Tai Chi Push Hands: The Martial Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan 9781594396465, 1594396450

Push Hands is the "other" part of tai chi that makes your practice a true living art Tai chi push hands pract

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Tai Chi Push Hands: The Martial Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan
 9781594396465, 1594396450

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  • Tai chi, push hands, advanced tai chi practitioners

Table of contents :
Foreword by Pat Rice

Foreword by Nick Gracenin

Preface by David Grantham

Preface by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

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CHAPTER 1: Theory of Taiji Pushing Hands

1.1  Introduction

1.2  About Pushing Hands

1.3  Taiji Pushing Hands Training Contents

1.4  Rooting, Uprooting, and Centering

1.4.1  Rooting and Uprooting (zha gen yu ba gen, 紮根與拔根)

1.4.2  Central Equilibrium (Zhong Ding, 中定)

1.5  Yin and Yang, Insubstantial and Substantial

1.5.1  Insubstantial and Substantial (Xu, Shi, 虛、實)

1.6  Six Turning Secrets of Taijiquan

CHAPTER 2: Taiji Qigong Practice—Foundation

2.1  Introduction

2.2  Rooting

2.3  Centering (Central Equilibrium)

2.4  Heng and Ha Sounds Qigong

2.5  Martial Grand Qi Circulation

2.6  Taiji Ball Qigong

2.6.1  Self Practice

2.6.2  Freestyle Yin-Yang Circling while Rocking and Stepping

2.7  Taiji Yin-Yang Symbol Sticking Hands Training

2.7.1  Yang Symbol Training—Solo (Yang Quan Dan Lian, 陽圈單練)

2.7.2  Two-Hand Yang Symbol Training

2.7.3  Yin Symbol Training—Solo (Yin Quan Dan Lian, 陰圈單練)

2.7.4  Two-Hand Yin Symbol Training

2.7.5  Mixed Training—Yin-Yang Two-Hand Training

2.7.6  Two-Person Single-Hand Yin-Yang Symbol Training—Yang

2.7.7  Two-Person Single Hand Yin-Yang Symbol Training—Yin

2.7.8  Vertical/Horizontal/Two Hand Training—Two Person

2.7.9  Freestyle/Mixed Training

CHAPTER 3: Taiji Jing Practice

3.1  Introduction

3.2  Injury Prevention

3.3  Basic Jing Patterns for Taijiquan Pushing Training

3.4  Coiling and Spiraling Training

3.5  Listening and Following Training

3.6  Controlling Jing Training

3.7  Borrowing Jing

CHAPTER 4: Single/Double Pushing Hands Training

4.1  Introduction

4.2  Stationary Single Pushing Hands

4.3  Moving Single Pushing Hands

4.3.1  Basic Step Training (Ji Ben Zou Bu Lian Xi, 基本走步練習)

4.3.2  Stepping (Zuo Bu, 走步)

4.3.3  Sense of Distance (Ju Gan, 距感)

4.3.4  Sense of Angling (Jiao Du Gan, 角度感)

4.3.5  Basic Self Yin-Yang Neutralization Practice

4.4  Stationary Double Pushing Hands

4.4.1  Elbow Neutralization

4.5  Moving Double Pushing Hands

4.6  Peng/Lü/Ji/An International Double Pushing Hands

CHAPTER 5: Taiji Rollback/Press Pushing Hands Training

5.1  Introduction

5.2  Small Rollback and Press

5.3  Large Rollback and Press

5.4  Mixed Rollback and Press Training

5.5  Cai/Lie/Zhou/Kao International Routine

5.6  Freestyle Moving Pushing Hands

CHAPTER 6: Examples of Martial Applications in Taiji Pushing Hands

6.1  Introduction

6.1.1  The Three Different Fighting Ranges and Circles

6.1.2  Sky and Ground Windows (天窗、地窗)

6.2  Kicking in Taiji Pushing Hands

6.3  Striking in Taiji Pushing Hands

6.4  Wrestling in Taiji Pushing Hands

6.5  Controlling in Taiji Pushing Hands

CHAPTER 7: Conclusion


Appendix: Translation and Glossary of Chinese Terms


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