The DevOps 2.4 Toolkit: Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes 1838643540, 9781838643546

Just like other books I wrote, this one did not have a fixed scope. I did not start with an index. I didn't write a

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The DevOps 2.4 Toolkit: Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes
 1838643540, 9781838643546

Table of contents :
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Deploying Stateful Applications at Scale
Creating a cluster
Using StatefulSets to run Stateful applications
Using Deployments to run Stateful applications at scale
Using StatefulSets to run Stateful applications at scale
Using sidecar containers to initialize applications
To StatefulSet or not to StatefulSet
What now?
Chapter 2: Enabling Process Communication with Kube API Through Service Accounts
Creating a cluster
Configuring Jenkins Kubernetes plugin
Exploring the default ServiceAccount
Creating ServiceAccounts
Configuring Jenkins Kubernetes plugin with ServiceAccounts
Using ServiceAccounts from side-car containers
What now?
Chapter 3: Defining Continuous Deployment
To continuously deliver or to continuously deploy?
Defining continuous deployment goals
Defining continuous deployment steps
Creating a cluster
Creating Namespaces dedicated to continuous deployment processes
Defining a Pod with the tools
Executing continuous integration inside containers
Running functional tests
Creating production releases
Deploying to production
Running production tests
Cleaning up pipeline leftovers
Did we do it?
What now?
Chapter 4: Packaging Kubernetes Applications
Creating a cluster
What Is Helm?
Installing Helm
Installing Helm Charts
Customizing Helm installations
Rolling back Helm revisions
Using YAML values to customize Helm installations
Creating Helm Charts
Exploring files that constitute a Chart
Upgrading Charts
Helm vs. OpenShift templates
What now?
Chapter 5: Distributing Kubernetes Applications
Creating a cluster and retrieving its IP
Using ChartMuseum
Using Monocular
What now?
Chapter 6: Installing and Setting Up Jenkins
Creating a Cluster and retrieving its IP
Running Jenkins
Using Pods to run tools
Running builds in different Namespaces
Creating nodes for building container images
Creating a VM with Vagrant and VirtualBox
Creating Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
Creating Google Cloud Engine (GCE) images
Testing Docker builds outside the cluster
Automating Jenkins installation and setup
What now?
Chapter 7: Creating a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Jenkins
Exploring the continuous deployment process
Creating a cluster
Installing Jenkins
Defining the build stage
Defining the functional testing stage
Defining the release stage
Defining the deploy stage
What are we missing in our pipeline?
Reusing pipeline snippets through global pipeline libraries
Consulting global pipeline libraries documentation
Using Jenkins file and Multistage builds
What now?
Chapter 8: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and GitOps
Creating a cluster
Defining the whole production environment
What is the continuous delivery pipeline?
Exploring application's repository and preparing the environment
Switching from Scripted to Declarative Pipeline
Demystifying Declarative Pipeline through a practical example
Creating and running a continuous delivery job
What is GitOps and do we want it?
Upgrading the production environment using GitOps practices
Creating a Jenkins job that upgrades the whole production environment
Automating upgrade of the production environment
High-level overview of the continuous delivery pipeline
To continuously deploy or to continuously deliver?
What now?
Appendix A: Installing kubectl and Creating a Cluster with minikube
Running Kubernetes Cluster Locally
Installing kubectl
Installing Minikube
Creating a local Kubernetes cluster with Minikube
What Now?
Appendix B: Using Kubernetes Operations (kops)
Preparing for the cluster setup
Creating a Kubernetes cluster in AWS
Installing Ingress and Tiller (server side Helm)
Destroying the cluster
Now It Is Your Turn
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