The Art of War Against Corona Virus [1 ed.] 9786226438681

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The Art of War Against Corona Virus [1 ed.]

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  • it's been translated to English from Persian.
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Based on the books "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu And "The Canon of Medicine" by Avicenna

Fariba Ansari 1


ISBN: 9786226438681 The Art of War against Corona Virus Author: Fariba Ansari Satr and Qalam publication. Zanjan, iran 2021


This book is dedicated to: My dear children, My gracious spouse And all of my dear patriots In the hard days of quarantine due to Corona virus


Contents Preface Chapter 1: Plans (conjectures and hypotheses) Chapter 2: Guidance and leadership in war Chapter 3: Invasive tactic (exploratory) Chapter 4: Preparations (arrangement or formation) Chapter 5: Influence and authority (situation) Chapter 6: Weak points and strong points Chapter 7: Trial and practice Chapter 8: Variety in tactic or method Chapter 9: Military step Chapter 10: Ground Chapter 11: Conditions of battlefield (Pay attention to your act consequences) Chapter 12: Attack by fire (recognizing the explosion point) Chapter 13: Make use of secret agent (spy) Corona related appendixes News and images Poem: Mystery of Corona virus



Art is one of the main parts of human life and is intermingled with it. Art is the acceptance of reality and means all of creative human efforts. This great creativity can be applied to all aspects of human life. Artist is the one who looks at the issues meticulously from specific vision and acts properly with implementation of especial rules about an issue. Artist shows the reality with exclusive rules and principles to others beautifully. The art of war consists the methods of using the forces and military measures which can be applied to all levels of life, work and human activities. The art of war is practical not only in military war, but in general aspect of life especially in management, business, markets. . . . The art of war in strategy area of fighting is illustrated in an ancient Chinese book, written by a military commander "Sun Tzu ". Martial arts and the management of war are explained in this book, but today it is used not only in war but in business management, politics... Every one may be faced with problems in his private life. If we use order, management strategy and planning, we can cope with them easily. This book – " The art of war against Corona Virus " – illustrates the way of fighting with the biological and deadly enemy of humans which may be originated in China. The way presented in this book is the art of war by Chinese "Sun Tzu ". Sun Tzu ' the art of war consists of 13 chapters which are practical in the war against Corona. It is hoped that we could defeat this health threatening enemy skillfully and be inspired by its lessons in these warlike days against human beings.


Chapter 1: Plans (conjectures and hypotheses)

Humans are the commander of their territory (their own body), so it is necessary to know themselves and also their enemy very well. Each person should be aware of his body conditions regularly and create a situation to keep the balance, health and external factors such as microbes, viruses... We should not be proud of our health conditions because "self-care" is a must and it is better to keep the balance of "exercise, food, sleep" consistently. In the pandemic (worldwide outbreak of CORONA virus) which is a biological war against human beings, we should first increase our knowledge about our bodies and the enemy system (COVID 19 virus). "Sun Tzu" says: war is vital for country and it leads to living or death, so it is necessary to be studied deeply. Do not enter a war without thinking! Everyone should have a plan about his health keeping in the war against Corona including 5 principles like: ethical influence, atmospheric conditions, leadership, authority, doctoring and try to use them to be victorious. In the war against Corona virus, according to ethical and psychic influence, body organs should be in a full accordance with heart and brain and help the body especially the lungs which are disturbed by COVID 19. Any disorder in body organs especially underlying diseases may lead to hard attack, so it is recommended that each person take care to his health and personal hygiene to accord the body organs and decrease the hard attack of Corona virus. Consideration of atmospheric conditions such as seasonal affects and the cold weather of autumn and winter, paves the way for the heart and brain guidance as a commander. In the Medicine Canon book, Avicenna says: "In the seasons of autumn and winter that the leakage of liquid from head increases, lung disease accelerates, especially in the rainy autumn which comes after dry summer. In general, cold weather hurts lung.


[With the outbreak of Corona virus doctors asserted that this is a lung related disease and appears less in warm areas.] Battle field and place is one of the commandership devices, so if we could repel the Coronavirus (by proper ways like gargling with salt water and vinegar, herbal inhalants and other medicines prescribed by doctors) when it is in the throat and has not entered the lungs yet, so we are the winner of war. If the virus enters the lungs (the lowest part of battle field), the affected person will probably be the loser of the war). Human should have authority and courage as a commander. When the situation changes and Corona limitations starts, he has to recognize it and take emergent action. Sanitizing, wearing mask, avoiding from gatherings and crowds and observing all of the hygienic protocols are crucial for us to not hurt ourselves and also our society. By considering the protocols presented by the government we can be the follower and defendant of health. "Sun Tzu" says: "attack the enemy consistently and cut it when it is united." Disable the Corona virus with the Sun Tzu's Chinese method by observing the hygienic protocols, wearing mask and gloves, applying alcohol, and disunite it by social distance. You can also use this method when you are affected by the virus and do not let the virus to enter the lungs. "Cough is one of the reactions to repel an annoyance from a body organ. Cough reduces the annoyance to the lungs, but it's consistence in a form of dry and continuous coughs is one of the symptoms of Corona virus and can be annoying. Since these coughs are dry, the repelling force is weak to reject the unpleasant materials (like Corona virus).


Chapter 2: Guidance and leadership in war

"Sun Tzu" says: " The most basic thing in a war is "to be victorious", not the long operation. The commander, who knows the war, does not ruin the country's resources in long term to make people poor, since this may pave the way for enemy to attack. This is not to be meant hasty military operation which leads to defeat. Guidance and leadership in war should be carried out adroitly and properly. When somebody is affected by Corona virus for any reason, he should prevent the virus from entering the lower respiratory tract especially the lungs. Corona symptoms are dry and constant coughs, asthma, muscular pain, fever and fatigue. If the affected person is a skillful fighter, he immediately uses medicine especially herbal and traditional ones (like: thyme, cinnamon, ginger . . .) and prevent the virus from entering the lungs by administering warm inhalant, keeping the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, larynx, trachea) wet. Is the virus enter the lungs, it will be a strong enemy which is hard to defeat. According to the experiences of many affected people, honey and fresh lemon juice are useful to counteract the dry and constant coughs. "Dry cough increases while acting and being hungry and decreases while being full and in peace." Having enough rest and drinking soup and warm liquids are practical to reduce dry and constant coughs in Corona affected patients. It takes a long time to fight with Corona in lungs. With the progress of the disease, the lung tissues are filled with liquids. At this time, our body faces with asthma to get more oxygen. Dry coughs continue and as they can't remove the mucus from the air tract, they aggravate the situation. If we cannot encounter properly with this harsh enemy (Corona virus) at the beginning stage, we may lose our health forever.


Serious deliberation (prevention) to this deadly disease by the help of some devices like face mask, gloves, disinfectants, regarding social distance, . . .are certainly better than treatment and is one of the privileges of a good commander (healthy body) in the war leadership against violent enemy(Corona virus).


Chapter 3: Invasive tactic (exploratory)

Frustration of enemy's plans is the best policy in a war. "Sun Tzu" believes that: "enemy's army should be surrendered without a long war." True victory occurs when everything is remained untouched and sieging the enemy is better than attack, separate or direct war. In the war against Corona virus, do not let the viruses in body especially in the lungs to duplicate in a way that you are forced to withdraw. When you are healthy and powerful, siege the enemy and make the Corona virus to retreat by different ways. Neglecting the war strategy may leads to the duplication of the virus in the body and its access from nose and throat to trachea. In this case the only solution is the use of traditional and chemical medicines to disorganize its unity and block its access to the lungs, otherwise symptoms such as fatigue, muscular pain especially in hand, shoulder, waist, foot, hip, head . . . will appear. Finally, with the progress of the disease and not being able to get enough oxygen, asthma, disability . . . occure.Here, the enemy is so strong that the whole body is a prey to this hostile enemy. If you are aware of your body conditions and also your enemy, you will be victorious in wars. Whether your enemy is Corona virus or any microbe or factor which may attack your body, you are the winner. If you know yourself very well and keep its balance, but being not familiar with your enemy, it's 50% possible to defeat it. ( e.g. if you know that the Corona virus has a lipid surface which is washed off and slipped by hand and dish washers, you can prevent it easily from entering your body). If a person does not observe his health and body hygiene, and does not know the Corona virus, he'll face with serious danger in each battle and the probability of defeat will rise so that he won't overcome enemy. Generally, the abrasive strategy regarding the Corona virus means to take clear and exact decisions about war and competition against this virus. (With a plan on the basis of clear understanding of both sides in the war).


Chapter 4: Preparations (arrangement or formation)

In this aspect of war, a skillful fighter makes himself unbeatable at first and waits for the enemy to be vulnerable. A masterful war expert is the one who is to be victorious over the enemy which is easy to defeat. "Sun Tzu" says: "we have to overcome an enemy that is defeated beforehand. Having no hope for triumph results in defeat. A victorious person never loses any chance to overcome the enemy, because he has chosen a position to keep himself safe. It's about one year passed from the Corona pandemic. Efficient people have been somehow successful in observing their health and hygiene i.e. they've learned how to attack this deadly virus by some ways like : using different sanitizers and alcohol for the purpose of disinfection, different face masks, avoidance from gatherings and crowds, considering hygienic protocols ,useful diet based on various tempers, types of herbal drinks and complementary pills(vitamin C,D,. . . ) and public vaccination in near future to produce antibodies to keep people safe. Different efficient and preventive ways have reduced the virus dominance on humans severely. It's worth mentioning that the virus is trying to hide itself in lower layers (lungs) to keep on its destruction. This wild opponent tries to be alive by transforming its genome and outer surface and finally it attacks. Corona virus is waiting in its ambush to attack your body and it's you who should be ready to counterattack and frustrate its plans. People should analyze their body conditions before being patient to be prepared for any attack like Corona virus and not to be entered any war. After several months from the Corona pandemic, many people don't observe the preventive cares severely and unfortunately become affected by the virus and finally they lose the war. If someone is affected by Corona virus slightly, there are some preventive suggestions e.g. : to reduce fever it's better to have washing with lukewarm water, drinking sweet basil,spearmint,honey and ginger tea, taking aspirin and other medicines prescribed by doctor. For dry coughs it's recommended to use honey with lemon juice or herbal syrup and finally chemical medicines, having a good 11

diet ( soup, warm and watery food,. . . ) and having enough rest to not let the Corona virus access the lungs and cause asthma ,in this case it's a hard task to eject the virus and win the war.

Chapter 5: Influence and authority (situation)

"Sun Tzu" says: "An efficient commander wants victory from situation, not from his subordinates. Consistent evaluation of war situation results in the enemy' surrender. People should control the situation powerfully in any condition. A person who has affected by the Corona virus before, should not lose his confidence by timidity, he should counterattack the virus and tries to change the situation by the help of his potential power and practical experiences. It's proved by experience that we can cure fever, dry coughs by the use of cold tablets, herbal inhalants (like thyme, cinnamon, ginger. . .) to prevent the Corona virus from entering the lungs. If we don't pay attention to this virus at the beginning stages and neglect having enough rest, not taking medicine, not having proper diet, we may be affected by this deadly virus. Evaluate the situations carefully and replace the timidity by courage to be victorious against Corona virus.


Chapter 6: Weak points and Strong points

A person, who arrives first at the battle field, takes a good position rather than one who has entered the battle hastily. When the enemy is in the strong position weaken it, when it is nourishing well make it feel hungry and when it is in peace make it work. Focus the positions which the enemy is no waiting to you. Corona virus as well as common cold microbe likes cold temperature. Face mask can prevent it from entering respiratory system and create a warm condition around nose and respiratory system. The weak points of Corona virus are both warm temperature and also social distance between people. On the other hand, due to the lipid (fatty) surface of the virus, it's easily removed by detergents. The rate of affection to this deadly virus is lowered if we pay attention to these weak points. These weak points results to your strong points' reinforcement against this disease. Observance of personal hygiene and quarantine (separation from others) are fighting requirements and strong points of healthy people. Our holy prophet - Mohammad (peace be upon him) – 1400 years ago has said that:" cleanliness is a part of faith" and also has said:" If you hear about the outbreak of plague in an area, don't enter there, but if plague spread in your residential area, do not leave there. This is the same as "quarantine" and we should regard this about contagious diseases and separate patients from healthy people. Our holy prophet also has said: "wash your hands; Food's affluence is hidden in washing hands".


Chapter 7: Trial and Practice

Surprise the enemy by focusing on your equipment and display the ability of your troops by practice the military operations for troops' preparation. This is possible by intelligent tricks. In each maneuver (trial and practice); both person and Corona virus try to take a proper position for itself. If a person afflicted by the Corona virus, he should change this misfortune into a privilege and change the difficult way into a direct way of health and secure his body with new antibodies. If the afflicted person prevents the duel in his lungs at first, he is rescued from death and deserves to get Corona's antibody and may not be needy to be vaccinated. (In most cases, vaccine is the weakened form of a virus that forces the white globules to produce antibody after entering into the body of a healthy person) If the affected person can control the virus with effort and discipline, he will dominate his body by the help of antibodies. By doing this, viruses will be disordered and hopeless and this is exactly the art of war against the violent enemy which intends to kill us.


Chapter 8: Variety in tactic or method

Each war points out us that the basis in life is the preparation against enemy and we should not count on the enemy's absence. We should always be waiting for enemy's attack and increase our abilities to be unbeatable. As a commander of our body, if we neglect these five factors: carelessness, cowardice, nervousness, excessive adherence to honor (which is deemphasized by accusation) and infinite kindness, we might change into a fool person against enemy and lose the war. A skillful fighter is familiar to his plan changes and advantages and shortcomings of himself. Having enough knowledge about ourselves and enemy without analyzing intelligent is not sufficient and may cause vulnerability in practice. The way of using devices and abilities in battle field or a competition to reach the goal focuses on the proper use of tools and preventing factors of Corona. Vaccination, observing personal and social hygiene, social distance and quarantine . . . are practical methods and knowing the enemy (Corona virus and its new forms) well is theoretical tactic. Today, different face masks, vaccines, fever and cough reducing methods (herbal and chemical ways), various diets and exercises . . . are offered to face Corona. We can choose efficient method against Corona by gaining correct and updated knowledge to evaluate each method's advantage and shortcoming. Any kind of carelessness regarding above mentioned points, cowardice of Corona and people's comments, kindness toward persons who invite us to social gatherings, results in failure in the war against Corona.


Chapter 9: Military Step

Efficient use of troops leads to victory; otherwise enemy's progress occurs. If this war prolongs, there will be a less probability to save life. A victorious fighter's camp must be higher than enemy; since the war in low areas or so-called riverbank leads to defeat. The basis of war and its management should be intelligent to cause success. Win and lose are in the art of playing game. High areas keep you away from any disease and results in victory. Lower your embarrassment by visualizing your surroundings to intensify your battle. Doing dietary cares to increase the body resistance against viruses especially Corona virus, is an important military step. It's recommended to use vitamin C resources every day including fruit and vegetables and also iron and zinc resources like liver, meat, egg (vitamin D) and cereals. It's necessary to detect the dangerous places in city and not go there (place control), healthy diet, vaccination if possible, observing personal and social hygiene . . . and intelligent management against the Corona virus. Changing the life style leads to take new measures in our surroundings; otherwise we will be surrendered to Corona virus if we take secret actions.


Chapter 10: Ground

"Sun Tzu" says: " there are different grounds in war as followings: 1. Narrow ground (ground of narrow passages) 2. Achievable ground (the ground which both sides in a war can pass it easily) 3. Fallacious ground (the ground which is left easily, but its second time occupation is very difficult) 4. Temporary and neutral ground (the ground which has an advantage to one side in a war rather than the other side) 5. Uneven ground (the ground containing ups and downs) If you know yourself well and be aware of your body tempers and health conditions, you will be present on your ground earlier than enemy and you can defend your rights better. The weapons of Corona virus are to ruin our body and intend to be developed and be more dangerous to cause more disorder for afflicted people. The patient and affected person, who have fewer weapons to defend himself, will be hurt greatly. If the commander of body does not act well, it will lead to the body disorder and this is very dangerous. A masterful and experienced commander, who acts logically, recognizes the truths from feelings and realities from rumors, so he reacts and tries to be victorious over enemy. If you are familiar with yourself, your enemy and also environmental and local conditions and adjust your conditions against it, you are the winner of the war.


Chapter 11: Conditions of battlefield (Pay attention to your act consequences)

Lands have different usages for fighters for example " key land " : which is advantageous for both sides, " connection land " : which is accessible to both sides, " deadly land " : in which the army can't survive unless by fighting severely against disappointment,. . . Land owners should know the lands very well and face the enemy by suitable military tactics and arrays e.g. : do not attack the enemy which has conquered the key land and in the connection land take care that different troops of your army not be separated. If people know their body land well and be aware of diseases and their health condition, so they can overcome Corona virus which has an orderly army and is waiting to attack us. We can overcome Corona by attacking its weak points (using the respiratory system cells and increase the safety of this system and also weaken the virus) One of the major traditions of Iranian people is to celebrate the longest night of year (Yalda night). Every year at this night, people gather at the home of their family head (their grandparents' homes),but this year due to the Corona virus, all of the gatherings are banned by the National organization of fighting against Corona and it's recommended to celebrate this night through the media and our cell phones. If people disregard the consequences of their actions, the Corona virus might attack them and their body land might change into the deadly land. On the other hand, people who suffer from diabetes and other non-epidemic diseases should pay more attention to their decisions and actions and do not commit risky activities in favor of Corona, since their vulnerability is more than the others.


Chapter 12: Attack by fire (recognizing the explosion point)

We can attack enemy by fire in 5 ways: A) Burning enemy B) burning storehouses C) burning enemy's transporting equipment D) burning ammunition warehouse E) shooting fire toward enemy

Attack the Corona virus by following ways: - Use herbal and traditional medicines (honey, lemon juice, decoctions, inhalants, . . . ) and anti-cold and anti-Corona medicines - Have bath and take rest regularly - Use complementary medicines (vitamin C, D, . . .)

By cutting fever, dry and consistent coughs, muscular pains and other annoying symptoms, fight against Corona and like firefighting hose, extinguish the fire and do not let it change your body into ash. To extinguish the fire of Corona, don't drive top gear and don't confine to pulling hand-brake! Don't put yourself and other people into the danger by your carelessness, ignorance and selfishness. It's necessary to go to hospital to complete your treatment and receive injection and oxygen if needed. Take care of yourself by knowing 5 ways of attacking by fire.


Chapter 13: Make use of secret agent (spy)

In each war, it's necessary to have information before. This information is obtained by people who know the enemy's situation. They are called "secret agents ". These secret agents are local, removable, elusive, and are used in proper position. To make use of secret agents, we should treat them generously and take care of them. Secret agents are the cleverest people. Secret operation is an important basis in a war and depends on the information obtained by these people. They are eyes and ears of an army in a victorious war. It was the beginning of the year 2020 when Corona virus started to spread in all over the world. Although this virus was known before, it changed into a distressing pandemic. We started the New Year in Iran unhappily. Based on the data obtained from the viruses' behaviors, the situation of new enemy was analyzed, and then the hygienic protocols to fight against Corona were formulated in all societies. The alcohol producing factories (for the purpose of disinfection), face mask producers (to prevent the virus spread), new antibodies and ventilators in hospitals ' ICU wards increased to fight against the virus and are still in progress. It's worth mentioning that the production and distribution of Corona vaccine have started and will be in public access in near future. In my opinion as a biologist, the detection period of the enemy's situation (Corona virus) and have an appropriate treatment with it are incredible and unreal and it seems that the prompt measure about this issue had to be taken earlier. European and American universities (like Harvard and Cambridge) which claim that are leading in knowledge production and discoveries in the world, haven't yet been able to overcome this disease and unfortunately we are facing with rise in mortality rate. We hope that there will be no policy behind this disease and business and economic issues not be connected to it, since many governments (China, USA, Germany, . . . ) are gaining money by selling alcohol, face masks, disposable gloves, tissues, medicines, . . . . They are in line of offering different vaccines and hapless people are in line of demand to buy them. 20

Corona related appendixes News and Pictures

Shocking news: "Tasuku Hunju" – the medicine professor and the winner of Nobel Prize in Japan – today, asserted that: "Corona virus is not natural. If it is natural, it must spread in cold places and disappear in warm ones. It is abnormal that it has affected the world widely.


The way of Corona virus spread on streets This picture has published by one of the Harvard university teachers. He says: " The main problem of most humans is that: they don't believe, unless they see by their own eyes and they don't accept, unless they are affected."


Economy against Corona and Sanction -

Sanction problems in getting loan and international help 10% fall in the sale of new year's eve Rise in the number of bounced check 90% cut in people's presence in shopping centers and restaurants 967 billion Tomans loss in culture, art and the media 6000 billion Tomans loss in sport Recess and loss to more than 10 jobs 17% cut in exports due to Corona and the closure of borders Balancing in the number of workers and unemployment rise Prediction of 6% recession in the economy of Iran in the year 2020

The rate of demands 'cut in some guilds [job classes]: -

Tourism services : 100% Sport clubs :100% Food services :90% Hairdressing services :80% Confectionery services :70% Clothing :70% Home appliances :60% Florist's shops :60% Installation services :50%


In Jordan country, a person who is died of Corona virus is buried with his car!

The mall of Qaiseriyeh in Zanjan city (it is closed)


The Kenyan police are shooting at people in the quarantine days

The only person in Mecca who can pray God is the janitor! 25

Social distance in Mecca to say their prayers

Mashhad (Imam Reza's holy shrine) in Corona days


Don't stand so distant to be separated! And Doesn't stand so close to be sick! (Attar Neyshaburi)

Choice between life and bread! (Caricature by Manna Neyestani)


President of Madagascar: Wormwood infusion heals Corona!

Andry Rajoelina, president of Madagascar, announced on TV while drinking wormwood infusion that: "this herbal infusion cures Corona and probably will change the history of world!" There is no valid scientific experiment yet to verify the anti-Corona properties of wormwood plant.

Quarantine has different meaning for different sections of society!


A woman went to a clinic while coughing and having asthma, she got a face mask; but she used it for her husband! She said: "I'm sick; I don't want him to be patient too! (True love is here!)


A glance to the life style change in Iran due to the Corona pandemic -

65% decrease in road accidents 100% increase in the use of medical applications on cellphones 30% increase in water assumption 71% decrease in travels in recent two months 65% increase in watching online films and series 64% decrease in taxi transportation 30% increase in recourse to hospitals 107 million game downloads from " café bazar " application 7 times increase in the e-books addressees 30

Some good happenings due to the Corona virus:


Reduction in air pollution Reduction in road accidents Reduction in wars Reduction in the Earth' heating Reduction in earthquakes Animals' life without fear Traffic reduction Reduction in fuel assumption

It's worth mentioning that quarantine has led to nearly 50% cut in the air pollution in some big cities like New York or 36% cut in the fuel assumption in China.


Reading the Koran virtually with the income of 5 million Tomans monthly

Students returned to their schools in the Wuhan city in China (Wuhan city is the center of Corona virus outbreak)