The Desert Fathers on Monastic Community 978-0198263456

Graham Gould studies the life and thought of the Christian monks of fourth and fifth century lower Egypt. He works from

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The Desert Fathers on Monastic Community

Table of contents :

Introduction: The Text and the Community
The Abba and his Disciple
The Monk and his Neighbour
The Problems of Anger and Judgement
Solitude and Interaction
Relationships and Prayer

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This book is a study of the life and thought of the Christian monks of fourth and fifth century Egypt, whose views have been influential at many points in the subsequent history of Christianity. It is based on the collections of their sayings and stories which were compiled in the late fifth century and which are known collectively as the Apophthegmata Patrum. These texts show that the Desert Fathers were deeply concerned with the nature of the monastic community which they formed and with the problems which might affect relationships between individuals within it. Successive chapters of the book centre on the text of the Apophthegmata itself as a witness to the community's sense of its own history and identity; on the relationship between teacher and disciple in the context of which the practices and virtues of the monastic life were taught; on the importance of good relationships between a monk and his companions in the monastic life; on the problems of anger, judgement, and praise which interfere with good relationships; on the tension between the desire for solitude and the necessity of interaction with others; and on the connection between relationships with others and a monk's own life of prayer. The overall conclusion is . that the Desert Fathers saw community as an integral part of their monastic ideal and rarely regarded solitude as a way of life to be pursued at the expense of community. Graham Gould is a Lecturer in Earl y Church History in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King's College, London.

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The Desert Fathers on Monastic Community

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'l'his book is the outcome of an attempt to understand certain aspects of' the teaching on the ideals and practice of the monastic life of the

a collection of sayings, dialogues, and short nilrratives which preserve the words of the fourth- and fifth-century l'.gyptian monks known as the Desert Fathers. The widely acknowledged 'lpophthegmata, Patrum,

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@ Graham Gould t99.1

irrrportance of the Apophthegmata as a source of our knowledge of early lhristian monasticism, and as a document of considerable interest in


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thc history of Christian spirituality, is a sufficient iustification for


study ofthe teaching ofthis text. Analysis will be confined, ofnecessity, ro the outlook of the Apophthegmata only on a comparatively limited r:rnge of subiects. But those which have been chosen are of central ir)rportance to the monastic life as the Desert Fathers understood it, rrnd in some respects they dominate and inform the character of the lpophthegmata as a whole. 'lhe general theme to be explored is that of monastic community, or, ro use a phrase which may be applied to several of the concerns of this rvork, 'personal relationships' as a factor in the monastic life. This may scrm an unusual theme to choose for the study of a group, the Desert liathers, who are most often regarded as prime representatives of the rlcsire for solitude, rather than as proponents of the value of a life of t'ommunity. There are of course many discussions of the purpose of s