Silicon Valley. Sogna, credici, realizza 9780199845392

"The twentieth century has been popularly seen as "the American Century," as publisher Henry Luce dubbed

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Silicon Valley. Sogna, credici, realizza

Table of contents :
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Acknowledgements --
Contributors --
Introduction --
Part I: The Local and the National --
1. Brand Name America: Remaking American Nationhood at the Turn of the 20th Century, Bruce J. Schulman --
2. National Ideas and Local Power in Fargo during the Great Depression, David B. Danbom --
3. Strom Thurmond's Party Switch in History and Memory, Joseph Crespino --
Part II: Over There and Back --
4. "A Last Great Crusade For Humanity": W.E.B. Du Bois and the Pan-African Congress, James T. Campbell --
5. Commerce and Complicity: Human Rights and the Legacy of Nuremberg, Elizabeth Borgwardt --
6. Liberal Democracy and the Lure of Bombing in the Interwar United States, Sean L. Malloy --
7. The Sincerest Form of Flattery: The Peace Corps, Helsinki, and the Internationalization of Social Values, Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman --
Part III: The Public and the Private --
8. Perspectives on Religion in 20th Century American History, Mel Piehl --
9. The First Venture Capital Firm in Silicon Valley, Leslie Berlin --
10. Symbol of Unity, Symbol of Pluralism: The "Interfaith Idea" in Wartime and Cold War America, Wendy L. Wall --
11. Consorting with the Barbarians at the Gate: McGeorge Bundy, the Ford Foundation, and Student Activism in the 1960s, Julie A. Reuben --
Part IV: Liberals and Conservatives --
12. Reflation and Recovery in the 1930s and Their Implication for the 2000s, Eric Rauchway --
13. Reimagining Racial Liberalism, Mark Brilliant --
14. Freedom, Faith, Fear: A South Dakota Story, John T. McGreevy --
15. Barack Obama and Progressive Democracy, James Kloppenberg --

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