Routledge companion to theatre, performance, and cognitive science. 9781138048898, 1138048895

The Routledge Companion to Theatre, Performance and Cognitive Science integrates key findings from the cognitive science

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English Year 2018

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Routledge companion to theatre, performance, and cognitive science.
 9781138048898, 1138048895

Table of contents :
General IntroductionBruce McConachie Part I: ArtistryIntroductionRick KempStanislavsky's prescience: The conscious self in the system and Active Analysis as a theory of mindSharon Marie CarnickeThe improviser's lazy brain: improvisation and cognitionGunter LoeselDevising - embodied creation in distributed systemsRick KempEmbodied cognition and Shakespearean performanceDarren TunstallThe remains of ancient action: Understanding affect and empathy in Greek dramaPeter MeineckMinding implicit constraints in dance improvisationPil HansenApplying developmental epistemic cognition to theatre for young audiencesJeanne Klein4E cognition for directing: Thornton Wilder's Our Town and Caryl Churchill'sLight Shining in BuckinghamshireRhonda BlairActing and EmotionVladimir Mirodan Part II: LearningIntroduction Bruce McConachieImprovising communication in Pleistocene performancesBruce McConachieRitual transformation and transmissionDavid MasonCommunities of gesture: Empathy and embodiment in Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company's 100 MigrationsAriel NeresonCreative storytelling, crossing boundaries, high-impact learning and social engagementNancy KindelanFrom banana phones to the bard: The developmental psychology of actingThalia R. Goldstein'I'm giving everybody notes using his body': Framing actors' observation of performanceClaire SylerActing technique, Jacques Lecoq, and embodied meaningRick Kemp Part III: ScholarshipIntroductionBruce McConachieSystems theory, enaction and performing artsGabriele SofiaWatching movement: Phenomenology, cognition, performanceStanton B. Garner, Jr.Attention to theatrical performancesJames HamiltonEmergence, meaning and presence: An interdisciplinary approach to a disciplinary questionAmy CookRelishing performance: Rasa as participatory sense-makingErin B. MeeThe self, ethics, agency and tragedyDavid PalmerAesthetics and the sensibleJohn LutterbieTalk this dance: On the conceptualization of dance as fictive conversationAna Margarida Abrantes and Esther PascualDistributed cognition: Studying theatre in the wildEvelyn Tribble and Robin Dixon Part IV: Translational ApplicationsIntroductionRick KempA theatrical intervention to lower the risk of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementiaTony and Helga NoiceThe Performance of Caring: Theatre, empathetic communication and healthcareRick Kemp and Rachel DeSoto-JacksonAwareness performing: Practice and protocolExperience BryonImagining the ecologies of autismMelissa Trimingham and Nicola ShaughnessyToward consilience: Integrating performance history with the coevolutionof our speciesBruce McConachie

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