Soviet Man: The making of a socialist type of personality

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English Pages 311 [309] Year 1973

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Soviet Man: The making of a socialist type of personality

Table of contents :
Chapter I: The Marxist-Leninist Conception of Man as an Individual
I. Practical Revolutionary Character of Communist Humanism
II. Effect of Social Conditions on Human Behaviour
a. Social Environment as the Basic Factor in Shaping the Essential Man
b. Man in the System of Social Relations
c. Active Participation of the Individual
III. The Individual as the Subject of Social Action
a. The Concept of Personality
b. Social Structure of the Personality and Its Ethos
c. Ethos and Social Types of Personality
d. Foundations and Methods of the Classification of Personality
Chapter II: The Historical Preconditions and Fundamental Stages of the Formation of the Socialist Personality
I. How the Social Conflict was Expressed in the Personality Structure of Tsarist Society
II. Formation of the Personality of the Proletarian Revolutionary
a. Scientific Socialism Combined with Revolutionary Struggle as a Condition of the Formation of the Proletarian Revolutionary
b. Political Struggle as a Means of Shaping the Personality of the Revolutionary
c. Features of the Bolshevik Type of Revolutionary
III. Basic Factors and Stages in the Formation of the Socialist Personality Since the October Revolution
a. Political Division and Development of the Socialist Activity of the Masses
b. Basic Factors of the Development of the Socialist Personality
c. Stages of the Development of the Socialist Personality
Chapter III: Socialist Society as the Environment of the Personality
I. Man in the System of Economic Relations of Socialism
a. Socialist Property as the Basis of the New Position of the Worker in the System of Economic Relations
b. Socialist Relations in the Immediate Process of Production
c. Economic Differences in the Position of Members of Society
II. Socio-Class Structure and Integration of Interests
III. Man in the System of Socialist Democracy
IV. Character of Educational Influence
a. Basic Directions of Education and Methodological Principles of the Educational Process
b. Formation of the Personality at Home and at School
c. Development of Personality in the Work Collective
Chapter IV: Soviet Man as a Socialist Type of Personality
I. Socialist Ethos of the Personality
a. Adherence to the Communist Principle, Priority of Social Interests
b. Work for Society as the Highest Meaning in Life
c. Collectivism, Fraternity, Internationalism, as Attributes of the New Personality
II. Combination of the General and the Individual in the Socialist Type of Personality
a. Character of Integration of the Personality under Socialism
b. Dialectics of the General and the Personal under Socialism
c. Personal Freedom and Responsibility under Socialism
III. Criticism of Bourgeois Conceptions of Soviet Man
a. The Conception of the "Collectivised Soul"
b. The Slavophile Variant
c. The Eclectic Variant
d. The Concept of Original Sin
e. The Propagandist Variant
Chapter V: Problems of Personality Typing in Socialist Society
I. Social Types Within the Framework of the Socialist Ethos
a. Class and Intraclass Types, Character of Work as the Basis of Typing
b. Levels and Intensity of the Socialist Ethos
II. Types of Anti-Social Behaviour
a. Conditions of Preservation and Classification of the Main Types of Anti-Social Behaviour
b. Types of Thieves
c. Types of Politically Hostile Personality
III. Generations and Types of Personality
Chapter VI: Some Problems of the Purposeful Development of Personality
I. Basic Directions of Development of Social Relations and the Personality
II. Development of the Individual as a Worker in Socialist Production
a. Educating People to Regard Work as the Primary Need in Life
b. Stimulation of Individual Labour Activity
III. Propaganda of Marxism-Leninism is the Fundamental Means of Giving People Strong Communist Principles
a. The Class and Party Character of Educational Tasks
b. Current Questions of Ideological and Political Education
c. Taking into Account the General, the Particular and the Individual in the Organisation of Ideological Propaganda Work
IV. Development of the Freedom and Responsibility of the Individual
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SOVIET MAN The Making of a Socialist Type

of Personality



Translated from the Russian by Robert Daglish