Standards-Based Lesson Plans for the Busy Elementary School Librarian 9781440851322, 9781440851339, 1440851336

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English Year 2017

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Standards-Based Lesson Plans for the Busy Elementary School Librarian
 9781440851322, 9781440851339, 1440851336

Table of contents :
Half Title
Title Page
Chapter 1-Kindergarten
Library Mouse
Fire Trucks to the Rescue
ABC Order
Fall Fun
On a Hunt
Pig Goes on a Ride
Many Turkeys
Baker's Dozen
Christmas Dog
Tractors and Trucks to the Rescue
Dog and His Bone
Three Little Kittens
Valentine Cats-the Cat's Meow
Bear's Letter
Bunny's Spring
Fish, Fish
Lost Lamb
Opening White House Facts
Shark's Tale
All Bugs
Chapter 2-First-Grade Lesson Plans
Monster Manners
Fox on TV
Fisherman and the Fish
Pumpkin Patch
Blast Off!
Bats, Bats, Bats. Giving ThanksBook Detective
Christmas Train
Over the River
Snowy Day
Master Cat (Puss in Boots) Fairy Tale
Vote for President
Wild Cats
Groundhog Time
Caring at Valentine's Day
At the Big Top
Chickens Cluck
Rabbit's Story
Chapter 3-Second-Grade Lesson Plans
Pirates Go to the Library
Helping the Community
Magic Porridge Pot Fairy Tale
Simply a Machine
Scary Tales
Thanksgiving Play
Frog's Adventures
Card Catalog
Thumbs Up for Tom Thumb
Find an Award Book
Valentine Party
Fox and Crow Fable
Soaring with Eagles
Frog Prince
Cat's Story. Going Bananas Over Gorillas and MonkeysPig's Story Changed
April Showers
Chapter 4-Third-Grade Lesson Plans
Dogs Go to School
Library Tic Tac Toe
Stone Soup
Subject, Author, Title
Those Bones
Wild North America
Sleighing a Pioneer Christmas
Library Dreidel
Sleeping Beauty
Casey Jones
Sending a Valentine
Earth Space Adventure
Pot of Gold Joke
Celebrating Freedom
Wizard of Oz
Donkey in Lion's Skin
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
Chapter 5-Fourth-Grade Lesson Plans
Searching the Library
Acting Out in the Library
In Danger
Down the Rabbit Hole. Safe TravelsTotem Poles
Rip Van Winkle
Nutcracker Magic
Magical Christmas
Reading Is Sweet
The Donkey's Turn
Rosa and Ruby
Valentine's Day Poems Take the Cake
Look in the Mirror, Snow White
Wright Flight
Weather Forecaster
Mike Fink
Hitting a Home Run
Chapter 6-Fifth-Grade Lesson Plans
Know Your Library
King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone
Internet Diving
Race for the Win
Native American Indian Horse
Molly Pitcher
Reaching for the Olympic Facts
Framing a Medal
Christmas around the World
Ringing in Goodness
Snow Queen
Roaring Dragons. Snowy RoadWhat Is My State?
Amelia and Eleanor
Horse of Troy
Save the Earth
About the Author.

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