The 4% Fix How One Hour Can Change Your Life 9781443458634, 9781443458627

How to find guilt-free time for what you really want to do, and why it matters • Do you feel like you're always bu

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The 4% Fix How One Hour Can Change Your Life
 9781443458634, 9781443458627

  • Commentary
  • time management and goal-setting and shares strategies

Table of contents :

Title Page



Introduction: It’s About Time

Part One: Own Your Time (Or It Will Own You)

You Need a (Good) Reason to Get Out of Bed

The First 4%

Set. Your. Alarm.

The Oxygen Mask

The Focused Four

Newbie Nation

“Selfish” Is Not a Bad Word

Go to Bed

Creatures of Habit(s)

Is It a BHAG or a PHAG?

Fear Not

Everyone Out of the Pool!

Part Two: Find Your Time (It May Be Earlier Than You Think)

The Marshmallow Test

Ration the Roadblocks

Adulting Is Exhausting

No Wiggle Room

That Natural Feeling

Morning Larks and Night Owls

Sleep: Why We Need It

Sleep: How It Works and How to Get It

Garden Toast (a.k.a. Perfection)

It’s Not Deprivation, It’s Opportunity

Part Three: Rescue Your Time (Find, and Use, That Life Preserver)

The Choice Is Yours

Write It Down

Go with the Flow

Don’t Be Fussy

A Little Goes a Long Way

Drop a Ball or Two

Procrastination vs. Motivation

Operation Project Naked

No, Thanks

Time to Dig Deep

Part Four: Enjoy Your Time (The Point of It All)

Dare to Be Idle

The Problem with Passion

Know Thyself

Stop Making Excuses

A Word on Creativity

Groundhog Day

Put It into Practice

This Is an Experiment

Trust the Process

One Last Word: We All Sleep In Sometimes

Resources: In the Interest of (Saving) Time


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