Swipe Seduction: The Ultimate Guide For Dating on Tinder

Table of contents :
About the Author
Swipe Seduction Introduction
Meet Your New Best Friend: Tinder
Why Tinder?
Before You Get Started
The Methods
Sniper Method
Rapid Right Method
Turbo Charge Your Tinder
Setting Up Your Tinder Profile
About Me Section
It’s a Match!...Now What?
Sending Out the Opening Message
Getting Her Number
From Tinder to Texting
Setting Up the Date
Bonus Chapter
Terms and Conditions of Use

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Table of Contents About the Author........................................................................................ 3 Swipe Seduction Introduction................................................................ 6 Meet Your New Best Friend: Tinder...................................................... 7 Why Tinder?........................................................................................... 9 Before You Get Started....................................................................... 12 The Methods............................................................................................ 15 Sniper Method...................................................................................... 16 Rapid Right Method............................................................................. 16 Turbo Charge Your Tinder................................................................... 17 Setting up Your Tinder Profile............................................................... 20 Pictures ............................................................................................... 21 About Me Section................................................................................. 29 Messaging................................................................................................ 32 It’s a Match! - Now What?...................................................................... 36 .Sending Out the Opening Message .................................................... 37 Getting Her Number ............................................................................ 43 From Tinder to Texting........................................................................... 47 Setting up the Date................................................................................. 50 Conclusion............................................................................................... 59 Bonus Chapter - Tinder Moments........................................................ 61 Terms and Conditions of Use................................................................ 64

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About the Author Who is Race de Priest? Well for starters I am a world traveler, a dolphin rider, a bridge-jumper-offer, a true blue friend, an award winning bartender, a class clown, a cheese fiend, an adventure junkie, a HUGE dork and all around funstigator. But I bet the part of me that you are most interested in is how I became a professional dating and relationship consultant who has written several books, been on quite a few radio shows including Maxim Radio and Covino and Rich, filmed a TV pilot about meeting women in NYC, worked with the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, been made fun of on Saturday Night Live, been the topic of countless articles and worked with thousand of clients all around the world. Well truth is it started back in High School. At the age of 15 my parents moved the whole family 2,300 miles (3,701 k) across the country. I went from having a well established social circle of tight knit friends to a small private school where I was the outsider. I mean, these kids had grown up together since grade school. My way of dealing with it was to withdraw into myself and become stand-offish. Hey, that way I couldn’t get rejected or hurt right? The only problem was, this was NOT getting me friends and definitely was NOT getting me dates. Being the bookworm that I am, I began to devour every book I could find on how to connect with people, make friends and overall become popular. As I began to incorporate what I was learning, I was amazed to see how people began to respond differently to me. It was scary and I was nervous as hell but it payed off. Within a few months I was dating the most popular girl in my class. Fast forward 8 months and a breakup later I was back at square one. Yet I learned a valuable lesson. You don’t have to be born with it, this stuff can be learned! I was so intrigued, in fact, that I chose Psychology as one of my majors in College. But something was wrong. No matter how much I learned I still didn’t seem to be getting the results I wanted. But

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I was relatively comfortable so I didn’t worry about it too much. Until another girl broke up with me. You see, I was the kind of guy that would find a girlfriend and then hold on to her however I could (usually through manipulation and guilt – yeah I know, very unhealthy) because I was afraid that if we broke up I wouldn’t be able to find another one. For me, being in a relationship was comfortable, it was safe and I yet deep down I knew I wasn’t completely happy. I relied on the woman I was dating for my identity and my happiness. Now back to the story. So there I was working as a bartender in New Zealand after graduation when my girlfriend of 2 years decided to come out and live with me. She quit her Flight Attendant job, flew out and after two months living together she broke up with me. I was devastated. This is the most alone I had ever felt in my entire life. Heartbroken, alone and completely unhappy in a foreign country was the last straw. I was going to master social skills if it killed me! And it did… I am actually a ghost. j/k I spent the next five years searching out guys who had charisma, who made friends easily and instantly, who girls fawned over, the kind of guy we all wish we could be. It became my personal mission to learn every last thing I could from them. And you know what was odd? They all did different “things”, sometimes contradictory things. And yet it all worked… for them. But a curious thing began to happen to me as I spent more and more time with them. I started to get the same results. It wasn’t until later that I realized what had happened. Ready for the big secret? I began to subconsciously absorb their beliefs and values. Beliefs and values are the subconscious “commands” that direct our actions, filter the way we view the world and determine how we interpret events, including social interactions. All of the “techniques” that these guys were teaching me, even the ones that contradicted each other, worked because they were in line with each particular guy’s beliefs and values. Now I finally understood why no matter how much I learned, I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted! My subconscious beliefs and values were out of line and holding me back! I was so excited I spent the next couple years learning the absolute quickest and most

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effective ways to uncover these sabotaging, subconscious beliefs and transform them into the self-empowering, solid identity building beliefs that these guys all had. I was FINALLY becoming the persona I had always wanted to be. People began to notice. All of a sudden I was the one being complemented on my charisma, I was the one making friends everywhere I went, I was the one people were calling to see what was going on, I was even the one guys came to for advice on meeting and dating beautiful women. Since then I have dedicated a large part of my life to working with men and women to help them uncover and transform these subconscious beliefs and values that are literally making it impossible for them to achieve the life they desire. So now it’s your turn. IF you are a member of the select few who are ready to move past the same old tips and techniques that have been getting you limited results and often leave you feeling unauthentic and weird then I invite you to a new lifestyle. A lifestyle of adventure, unlimited fun, self-discovery, unshakable confidence, happy, healthy relationships, awesome and abundant friendships, and of course the most exciting and beautiful women you have ever met. I invite you to share in my lifestyle btw: Absolutely feel free to contact me with any and all sincere questions. Yes that means YOU. I promise to get back to you asap. After all, we are in this together :)


Race de Priest

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Swipe Seduction Introduction

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I’m not sure I have ever seen a street so flooded. At this point it was becoming a river. There was nothing left to do but sit, drink and wait. Wait for the river to turn into a street again? Nope. Wait for my Tinder date to show up in a city I had never been to. You see, my best friend, Alex Roberts, had convinced me one drunken night to randomly buy a ticket to New Orleans. He wanted to go on an adventure. No Plan. No local contacts. No idea what we were doing. So clearly I agreed. Here I am in a city I have never been to, only a few hours off the plane and I haven’t started my first date only because the rain is being crazy. I can’t be too upset. God I love Tinder.

Meet Your New Best Friend: Tinder Unless you have been living in a nuclear waste zone (no offense if you have, 3 eyes look great on you) then you have heard of a little app called Tinder. Tinder is a swipetastic app that lets you see users around you and like them or reject them by swiping right for “like” and left for “nope”. Often referred to as the “hook up” app, Tinder boils down the dating process to it’s most basic, superficial building blocks. It’s ALL about first impressions. That’s because you have nothing to judge the other person by but a few photos and small snippets of text. But you know what really makes Tinder so freaking awesome?

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Well let me ask you this. Have you ever walked into a bar, coffee shop, or pretty much anywhere where there are girls and wished there would be a little “ ” above their head if they thought you were cute and wanted you to come talk to them and a little “ ” to warn you to not waste your time? Umm...Fuck yeah! That would be amazing right? Enter your new best friend, Tinder. He fits in your pocket, doesn’t eat much and points out girls around you that like you. How does he do it? Well, the only way you can get a “match” is if you AND the girl both swipe right. In other words, you won’t get an opportunity to chat with a girl until you ALREADY know she likes you. Saaaaay what?! That means every girl you actually talk to on Tinder already said, “yep, I’m down to chat with this guy”. And with around a billion swipes a day and growing there are plenty of cute girls on Tinder trying to meet guys. But that also means there is a shit ton of competition…. Go ahead and laugh at that last sentence. With this guide in your hands, there is no competition. Get ready to be a Tinder god!

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Why Tinder? We’re no longer cavemen. And even though caves are awesome, going out and clubbing a gal over the head is no longer necessary. Now a days with apps like Tinder you don’t even have to leave your home, or put on pants to meet some great women. And come on, who likes wearing pants? And yes Tinder is known as the “hook up” app, it certainly has that reputation. And yes I have had my fair share of steamy one night stands thanks to Tinder, but the beauty of TInder lies in it’s versatility.

Travel Sex Makes Every Trip Better First off when travelling and you want a no strings attached kind of deal, many girls are really understanding about this. While on my travels, girls I’ve met on Tinder (especially overseas) were totally okay with the fact I was only in their city for a day. And they were happy to make my trip that much better. And make it better they did :)

Your Next Fuck Buddy Hell, if you’re going local, Tinder is great for finding your next fuck buddy. Someone to have continuous sex with. Not just a one night deal but also not a committed relationship. This is what most of my friends use this app for, and I know plenty of girls who use this app for the exact same thing.

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Future Wife? That being said (although it’s not very likely) you may even meet your future girlfriend (or wife?) on Tinder. One of my good friends from New York met this short and voluptuous, little Hispanic girl on Tinder. They hit off on their first date, and ended up at his place. They originally just wanted a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, but the chemistry was profoundly unmistakable between them. Now he proudly calls her his girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, people might make fun of you (I probably would) for finding a girlfriend on Tinder, but who cares. Just as long as she’s a great gal right? Honestly, other dating sites like OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and match.com are probably better suited for finding a girlfriend. This is because the mindsets of girls on those sites are in relationship mode. But I have covered all of that in my other product, Click Button Dating.

New Friends...Kind of Lastly Tinder is also great for making friends. I know it sounds odd, but having a cute female drinking buddy/wing woman, makes meeting women in person so much easier. It’s almost like cheating. Why do all the work, when you can let a hot girl do it for you, right? One of best friends Nick, encountered three different women who played the “I’m just looking for new friends card”, so he played it smart. Met up with them and felt the situation out. One woman was an older Japanese cougar, who taught Yoga for a living. On their first meeting she may have verbally said she only wanted to be friends, but the non-verbal signs told a different tale. A few bottles of wine later they’re lying naked on her kitchen floor, gasping for air. As for the other two women, one ended up being his fuck buddy, and the other turned out to be a pretty good friend, and wingman.

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Moral of the story? Some women are dirty liars. But even so, having a new, hot wingwoman is a great opportunity. So whatever your goal may be, whether it’s to have a night of passion in a new city, to find someone to continually have a no strings attached kind of relationship, to find love, or even to make new friends, Tinder is capable of doing all three. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, don’t you think?

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Before You Get Started I know your thumbs are just itching to get started swiping up a frenzy, but before you do there are a few basics to cover.

Near or Far...Picking your Distance Tinder is gps based so you have to decide up to what Distance you want Tinder to search and show you people. It ranges from 1 mile to 100 miles. Sorry if you use the metric system. A few things to consider. If you live in a smaller town or are in a less populated part of a bigger town, you would want to extend your radius. Otherwise you will run out of matches fast. But always keep in mind, you want to meet up with these girls as soon as possible so the closer they are, the more likely that is. Also consider, if you match and hit it off with a girl 100 miles away are you really willing to drive that far for a date? A quick side note, if you are in a tourist area and do a bunch of swiping you could get matched with a girl who was only visiting and already left home. Although it most likely won’ turn into anything, you can always get some practice in and add her on facebook. I have had girls fly back just to meet up with me.

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Picking your Age Range Tinder allows you to determine what age range of women you want to show up on your phone. You can choose anywhere from 18 to 50 years old. I have heard the suggested formula of taking half your age +7 for the lower boundary, and +7 your age for the upper. This means if you are 28, you should be targeting 21-35 year olds. I say go for whatever you want. Test out different age ranges and see where you get your best results. Also, Tinder determines you age from your Facebook profile. Although you can change it, it is not easy nor is it worth lying about it. But if you were so inclined, you can always create a separate Facebook account just for Tinder or change your Facebook Age. Just saying.

Best Places to Tinder This may seem fairly obvious but it is worth stating. The more populated the area, the more potential matches are going to show up on Tinder. If you live in a smaller town, try going down to the city center, a mall or any tourist areas. For example, here in a Las Vegas I get infinitely more matches when I am down on the strip then when I am out visiting friends on the outskirts.

Put This in Your Swipe and Smoke It There are two main methods when it comes to how you Tinder. You can do the slow and steady method, only swiping right to the girls you would be interested in meeting or you can go fly fast and blind, swiping right to every girl that pops up on your screen. Let’s explore both.

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The Methods

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Sniper Method

A new girl pops up on your screen. She is in a group with other girls. You want to see if she is the cute one. You click on her picture and go through them. Finally on the 3rd picture you can determine which one she is. Now you decide...hmmm...yeah I might possibly be ok going on a date with her. Then you check her tagline and interests just to make sure. Congratulations, you just wasted a whole lot of time. But hey, there are two reasons I can think of where it is totally worth it. First, Tinder is not just a mobile, quick match, dating app. It is also a game of sorts. There is inherent fun just in checking out pictures or hot girls around you. You are in control. You swipe right or left. Then you when you get a match it is like gambling. Random reinforcement. There is a thrill to it. So please feel free. Enjoy the fun. Second, although unconfirmed, Tinder may have an algorithm that keeps track of the amount of likes vs. non-likes that both guys and girls give to profiles. If a girl gives very few likes then it puts her in a separate category and determines she is more attractive. Girls who fall into this category are not displayed to male users who swipe right a majority of the time. This seems a little far fetched to me but hey, when I meet the founder of Tinder I will ask him for you guys. Also, I don’t think this would have a big enough effect to outweigh the benefits of the next method.

Rapid Right Method Just like the name implies, in this method you swipe right like your life depends on it. No looking at her picture, no pondering your compatibility, no imagining what your babies would look like. Just swipe right and consider matches later (especially on vacation).

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This is by far the most effective strategy. The name of the game is getting matches. You can always filter later and unmatch those girls who don’t make the cut. Remember, Tinder is best used to meet up with girls within 48 hrs. So blast to the right, get as many matches as possible, find the one’s that you like then use the strategies in this guide to lock down a date ASAP. Smart man.

Turbo Charge Your Tinder Thumbs getting tired? No worries. People much smarter than me have developed some apps to swipe for you. That’s right. Take the day off. Send you your hand to a thumb spa. These apps have got you covered.

Tools For Tinder Pro How does it work? Tools for Tinder Pro works together with your Tinder App to add Advanced Features. - See all of the area’s users at one time on one screen. - “Like All” Button to Instantly Like everyone in your area in just a few seconds . - Set Your Location M to anywhere in the WORLD! - Search and Filter your Local Results by Keyword! - Auto Mode gets you matches while your phone stays in your pocket! Enjoy TOO MANY MATCHES!

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Tinderly Want more matches on Tinder? Tired of swiping so much? Use Liker to like many profiles with a single tap! Just login using Facebook, load up some profiles, then like them all in one go! Plus you can view the profiles of everybody you’ve liked before on Liker!

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You can also turn on Auto Liker mode and have it automatically like people in the background, even when your phone is in your pocket!

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Setting Up Your Tinder Profile

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If I could sum up Tinder in one word it would be PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!!! That’s three words you say? Well that’s because pictures are THAT important when it comes to Tinder. If you do NOTHING else but perfect your pictures you will be light years ahead of most guys. It’s all about getting swipes to the right and in order to do that you gotta have the perfect pictures. Yes pictures are the most important aspect of Tinder, and girls are judging the shit out of you based on what you look like....but that’s ok, because we’re doing the exact same thing. However, don’t let this deter you. With the right pictures, even if you look like a shoe, you can still have massive success using Tinder. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words….unless you are are blind, then I guess a pop up book is what you would want. Now, these photos are taken directly from your facebook profile. So if you don’t already have good ones that fall into the categories I’m about to talk about, you’re going to want to take new ones. Some people create completely separate facebook pages just to create a tinder account. It’s not necessary, but it can make things a little easier. Let’s talk about some of the do’s and don’ts of Tinder photos:

Don’t Be A Filthy Liar First off, make sure your photos are recent. You don’t want to lie about your looks. They should be no older than one year old, or at least be a solid representation of what you look like. Lying about your looks won’t leave you anywhere good. And if you’re not Derek Zoolander, that’s ok. Just keep taking dozens until you find the right one. Things like glasses, hats, angles, filters, a different face, and lighting can make you look a million times better without skewing what you actually look like. Smiling doesn’t hurt either. Don’t worry, eventually you’ll get a good shot. I believe in you!

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Go Pro The best way I have found to go about taking your pictures is to get a professional photographer. They’re pretty cheap if you go on craigslist. Just beware of any strange requests with posing for this photographer...I learned that lesson the hard way...Anyways if you already have a camera (or a decent smartphone) going to a photographer isn’t a requirement but this should always be your first choice.

Getting The Best Photos You Can...If You’re Broke There are many free tools out there to make your tinder experience amazing. If you just search “photo editor” in the app store or google play store, there are tons of free great ones. Usually Instagram is perfect for this. However, if you want to take that extra step, apps like ‘Afterlight’, ‘Camwow’, “Instagram”and ‘Photo Toaster’ work wonders. They allow you to turn a basic photo into a work of art...or at least way cooler than the original picture lol.

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Tinder Faux Pas Group Shots Please... for the love of god, buddha and all major deities everywhere, do NOT make your first photo a group photo. Girls will assume you’re the ugliest guy in the group if your first picture is a group photo. You’ll get very few matches (if any), and it’ll be a waste of your time on tinder. There are actually girls who write in their tagline “if your first picture is a group picture, I’m going to assume you’re the ugly one”. I think the same way, if I see a group of girls I want to believe she’s the hot one...but more often than not when I scroll through her pictures, and she’s usually the one who looks like a hairier version of me.

To Selfie or Not to Selfie Next, no mirror selfies. Let me repeat that...NO MIRROR SELFIES. We’re not in middle school here. And if you are, I hope you got your mother’s permission to buy this book.

Pictures with Other Women Lastly, avoid pictures with other women. Some girls be crazy, and will jump to weird conclusions just because you have pictures with other women. Things like ‘you’re having sex with that girl’, or ‘you’re a total slut’ could pop into their heads...they’re not necessarily wrong, and a lot of girls probably won’t think that way, BUT let’s not run that risk. Again, the name of the game is getting as many matches as possible. Below I’m going to talk about the different kinds of photos you need in order to get the best results possible. You’re going to want at least 4 photos, and don’t forget, the order in which you place these photos DOES matter.

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Photo #1 The Face Shot Of all the photos in your repertoire your first photo is by far the most important. Many girls don’t look past the first photo before they swipe, so your first one has to leave the right impression. It has to be a solid face shot....not to be confused with a money shot, you pervert. Why a face shot you ask? It’s simple really, a face shot shows vulnerability, and confidence. It subconsciously communicates you’re not afraid to put yourself out there, whereas most guys try far too hard to look cool in their first picture. You can ask any woman what they’re most attracted to in a man, and confidence will usually be that one thing most women crave. A face shot exudes confidence. Simple. A face shot also immediately lets a woman know if she’s attracted to you or not. Most women don’t look past the first picture, so if she can’t tell if you’re attractive within the first picture, chances are she’s going to next your ass. Hell I’d do the same if I were a hot girl (maybe I am you’ll never know). Most guys don’t have many face shots, so if you don’t already have a good one make sure to take one. Not a mirror selfie, not a low resolution webcam shot, a decent photo (preferably taken by someone else) which shows your face and eyes, maybe your shoulders a little, but nothing more. Here are some tips on taking a good face shot. ● Take pictures of the right and left side of your face, figure out which side looks better. ● Try different angles, and lighting. Some guys look better from above, some look better from below. Some look better in dim light, some look better in a bright light. ● Unless you’re ultra handsome (like my man crush Zac Efron) smiling helps. ● Accessorize. If girls can wear makeup to help them out, we should be allowed to tip the odds in our favor too. Maybe a scarf or a hat would make you look better, or if you actually know how to apply makeup, I won’t make fun of you for trying (but my friends totally would).

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● Get other opinions. After taking a bunch of pictures ask your friends (preferably female friends) which they believe looks better. And ask as many as you possibly can. The more opinions you get, the better. The point is to experiment. Try different angles, lighting, accessories, and filters from apps, until you figure out what looks amazing. Upload that bad boy to facebook, and you’re ready to post your first Tinder pic.

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Photo #2 The Body Shot If you work out, this is the opportunity to show it off. However there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Flexing in front of gym mirror, while taking a cell phone selfie is a definite no-no. Sitting on the toilet, while flexing your biceps, also probably a no-no...I think. You want it to look natural. And you don’t necessarily have to be shirtless either (but that helps). Examples of good body shots would be if you’re surfing, on a boat, at the beach, or maybe you’re standing shirtless covered in blood looking down at the defeated and battered body of that bear

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you just beat in a wrestling match. Whatever, as long as you don’t look like a douche. If you’re tall (most women love tall men), you may want to have this picture show off your height ie: standing next to shorter friends, or anything really that can show the scale of your height. If you’re not super athletic or built, that’s ok. A classy black and white photo exhibiting your killer style will do the trick as well. If for some reason you can’t get a picture like this I suggest you have two action shots (we’ll cover that in a minute).

Photo #3 The Gentleman Photo In this picture you want to be well dressed, it should look like you’re part of a Justin Timberlake video. This kind of picture communicates maturity, and sophistication. The more grown up and sexy you appear, the wider variety of women you will appeal to.

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Maybe it’s you at a wedding, or a graduation ceremony. Maybe it’s just you and the fellas looking sharp, drinking whiskey, and smoking cigars, or maybe you’re the most dangerous man in England and you always dress like this. Whatever it may be just look good, and make sure your clothes look good on you too. There are far too many Jersey Shore rejects on Tinder who huddle up with 6 other dudes with drinks in their hand, looking like they’re having their first drink ever. Avoid looking like one of those douches.

Photo #4 The Action Shot Ever been sky diving, rock climbing, surfing, kissed a dolphin, wrestled a liger, or just gotten really drunk and climbed something really really tall? Well here’s your chance to show it off.

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The action shot is a way to show off your personality. If she already matched up with you, and is swiping through your photos, this will be the picture to demonstrate your playfulness and your adventurous side. Two big qualities women find vastly appealing. If a girl is on the fence on whether she should swipe left or right, this is the kind of photo that can make it or break it. If you can demonstrate in this photo, you’re a fun active guy, your chances of her swiping right will sky rocket. The best part is you can have multiple action shots. As a matter of fact I actually recommend you have two of these.

About Me Section

So you know how you have a life full of daring adventures, narrow escapes, stolen kisses and passion filled nights? How you have a list of accomplishments so long even Steve Jobs would blush? Or perhaps you live in your parents basement and spend all day arguing the finer points of a hypothetical battle between the Hulk and Superman on internet forums. Either way, save it for your auto-biography. Short and sweet is the name of the game here. Chances are she isn’t going to read the whole thing anyway. However, Tinder is not the type of app were being mysterious pays off. Unless you are Hansel from Zoolander (he’s so hot right now), then don’t leave the “About Me” section blank. You want to say just enough to pique her interest. For those of you who need specifics, let’s just plan on keeping it 2-3 sentences MAX. You want it to be witty, fun and above all else, DIFFERENT. If you have an interesting job (think fighter pilot not accountant) or passion (think rockclimbing not bug collecting), this is the place to show it. She has just a few seconds to decide, so make double sure you are selling yourself well.

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Some Quick Tips: ● Women worry about height. Most women want a guy who is taller than them. So if you are 6’ or taller go ahead and throw that in. Under 6’ just leave it out. ● This should be a no brainer but leave your dick size out of it. If you’ve got a larger than life Bavarian Beefstick, why rob her of the excitement when she finds out? ● Try to sum up your interests and bio into one sentence. Something like “Beerpong champion, world traveler, and expert pillow fort architect.” ● If you are using Tinder on vacation or traveling – make sure to add that to your profile. If a girl is looking for a one nighter – this removes all doubt of you being a clinger. “From Las Vegas but in New Orleans for a few days to get into some trouble ;)” ● If you can entice her to message you first, you have hit the jackpot my friend! Try adding a line like, “Girls who aren’t afraid to message first are super sexy” ● If you want nothing more than a one nighter you can always add a line like, “I want to be your knight in shining armor....but maybe just for tonight :)”

Choosing Your Interests There is a rumor on the internet that Tinder uses your interest (pulled from facebook) to in some part determine who is more likely to be a match. More interests in common, more likely to pop up in your Tinder. I have no idea if that is true or not. But here are two different ways to use your interests to your advantage.

Shotgun Approach Just like in choosing your swiping method, you can go into your facebook profile and just like a whole bunch of stuff. Just go onto hot girls profiles and see what their interests are and pick the same one’s Easy Peasy.

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The Selective Approach Another option is to pick the interests that a specific type of girl you want would like. Say you want a punk girl, then choose stuff like tattoos, piercings, punk bands, etc. Once again, simply go on Facebook, find some girls that fit what you are looking for and like the same interests they like. Once again, this isn’t a game changer but it also couldn’t hurt. It could also give you a way to personalize a message on the fly when you get stuck. For example, you both share the interest of Disneyland. You can throw out, “Since we are officially in Tinder “like” with each other we might as well start planning the honeymoon. I am thinking Disneyland. Work for you?”

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Times and Days of Week to Tinder Is there a best time of day or day of week to Tinder? Yes. Any time you are awake and any day that ends in “y”. But seriously, timing can send a certain message. Say for example, you are out at a bar with your friends and send out a message at 3am to a girl on Tinder that isn’t a response to a message she just sent. That screams booty call. Booty calls are awesome so no shame there, just want you to be aware of what message you are getting across. So if she agrees to meet up, IT IS ON! According to the creators of Tinder, there is a slight spike in use of Tinder on Sundays. This is most likely due to Sunday being a day of hangovers, planning and realizing she is still waking up alone after the weekend. So use this to your advantage :)

Now or Never I hope it has been drilled into your head by now, you have to strike while the iron is hot. Tinder is a do or die type of app. It’s online dating with a severe case of ADD. If you want to open Tinder and casually swipe through for fun, go for it. If you want to meet up with girls, you gotta jump in with both feet and commit to immediate action. Think about it this way. Once you open Tinder and start swiping, give yourself a 48 hr window to meet up with any girl that you match with. You have nothing to lose. Push for it. Use the strategies in this guide to lock down a date (or several) as fast as possible. At any given time, these girls are talking to lots of guys on this app. By using the methods in this book you set yourself apart. But due to how Tinder is set up, this huge advantage only lasts for a limited time. Remember this: The sooner you set the meetup, the more likely it is to happen. Go for the gold or go home my friend. Let’s talk strategy.

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It’s a Match!... Now What?

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Before you send out the opening message I want to drill deep into your head that all you want to accoplish with messaging on Tinder is two things. 1. Spike her attraction and get her interested (screen if she is down) 2. Get her number! This should be a very short process. Like I said earlier, Tinder is a dating app with ADD. Move quick and move powerfully. Let’s start with the opening message.

Sending Out the Opening Message

Make sure you are messaging EVERY match that looks good to you on Tinder. It’s still a numbers game and like I keep saying, strike when the iron is hot. Message right away. If you are still sending “hey what’s up?” or “hi, how are you?” as an opening message, go ahead and punch yourself. She is getting so many of those it probably makes her throw up in her mouth a little when she gets a new one. You want your message to be short, unique and elicit an emotional response. Grab her attention and get her to write back. Not to worry, here are a few of my favorites: ● So now that we are “tinder” matches should we just go ahead and get married? ● Now that we are totally in Tinder like with each other, we should meet up and see if we become best friends or mortal enemies :)

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● You seem fun and cute...true or false? :) ● I love you ● Something about your face makes me want to hold your hand and skip down the street with you :) ● You have a killer smile, it’s the kind of smile that makes me want to be a better man. Hi :) ● I would cuddle you so hard, in a blanket fort, whilst we watch Pixar movies...umm...I mean Hi :)

All of these are short, set you apart and elicit so me emotions. They make it easy for her to respond and put a smile on her face.

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Grab Her Attention One of the most asked questions I’ve gotten is “what do I talk about after she responds to my opening message?” Well this part is important, because hot girls, cute girls... well basically any girl who’s remotely attractive will get tons of matches, and you will have to be able to keep her attention. If you’re not funny, or interesting she will move on the next guy who is. So not only do you have to be interesting, but you must also strike while the iron is hot. If you don’t jump on the opportunity to talk to these girls, they may be gone forever. Now there’s a dangerous little trick I know, taught to me by a good friend of mine in California, known as the “FORD model of rapport”. FORD is an acronym, and each letter in this acronym is a conversational topic.

What Does FORD Stand For? ● ● ● ●

F - Family O - Occupation R - Recreation D - Dream

Going through these topics is a killer way to build quick and solid rapport, but the way I’m going to teach this you’ll also be building massive attraction as well. Simply asking about her family, or what she does for a living isn’t going to cut it.

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Instead you have to get creative in how you ask these questions. Ask them in a way that’ll make her giggle like a giddy school girl.

How To Use The Ford Model Like I stated earlier you want to strike when the iron is hot. You want the conversation to move along quickly or else you may lose her. So going through entire FORD model isn’t necessary. Quickly touching on one or two topics will do just fine. You want to keep the conversation short, and funny before asking for her number. But you can’t be like every other guy and ask her the same vanilla questions, instead I want you to use the “Let me guess…” technique. Here you take a regular question, and at the end answer the question for her, by making an absolutely ridiculous guess. For example: Let’s say you’re talking to a girl on tinder, rather than using boring generic questions, you could ask: ● “So where are you and your family from? Let me guess Madagascar/North Korea/The Future? :) haha” (if she’s obviously not from Madagascar or North Korea that is...However there’s always a chance some of these girls are actually from the future, so tread lightly on that one). ● “So what exactly is it that you do? I want to guess either princess or spy? :) haha” ● “What do you do for fun? Aside from shamelessly flirting with me on tinder? :P haha” ● “What did you always want to do when you were a kid? Personally I wanted to conquer the world, but I had to put that on pause to get my psychology degree.”

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This works well if you’re in your hometown, but swiftness is the key when you’re out of town.

Messaging Her On Vacation There are several points you have to remember here. Get her number as quickly as possible. If you don’t then chances of the two of you meeting up is very slim. Once you’ve got her laughing, have her emotions up, that’s your time to strike. Don’t forget, this is a superficial app. Complimenting a girl at a bar won’t necessarily work, however on Tinder since she’s already attracted then it’s totally okay to compliment her. Chances are she will be flattered.

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Here’s an example: Race I love you.

Meghan I love you too! Shall we get married now?!? lol :D

Race It seems like the only logical explanation. But first I should probably get to know you first. What exactly do you do? I want to guess princess? :) lol

Meghan Only on weekends! Other than that I’m a nurse. Hbu?

Race I own a small company teaching people how to be more social. Where are you from? I want to guess Madagascar? :) haha

Meghan hahaha that’s awesome! And no I’m from here silly! You’ll have to tell me more about your company. It sounds intriguing :)

Race Perfect let’s do it cutie pie. My number is (xxx) xxx - xxxx. Text me it’s easier :)

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Race I own a small company teaching people how to be more social. Where are you from? I want to guess Madagascar? :) haha

Meghan hahaha that’s awesome! And no I’m from here silly! You’ll have to tell me more about your company. It sounds intriguing :)

Race Perfect let’s do it cutie pie. My number is (xxx) xxx - xxxx. Text me it’s easier :)

Getting Her Number

So you have used the methods about to grab her attention and spike her attraction. Time to move to phase 2. Getting her Number. You may not realize it, but getting her number is essential in this process. Some of you may wonder “why not just continue talking to her on Tinder until we meet up?” There are several reasons why.

Why Get It? ●

I have actually been in situations where I go back to the conversations with some of these girls and she’s no longer there. Maybe my tinder crashed and deletes some matches, or maybe her tinder crashes and all of her matches are deleted. Maybe she found someone more charming and unmatched me (doubt it). My guess is a group of Norwegian pirates threatened to throw her cat in a volcano if she doesn’t delete the app, so she’s forced to get rid of Tinder. Who knows. You’re not Evel Knievel, so why take the risk?

Talking over more than one form of communication actually builds a stronger connection. It’ll seem to her in her mind like you two have known each other longer than you actually have. The more she feels like she knows you, the easier it is to get laid. If you’re not in this to get laid, I’m totally judging you, and I’m telling all of your friends.

Lastly and most importantly, texting is reserved for the select few. A woman texts her friends, lovers, family, and potential lovers. Over tinder you’re just a stranger. And until she’s sure you’re not a total creep who asks about her underwear after 5 minutes of talking, she will not text you on a regular basis.

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How Soon Do You Get The Number? If I haven’t already deeply penetrated this message into your brain box, here it is again. Tinder rewards those who take action. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the early bird fucks the worm? ...You know what I mean. Anyways, Tinder is a very fickle and indecisive creature. You could have such a deep, and exciting conversation you’re forced to change your underwear one day, and never hear from her again the next. Trust me it’s happened. So if you don’t want to lose that quickly fading spark, you have to crack a few jokes, get her emotional temperature pumping, and get the number quick. If you do it while she thinks you’re funny, handsome, and charming, it’ll come off pretty seamless.

Give Your Number, Or Get Hers Usually in most person to person social settings you want to grab the girls number, or exchange numbers. However this isn’t always the best way to do this over Tinder. If the conversation is running smoothly, asking for her number could work just fine. However I have found giving out your number works just as fine, and maybe even a little better over tinder. A simple line like: My number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx, text me, it’s easier :)

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Can work wonders. Why? It’s simple. Women love men who know how to take the lead, hell I love a man who can take the lead. So be a man and take some damn action will ya? Please? Here’s an example of how taking the lead, and giving my number worked amazingly for me: Race Is it odd that something about you makes me want to hold your hand and skip down the street with you?

Kristina Hi Race! Not at all that’s super cute :)

Race Well maybe we should do it sometime...hold hands and skip that is :P. What kind of trouble are you causing this fine evening, cutie pie?

Kristina Haha, maybe we should! And I don’t know, don’t have anything planned, you? :)

Race Maybe we should make plans :) Text me (xxx) xxx-xxxx, it’s easier that way :)

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She promptly texted me, and we spent the evening drinking at a bar near my hotel later that night. This was followed by her screaming so loud, my ears were too shot to hear the hotel manager knocking on my door, under the suspicion of me murdering a woman in my room.

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From Tinder to Texting

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As you have already learned, it’s important to transition from Tinder to Texting for a variety of reasons. Just remember, the clock is ticking. This is not the time to fall into the dreaded “texting buddy” routine. A lot of guys get so excited they now have a girls number that they keep texting back and forth because they love the validation of a cute girl having a conversation with them. Do NOT let this be you. It will transition away from the attraction you built and destroy your chance of meeting up. If you have used the F.O.R.D. model above, you should only need to text back and forth a few times, seed and set the meetup then handle any logistics along the way.

You Got Her # If you happened to get her number first DO NOT WAIT to text her. Do it right away so it will be a smooth transition from Tinder to Texting. The first text should be super duper simple. “Hey hey it’s ________. Now we can be textaholics together :) And just like that you are now a part of her texting world.

You Gave Her Your Number If you gave her your number using the methods in this book, she should text you within the hr saying something like “Hey it’s ______”

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After that, quickly move it towards solidifying plans for the meetup. Do not drone on. Do not continuously text her. It’s time to move in and lock down the meetup.

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Setting Up the Date

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It’s time to shift this Tinder - Texting action into the next gear and set the date. Here are a few different techniques lock down the date like a boss.

Ask for Advice A very simple way to introduce the invite is to ask her advice. This works especially well when you are traveling. Asking her advice on cool places to go, bars to check out or clubs worth visiting not only give you great intel into what she is into but actually makes her more willing to meet up. Why? Check it out: ● She will most likely recommend places she knows well and likes going to. She has been there before. She feels safe there. She associates great feelings and good times there. These places are on her safe list. Thus she is more likely to meet up. ● By doing you a small favor (recommending places), she is more likely to do you an even bigger favor later on (meet up with you). When someone does you a favor, no matter how small, it makes them like you more for the very reason they assume if they did you a favor they must like you. People do favors for people they like. Thus she is more likely to meet up. ● Asking her for a recommendation puts her in a role of responsibility. Especially since her recommendations are tied to her feelings about herself. People want other people to like the same things they like. This validates them as a human being. Thus she is more likely to meet up. After asking for her advice, it is a easy transition into inviting her out. Something as simple as, “______ place sounds awesome but I might need someone to show me the ropes. You down? First rounds on me :)”

Seed the Invite One of my favorite ways to lock down a date is by seeding the invite first. This method better ensures a woman will accept your invite by planting the “seed” of the invite before it is even offered.

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The premise is to ask her a question regarding things that are involved with the event/party/place that you are inviting her to that she will mostly likely agree with enjoying. The secret is to make the things associated with the event sound incredibly fun. So much so that it would be strange for her not to say yes.

Example 1: Mexican Restaurant/Bar Do you like tacos, margaritas, good music and great company? Example 2: Comedy Club So Princess Sparkles, do you have a good sense of humor and like laughing so hard you pee your pants? (ok don’t actually pee your pants... that’s gross... lol)

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Have you ever? Another super simple way to get the date is to ask her, “Have you ever…”. Say you know a really great noodle place. Simply ask her, “Have you ever been to Ninja Noodles?” If she says no, talk about how awesome it is and set up a date. If she says yes, talk about how awesome it is and set up a date. Pretty easy right?

I have a Fun Idea They say curiosity killed the cat...I actually think curiosity made the cat far more interesting. Besides, who are “they” anyways and why should we trust them? Curiosity is a very strong human emotion and motivator. Curiosity grabs and focuses our attention. Want to know a technique to spark a Tinder girl’s curiosity? A technique to hook her into wanting to hang out with you? Boom! I just activated your curiosity. When the time comes to lock down the date text, “You know what, I have a fun idea :)”. Seems almost too simple right? But it works like a champ. She WILL become curious what this fun idea is you have. Everyone is looking to have fun, especially girls on Tinder. When she asks,“what is it”?( like they always do), just follow up with the seeding the invite technique above and set the date doing something fun. Date handled.

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The Date Obviously your end goal of creating a tinder profile should be to eventually meet up with as many girls as you can. I know, I know, girls can be icky, but I assure you many of them have some redeeming qualities. Here’s what you need to know about the date.

The Place As in real estate, Tinder dates are all about location, location, location. If we’re going to be honest we all love sex. And Tinder is one of the best places to find people to have sex with, even if it is with girls (all joking aside girls are awesome). So when you’re choosing a place to meet your tinder date you have think to yourself: 1. Is the place we’re going to meet walking distance to my home or hotel room or her place? 2. Is there more than one place I can take her to around that area? 3. If this place isn’t close to where I’m staying, is it easy to get back to my place, and are there other places around there to take her to? Ideally you want to take her out around where you’re staying, so it’s easier to take her back home at the end of the night. It’s a lot easier to get laid if you have the home bed advantage. And it’s easier to get her into bed if you use ‘The Time Warp Effect’

The Time Warp Effect No I’m not going to teach you how to travel through time, that’s a whole separate product.

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The time warp effect is something different. Something that can help you get laid, which is pretty much just as good as time travel. See the more a woman is familiar with you, and the more memories she has with you, the higher your chances are of having sex with her. Your brain doesn’t measure memory in the actual amount of time that passes, it measures memory in the amount of events that transpire. Hence, the more activities you and your female tinder compatriot do together, the more time she will believe you two have spent together. So here’s what you do: ● Let’s say you take a trip to New York City, and located three blocks from your hotel is a coffee shop. Start at that coffee shop, grab a latte, and then bounce to the bar down the street. After having a beer or two at the first bar, go to the next bar another block away. By then it’ll seem like you guys have been on three dates, and she will most likely be more willing to go home and play Super Mario with you...or whatever it is you do with girls when you get home. Long story short, make sure to bounce from place to place a few times. ● Just bouncing around isn’t always going to be enough. You need to know the logistics of it all. If everything is in the clear, then you’re good to go. Here are some questions you may need to figure out on your date: ○

Does she have work in the morning? ○ Is she going to meet up with friends later that day? ○ Did she drive there? ● Now it’s time to figure out those logistics. If she drove there figure out how to have fun without any alcohol, or very little alcohol. If she has work in the morning and can’t stay out late, make sure your date is earlier in the day, setting up a 8PM date at a bar when she goes to sleep at midnight would not be the best idea. And if she has to meet friends later, will you be able to get some friends to help you out?

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● Lastly, and arguably the most important, plausible deniability. Just because she feels likes she’s known you for a while because of the ‘time warp effect’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to take her home. In order to increase the chances of her coming back with you, have a reason for her to come over. A bottle of wine, a board game, a cute dog, hell maybe even a game of Super Mario is exactly what she needs to come over. Just have a reason that isn’t sex.

Group Date, Yay or Nay? You’re not always going to be able to get a girl one on one, and that’s ok. That’s the genius of group dates. I don’t know about you guys, but if I can help my buddies get some action, and meet some great women, I feel accomplished. To quote Seth Rogen’s character from Superbad “... we should be guiding his cock, not blocking it.”, in reference to his friend, McLovin. So if I can help “guide a friend’s cock” why not? If the girl in question is cute, chances are she has cute friends. Cute girls roll in packs, and if helping a friend out isn’t enough to get you to set a group date, here are some other reasons why you would want to: ● It takes the pressure off of the girl to come and meet you if she’s with a friend, or friends, so chances of meeting up actually increase! ● It makes the date go by so much easier. Think about it, if one of your good buddies is around you, you guys can joke around and ease the tension if an awkward silence every rears it’s face.

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● Having a buddy around also relieves the tension for you as well. You won’t be burdened by having to carry the whole conversation. He (or they) can contribute too. ● And hey if both (or all) of you guys fail, at least you have someone to go home with… Now although group dates can be a lot of fun, and it’s an easy way to relieve a lot of stress that comes with a one on one date, there needs to be some ground rules. If not, you guys may end up budding heads, and that will only ruin the chances of any of you guys getting laid. You must be co-operative. So keep these following rules in mind: ● Establish which guys gets what girl first, don’t complicate things, and don’t switch girls unless it benefits the both of you. ● If you speak about each other, only do so positively. Talk your wingman up as much as you can, and he should do the same. ● Lastly, once your buddy has his girl by himself, one on one, don’t interupt. And keep her friends from interrupting as well.

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Well my friend, you now know everything you could possibly need to know in order to crush it on Tinder. I hope by now you realize how fun, useful and versatile Tinder really is. And you just thought it was a silly hook up app that had no strategy…..please! Make sure to check in regularly to the Attraction Rockstar Member’s Only Area and share your stories, ask your questions and grab all your bonus material. Might as well, it all comes included with this guide. I’ll see ya in there.



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Bonus Chapter Tinder Moments

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An often overlooked feature in Tinder is “Moments”. It’s pretty much the ability to upload a picture, add cool filters and captions and post it on your Tinder where your friends and matches can see it. Boring...bla bla bla...NOT! This is an incredibly useful tool!. I first figured this out on that same trip to New Orleans with my buddy, Alex Roberts. I had over 30 matches the first few hrs in the Crescent City. It was hard to keep up with all the messages and some of the girls weren’t messaging back because it took me so long. I decided to take a picture and post it up on Tinder Moments. It was of us at a random bar in the french quarter. I added a fun caption and BAM! The likes started pouring in from girls that I had just matched with (36 to be exact). This gave me some very important info and an incredible opportunity. First, if they liked it, they are obviously on the app right then. So I made sure to message them right away and they were incredibly responsive (even if they had stopped responding earlier). Secondly, it confirmed that I was telling the truth. That’s because you can only upload a picture taken right then when the app is open. No archived pictures. It is visual proof. After all, it is easy to lie on the internet or an app. It allowed me to build trust indirectly. A third way Tinder moments can be very useful, is they can demonstrate different aspects of your personality. Say for example, you are out having shots with your friends. Put up a cool picture and it demonstrates how much fun you are having. Who doesn’t want to have fun? Now if a girl likes your “moment” she is pretty much saying, “I want to have fun”. Now you can message her and if

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she messages back ( you already know she is on the app so it’s much more likely) you can easily invite her to come meet up with you. Once again, this should go without saying but NO DICK PICs. Seriously, I have had quite a few girls I met up with complain about this. So don’t be the dick that posts up his dick. Be the awesome guy on Tinder that girls can’t wait to swipe right to.

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