The Feldenkrais Journal #4 Emotions

Carl Ginsburg: The Roots of Functional Integration: Part II - Communication and Learning; Josef Della Grotte: Emotions -

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English Pages 46 Year 1988

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The Feldenkrais Journal #4 Emotions

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E MOTIONS Feldenkrais |oumal no.4



rrlze l88 Dear Colleagues,

The subject of this fourth edition of the [email protected] )ournal, "Feldenkrais and the Emotions," is, I believe, a timely one for our communiry. We received more of a response to this ]ournal, in the form of articles and inquuies, than any other to date. It was also a pafticularly interesting issue for me to edit. I disagreed with many of the articles we received and the whole process has greatly stimulated my thinking on the subject! I trust that it will also stimulate yours and generate discussion, controversy/ clarification etc. This summer in Montreal the North American Guild's Annual Conference will continue these discussion by focusing on "Feldenkrais and the Emotions" as its theme. I was heartened by your responses to the last |oumal in the form ol letters to the editor, many of which I have printed here. Please keep the letters coming. Although I do appreciate your thanks and support I am particularly interested in letters that comment on the content of the |ournal and/or specific articles' I hope that this issue will especially inspire your comments.

I want to thank Mrchael Brikey, Larry Goldfarb and |ack Heggie for their ongoing help and support in the putting together of this issue. There have also been many others who have been very helpful along the way with copy editing and proofreading and I hope that they know how much this is appreciated. The next edition o{ the }ournal will focus on the subject of Feldenkrais and the Arts. If you have any experience in this area, i.e. teaching or doing dance, different forms of visual arts/ acting/ etc., please consider submitting an article, poem/ personal experience, photo, drawing, etc. I especially need help with graphics. If we had more photos and drawings I think the ]ournal would be more interesting. Do any of you draw or take pictures? Take a risk. Send me somel As alt'ays, articles on any Feldenkrais related subject wil1be considered no matter what the theme of a particular issue. I believe that this issue of the |ournal raises many issues and I expect that the next issue will include articles in response to those printed here continuing the "emotional" theme. If you are considering writing an article, please write to me or the Guild office and request a copy of the guidelines for articles submitted. I hope that you enjoy this issue. Sincerely,







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