The academic job search handbook [Fifth edition.] 9780812292060, 0812292065

For more than twenty years, job seekers have relied on The Academic Job Search Handbook for help in their search for fac

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The academic job search handbook [Fifth edition.]
 9780812292060, 0812292065

Table of contents :
What you should know before you start --
Planning and timing your search --
Written materials for the search: suggestions and and samples --
Conducting the search --
After you take the job --
Additional considerations --
Beyond faculty careers. Cover
Title Page
Introduction to the Fifth Edition
I. What You Should Know Before You Start
1. The Structure of Academic Careers
2. Hiring from the Institution's Point of View
II. Planning and Timing Your Search
3. Becoming a Job Candidate: The Timetable for Your Search
4. Deciding Where and When to Apply
5. Building an Academic Network
6. Letters of Recommendation
7. Learning About Openings
III. Written Materials for the Job Search: Suggestions and Samples
8. Responding to Position Announcements
9. CVs
10. Additional Application Materials. 11. Online Presence12. Job Hunting Correspondence
IV. Conducting the Search
13. Interviewing
14. Preliminary Interviews
15. The Campus Visit
16. Job Offers, Negotiations, Acceptances, and Rejections
V. After You Take the Job
17. Starting the Job
18. Knowing About and Getting Tenure
19. Changing Jobs
VI. Additional Considerations
20. Dual-Career Couples and Pregnant on the Job Market
21. International Job Search
22. Cultural and Experiential Diversity
VII. Beyond Faculty Careers
23. Exploring the Expanded Job Market
Appendices. Appendix 1: National Job Listing Sources and Scholarly and Professional AssociationsAppendix 2: Additional Resources
Appendix 3: Sample Application Package

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