Tarot Life Book 2: Remove the Blocks

Tarot Life is a revolutionary way to change your life though the power of Tarot. In a series of 12 magical exercises, wi

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Tarot Life Book 2: Remove the Blocks

Table of contents :
Removing the Blocks
A Simple Method for Beginners
The Cards as Blocks in Tarot Life
The Active Divination Method
What Follows Next Month
The Tyldwick Tarot
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You are free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms. Authors Note: This is Month 2 of our 12-booklet Tarot Life series; you will require the previous Month 1 booklet “Discover Your Destiny” to follow the sequence over the year. Some of the exercises in each booklet may be carried out as stand-alone pieces of self-discovery or re-purposed for use in daily, personal or client readings.

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A linked series of Gated Spreads to be carried out over a full year. Introduction In this series of Kickstart books of Tarosophy teaching, we take a break from the reference work of Tarot Flip, the seventy-eight innovative Tarot methods in Tarot Twist, and the spiritual considerations of Tarot Inspire to offer a unique practice of our work. You are about to change your life with Tarot, and whether you are a newcomer to tarot or experienced reader, you are about to do something totally new. In using what we call a Gated Spread – a linked sequence of tarot readings whose questions are determined by the results of real-world activities – you are going to fundamentally alter the way you experience your life. We have combined here the wisdom of the Tarot with years of practical testing and the latest research in psychology and the biology of willpower, belief, habit and other aspects of our being. This series is designed to be experienced a month at a time, and in the sequence given. You can start at any time, although New Year, your Birthday, or the Spring Equinox are all powerful starting times. This series is accompanied by a closed Facebook group for discussion and questions about your experiences as you make this journey. We look forwards to your engagement of tarot with your life – it is about to become a truly Tarot Life. Marcus Katz, The Tarosophist & Tali Goodwin, TaliTarot

Removing the Blocks “The first injunction inscribed on the walls of the Institute is ‘believe nothing, not even yourself’”. G. I. Gurdjieff, Views from the Real World (1984) p. 200-201. Whilst we began to examine the nature of Will in the first booklet, corresponding to the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the corresponding tarot card, the Emperor, we turn now to the nature of belief. This corresponds to Taurus, the next sign of the zodiac, and the card of the Hierophant. When we begin to change, we challenge our own beliefs. It was therefore important to spend a month trying to steer ourselves to our destiny, even somewhat blindly, so we could experience the challenges of our environment and beliefs. Too many people start by planning, resolving to do better, having ambitions, and so forth, without ever doing – like the Crayfish on the Moon card – whereas we know that from doing comes everything. So we have spent a month trying to do things that accord with our Will, and now we likely consider ourselves somewhat lacking or perhaps actually content with our progress. Or maybe a mixture. Now we can divine, we can discover more, and begin to set the foundations (Taurus) for a stable growth (Earth) ahead. The secrets of successful action and creation are not only hidden in the cards, but their patterns and sequences, and their correspondences to other systems – including life itself. This is what we mean by Tarot Life. Every day is a “reading”, every event is an “image”. Every decision and thought is an “interpretation”. We are already divining our life – now, with the Hierophant, we will learn what we call “active divination”.

Firstly we will present a simple spread/method based on blocks. A Simple Method for Beginners In our first book of this series, we gave a simple method for reading which could be used for general purposes. In this book, we offer another method for beginner use, based on blocks. It is a useful sixcard reading we have found for people in stuck situations (you can also consider the “Next Step” method in Tarosophy). Ask the Querent, Client or Yourself to consider the situation in which you are blocked. Shuffle your deck. Lay the deck face-down. Take the TOP CARD and turn it face-up. This card is your DISTRACTION card. It tells you how you can overcome the block by distracting yourself in another manner. In distracting yourself away from the current situation, whilst at the same time working cleverly to overcome the block, you avoid self-sabotage. We will see how this works in a real situation shortly. Then take the BOTTOM card and turn it face up, putting it next to the top card (it does not matter how you arrange these two cards). This second card is your UTILIZATION card. It shows you how you can utilize the current block into a powerful spur or starting block for further progress. We do not “remove” the blocks in our life – we have them for a reason – we observe, recognize, incorporate and utilize them! Next take the solid block of remaining 76 cards and consider that these represent the whole block on this situation or aspect of your life. Really get a sense of the block itself, stuck as a solid set of 76 cards stuck together, unmoving and non-resolvable.

Take a deep breath (because the cards are still moving in an infinite number of patterns until you take the moment to lay them out) and split the deck as equally as you can into two piles, lifting the top-half of the deck up and placing it to the left, about two card-widths away. Consider this is showing you that you can indeed do something – you can split your block into two equal piles. Nothing has changed, other than the way you see it. It is now two smaller blocks. Next take another deep breath and – because if you can do it once, you can likely do it again – split the two decks into half again, laying the resulting top halves to the left of the original two piles. You should now have four roughly equal piles of the deck. Turn all four piles face-up to view what is the bottom card of the upturned piles. These four cards represent: 1. How to Partition the Block 2. How to Progress through the Block 3. How to Begin to Change the Block 4. How to Orientate to the Simplest Solution of the Block This spread is very suitable for the keywords we gave in Tarot Life Book 1 and for general readings. I find it useful if I use the Tarot of the New Vision, which has an interesting perspective on the usual tarot images, by drawing the standard Waite-Smith design as if you were viewing the card from behind the subject. This deck is useful for giving new perspectives to even the most jaundiced reader or pessimistic client. Here is a real reading using this spread. How do I work with the block I have about Project X? Distraction: 9 of Cups

Utilization: 5 of Pentacles In these first two cards, there is already a surprise and new information for the querent. The 9 of Cups in the Tarot of the New Vision shows what is going on behind the drapes shown on the usual Waite-Smith card. Three children are seen playing and eating a snack. They are totally lost in the playful moment, secure in the knowledge that everyone has forgotten about them, yet they are safe. This shows the Querent that their distraction is to find the playfulness and enjoyment for its own sake in their work. Rather than face their block as a challenge or obstacle, just ignore it and start playing. You might as well watch the stars when a hole in your roof has just fallen through. This is combined powerfully and elegantly with the 5 of Pentacles, which shows how the Querent can utilize the block. In this deck, the card shows inside the building depicted from the outside on the usual Waite-Smith deck. We see an impoverished figure – perhaps one of those outside in the regular image – caring for a child. His crutch is leaning on the wall. It tells the client that they can utilize their block by demonstrating compassion. If they can hold “grace under fire”, they may earn respect and recognition in some future role or situation. It is a test of their character and their ability to think of others, even whilst their own situation is blocked and they feel “impoverished”. These two cards already start to form an action plan for the Querent, as they formulate a response. In a sense, these cards provide a dynamic pair, leading to empowerment, much like the pairs of cards we saw last month in our Destiny Path method. We now look at the other four positions when we turn the four split piles face-up: Partition: The Empress (III)

Progress: 3 of Pentacles Change: Temperance (XIV) Orientation: 2 of Wands The partition card shows (again) children playing behind the Empress. As we are viewing the card from inside out, we look beyond the Empress to see that she is looking out to an open garden gate and a path leading gently up a hill. It tells our querent that he should “put his house in order” first, as a first step. He should find time to make a partition – a gate as we see in the image – to allow time to play (as we saw in the distraction card). There is a sense that he must cordon off time and gain security in doing so. Perhaps he should tell his employer that he is not working late all the time. The Progress card picks up the theme of work/play, here with the 3 of Disks showing clearly that the Querent must make progress by recognizing what he is learning, the skills and experience he is acquiring. A wagon seen in the distance in this deck shows that his skills may not be used now, but there is another journey to come. In the Temperance card next in the position of Change, we see a symbol of alchemy, the nature of which is also depicted on the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris – who renamed the card to “Art”. The suggestion of change is that “what does not kill me makes me stronger”, or that the person’s block is actually preparing them for change. This confirms the other cards, and that the block is actually a limited belief that the present situation is an end to itself, not part of a larger situation. To orientate to this new information, the Querent has received the 2 of Wands. This shows the simple task of planning ahead, of utilizing one’s experience to look at the big picture – the figure in the card on many decks holds a globe. The block then, is not thinking big

enough or beyond the present situation. When one orientates to this truth, the block simply vanishes.

The Cards as Blocks in Tarot Life “When we split off parts of ourselves, active mechanisms keep them in places. Gurdjieff called these mechanisms buffers”. Charles Tart, Waking Up (1988) p. 131. To practice active divination this month we are going to use the cards as representations of positive and negative qualities which we block, to our gain or detriment in our daily life. In Around the Tarot in 78 Days, we presented a small section on each card entitled “How You Block This Card”. Whilst only a comparatively small section in that book, it is extremely important in our wider work with Tarot and you’re about to learn why we hid it there. All the “full deck of possibilities” is presented to us every day, however for our sanity we have to block/filter out much of it, both consciously and unconsciously. You may notice your dreams intensifying during this month’s practice, by the way. Some of this “blocking” results in habitual states of thought that limit us, constrain us and cause confusion or conflict. We begin to break up into “different selves” to hold each of these different states. When someone loses their temper and afterwards says “that just wasn’t like me” we are seeing this in action. The “buffers” that hold these blocks and filters in place actually function through well-recognised psychological mechanisms. These are such things as simple lying, denial (“I wasn’t myself when I did it”), suppression, repression, projection (“It’s just authority that annoys me”), and so on.

In our active divination we are going to let the cards teach us how we block certain qualities and energies for both good and bad. We are also going to select which mechanisms are particular to ourselves in keeping these blocks in place. We will then use this information which will be gathered at the end of this month of your Tarot Life, later in the year as part of the whole “gated spread” presented by Tarot Life. Firstly we will provide a version of the blocks appropriate for every card in the deck, which may also be found as part of Around the Tarot in 78 Days. You may also wish to add your own findings over the month to this list as it can never be comprehensive. It will also add depth to your readings for yourself and others as you experience how the cards can indicate blocks. The cards are given in kabbalistic order, i.e. from Tens to Aces, in Suits, with the Majors and Court Cards in appropriate places for their position on the Tree of Life. Page of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. Not paying your bills. 2. Not making fixed appointments 3. Not planning the week ahead 4. Not being fully prepared for an activity Page of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. not watching what you say 2. protesting 3. being irrational over decisions and making snap judgments 4. being foolish in distinguished company Page of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. being crude and boorish in polite company

2. behaving insensitively to those closest to you 3. withdrawing your care and attention from those you love 4. being very extrovert during a social gathering Page of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. Non-reaction when roused to anger 2. hiding your brilliance 3. not owning your own ambition 4. being cowardly and not taking action when wronged 10 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. being miserly and not treating yourself to the finer things in life 2. not working and cancelling important meetings 3. not visiting close family and friends 4. not dressing to impress

10 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. looking on the bright side of life 2. achieving aiming to succeed in everything I do 3. treating myself to a healing remedial massage 4. recognizing the joy of being a sentient being 10 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. being miserable about everything and everyone, being a commitment phobic 2. wallowing in the state of discontent 3. creating ill-feeling and finding fault with your home life 4. falling out with those close to you

10 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. Being Lazy 2. Avoiding responsibilities 3. Saying no to projects and workload 4. Dropping tasks you do not like WORLD XXI You are blocking this card today by: 1. being narrow minded and judgmental of people 2. stopping yourself from doing what you want to do 3. deliberately avoiding completing a task 4. not co-operating with a team effort JUDGEMENT XX You are blocking this card today by: 1. succumbing to exhaustion and not tackling your responsibilities and duties 2. sticking to old habits that keep you where you are 3. not heeding good advice 4. not answering/responding to communications MOON XVIII You are blocking this card today by: 1. doing a task that is very analytical, such as doing the accounts 2. reading the Financial Times front to back 3. not believing your horoscope in the newspaper 4. joining the James Randi Educational Society 9 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by:

1. Downsize, give all your worldly possessions away. Go backpacking 2. Doing a dextox- deprive yourself of your favourite treats, such as chocolate, coffee, beer or a glass of wine, so no to the pleasures of life. 3. Let yourself go for the day, leave off the grooming and lounge around in sweats. Say to yourself, “ I don’t care what anyone thinks of me!” 4. Look into starting a whole new career and adopt a whole new lifestyle, take a risk for a change 9 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. celebrating with all your friends because you are so damn happy! 2. booking that dream holiday you have always put off! 3. volunteering to do charity work 4. being carefree and seeing the best in everyone and in everything. It’s a wonderful life! 9 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. feeling dissatisfied and finding fault in all that is around you! You’re one miserable dude today! 2. be a miser today and keep your hands in your pocket, let them pay the cheque! 3. sharing your giant bar of chocolate with friends 4. being cold and standoffish 9 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. giving in to difficulties at the first hurdle 2. being very forgiving of trespassers! 3. taking a duvet day 4. relaxing and letting others worry about possible threats

SUN XIX You are blocking this card today by: 1. being a pessimist 2. being lethargic and very lazy 3. being very cynical and negative 4. suppressing any enthusiasm and joy you feel STAR XVII You are blocking this card today by: 1. keeping your good ideas to yourself and not sharing 2. not supporting your work colleagues 3. repressing your creativity 4. expressing you inner glum TEMPERANCE XIV You are blocking this card today by: 1. going on a binge of self indulgence 2. being very intolerant 3.being very flirty 4. shop till you drop 8 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. performing an important task in a shoddy way 2. being very careless 3. not being reliable 4. paying somebody to come and decorate 8 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. by being highly motivated 2. finding solutions to ongoing problems 3. getting out and about go for a long walk or a cycle ride 4. get together with your nearest and dearest friends

8 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. looking at where you are presently and making the most of all the positive aspects of your life 2. tackling a relationship issue directly, stop avoiding! 3. making the effort to reinvigorate old friendships/relationships from the past 4. stopping moping around and express some joy! 8 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. meditating 2. slowing down 3. send a letter by snail mail rather that by e-mail 4. taking a gentle approach to communication, avoid heated discussions HANGED MAN XII You are blocking this card today by: 1. standing up for yourself 2. moving onwards and upwards towards your objectives 3. not taking life too seriously 4. being very possessive over your material belongings DEVIL XV You are blocking this card today by: 1. not wanting results 2. being open about your desires 3. being tolerant and forgiving 4. being generous and flexible BLASTED TOWER XVI You are blocking this card today by: 1. making long term plans, consolidating what you have built so far

2. keep to your routine, order the same latte you order everyday 3. not making rash decisions or changes 4. staying in bed with the duvet over your head! 7 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. taking a day off work 2. just getting on with the task in hand 3. not doubting your abilities and having self-belief by the spade full 4. cancelling the appointment with your bank manager!

7 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. being open and honest with all your transactions 2. not reacting badly to a person who is annoying you 3. letting old grievances go and stopping bitching 4. facing a problem person head on instead of contriving and plotting behind their backs 7 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. being practical and working towards completing deadlines 2. by stopping talking about fulfilling your dreams and start living your life for real 3. looking at your financial in-goings and out-goings 4. having your eyes tested and cleaning your mirror, metaphorically and for real! 7 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. getting off your soapbox and letting someone else have a go! 2. running away when the going gets tough

3. showing caution to the wind and being carefree 4. not being too defensive and paranoid, no one is out to get you! DEATH XIII You are blocking this card today by: 1. making long term plans 2. hanging on to old habits 3. cancelling your gym membership 4. just not going out or doing anything creative and productive WHEEL X You are blocking this card today by: 1. avoiding taking any chances or risks 2. not wearing a watch 3. not buying a lottery ticket 4. over planning 6 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. being selfish 2. not sharing your good fortune with others 3. not showing appreciation where it is due 4. not spending

6 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. giving in to circumstances that are not of your liking 2. staying where you are and wallowing in your stuckness 3. seeing things in the same old negative way 4. expecting the world owes you a favor 6 of Cups You are blocking this card today by:

1. being cold and clinical 2. being ruthless in achieving your happiness 3. being destructive and creating disharmony 4. being a commitment phobic 6 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. by behaving like a loser 2. by not having any ambition 3. by not taking the credit for an important achievement you have made 4. failing to be rightfully assertive when the occasion requires you to be JUSTICE XI You are blocking this card today by: 1. not being judgmental 2. giving a biased response to something which should be entirely objective 3. being unfair and unreasonable without giving the issue at hand proper consideration 4. letting your emotions entirely rule your decision making LOVERS VI You are blocking this card today by: 1. putting yourself first in every way, make it an entirely self motivated day! 2. relating from the head alone not the heart 3. avoiding communicating your needs to a love one 4.not listening to the needs of those close to you EMPEROR IV You are blocking this card today by: 1. not owning your power

2. failing to delegate to those around you 3. not being self assured 4. not being assertive HERMIT IX You are blocking this card today by: 1. being outgoing and leery 2. being arrogant 3. being tactless 4. being very needy and possessive Knight of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. being disorganized, just not thinking it through! 2. behaving in a irresponsible way 3. behaving in a rash manner 4. giving up part way through an important task Knight of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. being a total wimp/pushover 2. being clumsy 3. behaving like a total fool 4. being slow to respond to verbal attack

Knight of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. being sensible and not letting your heart rule your head 2. By showing your affections for your loved one by shopping, cleaning and making dinner 3. looking beyond the superficial 4. spend some time working in the garden, be earthy not watery

Knight of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. being slow to anger 2. being laidback 3. being tolerant 4. not taking any risks 5 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. speculating to accumulate 2. volunteering for charity work 3. being positive 4. accepting your situation and doing something about it 5 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. opening channels of communication 2. brokering a peaceful outcome if you have had a falling out with someone 3. by saying sorry 4. watching what you say to others, as these words may return to haunt you 5 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. being accepting 2. being happy with what you have now, not what may have been 3. not dwelling on misfortune 4. taking action to change your life for the better 5 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. planning what you do before you act

2. working with others to create a positive outcome 3. recognizing that everybody has their unique talents that can be utilized 4. Learning by doing CHARIOT VII You are blocking this card today by: 1. taking it easy and not pushing yourself to achieve 2. just letting life happen to you 3. letting someone else make all the decisions 4. be all loving like Venus and not forceful like Mars STRENGTH VIII You are blocking this card today by: 1. by not caring too much about the outcome 2. giving into your fears and failings 3. not believing 4. being intolerant 4 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. getting up and walking away from all that is keeping you restrained 2. giving 3. stopping hoarding, downsize! 4. stopping wanting to have it all 4 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. getting out and about 2. talking a lot 3. socializing 4. not giving yourself time to relax

4 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. expressing more enthusiasm 2. sharing your feelings more 3. having faith that you will make the right choices 4. being contented 4 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. being reclusive avoiding socializing 2. being introverted 3. tightening the purse strings 4. working too hard

HEIROPHANT V You are blocking this card today by: 1. reading celebrity gossip 2. going on a protest march 3. being rebellious 4. speaking your mind regardless of what people may think or feel 3 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. not reading the instruction manual for a new appliance 2. behaving ditzy 3. just not giving a damn 4. relying on intuition to work a problem out 3 of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. walking away from a verbal disagreement

2. not allowing yourself to being drawn into gossiping about a third party 3. by consulting a therapist and talking over the mental anguish with a professional 4. by refusing to listen to listen to your inner turmoil 3 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. being boring, boring, boring! 2. shunning your best friends 3. behaving in a jealous possessive manner 4. picking an argument 3 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. not sharing your experience and knowledge with anyone else 2. being blinkered refusing to see the situation as it really is 3. not surveying a potential opportunity properly 4. not grasping a promising new opportunity EMPRESS III You are blocking this card today by: 1. not being very nurturing 2. not being very sympathetic about a friends problems 3. not caring about the plight of others in the world 4. being entirely motivated by selfish desires

Queen of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. being irresponsible with regards to money matters 2. turning away those close to you who need your support

3. not being so nice 4. letting your heart hold sway over commonsense Queen of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. being touchy feely 2. taking the line of least resistance when someone confronts you verbally 3. being forgiving and broadminded 4. showing a lot of humility Queen of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. closing down your psychic radar 2. being closed down emotionally 3. being aloof 4. expressing little empathy Queen of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. being shy and retiring 2. being slow to anger 3. behaving in a despicable manner 4. being complacent 2 of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. being awkward 2. being totally disorganized with finance 3. totally indulging yourself with no regard to the consequences 4. giving up on your responsibilities for the day, let somebody else take the flak 2 of Swords

You are blocking this card today by: 1. taking control of your life 2. making that decision that you have been putting off, Just do it! 3. face up to your inner demons, release yourself from conflicted thoughts 4. putting your mental guard down 2 of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. turning away a good opportunity of happiness 2. turning your back on a good friend 3. being repulsed by what attracts you 4. not wanting to share with another 2 of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. taking action before thinking about the consequences 2. being closed to new opportunities 3. doing something the same old way because that is the way you have always done it 4. going along with what someone else wants to do King of Pentacles You are blocking this card today by: 1. behaving in a reckless manner 2. going on a spending spree 3. being over emotional 4. not fulfilling an obligation King of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. responding in an impulsive way verbally

2. being receptive to any request regardless how insignificant it is 3. being very trusting 4. being very intuitive in your dealings King of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. by not suffering fools in any manner at all! 2. not bothering to engage emotional sensibility before speaking 3. being impatient and not giving away any of your precious time 4. really lording it over everybody King of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. being ineffectual 2. being apathetic 3. doing exactly as you are told to do 4. not taking the initiative

HIGH PRIESTESS II You are blocking this card today by: 1. being extroverted and forceful 2. gossiping and telling everybody all your innermost secrets 3. being very loud, being discreet today is not for you 4. being really tactless and compromising others by doing this MAGICIAN I You are blocking this card today by: 1. not wanting to learn 2. not making the most of the technology that is at your disposal 3. not focusing on the task at hand 4. being very nervous and ill at ease Ace of Pentacles

You are blocking this card today by: 1. not investing in your future security 2. turning down that lucrative deal you have been offered 3. not buying a lottery ticket 4. refusing the support you have been offered

Ace of Swords You are blocking this card today by: 1. not making clear your future objectives 2. not speaking up for yourself at a crucial moment, remember you only get one chance most of the time 3. just not thinking full stop 4. not being true to yourself Ace of Cups You are blocking this card today by: 1. not letting your emotions flow out/repressing them 2. not using your emotions for the creative process 3. not responding emotionally to the sensitivity of those close to you 4. hanging on to old hurts from the past Ace of Wands You are blocking this card today by: 1. being negative and gloomy 2. not believing in the magic of potentials 3. giving into apathy and weariness 4. giving up when you have only just begun FOOL 0 You are blocking this card today by: 1. being ruthless and calculating

2. reacting in a suspicious or paranoid fashion with no reason 3. not making a decision because you need to think about it for awhile 4. not allowing yourself to dream the impossible dream The Active Divination Method You will require a deck not used for any other purpose during the month for this method. Any deck can be used, although you may find it useful to continue to use the deck you chose from the previous month. We would recommend for this particular exercise a deck that is most familiar and comfortable to you, rather than a new or edgy deck. 1. Shuffle your deck considering what life would be like without constraint, blocks or limitations. 2. When ready, take the top card and turn it face-up. This is your first “Block Card”. Consider the “blocks” given previously for this particular card. 3. For a length of time, which may be instantly, hours or days, observe yourself as you are able, until you exhibit one of the blocks appropriate for this card. It could be a “positive” block, i.e. you have a party, blocking the depression of the 9 of Swords, or a “negative” block, i.e. you feel weary, blocking the energy of the Ace of Wands which you have drawn. 4. Select from the below choices the mechanism by which you feel you are experiencing this block. Make a record of the card, the experience and the mechanism, and then pull another card and repeat. This should be done throughout the month. The Mechanisms A. Lying: did you tell yourself “everyone does it, it is fine”, or “It wasn’t really too bad”, or “I should hold a party for my friends” when

in fact it is a party for yourself? B. Suppression: do you feel but hold back from doing or saying something? If you had pulled the Fool, and two days later should have been ruthless but held back, this is suppression. It matters not the “morality” of the block or event, we are only interested in the card, the event, and the mechanism. C. Reaction Formation: do you find yourself being contrary, doing the opposite, to respond to the block. Like saying you don’t care when you care completely? Do you go to an extreme, like a baby throwing their toys out of the pram? If you had pulled the King of Cups, and that day found yourself berating a student (“not suffering fools gladly”) did you find yourself yelling “I will give up teaching”. D. Repression: do you find yourself feeling an unidentified conflict with your block or card? Did you entirely miss what was going on with the block? Why people reacted in a particular way or the positive opportunity (i.e. to have a party and you just didn’t). E. Introjection: Did you feel as if it were not your authentic, free and actual self at work in the block? Perhaps an old voice of your mother, your father at work, telling you to be polite. Perhaps you even felt as if this were you, although it was blocking you?! F: Isolation: Does the mechanism of the block seem to belong to a different part of you, not as strongly as identification, but still somehow removed from your daily sense of self? Is it something that happens only in specific circumstances? G: Projection: When you experience the block or the arising activity, if there are other people involved does it seem like it’s their fault, or to do with them? If you blocked the 6 of Pentacles by “being selfish” was it because “they didn’t deserve” what you had to offer? Again, no judgment on right or wrong, just observe the mechanism.

H: Denial: Did you simply have no choice? Did you do it anyway. Did you just think, “I’ll forget it ever happened”? We are not attempting to play psychotherapy during this month, we are simply interested in identifying with Tarot in our Life as many blocks as possible, and the way in which we block ourselves.

Important Note: You will need to record the cards drawn and their corresponding experience and “mechanism” for further work later in Tarot Life. You can also join the Tarot Life Facebook group to ask questions and discuss this exercise. A link is given in the appendix. .

Conclusion In the following ten booklets in this series, we will build on our progress in the first two months, next discovering how to make decisions better now we have some material to work upon. It is important to the process that you undertake the exercises, and we have an optional Facebook group listed in the appendix where you can share and discuss your experiences, ask questions and gain support. We have also provided in the final section a list of reading materials and website resources to discover more in the very best of Tarot and Tarosophy®. In this series, released monthly over 2013: 1. Discover Your Destiny 2. Remove The Blocks 3. Make Decisions Better 4. Enter the Flow 5. Ride the Lion 6. Connect to Service 7. Find Your Equality 8. Die To Your Old Self 9. Entering Unity 10. Becoming the Real 11. Your Keys to Freedom 12. The Depth of Divinity What Follows Next Month In next month’s Tarot Life, we deal with our thought process and decision making, particularly as they relate to our emotional and physical feelings. Having set ourselves in motion and started to build

on our blocks, we will see you again next month, when we will learn to Make Decisions Better.

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