Strategic Management: State of the Field and Its Future 019009088X, 9780190090883

An authoritative overview of the prior development, current state, and future opportunities in strategic management The

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Strategic Management: State of the Field and Its Future
 019009088X, 9780190090883

Table of contents :
Strategic Management
Table of Contents
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Part 1: Evolution of Strategic Management Research
1.0. Keep the Conversation Going: Theory and Method in Strategic Management
Evolution of Theory in Strategic Management
1.1. The Organizational View of Strategic Management
1.2. The Economic View of Strategic Management
Evolution of Research Methods in Strategic Management
1.3. Evolution of Quantitative Research Methods in Strategic Management
1.4. Evolution of Qualitative Research Methods in Strategic Management
Part 2: Corporate Strategy
2.0. Corporate Strategy: Overview and Future Challenges
2.1. Corporate Growth and Acquisition
2.2. Restructuring and Divestitures
Part 3: Strategic Entrepreneurship and Technology
3.0. Strategy in Nascent Markets and Entrepreneurial Firms
3.1. Industry Emergence: A Markets and Enterprise Perspective
3.2. Technology Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, and Uncertainty
Part 4: Competitive and Cooperative Strategy
4.0. Competitive and Cooperative Strategy
4.1. Competitive Advantage = Strategy, Reboot
4.2. Alliances and Networks
Part 5: Global Strategy
5.0. Global Strategy
5.1. MNCs and Cross-​Border Strategic Management
5.2. Emerging Economies: The Impact of Context on Global Strategic Management
Part 6: Strategic Leadership
6.0. Strategic Leadership
6.1. Top Management Teams
6.2. CEO Succession
Part 7: Governance and Boards of Directors
7.0. Corporate Governance
7.1. Boards of Directors and Strategic Management in Public Firms and New Ventures
7.2. Ownership and Governance
Part 8: Knowledge and Innovation
8.0. Knowledge and Innovation: From Path Dependency toward Managerial Agency
8.1. Organizational Learning
8.2. Management of Innovation and Knowledge Sharing
Part 9: Strategy Processes and Practices
9.0. Strategy Processes and Practices
9.1. Strategic Decision-​Making and Organizational Actors
9.2. Strategic Change and Renewal
Part 10: Microfoundations and Behavioral Strategy
10.0. Microfoundations in Strategy: Content, Current Status, and Future Prospects
10.1. Strategic Human Capital: Fit for the Future
10.2. Extending the Microfoundations of Capability Development and Utilization: The Role of Agentic Technology and Identity-​Based Community
Part 11: Critical Factors Affecting Strategy in the Future
11.0. Critical Factors Affecting Strategy in the Future
11.1. Artificial Intelligence in Strategizing: Prospects and Challenges
11.2. Sustainability Strategy
11.3. What Would the Field of Strategic Management Look Like If It Took the Stakeholder Perspective Seriously?
11.4. Business Model Innovation Strategy
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