Smart Multimedia: Second International Conference, ICSM 2019, San Diego, CA, USA, December 16–18, 2019, Revised Selected Papers [1st ed.] 9783030544065, 9783030544072

This book constitutes the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Smart Multimedia, ICSM 2019, which was h

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English Pages XV, 540 [532] Year 2020

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Smart Multimedia: Second International Conference, ICSM 2019, San Diego, CA, USA, December 16–18, 2019, Revised Selected Papers [1st ed.]
 9783030544065, 9783030544072

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Fused Geometry Augmented Images for Analyzing Textured Mesh (Bilal Taha, Munawar Hayat, Stefano Berretti, Naoufel Werghi)....Pages 3-12
Textureless Object Recognition Using an RGB-D Sensor (Gabriel Lugo, Nasim Hajari, Ashley Reddy, Irene Cheng)....Pages 13-27
CSIOR: An Ordered Structured Resampling of Mesh Surfaces (Claudio Tortorici, Mohamed Riahi, Stefano Berretti, Naoufel Werghi)....Pages 28-41
Front Matter ....Pages 43-43
Background Subtraction by Difference Clustering (Xuanyi Wu, Xin Gao, Chenqiu Zhao, Jiangzheng Wu, Anup Basu)....Pages 45-56
Semantic Learning for Image Compression (SLIC) (Kushal Mahalingaiah, Harsh Sharma, Priyanka Kaplish, Irene Cheng)....Pages 57-66
Background Subtraction Based on Principal Motion for a Freely Moving Camera (Yingnan Ma, Guanfang Dong, Chenqiu Zhao, Anup Basu, Zhengjiang Wu)....Pages 67-78
Front Matter ....Pages 79-79
Ontology Based Framework for Tactile Internet Applications (Hikmat Adhami, Mohammad Al Ja’afreh, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik)....Pages 81-86
Potential of Deep Features for Opinion-Unaware, Distortion-Unaware, No-Reference Image Quality Assessment (Subhayan Mukherjee, Giuseppe Valenzise, Irene Cheng)....Pages 87-95
Non-invasive Lactate Threshold Estimation Using Machine Learning (Hawazin Faiz Badawi, Fedwa Laamarti, Ken Brunet, Ed McNeely, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik)....Pages 96-104
Front Matter ....Pages 105-105
An Interdisciplinary Framework for Citizen-Centered Smart Cities and Smart Living (Sethuraman Panchanathan, Ramin Tadayon, Troy McDaniel, Vipanchi Chacham)....Pages 107-122
Implementing Robotic Platforms for Therapies Using Qualitative Factors in Mexico (Pedro Ponce, Edgar Omar Lopez, Arturo Molina)....Pages 123-131
Foveated Haptic Gaze (Bijan Fakhri, Troy McDaniel, Heni Ben Amor, Hemanth Venkateswara, Abhik Chowdhury, Sethuraman Panchanathan)....Pages 132-144
Front Matter ....Pages 145-145
Accurate Kidney Segmentation in CT Scans Using Deep Transfer Learning (John Brandon Graham-Knight, Kymora Scotland, Victor KF. Wong, Abtin Djavadifar, Dirk Lange, Ben Chew et al.)....Pages 147-157
End to End Robust Point-Cloud Alignment Using Unsupervised Deep Learning (Xuzhan Chen, Youping Chen, Homayoun Najjaran)....Pages 158-168
Homography-Based Vehicle Pose Estimation from a Single Image by Using Machine-Learning for Wheel-Region and Tire-Road Contact Point Detection (Nastaran Radmehr, Mehran Mehrandezh, Christine Chan)....Pages 169-179
Front Matter ....Pages 181-181
Using Participatory Design to Create a User Interface for Analyzing Pivotal Response Treatment Video Probes (Corey D. C. Heath, Tracey Heath, Troy McDaniel, Hemanth Venkateswara, Sethuraman Panchanathan)....Pages 183-198
Robot-Assisted Composite Manufacturing Based on Machine Learning Applied to Multi-view Computer Vision (Abtin Djavadifar, John Brandon Graham-Knight, Kashish Gupta, Marian Körber, Patricia Lasserre, Homayoun Najjaran)....Pages 199-211
Tile Priorities in Adaptive 360-Degree Video Streaming (Igor D. D. Curcio, Dmitrii Monakhov, Ari Hourunranta, Emre Baris Aksu)....Pages 212-223
Improving Temporal Stability in Inverse Tone-Mapped High Dynamic Range Video (Neeraj J. Gadgil, Guan-Ming Su)....Pages 224-233
Front Matter ....Pages 235-235
Assessing the Capability of Deep-Learning Models in Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis (Christopher West, Sara Soltaninejad, Irene Cheng)....Pages 237-247
Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) for Contactless Heart Rate Monitoring Using a Single Monochrome and Color Camera (Xiaocong Ma, Diana P. Tobón, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik)....Pages 248-262
Front Matter ....Pages 263-263
A Simulation Platform for Early Haptic Training in Surgical and Medical Education (Sylvain Bouchigny, Julien Davrou, Christine Mégard, Laurent Eck, Elie Cattan, Matthieu Nesme et al.)....Pages 265-273
Tissue Discrimination Through Force-Feedback from Impedance Spectroscopy in Robot-Assisted Surgery (Brayden Kent, Angelica Cusipag, Carlos Rossa)....Pages 274-285
Towards a Dual-User Haptic Training System User Feedback Setup (Angel Ricardo Licona, Guillermo Zamora de la Pena, Oscar Diaz Cruz, Arnaud Lelevé, Damien Ebérard, Minh Tu Pham)....Pages 286-297
Front Matter ....Pages 299-299
Cascaded Region Proposal Networks for Proposal-Based Tracking (Ximing Zhang, Xuewu Fan, Shujuan Luo)....Pages 301-314
Low-Rank & Sparse Matrix Decomposition and Support Vector Machine for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection (Shangzhen Song, Huixin Zhou, Zhe Zhang, Yixin Yang, Pei Xiang, Juan Du et al.)....Pages 315-321
Infrared and Visual Image Fusion via Multi-modal Decomposition and PCNN in Gradient Domain Fusion Measure (Wei Tan, Jiajia Zhang, Kun Qian, Juan Du, Pei Xiang, Huixin Zhou)....Pages 322-329
RCA-NET: Image Recovery Network with Channel Attention Group for Image Dehazing (Juan Du, Jiajia Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Wei Tan, Shangzhen Song, Huixin Zhou)....Pages 330-337
Front Matter ....Pages 339-339
Certain and Consistent Domain Adaptation (Bhadrinath Nagabandi, Andrew Dudley, Hemanth Venkateswara, Sethuraman Panchanathan)....Pages 341-356
Domain Adaptive Fusion for Adaptive Image Classification (Andrew Dudley, Bhadrinath Nagabandi, Hemanth Venkateswara, Sethuraman Panchanathan)....Pages 357-371
Human Body Fall Recognition System (Jannatul Mourey, Ava Sehat Niaki, Priyanka Kaplish, Rupali Gupta)....Pages 372-380
Front Matter ....Pages 381-381
Race Classification Based Iris Image Segmentation (Xianting Ke, Lingling An, Qingqi Pei, Xuyu Wang)....Pages 383-393
Level Sets Driven by Adaptive Hybrid Region-Based Energy for Medical Image Segmentation (Bin Han)....Pages 394-402
Traffic Image Dehazing Based on Wavelength Related Physical Imaging Model (Yibin Wang, Shibai Yin, Jia Zheng)....Pages 403-413
Front Matter ....Pages 415-415
Fingerprint Liveness Detection Based on Multi-modal Fine-Grained Feature Fusion (Chengsheng Yuan, Q. M. Jonathan Wu)....Pages 417-428
Synthetic Aerial Image Generation and Runway Segmentation (Harsh Sharma, Changjiang Liu, Irene Cheng)....Pages 429-438
ProDeblurGAN: Progressive Growing of GANs for Blind Motion Deblurring in Face Recognition (Kushal Mahalingaiah, Bruce Matichuk)....Pages 439-450
Front Matter ....Pages 451-451
3D Object Classification Using 2D Perspectives of Point Clouds (Leland Jansen, Nathan Liebrecht, Sara Soltaninejad, Anup Basu)....Pages 453-462
Poisson Surface Reconstruction from LIDAR for Buttress Root Volume Estimation (Jianfei Ma, Ruoyang Song, Tao Han, Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, Anup Basu)....Pages 463-471
Fog Removal of Aerial Image Based on Gamma Correction and Guided Filtering (Xinggang Liu, Changjiang Liu, Hengyou Lan)....Pages 472-479
Front Matter ....Pages 481-481
3D Virtual Environments to Support New Product Development: A Mobile Platform Based on an Open Innovation Laboratory Applied in Higher Education (José Martín Molina Espinosa, Jhonattan Miranda, Daniel Cortés, Jorge Medina, Arturo Molina)....Pages 483-496
Simulation Framework for Load Management and Behavioral Energy Efficiency Analysis in Smart Homes (Manuel Avila, Pedro Ponce, Arturo Molina, Katya Romo)....Pages 497-508
S4 Product Design Framework: A Gamification Strategy Based on Type 1 and 2 Fuzzy Logic (J. I. Méndez, P. Ponce, A. Meier, T. Peffer, O. Mata, A. Molina)....Pages 509-524
Improving the Attention Span of Elementary School Children in Mexico Through a S4 Technology Platform (Edgar Lopez-Caudana, Pedro Ponce, Nancy Mazon, Luis Marquez, Ivan Mejia, Germán Baltazar)....Pages 525-532
Back Matter ....Pages 533-540

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