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Stories and Poems

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and Poems

Childcraft The How and Why Volume 3

Stories World Book, a Scott Fetzer

and Poems



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Volume 3

Stories and


Contents About This Book 5 Toad's Escape, Kenneth Grahame •


Toad's Song, Kenneth Grahame 22 Don't Worry if Your Job Is Small, author unknown 22 The Lion, Jack Prelutsky 23 A Bird, Emily Dickinson 23 A Bug Sat in a Silver Flower, Karla Kuskin 23 The Troll, Jack Prelutsky 23 •

Find Wol, Farley Mowat 24 The Cow-Tail Switch, Harold Courlander and George Herzog 32 Limericks, Edward Lear 38 Limericks, authors unknown 39 Harriet's Secret, Louise Fitzhugh 42 The Old Man with the Bump, Yoshiko Uchida 58 The New Kid, Mike Makley 66 Associations, Eve Merriam 66 Good Sportsmanship, Richard Armour 67 The Base Stealer, Robert Francis 67 Foul Shot, Edwin A. Hoey 68 The Sidewalk Racer, I

Lillian Morrison Walt Mason 69


The Knockout, Lillian Morrison



Thunder Butte, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve 70 Why the Kangaroo Hops on Two Legs, K. Langloh Parker 83 Eletelephony, Laura E. Richards 87 What Is It?, author unknown •

Bananananananananana, William Cole



The Ptarmigan, author



The Bremen Town Musicians, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm 88 The Living Kuan-yin, Carol Kendall and Yao-wen Li 93 The Emperor's New Clothes, Hans Christian Andersen 100 •

The Codfish, author unknown Puffin, Robert Williams Wood Whitcomb Riley 107

107 107

Bees, Jack Prelutsky

A Wee



Worm, James


Anansi and the Plantains, Philip M. Sherlock Baba Yaga's Geese, Bonnie Carey 114


The Hummingbird, Jack Prelutsky 119 The Hound, Kaye Starbird The Lizard, John Gardner 119 The Frog, author unknown 119 •


Clever Manka, Parker Fillmore 120 Casey at the Bat, Ernest Lawrence Thayer •

Nina Terrance, Jean Craighead George Glooscap and His People, Kay Hill 143



Do You Fear the Wind?, Hamlin Garland 152 Wind-Wolves, William D. Sargent 152 The Wolf, Georgia Roberts Durston 153 The Wolf* Cry, Lew Sarett 153 •

A New Way, I


Paton Walsh


Leave the Island, Scott O'Dell


The Nineteenth-Moon-of -Neptune Beasts, X. J. Kennedy 174 Far Trek, June Brady 174 Back Yard, July Night, William Cole 175 There Was a Man, Dennis Lee 175 This Little Pig Built a Spacesuit, Frederick Winsor 175 The Difficulty of Living on Other Planets, Dennis Lee 175 •

The Boy

Who Became

a Wizard, Ursula K. Le

Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll

Requiem, Robert Louis Stevenson



Macavity: The Mystery Cat,


T. S.


Snowed Fur and Rained Fry Cakes



E. Cober

The Highwayman, Alfred Noyes

The Storm, Ivan Southall



A Vagabond

Western Virginia,


Wild Geese, Elinor Chipp 230 The Sea Gypsy, Richard Hovey Robert Browning



Myths of Ancient Greece, Sally Benson




The Homecoming, William H. Armstrong Eliot



Song, Bliss Carman Home Thoughts from Abroad, •



Stranger in the Land, Elizabeth George Speare 232 Fog, Carl Sandburg 245 Swift Things Are Beautiful, Elizabeth Coatsworth 245 Wanted—A Witch's Cat, Shelagh McGee 245 •


Strike the Jolly Roger, Robert Louis Stevenson

246 Haiku, Basho, Chora, Josa, Kikurio, Onitsura, Reinko, Ryusui, Shiki 265 The Minstrel-Boy, Thomas 264 Boncho, Chiyo, Issa, Shiki Moore 266 The Harp That Once through Tara's Halls, Thomas Moore 266 •

The Challenge, Laurence Yep 267 The Shooting-Match at Nottingham Town, Howard Pyle 279 This Is My Rock, David McCord 296 Afternoon on a Hill, Edna St. •

Vincent Millay 297 A Word, 296 Pippa's Song, Robert Browning Emily Dickinson 297 Certainty, Emily Dickinson 297 Follow the Gleam, Alfred, Lord Tennyson 297 The Prayer of the Little Bird, Carmen Bernos de Gasztold 298 If I Can Stop One Heart From 298 Dreams, Breaking, Emily Dickinson 298 Others, Harry Behn 299 To Langston Hughes 299 Auguries of Innocence, William Blake Dark Eyes Dreaming, Zilpha Keatley Snyder 299 •



Author Index 301 Title Index 302 First-Line Index to Poems



About This Book When

you were very young, you had some favorite things that

you enjoyed day after day fairy tale.


—a picture book, nursery rhymes, a

you learned to read, you found some books

that were special, and your

and Poems, ones


of favorites grew. In Stories


some new favorites to add to your old fantasies, and real-life adventures, and poems

you'll find tales,

that are thoughtful or magical or good for a giggle.

and Poems contains 27 stories and 91 poems for you to enjoy. Here is your chance to go adventuring in many times and places: ancient Greece and China, colonial America, and modern-day California, Florida, and New York. You can raise an orphan crow or a baby owl, sail a pirate ship to safety, or weave an enchantment that saves a town. You'll meet characters you will remember bold Robin Hood, quietly brave Karana, and many more. And you'll discover that some of these characters face problems and predicaments that Stories

are very like your own. In "Harriet's Secret," Harriet's

classmates read her private notebook

has written about them.



—and find out what she

"The Challenge," Craig Chin

struggles to win the respect of a





a rather

fearsome old man. Folk tales are fun because they show foolish) people

lose a fortune

how wise (and how

can be. Po Wan's generous heart leads him to

—and then gain another one. Manka's cleverness

wins a husband, loses him, and wins him back.


his courtiers are so worried about

they won't believe what their eyes If tell

you find a story you



And an emperor

what others think that them.

read the note at the end.

It will

you about other good stories you can find at the


—and about books on subjects that may interest you.

Don't forget the poems.


that lead you to see things in

them are "picture" poems a fresh, new way. Some of them of

poems that leave you with interesting things to think about. And quite a few are high nonsense and just plain are "idea"


Toad's Escape '

from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame



the world of fantasy, there

character more lovable



perhaps no


more exasperating


and conceited Toad. He is a constant good friends Badger, Mole, and Water Rat. Do what they will, the adventurous Toad is always in trouble.


sly, boastful,

trial to his