Startups, Technologies, and Investors Building Future Supply Chains 9783030610937

This book presents trends, developments, and examples of how digital disruption is currently reshaping the logistics ind

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English Year 2021

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Startups, Technologies, and Investors Building Future Supply Chains

Table of contents :
Front Matter
Introduction: Logistics at the Brink of Change
Driving Forces of Digital Disruption
Digitizing and Automating Processes in Logistics
How Utilization of Assets is Impacted by Digitalization and Automation
Toward Logistics Pricing Transparency
Supply Chain Visibility and Exception Management
Business Models Disrupting the Existing Logistics Solutions
Rate Comparison and Marketplaces—The Platform Era and Global Freight
The Last Mile Problem and Its Innovative Challengers
E-commerce Order Fulfillment Supply Chain—How New Entrants Are Changing the Industry
Selection of the Appropriate Asset Tracking Solution
Advanced Analytics and Big Data in Supply Chain Planning
SaaS and Big Data Solutions in the Area of Logistics Related Services
Human–Robot Collaboration: The Future of Smart Warehousing
Digital Freight Forwarders Disrupt Road Freight Space
A Revolution in Value-Delivery Across Air and Sea Freight
Autonomous Vehicles as the Ultimate Efficiency Driver in Logistics
Distributed Ledger Technology: Toward a Decentralized Logistics Ecosystem
Key Players Behind the Disruption
Digital Transformation in Airfreight
How Freight Forwarders Are Challenged by and Respond to the Digital Disruption
The Evolution of Supply Chain Startups
Transactions & Valuation in the Global Logistics Market
Financing Disruption—The Role of Venture Capital in the Logistics Industry

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