The Assyrian E-Vowel 9781463221553

Paul Haupt argues for the existence of an e-vowel in Ugaritic, a vowel whose existence is difficult to prove in the cons

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The Assyrian E-Vowel

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T h e Assyrian E-Vowel

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T h e Assyrian E-Vowel

Paul H a u p t

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ISBN 978-1-60724-557-5

ISSN 1935-6854

Extract from The American Journal of Philology, vol. 8 (1887).

Printed in the LTnited States of America

THE eserit — eserat, 'asarai,




constr. state of o ^ L c " t e n , " ienesit


k i n d , " constr. state of nt?jsn. C a s e s in which the a is preserved like selabu " f o x , " belat " l a d y , " elamu, fem. elamtu " h i g h , " epartu ( V R . 28, 68c), " g a r m e n t , " mekaltu " w a t e r reservoir," are relatively rare. In enah " he settled " or " it fell to ruins," the preservation of the primitive a is due to the following guttural. I trust that the a b o v e statements sufficiently establish the existence of an