Security and Privacy in Communication Networks: 16th EAI International Conference, SecureComm 2020, Washington, DC, USA, October 21-23, 2020, Proceedings, Part II [1st ed.] 9783030630942, 9783030630959

This two-volume set LNICST 335 and 336 constitutes the post-conference proceedings of the 16th International Conference

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English Pages XVII, 489 [504] Year 2020

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Security and Privacy in Communication Networks: 16th EAI International Conference, SecureComm 2020, Washington, DC, USA, October 21-23, 2020, Proceedings, Part II [1st ed.]
 9783030630942, 9783030630959

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
A Practical Machine Learning-Based Framework to Detect DNS Covert Communication in Enterprises (Ruming Tang, Cheng Huang, Yanti Zhou, Haoxian Wu, Xianglin Lu, Yongqian Sun et al.)....Pages 1-21
CacheLoc: Leveraging CDN Edge Servers for User Geolocation (Mingkui Wei, Khaled Rabieh, Faisal Kaleem)....Pages 22-40
Modeling Mission Impact of Cyber Attacks on Energy Delivery Systems (Md Ariful Haque, Sachin Shetty, Charles A. Kamhoua, Kimberly Gold)....Pages 41-61
Identifying DApps and User Behaviors on Ethereum via Encrypted Traffic (Yu Wang, Zhenzhen Li, Gaopeng Gou, Gang Xiong, Chencheng Wang, Zhen Li)....Pages 62-83
TransNet: Unseen Malware Variants Detection Using Deep Transfer Learning (Candong Rong, Gaopeng Gou, Mingxin Cui, Gang Xiong, Zhen Li, Li Guo)....Pages 84-101
A Brokerage Approach for Secure Multi-Cloud Storage Resource Management (Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana, Kennedy Aondona Torkura, Sezi Dwi Sagarianti Prasetyo, Feng Cheng, Christoph Meinel)....Pages 102-119
On the Effectiveness of Behavior-Based Ransomware Detection (Jaehyun Han, Zhiqiang Lin, Donald E. Porter)....Pages 120-140
PoQ: A Consensus Protocol for Private Blockchains Using Intel SGX (Golam Dastoger Bashar, Alejandro Anzola Avila, Gaby G. Dagher)....Pages 141-160
Share Withholding in Blockchain Mining (Sang-Yoon Chang)....Pages 161-187
PEDR: A Novel Evil Twin Attack Detection Scheme Based on Phase Error Drift Range (Jiahui Zhang, Qian Lu, Ruobing Jiang, Haipeng Qu)....Pages 188-207
Differentially Private Social Graph Publishing for Community Detection (Xuebin Ma, Jingyu Yang, Shengyi Guan)....Pages 208-214
LaaCan: A Lightweight Authentication Architecture for Vehicle Controller Area Network (Syed Akib Anwar Hridoy, Mohammad Zulkernine)....Pages 215-234
A Machine Learning Based Smartphone App for GPS Spoofing Detection (Javier Campos, Kristen Johnson, Jonathan Neeley, Staci Roesch, Farha Jahan, Quamar Niyaz et al.)....Pages 235-241
AOMDroid: Detecting Obfuscation Variants of Android Malware Using Transfer Learning (Yu Jiang, Ruixuan Li, Junwei Tang, Ali Davanian, Heng Yin)....Pages 242-253
ML-Based Early Detection of IoT Botnets (Ayush Kumar, Mrinalini Shridhar, Sahithya Swaminathan, Teng Joon Lim)....Pages 254-260
Post-Quantum Cryptography in WireGuard VPN (Quentin M. Kniep, Wolf Müller, Jens-Peter Redlich)....Pages 261-267
Evaluating the Cost of Personnel Activities in Cybersecurity Management: A Case Study (Rafał Leszczyna)....Pages 268-274
SGX-Cube: An SGX-Enhanced Single Sign-On System Against Server-Side Credential Leakage (Songsong Liu, Qiyang Song, Kun Sun, Qi Li)....Pages 275-290
\(EW_{256357}\): A New Secure NIST P-256 Compatible Elliptic Curve for VoIP Applications’ Security (Nilanjan Sen, Ram Dantu, Kirill Morozov)....Pages 291-310
Ucam: A User-Centric, Blockchain-Based and End-to-End Secure Home IP Camera System (Xinxin Fan, Zhi Zhong, Qi Chai, Dong Guo)....Pages 311-323
Private Global Generator Aggregation from Different Types of Local Models (Chunling Han, Rui Xue)....Pages 324-335
Perturbing Smart Contract Execution Through the Underlying Runtime (Pinchen Cui, David Umphress)....Pages 336-349
Blockchain Based Multi-keyword Similarity Search Scheme over Encrypted Data (Mingyue Li, Chunfu Jia, Wei Shao)....Pages 350-371
Using the Physical Layer to Detect Attacks on Building Automation Networks (Andreas Zdziarstek, Willi Brekenfelder, Felix Eibisch)....Pages 372-390
Formalizing Dynamic Behaviors of Smart Contract Workflow in Smart Healthcare Supply Chain (Mohammad Saidur Rahman, Ibrahim Khalil, Abdelaziz Bouras)....Pages 391-402
Malware Classification Using Attention-Based Transductive Learning Network (Liting Deng, Hui Wen, Mingfeng Xin, Yue Sun, Limin Sun, Hongsong Zhu)....Pages 403-418
COOB: Hybrid Secure Device Pairing Scheme in a Hostile Environment (Sameh Khalfaoui, Jean Leneutre, Arthur Villard, Jingxuan Ma, Pascal Urien)....Pages 419-438
A Robust Watermarking Scheme with High Security and Low Computational Complexity (Liangjia Li, Yuling Luo, Junxiu Liu, Senhui Qiu, Lanhang Li)....Pages 439-454
Selecting Privacy Enhancing Technologies for IoT-Based Services (Immanuel Kunz, Christian Banse, Philipp Stephanow)....Pages 455-474
Khopesh - Contact Tracing Without Sacrificing Privacy (Friedrich Doku, Ethan Doku)....Pages 475-486
Back Matter ....Pages 487-489

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