Staging Postcommunism: Alternative Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe After 1989 9781609386771

Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe was never the same after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the transition to

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Staging Postcommunism: Alternative Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe After 1989

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Table of contents :
Restoring Theatre Activism in Postcommunist Eastern and Central Europe-Diana Manole
Alternative Theatre in the Postcolonies of Communism-Vessela S. Warner
Part One. Re/Inventing Alternative Theatre after the Fall of Communism
1. Reality Makers: Hungarian Independent Theatre before and after Communism-Andrea Tompa
2. The Center and the Fringe: Post-Soviet Alternative Theatre in Estonia-Jaak Rähesoo
3. Theatre NO99: An Alternative State Theatre-Luule Epner
4. The Search for Alternatives in Latvian Theatre, 1991–2004: A Creator’s Notebook-Baņuta Rubess
5. The Assault of Alternative Theatre against the Limited Universe-Angelina Roşca
6. Teatr.doc and the Struggle for Authenticity and Relevance in Contemporary Russian Drama and Theatre-John Freedman
7. DAH Theatre: Decontaminating Serbian Culture-Dennis Barnett
Part II. Postcommunist Aesthetics and Performance Dissent
8. Fusing Performative Boundaries: Relations among Text, Actor, and Space in the Experimental Style of Theatre Laboratory Sfumato-Violeta Detcheva and Vessela S. Warner
9. Theatre Laboratory Alma Alter: Jerzy Grotowski’s Legacy and the Heterogeneous Origin of Bulgarian Alternative Theatre-Vessela S. Warner
10. Redefining Kitsch and Camp in Russian Opera: Moscow’s Helikon Opera in Transition-Christopher Silsby
11. Prague’s Studio Ypsilon and the Czech Liberated Theatre: An Intercultural Perspective at the Start of the Twenty-First Century-Barry Freeman
12. After the Avalanche: Czech Theatre’s Search for the Meaning of Alternative-Dennis C. Beck
13. Playing with Citizenship: NSK and Janez Janša-S. E. Wilmer
14. The Perfect Other: Performing Artistic Freedom in Solidarity with the Belarus Free Theatre-Margarita Kompelmakher

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