. His great rival Newton simply produced a hypothesis (gravity) and an associated equation and it was then subjected to experimental tests and passed with flying colours. This has been the template for science ever since. Yet Newtonian physics is based on the wholly false doctrine of absolute space and absolute time (and time is not even defined: no scientist can say what it actually is). It is also predicated on spooky “action at a distance” where gravitational fields apply instantaneously across the whole of space. Einstein overthrew these considerations with his fused spacetime, with his argument that no physical effect can travel faster than the speed of light, and he replaced absolutism with relativism. Again, there is no logical

necessity to Einstein’s position. It enjoyed more experimental success than Newton’s hence has replaced it, but it is wholly incompatible with quantum mechanics, which is the most successful and experimentally verified theory of all. So, plainly, experimental success is no determinant of what is true or false. At one stage, experimental data “proved” Newton correct. At a later date, new experimental data refuted Newton and vindicated Einstein. But the experimental vindication of relativity theory is incompatible with the experimental vindication of quantum mechanics. Experiment is therefore nothing but a crude “sanity” test. It’s no kind of infallible discriminator, ruthlessly weeding out falsehoods. It’s like some dumb village idiot holding up a finger to test which way the wind is blowing. Leibniz was appalled that Newton became such a Godlike figure when his theory plainly had no logical underpinning. Nevertheless, Newton’s theory was successful while Leibniz’s metaphysics was baffling to most people and consigned to oblivion. Science is pragmatic and instrumental. It’s not concerned with truth but with making incremental progress. Leibniz on the other hand was obsessed with truth and what is necessarily true. Only now, in the context of a Grand Unified Theory of Everything, does it become obvious that science’s provisional, contingent, ad hoc, arbitrary approach is wholly wrong for establishing the absolute truth of reality. From the outset, it was never designed for that task. It rejected metaphysics in favour of experiments, but experiments have nothing to do with capital “T” truth. Experiments can be used for verification and falsification of hypotheses, but not for determining what the truth actually is. Only logic, reason and mathematics can accomplish that. Leibniz was right all along. The Big Bang Singularity is the ultimate battleground. Nothing can be said about it within the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm. Everything can be said about it within the rationalist idealist Meta Paradigm. So, the key question becomes not what THEORY is right, but what META PARADIGM is right. Experiment is no use in this argument. Illuminism asserts that the Meta Paradigm of science is 100% false and useless when it comes to the quest for Absolute Truth. Science has no ability at all to address the nature of fundamental reality. Is, or is not, the universe grounded in logic and reason? Is it a rational, ordered universe? If it is – and clearly it is – then all of its logic and rational underpinnings must

already exist within the Big Bang singularity itself. That means only one thing: mathematics is the basis of reality since the Big Bang singularity is an exclusively mathematical object. As soon as scientists abandon their Meta Paradigm of empiricism and materialism and consider what, logically, the properties of the Big Bang MUST be, they will be led inexorably to… ILLUMINISM.

Hypotheses Non Fingo Hypotheses non fingo is Latin for “I feign no hypotheses” or “I frame no hypotheses”. It is a famous phrase associated with Newton: “I have not as yet been able to discover the reason for these properties of gravity from phenomena, and I do not feign hypotheses. For whatever is not deduced from the phenomena must be called a hypothesis; and hypotheses, whether metaphysical or physical, or based on occult qualities, or mechanical, have no place in experimental philosophy. In this philosophy particular propositions are inferred from the phenomena, and afterwards rendered general by induction.” – Isaac Newton This, in many ways, is the quintessential declaration of the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm of science. It’s a direct attack on Leibniz’s position, and was intended as exactly that. In dialectical terms, the Newtonian approach to science was inevitable and necessary. It was practical and it produced results. It established a clear method. Science rapidly began to transform the world. So, despite its flaws, the scientific Meta Paradigm was invaluable in the dialectical progress of thought. It swept all before it and came to be seen as all-conquering and invincible. Now, in the minds of most practising scientists, it is tantamount to holy writ and cannot be challenged. Yet the extraordinary thing is that all of the same factors, all the strengths, that helped to make Newton the acknowledged genius of his age and paved the way for the ascent of experimental science, are now the very things that stand in the way of a final scientific theory of everything. Its greatest strengths have become its greatest weaknesses. Exactly the reverse has happened with Leibniz. Exactly the factors (his perceived great weaknesses) that caused Leibniz to be overlooked in the war with Newton are now his towering strengths in this final phase.

The progress of science was all about the practical, the instrumental, the evident, the factual, the sensory, the observable. Now, however, as science brushes up against ultimate reality, it’s increasingly confronted by the unobservable, and it simply has no means for dealing with such things, or even comprehending them. They make no sense within science’s Meta Paradigm. However, they pose no difficulty for Leibniz who, right from the beginning, dealt with logically infallible rational unobservables. He was dismissed scientifically in his own time, but now he is the ONLY scientist with any credibility and anything to say when it comes to studying something such as the Big Bang that is beyond empiricism and materialism. The prevailing scientific paradigm has failed. M-theory is not working and will never work (and does not in any case address the most important issues such as life, mind, consciousness, free will and why the world exists at all). Just as art, religion and philosophy have all met their deaths, so science is now dying. It has reached the end of its useful life. We must enter a new revolutionary phase of thinking and usher in a paradigm shift. But the new paradigm will in fact be old: it will be the rebirth of Leibniz! His ideas were WAY ahead of their time and only one group kept them alive – the Illuminati. With the failure of religion and science, the door has now opened wide to hyperrationalism: the religion and philosophy of mathematics and logic, which provides absolute certainty and gives a sufficient reason for EVERYTHING. Leibniz will now be promoted to where he belongs: the pinnacle of human genius, the greatest genius of them all, so far ahead of his time that we have only caught up with him almost three centuries after his death. That’s the price the greatest geniuses pay – they are never appreciated in their own lifetime. Lesser lights such as Newton and Einstein get all the glory, but their ideas never endure. A million years from now, people will still marvel at Leibniz’s achievements and Newton and Einstein will be mere footnotes. Aristotle (an empiricist) stole much of the glory of Plato (a rationalist). Similarly, Newton (an empiricist, the new Aristotle) stole the glory of Leibniz (a rationalist, the new Plato). But now the dawn has finally come of

rationalism as the explanation of everything, and Illuminism is its messenger. Illuminism is the revolutionary paradigm shift, and also the grand synthesis of philosophy, religion, science, mathematics and psychology, and even of politics and sociology. Illuminism heals the deadly breach that Descartes inadvertently brought about between religion, philosophy and science, and it does so via the supreme tool of logic, reason, metaphysics and science – MATHEMATICS, the indisputable and only possible answer to everything. We are now entering the ILLUMINATED AGE.

The Hedgehog and the Fox “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” – Archilochus What’s the one big thing a hedgehog knows? To defend itself against predation by rolling into a tight ball, causing all of its spines to point outwards. Philosophically, hedgehogs are those who have a big, all-encompassing theory, and foxes are those who have no big system but many clever individual points. Illuminism is a hedgehog system (and so, obviously, is mathematics). Science is a fox, but none of its knowledge is tied together into a coherent whole. “Fox” thinkers are good tactically, but have no grand strategy. “Hedgehog” thinkers are great strategically, but often poor tactically. Of course, the best scenario is to be a synthesis of hedgehog and fox – to be able to explain the big picture and all of the detail – and that’s exactly what Illuminism and mathematics provide.

Observable or Unobservable Science is the quasi-religious faith that everything is in principle material and unobservable. This is rather awkward given that the Big Bang singularity and all black holes singularities are immaterial and unobservable, and science’s most successful theory – quantum mechanics – is based on an unobservable wavefunction and involves unobservable imaginary numbers. Mind is unobservable, thoughts are unobservable, and how life comes into existence is unobservable.

Why doesn’t science simply agree that some things are observable and some things are unobservable? What’s so difficult about that? Consider the Big Bang at the instant immediately prior to the “explosion”. It was entirely unobservable, so what was it? Science can NEVER have an answer. With M-theory, science futilely tries to find a way out of singularities, but it will discover that there’s no escape route. Illuminism is all about the observable being generated BY the unobservable, mathematically. The observable (material things in space and time) all come from unobservable monads. In the God Series, we have provided a complete explanation of existence, commencing from a single point (the Genesis Singularity). Science is unable to compete and mumbles about randomness, fluctuations, statistics, Multiverses, and so on. Nothing that science says ever has any logical necessity or sufficient reason and is invariably ad hoc and arbitrary. Do you want to base your answer to existence on a system (science) that literally makes it up as it goes along and is inherently incapable of providing absolute truth and certainty? Your choice.

***** All the Eastern religions speak of the universe arising from the void, from nothing. Even Abrahamism says that “God” created the universe out of nothing (but who created him?). Science also says that the universe sprang out of nothing, but can give no explanation of this and can’t define “nothing”. In fact, no one can define nothing, with the exception of the Illuminati. We alone give a precise, mathematical definition of “nothing”. “Nothing” is the Singularity, and the Singularity is defined by zero and infinity. There are infinite monads (dimensionless points) in the Singularity and each monad has infinite energy content (cancelling to zero thanks to positive and negative numbers). The Singularity is a wholly unobservable mathematical object defined by the two numbers that stand outside the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm of science. It is therefore no wonder that scientists don’t understand singularities. There’s only one way out for them … to change their Meta Paradigm! They won’t, of course. They will spend decades wrestling with Mtheory, adding more and more ad hoc fudges, “fixes” and workarounds as they try to make a square peg fit a round hole. These people never learn.

Only when they finally realize that science, within the terms of its current paradigm, cannot answer the question, will they turn to the truth of mathematics and Illuminism. Never forget that scientists are fundamentally irrationalists.

***** What is the supreme rationalist test of any account of existence? It must be able to explain what “nothing” is and how it relates to “something”. The Big Bang is the perfect place in which all theories of existence should be rationally tested. Any religion, philosophy or science that cannot explain what the Big Bang singularity is, and how it gives rise to the material universe, is ipso facto false. Only Illuminism gives a complete explanation. Illuminism alone is true. It’s true because it’s 100% about mathematics, the eternal essence of truth. Before you take any religion, philosophy or science seriously, insist that its advocates explain the details of the first instant of the Big Bang event to you. We have. No one else can. Illuminism is the religion and philosophy of zero and infinity, of SINGULARITIES! The Big Bang is what Illuminism is all about. It’s an event of mathematical and logical necessity.

The First Cause In order to avoid infinite regress, any causal chain must have a “first cause”, and this seems to open the door to a Designer, a Creator, a God. Yet there is no sufficient reason why there should be a first cause, and there’s no mathematical or logical objection to infinite regression. “The First-Cause argument rests on the assumption that every series must have a first term, which is false; for example, the series of proper fractions has no first term.” – Bertrand Russell There is NO first cause! Moreover, if the “first cause” way of thinking is right then what came before the first cause? What caused the first cause?! What was happening before the first cause happened? This scenario makes no sense at all. This question is directly applicable to Big Bang theory. Something must have preceded the Big Bang. So what was it? Science is silent, and always will be.

The Designer A religious argument states that if there is a design, there must be a designer (hence God). Since our universe and planet seems to obey an organised plan and isn’t chaotic and random, believers conclude that God exists. Evolutionists assert that evolution and natural selection do the work of design, and that’s what atheists choose to believe. Yet this begs the question of how nature and evolution are actually equipped to provide the appearance of design. Take a system of random collisions of random, chaotic things lacking any structure or organisation. How would evolution and natural selection apply to such a system? How would chaos manifest “design”? It’s impossible. The existence of atoms is already evidence of design. Why are atoms ordered entities? It certainly wasn’t evolution and natural selection that made them that way, so what did? Must we return to God? There is only one Godless answer – mathematics! Nature looks designed because it is wholly mathematical, and mathematics is inherently a completely ordered, organised system of laws, hence invariably produces apparent design, although no intelligent creature actually did any designing. Design appears AUTOMATICALLY in a mathematical system. It’s not evolution and natural selection that get rid of the “Designer” argument (because they can’t explain the Big Bang and atoms), but mathematics. It’s time atheists woke up and stopped lazily accepting Richard Dawkins’ frequently sloppy arguments, all of them squeezed through the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm Meat Grinder. Dawkins famously wrote a letter to his daughter emphasizing the need for her to ask for “evidence” when people told her anything. It’s a pity he didn’t write to tell her to question the Meta Paradigm of anyone telling her anything, especially regarding the link between evidence and truth. Can’t something be rationally true without any physical evidence? Is reason to be rejected for lack of sensory corroboration? Is the need for empirical evidence therefore irrational and does it not make the empiricists as idiotic as the faithful? Our world is designed because mathematics is the quintessence of design and the universe is wholly mathematical. Just as ontological mathematics is a self-optimizing system, so it’s a self-designing system. No

“God” is required, no conscious intelligence, just living, ontological mathematics.

Big Brother is Watching You George Orwell’s dazzling novels Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm have sold more copies than any two books by any other 20th-century author. Quite simply, these are two of the best novels ever. What makes them so astonishing is that they have a profound Logos element. They show exactly how Mythos and Logos can be combined in fiction. Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side against Franco’s fascists, and was wounded in the throat. He died at age 46 from tuberculosis, a few months after Nineteen Eighty-Four was published. He never found out how culturally significant that book subsequently became.

Force Fields Think of a universe with just one positive nucleus. At what point does the force field generated by this charge tail off to zero? In fact, it never does. The force gets smaller and smaller with distance from the charge, but it never becomes zero. So, if we populate that universe with infinite electrons, every single one of them will be in the field of the single positive charge. In other words, any charged particle affects all of the other charged particles in the universe. There is no such thing as any electron uniquely bound to any nucleus. All electrons belong to all nuclei (all positive charges). All electrons are involved in an extraordinary cosmic game of “musical nuclei”. At any time, any electron can be linked to any nucleus. Electrons don’t follow particular nuclei around. They’re shared by all nuclei, although, at any time, they appear more likely to be associated with some nuclei than others. However, there’s a finite possibility that an electron currently associated with one nucleus could, at the next instant, be associated with a nucleus on the other side of the universe. That, of course, is not physically possible, but it happens nevertheless. There’s only one possible way that could be true: all electrons (in fact all particles) are actually mental, and they all belong to a mental, dimensionless Singularity. The apparently physical world is a mathematically mediated illusion where what matters is not any specific particle, but the entire ensemble of particles. The whole pattern is what counts; not any isolated part of it. Any particle can play any part

appropriate to its type, i.e. any electron can take the part of any electron orbiting any nucleus, and that is true at every instant. If you could somehow label one electron, you could track it hopping all over the universe, but in fact there’s no such thing as a trackable electron – therefore there’s not really any such thing as a particle. To describe electrons (or any particles) as “identical and indistinguishable” is to deny that material particles exist. If an electron a billion light years away is identical and indistinguishable from an electron right “here” and the two can “swap” at the very next instant then they are simply not tangible, solid things at all. All that matters is the overall arrangement of electrons, not particular electrons (which are either irrelevant or actually non-existent physically). The wavefunction of any electron actually reflects that all electrons are identical and indistinguishable, hence any electron can be found anywhere in the entire universe. When you plot the probabilities of where the “electron” in a hydrogen atom is likely to be found at any one time, what you are actually doing is plotting the positions of all the electrons in the universe in relation to that nucleus – because none of them can be distinguished from each other. The electron distribution is of course much likelier to be closer to the nucleus than far away from it, but any distance from the nucleus is possible. The brilliant speculative idea of John Wheeler that there is only one electron in the universe has a great deal of merit. It can be matched by another suggestion that whenever we refer to any one electron we are in fact tacitly referring to an infinite number of electrons (the entire electron ensemble). The universe either contains one electron that pops up in infinite places, or infinite electrons, only one of which is “active” with regard to any nucleus at any one time (but any of which can become active at the next instant, meaning that every nucleus is surrounded by ALL of the electrons in the universe. Everything is truly interconnected. There is no continuity at all of specific particles at particular places. Rather, all that persists is the pattern itself. Imagine a human body in which every single particle was replaced from one instant to the next. What difference would it actually make to us? How would we notice? As long as the pattern of your body is intact, what does it matter if this electron or that electron is orbiting this nucleus or that one? The answer is none at all. You don’t “own” the atoms currently in your body. Where did those atoms come from anyway? – from what you ate and drank and the air you

breathed in. You’re getting rid of atoms from your body whenever you urinate, defecate, spit, sneeze, ejaculate or exhale, and the outer layers of your skin are continually being shed. In fact, all of the cells in your body die off and are periodically replaced every ten years or so, or just die off without being replaced (such as brain cells). There is no permanent part of you. So what is “you”? Whatever you are, you certainly aren’t the transient stuff of your body: you are NOT a material entity because your matter is changing all the time in one way or another. Scientific materialism asserts, of course, that we are nothing but matter: even our mind is allegedly produced by matter. But if all the matter in our body has been replaced after ten years, what does that say about our mind? Is it still our mind? There’s a famous ancient Greek conundrum about the Ship of Theseus. If every plank, every part, of the original ship has been replaced after several years of service, is it still the same ship? It looks exactly the same and operates in exactly the same way, yet not a single part of the original ship is present. The “form” of the ship – its information – is retained, but not any of the matter of which it was physically composed. The matter, it seems, is neither here nor there. All that counts is the pattern, the information, the form. Yet where is the form of the ship stored? It plainly isn’t stored in the pieces of wood themselves, which can be replaced at any time. A designer’s blueprint may exist, but that is not part of the ship. The form is contained within the totality, yet it transcends the ship itself since no individual part of the ship has the information. The whole is the sum of the parts; it contains all of the parts in the right order, the right sequence, the right pattern. It reflects the right set of relations. If we burned the blueprint, the only place where the form would then exist is in the ship itself. The ship physically embodies the form. But if the ship disintegrated over time, the form would vanish forever. A critical corollary of this is that no information about us is contained in any individual electrons or nuclei, since any of these can be replaced at any time. The same is true of our individual cells, which are also regularly replaced (and are made of electrons and nuclei in any case). All that counts is the pattern itself, but where is the pattern encoded? The scientific materialist would say in the DNA present in every cell, but the DNA is just like Theseus’s Ship. It reflects a blueprint. There is only one possible place where the information can be securely and permanently stored – THE

SOUL. Where are memories stored? – THE SOUL. Where is our identity stored? – THE SOUL. Where is our consciousness stored? – THE SOUL. How are they stored? Via mathematical Fourier transforms.

***** Identical twins have exactly the same DNA, but they aren’t identical people. They each have their own personalities, often radically different. If we swapped every cell in one twin with those of the other twin, would we change their personalities one iota? If not, is not the materialist hypothesis refuted, because the material of bodies plainly makes no difference at all. Each twin must have a unique mind that is not affected by their specific material configuration.

Haecceity Leibniz was obsessed with the question of individuation, to the extent that his undergraduate dissertation was entitled On the Principle of Individuation. He supported the position of medieval Scottish philosopher John Duns Scotus (from whom, ironically, we get the word “dunce”, although he was the precise opposite of that) who argued that each individual had its own haecceity, or “thisness”, which was distinct both from its qualities and its matter. So, two identical twins would each have their individual haecceity, no matter how materially identical they seemed, or even if they shared identical personal qualities. However, for argument’s sake, let’s imagine that the identical twins are absolutely identical, even sharing the same name and personal histories (each telepathically absorbing every experience the other has), and you are only ever allowed to meet one of them at a time. How could you tell them apart? If there was nothing you could do to distinguish one from the other, what would their haecceity matter? It would be a hypothesis without effect, hence redundant. “[Leibniz] was therefore committed to what he called the ‘Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles’ (now often known as ‘Leibniz’s Law’), to the effect that a lowest species could not have more than one member: if two things were distinct individuals, there had to be something that was true of one but not of the other, thereby making them of different species. … Leibniz believed that ultimately the only realities were individual

substances [monads] and their properties.” – George MacDonald Ross, Leibniz Consider all electrons. How can we distinguish them from each other? Well, we might argue that they all have different quantum numbers and hence energy signatures, and this allows them to be individuated. That’s true up to a point, but further consideration reveals that it’s the energy signatures that are unique, not the electrons. Think of a theatre. Every seat is unique, but we could fill every seat with identical people. So, do identical people become unique by virtue of sitting on a unique seat? Well, to some extent they do. We could mark each person with their seat number and they would then be capable of being individually tracked. However, if no markings could ever stick and the identical people kept switching seats, how would we ever be able to tell them apart? The unique seats don’t make the identical people unique, and nor do unique energy levels make electrons unique – because any electron can populate any of the unique energy levels, and then switch to any other unique energy level. Yet, at the instant an electron has a unique energy signature it IS different from any other electron with a different energy signature. However, if there’s no practical way to track any electron, we seem to be led back to the fact that all electrons are formally identical and indistinguishable. The situation is even more extreme with bosons, which can occupy the same energy state. Leibniz’s Law supports Wheeler’s notion that only one electron genuinely exists. However, we might then conclude that this electron has infinite properties; in particular, infinite energy levels. Thus, what scientists regard as separate electrons are actually different energy signatures of just one electron. Then it becomes no mystery at all why all the “electrons” in the universe have different energy signatures (this is known as Pauli’s Exclusion Principle), and why any change to any electron’s energy signature instantly causes the energy signatures of all other electrons in the universe to change. (This phenomenon doesn’t make any physical sense at all of course: Pauli’s Exclusion Principle is not consistent with Einstein’s cosmic speed limit.) Leibniz’s Law and how it applies to quantum mechanics is right up there as one of the most important issues that must be definitively resolved.

Soul Science Your father has his monadic soul, and your mother has her monadic soul. Your father’s DNA fused with your mother’s DNA and your monadic soul then fused with that DNA information, giving you a very close relationship with your parents. You are all intimately linked via DNA. Yet you have no necessary relationship with your father and mother. All three of you have existed FOREVER. You’re not their child in any absolute sense. In fact, they might have been your children in a previous life! But now that you have been brought together out of countless souls and shared an information pattern that binds you extremely closely, you will be lovingly associated with these other souls for eternity (assuming you had a loving family environment). They are literally now your soul mates. “If we don’t find our soulmates, we will be orphans.” – Schweitzer DNA is all about information, and so is the soul. DNA is biologically encoded information. Your soul’s information is mathematically encoded. Each cell of the human body contains a complete set of genes – the whole genotype. Similarly, each monad contains a complete set of mathematical instructions necessary to operate in the universe. Each cell contains the whole, and so does each monad. As above, so below.

Theory Is Not Enough Theoria cum praxi – “theory with practice” – motto of the Berlin Academy of Sciences. (Leibniz founded the Academy in 1700, and also coined the motto.) It’s not enough to theorize. We must change the world.

Ultimate Laziness Principle of least action = DEATH. Don’t be too lazy. It’s hard to distinguish the lazy from the dead! “To die is nothing, but it’s terrible not to live.” – Victor Hugo Well, are you LIVING?

Those Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Very close to one of the crime scenes of the world’s first modern serial killer – Jack the Ripper – some writing, apparently left by Jack himself, was chalked on a wall. It said, “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing”, in apparent reference to the three apprentice masons (Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum) who murdered Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon Temple, and thus implicating Freemasons in the Ripper murders. A senior police officer demanded that the message be cleaned off immediately. It has also been suggested that three Jews committed the murders as part of an Abrahamic ritual of human sacrifice to Jehovah (the “blood libel”).

***** The Old World Order are those who will not to be blamed for nothing for ruining our world. They will be blamed because they are responsible.

The Wisdom of Jonathan Swift “When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” – Swift What’s for certain is that all of the dunces are in confederacy against the Illuminati. “There is nothing in this world constant, but inconstancy.” – Swift Indeed. “But nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches, as to conceive how others can be in want.” – Swift This is a crucial point. If the rich were forced to live as beggars and vagrants for a week, it would drastically change their attitude. “For, in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.” – Swift And when do the governed ever give meaningful consent? We are governed today by markets and none of us has any say at all over markets, meaning that we are all slaves. This is never mentioned to us by any of our politicians, of course. No one would vote for them if they told us the truth that we are all slaves. And what’s the point of voting anyway once we know what’s really going on?

“Reason is a very light rider and easily shook off.” – Swift Never a truer word spoken. Most people unhorsed their riders long ago. “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.” – Swift That’s why you can never change the mind of a person of faith. Reason didn’t make them believe and reason won’t make them disbelieve. “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” – Swift In truth, religion claims to be about love but is invariably about hate. “Every man desires to live long, but no man would be old.” – Swift Hence the power of the beauty industry. “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Only intuitives have vision. Scientists – thinking sensing types – are blind when it comes to vision. “What they do in heaven we are ignorant of; what they do not we are told expressly: that they neither marry, nor are given in marriage.” If religion is so important religiously, and so good for us, why is no one married in heaven, and why doesn’t God have a wife? “The Stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cutting off our feet when we want shoes.” – Swift And exactly the same can be said of Buddhism. “The power of fortune is confessed only by the miserable; for the happy impute all their success to prudence or merit.” – Swift There’s nothing more certain than that the elite will never admit that they acquired their fortunes through luck rather than talent. “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.” – Swift Wicked people don’t see themselves as wicked, hence they’re not ashamed.

“The two maxims of any great man at court are always to keep his countenance and never to keep his word.” – Swift That’s courtiers and politicians for you: all style and no substance. They are professional liars who call their deceit “diplomacy” and “negotiation”. “Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” – Swift They’re only intended to catch the small fry; never the big game.

The Pontificators Every now and again, deranged people post on our facebook page messages full of strange and demented ideas that they express with the arrogant and shameless confidence of the mad. For example, some irrationalist decided to preach to us that we were completely wrong because faith, according to him (and only him) is actually reason. (Who knew?) He wrote: “After stumbling across this path while I was on the web, which I haven’t used in over 5 years, I found this page. I cannot believe that they are preaching against Religion and Faith! Maybe I’m wrong but this specific group sounds like Illuminati gone rogue. It sounds like ‘rationalists’; a very lop sided perspective. Most Illuminists in fact come from religious backgrounds. “What people don’t understand is that reason and faith are one and the same. If you knew everything about ‘math’ you would thus require no faith to believe it. It would then become reality. So faith becomes learning and knowing. The more ‘reasons’ you discover about something the more faith you have that it is real and true. Evolution of scientific knowledge is actually evolution of faith because now you understand something even more. Knowing things through the universal laws that never change is perfect reason implied with perfect faith. Bad faith results from bad reason and knowledge. Bad religion results from bad knowledge. “Hence why Abrahamists are so stupid. Faith is not bad. Faith is reason. And when reason has faith in bad knowledge both reason and faith become irrational. Faith is nothing more than being convinced about the reason behind the truth. Reaching ultimate reason is being in union with God’s

mind and is to know everything with perfect faith. You cannot have reason without faith. It’s mathematically and universally impossible.” What is the point of this idiotic message that is full of non sequiturs, illogic and blatant misuse of the commonly accepted meanings of words such as faith and reason? At one stage we are told, “If you knew everything about ‘math’ you would thus require no faith to believe it.” That is, complete knowledge requires zero faith (true!). A sentence or two later, we are told the direct opposite: “The more ‘reasons’ you discover about something the more faith you have that it is real and true.” Now, knowledge has been made identical to faith, i.e. our faith in the truth of something increases in direct proportion to our increasing knowledge of that thing. This person is plainly someone from a background of faith who wants to reconcile his obsession with faith with reason. He blatantly states, “Faith is reason.” Er, only according to you, chum(p). In fact, faith is faith and reason is reason. Faith is defined as a firm belief in something for which there is no proof and no rational justification. When Martin Luther declared reason to be the Devil’s whore, he was demonstrating what all believers in mainstream religion know: reason is toxic to faith, and its nemesis. The correspondent is plainly confusing “faith” with “knowledge”. Private languages are incoherent and meaningless and this is a classic example. This person has invented his own definition of “faith” and then sought to attack our position using his private language and definition. Sadly, such people are already demonstrating the signs of mental illness. The immediate giveaway in this case was the sentence: “After stumbling across this path while I was on the web, which I haven’t used in over 5 years, I found this page.” If you’re making a rational point, you have no need to refer to your personal background. It has no possible relevance. Anecdote is nothing to do with reason. More pertinently, the fact that the person made the extraordinary admission that he hadn’t used the web for five years indicated that he withdrew from society for some reason and entered a kind of private fantasy. He is now re-emerging into the world, but bringing his fantasy world with him. We see this kind of thing over and over again. Many narcissists and individuals suffering from Messiah Syndrome get in touch with us, and subject us to these weird ramblings of theirs. (This person joined facebook purely to post a message on our page – the message was

posted as soon as the person signed up – and is probably someone we previously banned. These people just keep coming back using new sock puppets. They’re obsessed with us.) Mental illness is rife in our world. In fact, we’d estimate that the vast majority of the human race are suffering from clinical mental illness and the only reason they are not diagnosed as such is that many insane beliefs have been normalized and institutionalized. Abrahamism, and faith itself, are insane. They have no place in the rational world. Faith, not reason, is the Devil’s whore. Reason is God’s cure.

The Importance of Language Let’s face it, “reincarnation”, because of its association with religion, sounds absurd. However, if it were renamed as the “periodic disconnection and reconnection of the single-node Fourier transform with respect to the dynamic multi-node 6D complex manifold”, scientists would all be sucking it up and agreeing with it.

Numbers Zero and infinity are the two numbers of subjectivity: of life and mind. Number is all there is. What number are you? – zero, just like everyone else. And you have infinite capacity, like everyone else. “Man is a synthesis of the infinite and the finite.” – Kierkegaard “Man has received his ideas on the throne of the Infinite.” – Dr Phelon “Now you better close your eyes for a moment, my child, in order to be better in tune with the infinite. We can’t do these things without reaching out into the infinite.” – Professor Marvel

***** The maximum actualization possible for an individual monad is to become God. Every monad has that capacity. Your fate is entirely in your own hands. We are all our own potential saviours. If you want to be saved, save yourself. It’s all up to you. You, and you alone, are responsible for your destiny. Isn’t that exactly as it should be? No strong, autonomous person would ever want to be reliant on another being.

The greatest freedom of all is that there is NO CREATOR. No one can punish you, and no one can reward you. Everything is up to you. If you are self-defining, self-creating, self-determining person, you will never have heard such sweet news. If you are a slave, always looking to others to define you and control you, then you have entered your own personal hell – because you will not be able to avoid the thing you secretly most fear: being responsible for yourself!

The Dimming of the Light If visible light is gradually being converted into heat (thanks to the expansion of the universe, the blazing light of the Big Bang has become a crackling microwave background as short wave light has been stretched into long waves) then it means that the whole universe is steadily growing invisible. When there is no light left, what then? Eventually light will be completely extinguished and there will be nothing left but heat: a deadly equilibrium of evenly distributed heat, incapable of doing anything. This is when the universe has died. This is the famous “heat death” of the universe predicted by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Yet accompanying this cosmic dimming of the light in the objective universe is the brightening of the spiritual light in the subjective domain! The inner light of the Gods replaces the vanished physical light.

Entropy Thanks to Claude Shannon’s seminal work on information theory, information has become intimately connected with entropy. “In a sense, thermodynamics is just a special case of information theory. … Just as all matter and energy is subject to the laws of thermodynamics, all matter and energy is subject to the laws of information. Including us.” – Charles Seife, Decoding the Universe Unfortunately, the debate concerning entropy and information is dauntingly counterintuitive since we tend to think of entropy as pure disorder and information as pure order (i.e. not random at all). So how can they be more or less the same thing? Charles Seife does a far better job than most of clarifying what’s going on. “The more random – the less predictable – a stream of symbols is, the less redundant it is, and the more information it tends to carry per symbol. This is a seemingly paradoxical statement. How can something that is inherently random carry a message? Isn’t randomness the opposite of purposeful information? Yes. But Shannon’s point is that streams that look random – the ones that are the least predictable – are the ones that are likely to carry the most information per symbol. The non-random-looking ones, the

predictable streams, are redundant and therefore probably carry less information per symbol than the random-looking ones do. … Shannon’s analysis really is performed on the source of the message rather than on an individual message itself. A source of data, such as an idling computer, that uses the rule ‘All digits you produce are 1s’ to generate messages will always yield the message ‘1111111…’ Every message from this source looks the same and will contain no information whatsoever.” – Charles Seife, Decoding the Universe If we think of the universe as the ultimate source of information then we don’t want it to be an entity that sends out the equivalent of 1s forever – because then it contains no useful information. It’s entirely predictable. It contains no novelty, no difference, no creativity. It’s a metronome, a machine. It’s sterile. In fact, it’s dead. We want a source that can send ANY message: all logically possible (or compossible) messages. Paradoxically, the optimal informational universe is the one that converts absolute order (zero entropy) into absolute disorder (maximum entropy). By doing so, it generates every possible informational signal. This generation of information would of course be pointless if there was no one or nothing to profit from it. Scientific materialism adopts precisely this view: that the universe has no purpose in generating this incredible amount of information. Existence has no meaning. It is not advancing towards any goal other than universal heat death where nothing happens at all. This is a vision of the uttermost futility and pointlessness. “It’s a general principle; the more ‘random-seeming’ the message you have received, the higher the entropy (in general) of the source of the message, and the more information (in general) the message can contain. But with information, you can look at it from the receiver’s point of view rather than the sender’s, and the situation is, in a sense, reversed. And this can be incredibly confusing.” – Charles Seife, Decoding the Universe Here we come to the crux of the information-entropy paradox. Information and entropy are linked when they are referring to the SENDER (source) of information, but they are OPPOSITE when they refer to the RECEIVER. The optimal universe is one that generates maximum entropy and, in its capacity as an information sender, maximal informational randomness and uncertainty (implying that it has sent out ALL POSSIBLE information).

Let’s now switch to the receivers’ perspective. They have been receiving from the cosmic information source this constant stream of information, which looks random to the source but not to the receiver. The critical difference is that the receiver is attaching MEANING to the information, and organising it into useful patterns, concepts and categories. Each of us is being bombarded by information all of the time in our dayto-day lives. It’s often spectacularly random, and we are continually filtering it, processing it, refining it, conceptualising it, and storing it in compartments. Autistics seem to be less good at this filtering process than “normals” and are often overwhelmed by information (sensory overload). Information, per se, is “neutral” in terms of meaning, i.e. it’s not really information at all. It’s only when meaning is attached to it that it’s converted into true meaning and true information. Otherwise, it’s just a jumble of rather random signals. Does a baby have any concept of “information”? – only at an instinctual, biologically programmed level. A baby might be receiving exactly the same information as you, but the information’s meaning is absolutely different in each case. “Remember, information is the answer to a question of some sort: information reduces your uncertainty about which of the possible answers is the correct one. … Information is flowing from the sender to the recipient of a message, and each has a different role in the transaction. Entropy is a measure of ambiguity, unpredictability, and uncertainty, and it is really good for a source of a message to have a high entropy. It means that the source is unpredictable, and you don’t know what a message from that source is going to say ahead of time. (If you always know what the message will say, it wouldn’t give you any information, would it?) But once the recipient receives that message, that message, if it contains lots of information, should reduce the uncertainty about the answer to a question. The more entropy, the more uncertainty you have about an answer, the less information you must have received.” – Charles Seife, Decoding the Universe We need a lot of information in order to obtain an answer to a question (unless we are Abrahamists, in which case the answer is always “God”). A high entropy source gives us the information we need. A low entropy source does not. A low entropy source generates a high entropy answer (lots of uncertainty). The Abrahamic God is the ultimate low entropy source

and provides no information at all. Surprise, surprise, he doesn’t want anyone to eat of the tree of knowledge/information – a high entropy source, throwing out information everywhere. A high entropy source generates a low entropy answer: we get enough information to arrive at a meaningful conclusion. Answers have the OPPOSITE relationship to the SOURCE of the information. The Source must provide as many clues as possible, not the fewest. Certainty in our answers (zero entropy) comes from having a lot of information with which to work. Faith has nothing at all to do with answers. Faith has zeroinformation content. It’s wilful blindness and contempt of knowledge and information, in favour of some crazy Mythos invented by a staring-eyed guy with a beard in the Middle Eastern desert thousands of years ago. “Sometimes you will hear people say entropy is the same thing as information; sometimes you will hear people say that information is negative entropy or negentropy. The difference arises because people are accustomed to analyzing different things. Some are looking at the sender and the unpredictability of a potential message, and some are looking at the receiver and the uncertainties about the answer to a question. In truth, both are looking at the same thing: sender and receiver are two sides of the same coin.” – Charles Seife, Decoding the Universe The last sentence is crucial. The “sender” of information is the objective, dimensional universe, and the “receiver” is the subjective, dimensionless universe, and both operate in a feedback loop. The receiver can use information to act on the objective universe, thus changing the information the objective universe sends back. Scientific materialism does not acknowledge the existence of a subjective, dimensionless universe (and thus of free will and free choice), hence there is no feedback loop between sender and receiver. The role of “receiver” has no obvious meaning in scientific materialism: what’s the point of it if it can’t change anything? And doesn’t it strike scientific materialists as odd that receivers (us!) are obsessed with converting information into meaning, while scientific materialism claims that existence has no meaning whatsoever. In terms of entropy, it’s better to think of information as “potentially meaningful signals”, but only the information receiver can make it any actual sense of it, apply meaning to it and turn it into genuine information.

We can think of the universe as the ultimate generator of potentially meaningful information, but it would in fact be utterly MEANINGLESS if there were no minds capable of assigning meaning to it. Information scientists ought to talk of potential information and actual information, the latter requiring a subject capable of recognising meaning in the potential information (at which point it’s converted into actual information). Without something capable of attaching meaning, ALL of the information generated by the universe consists of random signals, hence is not information at all in the commonly understood sense of the word. Claude Shannon was aware of the problem and he wanted to refer to “uncertainty” rather than “information”, and that might have been rather better technically, but might have generated its own version of confusion since it wouldn’t seem to be connected with information at all. In fact, the best description might be “uncertain information” (or perhaps “unformation”). The receiver converts unformation into information. Without the receiver, unformation and entropy are identical: disorder and randomness. Unformation is potential information that is actualised (and becomes real information) only once it is processed and assigned meaning by a “meaning-generator”, a subjective mind. The universe begins in an astoundingly low entropy, low unformation state and ends in the maximal entropy-unformation state. It’s this dialectical journey that is critical, not the endpoints. The beginning is sterile and contains too much uniformity; the ending is equally sterile and contains too much randomness. However, during the journey there’s a goldilocks zone (one that’s “just right”) for subjective minds seeking meaning. It’s where unformation is neither too uniform nor too random and provides a perfect mixture that can be meaningfully interpreted by an intelligent subjective mind. This is the INFORMATION AGE – and we’re living in it. In the future, when all of the stars have gone out, all solar systems have died, all the galaxies have fallen apart, and all the atoms have disintegrated, it will be the UNFORMATION AGE, just as it was as the start of the universe when uniformity, rather than randomness, of unformation was the central problem. The scheme is as follows:

1) Big Bang (uniform unformation – zero meaning) = First Unformation Age. 2) Evolution of atoms, stars, planets and galaxies = First Information Age (unconscious subjective minds; meaning is starting to evolve). 3) Life on planets = Second Information Age (conscious subjective minds appear and maximum meaning is achieved). 4) Heat Death of universe = Second Unformation Age (random unformation – zero meaning). So, minds intent on becoming God have a limited window of opportunity. They must succeed by the end of the Second Information Age. (Don’t worry, there are billions of years remaining!) The minds that succeed form the Community of Gods – and they enjoy divine communion until the End of the Second Unformation Age when the physical universe finally dies. At this point, faced with eternal stasis if they take no action, the Gods commit divine suicide and end a universal Age. A new Age will then begin in a uniform state (the First Unformation Age), and the cycle will start all over, and so it will go on – FOREVER. There is no escape from this cycle of existence. Even the Gods are subject to it. Nevertheless, they control their fate because they are the ones who choose divine suicide. In the circumstances at the end of the universe, it’s the only rational, enlightened choice. All meaning in the physical universe has been literally exhausted. No new ingredients will enter the subjective domain. It’s time to call an end. It all makes PERFECT SENSE. And it’s not really suicide at all. It’s “life transitioning” – starting a new life; forcing rebirth to take place.

Anti-Information: the Abrahamic God Charles Seife wrote, “Entropy is a measure of ambiguity, unpredictability, and uncertainty, and it is really good for a source of a message to have a high entropy.” If “God” is the Creator – the Source – then he must have extremely low entropy (because he is the ultimate system of order), but what we need is the exact opposite: a source of maximal entropy. In Neoplatonism, the ineffable “One” is the perfect source of high entropy. It’s nothing but an entropy/information generator. The Abrahamic “God” produces an informationally sterile universe – a stillborn universe. As Seife said, “If you always know what the message will say, it wouldn’t give you any information, would it?” “God”, if he has perfect foreknowledge, reigns over a zero-information universe, since he already knows everything that will happen. Only free will and free choice allow a meaningful information universe to existence. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem is critical because it prevents the universe from being perfectly mathematically and scientifically programmed (and hence making it a zero-information universe). It does so by acknowledging the subject, the self, the self-referential entity. Objective mathematics is all about the sender and subjective mathematics is all about the receiver, and Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem is the keystone of subjectivity (selfreference).

***** “It means that the source is unpredictable, and you don’t know what a message from that source is going to say ahead of time.” – Charles Seife The only meaningful universe is one that is unpredictable, that we don’t know what it’s going to say ahead of time. The inexorable causality of scientific materialism ensures that we know everything the source is going to say ahead of time (everything is causally inevitable). Imagine a clockwork, deterministic universe of predestination. What information does it contain? What new information is appearing? Well, none at all. All of the information in such a universe existed at the moment the mechanism was set in motion, and no further information is generated.

Only a free universe, a universe of free will, of free choice, produces a meaningful universe. Without freedom, entropy is an illusion because if the precise final state of the universe is programmed into the beginning state, along with all intervening states, then it’s devoid of information. It’s as barren as the Abrahamic universe where divine foreknowledge reigns. Einstein’s “block universe” suffers from exactly the same problem. In truth, it contains zero entropy and information since everything that’s going to happen already exists from the beginning of time. Only a free universe generates meaningful entropy and information and creates a universe of profound meaning. The status of “true” entropy thus becomes a key issue. Is a universe without freedom more or less entropic and informational than one with freedom? Clearly, the free universe generates the ultimate entropic and informational universe and hence is the “best of all possible worlds” in Leibnizian terms. Entropy and information are critical arguments in favour of cosmic freedom because an entropically and informationally optimised universe contains the least predictability (least redundancy), and only a living, free universe rather than a “dead”, scientifically determined universe can deliver the optimal state. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, the Pauli Exclusion Principle and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle all ensure that the universe is free. The pattern the universe follows (minimum to maximum entropy) will be the same in each cosmic Age, but within this pattern, freedom is optimized, and thus true entropy and information. The universe, ultimately, is about nothing but information, meaning and freedom – and any thought system that contradicts that view (whether scientific materialism, determinism, predestination, foreknowledge, precognition, clairvoyance, nihilistic atheism or Abrahamism) must be rejected. All such systems are inherently false.

Energy “Potential” energy = organized energy. Heat = disorganized energy. All conventional energy processes generate heat, meaning that some organized energy has been transformed into disorganised energy and is therefore lost as “useful” energy capable of doing productive work. Imagine heat as motion in all directions at the same time. It has no particular

direction of action. Energy is present but ineffective. In effect, the accumulation of cosmic entropy is measured by the sum of all the quantities of heat lost in the course of all the activities that have taken place in the universe. Over time, potential energy is converted into entropy. Ordered energy becomes disorganized energy (heat). High-quality energy is turned into heat (low-grade energy). Order has been transformed into disorder, improbability into probability. And this is more or less irreversible. The nature of entropy ensures that the ultimate future of the universe is one where all useful energy has been lost and no productive activity is possible – assuming that no other cosmic processes are going on (in particular in the subjective universe). “How is it possible to understand life when the entire world is ordered by a law such as the second principle of thermodynamics, which points to death and annihilation?” – Leon Brillouin In the domain of sociology and politics, entropy is a metaphor for chaos, disorder or dissipation of energy. An anarchic society would have a high entropy. An extremely well run meritocratic State would have a low entropy. In the corporate world, entropy is energy wasted as red tape and inefficiency. Lots of “heat” is generated in most companies. The bigger they get, the more that heat swamps efficient processes. The Peter Principle where people are promoted to their level of incompetence is a typical entropic process. Order (good performance) is lost to disorder (confusion, bad performance). ALL companies are being steadily overwhelmed by entropy, and they don’t have meritocratic and dialectical mechanisms in place to master the entropic processes. Natural resources are entropic. We’re rapidly using up all useful fuel on the planet. Thinking is all about ordering neural connections in the brain. All of that thinking uses an enormous amount of energy, thus hastening the ‘heat death’ of the universe. Smart people are killing the universe with all that damned intellectualising of theirs! Or are they in fact saving the universe by creating the only escape route from the physically dying universe – to the immortal, indestructible world of pure mind.

“There is a great difference between energy and availability of energy... The availability of energy is always decreasing. This is... what is called the entropy law, which says the entropy is always increasing.” – Richard Feynman “The thermodynamic sense of order decrease that is enshrined in the second law is at first sight in conflict with many of the complicated things that we see going on around us. We see complexity and order increasing with time in many situations: when we tidy up our office,... the evolution of complex life forms from the simpler ones... In many of these cases, we must be careful to pay attention to all the order and disorder that is present in the problem. Thus the process of tidying the office requires physical effort on someone’s part. This causes ordered biochemical energy stored in starches and sugars to be degraded into heat. If one counts this into the entropy budget, then the decrease in entropy or disorder associated with the tidied desk is more than compensated for by the other increases.” – John Barrow “Thermodynamics is a funny subject. The first time you go through the subject, you don’t understand it at all. The second time you go through it, you think you do understand it, except for one or two small points. The third time you go through it, you know you don’t understand it, but by that time you are so used to the subject, it doesn’t bother you any more.” – Arnold Sommerfeld In a universe of increasing entropy, why are human beings biologically so ordered and culturally producing so much order? Science asserts that all of our activities actually result in a net increase in entropy overall (in which case, why aren’t we even more ordered and generating even more net entropy?). Alternatively, and more plausibly, the sun is wastefully throwing out such a gargantuan amount of energy that anything enjoying its bounty can be highly ordered. If you’re standing under a waterfall that will flow for billions of years, you can afford to be absolutely wasteful of water. If you’re in the desert, you definitely can’t. Thanks to the ability of our planet and the things that live on it to harness solar energy, negentropy (syntropy), the quality of information, the information received and meaningfully acted on, counts for much more than the quantity of random information (entropy) being thrown out by the sun. We are the surfers of solar excess. We turn light energy into poetry, mathematics, science and technology.

Suns exist precisely to allow living planets to feast on their energy and create MEANING – useful information. The law of entropy is about a general tendency, albeit extremely powerful and ultimately irresistible, rather than a definite and infallible increase of entropy in all situations. Order can spontaneously break out in entropic systems: there’s no law preventing it, just statistical improbability. The Law of Entropy is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Where the First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, and the Third Law guarantees that a temperature of absolute zero can never be physically achieved, the Second Law states that the total amount of useful energy is, over time, steadily decreasing. This loss of useful energy corresponds to an increasing randomisation of energy, a degradation of the quality of energy, an increase in disorder. If you spill a bowl of sugar (highly ordered), you have generated massive disorder and you may never get all the sugar back in the bowl and, if you try, you will have to expend a great deal of your otherwise useful energy. If you weren’t around, the sugar would, realistically, never get back in the bowl (though the probability of such an event is not in fact zero as you might expect, but so small as to effectively be zero). In the traditional thermodynamics view, entropy is a measure of the amount of energy in a closed system (where no energy is coming in or going out) that is no longer available to effect changes in that system. So, energy becomes unavailable not because it has left the system but because it has become irretrievably statistically disordered. But even within a closed system, order can be locally generated so long as there is a greater increase in disorder elsewhere in the system. Paradoxically, order can be produced only in a physical system whose entropy is increasing. This is because energy has to be expended to generate organisation, and as soon as energy is expended, it becomes unavailable. It’s degraded energy. It has lost its quality, its potential, its usefulness. To emphasize the point, the way to create order is, oddly enough, to create disorder. The two are always connected. The fountain of creativity (order) is always linked to the destruction drain (disorder). All creativity is destructive. What it destroys is the usefulness of the energy expended in the creative process. That energy is no longer available for new creativity. When the Abrahamic God allegedly created the universe out of nothing, where did all the expended energy go? This is a critical consideration. The

EVOLVING UNIVERSE uses increasing entropy as the means of “absorbing” expended energy. Disorder (entropy) is the compulsory partner of order. Where did all of the disorder go when Jehovah created the world? Did he himself become disordered, entropic? Did he become the Devil, the Lord of Chaos? Did he sacrifice his own order, his own creativity, his morality, even his own sanity for the sake of his Creation?

The Friction of War A battle is an exercise that starts in a highly ordered state with the respective armies in battle order as if on the parade ground, and ends in chaos. Battle, and war, create entropy. They are inherently entropygenerating activities. “Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. … In war more than anywhere else things do not turn out as we expect. Nearby they do not appear as they did from a distance. … Every fault and exaggeration of theory is instantly exposed in war.” – Clausewitz Clausewitz highlighted “friction” as the “only concept that more or less corresponds to the factors that distinguish real war from war on paper.” Friction is caused by such things as finding yourself, maybe for the first time, in real danger of losing your life, the actual physicality of war (how fit are the troops, for example), what’s the morale like, the training, the discipline, the quality of leadership, the officers, the terrain, the weather, the supply chain, communications, technology, the unclear information that constitutes the “fog of war”. Clausewitz stressed that, faced with someone intent on killing you, “the light of reason is refracted in a manner quite different from that which is normal in academic speculation.” Battle makes people lose their judgment. In fact, the soldiers least affected by battle are the psychopaths. Heroes are often psychopaths because they react very differently from others when faced with extreme danger: they relish it. It excites them. War inherently involves physical strain and privations. The extreme effects it has on the body are just as relevant to the mind. Clausewitz noted, “If no one had the right to give his views on military operations except when he is frozen, or faint from heat and thirst, or depressed from privation and fatigue, objective and accurate views would be even rarer than they are.” Theoretically, information is clear and comprehensible. In reality, it’s highly ambiguous. It contains errors. Some of it is out of date. Some of it is based on fallible judgment, misperceptions, misinformation, disinformation and so on. Clausewitz wrote, “...[A] general in time of war is constantly bombarded by reports both true and false; by errors arising from fear or negligence or hastiness; by disobedience born of right or wrong

interpretations, of ill will, of a proper or mistaken sense of duty, of laziness, or of exhaustion; and by accidents that nobody could have foreseen. In short, he is exposed to countless impressions, most of them disturbing, few of them encouraging....” Clausewitz advocated pursuing the initial plan with as much vigour as possible, even though the circumstances had changed; “Perseverance in the chosen course is the essential counter-weight, provided that no compelling reasons intervene to the contrary. Moreover, there is hardly a worthwhile enterprise in war whose execution does not call for infinite effort, trouble, and privation; and as man under pressure tends to give in to physical and intellectual weakness, only great strength of will can lead to the objective. It is steadfastness that will earn the admiration of the world and of posterity.” So, “friction” is the disparity between the ideal performance of units, organisation or systems on paper and their actual performance in real life. Friction applies everywhere, especially in fields such as politics and economics. The financial meltdown of 2008 was caused by models that worked superbly on paper and when the economy was doing well, but were catastrophically bad as soon as growth stalled and went into reverse. Having exaggerated the upside, they then enormously multiplied the downside. It’s vital for everything to have inbuilt dialectical elements. The more accustomed everyone is to dialectical resistance, the better, and the more quickly they will be able to organise an optimal response. “Friction” is the entropic element – the chaotic, disordering factor, that puts a spanner in the works. It’s Murphy’s Law. It invalidates the perfect theory. Similarly, the “fog of war” has universal application, especially in sport, business and politics. It has rightly been said that a week is a long time in politics. Any event can change the political atmosphere at any moment. History, like life, is understood backwards but has to be lived forwards (as “now” rather than history). Things make sense retrospectively. At the time events were actually taking place, everything was confusion and chaos. Patterns are not discerned until it’s too late. The 2008 financial crash is now extremely well studied, analysed and understood – so why did virtually no economist see it coming? The information WAS available, but no one in power chose to act on it. People

suffer from selective blindness, doublethink and groupthink. They go with the herd. They spout out the conformist opinion. They do nothing to jeopardize their lucrative careers. People lose their jobs by going against the flow; no one loses their job by agreeing with all the other “experts”. There’s safety in numbers. Siding with the establishment is never bad for your career – opposing it always is.

***** Friction, resistance, everything that generates “heat”, is entropic. Indeed heat itself is degraded, useless energy, or the by-product of useful energy. Heat energy, left to its own devices, seeks to bring about thermal equilibrium. Heat flows from hot bodies to cold bodies until they are all at the same temperature. When they are, those bodies have no useful energy. Equilibrium is the death of possibility. The “End of History” when the dialectic of competing historical forces has reached its end is an equilibrium state: all dialectical oppositions have reached the same “temperature”. In history, “temperature” differentials – (the grievances of individuals and groups) – drive change. Once they have all been brought to equilibrium in a grand dialectical synthesis that has resolved all contradictions, meaningful change has come to an end. Events continue to happen but they are no longer “historical”. Heat never spontaneously flows from a cooler object to a hotter object: it’s a strictly one-way process. This constitutes an arrow of time. Time is about hot bodies cooling down. While heat is flowing – before equilibrium has been established – it can be extremely useful. We on earth enjoy the heat and light produced by the nuclear fusion processes of our sun. We can burn a fuel such as coal to heat water, to create steam to drive turbines and generate electricity, but although that process is highly useful, it’s also steadily degrading energy. We never get as much energy out as we put in, and the difference is accounted for by heat. Energy In (Useful) = Energy Out (Useful) + Useless Heat Energy

***** The universe is full of stars – intensely hot bodies – but all will eventually burn up all their fuel and perish. Space is extremely cold – approaching absolute zero. When all the stars have died, all of their energy will have

been expended as heat and the heat will have been used to fractionally increase the temperature of space. But the story doesn’t end there. Eventually, because of the expanding universe, space will revert to its original temperature – i.e. nothing at all (absolute zero) – and it will be as if the stars had never been, as if nothing physical had ever been.

Thermodynamic Death Cosmic death occurs when all of the energy with which the universe began is evenly distributed across infinite space. The physical universe has flatlined. It no longer has a pulse. It’s dead.

Trapped Energy A monad contains infinite energy and most of that energy will remain inside the monad forever. (It can’t escape because extremely high energy is equivalent to extremely high mass, which acts like a black hole, collapsing back to a singularity (to the monad itself).) So, there’s a sufficient reason why only a certain, finite amount of energy can escape from each individual monad. It’s this finite energy from each and every monad that becomes the collective energy of the physical universe. If we bear in mind that energy is just ontological numbers then we can gain an astonishing insight into why the energy of the universe runs down and creates maximum entropy. In effect, all energy waves (numbers) above zero seek to shed all of their energy until they have become zero too (the ultimate ground state energy). All sinusoidal waves in the physical universe seek to flatline (achieve zero energy). The physical universe, if understood mathematically, is about converting all finite numbers into zero. The subjective flip side to this objective conversion of all numbers to zero, is the provision of an enormous amount of information to the monads (minds/souls). This conversion of numbers (energy) from high to as low as possible (zero energy) is what is powering the cosmic self-solving equation, the equation that’s finding the optimal solution to existence. It’s also creating infinite Gods and heaven itself. The physical universe is nothing less than the battery that provides the energy for the subjective universe to solve itself and make itself divine. Any energy that escapes from a monad (zero) inescapably returns to zero. That is the law of the universe. Anything that begins in zero must end

in zero. Zero – “nothing” – is the number that controls existence. Everything is nothing. Everything is born in nothing and dies in nothing. Nothing is all there is. Existence is just the eternal rearrangement of nothing until the optimal arrangement of nothing is reached. That is the God Point, the Absolute. Entropy, viewed mathematically, is nothing but the process of useful higher numbers being extinguished; being degraded to zero where they can no longer accomplish anything since they have used all their energy. The maximum entropic state is that of an infinity of identical, indistinguishable zeros. Ironically, that is precisely the state that, through an antisymmetric operation, can then become the ultimate ordered state (minimum entropy). Just as zero and infinity are flip sides of the same coin, so are maximum and minimum entropy.

***** “If people asked me what happened before the Big Bang, my normal answer would be to say, well, you know, the word ‘before’, you see, what does that mean? Well, that’s a sort of temporal concept, and if the Big Bang was a singularity in spacetime that means the very notion of time loses its meaning at this event, this so-called Big Bang. If the notion of time loses its meaning, the very notion of ‘before’ loses its meaning. Therefore, we pretend to say it’s a meaningless question to ask for before. There wasn’t a ‘before’. That’s the wrong kind of notion. And I would have perhaps gone along with this point of view until I’ve had some different ideas more recently. … The present picture of the universe is that it starts with a Big Bang and it ends with an indefinitely expanding, exponentially expanding, universe where, in the remote future, it cools off and there’s nothing much left except photons. Now what I’m saying is that in this remote future the photons have no way of keeping time: they don’t have any mass. You need mass to make a clock and you have to have a clock to measure the scale of the universe, so the universe loses track of how big it is. And this very expanded universe becomes equivalent to a Big Bang of another one. So I’m saying that this, what we think about our present universe, is but one eon of a succession of eons, where this remotely expanding universe of each becomes the Big Bang of the next. So small and big become completely equivalent.” – Professor Roger Penrose

***** “Our universe’s expansion means that all of its mass will eventually be converted into energy. When that happens, conventional ideas of time and size disappear. Because of this, an infinitely large universe could be the infinitely small starting point for the next one, a cyclic system with a before and after.” BBC Horizon Documentary, What Happened Before the Big Bang? Maximum entropy (maximum universe) is, paradoxically, the state adjacent to minimum entropy (minimum universe). As ever, it’s a paradox that can be explained only via mathematics.

Don’t Overestimate Them “All of my misfortunes come from having thought too well of my fellows.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A Mathematical Amusement There are no jokers quite like mathematicians. Consider this classic: 2 + 2 ≠ 5, except for large values of two.

The Turtle World The World Turtle; the Cosmic Turtle; the World-bearing Turtle; the Divine Turtle… this is the Mythos of a giant turtle that is said to support the world. “A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the centre of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: ‘What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.’ The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, ‘What is the tortoise standing on?’ ‘You’re very clever, young man, very clever,’ said the old lady. ‘But it’s turtles all the way down!’” – Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time Ironically, the “turtles all the way down” concept is nowhere more applicable than in Einstein’s theory of relativity, so revered by scientists such as Hawking. The universe doesn’t rest on anything in relativity theory. Everything is relative to everything else. What size is anything? Who knows? It could be anything. Size no longer has an absolute meaning. All absolute standards are abolished by relativity. Everything can consider itself stationary, hence that everything else is moving. So what is moving and what is stationary? The question is rendered meaningless by relativity theory. In fact, everything becomes meaningless. The relativistic universe is anchorless and rudderless. It might as well be resting on mythical turtles since it certainly isn’t resting on anything substantive. The relativistic universe is as bizarre as the block universe (with which it is intimately linked) where time is frozen forever. The only fixed point in relativity theory is the speed of light, but of course neither Einstein (nor anyone else in science) explained why the speed of light should be invariant. It was simply taken as an experimentally verified fact, one on which any viable physical theory must now be based. Relativity theory is a classic example of an ingenious but fallacious theory driven by an unexplained experimental observation. The real test facing Einstein was to explain WHY light speed was invariant, but that wasn’t the question he addressed. Instead, his thinking pursued this line:

given that the speed of light is invariant, what does this mean for space and time? Einstein’s great achievement was to fuse space and time into spacetime. He thereby replaced Newtonian absolute space and time with relativistic spacetime, but another option was open to him – the right answer – absolute spacetime. Absolute spacetime kills the turtles and provides a true anchor for the universe. Einstein missed it because he became completely confused by “ether”. Contrary to what most people believe, he didn’t disprove the existence of ether. All he did was show that there was no physical medium called ether that could affect the measurement of the speed of light. Thanks to his inbuilt scientific empiricist materialist bias, he simply abolished the ether, regarding is as superfluous hypothesis in terms of the special theory of relativity (though his attitude was somewhat different when it came to the ether in the context of the general theory of relativity!). He never considered the alternative that would save absolutism – that the ether is not physical at all. It is mental; it’s perfectly mathematical and is made of a perfect array of mathematical points, forming a perfect absolute Cartesian space. It was MATERIALISM that blinded Einstein and prevented him from independently rediscovering Leibniz’s work.

Background In Newtonian physics, space and time were taken to be absolute, hence were part of a fixed background – a permanent stage on which everything played out. Any theory that relies on a background is called background dependent. Any theory that does not rely on any such background is called background independent. Physicist Lee Smolin defines a background independent theory as, “A theory that does not make use of a division of the universe into a part that is modelled and the rest, which is taken to be part of the background. General relativity is said to be background independent because the geometry of space and time is not fixed, but evolves in time just as any other field, such as the electromagnetic field.” Smolin’s book Three Roads to Quantum Gravity is a superb piece of work, brilliantly presenting some of the most profound contemporary thinking in physics. However, Smolin almost infallibly chooses the wrong approach

when it comes to all the crux questions. The reason for this is that he’s fully committed to the relational, relativistic ideology of Einstein rather than the absolutism of the background dependent approach. Smolin wrote, “Points of space have no existence in themselves – the only meaning a point can have is as a name we give to a particular feature in the network of relationships between the three sets of field lines. “This is one of the important differences between general relativity and other theories such as electromagnetism. In the theory of electric fields it is assumed that points have meaning. It makes sense to ask in which direction the field lines pass at a given point. Consequently, two sets of electric fields lines that differ only in that one is moved a metre to the left are taken to describe different physical situations. Physicists using general relativity must work in the opposite way. They cannot speak of a point, except by naming some features of the field lines that will uniquely distinguish that point. All talk in general relativity is about relationships among the field lines. “One might ask why we do not just fix the network of field lines, and define everything with respect to them. The reason is that the network of relationships evolves in time. … “Neither space nor time has any existence outside the system of evolving relationships that comprises the universe. Physicists refer to this feature of general relativity as background independence. “By this we mean that there is no fixed background, or stage, that remains fixed for all time. In contrast, a theory such as Newtonian mechanics or electromagnetism is background dependent because it assumes that there is a fixed, unchanging background that provides the ultimate answer to all questions about where and when. “One reason why it has taken so long to construct a quantum theory of gravity is that all previous quantum theories were background dependent. … The theory that resulted is loop quantum gravity.”

***** What about the “block universe” view of relativity theory? As Hermann Weyl said of this view, “The objective world simply is, it does not happen. Only our consciousness … is as a process going forward in time.” How does Smolin reconcile that physically static view of relativity theory with

his own radically dynamic view? Einstein himself was an advocate of the block universe. Relativity appears to allow radically different interpretations, to the degree of being actually opposite. Smolin wrote, “[General relativity] was widely misunderstood, even by many physicists who specialized in its study. Unfortunately, general relativity was commonly regarded as a machine that produces spacetime geometries, which are then to be treated as Newton treated his absolute space and time: as fixed and absolute within which things move. The question to be answered was which of these absolute spacetimes describes the universe. The only difference between this and Newton’s absolute space and time is that there is no choice in Newton’s theory, while general relativity offers a selection of possible spacetimes. This is how the theory is presented in some textbooks, and there are even some philosophers, who should know better, who seem to interpret it this way. Julian Barbour’s important contribution was to show convincingly that this was not at all the right way to understand the theory. Instead, the theory has to be understood as describing a dynamically evolving network of relationships.” Smolin sneers at philosophers who don’t share his opinion, yet endorses the opinions of Julian Barbour, a man who has written a book (The End of Time) claiming that time doesn’t exist or is some elaborate illusion (we’re right back to Parmenides, once again). It’s rather paradoxical that Barbour refers to “a dynamically evolving network of relationships” when the whole concept of dynamism is undermined by any claim that time doesn’t exist. We’re back in the domain of the block universe where only consciousness – mysteriously and inexplicably – seems to move. (Such a view is permissible in relation to idealism, but certainly materialism.) Smolin also glosses over the REAL difference between Newtonian and Einsteinian physics; namely, that Newton treats space and time as absolutely separate while Einstein treats them as absolutely fused. The indissoluble link between space and time is the true Einsteinian revolution, not the background independence of relativity theory. This latter feature of relativity theory is in fact wholly false: there is no such background independence. Any theory that is not background dependent is ipso facto false. We call any background independent theory a “turtle theory” because it is no more meaningfully supported than a universe sitting atop an infinity of turtles.

In what context is Smolin’s “dynamically evolving network of relationships” taking place? Well, there isn’t one. There’s no anchor for this system, no scaffolding, no arena, no stage. This is “magic” thinking. A universe is summoned out of nothingness and then evolves in no coherent way, with regard to no fixed positions. Spacetime literally “makes it up as it goes along”. It creates itself, defines itself, propels itself – but according to the contingent, provisional principles of physics rather than the necessary, analytic truths of mathematics. A mathematical system has an engine of immutable, eternal mathematical laws to drive it; a physics system has no such engine. A mathematical system ALWAYS has a) an origin and b) a Cartesian coordinate system providing an absolute framework. A system operating according to Smolin’s relativistic, relational view is a kind of magic flying carpet: it flies itself and creates spacetime as it goes along. But where is it going, how and why?

***** “I was completely convinced that no theory could succeed if it was based on things moving in a fixed background spacetime. And how ever successful string theory was at solving certain problems, it was still very much a theory of this kind. It differed from a conventional theory inasmuch as the objects moving in the backgrounds were strings rather than particles or fields.” – Lee Smolin In fact, no theory can succeed if it is NOT based on things moving in a fixed background spacetime. It is mathematically incoherent if it not set against a well-defined Cartesian background. That’s not to say that there can’t be “a dynamically evolving network of relationships”, but they will have be defined with respect to the fixed, static background. Imagine water, ice and water vapour all contained within a vast cubic container, with the relative amounts of ice, water and vapour always dynamically changing. The background (the container) is fixed, but its contents are continually dynamically evolving. Now imagine removing the container. What happens? – total system collapse. The system instantly loses all mathematical coherence. It’s impossible to define any part of the system.

The Fundamentals

“Points of space have no existence in themselves.” – Lee Smolin The most important question of all – the ultimate existential issue – is the ontological status and meaning of the humble mathematical point. Physicists like Smolin have simply never understood the mathematical point. The point is none other than the arche – the fundamental substance of existence. It’s the origin of all. Nothing can happen without it. The point is the quintessence of mathematics, its building block. There can be no mathematics without the point. To say that mathematics is ontologically real is to confer ontological status on the point – the Leibnizian monad. Once the point exists, a perfect Cartesian arena is made possible – a perfect, fixed background. Physics is all about mathematics and yet physicists spurn any true acceptance of mathematics. The denial of the existence of the point is, when seen for what it is, an outright attack on mathematics, and an attempt to replace mathematics by some half-baked scientific provisionalism devoid of the necessary, analytic truths of mathematics. The mathematical point is, quite simply, the key to everything. Our world is composed of points and nothing besides. Monads – and their contents – are all there is. The point, the monad, the zero, the nothing, is the answer to every question. It’s the lowest energy state, the entity that requires nothing because it is nothing. An infinite number of them are possible because an infinity amount of nothing is still nothing. That is the universe’s great secret. The universe is never anything other than nothing and any system that is not purely concerned with nothing is ipso facto false. That the universe remains nothing forever is the ultimate conservation principle. The first law of thermodynamics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed is really just a statement that the energy of the universe is always conserved at zero.

***** The big questions are all the same ones asked by the ancient Greeks. The arche MUST be defined. Is the universe finite or infinite? Does it have a beginning and an end? Is it cyclical? Can something come from nothing? What is time? What is space?

The only new ideas that have emerged are Einstein’s fundamental link between space and time, relativity versus absolutism, and the issue of background independence versus background dependence. Illuminism gives a clear-cut mathematical answer to all of these issues. Physics does not. Physics hasn’t even understood the question.

The Universal Constants There are three universal constants, applying to all interactions and particles. They are Planck’s constant h (which is the key to quantum mechanics), the Gravitational constant G (the key to gravity) and the speed of light in a vacuum c (the key to spacetime). Using these three constants, natural, universal units can be defined. Max Planck wrote, “We have the means of establishing units of length, mass, time … which are independent of special bodies or substances, which necessarily retain their significance for all times and for all environments, terrestrial and human or otherwise, and which may, therefore, be described as ‘natural units’.” The resultant units are the Planck length (about 10-35 metres), the Planck time (about 10-44 seconds) and the Planck mass (about 10-8 kilograms). While the length and time are exceptionally small, the mass (also a measure of energy thanks to mass-energy equivalence) is extremely large as far as particles are concerned. The Planck length and time are the smallest possible length and time in a physical quantum universe having a universal gravitational force. An object having the Planck mass confined within a region with a radius of the Planck length is consistent with a black hole! Since we can’t divide a black hole into smaller parts and no information can come from a black hole, we can’t define “physical” space to greater precision than the Planck length. Since distance is speed multiplied by time, and nothing can go faster than light, a corresponding minimum time can be defined, which is of course the Planck time. It seems impossible to define any smaller distance and time, leading to the idea that space and time are discrete (quantised) rather than continuous. How does this impact on Leibnizian monads full of infinite amounts of energy? Well, they too must be black holes! Yet there is an enormous difference between black holes formed IN space and time, and black holes that are outside space and time (monads are dimensionless from the outset).

Nothing can escape from black holes that are locked into space and time; but that does NOT apply to black holes that were never in space and time to begin with, and which in fact gave birth to space and time. The laws of black holes, as physics understands them, relate to the pre-existing context of space and time. The laws of black holes prior to the formation of space and time and radically different. In fact, they are the opposite! Prespacetime black holes are nothing other than white holes that spew out energy. The infinite Leibnizian monads throw out energy, which then creates “physical” space, time and mass-energy, as well as the three universal constants h, c and G and the associated Planck units. As soon as the physical universe is created, the Leibnizian monads are “sealed” and become a universal background of black holes! Because they form a UNIFORM black hole field, their black hole effects cancel out and they simply become a neutral mathematical background underpinning the whole of physical existence. (In fact, they are not perfectly sealed, and they can emit virtual particles – particle/antiparticle and time/anti-time pairs – that pop out of “nothing” and then promptly annihilate one another before the universe has the chance to know they’re there. The “quantum vacuum” therefore seethes with activity.) Is it not wondrous? Thus, we see the astounding mechanism by which the mental domain of monads gives rise to the physical universe, while always underpinning it. The physical universe sits directly “inside” a mental universe of monads arranged as a perfect mathematical Cartesian arena. Nothing could be more beautiful, simple and elegant. It’s this mechanism that scientific materialism has completely misunderstood and ignored. It’s beyond any possibility of scientific experiment since the monadic framework is not IN space and time, but rather the precursor of space and time. Since scientific materialism only accepts the existence of what is in space and time, then, within the parameters of its own paradigm, it has no means of understanding anything outside space and time. Therefore, the paradigm itself prevents any further progress. It’s hoist with its own petard. Scientific materialism is a self-limiting theory whose own ideology and dogmatism prevent it from rationally considering anything external to its rigid materialist paradigm. Scientific materialism can never be the answer to existence. Something beyond scientific materialism is required – ILLUMINISM.

The Mysterious Electron “With the validation of the Standard Model in the 1970s, we learned that electrons and neutrinos were really different projections of the same basic particle that could turn into each other by emission or absorption of a W boson, and that there were analogous processes for antielectrons and antineutrinos, so in a sense we think of one object that can exist with spin up or down and as electron or antielectron, neutrino or antineutrino. With supersymmetry, we go one step further. Each of these states of the ‘electron’ is predicted to have a partner that differs only in its spin being zero rather than one-half.” – Gordon Kane Particles are in fact just mathematical operations concerning sine and cosine waves in different orientations, phases, amplitudes, frequencies and wavelengths in a mathematical Cartesian space.

Do Atoms Have Minds? Materialists have a strange, simplistic and false notion of what constitutes a mind. They try to dissolve it from existence. So, for example, they reduce the mind to the brain and the brain to brain cells and then they say, “Aha, brain cells don’t have minds.” So, what is the vital factor that materialists have never understood? It’s that the mind is a function of FOURIER TRANSFORMS. Fourier transforms are inherently defined according to two separate domains; one in time and space and one outside time and space in a pure frequency domain. Fourier transforms are the mathematical basis of quantum mechanics, which is the basis of our understanding of atoms, hence matter. So, the key to the atomic world is a mathematical concept that has, as part of its essential definition, reference to a non-physical domain outside space and time. That’s the domain of mind. Therefore, every particle, every atom, every sub-atomic particle has a “mind”. (Or, more accurately, is directly linked to the monadic minds.) No matter how much materialists reduce brains to brain cells, they are not getting rid of the mind. These people need a basic course in mathematics, and they need to grasp the concept of the TRANSFORM, linking separate domains. Mind isn’t in the physical domain. It never has been and never will be. What a staggering lack of imagination, mathematical nous and scientific understanding it is that makes materialists so obsessed with the erroneous idea that the only way to conceive the world is through spacetime. They haven’t even been able to satisfactorily define space, time or indeed spacetime, yet they feel qualified to dismiss the possibility of an independent dimension of mind. And these people have the impudence to imagine themselves rational! They’re dogmatic bigots, wedded to the cult of materialism.

Plasma Plasma is the fourth state of matter, the other three being solid, liquid, and gas. A plasma is a super-hot state of matter in which electrons have been stripped from atoms, creating a kind of matrix of positively charged ions, amidst a sea of electrons.

The Northern lights and St. Elmo’s fire are naturally occurring forms of plasma. You can find “plasma balls” in shops. These are glass spheres containing mini electrical storms. If you touch the glass, bolts of plasma electricity are attracted to the point of contact, reacting to ions surrounding your hand.

Extension versus Non-Extension Descartes revolutionised the world of thought when he said that matter was based on “extension” and mind on “non-extension”. Traditionally, we have presented this distinction in terms of zero (non-extension) versus non-zero (extension). However, the situation is more subtle than that. It turns out that there is another fundamental distinction that goes hand in hand with extension and non-extension. Bizarre though it might sound, the mathematical operation of INVERSION might be the most important ontological operation of all. When you measure the distance between two points, you are measuring EXTENSION. But something incredible happens when you invert an extended quantity. This apparently simple and innocuous procedure has staggering ontological significance because what it does is transform extension into NON-EXTENSION. If you think about it, extension is always about at least two different numbers. Extension is simply the distance between them and must be nonzero. However, when we invert this distance, we get a SINGLE NUMBER. So, distance = extension = (Number 2 – Number 1) = Number 3. Number 3 is a single number that is dependent on Numbers 1 and 2. When we invert Number 3, we create a new number (Number 4) that has no connection with Numbers 1 and 2: Number 4 = 1/Number 3 It’s as though Number 3 has a “memory” of the two numbers from which it was constructed, but when it is inverted, this memory is lost. The inversion process depends only on the single number (Number 3), not the other two numbers from which Number 3 was originally constructed. Now we arrive at a critical distinction. It’s that between vectors and scalars. Vectors are quantities that have both direction and magnitude (e.g. velocity) and scalars have only magnitude (e.g. speed). A vector is reliant on at least two points (numbers), while a scalar is just a single point (number).

Vectors are about extension and the material world; scalars are single numbers that are NON-EXTENDED (because they don’t involve a relationship with any other numbers), hence are MENTAL!!! This brings us to the most important distinction of all. Everything to do with time, space (including wavelength of a wave) and mass (the three ingredients of the material world) is a vector, and everything to do with frequency (inverse of time period), wavenumber (inverse of wavelength) and non-mass is a scalar. Ontologically, vectors are material and scalars are immaterial (mental). Their interaction constitutes the complete world of mind-matter. In The God Equation, we referred to separate domains of space (based on real numbers) and time (based on imaginary numbers), which fuse together to create spacetime (based on complex numbers). We also referred to separate domains of frequency and wavenumber. In light of the previous discussion, time and space are vector (material) domains and frequency and wavenumber are scalar (mental) domains. In The God Equation, we analysed Fourier Transforms in great detail. They are well described in the following quotations: “The Fourier transform is the mathematical procedure that breaks up a function into the frequencies that compose it, as a prism breaks up light into colours… A function and its Fourier transform are two faces of the same information. The function displays the time information and hides the information about frequencies. The function corresponding to a musical recording shows how the air pressure (produced by sound waves) changes with time, but it doesn’t tell us what frequencies – what notes – make up the music. The Fourier transform displays information about frequencies and hides the time information: the Fourier transform of music tells us what notes are played, but it is extremely difficult to figure out when they are played. Nevertheless, the function and its transform both contain all of the information of the signal. We can compute the transform from the function and then retrace our steps, reconstructing the function from the transform. (This process is known as inverting the transform.)… In a Fourier transform, the information on time (or on space) is hidden in the phases: the displacement of the sines and cosines for each frequency, affecting how they add or subtract.” – Barbara Burke Hubbard, The World According To Wavelets

“The motivation for the Fourier transform comes from the study of Fourier series. In the study of Fourier series, complicated but periodic functions are written as the sum of simple waves mathematically represented by sines and cosines. The Fourier transform is an extension of the Fourier series that results when the period of the represented function is lengthened and allowed to approach infinity. Due to the properties of sine and cosine, it is possible to recover the amplitude of each wave in a Fourier series using an integral. In many cases it is desirable to use Euler’s formula, which states that e2πiθ= cos(2πθ) + i sin(2πθ), to write Fourier series in terms of the basic waves e2πiθ. This has the advantage of simplifying many of the formulas involved. Re-writing sines and cosines as complex exponentials makes it necessary for the Fourier coefficients to be complex valued. The usual interpretation of this complex number is that it gives both the amplitude (or size) of the wave present in the function and the phase (or the initial angle) of the wave.” – Wikipedia The key point here is that functions or vectors in spacetime can be broken down into elementary scalar basis functions outside spacetime. In a previous book in the God Series, we showed that “1” is actually composed of “alpha-infinity” zeros. If we think of “1” as a vector from the origin to “1”, we see that, fundamentally, this vector is simply composed of a sequential collection of dimensionless (zero) scalars. By the same token, a Fourier function in spacetime is composed of a sequential collection of dimensionless non-zero scalars (frequencies or wavenumbers). If we want to change the amount of a certain frequency and phase in a signal, we just multiply by a constant (another scalar). Therefore, it’s not just “zero” that is unextended, ALL NUMBERS – when treated as scalars – are dimensionless and unextended. Every number has a dual aspect. “1” as a scalar is an eternal, dimensionless, Platonic basis number. “1” as a vector is dimensional and extended. Fourier transforms in this view are all about describing spacetime functions and vectors in terms of ordered, weighted sequences of pure scalars that are not in space and time. To put it another way, all apparently material things are absolutely grounded in immaterial, dimensionless, mental things! In fact, the only true numbers are the scalars, which aren’t in space and time. Extended “vector” numbers aren’t true, pure numbers. They’re

composites. A vector number can be broken down. “1” as a scalar number is eternally “1” and can’t be anything else. “1” as a vector number is completely mutable. We can half it and turn it into 0.5, or double it and make it 2. It is thus no longer “1”, but something else. Ultimately, we could keep getting rid of the composite parts of any vector number until we arrived at the indivisible monad itself. Scalar numbers, in common with monads, are indivisible. Vector numbers are composites that can be reduced to monads. There are two monadic domains: 1) the intra-monadic domain and 2) the inter-monadic domain. Each monad is equipped with an eternal set of scalar numbers (basis frequencies). An isolated monad is windowless (to use Leibniz’s term): nothing goes in and nothing comes out. Yet something astounding happens when monads are collectively organised into a perfect mathematical 6D Cartesian grid based on three real number axes and three imaginary number axes. Now, inter-monadic interaction is possible and all monads become “windowed”, i.e. information can enter and leave. Inter-monadic activity is always based on space and time (dimensionality) since all monads in the Cartesian grid are separate from each other. But this inter-monadic activity goes hand in hand with dimensionless, intra-monadic activation of monadic basis functions. This interplay of the dimensional and dimensionless domains is the essence of the Fourier transform, which is the basis of quantum mechanics, which is the basis of the material world – but this is a material world continually interacting with the living world of dimensionless mind. When the basis functions of monads are exposed to a Cartesian grid environment, they inevitably produce spacetime Fourier functions – the familiar functions of the material world. Yet, over time, something astounding takes place. Any cosmologist will tell you that the high-energy light produced in the aftermath of the Big Bang has ended up as the so-called “background microwave radiation” that permeates our universe. The explanation is that the expansion of space has literally stretched the wavelength of light and thus lowered its frequency and made it less energetic. If the stretching continues then the microwave radiation will eventually become NOTHING AT ALL!! That is, the wavelength of light will eventually flatline, i.e. become infinitely long and be associated with zero energy. In other words, all of the energy will have

been completely used up. The expansion of the universe will in fact eventually cause the energy of the whole universe to flatline. The universe will be DEAD! This won’t be mere “heat death”. This will be absolute physical death. The physical world will simply cease to exist. Bizarrely, scientists have failed to grasp that the fate of the universe isn’t dictated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics and entropy, but by the expansion of the universe which will even destroy entropy. It will also refute the Third Law of Thermodynamics by reducing the cosmic temperature to absolute zero (since there won’t be any physical existence at all). So, where has all the energy gone? Surely the First Law of Thermodynamics can’t have been refuted too. Well, all of the energy has in fact returned to exactly where it came from in the first place – the monads. All of the “physical” energy of the material world has returned to the dimensionless energy of the mental world. Of course, once the physical universe has flatlined (died), expended ALL of its energy, reached a temperature of absolute zero and entropy has been maximised (because there is no physical order at all given that there is no longer any physical universe) then this officially spells the end of a Cosmic Age. Yet, in this reincarnational universe of ours, this dead universe is now in exactly the right condition to be reborn. As soon as it has died, it is reincarnated from its own ashes – the Cosmic Phoenix. As soon as absolute darkness descends on every part of the physical universe, the very next cosmic sentence is, “Let there be Light!”

***** The death of the objective physical universe is certainly not the whole story. In fact, the real story of existence is about the subjective mental universe. While physical entropy has been relentlessly growing, so has mental negentropy (information). At exactly the same time as the physical universe is no more, the mental universe reaches its Omega Point, its supreme culmination, its Absolute Hegelian state. It has become nothing less than heaven itself, populated by infinite Gods. At that instant of existential perfection – the climax of all climaxes, the sublimest of all orgasms – the divine universe knows it has no option but to commit divine suicide … AND BE REBORN.

So, objectively and subjectively, the universe comes to an end and then undergoes rebirth. And existence goes on oscillating like this forever. Existence is about endless cyclical Ages, all culminating with perfection (complete actualisation) and then starting again (restoring complete potential; zero actualisation). This is the only rational way existence can be, and it could not be any more perfect. Existence is literally a perfection generator, and it achieves the task an infinite number of times. Imagine the Abrahamic alternative: you spend the rest of eternity staring at God. You’d die of boredom. This “heaven” would literally become hell. Thankfully, the holographic perpetual perfection generator spares us from this horror. Ontological mathematics is the true Saviour and Messiah, saving us from the Abrahamic God.

The Hermetically Sealed Universe There’s intra and inter-monadic activity. Energy flows within and between monads. Yet it must be emphasized that this is a mathematical flow, not physical. All of the monads belong to the Singularity – a single dimensionless point composed of infinite dimensionless points. Nothing leaves the Singularity and nothing enters it. It’s all there is – the existential plenum. When it comes to Hotel Universe, you can never check out and you can never leave. You’re stuck for eternity. The Singularity is actually the ultimate black hole – except we are all inside it rather than outside. When we think of black holes, we think of something with no internal structure. Yet this is the opposite of the truth. All black holes are structured – mentally. The Singularity is the mother of all black holes, and they are all part of it. The Singularity is infinitely structured. It’s a mental hive made of infinite cells (monads). And one equation, one formula, one law structures the whole thing. That’s Euler’s Formula – the God Equation. The whole of mathematics can be derived from Euler’s Law. Euler’s Formula is the ultimate Platonic Form – the Form of the Good. It is God’s infallible, immutable, perfect, eternal Law.

***** There are countless life forms on this planet, and only a tiny fraction are conscious (seven billion human beings is, as the saying goes, “a drop in the ocean”). There are countless monads, and very few are associated with life forms in the physical world. You are at the elite end of the monadic spectrum. Above you are only “angels and Gods”. One of the most interesting human phenomena is that of multiple personality syndrome. One way of explaining this condition is by positing a situation in which multiple monads have bound themselves to a single body, and processing successively switches between them. Each different soul is passive at some times and active at others. Schizophrenia might be explained not as a kind of subjective dream leaking into reality but as real monadic voices entering someone’s consciousness because that person has lower barriers to the extra-conscious

domain. “Madness” might be much higher receptivity to real phenomena beyond normal levels of consciousness. A human being is mostly made of reprocessed food. It’s not this reconstituted food that’s alive – it’s the monadic soul that’s the living force. They are bound together by Fourier mathematics that links the living mental domain to the “dead” physical domain. When the Fourier link breaks down because of progressive damage, decay and degeneration of the physical body, death occurs. The body reverts to being the dead food it always was in the absence of an animating monadic force. A human life is based on DNA – a biological information system, and ultimately a mathematical information system controlled by Euler’s Formula. A soul is a mathematical information system. The soul and DNA are just opposite sides of a Fourier transform. DNA has evolved to be the biophysical representation of soul information. It’s designed to “bind” bodies to souls, and multiple bindings may be possible in some conditions. Normally, a single soul binds to a single human DNA sequence at conception. However, just as there is intense competition between sperms to fertilise an egg, so there is intense competition between souls to bind to the same fertilised egg. Once a soul has bound itself to a body, that’s usually the end of the matter. However, if the soul that has done the binding is weak, or inexperienced, or hasn’t managed the task properly, strange phenomena such as multiple personality syndrome can occur. Equally, if someone is highly traumatised by something like child abuse, the soul can effectively retreat from the body and other souls might attempt to take over. Moreover, an extremely powerful soul can do more or less whatever it likes and take possession of an “occupied” body whenever it likes. It makes the existing soul passive and it becomes the active soul agent. When Jesus Christ reincarnated, that’s exactly what he did. Of course, these are exceptionally rare occurrences and in the ordinary course of events it’s one soul linked to one body for a lifetime. It’s worth mentioning that hypnosis is a kind of soul displacement. A person’s consciousness becomes passive and the dominant hypnotist takes effective control of the person. Now imagine the hypnotist actually transferring his consciousness into the hypnotic subject. Never forget that the whole of existence is one Singularity – a dimensionless point of infinite complexity. We are all interconnected and in

some sense sitting right on top of each other. When minds become sufficiently powerful, they break right through the illusion of physicality and become the masters of true mental reality. Fourier mathematics can allow them to take control of any body they like. Phosters and archons operate at this level. Gods tend to be preoccupied with entirely different concerns.

***** What is a monad? It’s an infinite collection of basis functions of precisely the kind used in Fourier transforms. A monad learns to think and become an individuated, unique being by taking control of physical bodies. However, once it has achieved gnosis, it no longer needs to attach to a physical body. It has attained God consciousness and is free of the material plane. It can now operate solely on the frequency side of the Fourier transform and generate an infinite number of thought functions. It can think anything. Its mind has become infinitely powerful and can roam free across the entire mental plenum of the Singularity. That’s what it means to be God.

***** What is reality? A hologram, an infinite interference pattern with infinite nodes, an infinite set of frequencies, an infinite VIBRATION. We are all part of an infinite information ocean that’s ceaselessly vibrating, seeking to find its perfect, divine, resonant frequency at which the whole Singularity can hear the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres, the ineffable, transcendent Music of the Gods. What could be better than the existential search for the perfect musical note of supreme transcendence?

How, not Why? “The why may not be as important as the how. For me, the laws of nature, the laws of physics, the reason the universe is the way it is, are just there. In religion, you’re looking for a reason behind it. For me, the universe just happens by accident. It doesn’t have meaning or purpose or a need for a Grand Designer.” – Professor Jim Al-Khalili Well, that’s the standard position of atheistic science. “Life, the universe and everything” is meaningless, purposeless and a mere accident or random

occurrence. It has no sufficient reason for being, no inner necessity, no ironclad logical foundations. It’s a rudderless cosmic ship floating across eternity with no anchor. There’s no explanation for it. It just IS. People such as Al-Khalili don’t seem remotely interested in answering Leibniz’s question of why there is something rather than nothing. That’s why he was humanity’s greatest genius and they’re not.

Now We’ve Heard It All Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks argued that Jehovah ordered Abraham to murder Isaac in order to show Abraham that Isaac wasn’t his to dispose of as he saw fit. The rabbi’s twisted “logic” appears to be that by preventing Abraham from killing Isaac, God proved to Abraham that Isaac wasn’t his personal “property”. (No, he was Jehovah’s property since Jehovah decides who to kill and who to spare!) Apparently, the whole story was about teaching the Jews NOT to commit human sacrifice. Well, if you were Jehovah, how would YOU go about preventing human sacrifice? Would you say to all your followers, “Don’t perform human sacrifice.” Or would you order a father to truss up his son, stand over him with a long blade and get ready to plunge it into him? Doh! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these “expert” rabbis know anything at all about their own religion. There’s nothing in the Torah to support the rabbi’s interpretation, which is the precise OPPOSITE of what the text says. Are these people making it up as they go along? Are they reading a different text? And what of Jephtha who sacrificed his daughter to Jehovah? Did Jehovah stop him? No. Did Jehovah punish him? No. Why is the story in the Torah at all? Precisely to show that every vow to Jehovah must be carried out to the letter. Jephtha, you see, had asked Jehovah to grant him victory in battle and in exchange he had promised to sacrifice to Jehovah the first thing to emerge from his home when he got home. That turned out to be his virgin daughter. So, she was savagely put to death and burned as a holocaust. Jehovah, with his perfect foreknowledge, knew everything that was going to happen and allowed it all to happen. Therefore Jehovah INTENDED that a human sacrifice should be made of Jephtha’s daughter. Reading the Torah, it’s plain that human sacrifice to Jehovah was extremely common and that Jerusalem was the centre of the cult. Jehovah clearly originated as the Canaanite God Moloch to whom children were

sacrificed at Tophet (“roasting place”) in the Valley of Hinnom, where the Canaanites and then the Jews sacrificed children to the god Moloch by burning them alive. This place was also known as Gehenna – the Jewish HELL. Do you see how rabbis try to pervert logic and turn the story on its head to make it defensible? Let’s just remind everyone of the Old Testament text of the incident: Abraham Tested (Genesis 22) Some time later, God tested Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!” “Here I am,” he replied. Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac— and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.” Early the next morning Abraham got up and loaded his donkey. He took with him two of his servants and his son Isaac. When he had cut enough wood for the burnt offering, he set out for the place God had told him about. On the third day, Abraham looked up and saw the place in the distance. He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.” Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on his son Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. As the two of them went on together, Isaac spoke up and said to his father Abraham, “Father?” “Yes, my son?” Abraham replied. “The fire and wood are here,” Isaac said, “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together. When they reached the place God had told him about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood. Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. But the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!”

“Here I am,” he replied. “Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.” Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son.

***** Note that there is not one word about Jehovah ordering Abraham not to perform human sacrifice. The sacrifice is stopped because Abraham has already passed the test – of being absolutely willing to perform human sacrifice at Jehovah’s command. The most important part of the story is: “Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.” As you can see, the whole point of the story is to make you so afraid of God that you will kill your own son for him. It’s DISGUSTING that rabbis, priests and imams try to place any counter interpretation on this story. It could not be any clearer. There’s no ambiguity at all, no possibility of reaching an alternative conclusion. This is how religion works. It self-servingly twists and contorts the text to promote the absolute opposite of the message actually being communicated. The message is the Satanic one that all fathers must be prepared to kill their own children for God. Everyone knows this is irredeemably evil but, rather than abandon the evil, demonic religion, the Devil worshippers try to find an acceptable alternative spin to put on it. The Chief Rabbi then lied again. He said that the first thing Jewish parents did with their babies was to teach them to question. In fact, the first thing they do is to attack and mutilate eight-day old baby boys via circumcision then brainwash them with Jewish culture and religion and demand that they never question, denounce or reject Jehovah. You couldn’t imagine any less questioning person than a committed Jew, Muslim or Christian. The Chief Rabbi himself is 100% incapable of questioning

Jehovah. He’ll be happy to question everything else other than his own Jewishness.

The Abrahamic Test From a cartoon strip: God: “Abe, hold up there dude.” [Abraham is about to plunge a blade into his son, as ordered by God.] Abraham: “WTF!” [Shocked that he is interrupted at the crucial moment.] God: “No need to kill him. I was just testing to see if you’re a psychopath. You’ve passed. LOL. I just love doing retarded shit!” Who’s right – the Chief Rabbi or the cartoon? Isn’t the fact that the cartoon can be written at all the sure sign that, at the very best, this is an extremely dubious episode and certainly not one that can be the foundation stone of three of the world’s major religions? On the face of it, the “test” is exactly as the cartoon describes it: a trial of psychopathic faith (willingness to unquestioningly obey murderous orders, like the Nazis), and Abraham passed with flying colours, and so did the 9/11 suicide hijackers – who are the legitimate inheritors of Abraham’s mantle.

***** Why have we defaced our work with this obscene Abrahamic tale? To show the absolute contrast between an evil Mythos religion of ignorance, superstition, lies and irrationality and our beautiful mathematical Logos religion of pure logic, reason and rationality.

The Wrong War “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger

Antiparticles Every particle has as an associated antiparticle: a particle with the same mass but opposite charge. A particle such as the photon, which has no charge, is its own antiparticle.

The Anthropic Principle “I think the Anthropic Cosmological Principle brings us to an idea perhaps as old as humanity itself; that we are not at all just an accidental anomaly, the microscopic caprice of a tiny particle whirling in the endless depths of the universe. Instead, we are mysteriously connected to the entire universe.” – Vaclav Havel And the Anthropic Principle goes hand in hand with the Holographic Principle. We are not “mysteriously” connected to everything else. We are mathematically connected to everything else.

Paper versus Life Paper mathematics (“abstract” mathematics) differs from living mathematics (“ontological” mathematics) in respect of ENERGY. Operations that can be performed effortlessly on paper may require prohibitive energy expenditure in reality. The energy aspect of real-life is the one thing that standard “school” mathematics cannot yet capture. Physics is an attempt to “energize” mathematics. If a precise energy tariff for paper mathematical operations could be established, the whole of science could be done on paper (or simulated perfectly on computers).

Causes “If everything must have a cause, then God must have a cause. If there can be anything without a cause, it may just as well be the world as God, so that there cannot be any validity in that argument. It is exactly of the same nature as the Hindu’s view, that the world rested upon an elephant and the elephant rested upon a tortoise; and when they said, ‘How about the tortoise?’ the Indian said, ‘Suppose we change the subject.’” – Bertrand Russell, Why I Am Not a Christian This is a key existential point. There MUST be something that has no cause. The fundamental stuff of existence must be causeless. If it has a cause then something must have existed prior to it in order to have caused it. Eventually we must reach an uncaused entity, and the consideration of what an uncaused entity is (the arche, the fundamental stuff of existence) must become the central existential question. EVERYTHING flows from what

the arche is defined to be. If you get the arche wrong, your whole system is false. For example, in Abrahamism, “God” is the uncaused arche, responsible for causing/creating everything else. This is a childish, primitive, anthropomorphic view of the arche – turning it into an all-powerful, allseeing, all knowing, conscious, morally perfect super being. The idea that existence is inherently perfect and conscious is preposterous in every conceivable way. If it were true, the whole of existence would therefore be about devolution – about perfection giving way to imperfection; about perfection becoming degraded, degenerate, less actualised. The whole of existence would be about relentless decline. There are two polar opposite views of the “progress” of the universe. Evolutionists argue that the universe advances from simpler to more complex forms, from potential to actualisation, from imperfection to perfection. Creationists are anti-evolutionists (devolutionists) who argue that the universe proceeds from the most complex form of all (God) to simpler forms, from perfection to imperfection. This is absurd and contrary to both reason and experience in every way. Evolution is a Logos concept and Devolution (Creationism) pure Mythos. All Devolutionists are backward. Jews, Christians and Muslims are backward, always looking to the past. The arche must be something simple (as simple as conceivably possible, in fact), have no independent parts (because otherwise those parts would be more fundamental than the alleged arche), have no need of anything (be zero-energy entities, in other words), take up no space (because then space would have to accounted for in relation to the arche), and be reliant on nothing else. The arche is uncaused because it requires nothing. The sufficient reason for its existence is that its nature is such that it couldn’t NOT exist. It exists by definition. Moreover, it must also embrace nonexistence in some sense. The arche must be something that somehow reflects existence and non-existence at one and the same time. Since it is both existence and non-existence, it has left the universe no other possibilities, no other possible ways of being, of existing. The arche cannot be otherwise. There can be no alternatives to it. It must logically satisfy all of the considerations we have described. There is of course only one candidate: ZERO, the monad. Zero is both something (it is ontological) and “nothing”. It has no energy, occupies no

space, has no autonomous, independent parts, looks to the untutored eye exactly like non-existence (in fact, scientific materialists formally regard monads as non-existent), and it can have no possible cause. Yet zero – the origin, the source, is the only possible cause of everything else. Zero, the dimensionless point, is the basic unit of mathematics, and that is why we say that the universe is, and can be, nothing but mathematics: eternally true, immutable, analytic and necessary. Once the arche has been defined as a mathematical point, we can have no doubt that the universe will be an exclusively mathematical entity, ruled by the inherent, eternal laws of mathematics. And that’s exactly what we observe. There are only two further considerations that need to be borne in mind. Firstly, that zero (the “unextended”) is the Cartesian number of life, mind, will. Secondly, and very much connected, is the fact that zero mathematically contains INFINITY; infinity is its flip side, the other side of the coin. They are always found together, each implicit in the other. It is this property above all that makes zero the arche. Being more precise, it is zeroinfinity that is the arche (nothing and something, nothing and EVERYTHING); non-existence and all existence are eternally fused together. It is the fact that zero – the monad – is seething with this inner activity, this infinite content seeking to spill out at any opportunity, that brings about the world we experience. The infinite content of the monad cancels to zero and this is why it’s possible for the monad to be both something and nothing. It is because the content of the monad is absolutely constrained to be zero overall that no “part” of a monad is autonomous or independent. Rather, all parts are absolutely dependent on all other parts because they must all sum to zero. Mathematics is full of paradoxes, all of which ultimately concern zero and infinity. These are not baffling mysteries: they are simply reflections of the properties of mathematics. There is nothing of which to be scared. ALL of mathematics is rationally comprehensible. There are no obstacles. Scientific materialists flee in horror and revulsion from division by zero. Why? It’s simply because they can’t assign any meaning to it in terms of their dogmatic materialist ideology. It’s their ideology that’s the problem, not division by zero. It’s their ideology that needs to be overthrown. Instead, they have tried to ban division by zero by making zero an ontological impossibility in their system. It’s incredible that they can’t see

how dumb this is. They are no different from the Catholic Church that wished that telescopes didn’t exist because these instruments proved the heliocentric view of Copernicus and Galileo. Mathematics is the “telescope” that keeps showing the ontology of zero and infinity whether scientists or Catholics Inquisitors like it or not. You can’t ban things simply because they don’t “fit” your faith-based dogma. Division by zero is an ontological reality: get used to it!

***** The great genius who defined the true arche for the first time ever was Leibniz, the supreme intellectual genius of the Illuminati and the world’s all-time greatest rationalist and logician. It should be instructive to scientific materialists to know that the inventor of calculus and the greatest combined mathematical, scientific, philosophical and theological genius ever, was the most zealous defender of the soul … not for any absurd, faith-based reasons, but only for reasons of pure logic, mathematics, philosophy and science. No materialist is smarter than Leibniz, the über-rationalist. That’s a fact. None of their arguments is tenable. Leibniz wasn’t infallible – everyone makes mistakes – but Leibniz came closer than anyone else to being the supreme rational authority – the human God of Reason, Apollo incarnate. To contradict Leibniz is to say that you are smarter, more rational and logical than he was – and you had better be the world’s greatest genius with flawless logic if you’re going to stand up that claim.

***** “How can we satisfy ourselves without going on in infinitum? And, after all, what satisfaction is there in that infinite progression? Let us remember the story of the Indian philosopher and his elephant. It was never more applicable than to the present subject. If the material world rests upon a similar ideal world, this ideal world must rest upon some other; and so on, without end. It were better, therefore, never to look beyond the present material world.” – David Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion Leibniz answered this question long before Hume even posed it. There is no infinite regress because existence is based on zero, and zero is the definitive

end of the line. Hume was a fanatical empiricist and materialist, lacking – like all scientists – the imagination and intuition to “see” beyond the crude evidence of our limited and unreliable senses. He couldn’t conceive of zero itself as the ultimate floor of existence – zero does not “compute” to materialists and empiricists – so he thought he could legitimately cite infinite regress and its inherent absurdity. In fact, the material world comes from the ideal world of zero and the world of zero rests on nothing else. There’s nothing else left, nowhere left to go. It’s the true and final end of the line, hence is the unarguable logical basis of existence. There are two worlds: the ideal and the material. The latter is a creation of the former. The ideal world is the subjective world of life and mind. The material world is the objective world of scientific laws. That’s it. It’s not complicated. It couldn’t be simpler, in fact.

***** Only mathematics is about reason, logic, certainty and absolutism. Illuminism, grounded in mathematics, is the only possible rational worldview. Science is merely “pre-mathematics” or “approximate mathematics” lacking the analytic, a priori, necessary, immutable and eternal character of true mathematics. Scientific materialists are overwhelmingly atheists. Therefore, they are in danger of lacking any sense of wonder. They anticipate no incredible domain beyond this one, no transformative afterlife. They replace religious wonder with wonder about the scientific unknown. Whereas mathematicians want the right and eternal answers to things, leading scientists often claim to be delighted whenever a scientific theory is disproved! They profess to being extremely excited that the world will have to be recast in terms of our scientific understanding of it. Ergo, scientists do not WANT the answer. They want to wallow in the unknown. They are happy with the idea of an infinite scientific process that never reaches a conclusion. Thus, they can always maintain a sense of wonder. Imagine a final scientific theory PROVED that materialism was right and that there’s no other domain and no afterlife; that existence is utterly pointless and meaningless. Even scientists would be crushed by that. It’s their own resistance to reaching the logical conclusion of their own belief system that makes them so happy whenever a theory has to be abandoned

and a new one found. It’s this eternal quest for the right theory that inspires them, yet they never actually want to find this ultimate theory because the quest would then be over and there would be nothing left for scientists to contemplate. You have four choices regarding how to understand existence. 1) As a Creationist phenomenon, designed by an eternal Creator God who made the universe and made us. We are wholly at his mercy. This is a faithbased, Mythos worldview (based on revelation, holy books, holy prophets and stories of ancient tribes and their relationship with their God). It’s a highly anthropomorphic system. A conscious intelligence (God) is held to be at the root of everything and he is conceived in human terms, but on a much grander, cosmic scale. Mathematics, science, philosophy and even morality are entirely absent. This worldview is best summed up by Abrahamism – the religion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. This is the most stupid of worldviews, designed for ignorant, superstitious, fearful, credulous, gullible, irrational sheeple who love getting on their knees to grovel and submit to their master. Abrahamism is a slave religion, characterised by the master (God)/slave (humanity) paradigm. This is an exceptionally primitive, backward and even bestial account of existence. Humans are animals in thrall to the pack alpha (God). Key words: FAITH and MYTHOS. 2) As a mystical phenomenon. This is the view of Eastern religion. “God” is largely an abstraction and this worldview is highly pantheistic, with God and Nature becoming one. Personalisation does occur. Hindus have their divine avatars that come to earth. Buddhists look to the personal example of Buddha. Taoists and Jains conceive of the opportunity to become perfect, immortal superbeings like gods. Some philosophy is present in these views, but any serious science and mathematics are absent. Mythos is again present, but not on the Abrahamic scale. If Abrahamism is ANTI-Logos, Eastern mysticism is PRE-Logos. Key Word: MYSTICISM and MYTHOS. 3) As a scientific phenomenon. Science addresses the question “How?” but avoids “Why?” It studies processes but not intentions and purposes. Behaviourist psychology sums up science. The mind is relegated to a black box and all that really counts is an input stimulus and a consequent

behavioural output. The mind in between is dismissed as irrelevant: a superfluous hypothesis. Science is ad hoc and provisional. It inherently offers no certainty. It simply builds hypotheses and theories, and tests them and refines them in light of the findings. There is never any definitive conclusion. A new experiment can break any theory at any time. All scientific “truths” are intrinsically provisional. There are never any definite truths. A certain degree of Mythos creeps into science because it tells an unproven and unprovable scientific “story” about the nature of reality. Key Words: LOGOS, PROVISIONALISM, EXPERIMENTATION. 4) Mathematics. Mathematics addresses hows and whys and provides absolute certainty. Mathematics is hyperrational. It is not subject to faith, mysticism, experimentation or the fallible human senses. Mathematics is wholly devoid of Mythos. It is pure Logos. It’s eternally true and infallible. Key Words: LOGOS, REASON, LOGIC, CERTAINTY, ABSOLUTISM. So, which will you choose?

***** Mythos irrationalists always turn existence into an emotional narrative. They personalise God so that they can have a “relationship” with him. Above all, they want to use words such as “love”, “forgiveness”, “compassion”, “mercy”, “justice”, “punishment” – all human attributes. Logos rationalists are happy with an abstract God and have no interest in a personal relationship with him. Such a relationship seems distinctly odd, in fact. What they want is to BE God, not to worship God.

Dogs and Gods The more that people anthropomorphize the universe, the more they are revealed as Mythos irrationalists. Pet owners are enormously more likely to believe in God than people without pets. Just as pet owners anthropomorphise their relationships with their pets, so they do the same with their deities. It’s no accident that “dog” is the reverse of “god”. It’s all the same game.

Left Brain Scientist, mathematician, logician. Categorization, accuracy, linearity, analysis, strategy, practicality, control, realism, mastery of words and language, calculation, equations, order, thinking, reason, rationalism, Apollonian.

Right Brain Free Spirit, artist. Creativity, passion, yearning, sensuality, movement, vivid colours, imagination, art, poetry, sensing, feeling, Dionysian.

***** The optimal world belongs to both Apollo and Dionysus, not to one or the other. And we need female balance too. Sophia (wisdom) is Apollo’s counterpart, and Aphrodite is Dionysus’s.

***** Autistics are extremely linear. They can do only one thing at a time. They are amazed by the ability of “norms” to multi-task. Women are often said to be much better at multi-tasking than men, who are often said to be overly linear in their approach. Autism is often described as an “extreme male brain” condition.

The Missing Senses

Aristotle said there were five senses. Others say there are between nine to twenty-one. A “sense” consists of a group of sensory cell types that respond to a specific physical phenomenon and are linked to a particular brain region where the signals are received and interpreted. The commonly held human senses are as follows: Sight: based on two distinct types of receptors; one for colour (cones) and one for brightness (rods). Taste: based on five taste receptors (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami). Touch Pressure Itch Thermoception: ability to sense external heat and cold; also used for monitoring internal body temperature. Sound: detecting vibrations with your eardrums. Smell Exteroception: the sense by which one perceives the outside world. Interoception: the sense by which one perceives pain, hunger, etc., and the movement of internal organs. Proprioception: tells you where your body parts are, relative to other body parts. Proprioception is the sense by which one perceives the relative positions of the different parts of one’s body and strength of effort employed in moving them. A quick way to understand proprioception is to close your eyes and touch your nose. How do you know exactly where your nose is even though you can’t see it? – it’s thanks to proprioception. Without it, you wouldn’t have any sense of being a whole, integrated person. Proprioception: from Latin proprius, “one’s own,” plus perception. When police officers test a suspect for drunkenness, they make him walk in a straight line. Without proprioception, the suspect would need to consciously watch his feet to make sure he was doing this successfully. If alcohol has affected his proprioception, the suspect is in trouble. The “close your eyes and touch your nose” police test is also testing this sense. When you scratch an itch on your foot without once looking at your foot to see

where it is relative to your foot, you are using proprioception. Proprioception isn’t about sensing external reality, but the orientation of one’s limbs in space. It doesn’t originate in any specific organ, but in the nervous system as a whole. Its input comes from sensory receptors inside the body rather than on the surface. Proprioception allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road while driving; otherwise they would need to pay attention to the position of their arms and legs when working the pedals and steering wheel. Typist wouldn’t be able to touch type, but would have to keep looking at their fingers on the keyboard. If you were feeding yourself, you’d have to look in a mirror to make sure you guided the food into your mouth. Tension Sensors: These are found in such places as your muscles and allow the brain the ability to monitor muscle tension. Nociception: pain – cutaneous (skin), somatic (bones and joints), and visceral (body organs) Equilibrioception: the sense of balance (derives from the fluids in the inner ear). Without it, you can’t tell up from down and can’t move easily from one location to another. Stretch Receptors: found in the lungs, bladder, stomach, and the gastrointestinal tract. A stretch receptor that senses dilation of blood vessels detects headaches. Chemoreceptors: detecting hormone and drug levels in the bloodstream. It’s also involved in the vomiting reflex. Thirst: awareness of hydration level – telling you when you should drink. Hunger: awareness of stomach “fullness” – telling you when you should eat. Magnetoception: the ability to detect magnetic fields, especially direction finding within the Earth’s magnetic field. Birds have strong magnetoception; humans don’t. Time: keeping time without a watch; the sense is more accurate for younger people than older. A group of 19 to 24 year olds were able, on average, to tell when three minutes was up within a 3-second margin of error. A group

of 60 to 80 year olds perceived, on average, 3 minutes to pass at around 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Thus time seems to past faster for older people! Synaesthesia: mixing up senses e.g. sounds being perceived as colours.

***** These are all “physical” senses. What about mental senses that reveal aspects of the mental rather than physical world? What about sensing when someone is staring at you; knowing who’s calling when the phone rings; knowing what word a person is trying to use; sensing an impending disaster? What about Jungian synchronicity?

Zero and Infinity Illumination is the religion of zero and infinity. What are the two numbers most rejected by scientific materialism? Yes, you guessed it – zero and infinity. The battle for the human soul itself is literally a battle over the ontology of zero and infinity. A dimensionless soul is of course scientifically undetectable and no process can ever destroy it. An infinite soul has infinite capacity and an infinite lifespan (it’s eternal). The mathematical soul is exactly what a soul must be – indestructible and immortal; an eternal life force. That’s what we all are. Science is the irrational gospel that only things that can be brought into the sensory awareness of human beings can exist. This is a wholly false and failed religious ideology – faith in the infallibility of the human senses, and the rejection of reason as our primary tool for apprehending truth.

Prophet or Lunatic? A Christian apologist claimed that Jesus Christ was God, a liar or a lunatic. There were no other possibilities. He denied that Jesus either lied or was mad – ergo he was God. Of course, we have no hesitation in saying that Jesus Christ was both a liar and a lunatic. If Jesus Christ was NOT a liar and lunatic then what about Mohammed who was a very similar man and made similar claims (stopping short of making himself divine). He claimed to be the prophet of God, communicating God’s direct words to humanity. But they are utterly

different from the words and message of Jesus Christ. So, all Muslims are confronted with the question of whether Mohammed was a prophet, a liar or a lunatic. Naturally, they all conclude he was a prophet, just as all Christians conclude that Jesus was God. But they can’t both be right. So, for an absolute fact, Jesus Christ or Mohammed – believed by billions to be 100% truthful – is an outright liar, madman or both. So, what criteria should we bring to bear to decide the matter? Faith? Well, is the faith of a Muslim any less than that of a Christian, or vice versa? The simple fact is that all prophets (and Messiahs) are liars and madmen. Those are the prerequisites for the job!

The God Equation eix = cos x + i sin x The partner book of this one is The God Equation. This specifies the mathematical basis on which the whole of Illuminism is predicated. It’s all about vindicating Pythagoras’s divine intuition that all things are numbers and number controls everything. Conceptually, it’s fantastically complicated – maybe the most complex book of all time. It features a hefty amount of physics and mathematics, yet there’s also plenty of material that requires no technical background, but certainly demands powerful intuition. Euler’s Formula is the most beautiful mathematical equation of all and has been described as the “gold standard” and “the most famous formula in all mathematics.” It’s only fitting that mathematics’ most aesthetically appealing equation should also be the master equation of existence itself. Plainly, it was never going to be an ugly equation that controlled reality. “Beauty” means supreme economy, concision, precision, power, scope, utility and elegance ... and Euler’s Formula is all of those. Frankly, it is orgasmically beautiful!

***** You have three choices in life: 1) religious faith (irrational; mainstream religion rejects reason and knowledge in favour of belief and “divine revelation” via prophets and their “holy” texts).

2) atheistic science (irrational; science privileges the senses over reason; rejects any concept of unobservables – especially an unobservable soul, no matter how rational). 3) mathematics (rational; embraces rational unobservables such as the mathematical soul). The God Equation is about replacing science with ontological mathematics and thereby providing ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY about the nature of existence. Mathematics, unlike science, has no requirement for existents to be detectable by the human senses. The key to religion – the soul – is plausible only as a rational, mathematical unobservable within an all-embracing system of mathematics. Pythagorean Illuminism – the religion of mathematics – is the only conceivable rational religion. There’s nowhere else to go. Scientists who “believe” are a joke, and people of faith are a joke. The God Equation sets out in great detail the mathematical basis of existence, and at its centre is nothing other than the soul and its relationship with the Euler Formula. The soul is the most mathematical concept of them all; the quintessence of ontological mathematics. There are monads (souls) and there is the Euler Formula – and that’s it! That’s all that exists. Leibniz required the best of all possible worlds to be simplest in terms of laws and richest in terms of phenomena flowing from those laws. This view is entirely consistent with Occam’s razor which seeks the simplest possible explanation. We defy anyone to produce a simpler answer than the God Equation. Getting to that answer was an immensely long and difficult path for the Ancient Order of the Illuminati, but the answer itself is breathtakingly simple. What could be more stunning – eternal life forces (souls), encoded with a single mathematical law that is so powerful that it enshrines the WHOLE of mathematics? Thus, souls are both subjective and objective. They are ruled by a single objective law, yet they can all experience this reality differently and create different subjective responses (free will). Mathematics is alive because it is made of living monads. The basic unit of existence is mental, hence a life force.

The Mystery Man

“He who knows me only by my published works does not know me at all.” – Leibniz Leibniz is famous for not having brought into the public domain a magnum opus, but that of course doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one! In fact, he produced an incredible, seamless tower of logical thought, every part relying on every other, just as in the case of mathematics. He himself said that the principles of his system were such that “they could hardly be torn apart from one another. Whoever knows one well knows them all.” Ditto mathematics. But the same is not true of science. That’s an ad hoc collection. Relativity theory, for example, is completely incompatible with quantum mechanics.

Autistic Mathematicians So, Wikipedia and many other sources call eix = cos x + i sin x “Euler’s Formula”, the idea being that you slot in any value of x and you have a formula for calculating eix. These sources also refer to eiπ + 1 = 0 as “Euler’s Identity”. Now, in Dr. Euler’s Fabulous Formula by Paul J Nahin, eix = cos x + i sin x is called “Euler’s identity” and eiπ + 1 = 0 is called “Euler’s Formula” or “Euler’s Theorem”. Many others follow this convention. Well, aren’t they using the opposite labels? So, who’s right? On the front cover of The God Equation, we showed eiπ + 1 = 0. In the blurb for the book, we referred to Euler’s Formula. Given what we have just said, there’s no necessary mismatch between the two. It was brought to our attention that “mathematicians” on a mathematics chat forum “couldn’t take us seriously” because they were insisting that Euler’s Formula was eix = cos x + i sin and that we were therefore “stupid” for showing a picture of what they called “Euler’s Identity” (eiπ + 1 = 0). This is the kind of anal, autistic level at which many “mathematicians” operate. We don’t like to call these people mathematicians at all since a) they have no imagination, b) they’re pedants c) they’re autistic and d) they’re technically wrong anyway! We regard “true” mathematicians as intuitives not as sensing types. Anyway, now that the question has been raised, let’s have a look at the difference between Equations, Formulae, Identities and Theorems.

An Equation An equation contains unknowns; e.g. 3x + 2 = 11 This equation can be solved to determine what x is. So, the essence of an equation is that it contains a quantity yet to be calculated.

An Identity An identity is always true for any values of the variables; e.g. 2(x + y) ≡ 2x + 2y

or (x + y)2 ≡ x2 + 2xy + y2 Thus, if any pair of values of x and y are substituted, the left side of an identity will generate the same value as the right side of that identity. This is obviously not true of an equation which has a restricted number of solutions. The essence of an identity is its unchanginess no matter how much we change the variables. Strictly speaking, an identity should always use the ≡ symbol rather than = symbol. By mathematical convention, this does not seem to be generally followed. You rarely see the ≡ symbol.

A Formula A formula links one quantity to one or more other quantities; e.g. The area of a circle: A = πr2 This formula can be used to determine A for any given value of r. So, the essence of a formula is that knowledge of one quantity immediately allows a related quantity to be calculated for any value of the first quantity, or vice versa.

A Theorem A statement or formula that can be deduced from the axioms of a formal system by means of its rules of inference, e.g. Pythagoras’s Theorem.

***** Plainly, Paul J. Nahin is right and Euler’s Formula (eix = cos x + i sin x) is most accurately described as an identity (and ought to be written as eix ≡ cos x + i sin x). “Euler’s Theorem” is also viable. As for “Formula”, its’ not wrong per se, but it isn’t the best description. Regarding eiπ + 1 = 0, Nahin is right again although he should have preferred “Theorem” over “Formula” since there are no variables in the Theorem (hence nothing to be calculated) and it is a logical outcome of the Euler Identity (eix = cos x + i sin x) when x = π.

However, we’re not anal about it! We’re perfectly happy to call eix = cos x + i sin x “Euler’s Formula” (a general formula), and eiπ + 1 = 0 “Euler’s Formula” too (a specific case of the general formula). We’ll leave it to the autistics to get hung up about all of this. The only truly important thing as far as we’re concerned is the astonishing set of properties of eix = cos x + i sin x, hence we picturesquely call it the “God Equation”.

***** Identity: ≡ “An identity is a relation which is tautologically true. This means that whatever the number or value may be, the answer stays the same. For example, algebraically, this occurs if an equation is satisfied for all values of the involved variables. Definitions are often indicated by the ‘triple bar’ symbol ≡, such as A2 ≡ x·x. The symbol ≡ can also be used with other meanings, but these can usually be interpreted in some way as a definition, or something which is otherwise tautologically true (for example, a congruence relation). A common example of the first meaning is the trigonometric identity: sin2 ϴ + cos2 ϴ ≡ 1 which is true for all complex values of ϴ (since the complex numbers are the domain of sin and cos), as opposed to cos ϴ = 1 which is true only for some values of ϴ, not all. For example, the latter equation is true when ϴ = 0, false when ϴ = 2” – Wikipedia

De Moivre’s Formula This formula, closely related to the God Equation, is described by Wikipedia as: “In mathematics, De Moivre’s formula (a.k.a. De Moivre’s theorem and De Moivre’s identity), named after Abraham de Moivre, states that for any

complex number (and, in particular, for any real number) x and integer n it holds that (cos x + i sin x)n = cos (nx) + i sin (nx) While the formula was named after De Moivre, he never explicitly stated it in his works.” Note that we again see a debate over “formula” versus “theorem” versus “identity”. But let’s not get the autistic mathematicians started!

Woodhenge? The stone circle at Stonehenge in England is world famous. Not so well known is the nearby Woodhenge (Durrington Walls). The two henges are close enough to be visible to each other, but a ridge intrudes. However, they were thought to be directly connected in the past by a feature called Stonehenge Avenue, in conjunction with the River Avon, and it has been speculated that the two locations were linked not just physically but also spiritually. The Avenue begins at Stonehenge with a straight section aligned with the site’s solar axis (facing the rising sun on the summer solstice and facing Stonehenge and the setting sun on the winter solstice). After some turns, it reaches the River Avon, south of Woodhenge. Given that the Avenue and Stonehenge are aligned with the winter solstice sunset while Durrington’s timber circle and Avenue is aligned with the winter solstice sunrise, and, six months later (at the summer solstice), Stonehenge is aligned with sunrise, and Durrington Walls with sunset, the two sites are plainly complementary. Professor Mike Parker Pearson has proposed a theory that Durrington’s purpose was to celebrate life and to deposit the dead in the river for transport to the afterlife. Stonehenge, on the other hand, was to be an enduring memorial and final resting place for chiefs, nobles and priests (the elite). Parker Pearson speculated that a feast took place at the timber circle (of life) and then the dead were taken via the timber circle’s Avenue to be deposited in the River Avon (flowing towards Stonehenge, which was the symbolic gateway to the underworld). The mourners then processed along the riverbank to Stonehenge’s Avenue and then to the stone circle itself, where the dead elite, who had not been consigned to the river, were cremated or buried. So, Stonehenge was for the worship of ancestors, communing with the spirits of the departed, and for ritual ceremonies honouring the dead elite. The circuit formed by the two henges, the two avenues and the river – about five miles long in total – connected the lands of the living and the dead, and Stonehenge may have been regarded as the supreme portal between this life and the afterlife.

The whole site was a religious, landscaped “temple” with four primary features: 1) A henge of stone – representing the domain of the dead. 2) A henge of wood – representing the domain of the living (since wood, unlike stone, is associated with life). 3) A river (flowing from life to death – like the ancient Greek River Styx). 4) A processional avenue, heading to the river in one direction from the living Woodhenge, and heading in the other direction to Stonehenge. (The two Avenues can be thought of as a single Avenue if the connecting river is factored in. Note that there is also evidence of a smaller stone circle – Bluestonehenge – at the terminus of the Stonehenge Avenue as it reaches the river, thus marking a formal portal to the land of the dead, with Stonehenge itself being the final gateway to the unseen land of the dead beyond this life.)

***** At the summer solstice, the people gathered at Stonehenge then made their way to Durrington Walls. At the height of summer, this was a celebration of life and how life triumphed over death. The people left behind dead stone to embrace living wood. It was believed that they carried back with them the lost fertility and power of their dead ancestors to the living domain. In winter (the more important festival), the process was reversed. Death ruled over life and the people made their way from the living wood of Durrington Walls to the dead stone of Stonehenge. Mass cremations involving vast bonfires took place along the banks of the River Avon, and the ashes were spread in the sacred water.

***** Stonehenge is aligned in the northeasterly direction of the rising sun at the summer solstice, and hence in the southwesterly direction of the setting sun at the winter solstice.

A second axis at right angles to this first axis gives the directions of the south-easterly midwinter sunrise and the north-westerly midsummer sunset. Durrington Walls has its main entrances on the southeast-northwest alignment, and Stonehenge has its on the perpendicular northeast-southwest alignment. Stonehenge was designed so that those approaching the circle via the Avenue would enjoy a perfect view of the sun setting at the midwinter solstice, with the sun seeming to sink within the stone circle itself and be swallowed by it. At the summer solstice, the people started their ritual procession in the centre of the Stonehenge circle and watched the sunrise over the Avenue, which they would then process along as they made their way to the river and the domain of the living at Durrington Walls. However, the interlinked Stonehenge-Woodhenge system was primarily a winter and not a summer monument, and mostly concerned death rituals. The site was a holy place run by the ancient priest-astronomer precursors of the Druids.

***** The timber circle of Woodhenge and its sacred avenue was oriented towards the rising sun at the mid-winter solstice, which is in opposition to the solar alignment at Stonehenge. Woodhenge’s sacred avenue and timber circle was aligned with the setting sun at summer solstice.

***** Woodhenge to Stonehenge “death” ritual (processing from the realm of the living to the realm of the ancestors): 1) Woodhenge timber circle to Woodhenge sacred avenue: facing midwinter sunrise. 2) Stonehenge sacred avenue to Stonehenge: facing midwinter sunset. Stonehenge to Woodhenge “life” ritual (taking the fertility and power of the ancestors to the land of the living): 1) Stonehenge to Stonehenge Sacred Avenue: facing midsummer sunrise.

2) Woodhenge Sacred Avenue to Woodhenge timber circle: facing midsummer sunset. The whole scheme has perfect symmetry and must have been spiritually entrancing for the Stone Age Britons.

***** Shouldn’t we do something similar in the modern day? Let’s have a monumental “land of the dead”, containing a great stone structure and encircled by symbolic burial mounds, linked by a sacred land avenue and a river to another sacred avenue, lined by vivid flowers, and a “land of the living”. Let’s have feasting, drinking, drug-taking and a ceremonial procession route from one to the other, representing the transition from life to death in winter, and death to life in summer. And let’s have another feature representing REBIRTH – reincarnation.

OOPS “Mathematics would certainly have not come into existence if one had known from the beginning that there was in nature no exactly straight line, no actual circle, no absolute magnitude.” – Nietzsche These things don’t exist in the observable world, but they certainly do in the dimensionless world. Of course, Nietzsche hated Plato’s domain of perfect Forms and denied its existence. All he was interested in was an eternal struggle for power, which, on the face of it, has nothing to do with perfect circles and straight lines.

Kabbalah “Da’at or Daas (‘Knowledge’, Hebrew) in Jewish mysticism, called Kabbalah, is the location (the mystical state) where all ten sephirot in the Tree of Life are united as one. In Da’at, all sephirot exist in their perfected state of infinite sharing. The three sephirot of the left column that would receive and conceal the Divine Light, instead share and reveal it. Since all sephirot radiate infinite self-giving Divine Light, it is no longer possible to distinguish one sephirah from another, thus they are one. … the Divine Light is always shining, but not all humans can see it. … Daat is considered the point of creation, when the active principle of Chokhmah (wisdom), meets with the passive principle of Binah, ‘understanding’, and creates the archetypal idea of knowledge. These three are sometimes referred to as the ‘superconscious’.” – Wikipedia

The Cosmic Hologram What is existence? It’s a living hologram – self-generating and selfoptimizing. What is it producing? THE GOD HOLOGRAM. It’s creating a hologram of heaven populated not by one God and the souls he has deigned to “save”, but infinite Gods. That is the ultimate heaven. What are the Illuminati seeking to achieve? – heaven on earth, populated by a Community of Gods who have perfected a Society of the Divine. We want EVERYONE to be part of it. All Abrahamists are welcome to get off their knees and join us. They will find standing up infinity healthier. Abrahamism has damaged their spines. Think of a hologram. There’s nothing there – you’re hand goes right through it. Yet something IS there. You can see it. The hologram is the perfect combination of something and yet nothing – and that’s exactly what our universe is. What is existence? – an immense mathematical interference pattern with infinite living nodes (souls – US!). This extraordinary cosmic interference pattern is quintessentially about information. The universe is a living mathematical object generating information and experiencing information. Souls are mathematical subjects that experience and generate information. The universe is objective and subjective, united in information.

Information is purely mathematical and can’t be anything else. Think of music. It’s pure mathematical information, and yet we experience it as supreme emotion and inspiration. The whole of existence has that dualistic character – objective mathematical information experienced NONMATHEMATICALLY. It is because we experience information primarily in terms of feelings and sensations that we are fooled into believing the universe is not mathematical. But reason demonstrates that it can’t be anything else. And the supreme gift – INTUITION – allows us to catch a glimpse of the astonishing mathematical totality. Eastern mysticism is almost wholly based on a remarkable ancient intuition about the nature of VOID, which is an archetypally mathematical concept. The Indians gave the world the greatest of gifts: ZERO. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Taoism all revolve around zero. Leibniz, humanity’s supreme genius, was able to convert mysticism about zero into a complete, analytic mathematical system based on zero – the monad. And the monad is of course none other than the soul. Illuminism removes the holistic mysticism from Eastern religion and gives it the most solid Western reductive basis. Illuminism can’t be reduced any further – it goes all the way down to the ultimate indivisible, indestructible, eternal unit of existence: the monad, the zero, the living soul. Yet from this ultra reductive base, Illuminism builds itself into the ultimate holistic system – THE HOLOGRAM. The whole is in every part, and every part in the whole. Is that not the obvious truth of existence? Is that not the complete explanation of Eastern wisdom and intuition? The Void is also the Whole. Does that not encapsulate everything that humanity has learned over the long millennia? Everything = Nothing. Nothing = Everything. The reverse side of zero is infinity and the reverse side of infinity is zero. Why is there something rather than nothing? Because something IS nothing. 5 + 3 – 8 (something) = 0 (nothing). What does Big Bang theory say? That the whole universe emerges from one dimensionless point – the Genesis Singularity of absolute nothingness. Even the absurd Abrahamic religion says that “God” made the universe from nothing. Quite simply, “nothing” is the key to everything and only one academic subject knows how to rationally analyse zero: mathematics.

Mathematics answers everything and it does so because mathematics IS everything. Only one thing can explain the relation between something and nothing, nothing and infinity, the parts and the whole. Only mathematics can explain holography. The hologram resolves all conceivable mysteries of existence: the bizarre findings of quantum mechanics, the extraordinary dualism of zero and infinity, the emergence of the universe from a dimensionless point, the apparently inexplicable phenomena of quantum entanglement and nonlocality, the existence of seemingly unfathomable black hole singularities, the baffling existence of the indestructible, eternal soul, the mystery of eternity, and the equal mysteries of life, mind, consciousness and free will. Only one thing does and can explain how a hologram works: mathematics. It’s an exclusively mathematical phenomenon. It’s the supreme answer that humanity has longed for since the dawn of time. The universe is a dialectical hologram seeking to become the OMEGA HOLOGRAM: the hologram of absolute, final perfection. Will, Will to Power, Geist, Logos, Panlogism, Pansophism, the Collective Unconscious – these are all different, ingenious ways in which human beings have conceived of the driving force of existence. But it all comes down in the end to living mathematics. In its objective character, it is pure mathematics; in its subjective character it’s much more like music. The evolving existential cosmic hologram is nothing other than the most perfect, self-composing cosmic symphony. It is producing the divine Music of the Spheres and it is also producing the Gods and Goddesses with the ears to hear it. In the end, it’s just as Leibniz said. We live in the “best of all possible worlds”. For all the horrors and miseries of this world, it contains the most precious gift of all: the alchemical ability to transform us all into gold, into GODS. We all become perfect vibrations, perfect notes in the God Music. The Hologram of Existence is the Alchemical Hologram that turns base metal into gold, potential into actualisation, imperfection into perfection. And nothing can be better than that. There is no reason for you to fear death. You can look forward to the greatest future of all: divinity. Simply by reading our books, you have brought yourself astoundingly close to becoming God. When you “die”, you will be plunged into the existential vortex between the subjective and objective domains – the domain of transcendent dreams. In this

extraordinary dream world – that Tibetan Buddhists call Bardo – your destiny is decided. Wikipedia describes bardo as follows: “The Tibetan word bardo means literally ‘intermediate state’ – also translated as ‘transitional state’ or ‘inbetween state’ or ‘liminal state’. In Sanskrit the concept has the name antarabhāva. It is a concept which arose soon after the Buddha’s passing, with a number of earlier Buddhist groups accepting the existence of such an intermediate state, while other schools rejected it. “Used loosely, the term ‘bardo’ refers to the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. According to Tibetan tradition, after death and before one’s next birth, when one’s consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence of degeneration from, just after death, the clearest experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable, and then proceeding to terrifying hallucinations that arise from the impulses of one’s previous unskilful actions. For the prepared and appropriately trained individuals the bardo offers a state of great opportunity for liberation, since transcendental insight may arise with the direct experience of reality, while for others it can become a place of danger as the karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth. “The term bardo can also be used metaphorically to describe times when our usual way of life becomes suspended, as, for example, during a period of illness or during a meditation retreat. Such times can prove fruitful for spiritual progress because external constraints diminish. However, they can also present challenges because our less skilful impulses may come to the foreground, just as in the sidpa bardo.” Bewildered people who haven’t understood life are swept along by infinitely powerful currents and swept into new lives via reincarnation, but have no choice in the process. All Abrahamists suffer this dismal fate, and will keep suffering it while they continue to listen to false Prophets and worship the Devil. However, all Illuminists, armed with the vital information we have furnished, are not bewildered at all. They look around them and smile – because they understand it all. They have the time and freedom to make whatever choices they like and select exactly the new life they want to have. They might choose to come back to this world as helpers of humanity; they might choose to be Phosters. Or they may decide that they

are ready for the ultimate transition – divinity. All Illuminists have the brightest possible futures lying just ahead of them.

***** Why do people think that the world is “solid” and “real”? It’s all because of a very particular illusion: the sensory illusion. For example, there is no such thing as colour in the universe beyond the sensory invention of it. The same is true of all sensory phenomena. They are inventions, created by evolutionary processes because they have proved highly useful. Our sensory manifold is a subjective mathematical illusion that has come into being over eons because it has proved the optimal way for us to comprehend and interact with the world. That doesn’t make it the best or most truthful way, but it’s certainly the most effective, tried and tested in the battleground of natural selection. Nietzsche pointed out that humanity has no “organ of truth” that infallibly separates truths from falsehoods. Reason is as close as we get, and reason is something that came to humans late in the day and is almost wholly absent in animals (from whom we evolved). Imagine a world devoid of colour and even of light. Imagine removing the feeling of weight produced by gravity. Wouldn’t our experience of reality thereby be unrecognizable? It’s the way our senses have evolved under the competitive pressure of natural selection that has summoned into existence the particular universe we experience. Had evolution operated differently, we would have radically different sensory capabilities and perceive the world wholly differently. Scientific empiricism is the delusion that our senses are showing us objective reality rather than a mental construct. Scientific empiricists have forgotten all about evolution and the fact that the senses themselves evolved. Eyes are not neutral devices like cameras. In a famous perception experiment, a man in a gorilla suit appears in the centre of a basketball court and no one notices him because they’re busy counting the number of passes the players are making. That could never happen to a camera … but it happens to our vision. In this experiment, humans literally didn’t see what was right in front of them. Even more extraordinary, they replaced what was factually there (the gorilla) with something that wasn’t there (a neutral background sans gorilla). Humans INVENT the world, and they do so collectively as well as

individually. They see what they want to see. They believe what they want to believe. No rationalist would regard the senses as objective, reliable instruments of what’s really “out there”, yet that’s exactly what scientific empiricists believe. They have complete faith in the reality of the world revealed by the senses, and disbelieve in the independent existence of mind, while entirely failing to realize that the senses themselves are wholly mental and providing us with mental, not physical data. This is one of the most catastrophic failures of reason and understanding in history. Empiricism is a joke. The empiricists refuse to see what they don’t want to see. They refuse to consider that the senses do not reflect what is “out there” but instead construct it. That, of course, was Kant’s central point: phenomenal reality is a construction of mind, and there is a noumenal reality of “things in themselves” that is never directly perceived. Science, to its extreme detriment, has ignored Kant. He, of course, was a transcendental idealist while scientists are members of the cult of materialism. How do materialists account for the fact that a gorilla – a material object – was not seen by countless observers in a psychological experiment? The observers’ minds overlaid the objective, material gorilla with what they wanted and expected to see, i.e. their subjective minds chose to override physical reality. That instantly destroys the whole materialist paradigm and shows that our minds are constructing “reality”, not innocently and truthfully reflecting it. Scientific empiricist materialism is staggeringly naïve. Scientists are prisoners of their Jungian sensing type. They place far too much emphasis on the senses because they “think” with their senses rather than intuitively. They have such a strong affinity with their sensory perceptions that they are convinced they are real. All intuitives are, on the other hand, automatically aware that the senses are “hiding” true reality. Intuitives leap beyond the phenomenal to the noumenal. Sensing types are incapable of this. They literally can’t “sense” anything beyond what is right in front of them, hence why they are often atheists. Their brains are wired that way, the “atheist way”. The senses are the enemies of transcendent thinking. Aristotle (a sensing type) hated the transcendent domain of Forms of Plato (an intuitive). It has always been thus.


“Thomas Kuhn’s influential book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions examined in detail the history of science. Kuhn argued that scientists work within a conceptual paradigm that strongly influences the way in which they see data. Scientists will go to great length to defend their paradigm against falsification, by the addition of ad hoc hypotheses to existing theories. Changing a ‘paradigm’ is difficult, as it requires an individual scientist to break with his or her peers and defend a heterodox theory. ... Some philosophers of science, such as Paul Feyerabend, take Kuhn’s work as showing that social factors, rather than adherence to a purely rational method, decide which scientific theories gain general acceptance.” – Wikipedia Sadly, reason is not the key to our world. Our world is all about paradigms, and often utterly irrational ones such as Abrahamism. Once they become entrenched, they’re incredibly difficult to shift. In fact, revolutions are required. Even supposedly rational scientists play the paradigm game. They will cling desperately and fanatically to untenable positions. They are deaf to reason. Max Planck said that old scientists had to die before new ideas were embraced. The old scientists go to their graves clinging to their old beliefs, despite all the shiny new theories and new evidence (i.e. scientists are never persuaded by the “facts” if the facts are too revolutionary). Nothing has changed. Almost all scientists in the world today worship at the altar of empiricist materialism and their minds are completely closed to any alternatives. They are as ideological and “faithful” as Abrahamists, and every bit as incapable of breaking out of their groupthink. You need to be a free thinker, an individual, to be a true scientist, and most scientists are deeply conservative, conformist and careerist. We need an entirely new type of scientist: philosophically literate, artistically literate, open-minded, autonomous and inherently heretical. We don’t need autistic, linear scientists, dogmatic and inflexible, who worship the establishment and keep their noses clean to ensure they maintain their funding. Science is far too political and shaped by funding bodies.


“The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.” – William Hazlitt

Babies If you want to know what human beings are like at core, just look at a baby! It’s a squealing, pooping ball of pure id, utterly driven by will, desire and feelings. It has no reason, no language and no consciousness. It’s exactly the same as an animal. It becomes human and conscious only through the acquisition and use of language. Of course, most humans, particularly the sensing and feeling types barely move on from the baby phase. They have poor use of language, are not overly rational and not overly conscious. In short, they are mostly bicameral Abrahamists – big children who never grew up.

Autobiography How would you begin your autobiography? – “Fuck ‘em”, or, “The horror, the horror.” How would it end? – “They all lived happily ever after”, or, “Fuck ‘em”, or, “The horror, the horror.”

Freudian Tourette’s How would a Freudian account for Tourettes’s Syndrome where sufferers constantly blurt out random comments, mostly obscene in nature, and make random gestures (tics), also often obscene? They would describe it as a failure of the Freudian Censor that stops disruptive unconscious elements from breaking uncontrollably into consciousness. Imagine having no internal Censor. Despite yourself, all the thoughts bubbling away in the background would pour out. All that bile you’re keeping locked up would flood out.

Famous for Being Famous “I am not concerned that I am not known. I seek to be worthy to be known.” – Confucius Ah, worth and merit – if only such things preceded fame.

The Cardinal Conundrum “An optimist believes we live in the best of all possible worlds. A pessimist fears this is true.” – Arthur Bloch

Satan Deranged Christian Fundamentalists often accuse the Illuminati of being “Satan worshippers”. Of course, the truth is that the Christians themselves are the Satan worshippers. They worship a God who exterminates humanity, sends humanity to hell and orders fathers to murder their children as a “test”. When Christians use the term “Satan worship” they’re often referring to what they also call “the worship of man”. In that sense, they would accuse Nietzscheans, atheists, socialists, communists and humanists of being Satan worshippers. We certainly don’t worship “man”. In fact, we would never worship anyone at all. However, we assert that humans have divine potential and can become Gods – but only if they stop kneeling and praying to the Devil and calling him “God”.

The Halo Effect The Halo effect is paired with the Horn effect. In the first case, we metaphorically place a halo on someone we hold in high regard. We think they are morally superior, more intelligent, more saintly and of higher status. In the latter case, we put Devil’s horns on a person. We see them as bad, dangerous, untrustworthy, disreputable, stupid and of low class. The Halo and Horn effects shape our world. It’s well known that beautiful people are automatically awarded a halo. Beautiful criminals receive lower jail sentences. They are less likely to receive the death sentence, and more likely to be paroled earlier. They are also much less likely to be found guilty in the first place. It’s as if we are hard-wired to link attractiveness to goodness and ugliness to badness. It has been suggested that beautiful people have much more symmetrical features than ugly people, and might therefore have better genes (in the sense of being healthier and stronger). So, a human propensity for attractiveness and avoidance of ugliness might reflect a subconscious pursuit of a better gene pool.

In the famous Nixon-Kennedy debate of 1960, Nixon was deemed the winner by the radio audience and Kennedy by the TV audience. Kennedy’s good looks gave him a halo on TV that he lacked on radio. Rich people are immediately awarded a halo by all people beguiled by money and are deemed more intelligent and moral. Wealth is taken to be a mark of success, and successful people are always awarded a halo. Confidence is highly attractive because it’s associated with success (after all, why else would someone be confident?). Con men always exploit this. By confidently pretending to be someone they’re not, they easily fool most people most of the time. One of Nietzsche’s most startling quotations is, “Success has always been the greatest liar.” It’s shocking because it’s so subversive of the halo effect and implies that people with halos might in fact be people with horns who have fooled us. Isn’t the Abrahamic God someone upon whom a halo has been bestowed, but who actually has horns? The Jews give Moses a halo, the Christians give Christ a halo and the Muslims gave Mohammed a halo. Yet all of these “prophets” deserve horns. Michelangelo’s statue of Moses actually has horns! Once you have bestowed a halo, you find it remarkably difficult to take it back. It causes cognitive dissonance if you do so and calls your own judgement into question. So, people with halos are given the benefit of the doubt for much longer than is sensible or rational. Equally, once you have given someone horns, it takes an age for you to change your opinion, despite all contrary evidence. Conspiracy theorists have given the Illuminati horns, and they persist with this mad nonsense no matter what. Anyone who does the most cursory research on Adam Weishaupt discovers that he was not an elitist conspirator against the people but an Enlightenment philosopher and professor trying to overthrow religion and monarchy. So why is that completely ignored and why is he presented as some kind of Goldman Sachs Jewish financier on the one hand and, bizarrely, as a proto-communist on the other? He’s simply the dumping ground for whatever characteristics his enemies hate. They hate rich Jews and they hate communists so, naturally, they make him both! That’s conspiracy theorist doublethink for you. They always have their cake and eat it.

If you hang out with people who are perceived to have horns, you too will be deemed to have horns. If you stand next to an ugly person, you yourself will be regarded as uglier. If you mix with lower class people, your class will be lowered in others’ estimation. Why do the elite never mix with people of lower status? Because it would lower their own status. A promising start-up company bought by a corporate leviathan with horns is often immediately wrecked. You can’t mix halos and horns. As soon as you open your mouth and people hear your accent, they will assign you horns or a halo. “Posh” people go to extraordinary lengths to cultivate absurd accents which are then deemed high status (and thus associated with a halo). The Queen of England has a grotesquely posh accent but this is precisely the accent the elite toffs seek to emulate because it has the highest status. If a meritocratic revolution took place (meaning that the Queen’s accent automatically had its halo removed and was instead given horns), the toffs wouldn’t be able to ditch their accent fast enough! Fame always confers a halo because everyone aspires to be famous. The halo (or horn effect) is portable. If we consider a person good (or bad) in one category, we are much more likely to make a similar evaluation in other categories that have no connection with the category where we first made our judgment. In other words, winner takes all and the loser reaps the whirlwind. Actors write novels and make songs and are invited onto political chat shows. Why? There’s no correlation between acting talent and talent in anything else. Humans seem to find it hard to conclude that people have both strengths and weaknesses. They are much more likely to conclude that someone is all good or all bad. Love is a supreme halo effect. The beloved can do no wrong … until they are no longer loved and then they can do nothing right. An actor at the start of his career should make sure he gets a “halo” role. If he starts off with a “horn” role, he might be consequently disliked in real life since people seem unable to distinguish the part an actor plays from the actor himself. Celebrities are often made by certain key roles they played: the cast of Friends, for example. The halo is transferred from the fictional characters to the actors. Celebrities are used to endorse products because their halo is transferred to whatever they’re endorsing.

Everywhere you go in life, you will be treating people you meet in three different ways: giving them halos, horns or being neutral towards them. And everyone who meets you will in turn be giving you a halo, horns or will be neutral towards you. We’re all doing this all the time. It’s the way we’re made. We have to get past this and start evaluating correctly, start seeing people for what they really are, warts and all. Airbrushing is all about enhancing the halo effect. Propaganda is all about enhancing the halo effect. Political, religious and economic displays of power and wealth are all about enhancing the halo effect. Hate speech is all about enhancing the horn effect. Look at the American political conventions. They are nothing but exercises in conferring a halo on one candidate and horns on the other. It’s all about angels and demons. It’s INFANTILE! America is childishly polarised because of extreme, fanatical and relentless use of the halo and horn effects.

***** If you want to benefit from the halo effect, make sure you show someone how skilled you are at something. The person will subconsciously award you a halo and then, no matter what comes next, they will infer that you will be equally good at it.

***** We automatically award a halo to anyone who resembles our attitudes and beliefs, and horns to anyone who doesn’t. We award a halo to those who look like us, talk like us and come from the same cultural background. We frequently demonize those who don’t. Intolerant religions go to great lengths to exaggerate the halo effect of the prophet, the pope, the priest, the rabbi, the imam. They are equally keen to demonize the heretic, apostate and the unbeliever. Quite literally, religions claim that people with halos go to heaven and those with horns to hell. We have to eradicate these intolerant religions, and use psychological techniques to dilute the halo and horn effects. They are incredibly dangerous and all about Mythos rather than Logos.

The MacGuffin

‘It’s described in a scene in an English train. And one man says to the other, “What’s that package above your head there?” And the other man said, “Oh, that! That’s a MacGuffin! It’s an apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands.” The man said, “But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands!” And the other man said, “Then that’s no MacGuffin!”‘ – Alfred Hitchcock, the “Master of Suspense” “They say that if you meet your double, you should kill him. Or that he will kill you. I can’t remember which, but the gist of it is that two of you is one too many. … It’s the murderer who will tell the story.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Holons A holon (ancient Greek: holos “whole”) is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. Arthur Koestler coined the word in his book The Ghost in the Machine. Leibnizian monads are holons because they are whole, unique, autonomous substances and yet they are also parts of the Monadic ensemble that creates objective reality. Anarcho-capitalist libertarians see themselves as wholes that are not part of society. We need holonic people – autonomous, self-reliant and independent – but who are aware that they are truly complete only when they play their full role in society. Koestler defined a holarchy as a hierarchy of self-regulating holons functioning as autonomous wholes in some contexts and dependent parts in other contexts. A meritocracy is a holarchy, a hierarchy of holons. A human cell is a holon with regard to a person; a person is a holon with regard to his family; a family is a holon with regard to the community; the community is a holon with regard to society and the State. We are all being acted on by top-down and bottom-up forces. A holon, as something embedded in larger wholes, both influences and is influenced by these larger wholes. And since a holon also contains subsystems, it is similarly influenced by and influences these parts. It’s an enormous bidirectional feedback system. When people such as anarcho-capitalist libertarians refuse to play their required part in the system, they undermine and sabotage it. Such people cannot be allowed to participate in society because they do not consider themselves to have any obligations and duties to others. These selfish, antisocial, anarchist elements must be expelled from society. They are like a social cancer. A holon is “Janus-faced” with one side looking down (to subsystems) and one looking up (to supersystems). A hologram is of course defined entirely by a very special kind of holon. Each part is in the whole, and the whole is in each part. In a sense, the part is the whole, and the whole is the part.

Parasites W hat exactly is a parasite? Parasitism can be regarded as one of four main types of symbiotic relationship. Symbiosis simply means “living together” and has neither positive nor negative connotations. Nowadays, it’s usually associated with a mutually beneficial relationship, but that’s not inherent in the meaning. Four symbiotic relationships are defined below: 1) Mutualism – an association in which both organisms derive mutual benefit. 2) Commensalism – this means “eating together at the same table”. In this association, one member, usually the smaller, derives benefit from the association, whereas for the other member, the association is neither beneficial nor harmful. 3) Phoresis – this is a specialised form of commensalism in which one organism (phoront), usually smaller than the other, uses the larger organism as a transport host. 4) Parasitism – a parasite is, in simple terms, an organism which lives at the expense of another. The rich are parasites: they live at the expense of the rest of us. We do the work and they live off our efforts. They contribute nothing to our wellbeing. They do only harm to us. It’s time to get rid of the parasites. We all live together on this planet. We are “symbions”, “symbiotes”, “symbionts”. We need to be symbiotic “mutualists”, i.e. we all benefit from each other. All right wing ideologies: conservatism, anarcho-capitalist libertarianism, religious fundamentalism, fascism … are all inherently harmful to others. Only left wing ideologies are mutualist and communitarian. Let’s define symbions as “individuals who work together for the common good”. We need a world of symbions. Synergy is the interaction of elements to produce a total effect greater than the sum of the individual elements or contributions.

Let’s define synergons as “individuals whose collective efforts produce a whole better than the sum of its parts”. Let’s make this a world of symbions, synergons, mutualists and holons. There can be no place for selfish individualists doing their own thing regardless of everyone else. We all become better and more powerful by cooperating. We are not against individuals. We are against individuals who have contempt for the rest of the human race. We want a world of strong individuals who hate conformism and groupthink but who relish cooperating and collaborating with other strong, autonomous, independent people for their mutual benefit.

Science – the Enemy of Truth? Scientists do not accept reason, logic or mathematics. What they accept is experimental evidence consistent with their Meta Paradigm of empiricism and materialism. Therefore, science is a religion, not “science”. It’s extremely dogmatic and ideological. One of the oddest things about scientists is that though they claim to be interested in the truth, it’s only ever truth with a small “t”. They reject absolute Truth, which is why they ultimately reject mathematics, the only subject concerned with absolute Truth. Scientists prefer their fallible senses, feeble experiments and ever-changing ad hoc and provisional hypotheses and theories. What do they have against the TRUTH? They’re like people who want to have sex, but refuse to go beyond first base. Orgasm, like truth, is about culmination and completion. You must reach the end to be satisfied. Mathematics alone is the rational study of absolute Truth. Mainstream religion is about faith-based truth (which is all rationally false). Science plays footsie with the truth, but never consummates. It’s the supreme intellectual prick teaser, not interested in the real action but only in playing games. You have two choices in life: Truth, or not. Mathematics is the only subject which is quintessentially ABOUT truth. Mathematics is an immutable, eternal, perfect edifice of absolute truth. If you don’t pursue ontological mathematical truth, you’re not interested in truth at all. Science, ultimately, is anti-truth.

The God Series of books provides the most comprehensive explanation of existence ever offered. It explains all the key issues conspicuously missing from the scientific account. If humanity is to have a future in the stars and the heavens then Illuminism must become its beating heart. Illuminism is the sole rational religion. It’s the Logos religion of Apollo, but it never turns its back on Dionysus. Humanity MUST become illuminated. The Dark Ages of Abrahamism, karmism and scientific materialism must end.

The Question Even if you don’t believe a word we’ve said, even if you don’t accept any of it, you still have a big question to ask yourself. Isn’t the rational religion we have presented (based on ontological mathematics) and the notion of being an individual who makes a superlative contribution to the common good of humanity and, at the same time, works on perfecting himself or herself in order to become a fully self-actualised, self-fulfilled God or Goddess, the psychologically healthiest of all visions of what it is to be human? Nietzsche, with his concept of the Superman, was in similar territory, but he had no rational grounding for his philosophy, and nor was he interested in humanity as a whole. Ours is Nietzsche’s philosophy made much more rational and inclusive. We want everyone to be a superman or superwoman. We defy anyone to produce a better way for humanity to live and strive than the vision we have proposed. Ours is the foundation for the Star Trek future, and beyond. We don’t just want to travel through the stars; we want to travel through the heavens where the gods live! Join us. Embrace humanity’s divine future. It’s time to leave behind the dinosaur humans, destined to become extinct. We can have no pity for them. They chose their own fate. We must break free from the dead hand of the past, reaching out from the graves of ancient prophets and messiahs to clutch our throats and throttle us with ignorance, superstition and unreason. No, we will remove the hand that’s choking us and we will take off into the bright, broad free horizons. “The higher we soar, the smaller we seem to those who cannot fly.” – Nietzsche

We want to soar so high we will be invisible to the common herd, the flock of sheeple, the conformists, the materialists, the group thinkers, the Ignavi, the neutrals, the agnostics, the apathetic and the Last Men.

Souls The Twin Soul (masculine) – Apollo and Dionysus. The Twin Soul (feminine) – Sophia and Aphrodite. The Four-Fold Soul (masculine and feminine): Apollo, Dionysus, Sophia and Aphrodite. The Lost Soul – the Abrahamic soul, the karmic soul, the scientific materialist soul.

Anti-Social “There is no such thing as society.” – Margaret Thatcher This is the core statement of right wing ideology. Imagine if Jesus Christ had said it. Imagine he had said, “Let your neighbours rot; hate your enemies; do unto others what you would never want them to do unto you; never render under Caesar – NO TAXATION!; never turn the other cheek – RELOAD!” Then Jesus Christ would have been the perfect right-winger. What is truly extraordinary is that so many right wingers are Christians when, on the face of it, most of the New Testament supports a radically communist worldview and utterly repudiates the central doctrines of right wing thinking. Atheist Ayn Rand, not Jesus Christ (she loathed Jesus Christ!), is the real right wing prophet, spokesperson and Messiah. But that’s irrationality for you. Stupid people are never consistent in their beliefs and attitudes.

Holographic Morality In holographic reality, we are indissolubly linked. Everything is interconnected ontologically. The hologram is the supreme rational encapsulation of morality. If the whole is in each part then if you harm anyone else you are harming the whole and therefore yourself since the whole is in you. The hologram enshrines the golden rule of the perennial philosophy: do as you would be done by; love your neighbour; do unto others as you would have them do unto to you. Of course, Christianity hypocritically and nauseatingly lays claim to the Golden Rule while patently not understanding it at all. Christianity condemns to hell EVERYONE who refuses to worship the alleged God of Love (Jesus Christ; also supposedly the God of Forgiveness, Mercy and Compassion). You would have thought it was impossible for a loving, forgiving, merciful and compassionate God to create a place of eternal pain and suffering, but that’s Christianity for you – irrational nonsense. In the holographic universe, if such a thing as hell exists then it is inside all of us and we are all suffering and being tormented forever. Hell must be replaced by heaven. Let’s have paradise inside all of us, not perpetual pain. All people who hate government, community, society and the State – i.e. all the anarcho-capitalist libertarians – are, in holographic terms, harming themselves when they harm others with their selfish, greedy, self-serving, intolerant, right wing ideology. ALL right wingers are harming the cosmic holograph. They are the dialectical opposition that must be overcome by all decent, altruistic, rational left wing people. The Divine Holograph is all about altruism and cooperation. Not for moral reasons but for strictly rational reasons. A side effect of rationalism is that the Divine Hologram is supremely moral in conventional moral terms. Richard Dawkins wrote brilliantly about the “Selfish Gene”. We can think of such genes as anti-holonic, amoral or even immoral, dialectically primitive and selfish (like miniature anarcho-capitalist libertarians or a plague, a viral infection, of microscopic Ayn Rands). They need to be opposed by rational holonic memes that promote the welfare of the Whole. The Illuminati, via Hegel especially, revere the properly formulated State of constitutional laws that serves the General Will. The General Will

is itself a perfect holographic concept. By serving the rational interests of all, fairly and justly, we all prosper. Our world is currently run according to the particular wills of privileged elites and is anti-holographic. In The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau drew a crucial distinction between the “will of all” and the “general will”: “There is often a great deal of difference between the will of all and the general will; the latter considers only the common interest, while the former takes private interest into account, and is no more than a sum of particular wills: but take away from these same wills the pluses and minuses that cancel one another, and the general will remains as the sum of the differences.” The will of all is simply each person screaming for what they want (like anarcho-capitalist libertarians). However, what some people want is often the direct opposite of what others want. The general will strips out all of these conflicting elements, leaving only the part that is universally agreed as being for the common, collective good. The particular wills of people and groups are, in dialectical terms, thesis and antithesis. The general will is the synthesis – it takes what is good from the thesis and antithesis and rejects what is bad. The synthesis phase of the dialectic is holographic – for the good of the Whole. The cry of solidarity of the three Musketeers – “All for One and One for All” – is quintessentially holographic. The hologram provides the ideal mathematical model of rational morality. It’s time we constructed all moral laws according to the Holographic Principle. The whole must be given as much consideration as the parts. The famous observation that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link is highly holographic. The WHOLE is only as strong as its weakest part. Any weak parts drag down and harm all of us. The Community of Gods and the Society of the Divine are both 100% consistent with holographic morality. Let’s start enshrining the Holographic Principle – in all of its aspects – in every part of our society, in all of the institutions and laws of the State.

The Mother of All Answers

The answer to existence is exactly what you would want it to be: a vast, active, evolving, self-optimising, self-actualising, self-perfecting holographic life force. It is dialectical and ultimately wholly rational. The end of a Cosmic Age occurs where the living Hologram becomes self aware of its own totality. This is when it has reached its Omega Point, its Absolute condition. The Absolute Hologram – the Hologram at the end of time – is the supreme Beatific Vision of absolute perfection. It is the True God in his truest Form – mathematical perfection. It is based on a perfect geometrical Form – an infinity of interlinked “crystal” spheres.

The Missing Link DS: “Who needs Buddhism when we have Illumination? Buddhism was adequate for its time, but now the synthesis is here. It’s quite trippy to read stuff that is the missing links in Buddhism. It makes me feel kind of smug! I’m tempted to return to the place where I was once a disciple & show off!” That’s right. Illumination is the missing link between Eastern holistic wisdom and Western reductive rationalism. If East is the thesis and West the antithesis, Illumination is the synthesis that can unite the whole world. The necessary precursor for humanity to travel to the stars is a world with a united, cosmic outlook. Illumination has something for everyone, except for the Devil-worshipping Abrahamic majority. The answer? – the enlightened ones must leave the Abrahamic ‘tards behind. Let the whole world choose between Mythos and Logos, and let the whole world split in two. The Mythos nutters can regress to the caves while the rest of us board our star ships.

Socrates A Greek made the following statement, “Because ancient Greece had some philosophers does not mean that the ancient Greeks were not like today’s Muslims. For example, who killed Socrates? A mob of fanatics.” It’s well worth dissecting this. Socrates wasn’t “killed” by any mob. The Athenian court of citizens gave him a lengthy trial. He chose to take hemlock and die. It was a philosophical suicide. He could easily have been let off with a heavy fine, and exile was open to him to the last moment.

However, he chose to verbally attack and ridicule the citizens judging him, thus making a death sentence inevitable. Yet it was a considered sentence passed in deep sorrow, not Abrahamic mania. No mob tore Socrates limb from limb, stoned him, crucified him, beheaded him, or stabbed him. In his last hours, he was allowed to be with his friends and admirers (such as Plato, who wasn’t present but knew those who were) and he slipped away at seventy years of age having lived a long and great life. In many ways, he was a philosophical martyr. He committed suicide on behalf of philosophy and to set an astonishing philosophical example. Yet had he been 35, he would have made very different choices and not died. In the twilight of his life, he chose to make a grand gesture. He would soon have died of old age anyway, so why not go out as a legend and myth? What he did was entirely rational, and, by the same token, the citizens who condemned him were no vicious mob baying for blood. Only five years earlier, Athens had catastrophically lost the Peloponnesian War to its deadly rival Sparta. It was occupied and given a puppet government: the “Thirty Tyrants”. The oligarchs were toppled and democracy restored a year later. However, Athens was still licking its wound and was very raw emotionally. Socrates was NOT a democrat. He was identified with the aristocracy, and that made him a figure of deep suspicion. Moreover, one of his star “pupils” was none other than Alcibiades, the great Athenian hero and playboy who became its worst traitor, actively helping the Spartans. Socrates was seen as an elitist who conspired against the people, and gave encouragement to the aristocrats and oligarchs. Socrates was actually a meritocrat, but no such concept existed in those days (“aristocrats” were invariably the wealthy faction, not “the best”). Plato, like his mentor, hated democracy, but he hated the Tyrants and oligarchs too and sought rule by “philosopher kings” – a political model that has not been tried to this day. Rule by the most talented and smartest is precisely what the Meritocratic Movement is all about. So, let’s not twist the facts and the narrative and make ridiculous comparisons between the ancient Athenians and today’s murderous Muslim mobs. This kind of argument shows how easy it is to twist the facts and distort the context to make any old absurdity come out at the other end. Sadly, this

is the ill-informed way in which far too many people think, selectively deploying “facts” to advance their prejudices. Control of the narrative is critical because it’s easy for people to construct idiotic stories that get everything wrong but are widely believed – just look at conspiracy theories. You can’t achieve anything until you control the narrative. Once you have that, everything else flows easily. The elite don’t spy on people all day long every day to maintain control. They have absolutely no need. What they do is construct a narrative that suits them down to the ground and then promote that narrative 24/7 through every media outlet, through schools, through religion, through politics and through the institutions of the State. Ordinary people believe this narrative completely and have internalised it as part of their identity. That’s exactly why it’s so hard to overthrow the elite. We rarely have a good word to say about conspiracy theorists, but they should be given credit for rejecting the central narrative of the elite. Tragically, they have replaced it with an even dafter narrative about lizards, aliens, pan-dimensional reptilians and about society, government, community, State, collectivism and solidarity all being inherently evil and a conspiracy against individual freedom.

Changing the World Step One: overthrow the prevailing narrative and replace it with a much more powerful and inspiring one. That’s what Illuminism is all about. For the first time ever, we are putting a wholly rational religion of enlightenment in front of the world’s people. We are mathematically guaranteeing the soul, eternal life and the potential to BECOME GOD.

How Many Will Be Saved? “‘Enter ye in at the strait gate,’ he said, ‘for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.’” (Matthew 7:13-14) Jesus Christ knows that the vast majority of people will go to hell. Given that he has foreknowledge, he knows exactly how many. He created humanity in order to send over 98% of souls to eternal pain and suffering in

hell! Good job, Jesus. Wouldn’t you have done a better job by not creating humanity at all? Then you would have spared 98% of souls from perpetual misery. Wouldn’t that have been the LOVING thing to do? Of course, alternatively, you could simply have forgiven everyone, loved everyone, shown mercy and compassion to everyone, and let them all into heaven. “Among thousands of people, there are not a hundred who will arrive at their salvation, and I am not even certain of that number, so much perversity is there among the young and so much negligence among the old.” – St John Chrysostom So, the number of the saved will definitely be significantly under ten percent. “The number of the damned is incalculable.” – St. Veronica Giuliani That’s a LOT of people burning in hell forever. “Out of one hundred thousand sinners who continue in sin until death, scarcely one will be saved.” – St. Jerome Oh dear, that means that hardly anyone is saved. “There are many who arrive at the faith, but few who are led into the heavenly kingdom. Behold how many are gathered here for today’s FeastDay: we fill the church from wall to wall. Yet who knows how few they are who shall be numbered in that chosen company of the Elect?” – Pope St. Gregory the Great Oh dear (part 2), that means that even the faithful can’t be sure that they belong to the Elect. What a bummer … you go to Church every week, say, do, and believe all the right things and still there’s an extremely high probability you’ll end up in hell! Of all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, only Lot’s family survived (apart from his saline wife). The whole world was exterminated by God in the Great Flood, save only Noah and his family. Everyone else went straight to hell, and some of Noah’s family might have ended up there too. Here’s a theological question for you. If God specially chose to save Noah and his family and kill everyone else, why is this divinely chosen

human race (all descended from Noah and his family) just as evil as it was before the Flood? Arguably, only Noah went to heaven and all the rest of humanity, including Noah’s own family, fried. It must be very lonely up there! But, hold on a moment, God imposed Original Sin on EVERYONE, including Noah, so Noah must have gone to hell too since Jesus Christ hadn’t arrived to counteract Original Sin. Before Jesus Christ, 100% of humanity went to hell!! Not a single person mentioned in the Old Testament was saved. Jesus Christ! An evangelical Protestant estimated that there may be no more than one hundred authentically born-again people alive in the world today (presumably he’s one of them!), and only they will be saved. Yes, if you’re a Christian, you’d better pray for a fireproof suit for Christmas – because you’re definitely going to hell, even if you’re a good Christian!!!

Beginnings and Endings ES: “In the God Game series, and at least one of the AOI’s books that preceded it, they discuss the beginingless and endless cycle of cosmic recurrence and the perpetual reincarnation and evolution of the universe. My initial reaction was despair, (just the kind that Nietzsche predicted that weak people would have). I was miserable for a few days without my Nirvana safety blanket to hide beneath while I suck on my thumb. Now I couldn’t be more comfortable and contented with the whole idea. Perhaps we’ve all sloughed off the mortal coil in gulags, on crosses and stakes, and of leprosy or worse an infinite number of times, and we will an infinite number more. But the whole notion of death is outrageous, and the suffering was probably a springboard to attainment of consciousness, bringing us that much closer to gnosis that much sooner. Keep reading further and do the dialectical reasoning required and the whole subject will ‘illuminate’.” There are four basic fates of the universe: 1) Science: the Heat Death predicted by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This is a pointless, purposeless and meaningless universe in which we appeared by accident.

2) Abrahamism: the Day of Judgment comes and 98.3% of souls go to hell and the rest join God in heaven and contemplate his perfection for ETERNITY, and not much else happens. 3) Karmism: continual reincarnation until breakout is accomplished via enlightenment and then you unite with the cosmic Oneness, or divine source, for the rest of eternity (it’s not very clear what that union actually consists of); or, the universe goes through continual cycles and each time round your task is to become enlightened. 3) Illuminism: a mathematically guaranteed cyclical universe forever. This is eternal recurrence, but not eternal identical recurrence. You don’t live the same existence again and again in each Age. Rather, the pattern of the recurrence is always the same, but not the content. In your normal life, you wake up, go about your business and then go to sleep, day in and day out. No two days are ever identical, but most days are similar and only a few are radically different. So, you yourself are subject to eternal recurrence in your daily life, but not identical recurrence. It’s exactly the same on the cosmic scale. As above, so below. Just think about your own life if you want to understand how the universe operates. Illuminism offers one big advantage over your normal existence. Illuminism is about perfection. Every time a cosmic Age comes to an end, it does so PERFECTLY. It’s like the greatest of all orgasms, and the universe delivers it every time. Just as people crave orgasm after orgasm without end, so does the universe – and it delivers! If you want endless orgasmic perfection, Illuminism must be your choice. If you want endless “perfection” of being trapped staring at “God” – choose Abrahamism. If you want to “lose yourself” in nirvana, become a Buddhist. If you want nihilism, become a scientific materialist. Hinduism, Jainism and Taoism are all at root extremely similar to Illuminism (providing you get rid of all traces of karmic thinking from them). You have two choices: being or becoming. Do you want to enter an eternal state of being (heaven, nirvana), or do you want to be an eternal becoming (i.e. no final state of being can ever be attained)? We regard “being” as stasis and death. “Becoming” is eternal life, the inner drive that is never assuaged.

Rationally, no living thing can attain a state of pure being since pure being implies the end of becoming, the end of change, the end of any events of any interest. To us, the idea of “heaven” is tantamount to hell. No conscious mind could endure an unchanging heaven. You would become insane and beg for death. If you’re not conscious, as in Buddhist nirvana, then you’re already dead and don’t care one way or another. Being is about an end. Becoming never ends. For any conscious entity, life MUST deliver a great, fascinating, cosmic journey and quest, in which we heroically strive for perfection (to attain the Holy Grail). That’s EXACTLY what Illumination is all about. There can be no better religious option than Illumination. It’s the supreme religion, the only religion of absolute truth – because it’s based on the absolute truths of mathematics, the language and stuff of existence itself.

Nihilism “A ‘friend’ of mine is a nihilist. Seems to have a high IQ. On the one hand he claims to value scientific evidence, on the other he rejects mathematics: ‘Prove it. Prove mathematics exists as anything but a fabrication of your brain.’ He keeps coming back to that: mathematics is just a mental construct, a human invention. Is it even possible to argue with a nihilist?” There’s not much point in addressing nihilism. Nietzsche was verging on nihilism and sought to find a way out – which is why he came up with the supremely life-affirming Superman. Saying, “Prove it” is extremely lazy, sterile, and even infantile. We might as well challenge him to prove that mathematics IS a mental construct. How would he accomplish that? We can be sure that he wouldn’t be able to write even one sentence in defence of his position. This person hasn’t thought about this issue at all. What is his “answer” to existence? – that it’s random, an accident, a fluctuation? That is itself a philosophical position in severe want of justification. What possible scientific proof could be offered that any of those things are true? We are interested in logic and sufficient reason. We have presented an immense intellectual system down to the finest detail – the most detailed

account of existence ever provided by anyone. We say to any of our doubters, detractors or skeptics, “Prove that we are wrong, and prove that your alternative is right. Put up or shut up.” We have no interest in people who reject logic, reason and mathematics for no reason at all other than their personal negativity and slavish adherence to the empiricist and materialist Meta Paradigm of mainstream science. The question is as much about what proof your “friend” will accept. In order to specify that, he must already have his own coherent position. We doubt he has any clear position at all. Nietzsche said, “What, ultimately, are man’s truths? Merely his irrefutable errors.” If you take that to its logical, nihilistic conclusion, it means that no human being can know anything at all, ever. We can’t escape our inbuilt errors and delusions. We have written a huge amount on the topic of mathematics being regarded as a “construct” and science being regarded as “real”, and logically proved that the precise opposite is the case. We’re not going to debate with someone like your friend who is clearly ignorant of our position and hasn’t seriously thought about what he’s saying.

***** No one can accuse us of not having given full consideration to the claims of Abrahamism, karmism and scientific materialism. We have examined them all exhaustively and written entire books disproving them. No such courtesy is extended to Illuminism. We are continually coming up against people who feel free to rubbish us without having read a single word of what we’ve said. We have studied our opponents and refuted them all. They have not studied us. They have not offered any rational answers to our deconstruction of their belief systems, and we don’t take their half-baked attacks on us seriously since they never engage with any of our rational arguments, and they self-evidently aren’t capable of sustaining any rational debate with us. They are all the victims of fanatical dogmatism and ideology, and “scientists” are amongst the worst.


Here’s the “rationalist” position of a supporter of the science religion (scientism). DH: “Fuck off. Your mind is delusional if you believe this crock of worthless garbage [he’s referring to the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake]. ‘All reality is material or physical. The world is a machine, made up of dead matter. Nature is purposeless. Consciousness is nothing but the physical activity of the brain. Free will is an illusion. God exists only as an idea in human minds, imprisoned within our skulls.’ All these things are TRUE. Kill yourself, religious/spiritual scum.” It’s extraordinary that people without minds and no free will can formulate such angry sentiments!!! What’s he so upset about? He’s just a machine after all – by his own admission!!! It never ceases to amaze us that scientists can think at all given that they have no free will. Who cares what their opinions are? They don’t! After all, they’re not their opinions at all since they didn’t choose them. They were simply given to them by inescapable scientific causality.

***** Let’s be clear. You either conclude that the universe is a rational, ordered, organised place – meaning that it is subject to ETERNAL, RATIONAL laws – or you conclude that the universe is fundamentally IRRATIONAL, in which case why is there any order in this universe at all? Why are there atoms, stars, planets, galaxies? Why are there scientific laws? As soon as you accept the existence of cosmic laws, you have instantly begged the question of how such laws exist or came to be. Rational laws don’t pop into existence out of thin air. They are inevitable expressions of the laws of sufficient reason. Absolutely everything must have a reason why it is thus and not otherwise. That is the basis of Leibnizian Illuminist hyperrationalism. Abrahamism is irrational since it provides no sufficient reason for the existence of God, and this God does not act in any way consistent with his alleged properties of being morally perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing, allseeing and utterly rational (not capricious and illogical). Karmism is irrational since no sufficient reason is provided for why reality should be as portrayed by karmists, and there is no sufficient reason

for karma itself. There is no evidence whatsoever for the operation of karma; it is anti-scientific, and is a concept full of contradictions. Science is irrational because it is devoted to empiricism and materialism and yet it makes appeal to immaterial, unobservable laws (only their effects can be observed). Quantum mechanics is based on an unobservable wavefunction. Imaginary numbers appear continually in science and engineering yet the existence of imaginary numbers is denied. A black hole singularity is an unobservable, dimensionless entity. The Big Bang Singularity is not understood by science. No scientist can explain how it came to be and what the sufficient reason was for it. Life, mind and consciousness cannot be explained by science. The whole power of science is derived from mathematics, something which many scientists claim is an unobservable, ontologically unreal construction of unobservable, ontologically unreal human minds. In other words, science is a joke intellectually. Its only “true” component is mathematics! Illuminism is hyperrationalism, based on the quintessentially rational subject – mathematics. Unlike anything else, mathematics provides eternal, immutable, perfect, necessary, analytic, a priori laws. Mathematics provides a sufficient reason for anything. Illuminism has no rivals. Mathematics alone explains everything. If you accept a rational universe, you have no rational choice but to accept the ontological reality of mathematics. Illuminism is the religion and philosophy that accepts 100% the ontological reality of mathematics. Illuminism has provided a sufficient reason for everything. There are no unknowns in Illuminism. There are no unfathomables, no noumena, no mysteries, no gaps in knowledge. Mathematics is the treasure trove which provides an answer to everything. Existence has no non-mathematical components. There is nothing outside mathematics. If existence is rational, mathematics is the only answer. If existence is irrational, what are we doing here at all? What possible reason can explain our existence? We might as well all believe in magic. So, you have two choices: magic or mathematics. What’s it to be? Abrahamism, karmism and science are all about magic. Illumination alone is about mathematics and sufficient reason. The Illuminati are hyperrationalists. We are everywhere confronted by irrationalists, including scientists.

The Conundrum The universe is alive in every single one of its fibres. It is made of NOTHING but living souls – monads. Yet the universe seems like an immense machine of implacable laws. How can that be? Because monads are also mathematical points, encoded with all of the laws of mathematics. As a universe of mathematical points, the universe is a scientific machine. As a universe of living souls, the universe is an evolving organism. Only the unique properties of monads can explain this extraordinary dual nature of reality. Only mathematics can explain existential paradoxes.

Holography Dennis Gabor invented holography in 1947, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his revolutionary work. Yet the true holographic revolution hasn’t actually begun yet. When it does, it will change EVERYTHING. Holography will be what separates smart Logos humanity from stupid Mythos humanity. Mind, consciousness and even life itself are all holographic. Holography is the missing link between the two Cartesian domains of extension (matter) and non-extension (mind). Holography is the answer to mind-matter dualism. Holography is based on Fourier transforms, and Fourier transforms are based on Euler’s Formula – the God Equation. Quantum mechanics – the basis of the scientific understanding of the world – is also based on Fourier transforms and hence Euler’s Formula. Is it not beyond belief that scientists didn’t simply combine holography and quantum mechanics? They are in fact exactly the same thing! A Fourier transform is about converting any simple or complex pattern into the simple basis waves of which it is composed. A telephone converts voice frequencies to electrical signals and electrical signals back to voice frequencies. A TV camera converts visual images and sound frequencies into electrical signals and transmits them to a television set where the electrical signals are converted back into visual images and sounds. In other words, these types of technology involve converting one type of signal into another type of signal that carries the same information but in a different form. A Fourier transform uses the same principle. One type of signal is converted into another type containing the same information in different

form and can later be converted back to the original type. It can’t be stressed enough that most of our familiar technological world involves converting information into an equivalent but more convenient form and then converting it back again. Why shouldn’t our minds work in exactly the same way? Imagine that the universe consists of nothing but basis waves and our brains are designed to detect these and combine them into complicated composite functions which we perceive as spacetime representations. To use the TV analogy, imagine that the “carrier” signal is the only thing that truly exists in the universe, but we are like living television sets that have evolved the capability of converting the carrier signal into moving pictures and sounds. Our consciousness never directly experiences the carrier signal: only its conversion into the alternative representation. There are always two “worlds”: that of the unconverted signal and that of the converted signal, but only one can be experienced. We are attuned to the spacetime representation of signals, but “true reality” – enduring reality – is the other type of signal outside space and time. Schopenhauer spoke of true reality (noumenal reality) being a cosmic Will outside space and time. What we experience, according to him, is phenomenal reality inside space and time. When we “die” all that has happened is that a particular phenomenal representation of the cosmic will has come to an end in space and time, but the Will itself is not in space and time, and therefore cannot die. Brilliant though Schopenhauer was, he committed a critical error. He assumed that because the Will was outside space and time it must be ONE AND INDIVISIBLE. But he never considered Leibnizian monads: each one of those is outside space and time and is indivisible. Schopenhauer imagined a single Will, a single, immortal cosmic “soul” outside space and time – a SINGULARITY of Will. But this Singularity can in fact be composed of infinite other singularities without any logical contradiction. The whole ensemble of Singularities (the Super Singularity) remains a single point outside space and time, but instead of being singly structured, the Super Singularity is infinitely structured. It’s not one soul – it’s infinite souls. It’s not one will – it’s infinite wills. And that’s why Nietzsche’s “Will to Power” should logically replace Schopenhauer’s “Will to Exist”. Existence consists of the most incredible struggle for power –

with infinite participants. Each participant is striving with all of its might to maximise its power. Why does evil exist? Precisely because of this supreme Darwinian struggle for power. As above, so below. The whole universe is an evolving Darwinian system. In the struggle for power, some participants will seek to dominate others (the master-slave dialectic; selfishness and greed) while others will see cooperation and collaboration as the best bet (rational altruism). And that’s why the world is the way it is: the co-operators versus the masters. Cooperators are left wing and masters are right wing. All right wing people are driven by greed, selfishness and extreme, anti-social individualism. They hate society, they hate government, they hate community and they hate the State. Just listen to the American Republican Party, American anarchocapitalist libertarians and American conspiracy theorists. Above all, listen to Ayn Rand. It is right wing ideology itself that is EVIL. All right wingers are Satanic. Judaism and Islam are extremely right wing, fundamentalist, conservative, reactionary, patriarchal, traditiondirected systems of oppression. Judaism and Islam are all about the family above the State. Christianity has many of the same features but what makes Christianity all things to all men is that much of the New Testament is essentially communist. Isn’t it ironic? – the Old Testament is fascist and the New Testament is communist, which is why Christianity is the world’s most successful religion. Emotional narrative (Mythos) and faith are the essence of the right wing outlook. Reason (Logos) is the essence of the left wing outlook. All leftwingers think it’s rational to help each other rather than try to cut each other’s throats. Right-wingers are stupid and left-wingers are intelligent. Evil goes hand in hand with selfishness, greed, faith, fanaticism and stupidity. The struggle between good and evil is the struggle between left and right. That is the central political dialectic that has driven our world. Of course, the evil people never see themselves as evil. They actually think they’re the good guys!

***** So, Schopenhauer was wrong about there being only a single Will. There are in fact infinite wills, and each is immortal. But he was absolutely right

that our body is our noumenal self being expressed in the phenomenal domain, while our soul is the noumenal expression of our body. “My body and my will are one.” – Schopenhauer That’s a perfect description of the Fourier nature of human beings. Our soul is outside space and time; our body is inside space and time. Schopenhauer knew that there was something crucial about our will – that it was a link to this other domain outside space and time – yet he also knew that the will itself, as we experience it, is INSIDE space and time. The part of our soul that is IN space and time is in fact our consciousness. That’s why our consciousness is not our real self (our Higher Self, our immortal soul). It is only a spatio-temporal expression of who we are – and it is doomed to perish. Jung spoke of the conscious ego and the unconscious Self, and of the need to bring the two into alignment and union. That’s exactly right. Gnosis happens when we bring the two together. Scientists and atheists foolishly believe that their spatio-temporal ego is who they are. In fact, our Self – OUTSIDE space and time – is who we are. Our ego is perishable; our Self is immortal. The two are linked by Fourier transforms. Every time a body dies, the link to the spacetime domain is broken and has to be re-established – via reincarnation. All of us have lived countless times before. That’s a simple rational fact. It would be an extreme error to over-indentify with your current ego. It’s NOT you. It certainly has much of you in it, but there is a Higher Self that is a much truer and better you, and you should be seeking it all the time, just as Jung advised. How can Schopenhauer be turned into one of the philosophical greats? – by reinterpreting him through a Leibnizian monadic prism, Nietzsche’s Will to Power and Fourier transforms. When you do that, Illuminism pops out at the other end!

***** PS: “The thing that disturbs me the most is that we are here on earth to learn and evolve spiritually but we suffer from amnesia and have no memory of past life? Is there a way to access the soul memory complex or am I screwed?”

The Higher Self has complete knowledge of our history over all conscious lifetimes. The ego is not designed for that. In fact, it’s enormously shielded from the Higher Self. If people had easy access to memories of past lives, they would go insane. It would be like severe schizophrenia. You have to be PREPARED for contact with the Higher Self. You have to work up to it very carefully and cautiously, using techniques such as Jungian individuation. Unconsciously, and through dreams, our Higher Self can spiritually feed us. We are not wholly cut off from the spiritual lessons and wisdom acquired in our past lives, but it’s handed to us obliquely rather than directly.

***** Kant and Schopenhauer both believed the noumenal domain was unknowable. They were wrong. It’s knowable mathematically as the other side of a Fourier transform. It’s knowable mathematically as the domain of Leibnizian monads. If our TV is broken, we can’t see the signals reaching our TV set. That doesn’t mean the signals don’t exist. Even if our TV set is working, we still can’t see the signals (as they are “in themselves” – noumena); we can only ever see the phenomenal representation, because that’s how we have evolved. Kant and Schopenhauer decided the noumenal domain could never be known, but Kant thought it must be where God, the soul, the afterlife and free will reside (and he was exactly right about that), while Schopenhauer thought it was where the living cosmic Will must reside. Science decided that the noumenal domain didn’t exist at all, just as it had previously dismissed the Cartesian domain of non-extension. But the noumenal domain DOES exist and we can know all about it mathematically, and ONLY mathematically, because it is 100% mathematical. ALL of the information in the spacetime (phenomenal) domain is present in the noumenal domain outside space and time. That’s a mathematical fact. It’s absolutely certain and unarguable, but no experiment will ever prove it. It’s 100% immune to scientific experimentation. Science, ironically, is hopeless mathematically and philosophically, and that’s why it’s so fanatically opposed to a noumenal domain. The noumenal

domain is precisely that which of necessity defies the empiricist and materialist Meta Paradigm of science. It’s wholly accessible to rationalism and idealism but not at all to empiricism and materialism. This is the key to ALL OF REALITY. Pythagoras, Plato, Descartes Leibniz and Hegel all understood the game perfectly. No scientist ever has. Hegel’s philosophy can be understood as a triadic process in which we begin purely with the noumenal domain, which dialectically evolves to the condition of the Absolute Idea (God in himself). To evolve, this must then alienate itself in the phenomenal domain of nature (space and time) where it becomes SPIRIT. This spirit will then dialectically evolve until it reaches its Omega Point of development and becomes ABSOLUTE SPIRIT. At this stage, it has attained ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE and knows itself for what it truly is: Mind knows itself as Mind, that all of reality is Mind and that matter never truly existed but was itself just alienated mind and a necessary dialectical stopping point on the way to the Truth. In Christian terms, Hegel presented the Absolute Idea as God the Father. God the Son was, in effect, the embodied Idea, Nature itself (i.e. God alienated in the form of the material world of space and time, and knowing, via the incarnation of Jesus Christ, what it was like to be human, to share the human condition with us and know our plight). The Holy Spirit was the aspect of God that mediated between God the Father (the thesis) and God the Son (the alienated antithesis) and thus represented the synthesis phase of the cosmic dialectic. When the dialectic reached the stage of the Absolute Spirit, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were all reconciled again as a single God (rather than as a Trinitarian God). God the Father is the noumenal Fourier transform. God the Son is the phenomenal Fourier function and God the Holy Spirit is the understanding of the Fourier nature of reality (the reconciliation of mind and matter, noumenon and phenomenon, mathematics and science).

***** For Hegel, art and religion were simplistic Mythos and “picture thinking” ways of understanding reality which had to be transcended by philosophy if Absolute Knowledge was to be gained. We would now expand on this and say that art, religion and science are all “primitive” stages of thinking, and philosophy and mathematics are the highest modes of understanding and knowledge. Pythagoras, Plato,

Descartes and Leibniz were all philosopher-mathematicians. These are probably the four greatest thinkers of all time. Only philosophermathematicians can achieve the greatest intellectual breakthroughs. Why is science so second-rate when it comes to explaining the “big” questions? Because scientists are philosophically and mathematically illiterate. They have narrow technical mathematical skill, but no actual understanding of mathematics and what it really is.

The God Principle The standard holographic procedure uses laser beams to convert an image into waveforms recorded on film. Then, by illuminating that medium with a laser, the original image is recovered. Lasers are used for holography because they provide extremely pure, calibrated, coherent, intense beams of light of a single frequency, and such beams give rise to manageable interference patterns. The laser beam is split into two. One beam illuminates the object being photographed, and the second beam (reference beam) collides with the reflected light of the first beam, thus creating the interference pattern, which is then recorded on a suitable film. The image on the film is of course nothing like the object photographed; it’s a set of concentric rings resembling the surface of a pond disturbed by a rock thrown into it. When a laser illuminates this pattern, the 3D image of the original object appears. One of the most extraordinary things about a projected holographic image is that you can walk around it and view it from whatever angle you like. It seems solid and yet if you put your hand into it, there’s nothing there. Even more extraordinary is the fact that if you cut the holographic film into four pieces, each quarter will contain the WHOLE image photographed. In fact, no matter how much you cut up the film, each piece contains the whole (although the image gets progressively more blurred because it’s based on less and less information). Thus, the Holographic Principle is that every part contains the Whole. The Holographic Principle is also the God Principle. The Whole (God) is in every part – but this is an evolving God, not a Creationist God. God is complete only at the very end of a Cosmic Age, and we are all complete with him. In fact, he becomes complete through us. We are essential to

God’s complete actualisation, and we ourselves become fully actualised Gods in the process. The Holographic Principle, the God Principle, the Morality Principle and the Meritocracy Principle can all be summed up by: “All for One and One for All.” Buddhism claims that the underlying reality is an indivisible living Oneness. This is false. The underlying reality is a “collective” Singularity composed of infinite separate singularities. The Whole is always made of parts. The key is to be an optimised individual within an optimised Whole. We are separate but we are also together. If we try to take on the Whole, it will crush us. We should never see ourselves as Randian or Nietzschean “individuals” with no rational responsibilities towards others. We are all yoked together whether we like it or not, and if you admire the talents of others, you will be eager to benefit from them, and to offer your own talents in return. What could be more rational than that? “In man’s struggle against the world, bet on the world.” – Kafka

***** “In theory there is a possibility of perfect happiness: to believe in the indestructible element within one, and not to strive towards it.” – Kafka Here, Kafka is wrong. We must absolutely strive towards it. “Life’s splendour forever lies in wait about each one of us in all its fullness, but veiled from view, deep down, invisible, far off. It is there, though, not hostile, not reluctant, not deaf. If you summon it by the right word, by its right name, it will come.” – Kafka “We are sinful not merely because we have eaten of the tree of knowledge, but also because we have not eaten of the tree of life.” – Kafka “You are free and that is why you are lost.” – Kafka

Meritocracy Whenever we mention meritocracy and 100% inheritance tax to eliminate dynastic wealth and power, people automatically complain that it’s unfair that they won’t be allowed to inherit. Well, would they be happy to inherit enormous parental debts rather than assets? If all the people eager to inherit

someone else’s wealth were instead ordered to inherit someone else’s debt, they would be meritocrats overnight. We’re sick and tired of stupid, selfish people defending privileged inheritance. What about all the people who have nothing to inherit? What, are they subhuman? Are they to be permanently punished for making the catastrophic mistake of having poor parents? Anyone who wants to make money from someone else’s efforts is a disgusting parasite. Earn your own way in life. Make your own wealth. Don’t expect to be gifted it by another person. Have you no dignity? Are you a pathetic coward and weakling who can’t make your own way in life? Are you a big kid all life long, waiting for your parents’ efforts to pay off for you? Grow a spine. Stand up straight. Take responsibility for your own life. It’s your life, not your parents’. If you oppose 100% inheritance tax then you’re unfit to be a member of society. It’s as simple as that.

The Big Question What is more important to you? Inheritance and property or community? If you say the former then you have self-defined yourself as someone unfit to participate in the Meritocratic State of equal opportunities. You will do anything to hang on to privileges and advantages created for you by the efforts of others. You have contempt for others. You are anti-social and selfish, and do not want others to be afforded the opportunities you expect to enjoy via inheritance.

Religion If a man was attacked in the street and his foreskin hacked off, his attackers would be arrested and jailed. If however the attackers are parents and the victim is an innocent, helpless 8-day old baby boy then it’s a religious celebration. What the fuck! It’s an obscenity and a crime.

St Paul Many academics wonder why the rantings of a Jewish apostate (Saul of Tarsus aka St. Paul) were transformed into Rome’s state religion. There are several reasons. First, St. Paul was a propaganda genius. Second, he was smart enough to give a Messianic Jewish religion a pagan makeover and make Jesus Christ resemble Mithras, Dionysus, Osiris and

Sol Invictus. Jesus was turned into a pagan solar deity, with which the Romans were extremely familiar, and a god torn apart and put together again, with which the pagans were again extremely familiar. The Emperor Constantine, the first emperor to convert to Christianity, was also a genius. He needed a way to inspire his army. What better than a Messianic religion where God might show up at any moment to lead you to victory? You see, Christianity was all about Apocalypse Now. Its central message was that Armageddon was imminent; people were already living in the End of Days. What better way to get people on board with the Emperor’s wishes than if he identified himself with the God who was about to end the world? Who is the Pope? – the vicar of Christ; God’s representative on earth. Who is the Emperor? – the guy who controls the Pope, hence is even closer to God. (In fact, Roman emperors often elevated themselves to the ranks of the Gods.) Constantine linked religious and secular power to create the astonishing institution that came to be known as the Roman Catholic Church – a religious empire that endorsed a secular military empire. Constantine’s embrace of Christianity was a sublime power play. Rome’s best days were already behind her. Things were starting to slip. That was obvious to everyone. The decline of Rome was already in progress. People could smell the decaying corpse. The Fall could not long be postponed. Apocalypse was coming – certainly for Rome. Why not get onboard with a religion all about the Apocalypse? The new religion might save Rome. Or it might be the right religion for an empire in terminal decline. Either way, it was the right religion. Constantine had to do something and in fact he did two. He became a Christian, and he relocated the centre of the Empire to the East – to Constantinople. Those were two actions of a man who knew the game was up for Rome. It’s no accident that Christianity succeeded. It was the right religion at the right time; it was a chameleon religion that could support extreme right wing views and extreme left wing views (it could be all things to all men); it was extremely hierarchical and could adopt the same structures as the empire itself, with the Pope taking the place of the Emperor and the Cardinals the place of the Senate. It was simultaneously smart (full of Greek philosophy) and dumb (full of Jewish faith, superstition and ignorance). It was Apocalyptic at a time when the Apocalypse had never

seemed so close, and it had a man-God Messiah who had risen from the dead and could reappear at any time to save the believers and punish the infidels. What’s not to like? Christianity was certain to succeed – because it reflects the barking mad human condition in all of its horrific and disturbing glory.

***** Although Constantine converted to Christianity, he seemed reluctant to entirely abandon the pagan gods. In fact, Christ was really just one of a stable of gods that Constantine found useful. Constantine introduced religious toleration (in 313 CE), but he did not make Christianity the state religion. That was down to the Emperor Theodosius I who made Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire in 380 CE. Yet consider these remarks from Wikipedia about the Fall of the Roman Empire: “In 376 CE, large numbers of Goths crossed the Danube. They sought admission to the territory of the Roman Empire, a political institution which, despite both new and longstanding systematic weaknesses, wielded effective power across the lands surrounding the Mediterranean and beyond. The Empire had large numbers of trained, supplied, and disciplined soldiers, it had a comprehensive civil administration based in thriving cities with effective control over public finances, it had wide-ranging trade networks that allowed even modest households to use goods made by professionals a long way away, and it had (among its literate elite) ideological legitimacy as the only worthwhile form of civilization. By 476, when Odoacer deposed the Emperor Romulus, the Western Roman Empire wielded negligible military, political, or financial power and had no effective control over the scattered Western domains that still described themselves as Roman. While its legitimacy lasted for centuries and its cultural influence remains today, the Western Empire never had the strength to rise again.” – Wikipedia So, in 376 CE, Rome was still a credible power. In 380 CE, it became Christian. Within a century it had fallen! Well, two plus two equals four. Christianity killed the Roman Empire. It destroyed the mentality, attitude and pragmatism that made the Romans so successful. The Christian Apocalypse became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Romans became more

interested in saving their souls and less interested in running the empire, so the empire was lost.

***** The first and greatest Christian was St. Paul, a man who never met Jesus Christ. All of the Apostles who accompanied Jesus Christ were Jews, just as he was himself. There would have been no such thing as Christianity without St. Paul. Christ himself was much less important. He was simply the person on whom St. Paul laid the Christian narrative. It’s a shame St. Paul wasn’t a novelist. His “Christianity” is perhaps the greatest work of fiction of all time. Christianity was simply a pagan mystery cult melded with the Messianic Jewish cult of Yahweh.

Mobile Prisons We all carry a prison with us, and we will all carry the key to release ourselves.

Free Speech No one is free to shout “fire” in a crowded auditorium. That’s not free speech at all – it’s a malicious lie designed to cause panic and mayhem. It’s a criminal offence. Equally, no one has the right to freely promote crimes against babies. To say or publish anything in defence of circumcision is to advocate a criminal offence against defenceless babies. This is not free speech: this is criminality and the advocates of circumcision should be arrested and jailed. Nearly all of religion is an apology for unacceptable abuses of civil and human rights and crimes against humanity. All religions should be subject to commissions of enquiry and explicit legal rulings should be made as to whether they constitute incitements to serious crime. If so, they should immediately be declared illegal. Free speech is about saying whatever you like that does not involve inciting harm to innocent people, especially babies. Mainstream religion is all about harming babies. The Christian “God” sentenced all babies to hell because of Original Sin. The Catholic Church claimed that all unbaptized babies automatically went to hell (Limbo). These are sick and unacceptable

belief systems. They can have no place in a civilised society, and no “free speech” can be used to justify the psychological torture, physical mutilation and brainwashing of babies.

The Noumenal Domain When the ancients first thought of the soul, it was as something very rarefied but material, hence it remained in the material world. The ancient Greeks spoke of the dead going to Hades, the Underworld, the Land of the Shades. The dead were like fading echoes or shadows of what they once were. Hades was thought to be a place you could physically go to under the earth. Sheol was the Hebrew equivalent of Hades. The prototype of Hades and Sheol was the ancient Egyptian Duat: “In Egyptian mythology, Duat is the underworld. The Duat is a vast area under the Earth, connected with Nun, the waters of the primordial abyss. The Duat is the realm of the god Osiris and the residence of other gods and supernatural beings. It is the region through which the sun god Ra travels from west to east during the night, and where he battled Apep. It also was the place where people’s souls went after death for judgement, though it was not the full extent of the afterlife. Burial chambers formed touchingpoints between the mundane world and the Duat, and spirits could use tombs to travel back and forth from the Duat.” – Wikipedia The Pythagoreans were the first to conceive of a noumenal universe as the destination for an immaterial soul. Plato made this noumenal universe his domain of perfect Forms. Of course, right away, the problem existed of how immaterial things interacted with material things. The question was never answered. When Descartes, the founder of modern philosophy, consigned souls to the unextended noumenal domain, modern science simply got rid of that domain and focused exclusively on the extended domain of matter. Leibniz continued to investigate noumenal existence via his dimensionless monads. Later, Kant, Schopenhauer and Hegel all wrote about true reality originating from a noumenal source. Science rejected all of this, and continues to reject it to this day. The study of the noumenal domain has always been the essence of idealist metaphysics, and, since Hegel, this approach has been rejected and abandoned.

Science has contempt for metaphysics and even philosophy turned its back on the noumenal universe. Marx was a materialist (albeit a dialectical materialist, which is suspiciously metaphysical!), and Nietzsche poured scorn on metaphysics (while advocating a “Will to Power” that looks like pure metaphysics; and Heidegger called him “the last metaphysician of the West”, which seems valid). Existentialism, analytic philosophy, logical positivism and postmodernism have all ridiculed metaphysics. Illuminism alone has kept alive the flame of metaphysics, and it has done so via the quintessentially metaphysical subject: mathematics. The biggest debate in philosophy will eventually revolve around the status of mathematics with regard to rationalism and idealist metaphysics on one hand and its use by empiricist materialist science on the other. Mathematics is the critical battleground of thought. Does it belong to rational idealist science (Leibnizian science) or to empiricist materialist science (Newtonian science and the position of the science establishment)? Is mathematics, noumenal, phenomenal or both? The most fascinating subject of all is mathematics and it is probably the least philosophically studied subject there has ever been. No scientist asks what mathematics actually is. Mathematicians themselves don’t give it much thought, and it’s almost entirely ignored by philosophers. Mathematics doesn’t appear at all in mainstream religion. Illuminism alone treats mathematics with the staggering awe it warrants. Illuminism takes the ultimate step and identifies mathematics with existence itself. It’s the ontological core of science, philosophy and religion.

***** The great noumenal thinkers are: Pythagoras, Plato, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Schopenhauer, Hegel and Nietzsche (no doubt to his great surprise!). The enemies of noumenalism are Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke, Hume and the whole of modern science. Ironically, Aristotle was Plato’s star student, yet immediately rejected Plato’s noumenal domain of transcendent Forms and instead made the Forms immanent. But there was room for one noumenal entity – the immaterial God of Reason: pure Form without any matter. Mathematics alone saves noumenal thinking, and noumenal thinking is the revolution that delivers the Grand Unified Theory of Everything. The

noumenal domain is the mathematical domain of zero and infinity, and these are exactly the two numbers most hated and feared by science. EVERYTHING revolves around the ontology of zero and infinity. These two numbers constitute the biggest possible revolution in thought – because they overturn the whole Meta Paradigm of empiricist materialist science. As soon as you rationally accept the ontology of zero and infinity, you leave science behind and become an ontological mathematician, an Illuminist. Illuminists are those who have gone on a great intellectual quest. They are the Grail Knights of the Mind, and they have found exactly what they sought – the Holy Grail that unlocks all the mysteries of existence. It turned out be nothing other than mathematics itself.

***** The physical, phenomenal universe NEVER touches the noumenal universe. That’s the latter’s greatest weakness and greatest strength. It’s a weakness because it allows science to dismiss it (which is exactly what science did), and it’s a strength (the greatest possible) for exactly the same reason. It means that mathematics can become the Kantian domain of free will, the soul, the afterlife and God – all beyond the reach of scientific causality and yet all hyperrational because they are now all exclusively based on the most rational subject of all. But how can the noumenal and phenomenal domains interact? The answer is obvious: mathematically. Nothing else is possible. And the specific mathematical technique is the Fourier Transform, based on Euler’s Formula.

Never Forget There is only one way for free will and the soul to exist – in the immaterial, dimensionless, noumenal domain. Without that domain, scientific materialism is true and we have no souls and no free will, and when we die it’s forever. For anyone not to accept the existence of free will is deranged. Free will is the most obvious and undeniable feature of our human existence. By that fact alone, the noumenal domain is proved to exist.

Holism versus Reduction

In classical physics, the universe is regarded as a machine with interacting parts. The whole is simply the sum of all the separate interactions. There is no sense in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A system in which the sum of the parts equals the whole is mechanistic. In “holistic” science, the universe is regarded as an organism directed by a mind. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The noumenal universe – outside space and time – offers the means by which the physical universe in space and time can be instantaneously controlled. Noumenal existence – based on a Singularity – has wholeness as its core because everything is automatically interconnected. Without noumenal existence, the parts are primary and localism pertains. With noumenal existence, the whole is primary and non-localism applies.

Power One of the greatest insights of all was Nietzsche’s Will to Power. Schopenhauer spoke of a Will to Exist, a Will to Survive. Yet Nietzsche pointed to the extremely obvious example of war. Why do people who want to live place their lives in extreme danger? They do so for a very simple reason: victory will give them more power. Power is worth the risk of death. People, at root, understand only one thing – POWER. Everything in our world revolves around power: who has it and who doesn’t. Power will never be going away. If we want a better world, we must ensure that the people with the most power are the most talented, most intelligent and most dedicated to the common good. We have to empower everyone as far as possible. And we have to smash all systems of fake and unfair power: hereditary power, power of privilege, power of status, power of inherited wealth, power of “social capital”, power of cultural capital, power of economic capital, power of religious brainwashing, power of Mythos. The distribution and management of power are the most important things of all. Everything else depends on them. Let’s sort it out rationally and meritocratically.

The Declaration The Koran claims to be the infallible Word of God. It says that God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael.

The Judaeo-Christian Bible claims to be the infallible Word of God. It says that God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Both of these “infallible, holy books” cannot be right. Therefore, as a matter of simple logic, one is an absolute lie. Why doesn’t the world hold a commission of enquiry and determine which “sacred” text is an outright fraud? Humanity should declare Islam or Judaeo-Christianity to be 100% deceitful. Imagine if such a thing took place. The religious landscape would be changed forever. Would World War III break out? Isn’t it remarkable that religion claims to be about absolute truth and yet neither Islam nor Judaeo-Christianity would ever accept that it was the one that was absolutely false. Because, you see, the LAST thing religion is about is truth. It’s purely about POWER.

The Gap That Cannot Be Bridged “Relativity theory requires continuity, strict causality (or determinism) and locality. On the other hand, quantum theory requires non-continuity, noncausality and non-locality. So, the basic concepts of relativity and quantum theory directly contradict each other. It is therefore hardly surprising that these two theories have never been unified in a consistent way. Rather, it seems most likely that such a unification is not actually possible. What is very probably needed instead is a qualitatively new theory, from which both relativity and quantum theory are to be derived as abstractions, approximations and limiting cases.” – David Bohm This sums up the whole problem of science and exposes its fallacious basis. Science reveres experiment over reason. It is fundamentally empiricist rather than rationalist. Yet here we have the two most successful theories in the history of science, both of which have consistently passed all of the experiments to which they have been subjected, and they are utterly incompatible. There is NOTHING that experiments can do to resolve this impasse. Theory alone can cure it, and theory is a rational activity. You cannot perform an experiment without a theory, so when experiment takes primacy, it’s the equivalent of the cart leading the horse. Science is the wrong way around. Quantum mechanics and relativity theory are two ad hoc, contingent, provisional theories that have no necessary connections to each other. They are constructed on the basis of two entirely different ways of

thinking about reality, and both have passed the experimental test, hence experiment is proved USELESS as a means of establishing the absolute truth or falsehood of a theory. One or both of these stunningly successful theories is wholly false at a deep level, and experiment can’t shed any light on it. The problem is that we have now arrived at the level of philosophy and metaphysics rather than experimental science, and scientists do not know how to think in these terms. The basic concepts on which the two theories are built are what are at issue. Are they rationally defensible? They have been found experimentally defensible, but that has done nothing to resolve the fundamental problem. Experiment has reached the buffers. Science – when it’s at the level of trying to reflect absolute reality – must be rationally and conceptually right. Experiment is plainly incapable of establishing what’s right and what’s wrong since it can’t formally prove or disprove quantum theory or relativity even though they’re incompatible. It has in fact, within its own parameters, proved both even though both cannot be true, hence experimental “proof” is not a key criterion, merely a crude checking mechanism, and often highly misleading. Science, to proceed any further, must become strictly rationalist. It must have airtight conceptual roots. There is only one subject that can provide such roots: mathematics, including logic. There is nothing ad hoc and contingent about mathematics. Its truths are absolute, necessary, analytic and a priori. All parts of mathematics automatically fit together. It’s impossible to have two rival theories of mathematics. If you’ve handled your mathematics properly, you can’t get a quantum mechanics mathematics and a relativity mathematics that directly contradict each other. The only way to get quantum mechanics and relativity to agree is to change them from scientific theories into absolutely mathematical theories based on airtight, immutable mathematical concepts. We have shown the way by identifying the key equation of reality: Euler’s Formula (the God Equation). What is already certain is that Einstein’s much vaunted principle of relativity is false, as is his whole “background independent” modus operandi. For scientists to embrace our approach requires a scientific revolution because “unobservable” imaginary numbers have to be accorded identical ontological status to observable real numbers. Such a step would instantly overthrow the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm of science.

This is where the game’s now at. Science has reached the end of the line because its Meta Paradigm is false. It has done the best it can within that Meta Paradigm but now it has two theories that pass all of its tests and yet are totally conceptually contradictory. The Meta Paradigm has failed. Nothing can change until the Meta Paradigm changes. Science has hit the buffers. The game’s over. M-theory, science’s great hope, is both the most complex and most idiotic theory in history, the ultimate folly as a failing ideology makes one last desperate attempt to save itself before facing the harsh reality. M-theory is the most vivid illustration of how, according to Kuhn, the supporters of an increasingly untenable paradigm make desperate attempts to introduce ad hoc elements to save it from being formally falsified. Rather than overthrowing the collapsing paradigm and entering the “revolutionary phase” of science where a new paradigm is formulated, the science establishment desperately attempts to cling to its power base. The bosses of science will be out of a job if a new paradigm comes into being, and they won’t accept that. In other words, science is guided by careerists defending their salaries and pensions rather than, as they like to pretend, pursuing the truth no matter where it leads them. This is the great Mythos and lie of science. Science is in fact exactly like everything else: full of psychopaths at the top, preoccupied with their power and status. To be sure, they’re much smarter and more civilised psychopaths than those in Wall Street and Washington D.C., but they’re psychopaths just the same, obstructing and sabotaging the progress of any rivals to their power. M-theory, like the rest of materialist science, starts from an ad hoc, provisional idea (“strings”, in this case) and seeks to create a final theory from that. There’s nothing analytic and necessary about strings. There’s no sufficient reason for them, no logical necessity. Strings have been introduced simply because of what they are not: they are not dimensionless points. Points – monads – are the necessary building blocks of mathematical reality but they are incompatible with empiricist materialist science. They give rise to the dreaded division by zero, hence infinity. So, to avoid division by zero, science has turned to 1D strings. The whole of science is now predicated on an ad hoc materialist concept (finite-energy string loops), while ontological mathematics is predicated on an analytic, necessary mathematical concept (infinite-energy points).

The whole future of thinking, and indeed of humanity itself, depends on how this standoff is resolved. Let’s just spell it out in the starkest possible binary terms. 1) If scientific materialism is right, the fundamental units of existence are ad hoc, non-uniform 1D strings that do not provide an existential plenum (i.e. there is nothing to prevent innumerable patches of non-existence between the strings) and have no logical necessity and no sufficient reason for their existence. These 1D strings prevent division by zero from ever happening. They are based on real numbers. All imaginary and negative numbers, and zero and infinity, are abolished. This approach is an expression of pure materialism and the absolute denial of mind as a non-material phenomenon. It is all about inescapable scientific materialist causality, hence denies the existence of free will. There is no possibility of a soul, eternal life or God. This is an entirely atheistic depiction of reality. Science is right, it asserts, and mathematics is relegated to a strange tool of science, most of which is inadmissible because it deals with unobservables. It’s impossible to explain life, mind and consciousness in this model. The world is viewed as a materialistic machine. 2) If scientific idealism is right, the fundamental units of existence are mathematical points (monads) that provide an absolute existential plenum (i.e. there is no possibility of patches of non-existence between the dimensionless monads), have logical necessity and a sufficient reason for their existence. Scientific idealism is based on complex numbers (algebraically complete) rather than real numbers (algebraically incomplete). All imaginary and negative numbers, zero and infinity, are embraced as ontologically real. Division by zero is a key feature of the system and represents the existential interface between mind and matter. This approach is about pure idealism and the absolute denial of matter as a non-mental phenomenon. Free will is entirely compatible with this system. The soul, eternal life and God are all mathematically justified. This is an entirely religious depiction of reality. Life and mind are inherent in this system, and consciousness is simply the most advanced expression of

individuated mind. The world is viewed not as a materialistic machine but as a living mental organism. Mathematics is right and science is relegated to a tool for probing the observable, “physical” aspect of the universe. Unobservables are inherent in this system. In summary: 1) Monads, mathematics, living universe, idealism, rationalism, religion, metaphysics, soul, afterlife, God, logic, reason. 2) 1D-strings, science, mechanical universe, materialism, empiricism, atheism, physics, no soul, no afterlife, no God, illogical, irrational and sensory driven. Well, there’s your choice. What’s it to be? Mathematics or science? Monads or strings? Life or machinery? Mind or matter? Immortal life or just one, mortal, meaningless life? Your choice. As for the Illuminati, as rationalists there’s only one side we want to be on: MATHEMATICS. What was the greatest insight in history? – Pythagoras’s intuition that existence is ontological mathematics. What was the most valuable contribution to this insight? – Leibniz’s logical conclusion that ontological mathematics is grounded in infinite monads (living, immortal, indivisible souls). We have not asked you to believe ANYTHING. We have not given you a fierce, bearded prophet or an infallible holy text. We have not demanded that you accept any God. We have not issued threats of eternal hellfire if you disagree with us. We have not set up an apparatus of brainwashing and persecution. We don’t force you into a church on Sundays. We don’t chop off foreskins or mutilate the clitoris. We don’t put women in burqas and stick them in the corner. We don’t demand the deaths of infidels. Mainstream religion SICKENS US. Only rational religion is sane and acceptable. Well, we have spelled it out. You have all the information you need to make your choice. Now there’s nowhere to hide. You must choose.

The Contest Mathematics versus Science.

Plato versus Aristotle. Leibniz versus Newton. Idealism versus Materialism. The contest is all about Free Will. Are we free or programmed? If we are free, the universe is mathematical. If we are programmed, the universe is scientific. For freedom to exist there has to be a domain that materialist causality can’t directly touch. That other domain is the noumenal domain of zero and infinity. Without it, freedom is impossible. Isn’t it astounding that the great debate over the nature of existence has come down to mathematics versus science and, in particular, to whether the unobservable, noumenal mathematical domain exists? Everything hinges on that single issue. It’s not a matter of physical evidence; it’s a question of reason. And, in the end, it’s all about FREEDOM. Science is freedom’s enemy, and mathematics saves freedom. To all those who oppose Illuminism, we say, “Explain freedom.” Science can’t. Science is all about one type of causality: materialist causality. Science has only one domain, hence has no other possibilities. Mathematics has two domains: extended and unextended, dimensional and dimensionless, materialist and idealist, matter and mind. Materialist causality belongs to the extended domain, and immaterial (mental) causality to the unextended domain. Mental causality isn’t driven by material factors, but by internal factors: personality, character, inner nature. We are free because we can choose between alternative courses of action, according to our own values. Science offers only an inexorable materialist causal chain that nothing can disturb. Freedom is impossible. The mathematical universe is alive and the scientific universe is dead. The choice is literally between life and death. Atheism is a death ideology, and Illuminism is about life and freedom. Scientific materialism is as dangerous to the human spirit as Abrahamism and karmism. Only Illuminism is on the side of the actualisation of human potential. Illuminism promises the best of all outcomes – divinity.

The Emerald City It’s time to build the Logos City, the glinting city of the Illuminati.

The Ultimate Answers Have we not answered everything? We have provided the most comprehensive account of existence of all time, enormously more comprehensive than science. We have answered all of the questions science has singularly failed to. We have answered all the central questions of religion, philosophy and metaphysics. We have done so every time by exactly the same method: mathematically. There is no other way. No member of the Illuminati doubts for a second the truth of Illuminism. We have shown where all other systems of thought are fallacious, and we know it’s impossible to put any dents in mathematics. This really is the end of the line. The only Illuminists who ever fall by the wayside in the modern age are those who succumb to mental illness. Sadly, Illuminism is so powerful that it can literally overwhelm some people’s minds, just as Nietzsche’s incredible ideas may have triggered his mental breakdown. Mental illness can afflict anyone. It’s particularly tragic when it strikes fine minds, but it’s an inescapable fact of life. The Illuminati are no more immune than anyone else.

Marathons Want to try a meditative experiment? Go and watch a major marathon or half marathon with at least 40,000 runners. Stand in one spot and just watch everyone go by. By the end, you will be thinking very strange thoughts about the nature of human existence and why humans behave the way they do.

***** On the subject of marathons, why is there no INTELLECTUAL marathon? Can you imagine getting one hundred thousand people to read philosophy for twenty-four hours non-stop? Do you know the main reasons why it could never happen? Capitalism couldn’t turn it into a lucrative spectacle; TV couldn’t cover it; advertisers

couldn’t exploit it; extraverts would hate it; stupid people would be intimidated, and it would be infinitely hard for any average human being. Running twenty-six miles is a joke compared with reading philosophy for twenty-six hours. The mental is always much more demanding than the physical. All big events are designed for stupid extraverts and never for clever introverts.

***** THE GOD SECRET: the astonishing secret at the core of existence. The secret of nothing. The secret of infinity. The secret of mathematics.

The Armageddon Conspiracy A few people have mentioned to us the portrayal of the Nazis in the novel The Armageddon Conspiracy where they are depicted relatively sympathetically. This novel is based on an ancient plot to kill the Devil (Jehovah) and the Nazis are presented as Gnostics following in the line of the Alchemists, the Cathars, Knights Templar and original Freemasons. It’s a sort of “what if” scenario. Nietzsche has been branded the “Nazi philosopher” even though he was anything but, and Heidegger actually was a Nazi philosopher (although he certainly wasn’t a Nazi in the sense in which Nazism is now understood). Heidegger thought that Nazism would restore authenticity and spirit to an increasingly fake, capitalist, consumer world. Imagine a benevolent Nazism (national SOCIALISM) based on Gnosticism, Nietzsche, Heidegger and meritocracy. Imagine Hitler as a Platonic philosopher king rather than as a lunatic. Imagine Nazism curing the world of Abrahamism. If that’s what Nazism had actually been about, we could now be living in a great world. Instead, Nazism was about psychotic racism and actually just an Aryan version of Judaism (with the “Master Race” replacing the “Chosen People” and Hitler replacing Jehovah). Can the world be changed only by one of these Hitler/ Stalin/ Chairman Mao/ Genghis Khan/ Julius Caesar/ Alexander the Great/ Napoleon/ Moses/ Jesus/ Mohammed characters? Think of the astounding impact these ten individuals have had. Think of how hard it is to change anything via “democracy” and “liberal consensus” – the talking shop; analysis paralysis.

Marxists believed that the world was controlled by a “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” (capitalist elite) and that a dictatorship of the proletariat was necessary before a true Communist State could come into being. So, is some kind of dictatorship inevitable? If so, how can it be made as benevolent as possible, and ready to sacrifice its power as soon as the “state of emergency” is over?

Buddhism and Schopenhauer Buddhist thinking heavily influenced Schopenhauer. In particular, he accepted that there is an underlying living Oneness outside space and time from which originates “illusory” phenomenal existence. Buddhists deny that an individual has an eternal soul, but agree that there is a life force behind all things, to which all things return when suitably enlightened. This union with the underlying life force involves the extinction of the Self, but not of life itself. It’s regarded as an immensely benevolent union, is called nirvana, and is characterised as a sort of tranquil heaven. It’s extraordinarily bizarre that Buddhists find comfort in their own annihilation and the realisation that they are not individuals at all but mere phenomenal projections of an underlying collective life force in which there is no individuality whatsoever. They are literally living illusions with no kernel. They are living processes, not living beings (or becomings). Schopenhauer radically broke ranks with Buddhism by asserting that the underlying Oneness is not good but rather evil; malevolent rather than benevolent, and driven by pure Will and no intellect (no rationality). He understood “nirvana” as total extinction: ceasing to exist in any capacity. He actually wanted the universe to stop willing and to literally vanish from existence, leaving nothing at all. That, for Schopenhauer, was the true end of suffering. For him, existence itself is suffering and only non-existence is non-suffering. The Buddhists also believe in the primacy of suffering, of course, but they optimistically believe that suffering can be ended by following Buddhist teachings. Schopenhauer offered no such escape route. Deep down, Schopenhauer recognised the Buddha as a fraud. If existence is fundamentally benevolent, why does it give rise to so much suffering? Buddha is in exactly the same position as the Abrahamists who try to reconcile a perfect, all-powerful Creator with a manifestly wicked, evil world. It’s logically impossible.

The Abrahamists insanely transfer responsibility for the existence of evil from the Designer to the creatures he designed. Talk about passing the buck. Just as a good worker never blames his tools, a perfect Designer never blames his designs for their imperfection. You can’t bungle your design and then blame the creatures you designed, sentencing them to eternal hell because of your own fuck up! How sick and evil is that? Evil is wholly the responsibility of the Designer, and must in fact be present in him, hence he is not God but a False Claimant pretending to be God. This was why the Gnostics, with impeccable logic, referred to the world’s Creator as an evil Demiurge. Buddha has no explanation for suffering and wickedness other than ignorance. Well, why are people ignorant? They clearly aren’t being directed by any benevolent, intelligent cosmic force underlying all things. Therefore, whatever the underlying Oneness is, it plainly isn’t intelligent, benevolent and free of suffering – so who in their right mind would want to unite with this monstrous entity? Schopenhauer was much more logical and readily adopted Gnostic logic: evil world means evil Creator. All Buddhists ought to read Schopenhauer and shudder – because he understood Buddhism better than Buddha and realised it hid a horrific truth. Buddhists are appallingly misguided and all their hopes are in vain. Buddhists try to save the day with the ludicrous concept of karma (something that Schopenhauer rightly ignored). Karma is the magic ingredient by which Buddhists assert that the universe is getting morally better, and the underlying Oneness is where moral perfection resides. Buddhists fail to understand that only conscious beings are moral, hence karma can’t apply to any non-human animal since they never do anything that’s either good or evil: a shark can’t accumulate bad karma by doing what sharks do (serial killing). If karma doesn’t apply to animals, nor does it apply to humanity, which simply evolved from earlier animal forms. Hegel refutes Buddhism by asserting that evil enters the world only when consciousness enters the world. Before that, the universe was amoral and had no possible karmic dimension. To be clear, karma could not have existed before consciousness. Therefore, logically, it cannot exist at all. It cannot have appeared out of thin air at the same time as consciousness. It cannot have evolved. If it has not ALWAYS existed then karma cannot exist now.

Applying karma to the pre-conscious universe is to commit the classic anthropomorphic error of attributing human intentionality and morality to non-human things. How can microbes be immoral or moral? How can they accumulate good or bad karma? It’s absurd. Should a lion become a vegetarian and starve itself to death to acquire some good karma? It boggles the mind that karma has ever been taken seriously. Nietzsche’s Will to Power immediately shows why evil exists in the world: any brutal contest for power will ipso facto generate evil actions. There’s no mystery about it at all, and no mystery of benevolent forces producing evil worlds. Nietzsche’s Will to Power is metaphysical Darwinism. Nietzsche was highly Darwinian but in a rather disturbing way. He did not believe that evolution typically led to better outcomes, but worse. He regarded exceptional individuals as the apex of evolution, yet they were being continually broken and destroyed by the mediocre masses. The exceptional never prospered. Pathetic “last men” did. Nietzsche wanted a race of Supermen to redefine humanity and, tragically, this became twisted into the Nazi ideology. As Nietzsche would certainly have pointed out, the Nazis were themselves a mediocre marching mass, killing and destroying exceptional human beings. They weren’t improving the world any more than the Bolsheviks were. Nietzsche’s true Supermen are people like GOETHE. Imagine a world shaped and led by people of that calibre. That’s exactly what meritocracy seeks to accomplish.

***** Buddhism, like Schopenhauer, committed the error of thinking that anything outside space and time must automatically be ONE. It was because Buddha believed that everything outside space and time must be just one thing that he denied that people had permanent souls. Apparently, individual souls would vanish in the underlying Oneness. So, to think we were individuals was a grotesque error and illusion in Buddha’s opinion, and was the actual cause of our suffering. We could escape suffering and desire (which produces suffering) only when we recognised that we were not individuals at all! That, in a nutshell, is the whole of Buddhist thinking.

Yet it can be instantly refuted by Leibnizian monads. An infinite number of monads (dimensionless points) can exist together outside space and time and all be completely individual. That is, individual immortal souls DO EXIST, hence Buddhism is false. Mathematically, Buddhism is the assertion that only one indivisible point can exist outside space and time. This is simply wrong. An infinite number of indivisible points exist outside space and time. Infinity destroys Buddhism. Only Illuminism is correct. Illuminism is based on infinite souls not on a single cosmic soul of absolute unity. Why is there so much conflict if the underlying reality is all about Oneness and unity? The conflict arises because there are in fact infinite sources of life, all competing for power, exactly as Nietzsche maintained. The key influences in Schopenhauer’s thinking were Buddha, Plato and Kant. Kant never said anything about all noumena having to be part of one underlying Oneness. He conceived of particular noumena underlying particular phenomena. The number of noumena was unlimited. But the only way for Kant to be right is if all noumena are in fact Leibnizian monads! The key to everything is the fact that monads take up no space (real or imaginary) hence an infinite number can exist outside in a single point outside space and time. In Illuminism, all phenomena originate in monadic noumena and mathematics dictates everything that can possibly happen. Since monads are mathematical points, phenomenal existence can be defined in terms of an ontologically perfect Cartesian grid. We really are in a flawless mathematical arena. Mathematically, the universe is as perfect as it could possibly be. The flaws, errors, immorality, wickedness and evil of the world all come from the countless souls engaged in a savage Darwinian contest for power. Life itself is the source of the cosmic battle. Without life, the universe would simply be a perfect mathematical, Newtonian clockwork mechanism in which the flawless, implacable laws of mathematics play out. The “fly in the ointment” is life itself – us! We ourselves are the most intractable conundrum for science. Science can’t explain how life originated, how mind originated, what consciousness is and how free will is possible in a machinelike universe operating according to causal necessity. In the comic 2000 AD, JUDGE DEATH observed that all crime was committed by the living, so he declared life itself a crime, and sought to eliminate it. In many ways, Judge Death reflects the attitude of scientific

materialists. They want the universe to be a huge machine of inescapable causality. They deny mind, they deny free will and they more or less deny life itself. After all, what is life if you remove free will? It’s just a collection of biological machines. When Descartes asserted that animals had no souls, he thereby turned them into mechanisms, and that’s how scientists think about life. In science, “life”, like non-life, operates according to strict scientific causality, so isn’t actually any different from non-life. Life has no choice; it can’t do anything differently. It’s amazing to think that scientists don’t choose to be scientists or to write their scientific papers or express their scientific opinions: these all happen through causal necessity.

***** Kant was correct that only the noumenal domain permits free will, souls, an afterlife and God. Science denies any noumenal domain and accepts only phenomenal existence – what you see is what you get; there’s nothing beyond. Mathematically, there’s no reason at all why science should reject a domain outside space and time. Scientists do so because they are dogmatic materialists, hence reject anything immaterial. They subscribe to a metaphysical and religious stance, not one based on logic, reason and mathematics. Science is about knowing but “scientists” plainly don’t want to know. They prefer dogmatism and ideology.

***** All scientific, religious and philosophical systems can be reduced to statements about mathematics. Abrahamism is false because it ignores mathematics and all of its doctrines are incompatible with mathematics. Karma is mathematically nonsensical. Buddhism’s rejection of the individual immortal soul is false because any number of dimensionless souls can exist outside space and time: there is no sufficient reason for only one cosmic soul to exist outside space and time (which is the core doctrine of Buddhism). Hinduism is compatible with the existence of monadic souls, hence is superior to Buddhism. Science is false because it rejects zero, infinity, negative and imaginary numbers.

Kant is right that free will and souls can exist only in the noumenal domain where they are not subject to inescapable scientific causality. He’s also right that all phenomena originate in noumena. However, he’s completely wrong that the noumenal domain is unknowable. It’s completely knowable mathematically. The essential point is that the more mathematical an idea is, the more right it is. The further it strays from mathematics the more wrong it is. And if you want absolute truth and knowledge then you have to deal purely with ontological mathematics. Ontological mathematics must replace science as the vehicle of all rational people. Science is at core the irrational religion of materialism.

***** SH: “Life for Plato was an imperfect reflection of a world that existed divinely and perfectly elsewhere. The Platonic soul was the greatest reflection of all. It was in fact God himself. Inside each and every one of us is a marvellous pearl waiting to be discovered. Buried deep inside the clam, the answers and wonders to all of life exist in each of us. Plato’s theory of Forms and allegory of the cave together are two of the most profound secrets revealed to humanity. While the soul has a perfect reflection of the perfect God, it is trapped in this imperfect cave of a prison and of a body. To escape the cave and release the true essence of the soul is to become God. It is to see life as God sees it. It is to know and understand life as God knows and understands life. The soul is defined mathematically as zero. The reflection of the soul being the physical world is infinity. The soul is so wondrous that its reflection numbers up the never-ending ladder of evolution and progresses towards infinity itself, God. The irony is that God is zero and infinity. God transformed the world through zero, which reflects infinity in the physical realm. … Infinity is the never-ending journey to perfecting the image of God within each of us. … Science rejects metaphysics when in fact it should reject materialism. The world is completely backwards. It has done the exact opposite of everything it should have done. If matter is in mind and the mind is inside your head then are you not looking in the wrong direction? To know thyself, know that thyself is existence itself. The mind is literally outside the head and this is the beginning of knowledge. The answers are zero and infinity. Math becomes the language of God.”

Horror Zombies and vampires are both undead, but men prefer zombies and women vampires. Why? Vampires are traditionally depicted as tall, dark, handsome strangers; dominant, masterful, seductive alpha males; brooding, tragic, exciting, transgressive, outsiders, rebels – the sort of people your parents wouldn’t approve of, and with a definite “bite”! Twilight succeeded because it turned the figure of the vampire into a romantic, handsome teenage boy. Fifty Shades of Grey began as Twilight “fan fiction” with the alpha male protagonist, sadistic but seductive, becoming the metaphorical vampire. He feasts on the heroine’s pain and submission rather than on her blood. Women can’t get enough of it! Zombies are animals that look human, that were indeed once human, and which want to make us one of their conformist, moronic, bestial mass. Depending on your political or religious tastes, zombies are metaphors for Muslims, communists, fundamentalist Christians, Orthodox Jews, Republican Party voters… Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a zombie movie by other means. Men love zombie movies for the simple fact that it’s an excuse for slaughtering as many other PEOPLE (everyone they hate) as possible. It’s their neighbours and enemies they actually want to kill, but they need an excuse. So, if their neighbours are deadly zombies, they can legitimately go on a killing rampage. The Columbine Massacre and all mass slaughters by heavily armed discontents involve ordinary people being viewed as zombies that must be killed. Mass murderers setting out to kill people have all the same gear as people setting out to kill zombies. All “monsters” are really projections of the human unconscious, catering for various needs. Vampires are about seduction and sex, werewolves are about expressing the “beast within”, bandaged “mummies” are about the horror of the unknown and mysterious past, aliens are about the horror of the mysterious future, zombies are about our disgust for most other human beings (whom we don’t see as properly human).

The Soul

There are two ways of thinking about the soul. On the one hand, it’s indivisible, an indestructible point. On the other, it’s infinite in extent both mentally and temporally. It’s immortal, with infinite capacity for knowledge. The soul – zero and infinity – is where the two most mysterious numbers of all collide. No wonder the soul has defied the materialists, who reject both zero and infinity.

***** There are five views of the soul: 1) It doesn’t exist (the strict materialist view of science). 2) It exists materially (as a very refined substance, but which lacks the full life force of human bodies); this was the view of many ancient cultures. 3) It exists immaterially and is subject to resurrection, which might restore it to its former material body (Abrahamism). 4) It exists immaterially and is subject to reincarnation (enlightenment religions). 5) There is only a single cosmic soul – outside space and time – and all apparent souls in space and time are simply individuated manifestations of it (this is the view of Buddhism and of Schopenhauer). The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Jews all believed in an Underworld where the dead went. The dead were “shades”: ghostly versions of their former selves. They lacked flesh and, above all, life-giving blood. They lived on effectively forever, but each year they faded just a little bit more. In this view, death wasn’t the end, but it was nothing to look forward to. The living were the envied ones, not those in “paradise”. The dead longed to return to their living bodies. In due course, this became a religious doctrine: resurrection. The template was Osiris, the Egyptian God of the afterlife, the Underworld and the dead. He himself was killed and dismembered, then put together again and revived. Resurrection was about coming back to life in your old body. This view was all about a one-to-one relationship between soul and body.

The alternative view, championed by Eastern religions, Pythagoras and the Celtic Druids, was reincarnation. This was about one soul to MANY BODIES. In the Greek view of reincarnation, souls drank from the Lethe, the Underworld River of forgetfulness, and came back in new bodies. Resurrection implies the existence of a Creator. He created your soul and put it in your body. Your body and soul are now linked forever. If you die, your only way back is via your old body. With reincarnation, no Creator is implied or is necessary. Your soul is the important thing: different bodies come and go. Reincarnation is associated with an evolutionary process to some final state (enlightenment). Your fate is in your own hands. You are no one’s slave or property. With resurrection, your fate is up to God, your Creator. He owns you. He’s your master. You are his property, his slave. The master-slave model is built into this Creationist view. You must worship God and do his bidding because if you don’t he will punish you in hell. This therefore leads to religions of extreme control and terror (Abrahamism). With reincarnation, souls can become God. This view presents souls as dominant, strong, autonomous and independent. They take care of business, their own business. With resurrection, all souls are dependent on God and are at his mercy. He controls their fate. He judges them. Souls are submissive, weak, conformist, afraid, lacking independence and autonomy. Reincarnation (Evolution) and Resurrection (Creationism) are associated with two radically different types of people. Reincarnation is for thinking and intuitives types, and is primarily about introversion. Resurrection is for sensing feeling types. (Thinking sensing types are likely to be scientific materialist atheists; feeling intuitive types can be either resurrectionists or reincarnationists, depending on cultural norms). Resurrection is primarily for extraverts. Reincarnation is about Logos; resurrection is about Mythos. Reincarnation is for clever people, and resurrection for stupid people.

***** If such things as materialist souls existed, they would be subject to scientific cause and effect and no free will would be possible (hence they would not be meaningful souls at all).

***** Zombies are bodies that are resurrected, but without their former souls. However, if the soul is the life force then if it’s not present how can a body be animated at all? The implication is that zombies acquire primitive, generic souls lacking any personality or individuation. They are all preoccupied with the same thing: eating the flesh of the properly living. Given that all generic behaviour can be characterised as “zombie”, we might describe fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims as zombies. Which explains a lot! (And especially watch out for the Catholics: they eat Christ’s body and drink his blood – classic zombie behaviour.)

***** Jesus Christ was resurrected in a physical body, which Doubting Thomas subsequently touched. Yet Jesus then ascended to heaven. So, either heaven is a physical place, or Jesus’ resurrected physical body suddenly became non-physical in order to be admitted to an immaterial heaven. Resurrection is a “have your cake and eat it” doctrine. It flirts with saying that we get our old body back here on earth (as allegedly happened with Jesus Christ), but then just as strongly suggests that we get an immaterial spirit body and go to an immaterial heaven. Don’t bother asking any Abrahamist for an explanation. None of them has the vaguest idea. The doctrine is full of contradictions and makes no logical sense at all.

***** According to Christian Gnosticism, Jesus Christ didn’t have a physical body, hence didn’t die on the cross and wasn’t resurrected. He always had an immaterial spirit body, and was sent by the True God to earth as a messenger (super angel) to help humanity become enlightened.

***** Lazarus syndrome: when a clinically dead person returns to life.

***** In Abrahamism, God personally attaches your soul to your body. But if there is no Creator then your eternal soul must have a specific scientific-

mathematical mechanism for attaching itself to a body. If it can do it once, it can do it an infinite number of times (i.e. via reincarnation). Moreover, if it does this process over and over again, it can presumably do it better and better each time, gaining more and more expertise and mastery of the process. In the end, it can choose exactly to which body it wants to attach itself. It can, in effect, direct its own path to enlightenment.

Conditional Immortality “Several churches, such as the Anabaptists and Socinians of the Reformation, then Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christadelphians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and theologians of different traditions reject the idea of the immortality of a non-physical soul as a vestige of Neoplatonism, and other pagan traditions. In this school of thought, the dead remain dead (and do not immediately progress to a Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory) until a physical resurrection of some or all of the dead occurs at the end of time. Some groups, Christadelphians in particular, consider that it is not a universal resurrection ... Christadelphians hold that the dead count three groups; the majority who will never be raised, those raised to condemnation and a second final destruction in the ‘Second Death’, and those raised to eternal life.” – Wikipedia According to this view, souls can be annihilated (in contradiction of the First Law of Thermodynamics). Moreover, some souls are resurrected simply to send them to hell, or annihilate them again. Why would God bother to do such a thing, unless he were a sadist – a Torture God?

The Jews and the Zoroastrians The great secret of Judaism is that it is actually Jewish Zoroastrianism. It was the Persians (with their Zoroastrian religion) who liberated the Jews from the Babylonian Captivity, and their beliefs became highly influential in Jewish thinking (Cyrus, the Persian king was called the Messiah by the Jews!). However, whereas Zoroastrianism was strongly dualistic (hence could offer a viable explanation of the existence of evil), the Jews chose to emphasize monotheism. The Zoroastrians believed in a final, Apocalyptic battle between good and evil, resulting in a Last Judgment. This was logical in terms of a

dualistic system where good and evil are finely balanced, but doesn’t make much sense in a monotheism where “God” can crush evil at any time. “Frashokereti is the Avestan language term for the Zoroastrian doctrine of a final renovation of the universe, when evil will be destroyed, and everything else will be then in perfect unity with God (Ahura Mazda). The name suggests ‘making wonderful, excellent’. The doctrinal premises are (1) good will eventually prevail over evil; (2) creation was initially perfectly good, but was subsequently corrupted by evil; (3) the world will ultimately be restored to the perfection it had at the time of creation; (4) the ‘salvation for the individual depended on the sum of [that person’s] thoughts, words and deeds, and there could be no intervention, whether compassionate or capricious, by any divine being to alter this.’ Thus, each human bears the responsibility for the fate of his own soul, and simultaneously shares in the responsibility for the fate of the world. ... The narrative continues with a projection of Ahura Mazda and the six Amesha Spentas solemnizing a final act of worship (yasna), and the preparation of parahaoma from ‘white haoma’. The righteous will partake of the parahaoma, which will confer immortality upon them. Thereafter, humankind will become like the Amesha Spentas, living without food, without hunger or thirst, and without weapons (or possibility of bodily injury). The material substance of the bodies will be so light as to cast no shadow. All humanity will speak a single language and belong to a single nation without borders. All will share a single purpose and goal, joining with the divine for a perpetual exaltation of God’s glory.” – Wikipedia Although Abrahamism is strictly monotheistic, the Jews, Christians and Muslims all loved the notion of a final conflict, so eagerly adopted it. It served a psychological need, not a rational one. The existence of evil is formally impossible in a universe created by an all-powerful being who can do no evil. That’s a logical fact. Leibniz offered the only conceivable defence: God deliberately created evil because he was logically constrained by a higher end – the need to create “the best of all possible worlds”. The introduction of evil was necessary. Imagine a world without evil. Imagine a Stepford Wives world of perfect people. Who would want to live there? What moral tests would there be?

The Four Noble Truths

“I teach suffering, its origin, cessation and path. That’s all I teach.” – the Buddha 1) The truth of suffering (Dukkha). 2) The truth of the origin of suffering (Samudāya). 3) The truth of the cessation of suffering (Nirodha). 4) The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering (Magga). Buddhists teach that the root of all suffering is desire (tanhā), which comes in three forms (the Three Roots of Evil; the Three Fires; the Three Poisons): 1)

Greed and desire (represented by a rooster).


Ignorance or delusion (represented by a pig).

3) Hatred and destructive urges (represented by a snake).

***** Good and Bad Desire: it is craving or misplaced desire that is bad for us. Positive desires, such as desire for enlightenment and to help others, are good.

***** The Buddha taught that the way to extinguish desire, the cause of suffering, is to liberate oneself from attachment. Nirvana is the result. Nirvana means “extinguishing”. Attaining nirvana – enlightenment – therefore means extinguishing the three fires of greed, delusion and hatred. In Schopenhauer’s philosophy – which might be called Pessimistic Buddhism rather than Optimistic Buddhism – our core essence is suffering and desire (the Will), and nirvana for Schopenhauer involved ceasing to Will, hence being completely extinguished from existence. As long as you existed you were a manifestation of Will, hence of desire and suffering. (On occasion, Schopenhauer hinted that a non-willing purely contemplative existence was possible, though that doesn’t fit logically with his core position concerning Will as the noumenon.) After death, an enlightened Buddhist is liberated from the cycle of rebirth. However, Buddhism provides no clear answers as to what happens

next and the Buddha (conveniently for him!) discouraged his followers from probing too deeply into the nature of nirvana and the beyond. Of course, that was because he had no answers. Schopenhauer, however, did. There is a unitary life force outside space and time (a “World Soul”, if you will, or Will) that endures eternally. For Schopenhauer, only two fates can await anything that “escapes” from space and time: annihilation (but the First Law of Thermodynamics forbids this), or permanent absorption into the noumenal Will. Schopenhauer regarded the Will entirely negatively, so anything that brought you even closer to its core could only be bad. Buddhists regard the unitary soul outside space and time as something good and positive, and dream of uniting with it permanently, even if it means the extinction of any last traces of the Self. Logically, it’s impossible to view Buddhist nirvana as anything other than death itself since nothing remains of YOU. Aristotle believed that the only part of the human soul that survived death was the rational part that in fact belonged to God. Therefore, in his view, nothing human survived death. Only God’s reason endured. Buddhists similarly believe that nothing personal survives enlightenment. Only the essential, impersonal life force goes on, returning to its noumenal origin. However, logically, this must then be available to start the whole life process again. So, when one person becomes “enlightened” and leaves the cycle of life, death and rebirth, all that happens is that the entire thing then begins for “someone else”. There can in fact be NO escape from this system. Enlightened people are simply extinguished and turned into new unenlightened life forces. That, logically, is the inevitable outcome of Buddhism. No wonder Schopenhauer thought Buddhism agreed with his extreme pessimism. The only reason Buddhism has flourished is that no one has thought it through. However, its central problem of annihilation of the Self can be escaped simply by switching to Hinduism or Illuminism where each of us has a personal, permanent soul that can never be passed on to anyone else.

***** The great mystery of both Buddhism and Schopenhauer’s philosophy is why an underlying Oneness (a World Soul) should give rise to countless individuated souls all viciously fighting with each other. Why doesn’t an

underlying Oneness give rise to something like an ant colony full of cooperating creatures acting as a single collective? Wouldn’t that be much more logical? The Buddha simply ignored all such questions. It’s hard to understand why such a crass and simplistic doctrine has become so popular. Well, other than the general stupidity of the human race!

***** Materialism isn’t consistent with souls, but, as we have shown in the God Series, souls can easily explain matter. Given that ideas are the ONLY things we ever experience, there is no evidence at all that a “material” world, external of our minds, does or can exist. Perversely, materialism is regarded as the default position in the modern world when in fact the only possible default position is idealism. A prima facie defence of idealism can be mounted based on our own thoughts, which seem to have no connection at all with matter. We can’t see our thoughts, touch them, smell them, hear them, or taste them. They are inherently immaterial and non-sensory. Therefore, materialists are the ones who must PROVE that their position is correct, and of course no such proof is possible. No materialist has ever accounted for the phenomenon of mind or consciousness, or even suggested any plausible hypothesis. Idealism can explain materialism without difficulty. Illuminism shows precisely how via mathematics, which is a wholly MENTAL subject. This is an information universe and information is mental. There’s no such thing as “solid” matter. There’s no such thing as “physicality”. There’s no such thing as a world that exists independently of mind. What actually exists is the mental perception of physicality. Bishop Berkeley’s ultra idealist position is vindicated in this regard. Bishop Berkeley proposed that the “objective world” was simply an idea in the mind of God. If God chose to stop thinking about the objective world, it would vanish. As he famously said, “To be is to be perceived.” In Illuminism, it is not God that guarantees the existence of the objective world but the infinite Leibnizian monadic minds, all cooperating mathematically. However, this mathematical objective world is eventually wiped out by the “expansion of space”. To put it another way, the addition of more and more minds eventually overwhelms the illusion of physicality and renders it mathematically dead (the coherence of the material illusion is destroyed by “stretching”: eventually, extended things are so extended that

they are no longer individuated things and shapes). At this stage, the material world has ended, and a new Age is about to begin, in which a new material world will be summoned into existence.

Hysterical Blindness This is a psychological condition in which stress renders a patient temporarily unable to see. It is described as a “conversion disorder” – a physical expression of a psychological state. In this condition, your eyes are functioning normally but you have unconsciously blocked off visual impulses from your eyes to your brain, or refused to process the signals you are receiving. It is as if you literally don’t want to see all the shit you’re having to deal with, so you don’t. This disorder is most common in females and young adults. It’s easy for Illuminism to explain mind over matter; it’s impossible for science to explain such a phenomenon. What possible materialist mechanism could cause a functioning eye not to see?

Human Text? “If you say the Koran is a human text, then you cease to be Muslim.” – Mustafa Akyol All Muslims believe that the Koran is an infallible, supernatural book, ultimately originating from Allah. Given that it’s littered with errors of fact, this poses a serious problem. How do Muslims address this? Simple. They refuse to see any errors. They suffer from a different kind of hysterical blindness!

The Consciousness Problem The mind operates continuously, but it has a serious problem. The mind operates outside space and time and the body operates inside space and time. When the mind communicates with the body, a conversion of a frequency function into a spacetime function is required. When any information is being sent back, a spacetime signal has to be converted into a frequency signal. Our consciousness seems to be in spacetime (controlling our body), but in fact it’s in the frequency domain of mind. When the mind gives us something to say or do in spacetime, it then needs to wait for the reaction that occurs in spacetime. For example, if we

scream at someone, or punch them (or whatever), there’s going to be an inevitable response, but the mind has to wait to receive it, so what’s it doing in the meantime? Has it gone into suspended animation? No, the mind is always anticipating and predicting what is going to happen. It uses a narrative. It tells a story about what’s going on. Why do we get on really well with some people and find others incredibly awkward? It’s because people we like do what we think they’re going to do. They’re on our wavelength. Our narrative can accommodate them. On the other hand, people we dislike say and do things that confuse us, that produce a jarring effect. We start to feel out of control. Our narrative can’t handle them. In Jungian terms, that means our shadow is likely to be activated and when that happens we become our own evil twin, so to speak. If we’re thinking types, we suddenly get emotional. If we’re intuitives, we switch to sensing. If we’re introverts, we become extraverts. We’ve left our comfort zone. It’s as if we’re suddenly driving a completely different car from the one we’re used to, and it has different controls and is on the wrong side of the road. We don’t like that, so we avoid people who make us feel awkward and alien. We have experienced a “clash of personalities”. Our narratives don’t harmonize.

***** Why are jokes funny? The comic prepares us for a particular outcome, and by the time he is about to deliver the punchline we have already decided how the story must end (we’re ALWAYS thinking ahead, always anticipating). The comic’s job is to switch to an alternative ending that is consistent with the setup, but wholly different from the most expected outcome (the conclusion we have immediately jumped to, and which he knows we have jumped to). He metaphorically pulls the carpet from under us at the last moment, and we fall over – which is why we laugh. The comic is in the same game as the magician/illusionist. The illusionist directs our attention towards something and we immediately set about anticipating what is going to happen. We are intent on what he seems to be doing (what he is intentionally showing us) rather than what he is actually doing. As with the joke, we are sure a certain outcome is inevitable, but instead something completely different happens, which startles and delights us. Twist endings in novels work the same way.

All of these things are about MISDIRECTION. We are led along a predictable path and don’t notice that something else is taking place. We’re too busy anticipating and not busy enough observing what’s really happening. People such as autistics are much more likely to spot tricks than normal people. That’s because they’re not anticipating what’s about to happen (i.e. they’re not IN THE FUTURE mentally) and are instead focused only on the PRESENT (which is where the trick is talking place). The illusionist relies on the fact that our attention is always a step ahead of what he’s doing. He’s pointing us to the next step in the logical sequence of events and we’re happy to go there. But while he’s pointing ahead, he’s doing something completely different. We don’t see it, but any person without empathy (such as an autistic), any person who is attentionally impaired (i.e. they get easily distracted, hence don’t look where the illusionist wants them to look), or any person who thinks and behaves very differently, is much more likely to detect the trick. Children are less easily fooled than adults because they are less good at predicting what comes next (because of their lack of experience), hence are more alert and observant. Experience is much vaunted but it often leads to laziness and complacency. The “experienced” person says, “Ah, I’ve seen all of this before. This is how this story ends.” Of course, he’s often right, but now and again he’s sure to make disastrous errors because he has assumed too much. “Consciousness” is a grand simulation of reality rather than awareness of reality itself. Consciousness is a construct and a narrative, an anticipation of the future. It works well most of the time because the world is mostly highly predictable. In a famous psychology experiment, observers who are counting the number of times a group of basketball players pass the ball to each other completely fail to notice that a man in a gorilla suit has walked into the centre of the court and waved at them. That proves how strange and fake consciousness actually is. How can anyone miss a gorilla? They were looking right at him and yet didn’t see him. How is that possible? What it implies is truly astounding. The observers don’t actually “see” at all. They simulate. They have an idea of what ought to be there, and they see what they expect to see rather than what’s actually there. When we’re proofreading our books, we often see what we expect to be there rather than what’s actually there. So, we miss several typos because

when we’re looking at them we magically convert them into how they ought to be rather than how they actually are. People in love see their lover as supernaturally perfect and are quite oblivious to the flaws everyone else can see. Humans are superb at selfdeception, at simulating reality rather than interacting with actual reality, at creating self-serving narratives. To a very real extent, we make up reality as we go along – which is why the gap between mind and consciousness proves much less important than would be expected. “Visual information entering our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual cortices. Some studies suggest that less than 50 percent of what we ‘see’ is actually based on information entering our eyes. The remaining 50 percent plus is pieced together out of our expectations of what the world should look like (and perhaps out of other sources such as reality fields). The eyes may be visual organs, but it is the brain that sees.” – Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe Of course, the point is that the brain doesn’t “see”; it simulates. It fills in what it expects to be there rather than what’s there. The gorilla isn’t seen because it’s completely unexpected. It doesn’t enter the simulation we’re running. Comics and illusionists use our self-deception against us. So do religious leaders, political leaders and capitalists. Advertising is all about deceiving us. Humanity is a race of deceivers and self-deceivers. We are mired in deception one way or another. Humans are born liars. Truth comes to humans with much more difficulty than lies. Truth doesn’t come to most people at all. They never escape the lies: their own and those of others. What is Abrahamism? Just an enormous lie.

Plenum versus Void In ancient Greece, the Atomists believed that indivisible things (atoms) travelled in a void. In pre-quantum mechanics modern science, the vacuum was treated as a void. Absolute Newtonian space was originally treated as a void, but then it was replaced by a substance (ether) that filled everything (in order to explain how light was carried through space). Einstein’s special theory of

relativity got rid of the ether then general relativity restored it as warpable spacetime. Talk about confused! What is void anyway? Isn’t it non-existence? So how can non-existence and existence be present together? How can anything travel through something that isn’t there? SOMETHING must be there, but what is something that acts like nothing? – monads! Monads form an existential plenum. They occupy everything. There is no non-monadic existence. Moreover, each monad has infinite energy capacity (perfectly balanced between real and imaginary numbers, positive and negative). So, it’s possible to think of the monadic plenum as being an infinite density energy field, made up of a real space field, imaginary space field (time field), anti-real space field and anti-imaginary space field – all of which cancel each other overall (but not in local areas of symmetrybreaking). So, the plenum is both something and nothing. The material world of our experience emerges from this plenum.

Space and Time “What is crucial in the present context is that, according to the theory of relativity, a sharp distinction between space and time can not be maintained (except as an approximation, valid at velocities small compared with that of light).” – David Bohm This is the conventional view, but it’s wholly false. Space and time are always completely separate. The reason for the confusion is that they are dynamically coupled. As one increases, the other decreases. As speed through space increases, time is steadily wiped out. At light speed through space, time doesn’t exist at all. Yet when we are stationary in space, we are moving at light speed through time. “Both in common experience and in physics, time has generally been considered to be a primary, independent and universally applicable order, perhaps the most fundamental one known to us. Now, we have been led to propose that it is secondary and that, like space, it is to be derived from a higher-dimensional ground, as a particular order.” – Bohm That’s true. Space and time are simply manifestations of mathematics, of real and imaginary numbers, respectively.

The Monadic Hologram What is a hologram? – an interference pattern recorded on a suitable film. Now imagine a Super Singularity composed of infinite basis singularities (monads). As discussed in The God Equation, these monads can arrange themselves into the functional equivalent of a perfect Cartesian grid by assuming unique “fermionic” coordinates (although they always remain inside the Super Singularity – they don’t physically move anywhere). So, this Cartesian grid become a suitable holographic “film”. Each monad pours perfect energy waves (produced by Euler’s Formula) into this film. Think of the Big Bang. The physical world is said to arise from a single point. In the monadic Big Bang, the single point (Super Singularity) comprises infinite points, each of which “explodes” – so the Big Bang is the simultaneous detonation of the whole of space! Everywhere, waves are colliding and creating an infinite cosmic interference pattern – the ultimate existential hologram. The whole pattern is incomprehensible, of course. But what happens if you introduce, into the midst of this living, baffling hologram, minds that have evolved the capability to decode the interference pattern in their local environment by turning it from a frequency representation (Fourier transform) into a spacetime Fourier function, i.e. minds that perform inverse Fourier transforms. What happens? Well, the world as we know it appears out of the staggering complexity of the cosmic hologram. We are living inside a hologram and we are designed to perform inverse Fourier transform operations to create a way of understanding and interacting with our IMMEDIATE environment. There is absolutely no point in knowing what’s going on a trillion light years away. When we attain GOD CONSCIOUSNESS that becomes relevant, but, at the present time, we apply the “reducing valve” of ordinary consciousness. That’s more than enough to be getting on with for most of us. But never forget that the whole thing is taking place within one point – the Super Singularity. There is no “physical” world. It’s an objective mental construct, one upon which all minds are agreed. Einsteinian relativity theory is, frankly, an absurdity in this system. This is an ABSOLUTE system. There’s nothing relativistic about it.

Note that this system automatically explains quantum entanglement – how infinitely separate particles communicate with each other instantaneously. For one thing, they’re not infinitely far apart – they are together in a dimensionless Super Singularity (the distance is a mathematical “illusion”. Secondly, in a hologram, the whole is in every part, so everything is completely interconnected. Right now, you are linked to the entire universe, but you are filtering out virtually all of that information in order to get on with your day-to-day life in this world, which requires only a tiny amount of information (concerning your immediate surroundings). When you achieve gnosis, you no longer filter out all of that information and you can process as much of it as you like – which is why you are a God. Even now, it’s possible to “expand” your mind and access all sorts of information all around you. All genuine paranormal abilities are actually holographic abilities. Jungian synchronicity is a holographic phenomenon – it’s based on holographic (non-local) cause and effect rather than conventional physical (local) cause and effect. The “hidden” mind (the unconscious) is NOT carrying out inverse Fourier transforms – hence is unshielded from the WHOLE universe. It seeks out meaning in the universe, and it links to anything in the vicinity that is meaningful. Any synchronicity phenomenon that can happen WILL happen. They will be relatively rare, of course, but not where seven billion people are concerned. Significant synchronicity events may be happening several times a day across the world – but no one is gathering all of the data.

***** Why does the conscious mind struggle to communicate with the unconscious mind? It’s because they operate in different ways. Consciousness performs inverse Fourier transforms; the unconscious doesn’t.

The Big Bang The Big Bang was actually an infinity of “little bangs”! The whole thing occurred holographically and since there were no conscious minds performing inverse Fourier transforms, there were no sensory events at all –

no bangs, no colours, no tastes, no smells; nothing other than unfolding mathematical operations.

Non-Locality The holographic universe operates at all times according to non-locality. This means that it operates according to Fourier transform (frequency) mathematics. The “physical universe” – what we perceive with our senses (produced by the inverse Fourier transform) – operates at all times according to locality. This shows how foolish the ideology of empiricist science is. It’s entirely based on the notion of WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get. With a crippling and catastrophic lack of imagination, intuition and basic mathematical nous, scientists have closed their minds to any other possibilities. That’s what happens when you worship the senses rather than reason. Empiricist materialist science is an intellectual disgrace and embarrassment: an insult to reason. The holographic universe is whole, interconnected, non-local, dynamic and evolving. It’s mental, alive and intelligent (albeit unconscious until consciousness evolves in people such as us). The “physical” universe is machine-like, separate, local, disconnected, individuated and rather stupid (like the scientists who study it so unimaginatively). Moreover, it’s an illusion, created by the holographic cosmic mind.

Is Mathematics a Language? “Innovations in the philosophy of language during the 20th century renewed interest in whether mathematics is, as is often said, the language of science. Although most mathematicians and physicists (and many philosophers) would accept the statement ‘mathematics is a language’, linguists believe that the implications of such a statement must be considered. For example, the tools of linguistics are not generally applied to the symbol systems of mathematics, that is, mathematics is studied in a markedly different way than other languages. If mathematics is a language, it is a different type of language than natural languages. Indeed, because of the need for clarity and specificity, the language of mathematics is far more constrained than natural languages studied by linguists. However, the

methods developed by Frege and Tarski for the study of mathematical language have been extended greatly by Tarski’s student Richard Montague and other linguists working in formal semantics to show that the distinction between mathematical language and natural language may not be as great as it seems.” – Wikipedia Ah, the familiar game. Mathematics is subordinated to science and made its “language”. Yet how can that be the case if science only accepts positive real numbers and dismisses all other numbers? Why would you invent a language and then completely ignore most of it? Others, including mathematicians themselves and cognitive psychologists, claim that mathematics is something that develops from other languages, i.e. we invent languages and then we use them to invent mathematics. In this view, mathematics is purely a construct of the human mind. If you go out into nature and examine anything at all in the natural world: leaves, beehives, snowflakes, nautilus shells, fractals, the weather … it’s all mathematical. Why is mathematics embedded in everything? Why is it encoded everywhere? You won’t find English and Chinese encoded in nature. Mathematics is in fact the language of existence. Science became “serious” only when it started using mathematics. Without mathematics, science is astrology, divination and alchemy. As for our humanly constructed languages, these all in fact derive from mathematics. Mathematics is the first language, the proto language, and is encoded in all of us. When you apply Mythos to the Logos mathematical language, you get the “natural” languages of the world. All grammar and syntax is mathematical. Mythos emotionalism and sensing adds adjectives and adverbs to the core words (nouns and verbs). Basic language consists of doers (subjects who do things), the things they do (verbs: doing words) and the things they do them to (objects – nouns, or other people or animals).

The Divine Secret Existence consists of just one point. That’s it. The point contains infinite points, each containing infinity (thus the Singularity contains infinite infinities), giving rise to the illusion of the (infinite) objective material world of our experience. Existence is, at root, entirely mental. Mathematics creates all of the “illusions” to which we are subject, and mediates all of our relations. Mathematics is itself 100% mental but its objective character creates the “phantom of the physical”. Strip away all the mathematical infrastructure of the illusion and all that remains is an infinity of souls, all inhabiting the same single dimensionless point that occupies no space at all, that’s absolutely NOTHING. All of these souls exist at different stages of development. Some are approaching divinity. Most are mired in the arena of beasts and endarkenment. This has the most extraordinary consequence. Heaven and hell sit right on top of each other. No distance at all separates them. Enlightened minds are in heaven, and endarkened minds are in hell, or creating hell for others. Is it not breathtaking? Humanity has always aspired to enter heaven and never see hell, yet the truth is we’re all surrounded by heaven and hell all of the time. Our Logos mind (reason) gains us entry to heaven and our Mythos mind (emotion and senses) is what, through unreason, delivers hell. It was always the ancient Gnostic view that the realm of light was exclusively for the Platonic mind of reason, hence it was essential to attain gnosis. We had all fallen into the material world because of our lusts, because of our bestial, irrational nature that was disgusted with reason. We had brought ourselves under the dominion of the “Creator” of the wicked sensory world – under the power of Jehovah/Christ/Allah … aka the Devil! All of this great drama of life takes place within one mental point, yet it’s an infinite mental plenum and in this plenum sits the material world. The Satanic material world sits inside the Godly realm of light and reason. We are permanently surrounded by God and the Devil (reason and unreason), and we all have to make our choices. Mathematics is the divine subject of God, and science is the study of the Devil’s material realm. Mathematics leads to enlightenment and God. Science leads not, in fact, to the Devil but to Godlessness (atheism).

The key to the Demiurge’s psyche is that he believes himself the True God and the Creator of all things. He doesn’t recognise anything beyond or above him. He never thinks such thoughts. His identity is based on his delusion that it’s all about him. Science is just like the Demiurge. It believes itself the creator of all things, and doesn’t accept anything above or beyond empiricism and materialism (the keys to the Demiurge’s domain). It deludes itself that it’s the route to true knowledge. Science is to mathematics as Jehovah/Christ/Allah is to Abraxas (the True God). Science is what the Demiurge studies, and mathematics is what Abraxas studies. What subject will you study? Are you a child of the dark or the light? Your choice.

The Jungian Collective Unconscious “The psychic lies embedded in something that appears to be of a nonpsychic nature.” – Jung Mathematics is the answer to Jung’s riddle. Mathematics, via holography, also provides the complete justification of Jung’s great insight about the Collective Unconscious. All of the laws of the universe, of mathematics, of the mind, are contained as Forms or Archetypes, available to everyone and everything: the whole is in each part. We should think of the universe in two ways: a part (monad) looking out to the whole and a whole (all monads) looking in to the part. In terms of the part looking out, we have a personal consciousness and a personal unconscious. The personal consciousness uses inverse Fourier transforms to make sense of the external world, and the personal unconscious does not. This is why the personal consciousness and unconscious struggle are so different. In terms of the whole looking in, the collective unconscious is available to all of us. There is not yet a collective consciousness using inverse Fourier transforms, but that possibility is certainly available mathematically. Our minds need to acquire the capacity to translate the information of the collective unconscious into their alternative representation. God consciousness has exactly that capability.


It’s not just the laws of the universe that are contained in the collective unconscious, it’s also the contents of the monadic minds themselves, all of them. ALL information is potentially available to us. Psychic phenomena such as mind reading occur when a “reader” is able to make a link to the target via the collective unconscious and then translate the Fourier transform information into normal consciousness. There’s no obstacle in principle. Most psychics are charlatans but that doesn’t mean that they have no capabilities at all. Psychics with a genuine gift typically become frauds because they have to perform night after night, show after show, event after event – and psychic ability is not available to order. So, they start cheating, and soon they have become outright conmen, while still convincing themselves that they are authentic.

Intuition Intuition is itself psychic. You can “read” a situation instantly. You can “see” what is in someone’s mind. The answer to a complex problem can be presented to you in a sudden flash, as if out of thin air.

***** All manner of baffling phenomena are baffling only when viewed through the prism of Einsteinian relativistic localism. Viewed from another paradigm – holographic absolutist non-localism – these phenomena are not baffling at all. Why have we all allowed ourselves to become slaves of the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm of science? It’s time to break out. It’s time for mathematics. “There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it – from snowflakes to maple trees to falling trees and spinning electrons – are only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond space and time. … The most staggering thing about the holographic model was that it suddenly made sense of a wide range of phenomena so elusive they generally have been categorised outside the province of scientific understanding. These include telepathy, precognition, mystical feelings of oneness with the universe, and even psychokinesis, or the ability of the mind to move physical objects without anyone touching them. … [Death is] really nothing more than the shifting of a person’s

consciousness from one level of the hologram of reality to another. … only a holographic model [of the brain] can explain such things as archetypal experiences, encounters with the collective unconscious, and other unusual phenomena experienced during altered states of consciousness.” – Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe What is a dream? It’s when a mind subjectively uses Fourier mathematics rather than tuning into the objective Fourier mathematics of the whole monadic ensemble. Holography has been identified as the most promising model for a physics of consciousness, and that’s exactly right. EVERYTHING – the mental and material worlds – must be brought together via Fourier mathematics. That is the elusive answer to Cartesian mind-body dualism.

Belief Addiction Are Abrahamists addicted to their beliefs? Marx described religion as the opium of the people. Is trying to wean an Abrahamist away from their addiction even more difficult than curing heroin addicts? Are suicide bombers those who have overdosed on their beliefs? Are churches, synagogues and mosques shooting galleries where pure religious heroin in injected into the faithful? Religion is extremely closely connected to identity. Once your identity is fully invested in a belief system, is there any way out? To escape, you would need to lose your identity and construct another. That is far too difficult for most people. Religion works by brainwashing babies from birth and controlling the formation of their identity. The only way to stop religious addiction is to stop the brainwashing, or to instantly challenge and counteract it via school and education.

***** “It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn’t that there aren’t objects out there, at one level of reality. It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different view, a different reality. And that other reality can explain things that have hitherto remained inexplicable scientifically: paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events.” – Karl Pribram

“Pribram realized that if the holographic brain model was taken to its logical conclusions, it opened the door on the possibility that objective reality – the world of coffee cups, mountain vistas, elm trees, and table lamps – might not even exist, or at least not exist in the way we believe it exists. Was it possible, he wondered, that what the mystics had been saying for centuries was true, reality was maya, an illusion and what was out there was a really a vast, resonating symphony of wave forms, a ‘frequency domain’ that was transformed into the world as we know it only after it entered our senses.” – Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe People like David Bohm, Karl Pribram and Michael Talbot were certainly in the right game. The problem for them was that they couldn’t link their ideas to anything sufficiently substantive and their ideas were deemed to be quasi-religious speculation unworthy of scientific consideration. Illuminism rectifies that problem by putting Leibnizian monads at the heart of the holographic theory, and bringing with them Euler’s Formula and Fourier mathematics. A PRECISE ontological mathematical account can now be given of ideas that were otherwise too “flaky”.

The Dualism of Points In the “material” domain, all points are individuated and “location” exists. In the mind domain, all points are equal to all other points and this is a “non-local” environment. This dialectic of separated points and unseparated points is what drives reality.

The Matrix The Scientists are “blue pill” people. They remain unimaginatively locked into the apparent the world, the WYSIWYG world – the MATRIX. Seeing is believing. Mathematicians are the “red pill” elite, those who can see far beyond what is right in front of their faces. They have escaped from the Matrix. What about you? Blue pill or red pill? Are you the prisoner of your senses? Are you a boring, plebeian scientist lacking imagination? Or are you a daring, patrician mathematician full of imagination, intuition and bold ideas? The Grail Knights who failed were always “scientists” – those who always did the obvious things, went to the obvious places and could never see the hidden truth. The successful Grail Knights were the “mathematicians” who could “see”. You’ll never become God if you worship the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm of science. You will be a sad, tedious atheist with no sense of wonder and awe. When you become a rationalist and idealist, you can soar beyond the confines of this world and explore the Unknown Lands. You can reach Plato’s perfect domain of rational Forms. You have escaped the Matrix, the Demiurge’s material prison. Leave the scientists behind. Become a divine mathematician; a person who studies the Gods and will one day BE a God. Neo was a mathematician. Cypher – the traitor – was a scientist. He couldn’t stand true reality.

Jungian-Fourier Personality Types The left brain, home of consciousness, is the location of the main centres for inverse Fourier transform processing (converting frequencies into spacetime representations). The right brain, home of the unconscious, is much more attuned to the frequency domain itself. Thinking (sequential reason) and sensing belong to the left brain. Intuition (parallel reason) and feeling belong to the right brain. The left brain is local; the right brain non-local. The left brain is reductive; the right brain is holistic.

The left brain is analytic; the right brain is synthetic. The left brain is the thesis, the right brain the antithesis and the whole brain the synthesis. Scientists are thinking sensing types. They are therefore extremely leftbrained and cut off from right brain holism. The reasons why scientists are so dogmatically empiricist and materialist is that their brains are wired that way. They can’t “feel” the holistic world and nor can they intuit it, so they can’t experience or imagine it at all. That’s why scientists are so prone to atheism, and have zero spirituality. Why are women much more cooperative, collaborative and less violent than men? – because they are much more right brained and holistic. Women are better at multitasking than men. Why? Because they’re holistic while men are linear. Autistics typically have severe damage to the female parts of the brain, making them examples of the “extreme male brain”. They are often machine-like calculators with no empathy, sympathy or intuition. Psychopaths are nearly always male. They have zero “positive” empathy and sympathy for their victims, but they often have high “negative” empathy, meaning that they know how to exploit, manipulate and con people. Psychopaths are like a cross between scientists and autistics – smart and cut off from the rest of humanity, with extremely abnormal attitudes to others. Washington D.C. and Wall Street are full of psychopaths. Many senior figures in religion are psychopaths. Prophets are psychopaths, schizophrenics or bipolar. Feeling intuitive types are highly religious and mystical. They are very right-brained and holistic. Many are attracted to “Oneness” religions such as Buddhism. Many women are of this type. Most men are sensing feeling types, hence are both “physical” and “religious”. When Muslims fire RPGs and yell Allahu Akbar, that’s exactly what you’d expect. They are engaged in a highly sensory act and yet they believe they are doing it for religious reasons. Muslims are always talking about the UMMAH – the worldwide community of Muslims. This is a right-brained holistic concept. All religions lay some claim to some such thing.

The smartest people in the world are the thinking intuitives. The greatest philosophical and mathematical geniuses are of this kind. Introverts – inward looking – are generally enormously more spiritual than outward-looking extraverts who are very much “of this world”. All philosophers of the noumenal world are introverted thinking intuitives. Rationalism and idealism are introverted; empiricism and materialism are extraverted. Nietzsche was an interesting case. He was a classic INTJ and yet he hated any “two-world” solutions to existence. However, he couldn’t help himself and his writing is full of spirit and even religiosity. He created secular Gods – the Supermen; he created an afterlife – eternal recurrence; he created a secular “prophet” (Zarathustra, based on himself and Heraclitus) and the centrepiece of his philosophy (the Will to Power) was supremely metaphysical. When humanity was bicameral rather than conscious, it was enormously more right-brained and thus enormously more spiritual and religious. People were continually tuning into the “voices” of the gods. They had no doubt that there was an afterlife. The rise of left brain consciousness sabotaged humanity’s religious and spiritual sense, but gave rise to the great gift of Logos, and via Logos we can return to religion and spirituality, but now on a rational basis rather than just one of feeling and faith (Abrahamism) or intuition and mysticism (Eastern religion). Illuminism is the sole rational Logos religion. Left wingers are, ironically, more right brained (communitarian and holistic). Right wingers (e.g. anarcho-capitalist libertarians) are left brained individualists who see others as enemies and rivals. Ayn Rand was a classic left-brained individualist, greedy, egotistical and selfish. Capitalism is left brained and communism right brained. The West is left brained and the East is right brained. It has been said that if you’re not a communist by the time you’re twenty you have no heart, and if you’re not a capitalist by the time you’re forty you have no brain. Of course, what actually happens between twenty and forty is that many people have families. Families, especially in the West, are ferociously anti-community. They are all about cut-throat game theory, trying to achieve every conceivable competitive advantage over rival families. Family units are highly left brained in outlook and often very right

wing and conservative. Privilege, inheritance and family loyalty are paramount. The Mafia and the Old World Order are the archetypal defenders of family values. They’d literally kill you rather than surrender any of their advantages. So, all aspects of human existence can be understood with respect to left and right hemispheres of the brain, and their associated individualism versus collectivism, separation versus holism, disconnectedness versus interconnectedness. You could literally go through every religion, philosophy, political ideology and thought system and analyse it according to the above considerations. There are no puzzles. Everything is crystal clear. But knowing something is of course very different to doing anything about it. Scientists, Abrahamists, karmists and capitalists are literally hard-wired to behave as they do. That’s the way their brains are designed. You can’t reason with them. You can’t prove to them that they’re wrong. They’re not listening. They can’t “see”. Therefore, the game is SEPARATION. The Logos intuitives must create a separate society and make it into a true Community of Gods. It will be so vastly superior to all rival systems that these rivals will be compelled to adopt its ways of doing things. In the end, the world will a holistic ONE, but under Logos rather than Mythos rule. It will be primarily rational (left brained) and intuitive (right brained). Feelings and sensing will be playing the secondary role. At the moment, they are primary, and that’s why the world is a stupid place based on silly narratives.

***** The universe is not holographic in the sense of scientific holography. It’s essential to realise that the universe is a self-generating LIVING hologram. There is nothing outside the universe projecting a laser beam into it. Reality is about ontological holography. There are no laser beams, no holographic films, and there’s no holographic designer. Everything is accomplished by the fundamental units of existence themselves: dimensionless monads. This is the ONLY way the system can work. All monads pour out energy waves and these create the evolving, dynamic cosmic hologram. They themselves then “interpret” the interference pattern they have created and, in human

beings, they do so by converting frequencies into a local spacetime pattern – the apparently material world. Is it not wondrous? What could be more beautiful, powerful and elegant? And where better to conceal the secret of existence than in a domain that we literally cannot sense. We are creatures of our senses, but these reveal only the phenomenal world to us. The true noumenal universe is completely hidden and can be accessed only via intuition and reason. Most people are neither intuitive nor rational, hence are completely alienated from the TRUTH.

***** Physics Nobel Prize winner Brian Josephson hoped that David Bohm’s ideas would eventually lead to the inclusion of God or Mind within the scientific framework. That has in fact already been completely achieved by Illuminism.

***** “Considered together, Bohm and Pribram’s theories provide a profound new way of looking at the world: Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond space and time. The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe.” – Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe Well, the “projections” are not from another dimension. They are from the dimensionless domain of mind, of monads, of souls. “Bohm’s idea that the universe can be viewed as the compound of two basic orders: the implicate and explicate, can be found in many other traditions. The Tibetan Buddhists call these two aspects void and nonvoid. The nonvoid is the reality of visible objects. The void, like the implicate order, is the birthplace of all things in the universe, which pour out of it in a “boundless flux.” However, only the void is real and all forms in the objective world are illusory, existing merely because of the unceasing flux between the two orders.” – Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe Void and nonvoid, implicate and explicate, are just different terminology for noumenal and phenomenal, unextended and extended.

Over and over again, in philosophy and religion, we come across this interaction of two separate domains. No one has EVER put such ideas on a robust basis, with the exception of the Illuminati. We alone have demonstrated the truth of these ideas using exactly the same “tool” that made science so powerful and all-conquering – MATHEMATICS. Except we went much further. We got rid of science and replaced it entirely with mathematics – ontological mathematics – which does everything science does yet enormously more. Moreover, mathematics is an absolute, eternal and immutable set of truths; unlike science which is bunch of ad hoc hypotheses shoehorned together. There is no such thing as scientific truth and nor can there ever be because science is simply not a subject that is inherently true. It’s constantly being refined and there is never any guarantee that any definitive truth has been reached. Unlike 2 + 2 = 4, absolutely nothing in science is certain to be true. Existence CANNOT be based on something that is not intrinsically true. Science is a human construct; mathematics is not.

Illusion The Buddha said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts we make the world.” This is verging on complete solipsism. It implies that reality is a SUBJECTIVE illusion – a dream – and can be altered just by thinking about it. What Illuminism stresses is that even if the material world is in some sense an illusion, it is an OBJECTIVE illusion. You could never change it unless you had actually become God. We would change the Buddha’s words to, “We are what we ALL think. All that we ALL are arises with our thoughts; with ALL of our thoughts we make the world.” It’s the entire monadic ensemble that creates the world of our experience, and the whole thing is done with extreme mathematical rigour, not just by “thinking”. Mathematics introduces rigid objective rules that all must obey – or have the power of God to rewrite them. Buddhism suffers from a tragic degree of mathematical ignorance, which renders a great deal of it quite silly and fantastical. Without mathematics, interesting intuitions often degenerate into mysticism and Mythos. Mathematics alone gives Illuminism its truth content. Without it, Illuminism would just be another dubious religion. With mathematics, it

becomes the absolute, incontestable truth. And if you want to shoot it down you will have to use mathematics. We don’t listen to faith. We don’t listen to superstition. We don’t listen to irrationalism. We don’t listen to Mythos. We don’t listen to mysticism.

The Brain Think of the brain with its countless neurons (some 100 billion) and all of its interconnections (some 100 trillion). What does this really mean? It means that inside our skull is a simply staggering degree of processing power and Fourier transform frequencies. The brain has been called the most complex object in the universe, and that’s not far from the truth. The brain is a kind of microcosm of the Super Singularity itself, which contains infinite monadic “brain cells”, and infinite connections.

Morphic Resonance Rupert Sheldrake’s hypothesis of Morphic Resonance whereby something learned by one animal can then be learned more quickly by other animals that have had no contact with the first is easy to explain holographically. The information pertaining to what the first animal learned is immediately available in the holographic cosmos. We can think of it as a dynamic Platonic Form available outside space and time and into which any similar animal can tune. Even Darwinian evolution can be understood holographically. Why does evolution proceed so much more effectively and efficiently than would be expected from endless random mutations? It’s because all animals can unconsciously “see” the information relating to their DNA, and can mathematically make a good estimate as to how to make improvements (which are then turned into gene mutations). Thus, holography allows Lamarckian adaptive evolution to come into play and work alongside Darwinian natural selection, leading to much faster evolution.

Holographic Writing If someone can write enormous numbers of words extremely quickly, where are all of these ideas coming from? They just seem to well up and pour out. It’s almost as though the writer isn’t consciously thinking at all, but simply typing words that someone else is feeding to him. In fact, our thoughts are formed monadically outside space and time and are then fed into our consciousness. The whole sequence of thoughts is mostly already there before an author starts working. Imagine how long it would take if someone had to pause over every word, consult a dictionary for meaning, a thesaurus, a spellchecker, grammar checker, style checker … it would take forever to get anything done. In fact, everything is handled unconsciously and holographically and then presented to consciousness. A feedback loop then develops as the author consciously considers what he’s writing and starts making laborious conscious changes (edits). The most productive writers are those who just write. Only at the very end do they come back and start editing and often there’s not too much to be edited. Let the unconscious take the strain! Writers, like sportspeople, get into “the zone” and the words come effortlessly. Isn’t that astounding? You can be writing extremely complex thoughts while not actually thinking at all! If you think about it (!), thinking itself is the strangest phenomenon of all. We can’t see, hear, touch, smell or taste thoughts and we can’t perceive how they are formed. Thinking is the key to our consciousness and yet most of it seems to take place unconsciously. That is, our unconscious mind thinks our thoughts outside space and time, and then presents them to consciousness to think those same thoughts IN space and time. This is the answer to the famous Libet experiment whereby we seem to physically decide to do something before we consciously (mentally) decide to do it, making consciousness an epiphenomenon. In fact, consciousness IS an epiphenomenon. That does not mean that MIND is an epiphenomenon. Mind is ALWAYS outside space and time. It does what it does and then that information has to be translated into a spacetime representation. Consciousness is a time-delayed phenomenon. It is reflecting what has already been thought; it is not initiating thought. The mind tells the body to move, which it then does. Consciousness detects the bodily movement and thus retrospectively becomes aware of what the mind has decided.

However, it is designed to believe that it, and not some other mental entity, initiated the action. Similarly, mind communicates thoughts to the brain, which are then “thought” by consciousness. But it’s all after the fact. In these terms, consciousness is always behind the game. Consciousness has to be able to feed back real-time information to the mind, and mind then has to interpret it and decide what to do. Much more thinking is going on than consciousness is aware of. Most of our thinking is unconscious and is never converted into conscious thoughts. This means that consciousness is often not sure why certain things have happened. Since it needs a reason to explain them, it just invents a reason. It creates a narrative. The whole process is as follows: Mind (outside space and time) gives information to body (inside space and time). Consciousness (in space and time) “learns” from the body what the mind has decided to do. Consciousness (in space and time) collects sensory data, transmits it back to mind (outside space and time), and waits for the mind to make the next decision. These unavoidable gaps between mind and consciousness can produce odd effects. The mind might have already initiated an action, then received information that it should have done something else. This produces the famous effect of “I don’t know what came over me” or “I don’t know what I was thinking” or “I’m not myself today.” It accounts for Freudian slips. Mostly, our personal narrative works so well that it easily explains away any oddities. At some level, we are ambivalent towards everything and everyone, and this allows us to have “two sides to every story” at all times. We are infinitely flexible when it comes to the creation of self-narrative. That’s why humanity is fundamentally a storytelling species. We make sense of reality through narrative and we can convince ourselves of anything (take Abrahamism as an example).

The Cosmic Soul Pythagoras and Plato spoke of a World Soul, meaning that the universe was fundamentally alive. Just as we have a mind and a body, so does the cosmos (as above, so below). The Holographic Universe is a perfect encapsulation of the World Soul, composed of infinite monadic souls. Souls and their mathematical intra- and inter-relations are all that exist. Space is alive. Time is alive. Everything is alive since monads are the only things that exist. The energy waves that come from monads form an ocean of waves and frequencies. Existence is just an immense vibration that cancels overall to zero. Existence is the Vibrating Void. We ourselves are eternal, indestructible vibrating NOTHINGS. What could be more remarkable than that?

True Divinity “There is not sufficient love and goodness in the world to permit us to give some of it away to imaginary beings.” – Nietzsche Depending on your view, you will consider Jehovah/Christ/Allah as either non-existent or Satanic (and in fact they can be non-existent AND Satanic, i.e. their Mythos, not their existence, is what is diabolical and leads to evil behaviour by their worshippers). Either way, it’s outrageous how much love is lavished on them. Let’s give our love to deities that deserve it, not to those who have been an affliction for thousands of years. Why haven’t Jews, Christians and Muslims reached the obvious and self-evident conclusion that their religions have failed? What have these religions delivered other than misery and hate? All of the good things of our world have been delivered by science, technology, engineering, medicine, art, entertainment and academia. Mainstream religion has been humanity’s biggest problem! What are the two central causes of suffering in our world today? Firstly, the grotesque imbalances in wealth between the rich and poor (capitalism) and secondly the hatred and violence inspired by fanatical religions. A silly video is put on YouTube by Christians, and half the Muslim world goes berserk, just as it previously went berserk over Korans being burnt or put in the rubbish, or cartoons of Mohammed or postmodern novels about controversial Islamic themes being published. Jews, Christians,

Muslims, Hindus and even Buddhists are continually needling each other, and they are all hypersensitive. The Muslims in particular are perfectly happy to sentence the rest of the world (the “infidels”) to hell, yet become insanely violent when the infidels dare to talk back and criticise Islam. If Allah is the all-powerful Creator (who talks Arabic), why is Turkey, with its strong European background, the only advanced Islamic nation on earth? Why are Allah’s nations backward and poor? Take away oil from the Arabs and what would be left? They would be living in tents and fucking sheep, just like their ancestors. They haven’t moved on at all. And why not? – because they worship a book (the Koran) that keeps them in the mentality of the world of 1,400 years ago. Muslims cannot cope with modernity and the reason for that is the Koran. The Koran, the Torah and the Bible are the three most dangerous texts in history. They have done untold damage to humanity and yet they are called “holy”. Surely “unholy” is the true description. Books which retard human development must be banned. Imagine if half of the world proclaimed the infallible truth of a giant book about fairies, elves and goblins. That, in effect, is what the Abrahamic sacred texts are. Come to think of it, if Lord of the Rings replaced the Abrahamic books, the world would probably be a much better place! “God is dead; but there may be millennia to come in which people will show his shadow in their caves.” – Nietzsche “The whole of religion may appear to some distant age as an exercise and a prelude.” – Nietzsche

Nihilism Nietzsche defined nihilism as the “belief in unbelief” and said it revealed a need for belief. Atheism is a belief that there is no God. Atheists frequently deny that they are believers at all, yet they base their worldview on the empiricist materialist Meta Paradigm which asserts, without any proof, that rationalism is false and empiricism right, and idealism is false and materialism is right, that ontological mathematics is false and science right. As we have shown exhaustively, these beliefs are ALL false. Illuminism is not about belief at all. It is about the need for rational knowledge and such knowledge can be found in only one place (mathematics) because mathematics inherently deals with eternal verities. 2

+ 2 = 4 is true forever. No scientific theory is true forever because there is nothing necessarily true about any scientific hypotheses and theories. Experiments don’t “prove” theories right. They simply provide confidence in the theories, but confidence isn’t truth.

Paradigm Shift It’s time for the ultimate paradigm shift. The old religions must be banished and replaced by the only rational religion – the Logos religion of Illuminism. To add flavour and excitement, ancient religions such as those of the pagan world should be restored to life and used as Mythos tools to help our spiritual growth. It will always be understood that they are metaphors, not truth. If the mainstream religions had been treated metaphorically rather than literally, we would never have descended into the horror of religious fanaticism and intolerance. The old political systems must be abolished and replaced with meritocratic democracy – “people rule” in which the smartest and most talented people from any background reach the top – not the best-connected people from the richest and most privileged families. The old economic systems must be abolished and replaced with “scientific economics”. It’s an absurdity that almost no economist saw the crash of 2008 coming and it proves conclusively that what is taught in economics classes is little more than soothsaying. That’s a fact. If economists can’t recognise meltdowns approaching and take corrective action then they are useless. We all know the real reason why economics fails – it’s actually part of the boom and bust mentality and therefore a contributing cause. Economists are partisan cheerleaders for certain policies and attitudes. They are not dispassionate, disinterested “scientists” in any sense at all. Many economists are free-marketeers and free markets are inherently unstable, driven by human psychology rather than regular scientific laws. We cannot have the economy being based on feelings rather than facts and laws. Markets must be rationally controlled. There is no contradiction at all about operating markets within extremely regulated environments. The only real purpose of a market is to offer choice and a measure of what is proving popular and what isn’t. Communism didn’t offer markets, so the people were given no choices and became entranced by the variety available in the West.

Markets should be treated as testing grounds of different products, not as the central levers for running the economy. The government must control markets; there cannot be an entity outside politics that dictates to governments. Markets make a mockery of democracy. What’s the point of democracy if markets and not people are in charge? Who elects the markets? It’s insane to have inherently uncontrollable elements at the centre of government policy. Disaster is never far away. And the final paradigm shift must be the replacement of science by ontological mathematics. Science has given its best shot at achieving a TOE (Theory of Everything) and has failed. Its own contradictions and philosophical errors have now caught up with it. The closer you get to ultimate reality, the truer your basic concepts have to be. Science is an ad hoc enterprise that is simply not configured for delivering absolute truth. Mathematics alone provides incontestable, rational truths that require no experiments to verify them. It’s time for a New World, a New Humanity. It’s time for humanity, like Prometheus (the Titanic father of humanity) to be UNBOUND.

What They Don’t Tell You Most people have learned to read, but they haven’t learned to read between the lines. Most people can read the text, but not the subtext. All real information is contained between the lines and in the subtext.

The Camera Phone Disproof of UFOs Hundreds of millions of people have camera phones, ready to take a picture of anything instantly. So, why are there no phone pictures of UFOs, of ghosts and angels, of the Loch Ness monster, the Yeti and Bigfoot? Shouldn’t we now have a wealth of pictures of strange phenomena? Have camera phones killed the “spiritual” and alien worlds? Haven’t they proved that none of these weird things are really happening? In this case, the absence of evidence really is evidence of absence. After all, these are supposed to be sensory phenomena, and yet no sensory evidence has been forthcoming.

Caesar’s Fear

Julius Caesar said that Druidic tribes produced the bravest warriors: they didn’t fear death because they all believed in reincarnation.

Jung’s Omission Why didn’t Jung consider the personality types of animals? Animals are neither thinking (rational) nor intuitive. They are not introverts, intent on introspection. They are not philosophical, mathematical or religious. So, ALL animals have the same personality type: extravert feeling and sensing. All humans who are extravert feeling and sensing types are therefore “animal” humans. You become more human (less animal) to the extent that you become more thinking-oriented and intuitive, and more introverted. Thinking (sequential reason and logic), intuition (parallel reason and logic) and introversion (the ability to introspect) are all personality features that have evolved exclusively in humans. These are therefore the keys to going beyond the human level to the divine plane. Extraversion, feeling and sensing take us back to the beasts; introversion, thinking and intuition take us forward to the Gods. Isn’t it time we switched the world over from Mythos (animalism) to Logos (divinity)? We live in a relentlessly id, shadow, Mythos, animal culture. It’s time to EVOLVE. And we can ponder another issue. If thinking, intuition and introversion differentiated us from animals (and gave us consciousness), what new features will we evolve to turn us into Gods? Super intuition; super reason; collective consciousness; psi abilities!

God Illuminism is all about God. In particular, it’s all about becoming God. That means the focus is on the optimization and perfection of yourself. The best way to succeed in this endeavour is within an entire society devoted to the same task, i.e. we are all working together to make ourselves as fully actualized as possible. There is a “God” in Illuminism – ABRAXAS – but he is not the Creator, he has no say over the fate of our soul, and no one worships him. To worship someone else would immediately contradict your own intention to make yourself God. Rather, Abraxas is an exemplar, someone we seek to emulate because he has already made the transition to divinity, and we wish

to learn from him. He’s a guide, a mentor, a friend, an ally – not some bully forcing us onto our knees to praise and worship him. Every scientist admires Einstein and wants to emulate his scale of achievement, but no scientist worships Einstein. No one falls onto their knees and worships him. Everything about “worship” is irrational. Only feeling and sensing extraverts are attracted to this nauseating practice. All rationalists and intuitives would never worship anyone at all. It wouldn’t occur to them that such a thing as worship should exist. Who are worshippers? – all submissives and fearful people who “think” that they are improving their lot by getting on their knees. It never occurs to them that a God who wants you on your knees can’t be God, but is certainly the Devil. Worship, like faith, should be made illegal in a Logos society. It reeks of the master-slave dialectic. It’s all about degradation and humiliation. There’s no place for it.

Who Are We? Understandably, we all strongly identify with our current incarnation (body), and with our present consciousness. If we have lost loved ones, we remember them as they were perceived by us. Yet none of us is defined in this way. We are immortal, ever-changing beings. Across time, we wear “bodies” as we wear clothes. We might have a favourite set of clothes but no one is defined by their clothes. So it is with the soul. Don’t over-identify with your current “self”. Never forget that your body is made from the food you’ve digested and the water you’ve drunk. It’s just atoms. Your soul is the important thing and your soul is dimensionless, infinite and nothing to do with physicality. At all times, you should strive to be aware of your Higher Self, which is not inherently linked to your current body. Your mortal consciousness – tied to your body – will certainly perish when your body perishes, but your essence will go on regardless. Always bear in mind that you have an iceberg nature. Your current body and consciousness are just the tip of the iceberg but YOU are the whole iceberg. The tip of the iceberg keeps melting and is then replaced by a new tip. The iceberg itself goes on imperiously.

Information – the “Substance” of Existence Existence is all about information: the transmission and receipt of information. A universe that simply sends information but involves no

subjects to receive, process and attach meaning to information is a DEAD universe. The universe of science, which formally denies the existence of independent minds outside physical causality, is entirely dead. It’s a machine. A living universe is one based on subjects. Without subjects, there can be no life. Life IS subjectivity. Science denies life. To what will you subscribe? – 1) Senders AND receivers of information = Illuminism. 2) Senders only of information (no receivers) = science. Isn’t there something absurdly asymmetric and pointless about the latter option? Scientists say that the world is non-teleological, i.e. it has no purpose, point or meaning. It just IS. It’s not trying to accomplish anything. Illuminism, on the other hand, is all about teleology. If subjects are receiving, interpreting and assigning meaning to information then they have a will and, in particular, a Nietzschean Will to Power. What, in the most basic terms, is teleology? It’s about seeking to have more power in the next instant than we had in the last. If we succeed, we feel PLEASURE. If we fail, we feel PAIN and must try again. Ultimate teleology is becoming God, i.e. an all-powerful being, and thus the culmination of the Will to Power. A living universe is about meaning, purpose and power. A dead universe is about pointless processes obeying implacable laws of cause and effect. A living informational universe can generate free will and consciousness. A dead informational universe (the one proposed by science) can never exhibit free will or consciousness. Free will is all about the assignment of meaning to information. Why do you choose one option over the other? Because it has greater meaning for you or seems more likely to increase your power. If we were the type of “machine beings” that science depicts us as, we would never have any doubts or hesitation about anything. We would never weigh our options; we would simply act straight away according to a causal algorithm. The fact that we take time to decide means that we are processing information and assigning meaning in complex, sophisticated ways. If we have no free will, why do human beings pause? Why don’t we carry out our causal programming without hesitation – just as a machine does? Do you see a machine involved in car production stopping to ponder its options? Why do we even bother to generate options if options are meaningless; if we live in an inherently meaningless universe?

Even animals pause to think. Even they are exhibiting teleology. Compared with us, they seem to have very little free will, but if we studied them closely enough we would see that they are on the “free will spectrum”, albeit at the low end of the range while we are at the high end. The more rational you are, the more you can formulate options and the more skilled you are at considering meaning. Science is an almost diabolically stupid subject that avoids all such questions, and has no answers at all to meaning, mind, life and consciousness. What manner of person would be content with science’s feeble “answers” (or non-answers, to be more accurate)? In a very real sense, science is as irrational as Abrahamism.

***** How is information actually transmitted? Mathematically, of course. The sine and cosine waves associated with Euler’s Formula are the basis of the “structure” of information. These waves are the “information atoms” which combine to create “information molecules”. Fourier transforms, quantum mechanics and holography are all about basis waves combining to create more complex functions. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of information. Each monad contains infinite “Euler waves”, and at the centre of this infinite information system is none other than the monad – the zero-energy Euler wave. All monadic information ends up back at the centre: the soul. That’s where it’s processed, subjectively experienced and where meaning is assigned. Isn’t it wondrous? – and SO SIMPLE! We have answers to all such questions. Science has none. Isn’t it time for science to be replaced by ontological mathematics? Isn’t it time for life rather than death?

Illuminism If anyone asks you what Illuminism is, tell them it’s the religion of the evolving soul. The soul goes on a journey from primitive potential to divine actualization. The two numbers that define the soul are zero and infinity. The fact that the soul is zero means that is indivisible and indestructible. The fact that it is infinite means that it has infinite energy, infinite power and exists forever. The soul, thanks to mathematics, is immortal and has infinite potential waiting to be converted into actuality. The whole of

existence is based on the soul, hence on zero and infinity. Mathematics can be completely derived from zero and infinity, and mathematics is thus the natural language of existence. It has an alphabet based on the most beautiful equation in mathematics – Euler’s Formula. From that starting point, every conceivable ontological mathematical function can be obtained. Illuminism is the sole rational, Logos religion for thinking, philosophical people. Mathematics, not science, is the basis of absolute truth and it is upon the eternal, immutable Platonic qualities of mathematics that the religion of Illuminism is predicated. Illuminism is therefore the religion of mathematics. As Pythagoras said, “All things are numbers”; “Number controls the universe”.

The Game SH: “Also pawns and kings are just creations. They, like any piece of a game, just go back in the box. You must aim at the maker of the game and the people who sell it. You take a metaphor like a game and expand it out and you will have the answers to why life is a certain way.” Exactly so. The real task is to completely change the game and sell the brand new game – which must be more or less the opposite (dialectical antithesis) of the previous game. It’s now time for the Logos game of reason rather than the Mythos game of master-slavery and emotional manipulation via loaded narratives.

Imagine… Imagine a world based on the God Series rather than on the “holy” texts of Abrahamism and karmism. It would be a 100% different.

The Worst Idea in History PM: “I think Stacey has some really good points [in her attack on Judaism]. A lot of what she said I have actually thought about recently. Nice to see someone else daring to entertain the same thoughts. And I grew up Jewish; just a year ago I was practising...” Well said! Just to make it crystal clear, we have no problems with anyone raised in Abrahamic households. After all, most of us were too. We are delighted when any Christian, Muslim or Jew breaks from their

programmed upbringing. Most of us also had to overcome such brainwashing. That said, we are absolutely against Judaeo-Christianity and Islam as religions and cultures. It was a catastrophe for humanity that these religions ever came into being and now they must go out of being. Whatever can be said about Hitler, in the end he was an unadulterated nutcase. He put people to death simply for being born Jewish, regardless of whether or not they actually practised Judaism. In other words, he hated the Jewish race, not the Jewish religion. After the Jews, he would have turned to everyone else he hated: Slavs, blacks, Muslims, gays, the disabled ... everyone other than strapping Aryans (and even a lot of them would have got the chop eventually, especially all left-wingers). Hitler modelled himself on Jehovah, especially when it came to genocide. By his own admission (or that of his prophets), the Abrahamic deity unapologetically exterminated the whole of humanity bar Noah and his family. It’s hard to muster a scrap of sympathy for anyone who worships and advocates an Exterminatory God. If you play that game, you ought not to be surprised when the same game is played against you. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Abrahamism put on the map the idea of extermination as a “final solution” for “infidels”. You must be blind if you can’t see that there are Islamic radicals who would exterminate all non-Muslims if they ever got the chance. Robespierre and Saint-Just knew what they were doing when they initiated “the Terror”. And the Terror then consumed them. That was always a distinct possibility. If at all possible, we have to seek a rational, peaceful way forward but, as many people have pointed out, we would soon be wiped out if we weren’t ready to defend ourselves – just as Revolutionary France had to take on the rest of Europe to defend the Revolution. And, against all the odds, it won! France, under Napoleon, became the supreme power of Europe thanks to its revolutionary fervour and its meritocratic selection of army commanders.

***** One thing must be stressed: Jewish monotheism is the source of the problem. Christianity is simply “Greek” Judaism (and it immediately

betrayed its pagan, polytheistic roots by turning “one” God into a Trinity), and Islam is “Arab” Judaism. There can be no doubt at all that Mohammed simply stole Judaism and made it about Ishmael and the Arabs rather than Isaac and the Jews. There’s not a single original idea in Islam. As for the Jews, they were pagans before “Jehovah” arrived on the scene, and they ought to go back to being pagans. The monotheists have buried a whole vibrant and exciting ancient Jewish pagan culture. It needs to be rediscovered, and a great new Jewish identity and culture based around it. The Jews have contributed many of the greatest intellectuals in world history but their monotheism is the WORST IDEA IN HISTORY. That’s a fact. Second worst is free-market capitalism. Guess what kind of world we live in? – Abrahamic free-market capitalism, under the control of Goldman Sachs, whose CEO does “the work of God” (indeed!). You have to either laugh or cry.

Waking Up How do you wake up in the morning? To a radio or TV breakfast show full of zany extraverts or bland chat hosts and muzak. Do you simply leap out of bed and get with on it? Do you play your favourite music? Do you listen to national and world news on the radio or TV? Isn’t it fascinating? Some people go out into the world aware of the latest world situation, some go out full of trivial chit chat, some go out pumped up with zany stunts and banter, some go out with their head full of hip hop or rock. Your personality type is fully described by the morning rituals you go through as you get ready to face the day. As you would expect, most people leave the world ignorant of the world news but fully abreast of gossip, celebrity culture, muzak and media trivia.

Humanity’s Miracle “Save for the wild force of Nature, nothing moves in this world that is not Greek in its origin.” – Lord Acton The most remarkable happening in human history was the appearance of the ancient Greek philosophers. Out of the fog of ignorance, superstition and

Mythos came clear-thinking Logos rationalists. Moreover, they weren’t stoned to death but actually found a culture willing to listen to them.

The Boundary The only thing separating us from each other is mathematics. Behind the appearances, we are all together in a single point. Yet mathematics keeps us all in our separate compartments as unique souls.

The Ontological Argument The Ontological Argument is about providing an a priori, logical proof of the existence of God that does not rely on any empirical observations. The fact that theologians were preoccupied with such arguments demonstrates that faith is never enough for any thinking person. If faith is sufficient, why seek proofs of reason? Who are the proponents of such arguments trying to convince? Themselves? As soon as you turn to reason, you are admitting that faith is lacking, is insufficient, is unconvincing. No intelligent person accepts a faith position. Stupid people do because they can’t actually think at all! Faith is to the irrational what reason is to the rational. To rationalists, the concept of faith should be abolished since it has ZERO meaning. Anyone can believe in anything at all! (And they do.)

Being and Thought Parmenides argued that thought and being are the same. Nothing can exist that cannot be thought. There’s an immediate problem with this. Before thinking beings existed, nothing could have been thought, therefore nothing could have existed! And since Parmenides also denied that existence could come from non-existence, that’s a major problem. Parmenides was therefore arguing that thinking has ALWAYS existed. Following through his argument logically, Parmenides was asserting that existence has always been a mental phenomenon, and, in fact, there is no physical world. He famously denied that there is any motion or change in the world. What he ought to have said is that there is no PHYSICAL motion or PHYSICAL change, and what he ought to have asserted above all else was that there is no physical world at all: it’s completely illusory; a mental construct.

Parmenides, a truly fascinating thinker, is both right and wrong. Monads – the fundamental stuff of existence – do not require anyone to think of them in order to make them exist. However, monads are inherently THINKING entities. Therefore, thinking is indeed the core activity of existence and anything that can’t be “thought” can indeed not exist. In Illuminism, “thinking” is, at its most basic level, the performance of mathematical operations according to the laws of mathematics, i.e. “thinking” = “mathematical processing”. So, anything that cannot be performed mathematically cannot exist. Thus, there is no possibility of any non-mathematical world, or non-thinking material world. Parmenides had no concept of the unconscious, and that’s what he really needed to firm up his ideas. Existence has indeed always been about thinking and thinking alone, but not about conscious thinking, which is a late, evolutionary arrival on the scene. There are four types of “existence”: 1) Objective sensory existence – we can all see a particular horse and agree on its existence. 2) Subjective existence – someone thinks of a “grubelit”, but no one else has any idea of what such a thing is, and it certainly has no objective sensory existence. 3) Subjective objective existence – we can all think of a unicorn, so it objectively exists to that extent, but it does not exist as an entity available to our sensory awareness, i.e. there’s no physical unicorn. We can all think of a unicorn, but none of us can encounter a unicorn outside our imagination. 4) Objective non-sensory (rational) existence – we can’t bring monads into sensory awareness but we rationally know that they must have actual existence, but of an unobservable kind. There is no reason why unobservable existents should be deemed less real than sensory existents. This would be to commit the “Sensory Fallacy”, i.e. privileging the senses over reason. The precise opposite is in fact true. Sensory existents are on much less firm ground than rational existents (in other words, science is inferior to mathematics). Sensory data is mentally constructed, e.g. colour

does not exist objectively: it is produced by secondary mental processing of objective signals. As for category 2), this would constitute a “private language” and Wittgenstein rightly denied that private languages can exist. If you wanted to construct a “grubelit”, it would be impossible to conceive of something that was not mathematical or not based on agreed concepts. Go on, try to invent a concept unknown to humanity and which has no precedent in existing human concepts. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. It literally cannot be thought. A unicorn is a horse with a rhino’s horn, i.e. it’s just a composite of existing things and concepts. Any “new” concept is similarly built from “atomic concepts” and is thus a molecular concept. No human being can invent a new atomic concept. If you somehow did, you would have to relate it to existing atomic concepts or it would have no meaning to other people. Imagine inventing a new, 27th letter of the alphabet. How could such a thing be used meaningfully? It would require the whole of language to be altered to accommodate it. Inventing new words is easy because they are defined with regard to other words and concepts (they are composite, “molecular”), but it’s impossible to invent new alphabets unless we literally destroy all languages and begin again from scratch. Once language has been constructed, it can only evolve. It can’t be reinvented. It’s language that confers agreed meaning and, without it, there’s no agreed meaning.

Impulsivity: “Where’s my reward?” Ten percent of the human population are uncontrollably impulsive: they cannot control themselves. They are abnormally sensitive to stress and need to dampen down anxiety by taking drugs. They are always addicted to pleasure. They have a dopamine deficiency, which they can counteract by taking drugs. Drugs make them feel “alive” and, without drugs, they have no get up and go. You’re in real trouble in life when you have to start rewarding yourself for every small task you accomplish. Eventually you reward yourself even though you’ve accomplished nothing at all. Fat people eat all the time. If they stop, they immediately become depressed, hence want to eat again to

counteract the depression. It’s the same with drug addicts. Eventually they are taking drugs not for pleasure but to stave off the pain. Horrifically, the drugs cease to provide the pleasure they once did, which means much larger concentrations have to be taken to get the same hit, and that inevitably leads to a fatal overdose at some point. Drugs are all about the law of diminishing returns. You have to take more and more to get less and less. Greed for money works much the same way. You need more and more to give you any pleasure at all. Rich people are often staggeringly miserable. For them, there’s no such thing as “enough”.

The Signs of Trouble The deadly trinity: 1) The desperate need to reduce stress. 2) The desperate obsession to reinforce pleasure. 3) The desperate need to act immediately in pursuit of stress reduction and/or pleasure reinforcement (impulsivity). Ninety percent of people will not become addicted to drugs. Only ten percent are susceptible. Therefore, the whole of drugs policy should be about identifying the ten percent and keeping them away from drugs. It would in fact be easy to identify children at school who will grow up into drug addicts. Simple impulsivity tests are all you need to carry out. Then these kids need to be treated PREEMPTIVELY. They must be taught at school the full consequences of what will happen to them if they ever take drugs. The emotional problems that will lead them to drugs must be addressed. We could more or less eliminate the drugs problem with a few simple tests and cures applied to schoolchildren who haven’t ever tried a drug!

***** Over eighty percent of people in prisons are extremely impulsive and are heavy drugs users! In other words, drug addiction, impulsivity and crime are natural partners. If you want to stop both crime and drugs, you have to act in CHILDHOOD. Identify those at risk and resolve their problems.

Once addicts get started, they cannot stop. So, it’s essential to make sure they never get started. As soon as they take the first hit, it’s already too late.

***** What are geniuses? They are people who are addicted to creativity. Where druggies have to keep seeking out their drug of choice, the geniuses have to keep seeking out their work, going back to it again and again obsessively.

The Test Let’s ask all Abrahamists if there is ANYTHING AT ALL that would make them disbelieve in their God. If they can’t identify anything then it means that their belief has no rational basis whatsoever, hence reason cannot be used in any debate with them. Moreover, it means that they cannot explain why they believe since, if they have no rational grounds for their beliefs, what will they say to justify them? If someone proposes a set of rational arguments then they have acknowledged that these arguments are only tenable while they are consistent with rationality. It wasn’t insane at one time to believe that the earth was flat or that it was the centre of the universe. It is now. But “believers” have refused to accept that countless “infallible” statements of their holy texts have been formally refuted. They are not willing to accept reason at all. “Reason is the Devil’s whore.” – Martin Luther That’s the position of all Abrahamists. Once you have rejected reason, you have embraced insanity. That’s all that Abrahamism is – “normalised” insanity.

***** KS: “Another Mythos description: Long ago, before human beings learned easy ways to create fire, they had to get coals from forest fires started by lightning strikes. One person was designated to be the ‘fire carrier’, a coveted position of a very high level of responsibility. Without fire, the whole tribe was in peril of freezing (or at least being very cold and having to eat raw meat). The fire carrier guarded those precious coals with his life.

We too are the fire carriers for humanity. The fire we carry is the Light of Reason...”

Once You Get Going... 1) December 17, 1903: first controlled, powered and sustained heavierthan-air human flight (by the American Wright brothers). 2) July 21, 1969: American astronaut Neil Armstrong steps onto the moon. So, it was sixty-six years from man first taking off on earth to man first landing on the moon: that’s how fast things can move when rational humanity has engaged its full power. America pulled out all the stops. Why? To beat the Russians who were the first into space! 1,400 years of Islam – no flight. 2,000 years of praying to Christ – no flight. 3,000 years of worshipping Jehovah – no flight. WAKE UP!

Nowhere Left to Go Illuminism caters for zero and infinity (positive or negative). There’s nothing smaller than zero (negative numbers are simply positive numbers viewed from an alternative perspective) and there’s nothing bigger than infinity. There’s nothing “outside” Illuminism. It’s a perfect plenum, filling every conceivable gap. There’s nowhere for a Creationist God to hide. We defy anyone to provide a more all-embracing, comprehensive, logical solution to the question of existence than Illuminism. Illuminism is nothing other than ontological mathematics, and we challenge anyone to provide a more perfect, immutable, eternal, necessary, integrated, analytic a priori system than mathematics. We have no doubts whatsoever that Illuminism is the definitive, final answer to existence. Nothing can rival mathematics, nothing can rival the mathematical plenum and nothing can rival zero and infinity. Ontological mathematics is, above all, LIVING MIND. Illuminism alone answers the great mystery of what mind is: a living, willing, desiring, feeling, evolving mathematical object with both subjective and objective

properties. Via its objective properties, a mind (monad) can mathematically collaborate with an infinite collection of other minds to produce an objectively experienced universe. Via its subjective qualities, each mind can experience this objective universe in its own unique way. Consciousness – the highest manifestation of mind – is extremely rare in the universe. We human beings are already on the verge of divinity. We have come incredibly far. We are amongst the most elite souls. And the highest souls of all, those on the verge of final gnosis and divinity, are those that rationally or intuitively grasp mathematics. Music, chess and Eastern religion are the best attempts at intuitively grasping the mathematical nature of reality, i.e. of approaching mathematics non-mathematically. Imagine two new world religions based on music and chess, respectively. Wouldn’t that be wondrous? But rational, conscious understanding of ontological mathematics is the supreme means of achieving gnosis. And that’s what Illuminism is about. With the God Series, we have communicated our message of enlightenment to the whole world.

Science Science isn’t a search for truth. It’s a particular, limited, constrained way of thinking. Everything it contemplates has to be converted into material “things”, empirical things, non-zero things, observable things, non-infinite things, non-imaginary things (i.e. no imaginary numbers) and non-negative things. Science spends no time at all contemplating that its own Meta Paradigm is wholly false. Isn’t that a fatal flaw? Like religion, science declares that only that which it believes to be true can be true and anything else is false. It cannot rationally disprove the existence of “unobservables” and, indeed, imaginary number unobservables are at the heart of quantum mechanics, the most successful scientific theory in history, which is centred on the unobservable wavefunction! Hasn’t science become an intellectual embarrassment and almost offensively anti-intellectual? It clings to manifestly false dogmas and ideologies as tenaciously as Catholic Inquisitors. It’s a perpetual flight from the truth. There’s no question at all that the universe is 100% mathematical, mental rather than physical, and full of rational, mathematical

unobservables. Just as we would put the God Series up against any religious text and invite you to consider which gives real information about existence and which tells you an absurd story, so we would put up the God Series against any scientific text and ask you to ponder which explains existence and which merely describes observable phenomena. The God Series is the end of the line, the final answer. Many details are still to be fleshed out, of course, but the big picture is now clearly and firmly in place. The big picture is: MATHEMATICS is existence. Science is nothing more than an ad hoc construct of minds obsessed with sensory data, and mainstream religion is a ludicrous Mythos that no rational person could take seriously. There is only Mythos on one hand (always worthless in terms of truth content) and Logos on the other. Logos is divided into three: science, philosophy and mathematics. Science believes it’s the senior partner, but can’t in fact explain ANY of the big questions of existence. Philosophy long ago lost the battle with science. There was one simple reason for that: science embraced mathematics and philosophy didn’t. Yet scientific mathematics is at best only an approximation to the truth because of the contingent and ad hoc nature of scientific hypotheses. What is Illuminism? It’s philosophical mathematics. It’s arming philosophy with the tool it so badly lacked in its conflict with science: mathematics. Illuminism is about reason, logic, rationalism and, above all, ontological mathematics – the mathematics of existence. Science follows the path of empiricism and materialism. Illuminism follows the path of rationalism and idealism. Which path will you follow? No experiment can EVER reveal the truth of existence. Existence is grounded in rational, mathematical principles, not in experiments designed to test ad hoc hypotheses that have no necessary connection with a priori, analytic, immutable, eternal truth. Whatever is true of existence now was true infinitely long ago and will be true infinitely far in the future. Any subject that is not inherently ETERNAL is false. Only one subject is eternal – mathematics – hence it’s the truth of existence. There’s no other candidate.

No Evil

Implacable scientific causality not only renders free will impossible, it also denies the existence of evil, of selfishness, of greed, of any human characteristics at all. In a causal universe, no one chooses to be evil. Their atoms cause them to be “evil” through causal necessity. Therefore, no one can be validly punished for any crimes since there are no crimes. No one can be credited with doing anything good because, whatever it was, it was causally inevitable. No one can be praised or blamed. In the scientific universe of inescapable causality, humanity itself vanishes.

The Internet God ZI: “So let me embark on my journey in creating the Internet God himself. The Final Judgement – the only website in the history of the world that breeds Gods. That allows its users to play God. Judge their lives. And send themselves to Hell or Heaven. On faith or reason. Through the bad or the good times. And ultimately to discover the divine wonders of becoming a God. Becoming never felt so wondrous. In fact it’s a virus so lethal that if humanity caught it, they would be sent spiralling into the eye of infinity.” Hallelujah, brother! All things will be transformed by the internet. It’s the evolving collective consciousness of humanity. Either it will drown us in an ocean of trivia, or it will generate new tools that will launch us towards collective divinity. The outcome is by no means certain. It needs all of your efforts if light is to triumph. So, join the Illuminated ones.

The End of Paradigms A number of people write to us and thank us for Illuminism, then proclaim they are going to produce a paradigm that goes beyond it. Sorry, but that’s impossible. Here’s why…

***** There are two basic views of existence: living or dead. Is existence an organism or a machine? Science is the standard-bearer of the machine paradigm. The universe is a giant clockwork mechanism made of parts. The “game” is to be supremely reductive and get right down to the basic material parts (said to

be 1D strings loops). Atheists, skeptics, agnostics and cynics subscribe to this paradigm of “machine death”. Ancient humans believed in animism: everything is alive; spirits control everything. This primitive belief evolved in two directions: 1) An anthropomorphic “Super Spirit” – the monotheistic God of Abrahamism, who created and controls all other spirits/souls. This is the supreme anthropomorphication of the life force. It enshrines the master-slave paradigm. God is the master and we are his slaves, wholly dependent on him. 2) A non-anthropomorphic Super Spirit embracing everything (pantheism). We are all part of this Super Spirit and always have been. We are all eternal rather than created, and there is no personalised Creator at all. Ignorance or illusion (Maya) prevents us from seeing the truth of existence, but we will eventually all become enlightened and enter nirvana/moksha (and all equivalents). This is the Eastern religious view and, if treated properly, it would be highly communitarian, holistic and altruistic (the opposite of master-slave Abrahamism). These then are the three standard views: 1) Atheistic scientific materialism, 2) anthropomorphic religion (fascist, dictatorial, capitalist, them and us, right wing, master-and-slave, dominance and submission), 3) pantheistic religion (communist, cooperative, altruistic, collaborative, communitarian, left wing). Eastern religion is contaminated by a disastrous element: karma. This is concerned with moral evolution to enlightenment rather than intellectual and rational evolution. Being “nice to others” is more important than being smart. Yet karma introduces the ultra right wing notion that people enjoying good lives in the present world must have been morally superior in previous lives to those experiencing misery in this life. For those having a hard time, you DESERVE to be treated like shit; it’s your karmic payback and is good for you in the long run. Think of how much horror is contained in this doctrine. It actually invites the “elite” to treat the “damned” like scum, and they haven’t hesitated to do so! No one on earth would want to be an “untouchable” in India! Eastern religion – which ought to be extremely left wing – is often highly right wing precisely because of the evil doctrine of karma.

Fuck morality! Let’s get rational. And, in fact, the more rational we become the more moral we end up being. No rationalist would ever treat untouchables in the wicked way they are treated by karmists. So, who’s genuinely more moral? Marx, with his doctrine of “dialectical materialism”, introduced an interesting variation by bringing about a synthesis of science and Eastern religion. This was an atheist view (totally opposed to Abrahamism) yet it didn’t view the material world as dead, machinelike and purposeless. It was a kind of hylozoism (“living matter”): teleological and evolving (dialectically) to a higher quality condition (which would be expressed most fully in the Communist State, the omega point of dialectical evolution according to Marx). Marxism is scientific materialism with purpose. It’s about teleological Lamarckian adaptive evolution rather than purposeless Darwinian evolution by natural selection. (Marxism, it must be noted, is a materialist distortion of Hegelian idealism.) Finally, we come to the only remaining paradigm: Illuminism. Illuminism asserts that ALL of existence is mathematical. It is supremely reductive because it reduces existence to nothing but monads, and it is supremely holistic because all the monads work together in a holographic Super Singularity. So, there are five basic paradigms: 1) Anthropomorphic religion (Abrahamism). 2) Pantheistic religion (Eastern religion). 3) Atheistic science (empiricist materialism). 4) Teleological materialism (Marxism). 5) Mathematics (Illuminism). You will either be a person of faith based on feelings (Abrahamist), a person of faith based on intuition (Enlightenment religion), a person of science (non-religious), a Marxist (teleological scientist) or a mathematician (Illuminist). There are no new paradigms to be discovered. We have reached the end of the line. Nothing can replace Illuminism. It’s the omega paradigm, the dialectical culmination of all the others. It’s the End of History, the apex, the summit,

the final theory, the Grand synthesis. Sure, many details can be refined and elaborated, but the paradigm of mathematics being the full explanation of everything is not something that will EVER be overturned. We have arrived at the final truth. There’s nowhere beyond Illuminism. But, go on, give it a try. See what you can create. You will find that all roads lead back to Illuminism.

The Golden Horde The Hyperboreans, the shining ones, the alchemical gold makers … the Illuminati. We are the Golden Horde. We will make the whole world golden, and it will sit in the darkness of space as a dazzling orb of pure gold and enlightenment.

Idealism Illuminism asserts that all that ultimately exists is an infinite ensemble of living, mathematical minds. Since it makes minds primary, it belongs to the school of idealism rather than materialism. In conventional idealism, each mind in a sense creates its own reality, hence idealism often struggles to escape from solipsism. Bishop Berkeley circumvented the problem by saying that the Mind of God generates the apparent objective reality we all experience, and we all tune into this (but God himself is rather solipsistic in this view). Kant claimed that we tune into a collective phenomenal reality based on unseen and unknowable noumena – “things in themselves”. In Illuminism, all minds mathematically interact with each other to produce “objects”, made of mathematical energy that comes from all minds and is objectively shared between all minds. Illuminism thus also supports a hylozoistic interpretation (all matter is alive) and a panpsychic interpretation (mind is everywhere). In fact, idealism, hylozoism and panpsychism all merge into one in Illuminism. Unlike subjective idealism which maintains that what is known of objects is contributed by the human minds that perceive them, Illuminism is a form of objective idealism, meaning that the objective world of experience is contributed by the energetic mathematical interaction of ALL minds. Our minds operate subjectively when we are dreaming, and objectively when we are awake. We might alternatively call Illuminism “collective idealism”, based on the cooperation and interaction of all minds,

rather than “singular idealism” where each mind does its own thing (as in dreams). Kant’s idealism is highly subjective and dreamlike and he offers no plausible mechanism for how we all share the same objective reality. Bishop Berkeley solves the problem by making us minds within God’s mind and the thoughts of God thus provide the overarching objective reality of our experiences. Neither Kant nor Berkeley can account for dreams. In Berkeley’s system, why does God “unplug” us from the Matrix whenever we decide to sleep (and why do we need to sleep anyway?), and why does he require us to dream? What function is served by dreams in this scheme? Kant’s problem is even more serious. In his subjective mind-created reality, minds create TWO realities: one “waking” and the other “dreaming”. Why? This makes no sense at all. What do “things in themselves” have to do with dreams?

The God Series Illuminism is the culmination of the dialectic, the final phase, the omega point. There is no stage beyond. The God Series is the bang-up-to-date 21st century statement of Illuminism. Every century, this series will be updated because, unlike the Abrahamic “holy” texts, Illuminism isn’t cast in stone and frozen in the past (and becoming more bizarre, unbelievable and irrelevant with each passing year). Illuminism moves dialectically with the times. It’s always up to date. It was the most advanced human thinking 2,500 years ago when Pythagoras declared that all things are numbers, and it remains the most advanced human thinking. It can never be outgunned, succeeded or eclipsed for the simple reason that Illuminism is mathematics and nothing can ever beat mathematics. That’s guaranteed. All we are waiting for is for humanity to wake up, become rational and universally acknowledge the primacy of mathematics. At which point Illuminism will become the Holy Universal Church of Mathematics, the Grail Church, the Church of the Philosopher’s Stone.

***** Illuminism has delivered the final, definitive answer of existence. The great quest is over. We have provided all the information you need to understand

existence. Above all, you now have the greatest gift of all … the infinitely precious knowledge that will allow you to BECOME GOD!

Existence Existence is an eternally pulsing, vibrating nothingness, forever seeking the optimal cosmic resonant frequency – the “God frequency”. Within that infinite vibration, that ocean of mathematics, equations, numbers and shapes (a mathematical Fountain of Life), the “dream” (the hologram) of the physical world is summoned into being. The whole of existence is contained within a single, indivisible point (Genesis Singularity) of infinite mathematical complexity. This point can never die, never go out of existence, never leak any energy, or gain any energy, but it can undergo infinite internal transformation in terms of the infinite points (souls) of which it is comprised. There is nothing else. “Life” is self-transforming mathematics, generating endless signals and functions (information) and, ABOVE ALL, being able to experience that information and assign personal meaning to it (at the simplest level, deciding whether it is pleasurable (good) or painful (bad), and whether or not it enhances POWER). The quest for more power is what drives existence. Life revolves around the dialectical Will to Power, and supreme power is attained when full understanding and control of mathematical reality is accomplished. This means that reason, logic, rationality and mathematical mastery are the highest expressions of power. The pursuit of power leads us from fantasies and tales of magic power (Mythos, including absurd all-powerful Gods, and the master-slave dialectic) to real power over reality (Logos). The earth is currently all about fake power, false power, phoney power invested in religious, political and economic leaders. True power resides with mathematicians, technologists, scientists, engineers and philosophers. It’s about time they assumed their rightful and destined role as the Logos rulers of this world. It’s about time the world became interested in REAL power rather than silly monarchs in robes, crazy prophets with beards, popes with rings to be kissed, celebrities on red carpets, the super rich on yachts, politicians with honour guards. This is all about the display of imaginary power, which bedazzles ordinary people. Real power is about medicine, technology, creating life, mastering nature, conquering the stars

and joining the Gods. It’s time for the next phase of human evolution: the divine phase.

Numbers, And Nothing Besides There is only one thing of which existence can be made – numbers. In particular, existence is made of infinite zeros – nothing. All of existence averages numerically to zero. “Something” is permanently nothing, an infinity of nothing forever rearranging itself into different patterns of nothingness. Since it’s impossible to destroy nothing, nothing goes on forever. It’s immortal and indestructible. It’s life itself. There has always been nothing and nothing is all there will ever be. An infinity ago, there was nothing, and there will be nothing an infinity from now. There was no beginning, and there will be no end, but there are infinite cycles. Each cycle is a new beginning. Imagine an infinite sine wave. Where does it begin and where does it end? No such points can be identified, but we can certainly identify peaks and troughs, and points where the wave reaches zero amplitude. We can identify wave cycles. A wave is the perfect representation of existence, and it is intimately connected with the circle and the helix. A wave is infinite energy. It can never stop, and neither can existence. A wave undergoes endless cycles, just like existence. Imagine trying to define existence in any way other than mathematically, than with numbers. It’s rationally impossible. It’s inconceivable that anything could validly replace eternal numbers – infinite energy – as the arche, the basic substance of existence. What is mind if not a manifestation of numbers (waves)? What is matter if not a manifestation of numbers (waves)? How can mind and matter interact if they are not just different manifestations of numbers? How can science do such a great job of describing the universe mathematically if the universe is not in fact mathematical? How could you order, organize and pattern anything without recourse to numbers, mathematics and mathematical logic? Think of snowflakes – beautiful mathematical patterns. Think of the weather – a system of mathematical “chaos”. Think of fractals, think of honeycombs, paving stones, bricks, leaves, spirals, cylinders, sugar cubes and salt crystals – all mathematical. DNA? – the double helix – pure mathematics.

Mathematics is everywhere, embedded in everything. The idea of a world without mathematics is preposterous. There are two options. Either there’s something else other than mathematics and mathematics is some sort of peculiar add-on to it (which leads to all kinds of problems about how they interact, as in the Cartesian mind-body problem), or there’s nothing else and mathematics is all there is. Nothing can match the power, versatility, scope, scale, properties, laws, stability, order, organisation, patterns and logic of mathematics. God himself cannot beat the power of mathematics. God can only be an expression of that power. Mathematics, with its supreme ability to combine simple functions into complex functions, is the driver of evolution par excellence. It can convert potential (the simplest functions) into actualisation (the most complex functions). It provides the “atoms” that can be turned into “molecules”, the letters that can be turned into words, sentences into books. Ontological mathematics is the source of eternal energy. Ontological mathematics IS eternal energy. The statement of the first law of thermodynamics that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed, is equivalent to saying that mathematical functions can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. The immortal universe is an immortal process of transforming mathematical functions. The universe is a self-solving equation, always seeking its optimal solution. The meaning of existence lies in the ability of mathematics to become self-conscious, to achieve maximum selfconsciousness – to become God.

***** The most incredible thing of all is that numbers are alive, or at least part of a monadic living system. When they are inside monads, they are as eternal and indestructible as monads themselves. Just as cells inside a human body are alive, or are at least controlled by a living mind, so numbers are the “cells” of the monad and controlled by the monadic mind, and there are an infinite number of these numbers. Numbers are the key to INFORMATION, and that’s what existence, mind and life are all about. To turn existence from a clockwork scientific mechanism into a living organism, only one thing is needed: subjective minds that experience and process information,

that assign MEANING to it. What is the meaning of life? It’s simple. It has whatever meaning we (as thinking, conscious minds) attribute to it. We define meaning. No one else does it for us. It’s entirely our responsibility, and it’s the greatest responsibility of all. Weak submissives try to pass the buck by assigning meaning to “God”. Strong dominants seek no such way out. What could be better than being God oneself? Abrahamists see the meaning of life as doing God’s bidding, and receiving paradise as a reward. But what is the meaning of life FOR GOD?! Surely God isn’t motivated by helping Jews, Christians and Muslims into heaven, and sending 98.3% of humanity to hell. What a sad and pathetic God he would be if that were his game. We can work out what meaning God gives to life only when we ourselves have become God and are faced with exactly that question ourselves. And only then will we be able to provide the definite answer. We do not imagine that it will be much different from any of the answers Nietzsche gave when he was discussing his übermensch – the Superman.

***** Abrahamists define the meaning of life as doing the bidding of their Creator God. What does their creator God define as the meaning of life? That the Jews, Christians and Muslims should do his bidding, and anyone who doesn’t should be tortured forever? What a sad and mad God he is if that’s how he defines existence. If you can’t look to a Creator God to define the meaning of existence, whom else will you turn to? Well, you have no choice. You yourself must define meaning. It’s your job, no one else’s. Are you strong enough for the task – or are you waiting to be defined, hence controlled, by someone else? You must create yourself. You must make yourself God. Gods are those who define meaning. Slaves are those who have meaning defined for them.

***** A survey showed that half of the UK’s adult population struggle with primary school mathematics. They can’t count their change. They don’t understand their pay slips and can’t tell whether they have been subjected to inappropriate deductions. They can’t calculate percentages. No wonder the British Empire collapsed! Most of these same people are contemptuous of mathematics, and see no need for it. They read trashy tabloid newspapers,

watch sport and junk TV obsessively, and sneer at “intellectuals”. They regard themselves as extremely smart and always right even though they haven’t read a book since leaving school. A society in which the average person had the equivalent of a PhD in mathematics would be the greatest power in human history. It would be the most prosperous, with the highest standard of living, and not only would it be able to construct perfect cities, it could build a bridge to heaven. The mathematical society is the basis of the Community of Gods. Mathematics = Logos. A Logos world = paradise. The Mathematical Society stands on the Illuminated Heights and gazes down at the plains below where the benighted, endarkened Abrahamic masses continue to kneel and grovel to their Torture God. “I am not a man. I am dynamite.” – Nietzsche It’s time we all became dynamite.

The Thermodynamics of Time Travel In the sci-fi movie Looper, criminal gangs dispose of their enemies by sending them back in time to be executed and disposed of, leaving not a single trace in their own time. Whatever happened to the conservation of energy? Time travel removes mass-energy from one time and places it in another, thus violating the total amount of energy in both times. Imagine transferring all of the mass-energy from one time into another. That violates energy conservation, hence time travel is forbidden. In Illuminism, energy is conserved at every instant: it can’t be borrowed by other time “zones” or loaned to other times. Scientific materialism is not too clear on energy conservation and seems to suggest that energy is not continuously conserved but is conserved only across the whole of time!

The Rainmakers The Rainmakers are the historical figures who set the “weather”, the climate of ideas, beliefs, and culture. They might also be called the Weather Men. Think of the influence that Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Mohamed have had on our world. Has anyone set the world’s weather as much as these five men? St. Paul, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas

and Martin Luther can stake their claims too – but these are just prophets too. The “prophet” is the most extraordinary phenomenon in world history. The prophet usually claims to be the vessel of God in our world, chosen specially by God and acting as his direct voice in our world. Has there ever been a madder claim? Are prophets the most mentally disturbed human in history? Are they the ones who have transformed the world into a cosmic mental asylum? Shouldn’t prophets be executed on sight? Think of how much trouble we would have been spared if prophets had never existed.

Drugs Why do drugs, especially psychedelics, have such strange effects on us? It’s because they interfere with the brain-mind machinery for performing inverse Fourier transforms. They destroy objective reality and drag us much closer to our subjective dream reality where time, space and causality are no longer in effect.

Helter Skelter Charles Manson referred to himself as “Jesus and the Devil”, and said that all human beings suffered from this condition. Hold on, didn’t he mean that Jesus IS the Devil?

The Death of Capitalism “Hegel thought of nations as the vehicles of dialectical movement; Marx substituted classes. He disclaimed always all ethical or humanitarian reason for preferring Socialism or taking the side of the wage earner; he maintained, not that this side was ethically better, but that it was the side taken by the dialectic in its wholly deterministic movement. He might have said that he did not advocate Socialism, but only prophesied it.” – Bertrand Russell Extraordinary though it may seem, it’s possible to argue that Marx wasn’t actually a communist! He was in fact an anti-capitalist, and even that’s debatable (on occasion, he spoke admiringly of aspects of capitalism). In truth, he was a “political scientist” and “Marxism” was his dialectical analysis (stolen from Hegel and applied to class struggle rather than that of nation states and empires) of the inevitable economic and political future of

humanity. Marxism is really the diagnosis of why capitalism is bound to fail, a thesis that certainly wasn’t refuted by the fall of the Soviet Union. Capitalism collapsed in 2008 and was saved by socialism, but everyone conveniently ignores that fact. Marx has in fact been fully vindicated by history! Yet you will always hear that history refuted Marx. Guess who’s telling you that? – the capitalists! What history certainly refuted was communism, but that’s not the same as Marxism. Nearly all of Marx’s writings are about the tensions within capitalism, and why they must in the end destroy capitalism. He said virtually nothing about what would come after capitalism. Leninism or Stalinism might be regarded as two possible ways in which Marx’s post-capitalist dialectic played out, but there’s no evidence that Marx would have endorsed either of those systems, or Maoism or anything else. Meritocracy, with 100% inheritance tax and the elimination of the ownership class and dynastic elites, is probably much closer to what Marx had in mind! Hegel’s master-slave dialectic concludes with the abolition of both the masters and the slaves: everyone is accorded equal dignity. Communism, if properly understood, is nothing to do with a totalitarian Communist Party, no elections, no markets, and oppressive State control of everything. What it definitely is about is the end of the permanent elite class and private property being passed down dynastically from parents to children in perpetuity. As the name suggests, communism is all about rule by the community rather than by privileged private families. “Proper” communism is Marx’s version of the culmination of the Hegelian master-slave dialectic. The communist regimes of old were not truly reflective of Marxist communism. Meritocracy is Marxist insofar as it agrees with the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of any elite class of “masters”, and it will not countenance anyone being treated as slaves. Meritocracy is the true, designated end of the Hegelian master-slave dialectic, hence will inevitably succeed. Meritocracy could in fact rebrand itself as Marxist communism, but it would be nothing like “old” communism, and it would happily use capitalist elements. Moreover, it would of course support Hegel rather than Marx, and Hegelian Absolute idealism rather than Marxist dialectical materialism.

Dialectical Materialism

What’s the difference between dialectical materialism and scientific materialism? The latter treats the universe as a machine full of separate parts, all isolated from each other apart from the parts adjacent to them. The former treats the universe as a whole in which everything is interdependent. Whereas scientific materialism is reductive and asserts that only matter exists, dialectical materialism is holistic and does not deny that it’s possible to have more than just matter. Dialectical materialism is wholly opposed to idealism – the view that matter is the product of mind – but it is not opposed to the emergence of mind. Where scientific materialism would always assert that mind is a function of matter, dialectical materialism asserts that mind is the highest product and expression of matter and, in some sense, takes on an existence independent of matter (something that would never be accepted by scientific materialists). Where scientific materialists appeal to reductive, purposeless, mechanistic laws of matter, dialectical materialists appeal to dialectical, holistic, teleological laws of matter. In essence, scientific materialists define matter in terms of a dead machine and dialectical materialists in terms of a living organism seeking to optimize itself (the Hegelian influence is obvious!). Scientific materialists deny that objects contain within themselves any internal dialectical contradictions. Dialectical materialism, on the other hand, asserts that such contradictions are the primary cause of motion, change, and development in the world. (It’s a view much in tune with the ancient dialectical stance of Heraclitus: Marx was well read in pre-Socratic Greek philosophy.) Dialectical materialism is particularly concerned with the concept of the transformation of quantity into quality. In science, such a process would be called a phase transition, a classic example being the transition of water to steam at water’s boiling point. The temperature sticks at the boiling point and cannot rise again until all water has been converted to steam. In social, economic and political terms, the task is to bring about a phase transition from master-slave societies to meritocratic societies of equal opportunities. “Merely quantitative differences, beyond a certain point, pass into qualitative changes.” – Karl Marx

So, Marx looked to a time when a depersonalised “quantitative” society of people defined by the amount of money they have would be replaced by a personalised “qualitative” society of cooperating citizens. (“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” – Marx). Capitalism is quantitative (obsessed with the quantity of wealth owned by the capitalist elite); meritocracy is qualitative (concerned with the quality of every member of society, and seeking to make this quality as high as possible.)

Taoism versus Illuminism These two systems have a great deal in common. If Taoism were handled mathematically, it would have a close resemblance to Illuminism. The key difference lies in yin and yang versus the dialectic. Taoism is all about balance and harmony. Sickness is perceived as an imbalance, requiring something to restore balance. Yin and yang are of course dialectical opposites that are deemed to produce overall balance and harmony. You don’t want an excess of yin or yang. You want to manage them in such a way as to maintain the optimal balance. This is therefore a static system, an equilibrium system, a steadystate universe. In Illuminism, yin would be regarded as the thesis and yang the antithesis. But the dialectic then introduces an astonishing new ingredient – the SYNTHESIS. This takes what is best from the thesis and antithesis and discards what is worst. The synthesis then becomes a new thesis, which generates a new antithesis, a new synthesis, and so on, until the system reaches an ultimate synthesis (omega point), and the dialectic has reached its end (the end of history, the end of its history). So, in Illuminism, there’s no question of seeking to maintain a balance between yin and yang. Rather, they are to be dialectically driven to the supreme yin-yang synthesis, reflecting the absolute best of both, but omitting all of their weaknesses and defects. In other words, where Taoism is all about stasis and equilibrium, Illuminism is about dynamism, progress and culmination. The essence of life is not about balancing yin and yang but continually creating dialectical IMBALANCE in order to drive resolution of contradictions in order to become better and more perfect.

Taoists regard the contradictions of yin and yang as desirable. Illuminists regard these contradictions as unhealthy, problematic and blocking progress to higher states. Why has the West consistently outperformed the East? Precisely because the East has many ideological beliefs that promote stasis and balance, maintaining the status quo and fearing anything radical that disturbs the balance. Thus, Eastern societies are ossified and petrified. The West, on the other hands, has consistently favoured dialectical attitudes. The scientific method is highly dialectical (and has, in practical terms, changed the world for the better more than anything else). Darwinism is highly dialectical, trying to create better and better adapted forms (not equilibrium). Adversarial politics is dialectical (Chinese communism suffers from having no opposition). In the economic sphere, free-market capitalism is ultra dialectical, although frequently in a disastrous boom and bust way (and a healthy capitalist synthesis has yet to arrive!). The West believes in progress and America, the West’s youngest nation, believes in it the most (the American Dream). The East has traditionally believed in the maintenance of the status quo, but now something incredible has happened. China and India are becoming fast-moving capitalist countries. This is a catastrophe for the West, and especially for America. Western dominance relied on the backward Eastern desire for balance and the status quo, of everything being frozen forever. Now that the East has become future-thinking and eager for progress and change (overthrowing the “balance”), it could easily render the West irrelevant in a few decades. The West has only one way to save itself – to embrace the ultimate dialectical engine of progress … Illuminism. Imagine a nation composed of nothing but Godlike individuals rather than a small elite ruling over a vast mass of drones (as we currently endure in the capitalist West). What couldn’t a nation devoted to Illuminism achieve? An Illuminist meritocracy would make mincemeat of all rivals.

***** The West had better wake up fast. The writing is well and truly on the wall. The East’s adoption of capitalism has changed the game. Anyone who can’t see that is a fool. Sadly, we are ruled by fools.

The last chance saloon has arrived. If the West wishes to maintain a competitive advantage, it must radically change the way it does things. It needs to become much faster and smarter and have an enormously better educated, meritocratic population. Only meritocratic Illuminism can deliver.

Nothing New Under the Sun A newborn baby seems incredibly fresh and new. Neither is true. A baby’s body is simply recycled food and drink consumed by its mother. As for its mind… it’s infinitely old! The First Law of Thermodynamics, perhaps the most important scientific law, states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. What this means is that there is never anything new. All that exists now has ALWAYS existed. Everything is immortal. All we see is a vast process of transformation, but nothing is ever going out of existence or coming into existence.

Death is the Ultimate Makeover What is death? Simply the ultimate makeover. You come back with a whole new body! The universe is all about continual regeneration, recycling and transformation. It’s the most enormous recycling organism, consuming the old and dead and spewing out the “new” (transformed) and living. You CANNOT die. Never fear death. Each time you die, it’s just an opportunity to come back as something better and closer to divinity. The transhumanist ambition to remain in one particular body and life forever is mad. It’s the absurd desire of materialists to lay claim to the immortality that the religious have always believed in. These transhumanists will end up like the Struldbrugs in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. Struldbrugs are immortal humans, but there’s a horrific catch. Although they don’t die, Struldbrugs nonetheless continue ageing, losing their hair, eyesight, hearing, taste, smell, and so on, and becoming incredibly withered, infirm and frail. Swift graphically demonstrates that immortality without eternal youth is hell itself. Struldbrugs were forbidden to own property. Otherwise, they would of course own it FOREVER. This is interesting because dynastic families are the equivalent of Struldbrugs, and ought to likewise be banned from owning property for exactly the same reason.

“Otherwise, as avarice is the necessary consequence of old age, those immortals would in time become proprietors of the whole nation, and engross the civil power, which, for want of abilities to manage, must end in the ruin of the public.” – Jonathan Swift Hasn’t something of the kind happened to our world? Let’s rewrite Swift’s observation: “Otherwise, as avarice is the necessary consequence of dynastic rule, those dynastic families would in time become proprietors of the whole nation, and engross the civil power, which, for want of abilities to manage, must end in the ruin of the public.”

Zardoz Even with youth, immortality in one body would be unbearable, as the sci-fi movie Zardoz illustrates. Zardoz is set in the year 2293 CE and depicts a post-apocalyptic Earth inhabited by “Brutals” ruled over by “Eternals” who possess psychic powers. So, what’s new? It’s the same old elite ruling the masses. Eternals use selected Brutals, called Exterminators (the Chosen warrior class like the army and police!), to control and cull the Brutals. The Exterminators worship the god Zardoz: a huge, flying, hollow stone head (actually an aircraft piloted by one of the Eternals). It transpires that Zardoz is a corruption of “Wizard of Oz”! Zardoz teaches: “The gun is good. ... the gun shoots death, and purifies the Earth of the filth of Brutals. Go forth ... and kill!” So, Zardoz is a bit like Allah/Jehovah – or an American Survivalist! The Zardoz godhead supplies the Exterminators with their weapons, while the Exterminators place grain supplies in its mouth (for feeding the Eternals). Zardoz originates from the Vortex, the secluded community of Eternals, protected all around by an invisible force field. There, the immortal Eternals lead a life that once seemed idyllic but is now stifling, tedious and unbearable. The Vortex is controlled by the Tabernacle, an artificial intelligence, and it oversees the Eternals and protects them from death. Immortality has made the Eternals horrifically bored, corrupt and degenerate. With no need for procreation, the men have all become impotent. Some have become catatonic and are named the “Apathetics”.

In a desperate attempt to give life more meaning, complex social rules and rituals have developed and any transgressions are severely punished by artificial ageing. The worst offenders are condemned to permanent old age and branded “Renegades”. If an Eternal dies via a fatal accident, he is immediately reborn into a kind of cloned body exactly like his last one – so there’s no way out. (Just as there’s no way for Bill Murray to die in Groundhog Day.) Humanity has become utterly stagnant. A deadly status quo reigns. The film ends with the Chief Exterminator managing to destroy the Tabernacle and kill most of the Eternals — who are grateful to him for releasing them from their eternal hell. The few Eternals who escape go out to live as ordinary mortals amongst the Brutals. Isn’t the Vortex with its AI Tabernacle that confers immortality exactly what the transhumanists are seeking? Yet it must invariably become hell. Anyone can see that. Death and rebirth are infinitely superior to eternity in a single body and consciousness. The transhumanist vision is insane. It’s atheistic materialism gone mad. These people shouldn’t fear death so much. They should study mathematics and realize they are already immortal … but not in the same body forever. Reincarnation is nothing but Fourier mathematics repeated over and over again, linking a monad outside space and time to a body in space and time.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Have you lost a loved one? They may well already be back in this world in a new body and new life. You might even meet them one day and feel an overwhelming connection with them. It will be as if you have “always known each other”. You might feel like soulmates – and that’s exactly what you are. Bodies are just perishable vehicles for souls. Don’t get overattached to them. The immortal soul is the important thing. If you love your dead dog, bear in mind that it might be promoted to a human in its next incarnation. You might meet “him” and become firm friends, with you the master and he your faithful, loyal follower – just like the old days!


There are two types of freedom: id freedom and superego freedom. Id freedom means that people believe they should be able to do whatever they like, regardless of others. Anarcho-capitalist libertarians are of this type. They loathe being told what to do by government. They loathe laws, they loathe the State and they loathe paying taxes. They are always insisting on their “freedom” and how they will fight anyone who tries to take it from them. They are extremely right wing and armed to the hilt. Superego freedom means that those who subscribe to it acknowledge an immense constraint on it: other people. You can’t do anything you like for the simple reason that it might cause aggravation and distress to others. You don’t want to do that to others and you don’t want others to do it to you. So, superego freedom is about being optimally free within the rule of law that is fairly and justly designed and applied for the benefit of all. Superego freedom is left wing and id freedom right wing. Ayn Rand was the supreme prophet of id freedom. Plato, Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, Jung and Freud are typical advocates of superego freedom. Nietzsche, an advocate of self-overcoming, had an intermediate position. He would have regarded Rand’s philosophy as a primitive expression of unsublimated will to power, and he would have worried that superego freedom placed too great a constraint on the individual, especially the great individual. A meritocratic superego freedom should be able to accommodate Nietzsche’s criticism. This means that the supremely meritorious – geniuses – should be allowed a certain licence not available to others. A genius confers so many gifts on society that he must be allowed to flout conventional norms if he so wishes, without censure (provided, obviously, that he does no harm to others). He has EARNED the right. Id freedom is about the particular will and is incredibly selfish, egotistic and narcissistic. Superego freedom is about the general will and is rational and altruistic. In designing an ideal State, a necessary step is to exclude all those who subscribe to id freedom. Such people can play no part in a civilized society. Society and civilisation are about the general will; the anarchist jungle is about the particular will. What distinguishes humans from animals? Civilized society. Anarchocapitalist libertarians who are opposed to the government, State and society are ANIMALS.

***** In the satirical movie The Campaign, one candidate has a slogan: “America. Jesus. Freedom.” That more or less sums up America, does it not? His opponent has the slogan, “It’s a mess.” Indeed!

The Dark Ages The Dark Ages = the Christian Age. Abrahamism = the Darkness.

Saudi Arabia Muslim women are prohibited from taking part in the Islamic hajj pilgrimage to Mecca if they do not have a male guardian, or written permission from a male guardian. The question is this … why do women put up with sexist religions that oppress them? Why do gays join homophobic religions? Why do divorcees stay in religions that condemn divorcees? As The Doors said, “People are strange.”

Two Worlds The question of whether there is life after death is wholly dependent on whether existence consists of one world or two. If there is only one world then we’re already in it and when we die we’re no longer in it, so we’re gone forever. The atoms of our body continue to exist, of course, as we turn to dust, but where did “we” go. Here one moment and gone the next. Was that really it? Does the thing (life; the soul) that holds the atoms together perish, but not the atoms themselves? How very odd. Does that not, on the face of it, contradict an energy conservation law? Where did our mind energy – our soul – go? Can it simply vanish as though it was never there? Does it evaporate? Turn to heat energy? For the soul to endure there must be a “lifeboat world”, separate from this world. At death, body and soul go their different ways. So, where could this other world – this soul world – be? Scientific and philosophical materialists say it’s a fantasy. The mind is a product of body and when the body dies so does the mind. Mind, in this view, is some sort of energy field generated by atomic interactions, and death terminates this mental energy field. Of course, no scientist ever

explains how this mental energy field creates a personality, an identity, a sense of self, religious feelings, and so on. Nietzsche loathed the concept of two worlds. His main objection was that he thought a second world devalued this world. He hated the way Christians refused to live according to what was happening to them right now, but to what they thought might happen to them in the “next” life. The afterlife seemed much more important to them than this life. He was certain it encouraged a slave morality. His Supermen never troubled themselves with any thoughts of what comes after this life. Their task was to live this life maximally, not to always be keeping one eye out for some unproven future life. Existentialists, absurdists and postmodernists all followed the lead of science and rejected the existence of any other world. Marxists were concerned with perfecting this world and denied that there was any world to come. So, nothing is more important than the “two worlds or one” issue. What is the history of this subject? The ancients believed that dreams literally revealed the second world to us. In dreams, the dead lived. The ancients believed that death was a transition from this world to the dreamworld they had glimpsed so often. Some ancients believed that spirits controlled every part of nature (animism), meaning that there was an unseen spiritual reality (second world). Some ancients believed that the dead became spirits (shades) in the Underworld. This was literally under the surface of the earth, so was a physical place, hence spirits were physical things. This ancient tradition is the basis of the concept, still popular in the modern day, of ghosts, spirits, angels and demons – which are envisaged as transparent or translucent simulacra of physical bodies. In this view, spirituality is physical and belongs to this world. The notion of two worlds is therefore somewhat blurred, and has caused great confusion down the ages. For “physical spiritualists”, the soul is a physical thing that inhabits bodies and detaches from them at death. Therefore, it ought to be available for scientific study, and, of course, zero evidence has been found of any free-floating physical spirits. Cranky Theosophists and Anthroposophists invent all manner of physical layers of existence and different grades of spirit bodies (etheric bodies, astral bodies and so on). Do these layers belong to this physical

world, or “other dimensions” (whatever those might be)? This is all muddle and nonsense. Physical things belong in the physical world and are amenable to scientific study. The only things that cannot be susceptible to scientific study are things that are not in the physical world at all. All theosophical and anthroposophical speculation about other dimensions is garbage and nonsense. There are no other dimensions, no other physical worlds, no parallel worlds, no Multiverses. There’s just physical and nonphysical. That’s it. Those are the only two real options. A physical spirit world interacting with this physical world is just a oneworld (physical world) theory separated into two physical branches. They are two aspects of the SAME world, not authentically two different worlds. The pre-Socratic philosophers of ancient Greece became preoccupied with the notion of the arche, the fundamental substance of existence from which everything else is derived. Thales, the first philosopher, said that water was the answer (he didn’t think of water as modern scientists do; water, for him, was full of spirits, i.e. was “living water”). Anaximander thought the arche was apeiron: invisible, infinite and indeterminate (and also containing some sort of spirit quality to account for life). Anaximenes said it was air (or living air, we might say). Pythagoras said it was numbers. Heraclitus said it was fire (or living energy, we might say). Empedocles said the arche was four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Anaxagoras said there were infinite elements called homoeomeries, organised by Mind (Nous) – which was a highly rarefied material substance, present only in living things. The atomists said that everything was made of atoms and a proportion of these were “soul atoms” (to account for life). Into the mix was added aether, the quintessence. This was deemed more rarefied, pure and subtle than fire. To some, especially the Pythagoreans, it was so subtle as not to be material at all. This was the first real suggestion that matter wasn’t the whole story. When the aether was combined with the Mind described by Anaxagoras, the idea began to form of an immaterial mental domain. Plato turned this into his famous domain of perfect Forms. Now the great game had begun. There was an eternal immaterial domain outside space and time, and a material copy of it in space and time, designed by the Demiurge, a Godlike being. The immaterial domain was noumenal and the material world phenomenal.

Now the battle lines were well and truly defined: 1) A material domain versus an immaterial (mental) domain. 2) Space and time versus non-space and non-time. Nietzsche recognised this as the beginning of the whole two-worlds concept that became the centrepiece of religious thinking, and he hated Plato (and Socrates) for devising it. The big problem for Plato and his advocates was that although it made perfect sense to them, it didn’t to anyone else. No one knew where this transcendent domain was. No one could ever figure out how it related to the physical world. Aristotle immediately abandoned it. Of course, the whole point of it was that it wasn’t physical, but no one really understood what that meant. When Dante, in The Divine Comedy, wrote in the early 14th century of the journey to heaven, it was conceived very much in physical terms. As your soul ascended towards God, material existence became more and more rarefied, but it was material all the same. Heaven was literally a physical destination you could reach. Science, of course, has destroyed any such notion, leaving Plato’s dimensionless domain as the only way out. Modern philosophy began with Descartes and he produced a scheme compatible with Plato’s position. He divided existence into two: the extended domain (matter) and the unextended domain (mind). Science promptly declared the mental world irrelevant at best and almost certainly non-existent, and this attitude has become more and more dogmatic over the years. As ever, no one really understood what it meant to talk about an immaterial, unextended world. Only the idealist philosophers took the idea seriously intellectually, and they reached the extraordinary conclusion that it was in fact the material world – apparently so solid and real – that didn’t exist. It only seemed to exist. It was mere appearance, phenomenon, illusion, Maya. Technically, Descartes actually argued that there was only one absolute substance: God. Mind and matter were two relative substances created by God. God made a single extended material world and populated it with a multitude of unextended souls. In a sense, the world and the soul exist INSIDE God and are completely dependent on him. But no one could

plausibly work out how mind and matter, as two radically different substances, could possibly interact. Spinoza thought he had the answer. He agreed with Descartes that God was the only true substance and he concluded that souls and bodies were just two attributes of God. There are many modes of each attribute. Since everything is part of God, everything is synchronized. Anything that happens to a mental mode of God is also happening to a corresponding physical mode, and vice versa. This is “psycho-physical” parallelism. Mind and matter act in parallel rather than interacting with each other and “causing” effects in each other. They have a perfectly synchronized relationship rather than a causal relationship. Leibniz, in his published Monadology, envisaged a Super Monad (God) creating an infinite number of monads (in his own image). God programmed every one of these individually and then harmonised them all for eternity. This is an entirely programmed universe where everything simply executes its programming, wholly independently of everything else. Things seem to interact only because they are programmed to act in perfect harmony (as if they were causally interacting). This world is entirely made of minds. There is no matter at all. Hume was an ultra empiricist and skeptic and envisaged reality as a kind of stream of consciousness full of invented or unprovable elements, including the self and causality. Kant firmly divided existence into the phenomenal world of mere appearance (which accorded to the material, scientific world in space and time) and the unknowable, noumenal world of “things-in-themselves”, outside space and time. Schopenhauer said that the noumenal world was a single living Will. Nietzsche, despite his aversion to two worlds, posited a Will to Power (which he conceived as a kind of non-metaphysical living physical energy in space and time; something akin to how the fiery arche of Heraclitus is usually described). Fichte, like Descartes, thought that God was the absolute substance. Where Schopenhauer referred to a Will, Fichte referred to a cosmic Ego. This Ego created the material world out of itself – the alienated non-ego – and populated it with souls (individuated egos). Schelling and Hegel elaborated on this view.

Hartmann said it was all about the Unconscious (consisting of Will and Intellect).

***** The ancient Atomists conceived of indivisible “body” atoms and “soul” atoms moving in a void. These atoms were material objects. In the Leibnizian system, there are infinite STATIC soul atoms (monads), each composed of infinite mental dynamic atoms, which become physical when they enter a Cartesian arena. The void for the Atomists is, for Leibniz, the mental Cartesian arena (which is indeed a physical void). Therefore, ancient Greek Atomism is not too dissimilar from Leibniz’s Monadology.

***** For Fichte, God (existing in the noumenal domain outside space and time) creates the apparently material world and all souls out of himself. Everything is part of God. In Abrahamism, God (existing in the noumenal domain outside space and time), creates the material world and all souls out of NOTHING. For Bishop Berkeley, God creates an apparently material world out of his own thoughts and creates all souls out of his own thoughts too, hence can annihilate any soul simply by not thinking about it.

***** Isn’t it remarkable that it’s just a small set of ingredients that keep being shuffled around by all the great thinkers? All they do is give more emphasis to this ingredient than that ingredient. It’s all about “atoms” – are they physical or mental? It’s all about whether there’s only a domain of space and time, or also a domain outside space and time. It’s all about matter versus mind. It’s all about the arche. It’s all about the nature of “void” or “vacuum”.

In essence, it’s all a matter of rational definitions. Who can produce the most rational set? One thing is without question: only the most mathematical set of definitions will work. That was the factor that all the non-Illuminists failed to grasp. They all imagined the universe was nonmathematical.

Anthropomorphism Abrahamism is an astonishing exercise in anthropomorphism. Abstractions such as “love”, “beauty”, “justice” are all personalized in God. When you hear “charismatic” Christians singing exuberant, ecstatic hymns, you notice that all references to “Jesus” are actually references to the concept of love. All of these hymns could have the word “Jesus” removed and simply become paeans to love. “We love Jesus” would become, “We love love.” The reason why Christianity is so ingrained amongst Jungian feeling types is that Jesus is simply a personification of their deepest feelings and longing. “Jesus” is the label they give to all the things they most value emotionally. Well, they’re never going to give up on that, are they? When a thinking person, a rationalist, hears Christian hymns, they always induce a feeling of NAUSEA because they are so grotesquely irrational, ridiculous and false. It’s easy to deprogram a Christian of the Jungian thinking type. They can’t wait to escape. But the vast majority of people in our world are feeling and sensing types. Reason won’t convince them of anything. Like the Protestant irrationalist Martin Luther, they regard reason as Satanic! Plato placed absolute versions of qualities such as love, beauty, justice and goodness in his eternal domain of perfect Forms. In other words, they were objects of rational and intellectual contemplation. The domain of Forms is exactly the kind of thing an introverted thinking intuitive devises. Aristotle, an introverted thinking sensing type, hated Plato’s idea because it was not something he could conceive with his senses, and this has been the insurmountable problem of scientists ever since. Aristotle spent most of his time observing nature – a sensory experience – and thus decided that the Platonic Forms weren’t located in a transcendent domain of thought but were immanent in the natural world. Here, already, is the clear difference between philosophy and science. Philosophers, such as Plato, use reason to probe an intuitive, non-sensory domain of thought. Scientists such

as Aristotle (he wasn’t really a philosopher at all!) use reason to probe the sensory domain of nature that’s all around them. Ever since Aristotle, no scientist has ever accepted the existence of a noumenal domain outside sensory awareness. It literally doesn’t make sense to them because they are so locked into their senses rather intuitions. Of course, no scientist has ever explained what an “intuition” is and where intuitions come from. The concept of intuition doesn’t make sense to sensing types, and that’s why they have no notion of transcendence. All intuitives have direct intuitive experience of a “beyond”. No sensing types ever have such experiences since sensing and intuition are direct opposites. Intuitives don’t perceive the sensory world in the same way as sensing types. Sensing types regard it all as incredibly real, solid, unquestionable and the surest and most reliable of all facts. Intuitives look at and immediately suspect there is something unreal about the sensory world. They are quite likely to call it the phenomenal world, the world of mere appearance, the world over which the veil of Maya (illusion) is hung. Eastern religion is highly intuitive and distrustful of the sensory world. Western science is highly sensory and contemptuous of any “mystical” domain beyond this one. All feeling types are incapable of dealing with abstractions of any kind. They are compelled to form deeply emotional relationships, and this invariably leads to anthropomorphism. Everything is personalised. We can tell that the first humans were feeling and sensing types because they worshipped the physical world (the sensing aspect) and they advocated animism whereby all the features of the natural world were guided by spirits that had to be appeased, befriended and worshipped, i.e. this was all about personalising all the things of the world in order to have a feeling relationship with them! Turning abstractions into things is called reification. Sensing types are prone to reification since they can sense the reified thing and thus have a sensory relationship with it (which is what they desire). Anthropomorphism and personification are the means by which feeling types turn abstractions into “beings” with which they can have an emotional relationship. Think of the expression “Butterflies in the stomach” to explain the feelings and sensations of love. Love – an abstraction – is reified and turned into fluttering living beings inside us. This is exactly how sensing and

feeling types interpret the world. Contrast this with how Plato intellectually and intuitively contemplated the perfect Form of Love in an unseen world! That’s no good to the sensers or feelers. The world of literary fiction is all about the reification and anthropomorphication of concepts and is contemptuous of sci-fi (intuition), fantasy (imagination), and thrillers (rational plots). Thinking types are either sensers or intuitives. Sensing thinkers will be reifying scientists. Intuitive thinkers will be Platonic philosophers … and mathematicians. Mathematics is the ULTIMATE abstract subject, perfect for thinking intuitives and Platonists. What, in truth, is science? It’s the reification of abstract mathematics. Feeling types loathe mathematics. Why? Because it means nothing to them. They have no relationship with it. It’s dauntingly and impossibly abstract. Frankly, feeling types should be taught how to count and that should be the end of mathematics for them. There’s no point in teaching them anything else. They just won’t get it. It will depress them and make them hate and fear school. Alternatively, ways have to be found to reify and anthropomorphize mathematics for sensing and feeling types. In summary, feeling types are inclined to turn the world into a set of personalised emotional relationships; sensing types into a set of objects and sensations, and intuitive types are preoccupied with unseen abstractions. Thinking types will follow either the sensing or intuitive route and thus be scientists/engineers (thinking sensers) or philosophers/mathematicians (thinking intuitives). Logos thinkers are scientists, engineers, philosophers and mathematicians, but they don’t trust each other because of the sensing/intuition divide. Abrahamists have turned their feelings into a religion, with a personalised abstraction (“God”) at its centre. They can’t conceive of a religion that lacks a “person” with whom they can have a relationship. Why is Christianity so successful? Because it claimed to literally make God into one of us – a human being. That had never been done before. The idea of a God being a mere man was absurd to the pagans. The pagans told stories of heroes (usually the children of gods by mortal women) becoming more and more godlike. Christianity reversed this and made God more and more

human, eventually being crucified like a common criminal. This Mythos, to feeling types, is overwhelming. To a rationalist, it’s laughable and preposterous. Many brilliant philosophers belonged to the Catholic Church but what is fascinating is that they were all interested in extremely obscure points of theology, i.e. they were getting out of the “feelings” game and considering God intellectually. The average Christian has zero knowledge of theology, and no interest in it at all. Their approach to religion is about going to church, praying to God for personal favours and singing uplifting hymns. It’s astounding that most religious people know more or less nothing about their religions in any rational sense. They have a purely emotional relationship with it – which is why they can’t be deprogrammed rationally. It’s pointless for Richard Dawkins to argue with religious feeling types. The latter can’t “hear” a single thing he’s saying. As far as they’re concerned, Dawkins’ Darwinism is as alien as the language of Martians. If you want to change the world, you have to devise a set of tactics that each different Jungian type “gets”. Illuminism is massively hampered by being the extremest possible expression of introverted thinking intuition. So, introverted thinking intuitives LOVE our work, and everyone else hates it. It’s beyond their capabilities. The true “master race” and “chosen people” are the introverted thinking and intuitive types. These are the highest-functioning souls, on the verge of gnosis and divinity. All those who belong to this group must come together under a single banner. We are the knights (male and female) of the Grail. We must devise the means to seduce the sensing and feeling types. The Arthurian romances were exactly such an attempt. The Armageddon Conspiracy, Prohibition A, The Millionaires’ Death Club and The Last Bling King coded novels are an up-to-date attempt.

Descartes Descartes is one of the greatest geniuses of all time. He can stand in the same elevated company as Plato and Leibniz. The greatest inventions in human history are things such as the wheel, the alphabet, writing, numbers, farming, metalworking, zero, the imaginary number, the printing press, calculus, the computer, networks, the World

Wide Web. We can add another to the list: Cartesian coordinates and analytic (coordinate) geometry. Wikipedia says: “One of Descartes’ most enduring legacies was his development of Cartesian or analytic geometry, which uses algebra to describe geometry. He invented the convention of representing unknowns in equations by x, y, and z, and knowns by a, b, and c. He also pioneered the standard notation that uses superscripts to show the powers or exponents, for example the 4 used in x4 to indicate squaring of squaring. He was first to assign a fundamental place for algebra in our system of knowledge, and believed that algebra was a method to automate or mechanize reasoning, particularly about abstract, unknown quantities. European mathematicians had previously viewed geometry as a more fundamental form of mathematics, serving as the foundation of algebra. Algebraic rules were given geometric proofs by mathematicians such as Pacioli, Cardan, Tartaglia and Ferrari. Equations of degree higher than the third were regarded as unreal, because a three dimensional form, such as a cube, occupied the largest dimension of reality. Descartes professed that the abstract quantity a2 could represent length as well as an area. This was in opposition to the teachings of mathematicians, such as Vieta, who argued that it could represent only area. Although Descartes did not pursue the subject, he preceded Leibniz in envisioning a more general science of algebra or ‘universal mathematics,’ as a precursor to symbolic logic, that could encompass logical principles and methods symbolically, and mechanize general reasoning. “Descartes’ work provided the basis for the calculus developed by Newton and Leibniz, who applied infinitesimal calculus to the tangent line problem, thus permitting the evolution of that branch of modern mathematics. “In classical mathematics, analytic geometry, also known as coordinate geometry, or Cartesian geometry, is the study of geometry using a coordinate system and the principles of algebra and analysis. This contrasts with the synthetic approach of Euclidean geometry, which treats certain geometric notions as primitive, and uses deductive reasoning based on axioms and theorems to derive truth. ... As taught in schoolbooks, analytic geometry can be explained more simply: it is concerned with defining and representing geometrical shapes in a numerical way and extracting numerical information from shapes’ numerical definitions and

representations. The numerical output, however, might also be a vector or a shape.” Analytic geometry is all about defining points in space in relation to other points in space via sets of numbers – coordinates – and performing mathematical operations, and tracing mathematical functions, in the overall space thus defined.

***** All the mysteries of existence are contained in the humble Cartesian coordinate diagram:

Strange though it may seem, the whole of Kabbalah, Neoplatonism and Eastern religion is depicted here, and the answer to why scientific materialism is false. Although the coordinate system seems like a smooth continuum when viewed as an abstract diagram on paper, it’s something completely different when considered ontologically. There are in fact two entirely different domains. Consider the diagram of the function y = 1/x …

Notice how y never quite gets to zero no matter how large x gets, and how y gets unmanageably large the closer x gets to zero. It’s as if there’s an impenetrable barrier separating the x and y domains as x becomes excessively large or excessively small. There are therefore two ontological worlds: 1) the domain of zero and infinity (the Cartesian unextended world, the noumenal domain, the mental domain), and 2) the domain of everything else (the Cartesian extended world, the phenomenal domain, the material domain). Scientific materialism got rid of the first world, leaving just one world; the materialist world. Idealist philosophers got rid of the second world, leaving just one mental world. Yet the two worlds coexist mathematically – and indissolubly. You can’t have one without the other, just as you can’t have a Cartesian grid with its origin. (Strictly speaking, the origin could exist on its own forever, but that would be tantamount to a state of perpetual non-existence: meaningful existence requires a full Cartesian grid.)

***** What must also be borne in mind is that the conventional Cartesian grid must be replaced by the complex plane: one real axis and a perpendicular imaginary axis. The complex plane is integral to both the Riemann Sphere and Euler’s Formula:

The Riemann Sphere

Euler's Formula and the Euler unit circle

In Illuminism, science’s 4D spacetime (consisting of three space axes and one time axis) is replaced by 6D spacetime consisting of three real axes (space) and three matching, orthogonal imaginary space axes (time), i.e. 6D space is composed of three orthogonal complex planes.

***** What, ontologically, is a Cartesian grid (modified to accommodate complex numbers rather than real numbers)? It’s an ordered array of dimensionless points – of individual zero/infinity domains – of minds, of SOULS. It’s a living mathematical grid. It’s a collective mathematical mind, containing all the laws of mathematics. If all souls were fully actualized (i.e. they had all become Gods), the Cartesian grid would be nothing other than heaven itself, the home of the Gods.

Each point is an unextended mind, but the extraordinary thing is that the relation between any two of these points creates not an unextended mental relation but an extended material relation. In other words, the apparently material world is just a way of minds relating to each other via the property of mathematical extension. The material world is a collective mental construct (an objective dream as we have described it). Each mind can remain in its own world and dream subjectively (it constructs its own internal world), or it can link to the extended world of ALL minds and dream the same dream that they’re all dreaming (the objective dream). We are “awake” when we dream collectively (objectively), and we are asleep when we dream singly (subjectively). In our subjective dreams, we are cut off from the mathematical rules of the collective arena. That’s why we don’t experience space, time or scientific causality. These have no meaning subjectively. They are direct products of the mathematical features of the collective mathematical arena. They rely on “extension”. Apparently, we don’t dream all the time while we are asleep. Or do we? Descartes believed it was impossible for a mind (soul) not to be thinking because thinking is what minds DO. They have no other function or activity. He concluded, therefore, that minds must always be conscious. Hence, if we’re asleep, we must continue to be consciously thinking (and this is what constitutes dreaming). So, we are either waking or dreaming. We are never unconscious. (Descartes had no concept of the unconscious.) Given that we don’t seem to constantly CONSCIOUSLY dream in our sleep, what else are we doing? Well, we’re doing something astounding. We are transferring our mental activity – our thinking – to our unconscious mind, and, as part of that process, we are interacting with our HIGHER SELF, our eternal self, and it then has the opportunity to transfer the most astounding information to us during that time. The only problem is that we are not conscious of it: it’s locked in our unconscious. Yet it can be released, enigmatically and symbolically, through our dreams and via intuition.

***** Time, space and causality are built into the collective array of mathematical points. They don’t exist anywhere else. They are a product of the

mathematical arrangement, properties and interaction of monads. Time, space and matter are generated by living minds. Matter is “alienated” mind; mind that doesn’t know it’s mind. “Extension” is what causes mindalienation since extension isn’t a property of individual minds (of the basic activity of thinking), but only of an organized collection of minds (i.e. matter is “outside” rather than “inside” our individual thoughts). Kant was right that time and space are mind-generated, but he was wrong that individual minds create them. It’s the collection of minds that generates time and space. Before Kant, Leibniz had asserted that time and space have no meaning outside the mental domain. He was right! (As usual.)

***** Although all monads in the Cartesian coordinate grid have separate coordinates, they are not physically separate. They all still belong to the original Singularity. The Cartesian grid is a mathematical “illusion” within the Singularity. In other words, the physical world is wholly contained within the cosmic mind, within ONE POINT. Our souls are all linked together in a single location, a single point. Mathematics provides the barriers between us. Our consciousness is attuned to the apparently physical world. Minds interact physically (i.e. via the world of extension). However, our unconscious minds interact mentally (i.e. via the world of non-extension) and this is the explanation of paranormal, psychic phenomena. Mathematics explains everything, all the puzzles of existence, all the strange phenomena that have baffled scientists. Mathematics fully accounts for the two Cartesian worlds of extension and non-extension, of matter and mind, of phenomena and noumena, of science and religion, of materialism and idealism. The two worlds are really just one mathematical continuum, but the mathematical properties of this continuum fall into two neat and distinct divisions: infinity and zero versus everything else. The two domains are linked mathematically by the Fourier transform. They can even be linked “physically” by the formation of black holes, and by the expansion of space, which eventually wipes out matter.


Summing up, the whole of existence can be explained according to a very small number of mathematical concepts: the point, the Singularity (a collection of infinite points within one point), the Cartesian coordinate grid, the complex plane, Euler’s Formula (the God Equation) and the Riemann Sphere. That’s it. That’s all you need for the universe. You certainly don’t need M-theory. Mathematics explains everything flawlessly, using infallible concepts. Science, a manmade collection of ad hoc hypotheses, doesn’t come anywhere near ultimate truth.

Dream Secrets Dreams, it transpires, are one of our greatest keys to understanding reality. Any credible theory of existence must be able to provide a precise explanation of why space, time and causality are as they are in the waking state and why they’re so different in the dream state. Kant failed in this regard, and so has science. In fact, science has no idea what time actually is (it hasn’t grasped that clock time originates in imaginary numbers). Illuminism gives a complete explanation. Illuminism has no competitors. Illuminism is the end of the line, the final truth of reality, and humanity’s greatest achievement.

Genesis The Cartesian coordinate system consists of two things: the Origin, and everything else. Nothing can happen without the Origin. Everything flows from it. It is the Big Bang Singularity. The Origin is zero, so the scientific attempt to banish zero is insane. Ontologically, the Origin is also infinite, and, again, the scientists refuse to countenance such a thing. Scientists LOATHE the origin. Science is an attempt to operate mathematics without zero and infinity (and also without negative and imaginary numbers). Has there ever been a more absurd, anti-mathematical exercise than science? – which, of course, is a successful subject only because it uses mathematics! Talk about a paradox. Scientists understand and slavishly agree with the metaphysical doctrines of empiricism and materialism, but scientists don’t understood mathematics at all – which is non-empiricist (hence rationalist) and ultimately non-materialist (hence idealist). The biggest problem for science is not M-theory, the putative theory of everything, but the other “M” – mathematics. The greatest of all ironies is

that mathematics itself is the true M-theory, the grand unified theory of everything, infallible and absolute. Science should forget the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and start probing the status, meaning, origin and ontology of mathematics, and then they will see that the LHC is irrelevant. Mathematics doesn’t require ANY experiments. The scientists’ obsession with experiments and the sensory domain has become a destructive mania that has led them away from the non-experimental, absolute truth of mathematics. If scientists abandoned experiments and embraced mathematics, they would automatically become Illuminists. There is no LHC for ultimate reality. There is no experiment that can probe dimensionless monads and their logical properties. There is no experiment that can recreate the Big Bang. Yet the Big Bang can be reconstructed on a piece of paper. You simply put a dot on a piece of paper, call it the origin, and then draw a Cartesian coordinate system around it. That, ontologically, performed on a cosmic scale, is what the Big Bang was. It really is that simple. Everything comes from one point, the origin. In Kabbalistic terms, the origin is the ein (nothing), the ein sof (infinity) and ein sof aur (limitless light). It is the Gnostic pleroma (the domain of fullness and light). It is Plato’s domain of perfect Forms. It is Aristotle’s domain of matterless Form (God). It is the Neoplatonic “One”. It is the Void of Eastern religion from which everything in Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism comes. It is what is behind the veil of Maya. It’s the “Oneness”. It’s the existential plenum. It’s the Cartesian unextended domain. It’s Leibniz’s domain of monads. It’s Kant’s noumenal domain outside space and time. It’s Schopenhauer’s Will, outside space and time. It’s Nietzsche’s Will to Power. It’s Fichte’s Ego. It’s the Hegelian Geist and Absolute Idea. It’s Hartmann’s Unconscious. It’s Jung’s Collective Unconscious. In Abrahamic terms, it’s God before he created the world out of nothing. It’s the Empyrean, the highest heaven where God lives. All of humanity’s metaphysical and religious speculations have, if truth be told, been nothing other than attempts to comprehend the mystery of the Singularity where zero and infinity collide. Science and atheism have been the fanatical denial that the Singularity exists (because it contradicts empiricism and materialism and provides a place for the soul, well beyond the reach of materialist experiments).

Isn’t it extraordinary? When you cut through all the crap, humanity has been pondering one issue and one issue only – the nature of zero and infinity, encapsulated by the Genesis Singularity. The mystery of life, the meaning of life, is wholly contained within the Singularity. The Singularity is Life itself, the Mind itself. It is the Life Source, Plato’s Form of Life, the Fount of Eternal Life. But the Singularity can’t be understood religiously, metaphysically or scientifically. Only one key opens the door to its innermost secrets: mathematics. The Singularity is simply living mathematics. It’s defined wholly mathematically and logically. There’s no other way into it. Mathematics alone reveals its mysteries. Mathematics is the divine subject, the language of the secrets of the cosmos. Leibniz, with his infinite collection of dimensionless monads, was the astounding mathematical genius who first brought the Singularity into the domain of human understanding. What is Leibniz’s wondrous calculus all about? – zero and infinity. What are black hole singularities? – places where the material world locally collapses into the Singularity. The material world sprouts from the Singularity just as a Cartesian grid sprouts from the mathematical origin. The Cartesian grid IS the material world. There are three things we can’t emphasize enough. We actually inhabit not a scientific world but a perfect Cartesian arena of pure mathematics. We really are inside a flawless mathematical matrix. Yet this is not a physical matrix. Points in the Singularity do not physically move anywhere or have any physicality. Coordinates are simply how you provide an internal structure for the Singularity; how you arrange points WITHIN the Singularity. There is no material world at all: only a mental plenum of monads, just as Leibniz said three hundred years ago. And the final key point is that the natural mathematics of zero and infinity is nothing other than HOLOGRAPHY. We are individual holograms within a collective hologram. THAT is God’s secret!

The Gnosis Chamber Some say that if you can stand in the tomb of Pharaoh in the Great Pyramid, you will become enlightened and ascend from a light beam on the pyramid’s apex to join the gods in the firmament. Or is that the Luxor hotel in Vegas?

A True Story A ten-year-old boy went to sleep one night. But he soon realised that he wasn’t sleeping at all, at least not in any sense he had ever known before. Something extraordinary was happening: his consciousness was leaving his body. He looked down, and in the dim light, he could see his own sleeping body. Was he dreaming? If he was, it was his strangest dream ever, and the most vivid and realistic. His consciousness travelled into his parents’ room and he gazed at them as they slept. He went into the rooms of his brothers and sisters and saw them sleeping too. What now? he wondered. So, he simply left the house and flew all round the world, just like Superman. Eventually, he arrived at something that made him stop. He looked down on an incredible shimmering, gleaming light, shaped like a snake. And then his consciousness snapped back into his body and he immediately woke up. He told his parents the next day. They looked at him with deep concern and said he must never mention it again. Twenty years later, he was on a plane flying into Cairo airport in the middle of the night. Unable to sleep and strangely unsettled, he looked out of the window. Far below him, he saw something incredible: a shimmering, gleaming light, shaped like a snake. His heart pounded and he took an almighty gulp. It was exactly what he had seen as a little boy when his consciousness left his body and roamed the world It was the pathway of the gods – the River Nile!

The Power Equation If money is the God of our world then the rich must be worshipped as Gods! The richest are richest in the divine substance ... money. But what is money? It’s a reification of something else: POWER. The power of people, hence their status and influence, is measured not by their talent, but their bank balance. Who starts out with a bigger bank balance than everyone else? The children of privilege. From their first baby gurgles, they are told they are the chosen ones, the gods, and when they see how others are supremely impressed and intimidated by their wealth, and eager to be of service to them, they realize they are indeed the gods of this world … except to those who care nothing for money and status, who have only contempt for them.

Laziness There’s no such thing as a lazy human being. There is such a thing as people who are lazy when it comes to doing the bidding of others, when it comes to working at jobs they hate. People don’t want to do what they don’t like. They have no energy for it. They put in no effort. They are drones. This is what capitalism does to people. The workers manufacture junk to keep the rich rich and the poor addicted to the junk. We need a meritocracy where people’s skills and interests are identified when they are children and they are given 10,000 hours of training in what they like so that they become highly skilled in it. When they leave school, they will be an expert in what they love and they will be able to pour their heart and soul into it. “Laziness” will be eliminated. We will have a hardworking, high-achieving, inspired population of meritocrats with high selfesteem and confidence. We want everyone to love what they do for their work, and be surrounded by great, lifelong friends who share their passion.

The Practical Way To Understand the Human Race Think of humanity as seven billion babies, wholly ruled by will, desire, fear, feelings, hysteria, greed, and selfishness, who crave love, affection and constant attention, always want their own way, and always look to who’s “up” in the game of life and who’s “down”, and seek to copy the former and avoid the latter. Do not attribute any reason or intellect to these people, only low cunning. That’s the world you’re living in. It’s a primitive contest for power, a crude, callous Darwinian system. Human beings are infantile and of low quality. Great human beings, rational human beings, are freakish exceptions. The human race favours a system of a small, greedy, vicious, dominant elite (a 1% alpha, super-dominant elite supported by 4% of other dominants) overseeing a world of 90% mediocre, irrational, ignorant, superstitious, fearful, credulous, weak, submissive people of faith who are greedy and selfish given any chance. The remaining 5% are the outsiders; the Logos group. Nietzsche was right. Darwinism isn’t about the improvement of humanity. It doesn’t lead to a higher humanity but to a better-adapted

master-slave system.

***** Consider the hit South Korean “rap” song Gangnam Style. The video has amassed 328 million hits in TWO MONTHS and is the most liked video in YouTube history. So, it’s a catchy tune and the rapper does an amusing horse-riding dance, but what does it say about humanity that it’s so popular? It’s an INFANTILE song. There’s nothing wrong with the infantile in its proper place, of course; the problem is that it never is in its proper place. No “serious” video ever gets that number of hits. Our whole culture is skewed towards the zany, the freakish, the babyish, the childish, the humorous, the emotional, the outlandish, the trivial. These are what go viral. Extravert feeling and sensing types (‘tards, as we call them) love that shit. Reason, philosophy, mathematics, science, Logos – these NEVER go viral. Crap is “cool”. Quality is boring and hard. No one’s interested. Humanity has never grown up, and Darwinism hasn’t led to a mentally superior humanity. There are more stupid people now than ever before. Humanity is REGRESSING. Look at Islam; look at Western culture. Why does shit go viral? Because human beings are shit. They are of staggeringly low quality, which is why our world is in the mess it is. There’s no mystery. Nietzsche said success is the greatest liar. Gangnam Style is just one more proof. The corollary is that failure is the greatest truth. The greatest human beings are usually utter failures, just as Nietzsche himself was. How can the Supermen live amongst the apes?

The Popularity Contest Everything in our world is a popularity test. Popularity is the instrument of natural selection in our world. The Gangnam Style video passed with flying colours. So did Harry Potter, Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Titanic, and so on. What is politics? A popularity contest decided by an “election” (a popularity poll). It’s often said that the winner is the person the average man can most imagine going for a beer with. It’s probably true, but what

does that have to do with politics? Is that how infantile our system is for electing our leaders? No wonder the world is fucked! Music charts, book charts, download charts, movie charts, trending charts, TV ratings … all popularity contests. The most popular ones reproduce; the failures perish. Pure natural selection. Pure Darwinism. What is religion? A popularity contest for beliefs and Mythos. What is free-market capitalism? A popularity contest for capitalist products. Celebrity culture? Celebrities are the most popular human beings; those that most people would love to be like. Dog breeds? A popularity contest for doggie “cuteness”. Beauty pageants? Popularity contests for female looks and body shapes. Fashion? A popularity contest for appearance and style. There’s nothing in our society that isn’t a popularity contest. We are free to choose the most popular. If we choose the unpopular, soon we won’t have any choices because they all wither and die. Mythos people have endless choice. Logos people have almost none. Countless Logos products and ideas have failed the popularity test. So, who decides what’s popular? The majority of people in our world are Jungian extraverted feeling and sensing types. Or Freudian Id types. Or Riesman tradition-directed and other-directed types. Or MacLean’s reptilian-brain and limbic-system types. These are not the exemplars of high quality, rational, Logos humanity. They are what Nietzsche called the “bungled and the botched”, the “common herd”. They are the vulgar mass, the proles, the mob, the sheeple. They are the ones who shape our world via their choices. They love the dumbed-down and the lowest common denominator. They hate quality, they hate hard work, they hate the highest common factor, they hate “smartening up”, they hate anything demanding and challenging, anything “uncool”, nerdy, geeky or dorky. Gangnam Style is exactly where they’re at. That’s their world. That’s’ where they want to live. The brutal fact is this. The world is fucked if it’s about a popularity contest and those doing the choosing are overwhelmingly of low quality. What will we get if we allow such a system to succeed? Well, exactly the world we have now!

The elite degrade the people and then sell them junk. The elite get rich no matter what junk the masses like. Darwinian evolution by popularity selection is a disaster for humanity. Plato hated democracy because it put power in the hands of the ill-educated mob. The intelligentsia always lose out in any popularity contest. The Logos section of society must end this popularity contest. If we don’t, we’re lost – because we’re the unpopular ones, the outsiders. We have to take over, whether it’s popular with the others or not. Fuck ‘em! Let’s make the world an INTELLIGENCE CONTEST. That will change everything at a stroke, won’t it? Why should smart people be subjected to the tyranny of the populists? If tyranny’s the name of the game then, if we want a better, more rational world, the populists should be subject to the tyranny of the smart.

The Paradox 1) Most people in the world are mediocre. 2) You will never meet anyone who says they’re mediocre. (Everyone thinks they’re special.) Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) observed that nearly all managers are inept. He said that endless people agreed with him about how bad their managers were, but he had never once met anyone who said, “I’m one of those really bad managers you’re always satirizing.” Countless mediocrities imagine themselves special. Countless useless managers think they’re excellent managers. And these are the people whose “judgement” is shaping our world.

“I” versus “We” “I” societies are right wing, conservative, tradition-directed, nuclear-familycentred and talk about “the freedom of the individual”. “We” societies are left wing, progressive, liberal, other-directed, extended-family-and-community centred and talk about “collective freedom”. America is the archetypal country of “I”: the self-obsessed, egotistical nation. Anarcho-capitalist libertarianism – an overwhelmingly American phenomenon – is “I” taken to an almost deranged level. A huge number of

Americans still imagine they are in the Wild West surrounded by “red Indians”. Government, the State, Society, Community, “We” – these are all detested and regarded as Marxist, “Godless” and tyrannical. The American right wingers see themselves as God-fearing Christian pioneers in log cabins – contra mundum (against the world) – and no one has any right to interfere with their lives in any way. Only “God and Nature” hold sway over them, not “government and the State”.

The Future “In the far, far, distant future, I shall be understood.” – Morgenstern Don’t hold your breath!

Being Alive When Europe unexpectedly defeated America in golf’s Ryder Cup, the European captain said he felt “alive again”. When soldiers are under fire, they say they have never felt more alive (soldiers often struggle to re-adjust to the banality of Civvie Street). People are overwhelmed by “feeling alive”, which implies that they actually feel DEAD most of the time. Who are the happiest people? Those who feel alive “in themselves”, i.e. they don’t need immense events and spectacle, vast cheering crowds, intense competition, extreme sports that put their lives in real danger, fast cars, drugs or being under fire. The happiest people are creative people continually creating on their own terms.

The Immortality of the Soul In Plato’s Phaedo, Socrates offers four arguments for the soul’s immortality. Wikipedia provides an effective summary: 1) The Cyclical Argument, or Opposites Argument explains that Forms are eternal and unchanging, and as the soul always brings life, then it must not die, and is necessarily ‘imperishable’. As the body is mortal and is subject to physical death, the soul must be its indestructible opposite. Plato then suggests the analogy of fire and cold. If the form of cold is imperishable, and fire, its opposite, was within close proximity, it would have to withdraw intact as does

the soul during death. This could be likened to the idea of the opposite charges of magnets. 2) The Theory of Recollection explains that we possess some nonempirical knowledge (e.g. The Form of Equality) at birth, implying the soul existed before birth to carry that knowledge. Another account of the theory is found in Plato’s Meno, although in that case Socrates implies anamnesis (previous knowledge of everything) whereas he is not so bold in Phaedo. 3) The Affinity Argument, explains that invisible, immortal, and incorporeal things are different from visible, mortal, and corporeal things. Our soul is of the former, while our body is of the latter, so when our bodies die and decay, our soul will continue to live. 4) The Argument from Form of Life, or The Final Argument explains that the Forms, incorporeal and static entities, are the cause of all things in the world, and all things participate in Forms. For example, beautiful things participate in the Form of Beauty; the number four participates in the Form of the Even, etc. The soul, by its very nature, participates in the Form of Life, which means the soul can never die.

***** All of these arguments are interesting, but none of them is convincing. A soul is immortal because it is a dimensionless monad that has no parts hence it cannot decay or perish. There is no part of it that can break down. An unextended entity is, as Descartes said, a thinking entity. It thinks eternally. That’s exactly what a soul is: an immortal thinking system. A soul has eternal energy because its overall energy is ZERO. It can never run out of energy since there’s no resultant energy to run out of. In any case, energy can be neither created nor destroyed, so any energy in the monadic ensemble can never be lost. Moreover, the extremely strict laws of energy conservation require that all monads permanently have a perfect balance of energy, i.e. zero. Life is eternal, dimensionless, thinking energy that is balanced between positive and negative energy, real and imaginary and always stays at zero. A soul is mathematically guaranteed. It is an absolute

product of mathematics, and can be defined only mathematically. There is no such thing as a soul without mathematics. Mathematics is keeping you alive and keeping you thinking, and it will do so FOREVER. You owe everything to mathematics.

***** Plato’s Form of Life is an astonishingly powerful and beautiful idea. We can now define exactly what it is: a mathematical Leibnizian monad. Every living thing is a monad. And the living monadic ensemble creates the socalled material world. It does this holographically. That’s it. We have stated the full and final truth of existence. The mystery of life is over. The Illuminati have provided the answer humanity has always sought. That means the Illuminati know the Mind of God!

Herodotus The Greek historian Herodotus is known as the “father of history” and also as the “father of lies”. Well, there’s no contradiction, is there? History is simply the propaganda of the victors. History isn’t about “facts”. It’s about interpretations. As Nietzsche said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” No one should ever believe what a historian says. Rather, the issue is: what narrative are they telling, why are they telling it, and who is benefiting from their interpretation? What’s their motivation for lying in the particular way they are lying? What moral lies are they telling? What ideology are they reflecting? What belief system have they bought into? What is their Mythos, their Grand Narrative? Think of Hollywood’s versions of history. Facts are distorted to suit the narrative flow and plot; to heighten the tension and excitement and attract more paying customers. You could never rely on Hollywood’s “facts”. Yet exactly the same is true when it comes to professional historians. They are just academic versions of Hollywood scriptwriters, fashioning the narrative to suit their own ends, their careers, their status, their friends, their religious and political beliefs. History isn’t about the past; it’s about NOW because the people who write it are reacting to their own world, trying to manipulate that world for their own ends, and viewing everything through the prism of the present. There is no such thing as objective history.


History isn’t the study of the past; it’s the study of the present reflecting on the past for the purposes of the present. As Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four demonstrated, history is whatever those now in power want it to be. It can be constantly rewritten. There are no historical facts, only interpretations.

***** “God loves us. He cares for us. He gives us everything we require, and all he needs in return is our praise and thanks.” – Salvation Army street announcer Note the sickening emotionalism of this message. God is turned into some emotionally needy philanthropist who craves our gratitude if he’s to continue. (And what if we don’t praise and thank him?) Note the complete absence of intellectual content in the message. No rational explanation is given as to why an all-powerful God who needs nothing is somehow dependent on our affection. No mention is made of the fact that God sends 98.3% of souls to hell. Very odd behaviour if God loves and cares for us and gives us all we need. Do we need hell? Why doesn’t God simply love everyone whether they believe in him or not? Why does religion matter? Would God actually be bothered if not a single person on earth believed in him? Why would he care about people’s beliefs? What’s it to him? Doesn’t “God” have better things to think about? Mainstream religion is about being in a personal relationship with God, about emotional reciprocity. Much of religious discourse portrays God and his believers as being in some kind of partnership or even marriage, with each side being required to do their bit. (The Jews even imagined that there was a solemn contractual agreement – Covenant – between Jehovah and his “Chosen People”.) But how can a mortal human be in any relationship with an all-powerful God who has the power to send him to hell if he displeases him? How could a marriage survive if one partner had a gun pointed at the other’s head all the time? Do humans have relationships with ants? The gulf between God and us is infinitely greater than that between humans and ants. The emotionalists never let such rational considerations get in the way. They simply wallow in their simplistic feelings, unthinkingly and uncritically. And that’s humanity’s whole problem.

When Muslims go berserk over the slightest insult, not for one second do they stop to think rationally about the issue. No, they succumb to instant hyper-emotionalism. All people under the control of feelings rather than intellect are extremely unpredictable and dangerous. You can’t get any sense from them, and they never make the smart play. All of humanity’s greatest achievements in terms of transforming the world for the better are scientific – a subject devoid of emotion. All of the worst things have been delivered by religion – a subject of pure emotion. When will humanity learn? As has often been observed, to keep repeating the old mistakes and expecting a different outcome is insane. Hegel said that most people were stuck at the level of art and religion when it came to grasping the nature of the cosmic Geist. Only philosophy, he said, delivered true knowledge of Geist. We would now say that even philosophy is insufficient. The final subject that leads to understanding – the highest level of human thinking – is mathematics. That’s the end of the line.

***** We have not only definitively explained the whole of existence, we have even explained why most people don’t understand us and will never understand us. Their brains are actually wired wrongly. Feeling and sensing types will never grasp reality. The world is the victim of faulty wiring. It’s a botched job. People are wired for Mythos rather than Logos. The world needs to be rewired. We need to demolish the old world and build a sparkling new one. Revalue all values!!!

Ein Sof Ein Sof (or Ain Sof, or Ayn Sof) is the Kabbalistic label for God prior to his self-manifestation. It means “no end”, “unending”, “there is no end”, “without limit” or infinite. Ein Sof is “the Endless One”, the “Nameless Being”. Ein Sof is said to be the divine origin of all created existence. Yet God is also Ein: “Nothing”, the non-existent, the Absence of Things. So, Ein and Ein Sof = nothing and infinity!!! (Ein means nothing and sof means limitation, so Ein Sof means infinity because “nothing is the limit”, i.e. Ein Sof has no limit.)

Ein Sof Aur is the “Limitless Light”. Light is the compromise between nothing and infinity. It’s the dialectical synthesis of the clash of nothing and everything. Prior to creation, it’s divine self-knowledge, shining inwards rather than outwards. It corresponds to the Hegelian Absolute Idea before it becomes alienated in Nature as dialectically evolving Spirit (finally becoming Absolute Spirit, at which point it is completely self-aware: Spirit knowing itself as Spirit).

***** Ayn Sof/Ayn Rand??!!! Are the Randroids a Jewish Kabbalistic cult?

The Ten Sefirot From Ein Sof emanate the 10 Sefirot, or levels of existence (an elaboration of the One, Nous, Psyche – bifurcated into united higher Psyche and fragmentary lower Psyche – and Nature of Neoplatonism). The ten Sefirot constitute the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Ein Sof, the Ancient of All Ancients, is said to emanate the Sefirot into the cosmic womb of the Ein, resulting in the created universe. Gobbledegook! This is what happens when Mythos is applied to concepts that can only be explained mathematically. So, God in himself consists of Ein (thesis), Ein Sof (synthesis) and Ein Sof Aur (light). These are God’s states of non-existence (or such mysterious existence that we can’t say anything about them). They are the three Veils of “Negative” Existence, behind which the unknowable noumenal reality lies. (How very Kantian!) The “Holy Trinity”, as we might say, then have to manifest themselves somehow. The first act of Creation is the Tzimtzum or “self-withdrawal” of God to create an “empty space” – which is not God. Into this empty space, God places his emanations – the ten Sefirot. So, there is a distinct gap between the exalted highest level of existence and the lower, more mundane level The whole scheme is: 000. Ain (Nothing) 00. Ain Soph (Limitlessness) 0. Ain Soph Aur (Endless Light)

Tzimtzum (Contraction/Withdrawal) 1) Keter (Crown) 2) Chokhmah (Wisdom) 3) Binah (Understanding) Level X = Daat (Knowledge). This is the 11th or rather the uncounted aspect of the divine, and constitutes a forbidden path. It’s the Tree of Knowledge and if you eat its fruit you will become God and penetrate to the highest level of existence … which the jealous God (Jehovah), who will tolerate no other gods, cannot countenance. 4) Chesed or Gedulah (Loving Kindness or Mercy) 5) Gevurah or Din (Power or Judgement) 6) Tiferet (Beauty or Compassion) 7) Netzach (Triumph or Endurance) 8) Hod (Majesty or Splendour) 9) Yesod (Foundation) 10)

Malkuth (Realm)

Since the Sefirot are sometimes taken to be Gods themselves, thus suggesting a polytheistic system involving a Council of Gods, Kabbalists stress that the Sefirot are in fact completely dependent on the Godhead for their existence. They are vehicles to manifest God and express divinity but are not themselves Divine. It has been said that each of the Sefirot is a vessel that contains the light of God (hence is divine to that extent), but the vessel itself is not divine. An analogy is also suggested of divine water being poured into different shaped vessels, or light streaming through different colours of glass. The media are not divine, but their contents are, and all come from the “one, true God”.

Malkuth Malkuth is the tenth of the sephirot in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and sits at the bottom of the tree, the root, stuck in the dirt. Malkuth means Kingdom

and is associated with the material world. It’s the emanation furthest from the divine source and therefore the least spiritual. While the other Sefirot are direct emanations of God, Malkuth is an emanation of the emanations (and is associated bodily with the anus!). Despite being the lowest of the Sefirot on the Tree of Life, Malkuth has the potential to reach the highest level and is said to embody the Hermetic maxim: “As above, so below”. Malkuth, coming from the cosmic anus, is like God’s shit! However, the shit can be recycled and alchemically transformed from shit (base metal) into gold. Wikipedia says, “It is like the negative node of an electrical circuit. The divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and up the Tree.” The Sefirot are highly reminiscent of the Neoplatonic Henads of Proclus, the crystal spheres of Dante, the chakras of Eastern religion, and many Hermetic, Gnostic and Neoplatonic concepts about intermediaries between God and man. The “game” is all about spiritually ascending through a hierarchy of levels to the highest heaven where God himself resides. This ascent might be said to correspond to the “hero’s journey”.

***** Kabbalah, it must be understood, is just a Jewish version of Neoplatonism and Hermeticism. If the Kabbalists repudiated Jehovah and Judaism, Kabbalah could be welcomed into the league of enlightened religions. As things stand, it’s nauseatingly Satanic and it glorifies evil and the Devil (Jehovah). It also worships numerology when in fact it ought to be promoting mathematics. How do you think celebrity Kabbalists such as Madonna would get on with Euler’s Formula and calculus? Hee-haw.

Existential Trees Tree of Life; Tree of Knowledge = Illuminism. Tree of Death; Tree of Ignorance = Abrahamism.

All Abrahamists were offered the choice of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (mathematics, science and philosophy = LOGOS) or the Tree of Ignorance (faith, superstition, feelings, revelation = MYTHOS). They all chose the latter. As a result, they were denied the fruit of the Tree of Life, and they have instead devoured the black, poisonous fruit of the Tree of Death, hence why they are so evil and violent, and will be reincarnated as pigs (which is why Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork – too much like cannibalism!). The Tree of Death is sacred to Thanatos, the God of Death, and is guarded by the Four Riders of the Apocalypse.

Monotheism Judaism pretends to be monotheistic, but even it recognizes the need for balance between male and female. The “Shekinah” is the feminine aspect of God, and was said to be associated with the manifestation of the divine presence that took place in the Holy of Holies via the Ark of the Covenant. “Old Judaism” (pagan Judaism; pre-monotheistic Judaism) was full of goddesses. El (as in Isra-el and Micha-el), the senior Jewish God (who later morphed into the monotheistic Yahweh) was married, and presided over a council of Gods. In other words, he was just like Zeus married to Hera, and surrounded by other Gods reminiscent of the Gods of Olympus. These Gods were erased from history by the monotheists, or transformed into angels (such as Micha-el, Gabri-el, Rapha-el and Uri-el. God’s wife was made into the Shekinah. Let’s have the return of pagan Judaism. Bring back the lost Gods of Israel. Let’s have a return to sanity. Level Jerusalem! It calls itself the City of Peace, but it’s the most hate-filled city on earth.

Fathers and Mothers Fathers and mothers are not the creators of souls. Nor does “God” create a new soul at each conception. Souls are eternal manifestations of the First Law of Thermodynamics – they can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed. A baby’s soul can easily be more mature than that of its parents. Parents don’t own children and they don’t own souls. As soon as you realize that a soul is eternal and uncreated, a religious ritual such as circumcision becomes infinitely obscene. You have NO RIGHT to interfere

with the bodily vehicle of another soul. You have no rights at all over other souls. Fathers and mothers are the creators of bodies, not of souls. And as soon as an eternal soul takes possession of a body, it is his, not theirs. We demand absolute respect for souls. That means parents must butt out. You CAN’T be a parent to a soul. You can be a parent only to its bodily needs while it is growing up.

The Catastrophe Hegel and Marx both made a terrible error when they considered the dialectical force driving world history. It was an incredibly easy error for them to make because it relates to an extraordinary flaw in human nature. Without this flaw, the dialectic would have delivered a perfect world long ago. So, what is the human flaw that blocks dialectical progression? Submissiveness. The engine of Hegelian and Marxist dialectical progress relies on slaves being dissatisfied with slavery, and yearning with every fibre of their being for freedom. What neither man considered, because it was no part of their own natures and made no sense to them, was that most humans LOVE BEING SLAVES. The dialectic can overthrow the master-slave dialectic only if the slaves want to be free. If they don’t then the master-slave paradigm becomes enshrined – and gives us exactly the world we have now. Namely, a small dominant elite (the masters) ruling over a vast, servile mass of mediocre, submissive human beings, and, finally, a small group of free, autonomous radical outsiders who can’t believe what they are witnessing. Only this outsider group resists the masters. Everyone else complies. Look at Abrahamism – billions of people kneeling and grovelling to their Torture God. They LOVE being his slaves. They couldn't imagine standing up straight and taking responsibility for their own lives and creating their own values. As for Karmists, they enslave themselves to their imagined and selfinflicted karmic “debt”. Workers enslave themselves to their bosses. They get a mortgage and then they are the slaves of the lenders. Slavery is everywhere, and it’s tolerated and even desired.

If people didn’t want to be slaves, they wouldn’t be. It really is as stark as that. If people cherished freedom more than slavery, capitalism would have been destroyed in 1918, at the end of the imperialist bloodbath of WWI. Here’s the new game. The slaves must be FORCED TO BE FREE. It’s up to the outsiders – the small resistance group – to band together and form a completely new vision of society. If necessary, we must cut ourselves off from the slave society and create a new society of rational, meritocratic freedom. Our new world will be so infinitely superior to the rival world we left behind that even the slaves will yearn for the freedom we are offering. Hegel famously said, “The History of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of Freedom.” Sadly, a truer sentiment might be, “The History of the world is none other than the masses’ resistance to the consciousness of Freedom.” How else can the phenomenon of Abrahamism – billions of people on their knees worshipping a God who orders them to murder their children – be explained? Any free person would fight Abraham’s God to the death. Instead, billions of Abrahamists pray to him and want to spend eternity with him. It’s the precise definition of a sado-masochistic relationship. The masochists dream of being tortured forever by the worst bastard the cosmos can offer them.

Sexing Up When a document is given much more punch than the truths it contains merit, it’s said to be “sexed up”. Famously, the British government sexed up intelligence documents used to justify the Iraq War. Before the documents were released, a memo was sent to intelligence officers asking them for anything at all that would emphasize the threat of Saddam Hussein. Tellingly, no memo was sent asking for evidence suggesting that Iraq was no threat at all and had no weapons of mass destruction (which was the truth known by many in the intelligence community). The government blatantly lied that it had no particular desire to invade Iraq. Why, then, if the government was adopting a strictly neutral, evidencebased approach, was a memo issued seeking as much ammunition as possible against Iraq? In fact, it was a war-mongering government, champing at the bit to declare war.

The Iraq War was unstoppable because the American and British governments were determined to make it happen, regardless of the wishes of the people.

The Importance of Being Intuitive Our books are highly complex. Frankly, many people simply won’t grasp their meaning. One thing we heavily rely on is the intuition of our readers. The miracle of intuition is that you don’t need every “i” to be dotted and every “t” crossed. You simply need to be pointed in the right direction and then your intuition works out the rest. We start the sentence, and intuitives finish it. They “get” what we are trying to say. Their minds leap ahead and fill in the gaps. Without intuition, it would be extremely hard for readers to comprehend our work. Intuition is what allows the leap beyond the prison of the senses. It’s a leap limited minds cannot take.

Banned In 2002, the Islamic United Arab Emirates banned George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. No official reason was given, but it was thought that Muslims were offended by talking pigs!

The Pigs Do you think that the police are there for your benefit, or for the benefit of the rich elite? Do Muslims hate the police because they’re talking pigs?!

A New Paradigm The ancient world was ruled by two castes: the kingly caste and the priest caste, i.e. secular and spiritual power (military and religious power). Thus it remained until the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Then politics became significant. Political parties grew in influence. Science and technology started to achieve an important role. By the time of the Industrial Revolution, economics had joined the military and religion as a primary driver of human affairs. Today, economics is No. 1, religion is No. 2, the military is No. 3 and science and technology are No. 4. In fact, we need a society in which Philosophy is No.1, Psychology is No. 2, Science and Technology are No. 3, Sociology is No. 4 and Psychiatry is No. 5.

Only then should economics, religion and the military become important. Our world is upside down. In fact, on second thoughts, PSYCHIATRY ought to be No. 1. Humanity must first be cured of its madness!

Did You Know? There are Amazon customers who seek refunds for ebooks costing 99 cents. Can you imagine what these people must be like in real life? Who could bear to spend even one second in the company of people whose time revolves around claiming refunds of less than a buck? These people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. They suffer from Miser’s Syndrome.

Mark, Mark, Smark or No-Mark? 1) A no-mark: a mediocrity; a person who has left no “mark” on the world; an underachiever with no friends, no ambition, and no job. He is a complete failure in life. Yet he has delusions that he’s someone of great importance. 2) A mark: an easy target, a “sucker”; the butt of a joke or a scam. The target of an assassin. The mark never knows what’s going on. 3) Smark: a “smart mark” who knows he’s being scammed or targeted. 4) Mark: the name assigned to the most popular, coolest, and funniest males in the world. So, are you Mark, a mark, a smark or a no-mark? The worst thing is to be a no-mark who thinks he’s a Mark.

The Science Racket SH: “Science is a belief system. The proof lies within the system of belief. It’s that simple. Science is all about money, power and status. Science claims to be ‘objective and rational’ because that IS the only way of finding out the truth. However, we find that science is driven by political and social aspects. Science is built on the fact of whoever has the most money and

power can FUND the most research. Therefore, by default, the people with the most money get the most science, which then becomes the best science. These wealthy people have political and social agendas for their funding. They create elite groups of scientists and force them to do research under their instruction. Whether it’s wrong or right doesn’t matter. Society has made science a job, a competition, and, above all, a business. A scientist who has the knowledge to disprove an already existing theory WILL not be funded by anyone. Who has the agenda to disprove already existing theories? This scientist will be hired by some corporate business to do ‘topic-directed’ study and research. The reason why science for the past decade had a dominant view on marijuana being bad for society was because of the ‘directed’ research funded to prove it was bad. Any studies that demonstrated that marijuana was harmless or even beneficial would be suppressed, erased or thrown out as ‘error’. “Popper’s theory of falsification would declare SCIENCE as irrational. 2 + 2 = 4 and always will. Therefore, there’s no sufficient reason why every other mathematical theory shouldn’t follow this SIMPLE objective law. 2 + 2 = 4 has to always be right and if it can be found incorrect at least once where 2 + 2 = 5 then mathematics must be thrown out. What we find is that mathematics is always right. Therefore, any theory that has a 2 + 2 = 5 error must by the laws of mathematics be thrown out because there’s no sufficient reason why this equation and theory should be an exception to the rule. All theories must be found 100% correct and if any scientific data finds a ‘2 + 2 = 5’ error then the theory is wrong. “Technically, we can apply the theory of falsification to anything in LIFE. If science claims to be objective and rational then if we can in one case find a scenario where science is not objective and rational then science must be declared irrational. People have different perspectives through arbitrary tools such as language. However, mathematics is purely objective and cannot have a so-called ‘perspective’. It doesn’t matter what a person thinks 2 + 2 = 4 really means. It’s always 4 regardless of interpretation. It doesn’t matter if science is operating on a religious, political, or fund-based objective, it can be rational only if it’s pure rational science. The nature of mainstream science discriminates against minority groups such as women. Men by nature rape, dominate, and control women via relationships and marriage. In science, men metaphorically rape, control, and dominate women. This is not objective science or rational science. It’s the exact

opposite of a Meritocracy. Society reflects religion, and science reflects both. It’s a terrible cycle. “What people need to understand is that the entire world operates on complete and absolute irrationality. The problem is much bigger than you think. Everything everyone does is based on the foundation of irrationality. Give the world a tool to rationally judge their own lives and to rationally imply the better and provide rational improvements to their own lives and the world will become illuminated.” SH is right. Science is not some objective, neutral undertaking. It’s completely shaped by the bodies that provide the funding and the committees that award the prizes. All the “worthies” engaged in these activities have social, political, economic and philosophical axes to grind. These other issues all belong to a Meta Paradigm and have nothing to do with “pure” science. There’s no such thing as pure science. It’s a social construct, influenced by all kinds of influences that have no connection with reason.

No Refuge There’s no hiding place in mathematics. If you make a mistake, you have to suck it up. You can’t bullshit your way out of it. Mathematics is unique in that respect. Isn’t it time we subjected mainstream religion to the same discipline? Let’s hold commissions of rational enquiry into all of the world’s mainstream religions and expose them for the complete lies and frauds they are.

Lisa Simpson – the Perfect Female? Recent research found that nearly half of all state schools in England do not send any girls on to study A-level physics. Interestingly, girls are much more likely to study A-level physics if they attend a girls’ school. Girls tend to be attracted to “soft” skills and are generally steered in that direction. However, there’s a fantastic female role model who is just as attracted to hard skills, and it’s none other than cartoon character Lisa Simpson. In an episode called Girls Just Want to Have Sums, the tale is told of the lengths to which Lisa will go to ensure she gets her math hit. Following a political correctness outbreak, Lisa’s school is split into male

and female halves, and mathematics teaching suddenly takes a turn for the worse in the girls’ half. Wikipedia describes the debacle: “The next day, Otto drops off the girls at their school, and then drives a few feet ahead and releases the boys from their cage in the bus, so they can attend their school. Lisa seems to feel right at home in the girl-friendly school, with the fountains, paintings by female artists, pink paint and all. She attends her first-period math class, taught by the new principal, but instead of usual number-crunching, the principal starts speaking about feelings and smell in math. While the other girls enjoy it, Lisa asks whether they will get down to doing problems, to which the principal replies that problems are how boys look at math. Disillusioned by this ‘pro-female’ (and illogical) bias toward her favourite subject, as the remainder of her class sings along with the teacher, Lisa climbs over the wall into the boys’ school compound — a rundown, desolate, dystopian world plagued by stray wolves, graffitied walls, garbage, and rusted cars. She peeps into one of the classrooms and sees a math class in session, where actual, accurate math is being taught exactly how she likes it, even coming up with the answer, ‘He forgot the volume of the carrot nose, 1/3 base times height’, when none of the other boys did.” There’s no question that the male brain – in the case of highly intelligent men – is better wired for mathematics, science, and philosophy than the female brain, which is more emotionally attuned. However, most men are actually Reptilian-brained – i.e. dominated by testosterone-driven aggression – and they are useless at mathematics, science, and philosophy. The average empathetic woman should be better at mathematics, science, and philosophy than the average Reptilian man, and the best female brains can be in the same company as the best male brains, although there are likely to be more male geniuses than female geniuses (as history has demonstrated). New, innovative ways have to be found to teach mathematics, science, and philosophy to feeling and sensing types, or there’s no point in teaching them these subjects at all. The current teaching methods are disastrous and suit only a small number of people with exactly the right brain wiring for mathematics, science, and philosophy.

The Mysteries of “Cancellation”

Mathematics is radically different IN space and time compared with outside space and time. If two basis waves are added together in spacetime, they combine (cancelling in some places and reinforcing in others) to create a tertium quid – a third wave that is the synthesis of the other two, both of which have now been replaced. The situation is very different outside space and time. There, basis waves are eternal and immutable. If you add together two basis waves you get a third basis wave, and all three remain in existence (there is no direct reinforcement or cancellation). The frequency scale outside space and time can be likened to a piano with infinite notes. You create information by striking different keys. Just as you can compose infinite songs on a piano, so you can compose infinite informational messages (thoughts) on the monadic frequency scale. The “keys” don’t change, but the music and information they convey does. So, “cancellation” is a subtle concept. Nothing in the Platonic domain outside space and time ever gets “cancelled”, but the whole ensemble of notes nevertheless equates (“cancels”) to zero. The unit circle defined by Euler’s Formula is something that, overall, cancels to zero. At any particular point, however, it has whatever properties are defined at that point. “Cancellation to zero” is akin to an overall average, but is made up of infinite non-zero elements. In space and time, direct cancellation occurs; outside space and time, it’s an indirect cancellation.

***** Discursive thinking (linear rationality) is equivalent to playing a piano with a single pair of hands. Intuition (multiple, parallel, rational processing) is tantamount to having infinite pairs of hands and playing infinite overlapping tunes at once, producing incredible, unprecedented symphonies of the mind. What ARE thinking (reasoning), feeling, desiring, willing, intuiting and sensing? They are all just different “songs” played on a mathematical frequency piano. They target different notes. They compose different melodies. We are all mind composers, devising our personal mental symphonies that encapsulate who we are. Feeling types are always playing an internal emotive soundtrack. Thinkers are playing something that sounds like the

orchestration of machine code. Sensing types are playing sensory data. Intuitives create an overwhelming “Wall of Sound” – or Wall of Thought, to be more accurate.

Progress In the past, military power was the key to everything. Stalin scoffingly asked how many divisions the Pope had. Long ago, the Papacy could mobilize a continent and launch Crusades. Not anymore. In more recent times, economic power has become the controlling element of our world. Now a new switch will have to take place. Intellectual power will become the key to success. The smartest nations with the smartest citizens will sweep all before them. Eastern nations are now investing massively in education. Unless the West responds, it’s all over for the West. Quite simply, being stupid is no longer an option. What is the greatest source of stupidity in the world? – RELIGION. The more atheistic a nation is, the smarter it is. Atheists have much higher IQs than believers. The people with the highest IQs of all are those who transcend atheism – the GNOSTICS obsessed with knowledge. Science is derived from the Latin for knowledge and Gnosticism from the Greek for knowledge. They are both in the same game, but Gnostics are rationalist idealists whereas scientists are empiricist materialists. Gnosticism, unlike science, reveres reason and intuition above all other things. Science reveres the senses and experiments which bring phenomena into sensory awareness. It irrationally rejects anything that cannot be brought into sensory awareness. Given that human thoughts themselves are not sensory phenomena, it’s deranged to use thinking to do deny the reality of thinking! If your parents are Orthodox Jews or Fundamentalist Christians, you are immediately in deep intellectual trouble. If your parents are Muslims, you are well and truly screwed. Islamic “education” is a contradiction in terms. Islamic nations scarcely feature at all in league tables of academic performance. Islamic universities – dominated by “Koranic thinking” – are generally appalling. Virtually no Muslims have won Nobel Prizes. Islam has no association with creativity, innovation, new thinking, new discoveries, new technology, or any new ideas at all. Radicalism, heresy and apostasy are all banned in Islamic nations, meaning that there is no engine at all for challenging the prevailing Koranic paradigm. Arguably, the Koran is the most destructive book in human

history because it has fried countless brains. When minds are subjected to the Koran, all intelligence is stripped from them, leaving only religious fanaticism – which we see demonstrated over and over again by rabid Muslim mobs. We only ever hear about Islam in the context of religious mania. We never see any evidence of intellectual achievement or cultural advancement. The Muslims bring no gifts to the world. Islamic nations are guaranteed to fall further and further behind. The Koran is literally destroying them. Their beliefs are doing the utmost damage to them in every conceivable way, in every aspect of their lives. In the 21st century, there is no longer any room for tolerating stupid belief systems. This is a massively competitive world. If you want to succeed, you must adopt the smartest ideologies, not the dumbest. America, infected by Christian fundamentalism, free market fundamentalism, and conspiracy theory fundamentalism, is now in REAL TROUBLE. Enormous numbers of Americans are as stupid as Muslims. Contrast America with China. Abrahamism plays a minor role in China. The “free market” is controlled by the Communist Party. China has central planning and is now intent on making its children the smartest in the world. It will definitely succeed unless the West wakes up and does what has to be done – that is, destroy all backward belief systems. Privilege is another anti-intellectual ideology because it chooses to pour resources into a tiny few at the expense of everyone else. So, you end up with a clever (cunning and cynical) elite, ruling over sheeple and drones with no initiative. That’s no formula for future, competitive success. This is TOTAL WAR. The whole population must be mobilized. Every person must be intellectually optimized, and then no one will be able to outcompete them. The West can save itself only by entrusting its future to its smartest citizens: only by becoming a MERITOCRACY.

Psychological Alchemy Mathematics is at the core of Illuminism, and mathematics is all about the mind. The subject which is devoted specifically to the study of the mind is psychology and it’s psychology that the Illuminati regard as the ultimate transformative discipline. Our plan to optimize humanity isn’t based on making everyone expert mathematicians. Rather, the way to transform the world is through psychology. We wish to replace religion especially and economics (which is actually grounded in religious beliefs: capitalism is a

reflection of the Jewish concept of the chosen People and the Protestant notion of the “Elect”) with psychology. Psychological typing will be at the core of the Meritocratic society. The whole of society will be designed around psychology. Each different psychological type will be optimized. Current society is all about treating everyone as an undifferentiated, homogeneous mass. The education system makes ZERO attempt to identify a student’s psychological type and to provide an education tailored for their specific needs. Instead, we are all forced into a sausage factory and we all pour out at the end as bewildered gloop with no idea of who we are. We have been at pains throughout this book to show that the way your brain is wired determines how you think about the world and make sense of it. The powers-that-be in every nation of the world completely ignore this obvious fact. They are terrified of psychological typing because they rightly fear that this new paradigm will spell the end of their power. In a psychological world, power is transferred from the rich, from the religious leaders, from the corporations and banks, to psychologists, academics, theoreticians and intellectuals in general. Wall Street isn’t replaced by Main Street. Plato’s Academy replaces it. We have never had rule by smart people. We have always had rule by the greedy, the ruthless and the fanatical. It’s time for a New World Order. It’s time for the Smart Society. In fact, there’s no choice. If we don’t make intelligence and psychology the keystones of our society, the West will fall, and we will become the servants of the Chinese Empire, which will sweep all before it. “Tiger Mothers” are the warning to the rest of us. If we don’t educate our children as well as they do, our children are doomed to being their slaves.

The Tao of Nothing At All The greatest mystery of all is ontological zero. It’s mysterious because it does not have actual existence but it does have logical existence – and in mathematics, that’s just as important. Ontological zero equates to a zero-frequency, zero-amplitude energy wave, which amounts to no energy, hence nothing at all. There’s nothing there in any simplistic sense. Of course, mathematics is the subtlest of subjects and full of paradoxes. Think of a circular Cartesian diagram. Well, you can’t define this circular Cartesian grid without an origin, but the origin is nothing at all. As

we radiate outwards, we are dealing with larger and larger “somethings”, but they all originate from, and logically rely upon, the nothing at the centre. It’s said that the series of proper fractions has no first term, but it does of course – zero. Series don’t appear out of nowhere, but they do appear out of “nothing”. What is a monad? It’s an infinity of complex-numbered energy “spheres” centred on an origin. Yet it’s also an infinity of complexnumbered energy spheres centred on a “point at infinity”, a projection point. The Riemann Sphere provides the necessary basic model. Both the zero point and point at infinity define the whole monadic structure, but each of these points is as mysterious as the other, and each is simply the other’s opposite pole. Neither is ontological in the strictest sense but they have absolute logical necessity. They are also where all of the monadic information ends up and is experienced. That is, the soul is defined by zero and infinity and we might be tempted to say that the “zero pole” represents the point of complete potential and the “infinity pole” equals the point of complete actualization: the omega point, the “God Point” achieved at the End of History. A hologram reflects both something and nothing. In a hologram, the whole is contained in each of its parts and each part is contained in the whole. This, if you think about it, actually amounts to an infinite feedback loop. These are mind-bending ideas, and only mathematics can accommodate them. In his famous book Gödel, Escher and Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, Douglas R. Hofstadter talked about Strange Loops which he defined as follows: “The ‘Strange Loop’ phenomenon occurs whenever, by moving upwards (or downwards) through the levels of some hierarchical system, we unexpectedly find ourselves right back where we started.” Additionally, he said, “Implicit in the concept of Strange Loops is infinity since what is a loop but a way of representing an endless process in a finite way?” He argued that consciousness itself originates in a strange loop: “In short, an ‘I’ comes about – in my view, at least – via a kind of vortex whereby patterns in a brain mirror the brain’s mirroring of the world, and eventually mirror themselves, whereupon the vortex of ‘I’ becomes a real, causal entity.”

We’d largely agree with this, but we would place the emphasis on the mind rather than the physical brain. In other words, it’s the sensory information that a physical brain provides to an abstract mind that allows the mind to reflect on that sensory data and then, finally, to reflect on the fact that it’s reflecting on it, at which stage it’s conscious of its own consciousness, hence it’s self-conscious and has completed the required strange loop. We would also contend, as Hegel did, that another similar consciousness is essential to truly complete this process, i.e. a consciousness must be able to reflect that its consciousness is different from that of another similar being, i.e. it must possess Theory of Mind – the knowledge that another mind possesses different thoughts from those of itself. Perhaps instead of “strange loops”, we would refer to strange “Riemann Spheres” or “strange holograms”, but these all contain much the same meaning and it’s a question of finding the right words to describe an astoundingly complex underlying mathematical reality. Can you find the perfect form of words?

The Matrix The most profound movie of all time is, arguably, The Matrix. This shows how we can all be plugged into a COLLECTIVE DREAM. That’s all that “objective reality” is – a collective dream state with objective rules. In a normal dream, we can direct the course of the dream via our own thoughts; in the collective dream we can’t because we’re contending with all of the other dreamers. In The Matrix, the Architect – an artificial intelligence – created the parameters for the collective dream. In real life, living mathematics performs exactly the same function. Sleep unplugs us from the Matrix and allows us to dream privately. Waking plugs us back into the collective dream.

***** The next most important movie is Groundhog Day about eternal recurrence and how to become a God within an infinite, eternal system. In the film, Bill Murray is continually resurrected (in his usual body with his usual consciousness) in the same location, and the same sequence of time and events (apart from what he causes to change by his own actions – it’s all up to HIM). By the end, Murray has learned everything and become a

wondrous, enlightened human being. He is rewarded with the love of the woman he adores (he finds his soul mate). In real life, Groundhog Day is about reincarnation rather than resurrection, you acquire a different mortal consciousness in each new life, you do not come back to the same place and time and relive the same events … but you do, over many lifetimes, become a wondrous, enlightened human being who gets everything you have ever desired, including your soul mate. In short, you are guaranteed to become God – thanks to mathematical eternal recurrence via reincarnation.

***** “The secret of man’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for.” – Dostoyevsky We have given you the rid pill. We have intellectually unplugged you from the Matrix’s mind control and allowed you to see, for the first time ever, the true nature of the amazing collective dream of which you are part. We have shown you the final truth of existence. We have illuminated you! Now go out and let your light shine.

The Awakening